Adobe Fill & Sign-Form Filler

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Adobe Inc.
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9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Fill & Sign-Form Filler

4.83 out of 5
108.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Jkn12345
Absolutely the easiest pdf filler/signature app!
I have had to settle for sub par pdf fillers for years because I just never landed on one that worked well so I thought they were all terrible…. Until I stumbled onto this one! The app is so simple to use on any PDF form and it automatically has a signature & ‘initials’ creator when the cursor is on a field which requires these. The only thing I could say is a little frustrating is the form will not remain in a zoom while filling each field— maybe it’s user error? So when I zoom to read the typing on the pdf, the form returns to its small version again as soon as I click on the field and start typing. Not a big deal & maybe I’ll figure out how to fix this on my end. I still give it 5 stars because it’s such an easy app to use without having to print forms, complete by hand and scan it back in to email. Instead I can just complete forms on my phone, add my signature which gets saved after the first time you create it, then save the form to my files and forward via email/text/etc. Highly recommended app!
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4 months ago, sgranlund
The best app for fill and signing documents
I am so UPSET Adobe is taking away fill n sign and making us use Acrobat. Acrobat does not work as well for signing documents. It takes longer, requires more zooming and tapping and pinching and touching. It takes 5x longer to sign a do it in acrobat. I loved that fill and sign had all my info and I could just tap and fill in repetitive information. Acrobat is good for reading and large broad editing of pdfs but using it for micro filling forms and documents is like using a butcher knife for surgery. I hate it. ADOBE KEEP FILL AND SIGN. ITS GREAT. Damned corporations always have to change great things. Probably to increase their profits. No one really cares about the user. It’s about how much they can milk is for while making more and more for themselves. Shame on you Adobe. Why don’t you raise your prices again. Cut features raise prices. The American way. Adobe is part of the problem. The decline of western civilization as we know it. Soon all these corporations will be bankrupt because no one can afford them. And it will be their own fault!
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3 years ago, geminiqt76
Love it! #Grateful
I have been through many frustrations trying to find an easy way to sign documents I’ve had a few things to come up and I don’t have a Microsoft office subscription I couldn’t figure out my Microsoft office password to use the free resource online and I was so glad I ran across this well I am so glad I ran across this I was able to sign a document for my daughter school right on my iPhone without using a computer desktopAnd I had many options it was quick to access the document they have a variety of ways to access the documents a variety of features to circle or check boxes or delete if you make an error safe send is a one stop shop and user-friendly thank you thank you thank you so much!! I’m going to now look for it on my laptop the document I just filled out was a one pager I have a few pages to fill out with another document I will be looking this up thank you again
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11 months ago, Rocstar27
Adobe hates me
Just when I found an adobe app that was legitimately useful without drilling me for payments or confiscating data that wasn’t created by them … this app has me send a contract to an important client with a bunch of pages missing information and my initials at the bottom. This client does 1000s of contracts like this a year and said they’ve never seen anything like that before . Stop hum*ing my leg adobe . You will never stop me so you might as well get some money while assisting me . Or maybe take a bit of the billion dollars you have and hire someone who can actually retrieve the files you probably deleted that were vital to my child custody case . But no never that right ? You’re adobe . You do whatever you want and if you screw up someone’s life or business and they threaten you , you purposely try to make sure they don’t succeed so they can’t pay for the necessary services to prove you’re guilty . So now I will print out this contract of 77 pages , sign it manually and send via anything other than adobe . I will still make all of the money the contract states and be that much closer to finding out what you are truly guilty for and not guilty for .
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4 years ago, Bjaxstriker
Unusable for Blind People
I’ve opened PDFs on browsers and had them read fine, while the issue there was that you couldn’t click and edit them. I downloaded this app hoping it would solve that problem and be an improvement over the web version, which says it has accessibility settings but often shows the document as completely blank. This app is the exact same thing. I open a document which reads out fine in the web browser, and that also reads fine when I first open it as an email attachment on my phone, but as soon as I copy it to adobe fill and sign, each page shows up as one image so I can’t tap on the area that I need to enter text in. Adobe has the largest product line around reading PDFs. Their products have been around for over a decade at this point. I’m sure you’re capable of figuring out how to make PDFs both readable and editable for screen reader / voiceover users when other avenues are only one step away from having that be the case. It would make the nightmare of having to fill out documents for work and other purposes irrelevant, and it’s an issue that really shouldn’t still exist given today’s technological advancements.
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3 years ago, LongShadow
Works well but Adobe needs end-user input for better UI
For the most part, it is similar to using the PC version of Acrobat with the Fill & Sign capability. Which means it still thinks you're using a PC instead of a tablet or phone screen. So if you have the Apple pencil, you cannot use it to sign the document, but to can use it to create a stored signature that is inserted into the document. I would much rather sign on the document itself as the whole point is to sign and not insert the same exact stored copy of my signature into every document. Sort of dumb. Also when inserting a field to type in text, it doesn't seem to see the context so it just puts it on the point you touched rather than attempts to align it. Which is odd because the Check-Box feature is very well done so they are doing context checking. Lastly, it would be nice to be able to use the Pencil instead of my finger to do the field inserts--that might be a feature, but it didn't occur when I tapped my pencil--the pencil only seemed to select and then create my pre-created signature or initials.
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6 years ago, Seri kiran
A must have for everyone /suggestion for a functionality which could boost the apps productivity
Very useful for signing documents on the go. I have a suggestion/functionality for them which they could may be imbibe in their app . Here is a use case where I get two attachments(both need signatures & both need to be sent back ) in one email , in the current version I should separately open each attachment and export it to Adobe app and sign it and through the abode app when I try to select two of the signed files to send them in a single email it is not possible so I had to send one email for each file which is little inconvenient . So if adobe had the option of selecting two files at a time and then o could share it to other app such as gmail I could send the two files together in the single email . This functionality could make life a bit easier if you had to sign and send multiple files to the same email id . But over all the product is very good .
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3 years ago, SATISFIED USER! 670/680!
Life saver!
I am a high school student whose had a difficult time with filling out online applications and needed one quickly. I’ve tried five apps who promised an easy time with editing documents and signing as well but out of desperation I’ve foolishly downloaded all of them to which left me with dissatisfaction and disappointment. While using those other apps, I had to pay in order to send my already signed application, and need I say that I am unemployed and have no bank account or credit card to pay for the premium the apps offered. But I stumbled upon this treasure and to which I am deeply grateful for! Thanks to this app, I have two interviews next week! If you are going through the same troubles as I’ve experienced, this app offers free editing, signing, AND emailing access to whoever on whatever device! 10/10 recommend ! Thank goodness!
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2 days ago, muffin7771
Please DON’T Go customers can help if you need help
Nothing out there is worth using this is the BEST. A lot of people is going to be in bad shape if this app goes. If you need some kind of help just let us customs know I’m sure a lot of customers will be glad to help because you saved many of us all these years and making our lives easier. So if you need our help and support just let us customers know. Please Just don’t leave us because when a decent app is invented many people lives are changed for the better. The other app you suggested we use is not affordable and it’s complicated and is a headache to try and figure out how to use it so I doubt many people will buy or use that app. We rather pull out a pen and try to fill it out forms neatly. Thank you for making this app such a useful tool and a very easy app to use.
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4 years ago, JuithCa
So easy to use ! Thank you!
I won something on Instagram and needed to sign a pdf document that they sent me through yahoo. I couldn’t edit the document straight on my phone because text was acting funny and just too big. So after downloading like 5 other apps including word, this is the only one that worked! All I had to was save pdf from my email to my phone, then launch app and find the file on my phone. The app lets you fill in text so easily and I was able to save filled out form on my phone. And I’m happy that it was free. I’m sure you could probably upgrade but what it lets you do for free is such a headache relief especially for someone like me who doesn’t have a computer or laptop right now at home besides a cell phone. I recommend this app to anyone who’s not really tech savvy like me. 5 stars. Thank you again!
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6 years ago, Occasionally Tech-Challenged
Soooo Easy to Use!
I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get this App uploaded onto my I-Pad, how simple the instructions were to follow in order to use it, & how quickly I was able to pull up & fill out the Document that I needed to sign & then email back to the original sender, all using this one simple App!! It was amazing... My printer is inoperable, so I needed an alternate way to “hard-sign” & send back this Document ASAP! This Adobe App saved me valuable time & the extra expense of having to seek out a 3rd Party to print out this Document for me so that I could then sign it, photograph it w/my iPhone, & finally email it back to my Contractor... What I originally thought was a task that was going to b fraught w/numerous obstacles turned out to be one which was SUPER easy & actually fun to use; it’s truly a BRILLIANT App! Thanks!!
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4 years ago, SLL75
Typing is great like usual. All the sudden the FONT has changed (unable to change it to anything thing else, stuck with what we got). Filling the form used to be simple like typing on a typewriter. Hit return to continue below, well NOW it’s, hit return and the cursor goes above what you just typed (unable to see what’s being typed), and if you do hit return I think 3x’s then use your finger to drag the cursor back below what you just typed. But that makes the next line to type impossible because it wants to be involved in the last line you typed, it’s the box, it’s empty, you can not erase it without erasing the entire sentence you just typed. Well this is crap, this was once a great tool when the computers went down and I usually hand written what needed to be done, but this APP WAS GREAT AT ONE TIME. NOW I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT A NEW APP OR WAIT FOR THIS ONE TO GET FIXED. HOPEFULLY THIS ISNT THE::: WERE GOING TO BE CHARGED FOR THE REAL APP SINCE THE LAST ONE WAS A FREE TRIAL, ALSO FIX THE ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS AND MENTION ITS THE HARDEST APP TO USE WHEN YOU NEED TO FILL OUT A EASY FORM OR A FORM THAT NEEDS YOU TO TYPE ON MULTIPLE LINES. Thanks & Please Fix This APP
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4 years ago, Aki.Rivz
OK! The iPad version needs work.
Adobe needs to fix the sensitivity of the app when it comes to using a Apple Pencil on the iPad. Currently, you can sign with the pencil but if your hand touches the screen as you are signing it impedes the signature and picks up what both your hand and the iPencil are writing. I use this app because it is included in the monthly membership I pay for, however Docusign is a much better app because once it recognizes you are using an iPad, the sensitivity level automatically switches to recognize the iPencil only and “not” touches of your hand which may linger while writing. It’s very awkward for me to have to write my signature with the iPencil with my hands raised so it doesn’t touch the screen of the iPad. Overall, it’s great for iPhone and needs to be adjusted for the iPad and iPencil. Does what you need it to do. Fix this issue and it would be 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Northwestsatxrealtor
The Paperhead Dragon
I have a small business that like all others takes a lot to run. When I'm doing what I do, it doesn't include an office where i have all these pieces of paper that need to be filled out, processed signed and sent to a paper head somewhere. These paper heads aren't they small business owners out trying to please the world and actually create jobs for other people in the process, they just screw up the process. There have been several cases where myself and other small business owners cant slow down to get the papers to the paper heads and they hold up our payments and make us benevolent servants to the world and our employees life harder then it all ready is. The Adobe Fill and Sign I.E the "paper Head Dragons" is a nice handy to to help vanquish those paper head devils.
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7 years ago, jiddins
I just used this to sign huge long real estate contracts long distance. It allowed me to get the job done but there are a few points that I would like to make. 📌 Make bold, italics and underlining available in text fields 📌 Make A dozen or so choices of your name and initials written up in different Scripts that you could choose to use in documents. 📌 give us a color choice for text and or bullet points. When doing a multiple page document in which I had to sign every page, I could not scroll to the next page… I had to select "done" at the top of the page, Then go back to my list of documents and select the document again, and then page through each completed page to get to the new page. If there is a way to avoid this lengthy process, I sure couldn't find it. If there is a way I would sure like to know!
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5 years ago, vintagewastenotsdesign
App support needed
When I click on the “app support” question mark, it takes me to the official Adobe software site, has me sign in (created a user name and signed in through Google), only to tell me it was unauthorized, which is why I’m writing you this way. Anyway, I am really loving and appreciate this app, but there is a problem: When I send/share files/pdf documents via email, the email does not show up in my “sent” folder. So, confirming they were actually sent/received is not possible, as I have no other way of reaching these particular people, and it just looks unprofessional to send another email just to check to see if it was received. I am forced to wait a few days for their response, and then inquire, which is highly inefficient. How can I see/confirm that a document was sent/shared via email successfully? Thank you!
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4 years ago, AWQuests
Reviews Can Be Misleading
I read many reviews before downloading the Adobe Fill & Sign app on my iPhone and iPad. There were some that stated how difficult it is to place a text box in a fill line and how challenging it is to type in the text fields, and ... Those reviewers couldn’t be farther from the truth. They are obviously not tech savvy folk and are not familiar with detail maneuvers in digital applications. I completed a form very quickly and effectively on my iPhone 7 Plus. I also was able to complete a duplicate form even quicker because the app remembers previously typed information and automatically suggests adding that information. Retyping is prevented. I give this FIVE STARS!! It is an awesome program that I would recommend to anyone needing such a business application.
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7 years ago, Teylor90210
As the name suggest. Great for filling/signing documents from home or mobile device
I needed to quickly sign a contract and didn't want to go through the hustle and bustle of loading my children up and heading to the local library. I simply uploaded my documents onto this app (after downloading 5 or 6 apps that did not work without asking me to pay for the "pro" version) and typed whatever I need onto the blanks. It also has the great feature like most apps today to sign and initial my documents as well. It was simple and quick. I was able to email my documents within minutes versus hours. All from the comfort of my couch. This is actually the first review I've ever written. I just had to give them props for making this so convenient.
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2 years ago, Sunee Bunee
Awesome with a couple snags
Awesomeness: app is very easy to utilize with the ability to use it with phone or tablet. Snags: #1: sometimes I have to click out of the app and go back in in order for it to respond to the next command. #2: when I receive a form partially completed by someone else, the app deletes all the information causing me, the app user, to have to refill the data out that was previously on the form. No biggie this time since I only had to refill a couple lines, but if there were several pages, that could be a frustrating task. I guess I could also just send the form back to the other person and let them know they’ll have to refill it themselves. Anyhow, Fill & Sign has come through for my hubby and I for many years. Thank you
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3 years ago, Checo Bear
Free PDF Editor!
I recently bought a magic keyboard for my IPad Pro and have been trying to really make this combo a “computer” replacement and for that you need great apps that can make doing everything you could do on a regular pc. Well this app does just that when it comes to editing and signing off on PDFs. It’s very user friendly and you can do just about anything in customizing the PDFs. The only thing I wish it could do was separate the pages of the PDFs or being able to just chose one or two particular pages to save or send. Maybe there is a way, but I haven’t found it using this app, but the name of the app is “Fill & Sign” and it really does just that it best of all it’s absolutely FREE!!!
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2 years ago, whatstupidnucknameisntraken?
Best app for quick data entry
I’ve been using this app for over a year now and I don’t see myself switching to another app anytime soon. It’s easy to use and a perfect tool for on the go work. The click + select feature automatically centers your text based the borders in your form. No awkward text placement. The auto fill feature is also very helpful when using the same information for different documents. It also allows you to make editable copies of your documents and it saves all the data you entered manually. I do wish there was a find + replace feature but that’s definitely an improvement that’s possible and not enough to knock down a star. Really awesome app!!
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3 years ago, PegNAtl96
Must Have for Any Medical Patient!
Any patient who has to navigate the world of "New Patient Medical Forms" or any other patient information forms that are now the norm to be filled out prior to your first appointment with practically any doctor in the US. It’s a Godsend for anyone who encounters these forms for just about any instance that normally requires the printing out of the forms, filling them out, and then scanning them back into your email program, so they can be returned (emailed) to the physician’s office. I can now do everything including signing the forms, all from my iPhone 11! I have been looking for an app that would do just this, and with the backing of a software company such as Adobe. It has finally arrived! Really easy to use, and with a very intuitive interface.
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3 years ago, California Doll
I’ve been using the App for a month and my wish came true. Finally an easy way to fill out forms on my APPLE IPAD. Upload form, Tap where you need to fill out, Type, press Done and print. No rocket science here or PHD in office to use, so user friendly. App got smarter at finding the lines to fill out on the page and I can place x or any mark for those pesky boxes to check off. I print it, sign it and off it goes. (I haven’t used the signature feature yet because all my documents needed my actual physical signature so far but I’ll let you know when I do.) I love this app.. it’s as easy as filling out the form by hand but neater and more professional looking. So far I’ve been very satisfied with this App.
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7 years ago, meta732
7Plus, iOS 10.x
TL;DR—5 stars because this app saves me paper, ink, and time. No more printing docs to sign, scan, and transfer/share before returning. Exceptionally easy to use. I have been able to fill out AND SIGN forms quicker with this app than any other. Suggestion: Provide users with the ability to add attachments to emails from within the body of the email (by long-pressing and scrolling to the option). Very few apps have this functionality. As it stands, I have to either (1) create the message from within the app (doesn't work well when one simply wants to reply to a message in a thread) or (2) share the completed PDF with an app that does appear in the Apple Mail (stock) PDF attachment options.
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7 years ago, Mochasboss
FAIRLY easy to create form(s)
Most of Adobe's products are easy to use, a true compliment to them. But this app, while a truly desirable tool in everyday business, has what appears to me to be a limiting issue, in that you must IMPORT a form from another package, such as Word, Pages, etc. While this may not be a deal killer for most users, it stops me from using it in that I gotta go somewhere else to build the form, then import it here, then complete the form. It would be nice if you could merely build a simple form here. Now, let me quickly add, if you have a form that already exists, or may have been sent to you or that you have already built (and use often), then, this app gets 5 stars! It's simple, clean, not complicated to "insert". I like it! Just sayin', would be nice for a one stop shop.
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5 years ago, The Relationship Prof
Just what I needed
I own an online Learning Center. While most of the Certificates of Completion for our courses are generated digitally and include my signature, we have one particular course where all certificates are issued by a government agency after we notify them that our students have successfully completed all requirements. We were wondering how I would be able to sign and date those certificates while on vacation without having to take my laptop or IPad with me. Your app solved that issue. Signing those using my phone from a remote location is so easy and convenient, I have began to use it even when I am in town. Zero learning curve. Thank you! You get an A plus!!!
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4 years ago, RJTay
Love it!
I so much prefer filling in forms by typing rather than handwriting. Have been able to do this seamlessly at work using Adobe Pro, but as I prepare to retire and will be handling both mine and my parents’ business from home primarily using an IPad, I was super excited to find this app. While I have not used all functionality as of yet (thus, the 4 stars), I just finished filling out a multi page medical form for my dad using this app after having scanned the pages from my HP printer to my iPad. It worked just fine, and now I will be handing over neatly typed pages. No - it is not Adobe Pro - or whatever it is called now - but it will do for now as I work to settle into different but still functional work at home. I look forward to exploring what all it will do.
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7 years ago, Fordini
Sign documents from my cell phone.
I am having to start a new job with an employer that has e-mailed documents that requires me to fill out my personal information. Not all of the documents are off files. I have used Google documents to export to PDF files to this app on my iPhone. I am able to fill in any thing that is needed and sign documents. Sometimes access to a computer is limited or I do not have access to wifi to send out important files immediately. With this app I am able to fill out forms sign documents and get them out to the people that need them. The app has worked well on my iPhone 6+ and worked well with Google Documents and Microsoft Outlook.
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3 years ago, Tubby352
Exactly what your looking for
I needed to edit a PDF ASAP and I downloaded two apps to attempt this on. The first app looked easy but you needed to pay $7.99 for a two month subscription to access the full features. So I signed up for it and still could not edit the form the way I needed to(what a headache) so I attempted the second app with not much hope in mind. Took me about 10 seconds to realize this was the app for me. When I say easy, that is a true understatement it worked better and faster then imagined. Completed my document and placed the necessary attachments along with it in a email and I was done. No fee, no subscription, no hassle.
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7 years ago, Have fun but broke
Got the job done on my iPad
I needed to fill out and email a one page document very quickly. I found this app and installed it on my iPad. I found my downloaded document very easy. I was able to fill in the document's required fields of text and check boxes very easily. I was able to move the text boxes around to ensure the text was aesthetically pleasing after a few attempts of holding, tapping etc. I then attempted to copy to outlook to email the document. I checked the attachment and it was the original un filled version. I attempted to upload it again to outlook and then it worked. So, because of a few needed extra attempts at completing essential tasks, I rated this app a 4 but recommend it and I will definitely keep it and use it.
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5 years ago, USAR Ch
Almost like my signature
On the its great side you can put in a signature that looks like a signature but doesn't fool anyone. For most things this is enough to get by. Compared to all this others that you have to sign with a fingernail each time. This looks more real and you can vary the size. I signed twenty documents and varied the location on the line and the size of the signature so even if you put them together in front of a light no one would know. It did it in seconds not two minutes like three others. I just wish I could use a real pen on the screen and create something that is more of my real signature.
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5 years ago, gbarnes.
Outstanding service!
I was introduced to this app by my attorney! This has saved a lot of time and money for us! This app allowed my attorney to send me important documents that needed to be taken care of ASAP! This saved on the time it would have been to get to me in the mail, as well as the cost for postage both ways! Moreover, this app has enabled me to down load documents from the internet in pdf format, which is always better for me when it comes to printing them. I would suggest this to anyone that has time constraint issue w/paperwork that needs signatures! This is a great tool for all professional companies to have!!
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3 years ago,
Amazingly Effortless!!
This was in fact actually the 4th document, pdf filling out & signing application in which I have installed and tried out & is ‘The BEST One By Far’!!! Without a doubt, this application made the process completely 100% effortless! I am still amazed that I’m already done filling out the form I needed ( it took me all of 5 minutes to do..👍😉). Therefore, anybody looking for an application to fill out, sign, & complete any online documents would be wise to skip over all the others and make they’re lives & jobs easier by downloading this one right away!!!
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6 years ago, Craigri4MonCoeue
Amazing App For Business
I found this app by accident one day while looking for another version of Adobe and it has made my life so much easier. I can literally fill out forms from any website (I haven’t found any that I have been unable to use with the app) with my iPhone 7 Plus. There are times when I need to print off a form to fill it out but I am unable to bc of various reasons, such as being at a clients home, but with this app that all changed. I can fill out forms on the go no matter where I am. This app has made my life easier in more ways than one. It’s a must have for business!!
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1 year ago, gmaycing
Great to have! Had couple issues
Love this and grateful for the app! However, two things that annoyed me: 1. A few words were not aligned properly to the space requiring filling in. 2. When I had uploaded the document, I had already typed up everything on my laptop. When I transferred the document to the app, I lost everything I had saved and had to start over. I checked to see if I had uploaded the correct “filled” document and saved and re-uploaded it again to the app and still did not save my work. Other than these two problems, I am still thankful to have this on my phone.
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5 years ago, Apple of my Eye Phone
The Best App Ever
I have been using computers for many decades and this app is the absolute best for addressing the completion of forms and is free to use at the time of this posting. Any form may be completed with your electronic device by either downloading the blank form or taking a photo of the blank form and you simply fill in the lines using the text you enter. I just completed online court documents that I would have had to either print out and fill in by hand writing or find a typewriter and type the information. This app has saved me an incredible amount of time and effort. Full 5 Star Rating. . .
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1 year ago, Ms. Review Queen
I had much difficulty finding an app that supported the basic tasks needed to support pdf:adobe etc. I found this app to be easy and while meeting a deadline was important, this app saved me the trouble of printing out the document at staples-followed by a million other steps and allowed for me to fill out the required text fields and signatures and send back to the entity; right in the privacy of my own home, pjs, and at 1:30 in the morning! ********* Highly impressed with this app! It’s free, easy and did I mention a free way to fill out forms and sign documents!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, EbosS nonya
Best Tool
This is by far one of the best apps!!! This app is perfect for someone who does not have a printer/scanner. You are able to quickly sing documents and fill forms. I even used it as an app to allow me to check off a list when I did not have a pen by taking a picture of a list and adding boxes to check off. This app is soo good that it deserves 5 stars even though it can be improved. I currently use “scannable” app with this app because scannable has a better method of scanning documents using your camera. Afterwards you can save it to camera roll and open it from this document to sign.
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5 years ago, Tan. W.
Absolutely made my life easier!
This app is my holy grail app! This app saved me a bunch of times when I need to fill out an application immediately! On other occasions, I find myself choosing to use this app instead of the paper application because it is just so easy! Once you download the form, it accurately types on the lines anywhere you click! You can change the font sizes! It even has a function that checks the boxes for you, circle anything that needs to be circled on your form, and it saves your signature! You have to check out this app yourself to believe that something this good even exists! The best part? IT IS COMPLETELY FREE AND AD FREE!!! I don’t really write reviews for apps, but I have to let everyone know that this app is worth it! I plan on using this app for a very long time😂 If the app maker or company sees my review please know that I want to thank you very much for creating this app AND keeping it free! Again, thank you so much! I really love this app❤️
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2 years ago, Homeschool Rocks!
I needed something to edit a PDF and this worked perfectly for me! You can fill in information and if the text is too large, you can select the smaller size. Then if you need to, you can make it even smaller by tapping it again. You can move your text around to fit the text box or adjust to where you want it on a line. You are not stuck with where it goes initially, you can move it! I love this, it’s very user friendly and is exactly what I needed. Thank you for making something so easy to use!
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4 years ago, ladyrider2u
Even with a closed head injury...
Prior to head injury I was quite text savvy. In 2004 that changed due to Trumatic motorcycle accident after period of being in a coma I’ve had to relearn reading and writing as well as remembering a good portion of my life. I have not been able to return to work until 2016. All in all things have gone well I just have comprehension issues, but as we all know 2020 has been very challenging for all of us due to COVID-19. I have been hired into a position that will require distance traveling and all of my hiring paperwork had to be handled online this made things “SO SIMPLE” so Thank You!!
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2 years ago, AraArts
Most Useful Service I have
Honestly out of all of the apps I have on my phone and tablet this is by far one of the most useful I’ve ever encountered. To be able to Fill and Sign important documents via my phone or tablet has been absolutely essential for me- as I don’t have a printer. The UI could be a bit more user friendly as others have mentioned. Maybe an easier way to input something without having Quick View appear. Otherwise I have no complaints. Thank you Adobe for creating this service.
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3 years ago, tmgukcatfan
Crucial use for job application
I was able to take an old school job application and fill it out online. I don’t have a printer and the libraries are still closed where I live so this actually gave me a way to apply for a job! It was a little difficult to get things to line up because of the text box format and I had to open and close the document many times to continue, but that could have been because I didn’t understand the format better. Small inconveniences compared to getting to actually getting to apply for the job. Thanks!!
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3 years ago, semtikad
Easy to use. Needs a way to organize files
I use this app for filling personal and business-related forms. It’s able to deduce a blank space that needs to be filled up, and even whether you’re supposed to fill up a cross mark. Very impressive. The only thing i find inconvenient about it is that it is unable to organize my files into folders. I think the main idea is that you fill up a form then transfer it to email or to another program. Still, the way I use it, it would be really helpful if i can place certain items in folders.
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2 years ago, BigMamaGold
Wonderful App - even an old lady can use!
I am a 72-year-old with okay tech skills and I found this app to be incredibly easy to use. I have used it once before and finally took the time to create and save my signature, which is a great time-saving feature. Placing the text in the right area took more fiddling than it should (app stuttered on this), but I thought the “check in the box” feature was stellar. No more having to print blank forms, fill them out by hand, and then scan them. This is a top-rate app!
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4 years ago, Eden Cross
Great for Remote Job Applications
Nowadays most jobs are going remote as far as interviewing, Onboarding, and other documentation you have to fill out, sign, or otherwise turn in before you can start. This does quickly and easily make that possible - my only grumble is that they put a barrel over you with having to pay for it no matter how minor the use or limited the feature. I think a better move would be to allow for a free version that essentially only has the sign capability unlocked. To do more than sign your name, email, or save a document THAT'S when you should have to pay for something.
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7 years ago, OCMarrow
Good, but not quite great
I like this app, and admit it's especially useful at times, but there are a couple buggy issues (for example: mid-way through the last form I filled, I had to start creating other fill options such as a checkbox, and then reselecting it and manually switching to text input. no clue why) that make it fall short of great. Likewise, it can only be set up for personal use, with a single signature/initials recorded, which reduces the potential uses. (I first found the app and hoped I could use it for work, letting others sign a digital form as well.) Still a quality app for what it is, and very useful when applicable.
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4 months ago, Cj royse
Terrible app
Why are so many other apps able to auto create a text box for documents yet this one cannot. I’m tired of creating my own text box that is hard to resize and move on a phone with your finger. Also I just filled out an entire pdf file and only needed to add my signature. I opened the pdf on this app to ONLY add a signature. When opened it became a blank document again even though when locating the file to open it shows text on the form in the thumbnail. Done using this terrible app. Looked on the adobe community page for a solution. People experiencing a similar issue haven’t received a solution son even 2016. Sad to think people are making a salary at this company to just not fix simple problems.
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2 years ago, CoolMomsRock!
So freaking useful
I just got a new job- the hiring contractor is in Pennsylvania, the job is in Virginia, the client HQ are in Richmond, I am in the middle of nowhere, and I had to fill out what felt like ten million forms for background checks, acknowledgments of every kind, and if I didn’t have this program on my iPad Pro, I would have had to either print it all and scan it back or use some other less capable program. This is really very good. I also like PDF element, but for signing and sending back purposes, this can’t be beat.
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4 years ago, Cupa, Joe
Good enough
First effort ended in Fill & Sign success. Not intuitive and like many apps, the mobile version is not the best representation of the desktop version—never better, almost always a compromise. I’m used to the desk top version where you can type you signature and the software gives several signature style choices all of which are better than my hand drawn signature. With the app on my iPad I have to sign with my stubby finger. Maybe I’m missing something but...that’s the point, it isn’t clear how to create the signature and the surface response to my finger was so sensitive that I had to Sign & Erase about a dozen times before I ended up with a signature that was good enough.
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