Adobe Acrobat Sign

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Adobe Inc.
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3 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Acrobat Sign

2.43 out of 5
517 Ratings
1 year ago, Gman's ma
Wasn’t able to figure out how to adjust signature or add date
Some may be able to easily glide through this app with ease, but I found it to be difficult to use. Was challenging to track done to document in order to upload, then once I figured out how to click & drag the signature line, I couldn’t adjust the box so it fit on the document line. Didn’t see date as an option to add. Sent for signature anyway, and got a message that it wasn’t able to send but the person got it. I’m no pro, but do use Adobe Sign on a regular basis and can usually figure out how to use apps after playing around a little. This one just seems a bit too cumbersome which is unfortunate as it would be a great option to use if I’m away from computer.
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4 years ago, Kevin7299
Why can’t you use Apple Pencil?
I’m not the type to give an app one star just because it lacks a single feature, but considering the app is called “Fill and Sign” yet you can’t use the Apple Pencil with it (easily/fully), I think three stars here is generous! I am a DC subscriber and yes, I have initials and a signature loaded up on the app, but if I’m with a client and both of us are needing to sign a single document this should be simply a matter of clicking some writing icon and then writing wherever the heck we want on the PDF - whether it’s our signatures at the bottom or our initials on the side or in the text. Even filling out a form by hand with the Apple Pencil because it’s quicker and easier than typing. To me this should all be part of any app named “Fill and Sign” that runs on a device using Apple Pencil! I’m hearing this is a problem with the IOS app only, while on a Surface device everything’s fine. If so, then please Adobe - please allow us iPad users to get full utility from this app! Thank you. :)
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5 months ago, Trish the notary
Would be great if the signature and image was adjustable
It is an awesome app except the Dynamic signature feature is terrible. Should have the ability to adjust the size like you can in Windows. Also the image set to 1.5 X 1.5 and can’t be adjusted is no useful for use notaries to use our digital seals. We should have more options for the size. Could be an awesome app if they can fix these two things. Won’t be using it until they do.
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4 years ago, Jose Pena DCR
Cannot initial documents on app
I’ve been using Adobe sign for awhile now and the app has never worked properly. I reached out about this issue and no response. When trying to initial documents that is ready for signing. You can only initial first page and then when on to the next initial it will not add your initial. It just stays saying LM with is the apps initial & will not change no matter what device you try to use. I’ve owned 2 iPads and 2 iPhones since using this app and still the same issue. You can get documents ready for signatures and initials thru app but then have to go onto the website to execute contract. No point in this app. I wouldn’t recommend it. Such a waste of time! Adobe thanks for not responding to this issue in the past. Shows that it won’t be fixed & you really don’t care. I pay monthly and deserve a response at least.
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6 years ago, LawOfficeOfWilliamGMcLeanJr
Works fine and much faster than snail mail
We take on clients throughout the whole state of FL, so it's great to use this to get signatures back fast and get their cases started faster because of it. The app only has a few bugs or down times once in a great while but not often at all to be concerned. It's easy enough of a program guiding people through it, to sign the document, though some people have trouble with the document themselves. (Though that seems like it's user-error issues at that point.) I've tested it and it is easy to complete and sign the documents and send back. We appreciate it!
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3 years ago, Kring101
Trash - nothing works
You cant login, doesn’t use acrobat login, doesn’t use adobe’s login app, requires you to sign in after ever click you make in the app, pulls up blank pages, can’t find documents on creative cloud... what is the point of this piece of garbage app? Remember me on login doesn’t work, it doesn’t iPhone 12 pro screen format, logging in with an Acrobat Pro subscription account it doesn’t recognize you have a subscription.... not a single thing about this app works.. And besides nothing working - why isn’t this sign functionality in the actual paid adobe acrobat app????? Horrible integration - so now in order to use Adobe acrobat subscription you require 9 different apps on you phone - none of which work together or recognize the other apps. Horrible- this is the #1 example of exactly how NOT to make apps.
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7 months ago, Why do I need a stupid nickname? lol
Dysfunctional app for getting esignatures
It does not work at all. To get an esignature it has a button that says “get app.” First of all, what the heck I’m already in the app it’s supposed to get. Plus the button doesn’t work. It isn’t even clickable or do anything. And if you go to the website to request an esignature on your phone it sends you to this app. Absolutely useless. Who is in charge of this project? Adobe get it together! The only way to use this is to use their website from a computer. I have multiple documents and have been using it for years with my business fine. And the weird part is every year or so I come back to this app. And over some seasons it worked fine. And then other times it has been like this for currently the entire last year or so.
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2 years ago, JohnREv
Confusing Instructions
I use the Acrobat Dc Pro and it’s accompanying adobe sign. We send clients documents to sign. The steps to fulfill the signature are: Tap “Start” “Tap to sign” Draw signature Type your name Press “Apply” “Finish” (upper right) Tap to Sign Then it will say -processing document. — “you’re all set” Our signatories get confused and usually miss the last two steps. They should change the last “Tap to Sign” instruction and change it to “Press to Send” or “Tap to Send” Also, when on the iOS app, there’s no feature to RESIZE the “signature box” or any other “Text Input” box. If there is, it is impossible to resize. The desktop version is better. Also, there’s no capability to design a reusable TEMPLATE on the app. Its great though on the website/online version.
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3 years ago, bull$!?&
This app will not let me cancel it right now before my free trial week is up. It says that if I don’t see the feature to cancel yet it may be because I didn’t pay yet or my card had insufficient funds, but why should I have to wait to pay in order to cancel. I want to cancel because this is the wrong app. This is not the app that I was looking for. I’m not using it nor will I ever, so I need to cancel so I don’t pay for something that I don’t want. I’m having a hard time submitting my review right now. I do not like this app!!!
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6 years ago, Queena60
A Must-Have!
My team and I produce annual art festivals and need a few hundred forms signed from accepted artists - this saves SO MUCH TIME! It’s designed so robust! A wholehearted THANK YOU to the developers for this masterpiece! I do, however, have one wish that there could be a way to select multiple documents and cancel/delete them all at once. Many artists leave the form in limbo and don’t sign until the day of the festival, then afterwards we are left with unsigned floating forms that we have to patiently delete one at a time. Overall - great app!
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1 year ago, Slow and locks up
Error message on every document
None of the features are functional on this application. I keep getting an error message saying “Unable to send document, operation failed”. More importantly, I am receiving this error when trying for an in person signature. I am mind blown how complicating the developers made this app. In addition, there is no option to connect to OneDrive. All the other drives have an option to connect except for OneDrive. The number one most used cloud storage platform in the world, and the developers did not think to add a connection. Do not waste your time with this app.
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3 years ago, Akhromyz
Fix the complicated sign in
Unlike Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Scan, I cannot sign into my account through Apple. The sign in does not open with that option, alongside the option to sign into your account through Google or Facebook. You have to enter your email, press return to enter your password for a button that says “Already have an Adobe ID?” to appear, and click it or wait for the next page to load. The next page has a button that says “Continue with Apple” but does nothing once I clicked it, and I’m unable to sign documents in my account.
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4 years ago, ACN superstar
Need ability to send via text and manage form
With so much utility going by way of mobile devices, sending & executing the signed form should be able to be done via SMS. One other item should be the ability to manage the fillable form items on my device. If I can use word or excel and completely create and edit documents on a mobile device this feature add should not be that difficult.
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4 years ago, @arphotoz
Photography Business Must
I’ve been using this app for 6 years now and it just keeps getting better. It’s amazingly convenient to send contracts for signature that are already saved as templates. No need to have a computer with you & it can be done on the go. No more days of needing to wait all day to get signatures because you’re not at your computer!
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2 years ago, unity4all
I need to design a app
I do not know who makes these app’s and why ? This is the most hardest app to understand. I was able to send 1 document (half way/incomplete)to have sign. It would of been easier just to drive over to the person house with a copy of the papers, and have them sign it !!! Why can’t you just make a app that can be easy to follow or understand. Even the help page is pretty much useless. If you do not have time to figure this app out, and need a quick signature, don’t waste your time !
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3 months ago, wombat_cock
Can’t actually sign an agreement!
The user interface is fine, however, there is a pretty critical flaw where in I can’t actually sign a document in the queue from the app. It is designed to do that, however, I am unable. Super frustrating because that is the primary use case for me. Everything with Adobe costs $1 billion and it is a little disappointing that this critical function is not enabled.
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2 years ago, jloveschunk
I really enjoy using, but….
I am a PMU artist so I use this for my clients to sign their forms. Overall I like this app enough to continue to use it but it is pretty annoying that my forms NEVER send out on the first try. 98% of the time I need to re-enter my client’s info and reselect the forms, the other 2% it stays on the screen and I can just hit send again. PLEASE FIX THIS 🙏🏼
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7 years ago, Jbr98
Wastes my time through the login process only to fail to load the document, telling me something about needing a cloud account...then just a blank page. Hit back, and you’re back to the login screen. Nothing other links, explanations, or instructions. Wash, rinse, repeat...same result...a blank page. Thanks for wasting 15-20 minutes of my day. All I wanted to see if this would allow signing with a cert vice a signature as the normal adobe app does not. What a waste of time to still not even get “into” the app. Horrible app.
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3 months ago, Wingsabre
The documents take a long time to load. Will get notifications that a document is ready to sign, but when opening application, the documents won’t be found until manually refreshing. Then it won’t load fast, even over WiFi. Signatures also take longer to sync.
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3 years ago, Kdishabdkdnejsxb
It stoped working
I’ve been using this app to get my documents signed for over a year. In the last couple of weeks it has completely quit working it just says “unable to send document”. Until they fix it it is completely useless. I have tried reinstalling the app closing the app real logging in everything in the book. It just simply doesn’t work at all. Please fix this!! Update: still not working. No response from Adobe
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7 years ago, thejuice711
Simple to use and highly effective
I needed a digital signing solution and I’ve found it. This app is easy to use and simple to set up. Others complain about login issues but is probably more attributable to user error than anything else.
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10 months ago, harble dobble
Logs Me Out Immediately
I’m having a new bug where it says Session Expired almost immediately once I sign in. Previously I could stay signed in, but now I can’t even log in and open a document before it kicks me out. It also started requesting my location constantly every time I go to sign, saying the sender requested it, but I am the sender, and I don’t see any option to not request location. Very annoying. Why is this so hard for Adobe?
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2 years ago, Joebob39
Unable to send documents properly
I use this on my IPhone 12 and IPad Pro. On my IPad I have been unable to send a single file from my google drive for a couple months now and then with my iPhone i have to try sending it a couple times before it actually goes through. Very frustrating when trying to get work done. Also Customer service has been of no help whenever I tried to reach out to them.
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2 years ago, gigapalooza
Document access and options are terrible
One of the most important features does not work well, if at all. I cannot add a saved PDF stored locally on my device (iPad) Inside the app, nothing appears as available. Of course several paid cloud options are available, but not the ones I use. Adobe, you’re becoming increasingly evil and pure greed driven. I’m fine with greed, as long as you have great services. More often it seems you do not.
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4 years ago, mangosteen24
Wrong Time Zone Stamp
My company has been trying to use this app for a couple of years. The app’s SIGN IN PERSON option time stamps all our documents in GMT+7 West Indonesia Time no matter what time zone we adjust our local user or global team to. It is extremely frustrating to explain to a customer on August 31st in Pacific Standard Time why the time stamp on the final documents shows September 1st. I’ve brought this to Adobe Sign’s attention on several tickets. As of 9/2/20 it has not been fixed yet.
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12 months ago, LaurenP983
App used to work and now it doesn’t
I used to be able to send documents for electronic signature all the time with no problem . A few months ago the app started displaying a message saying operation failed each time I tried to send a document for signature . Nothing I do fixes the problem . I would have thought they caught and fixed the bug by now . But NOPE! Get with it Adobe ! I need to use this service on the go !
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1 year ago, Joshua83702
Head meets wall
Per Adobe support: “I just got it checked with our backend team and we want to inform you that unfortunately we do not provide support for iOS, so please contact the forums for the help.“ Laughable. Relentlessly demands signing in. Again and again. And again. DocuSign, for its irritations, stays logged in permanently and presents notifications when required. How many times “are you going to sign that” questions number in the hundreds due to logouts. Meh.
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9 months ago, Joleeolie
Currently I am having to deal with Adobe taking money out of my account for this app that doesn’t even work. They’ve charged my card for multiple months for an app that cannot even load these contracts into the sending box. $24 dollars a month comes out of my account now with no invoices recorded on my Adobe. This is a SCAM! There isn’t even an option on my Adobe account to cancel this! Again: DO NOT TRY THIS ONE!
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1 year ago, SoleCartel
Useless app for signing. Within the adobe sign, I’m being asked to download the very same adobe sign app. MFA doesn’t work properly either. And although I request to stay signed in, I have to re-log in each time the app is opened fresh. Seems to be a web portal to the acrobat website. Not much you can do on mobile. Your better off finding a browser you like and going there directly.
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6 years ago,
First time user.
Would have used it religiously in the past, but because I knew it was state of the art, I’ve kept it set-aside so I can use it for my most important and most secure documents. Thanks for coming through for me. Cheers. Will circle back shortly.
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7 months ago, 마엔
Can’t even log in to the this apps anymore
When I try, it pulls up the website which then tells me to download the app—which I already have on my phone. What kind of ridiculous, circular logic?? It’s been going on for months now. The app is essentially useless to me and that makes my life difficult as a disabled person who sometimes can’t leave my bed but still needs to work. Y’all fix this glitch PLEASE.
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6 years ago, T Housman
Duh! You have to have an Adobe account people!
For those of us that have common sense, this is a great addition to the Adobe suite. It makes running my business easy and efficient! Ignore the ignorant people on here saying that this is a bad app, they just don’t realize how to use technology or sign up for service.
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6 years ago, Esteban Manuel
The absolute best signature solution
I have been enjoying sending and signing directly from sales force, share point and the web interface for years so this app makes it complete.
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9 months ago, cki3tz29
Works, and doesn’t….
Spent a lot of time preparing agreements for trade shows for our sales reps. Created a great agreement template and set up a process for us… but NOW there form field user view when filling out the fields doesn’t work and the fields are NOT showing up after filling them out. It is wonky and the fields just go blank again. Please fix asap!!!
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7 years ago, ParkerV
IOS app missing the ability to "Fill & Sign : Sign anything you've been sent"
IOS app missing the ability to "Fill & Sign : Sign anything you've been sent" that is found in the Adobe Sign cloud app out on the web. You can send docs for other people to sign but you can't sign documents sent to you for signing. Lacking this functionality - I have to log into web site on mobile browser. What a waste.
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2 years ago, bubbajosh2
Thank you, thank you very very much for letting me use this software format it really helps me to be on top of everything shopping sending receipts in and bills
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4 days ago, Eli, 2017 Grand Cherokee owner
Terrible, adobe do better
So untuitive, you better off getting to computer and requesting signatures there. Absulotely cumbersome I couldn’t figure out how to have people in pelts on. And to top it off on iPad one button signs you off and have to sign in again. I expected this quality from free app by no name firm. Not something that’s coming with paid membership from reputable company like adobe
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7 months ago, Mikey T Ward
Add onedrive support
Need to add support for onedrive and onedrive for busness so I can pull in documents that need a in person signature making it faster and easier to do this without have to switch between 2-3 other apps to do this process.
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6 years ago, theMathTutor
Signing in leads to the Adobe Sign site, no app interface
The app requires a two-step log in process (not the same as two-step verification). After that, you’re presented with the same webpage as if you had logged in on a desktop browser. There is no special app interface like the preview pictures suggest. This leads to a poor user experience. The “back” button in the top left corner logs you out. The app is simply not useable.
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1 year ago, Ian Camling
Won’t stay logged in
I can give more than 2 stars to an app that you have to sign back in every time I open up the app. Not to mention the fact that there are reviews from over 2 years ago complaining about the app not staying signed in, and adobe updates the app with vague descriptions and still hasn’t fixed this HUGE bug.
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3 years ago, kvnsknr
Just doesn’t work.
Drop down menu options do nothing. They highlight when you click them but nothing happens. I wish Adobe didn’t have so many separate apps so they didn’t have to try to trouble shoot so many things. Can actually edit pdf, can’t actually add signatures, just click and see highlight and then nothing.
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2 weeks ago, taken i dont care
Completely worthless
App does not work at all on an iPhone, literally does nothing, no button works. Their mobile site doesn’t work on the browser it directs you back to the app. So effectively you can’t use adobe sign on a mobile device. A multi billion dollar company can’t figure out a mobile solution?
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5 months ago, Josh111222jbtd
Always get errors when trying to send documents. Had for two years now. Only reasons we have not switched is because it’s a ton of work to switch all the documents. There is no real support to contact to help with issues. I would not recommend using this service.
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1 year ago, Kostov75
Not able to send for signatures
Guys please please fix it , it was working perfectly year ago, now every time when I try to send for signatures it says operation failed !! I’m using pay service from desktop and on desktop works fine, but this application not . It used to be ok , not anymore. Please please fix it.
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6 years ago, SuperShiff
New update, destroys capabilities
The latest update destroyed my ability to use app. I have to sign in twice (each time) whereas before I was able to remain signed in. Cannot send file from xls to Adobe Sign any longer. Cannot add files either. Just gets hung up on a white screen. I’m using iPad Pro with latest iOS. Please fix asap, I use the app almost daily for work.
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12 months ago, MikeMukilteo
Isn’t pulling in new agreements
I want to love this app but I can’t fully trust it because it’s missing many of the agreements I need to approve or sign, even after refreshing the app. Hopefully the app developer can fix this soon.
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4 years ago, Lionel Felix
It is fundamentally not useful
I get an email “you have something from x to sign!” And it’s an Adobe sign item from my own company in my domain and we all pay for it. It does t open in the app and doesn’t show up in waiting. What a complete fail. I also can’t delete the ones that I see in waiting but intend to decline. So this does nothing it needs to.
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1 year ago, P. Soals
Just doesn’t work
Most of the buttons don’t seem to do anything. Even though this is the Adobe Sign app it says “Get App” underneath any of the e-sign features. Constantly having to sign in, which asks for your password twice every time. Overall wasn’t even able to do anything in the app.
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3 years ago, ShamelessCookie
Broken skin of mobile site
After signing in to Adobe Sign, I’m taken to an Adobe webpage that lists documents I’ve previously signed. Attempting to click on any of these results I an error “Token expired” (even though I JUST logged in). Attempting to go back just logs me out and I have to start over. For me, the app is broken and useless.
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3 years ago, TheChristoph
Would be useful if you could text the document.
You can only email a document for signature. You can’t text it. It’s the year 2021. Please join us here, Adobe. People have their smartphones in their pockets at all times. More people than you would think do not use email. Everyone texts.
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