Adobe Presenter

1.7 (27)
35.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Presenter

1.7 out of 5
27 Ratings
11 years ago, Knome
Fails at video.
Fails to play embedded video.
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5 years ago, Devano Bethel
Don’t waste your time
This app doesn’t work. I was going to watch a presentation on safari, and it said I needed the app. So, I downloaded the app, and pressed “Open Adobe Presenter Mobile”. And it wouldn’t even open. I tried typing in the URL, and it still didn’t work. This is the most useless app I’ve ever come across, and hasn’t worked for anyone else either. So don’t even try it, you’ll just waste your time.
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6 years ago, Spenceryyo
Still crap
I need this app to watch a video for school, I first saw the comments about this not working, but the comments were kinda old so I hoped it’d work now... NOPE! Don’t waste your time... this is a waste of space on your iPad. Don’t even bother trying it out... it didn’t work five years ago and it doesn’t work in 2018
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8 years ago, Keilolo82908123
Doesn't let you watch lectures from older versions. Waste of time
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7 years ago, big ed78
Doesn't work. Every URL I put in just keeps loading and nothing ever loads
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7 years ago, Omega Muerte
Probably the most useless app ever made
If you want an app that does nothing, download this
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8 years ago, Chanise09
Its 2016, why hasn't this been fixed? No URL i put in works!
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11 years ago, Absor Bean, Jr.
Does not work
It's would be great if it worked. I could actually use my iPad to view presentations instead of lugging around a laptop, but Adobe, in their infinite "wisdom" has seen fit to exclude presentations made with an earlier version. Common sense would say to make it backward compatible, but there is no common sense available here. At the very least, they should provide a way to view older ones. Again, lack of common sense rules...
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9 years ago, Montastrophe
Blackboard? Largest university? No.
This app does not work on the United States' largest university's Blackboard Adobe Presenter files. PS: saying that if you could give something zero stars, you would, is just stupid. One star reviews are super bad. If the option for giving a zero star review was available, those people would surely wish they could give negative star reviews
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12 years ago, Bossybella
My college lectures automatically pulled me to download this app but it will not load the lectures!! Just keeps stalling, over and over! Even tried deleting and reinstalling--same problem. What's the use having an iPad for school when you can't use it!?! Annoying.
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10 years ago, Tomanyhoes
I needed to watch a presentation using Adobe presenter. Downloaded it, but I still can't watch it because this app doesn't support anything made in versions earlier than 8! Who had that stupid idea? App was deleted right away, and if I could give it 0 stars I would.
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10 years ago, batchy42
Currently worthless garbage
Until they fix this to support versions earlier than 8, don't even bother. Hasn't been updated in almost seven months. Do they even read or care about the reviews all claiming the same problem?! Apparently not.
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9 years ago, Abonner
This needs to launch any Presenter files!
Be forewarned, this app only lets you paste In a does not access other LMS or recognize the file attempting to launch as a Presenter file. It's not very helpful on the iPad. But a tool like this is desperately needed, please fix it Mr. Or Ms. Developer!
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10 years ago, Jmed814
Opening files
The option to download an older version isn't available and the app won't let you open from previous versions before 8.
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12 years ago, mattd313
Won't work for me
The URL we get for training requires authentication first. It'd be nice if this app would allow the initial site to be loaded to type in login credentials and then follow to the training videos. Guess I'll have to watch them at a desk on a PC...
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9 years ago, HARLEYQofDC
Same as everyone else
This would be awesome to watch lectures on the go but like everyone else if it's not version 8 it's not working. Stupid decision Adobe, better fix that crap.
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10 years ago, Stevel718
Doesn't Work
I downloaded to view a presentation. I can't get past the opening screen with the spinning wheel. I plan to delete and obtain the presentation through other means.
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10 years ago, Rachelmkij
Zero stars
Adobe you should be embarrassed! How long has iPad be around and still can't watch lectures on mine because of your terrible app. FIX IT so any adobe presentation can be watched!
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10 years ago, Boltuprite
Does not support PPT output, only PPTX
As everyone else has already stated, this application has very limited use in its current release since it doesn't support PPT formats. It was immediately deleted as useless.
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10 years ago, namwenar
Fix legacy issue
Same problem months later! Still can't open legacy files.
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9 years ago, Donna Antonio
Unusable for ppt files
I downloaded this hoping to use it to view my online class lessons on an iPad (that are in PPT) but no can do as it only supports PPTX. App removed; back to my MacMini then.
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11 years ago, Mowgs6
Great idea! But unfortunately not compatible with older versions or with Microsoft PowerPoint. Worthless app until it can be compatible with them.
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11 years ago, Sarah Stevenson
Un-usable until fixed
This app is pointless until it can play material from older versions.
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11 years ago, InfoLife
Does Not Work at All
This version does not play any presentations which were made in an earlier version. Please fix!
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11 years ago, CNSchick
Only works for Presenter 8
This could be a great way for me to listen to my lectures on the go, but none of my instructors have the latest version.
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11 years ago, Ca ll
Older version not compatible
Fails to deliver on basic functionality
Show more
10 years ago, Gran100
Zero stars for me
Why did they get 2 stars. One person gave them 2 and then states it failed...
Show more
11 years ago, Pandachris
Still can't open legacy files
Useless to me if I can't open any files before Presenter 8.
Show more
11 years ago, dextorb
This is bad.
The fact it can't play content from older versions is a real killer.
Show more
10 years ago, RocketShoes83
Doesn't work with content published using any version lower than eight....uh, what? Seriously? Why even bother then?
Show more
9 years ago, OnlyAlaska
What everyone else said
Won't support less than 8
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10 years ago, Mocha B
Same problem as everyone else
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9 years ago, Hidden object nut
It wouldn't open anything. I deleted.
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10 years ago, RickCoker
Zero Stars
Does not work with most content in use!
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10 years ago, Nbhduoc
Extremely bad app
Doesn't work for me. It's warn me use to version 8 :(
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8 years ago, vjackson77
The most horrible app ever invented please do not bother.
The most horrible app ever invented. Bother to use it.
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10 years ago, LSU-Alum-77
Adobe Fail?
Who'd have thought? Disappointing!
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10 years ago, Dibbgoogs655
unable to open my file due to adobe version 8
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4 years ago, 38852+3
Still doesn’t work in 12/2019 that’s a bad thing when needed for work and school
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