Adobe Learning Manager

2.7 (139)
36.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Learning Manager

2.72 out of 5
139 Ratings
5 years ago, Tweet@40
My thoughts about the app
Some of the courses work fine but when you have a course is required to go online to the web it doesn’t load up I’m using my WiFi at home and the course it still doesn’t load up. And when I am away from home the course still doesn’t load up. Hopefully these few cliches will be fixed soon. But other then that the app has taught me how to Manage at my Level 1 position as a Shift Manager
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2 years ago, Sierra_117_
I want a landscape mode for iPad Pro
The App works fine for me. It allows me to get all my required learnings in. There are some bugs but I’ve managed. However, I do wish it had the ability to rotate with my screen. The only way landscape mode works for me is when I click on a learning, finish, and then go back to the app. It only works until I finish the whole course and it reverts back to portrait mode.
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5 years ago, PurtyKitty
No support?!? Of course not -Adobe doesn’t care about us,
Quarter star at best. Have problems with any other app on os store and the developer pops on and responds immediately but Adobe thinks they are too good for this. They better wise up. Every day there is a new program or app out that is closer to becoming a real competitor with photoshop or one of Adobe’s products. And guess what they’re subscription price is = zero Adobe wake up and start helping your customers before we all flip you the bird and go somewhere else. You are one of the most frustrating companies to deal with. What a let down ...AGAIN !!! No support. No help.
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5 years ago, 77clee
Mobile application is horrible
I really like the interface where you can see your progress and view that classes are available, but then when you try to play the course it is not as seemingly as the the desktop version. You can’t see the whole screen. There’s no sound or audio. I hope you guys are working on that? The concept is there, but it was very difficult to navigate.
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2 years ago, krllxx
Rarely works.
I have to use this app to take classes for my job, but half the time the app won’t work 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nothing loads, you can’t search anything up. And if by chance it works you better jump on it and use it while you can. This app needs MAJOR work. Thanks.
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1 year ago, DemocratCat
Inconsistent mess of an app
I like how it was posed as a convenience to me that I could do my CBTs at home using this stupid app. All of my CBTs have crashed the app at least once, and a few of them crash the app as soon as I select them. I never know what tests are going to kill the app and almost always end up taking them at work. If you’re going to make an app, can it work like 80% of the time? That would be great.
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4 years ago, skorpcorps
Just updated my Adobe Captivate app on my iPad because I was prompted to at app startup. Now when I open the app it tells me I need Flash Player to play the content and provides a download link - USELESS. Flas player won’t download on my iPad from the link provided and courses won’t play now without it. So much for using my iPad for the LMS courses that I was doing - guess I’ll have to switch back to the computer and finish courses there. MAJOR INCONVENIENCE ADOBE! Not a happy customer
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4 years ago, Captain_csm_2020
Learn on the move
With this app you can learn wherever you are both online and offline. I like very much the smooth player, the simple design and especially the social learning and the announcements.
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4 years ago, OURGhost
I like but
I hate having to restart the app every time I use an external link for more information. Fix this, and it will be a great tool
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4 months ago, Leon6997
App doesn’t work
Doesn’t work I’m trying to do training videos to move up as a manager in my company and the only thing holding me back is this useless app fix this your holding people back because your to lazy to fix the same problems you’ve had for years
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2 years ago, Darkdevil3
Useless app.
Need to use a laptop or desktop for this service. App is absolute garbage, unable to navigate and look up previously completed modules. When you eventually find them, it states many are not compatible with the iPad anyway, even if they’re just simple videos. Garbage
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4 years ago, SydneyMichellesmb21
Doesn’t Connect To Server
I’ve just downloaded this today as the website notified me on my phone so I decided to instal this. I was super excited about using it because of the convenience of it! Only to find out that it won’t connect to server. No matter how many times I’ve closed the app, and reinstalled still nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, taits
Disappointing at best
Most content doesn’t load, you can even ‘download’ content for offline viewing to never have it load. The main screens of the app will not work in horizontal mode though most of the content seems to exist in horizontal mode. If it’s not one thing it’s the other that make this app unusable.
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6 years ago, prime user and admin
This app doesn't work properly at all. Content won't load, sound doesn't work on responsive projects, and it crashes constantly. I hope the issues are soon resolved. One of the major reason we signed up for captivate prime is for the convenient App, so far it has only led to disappointment.
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3 months ago, wackydax007
Great learning app
This app is well made and makes it easy to learn on the go!
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5 years ago, misplacedtarheel
No audio
The audio does not work. The video will play but there is no audio. I’ve tested on both iPad and iPhone. For the record the audio works fine on the website version with both Chrome and Safari. Please fix the audio issue.
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4 years ago, Alecoco1
App not built for mobile
It seems that this app has been put together with a bunch of non-native web views that don't work well together. So far, everything works...but this is what you get when you can't place a priority on native development.
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1 week ago, Warning temperature
This app is helping me as someone was disability learning disability with dyslexia to help me learn with my workplace
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6 years ago, Jttm47
I can’t login.
My Adobe is linked to my google account and there is no option to add a google account. I’ve also tried entering my account email but it says no account. I will not be using this app until they fix this.
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3 years ago, Sthomaa
Would be a great tool on the go if audio worked on iPhone/iPad
Audio doesn’t work on either devices. I have to use the website on a laptop
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1 year ago, mmarqu253
Not working
This app has never worked for me I am not able to take any of the courses I have been assigned and if I ever get anything to work my progress gets wiped
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2 years ago, Aka Rafe
Buggy app. Continuously crashes when loading learning content.
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2 years ago, likes!?
I’ve been stuck on a course for days and it’s only on product quality 101 and it won’t let me get any further
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5 years ago, Anewfixforya
Black screen, no video plays
Doesn’t work. Upgrade worse with time. Tried playing video content and only receive stalled black screen on my iphoneX. Please fix ASAP.
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5 years ago, Linz4748
The content is too big for the screen
The eLearning modules are much too big for the phone screen. It basically makes the app completely useless.
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1 year ago, Jimmer rules
No landscape mode for iPad???
Who uses an iPad in portrait mode anymore? There is a reason that all cases and keyboards are engineered to stand in landscape mode.
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5 years ago, Jignesh F
Need lots of improvement
Content does not load. As soon as a video starts, app throws a memory error. In about 30 seconds after launching the video, phone heats up to the extent it can toast a tortilla.
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1 year ago, K9dog161616
90% of the classes I try to click on from Cross County Mortgage crash the app. It’s infuriating that I have to use safari over an app.
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3 years ago, Youuu3345
Landscape mode for iPad
Please update the app to have landscape available esp. on the iPad which I think makes more sense since it is a learning platform with some instructional videos embedded on the app.
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8 years ago, moglex
Not Sure What App Does
I converted several MS Power Point lessons to Captivate 9 files and put them in a Course on Captivate Prime. I did not format them for iPad, but thought this app would allow me to view them in iPad format. Not so apparently, unless I misread the description. If I missed something, please let me know. Right now, I'm really don't see that this app is any different than opening Captivate Prime in Safari, or any other browser for that matter.
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2 years ago, gaggle of fools
Failure to launch
The quickest way to close the app is to click on any employer assigned learning course. The app will crash immediately. iOS 15.6.1
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4 years ago, Feefeeftw
It’s awful
It is slow and does not open my learning in the app. It opens my browser. If I wanted to use my browser, I wouldn’t have gotten the app.
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3 years ago, SunnyD1234567
Doesn’t work
This app needs serious updates. Not worth the download.
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6 years ago, KOFEFLP
Doesn’t work at university of Michigan
I am a student. All courses lectures are on captivate, I hoped to watch on iPad, however videos don’t load. So disappointed.
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3 years ago, Koruth
Troublesome app. Account gets deactivated randomly. App fails frequently. Poor quality all around
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4 years ago, Mranthony
iPhone Incompatible
Videos won’t play on iPhones. An instant 5 star feature if it worked.
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4 years ago, BrookieCookieAF
Not a fan, not cuz of the app but cuz of the companies work I gotta do. I just don’t think that this is great for me, like I don’t wanna do it anymore.
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4 years ago, Ibobert24
I hate this app. This is so bad. I really don’t like it. Why does this exist. Cause this is sooo terrible. Every time I use the app my soul wants to die.
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4 years ago, Bertito43
Complete junk
The developers should learn a thing or two from canvas. Garbage at best.
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6 years ago, pintofbadluck
Never works.
Absolutely the worst app I've ever used for training. Thanks for nothing!
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6 years ago, Chels8185
My learning courses won’t load. App is useless.
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3 years ago, Buffalobillsboy999
Great app
This app is fantastic
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4 years ago, J-L B
Can’t get past the “Proceed” button. Is this even an Adobe app?
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5 years ago, Rhodes98
Incomplete video
Great idea, but part of video is cut off of screen so it is useless.
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6 years ago, Curtis Stanford
Can’t view in landscape?
On iPad Pro
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7 years ago, 1100myke
Not at all polished or ready for "Prime" Time
On the iPhone, so far this app doesn't load any of my quiz content created in Captivate 9 or 2017. Will try to use the "save as" responsive option in 2017 and see if this helps. Also the viewer control bars never time-out releasing needed screen real estate for viewing content in landscape mode. I've not had the opportunity to see the functionality of this app on the iPad but so far the iPhone app has been mostly disappointing. I wanted to map the seamlessness of Captivate Prime functionality with the software learning needs I am building for a mobile SaaS product but using this app would not be feasible as a learning tool for my project.
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7 years ago, aaroncb
This app keeps crashing when I try to upload external certifications
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7 years ago, Maskangels
Slow and wont load training
This app is not friendly. It does not respond to touch screen and is very slow. I actually can not load content. And yes my software is up to date on my ipad.
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7 years ago, jaybytez
Videos never load, UI is missing textual data about the course, UI doesn't look responsive, went back to accessing via a browser instead. Not ready for use.
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1 year ago, Goodworker86
Unable to load my training for my job on my android phone or my 2022 IPad Pro
I have training my employer wants me to complete top get promoted to manager. But the app crashes on my Galaxy S21. Thought that installing on my new IPad Pro would solve the issue. Although I have 3 bars of 5G UW on Verizon’s Network, this keeps on saying connection error. Adobe get with the Program and fix your product!!
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