ADP My Work

1.2 (43)
33.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
ADP, Inc
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ADP My Work

1.23 out of 5
43 Ratings
6 months ago, Justhans88
Face ID, Quick Clock, Review Paycheck
This app leaves a lot to be desired. This app feels like a cheap knock off of the other ADP app and is missing 95% of what made the other app good. The lack of Face ID is inconvenient but then you also have to type in your password every single time you want to use the clock. Oh and you have to force shutdown the app or else it will refuse to show you anything, including a way to reset the cheap interface. Quick clock is gone. Reviewing pay is gone. Friendly user experience… also gone. This app feels rushed and poorly implemented and it makes no sense forcing an underdeveloped app onto a huge workforce.
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5 months ago, SeanInthe6
Ruining the workforce
This app is awful. My employer has moved to this app for “first come, first serve” shift offers. However, it is buggy, employees get tipped off when the alert is going out and within milliseconds the shift is no longer available. At the speed of light, it’s gone. Almost as if someone has a script or program set up to automatically accept something. Now employees, majority of employees are getting shafted for a buggy app. Congratulations. I can confidently say any employee using this app is slighting their employees. I believe this app is 100% a scam.
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5 months ago, JoveroIV
I have for FORCE CLOSE the app and launch it again if I want to use it. Between the time I clock in and clock out, the app times out. It only can be fixed with a force close. I’ve never had an app I’ve had to force close and reopen every time I want to use it. Congrats on making one of the worst apps on the App Store.
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5 months ago, jmb43130
If I could give 0 I would!
It used to work great but now every time I try to log in it says you have been signed out close browser. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling. It would be great if I could get on there I really need to be able to see where I am at! Fix this please
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2 months ago, Create Nickname1991
Terrible, but you have to use it 🤷
Truly one of the worst apps I have ever experienced. I’m sure the developers already know and are just under resourced or something. I hope whoever allocates resources to the development of this app takes a hit on their professional credibility.
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1 month ago, Logan2048
Terrible app
Lots of bugs, just does to work on some devices, and missing a lot of features that make it feel like a knock off version of other apps. Hated it ever since my company switched to using it.
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4 months ago, netmarblesxcks
Won’t even show anything
I enter my log in data and after I press log in it acts like it’s doing something then I just get a blank white screen, please fix, I would rather not keep doing paper time sheets
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1 month ago, Kev McCloud
Absolutely terrible
Doesn’t even deserve 1 stars to be honest, can barely get past the login page Slow, terribly made Developers of this app, pat yourselves on the back for making one of the worst of all time
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3 weeks ago, MadGlitch514
Lost punch in and outs
This thing cannot record proper punch in/out times, I’m required to use it because of the franchise I work for but this is messing up my pay check, I do not recommend!
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6 months ago, xMikeC420x
Saved password
One star for not having an option to save login credentials and making me login Everytime I open the app
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3 months ago, Itscyndo
0 stars
It actually deserves 0 stars. GARBAGE! I’m sure companies use this to save money… I can’t think of any other reason why to use such a horrible app.
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4 months ago, marian0218
Idk understand why you need my credit card information to download a free app
Don’t like this app since my job got it
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2 weeks ago, Hussain2026
I have this app sometime is not working sometimes work very cheap quality .
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1 week ago, Achilles1643
Keychain and autofill
Keychain and autofill to login has been broken for years
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1 month ago, h vy
Worst app ever! Never works I have to re download all the time
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2 years ago, Iffhjdsbrs
Because unfortunately there is no way to express your opinion to a real person, I am forced to write a review on here about this company overall. I used ADP with several companies by now and I could confidently say this is the most terrible, loathsome, frustrating, none user-friendly, complicated, uneasy, anti human website/service/company/management I have ever used in my life. I cannot begin to describe how much I despise myself when I use it because I simply don't think it is made to serve but rather to control, manipulate and make things harder. I am bummed and disappointed in every company that uses this service as it should be boycotted. Some of the reasons for me loathing this service: App is laggy, and does not accept time off requests from everyone. So pick and choose (probably an agenda by the company) No human support. They just tell you off and ask you to call your HR (thanks for the help) Old interfere vs new interface on the website. You only have an option to switch to the new one but not go back you the old one. Some options are only available on the app!!! You heard it right. Website literally does not work well on Firefox and when i attempt to use chrome by copy-pasting the link from Firefox all i get as 'incorrect login' but i just changed my password?! And many others. I do not recommend this service or app to anyone. Terrible, simply terrible.
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3 years ago, Camiwamie
The structure of this app is horrible. Doesn’t flow well, glitchy constantly. I’m so upset my company switched apps because this is HORRIBLE. Please make it at LEAST more stream line. Take example from the app UKG ultipro if you need one. And STOP telling people to delete the app and just redownload it- FIX THE PROBLEMS and stop asking if people are “still having the same issue” OBVIOUSLY they are since there are 46 reviews as recent as April saying there’s an issue. From what I’ve read in the reviews online and my own experiences, Y’all are honestly useless. Fix your app, someone gets paid to do it and it effects thousands of people’s lives.
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1 year ago, pinsterz
Face ID needed
I like the app once logged in. It’s better than our last work app. However, I hate that my saved password isn’t pre-filled. I have to enter it each time or search my saved passwords to log in. If I don’t completely close out of the app I get an error message the next time I use it, then I have to close out completely and reopen. It makes clocking in and out for work take much longer than it should. To save time I added the website shortcut to my Home Screen and use that instead. Once the page opens it already has my ID and password saved so I can log in without delay. Please update app to accept Face ID and thumbprint.
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11 months ago, KenEernisse
Just doesn’t work
The app just doesn’t sort, simply has a blank screen and does nothing. When it did work, it was embarrassingly slow and clunky. I see countless other reviews stating something similar and your App Store rating is 1.3/5 which is just pathetic. Your customer support simply cites this as a “known issue” and does not allow any human contact. So many have reported the flaws of your app and it continues to not work, even as you leave responses to all the reviews. Switching to ADP was clearly the worst decision my employer could have made.
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12 months ago, KayRC6
Worst app ever.
This app is not user-friendly at all. It is incredibly slow, and feels outdated. Reading the schedule is more difficult than it should be. I think it says it all when everyone on staff is struggling to navigate the app. There are too many features this app should have that it does not. One being the ability to sync your schedule to your phone calendar. Not to mention there’s constantly random people’s names popping up on the schedule that do not even work at our location. It’s a complete mess.
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2 years ago, kattywompas1
Inferior Prduct
I hate that the app can’t show you the day before you get paid what you are getting. There is no use in having it if you get it in the bank before you can see it in the app. So it’s pretty much useless because all it’s good for is to see how much went where but I can get that directly from the company. So again USELESS! Please make this stuff available at least one day before it goes in the bank. The app we had before did do that and I keep asking the company why they went to an inferior product.
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2 years ago, Toy Dogwatch
Your app is terrible
I just wanted you to know this is my first time trying to sign in to this app and my first impression of your app is terrible I can’t even get logged into my account even after creating an account I can’t sign into it because it won’t let me on my iPhone XR so please fix this issue either that or please make it easier to log into the app but over all I am not impressed with your services this is very frustrating especially when I try to view my paystubs so because of this issue you only get one star!
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1 year ago, WhyDoINeedANickName112
Terrible App
This app needs a lot of reworking. It’s absolutely awful and incredible how terrible coded this app is. I can never simply open the app to login and check my schedule I routinely have to open the app, and as always it doesn’t want to load and tells me I need to get back in service, so I close the app and open it again to login, IF it loads. It’s extremely frustrating because I simply want to check my work schedule and it’s never that simple.
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2 years ago, Chadc83
Something is wrong
App has been fine but for the last couple days that will not open. It just goes to a blank page and appears to be loading but never does anything. I need it to open to view my hours worked and other time related requests for my job. I tried to reach out to report the issue but I got no where so I’m trying this method. Thank you
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2 years ago, Dollymae2
App NEVER works
Would give 0 stars if I could. This app goes weeks at a time without working at all. Just a continuous loading circle before I even get to the login screen. This is an app people use for work, and would appreciate a quicker response time in fixing these issues. By the looks the comments it is not an issue with my device, but an issue with your updates.
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2 years ago, Alè from Cali
Clunky and buggy, but easy to use
Began using this to clock in and out of my work, and I’m a little disappointed by the lack of features that would make the process a little smoother. Having to type your password every time while using the app feels archaic, and would be much better with Face ID. Other than that, the UI is pretty intuitive so not the worst thing in the world.
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3 years ago, Arlana C
Please fix the glitches!!!
When I began using this app , over a year ago, I had no problems. Now I can not even connect to my profile with face, fingerprint, etc. I’m getting extremely FRUSTRATED
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3 years ago, Yas0288
Very unhappy
This app is not working on my phone.. Once I select ‘create account’ and put all my information in then click the link to my job. It goes completely blank! My job switched over to this app and something needs to be done about this. Because this is horrible, I’ve tried doing it over way too many times and it is still now working!
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12 months ago, Fun, but a few bugs...
Low quality, low effort app
Overall, the app interface feels very clunky. While ADP’s primary app feels relatively smooth and well-designed, this one feels like a poorly designed web browser. None of the layout is intuitive or user-friendly, and important information is not easily accessible. Additionally, face ID would be a helpful feature to have.
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2 years ago, IcyySabrina
Please include Face ID
My company recently changed our clock in system to this app, and it would be very useful if I was able to quickly scan my face to clock into work, there isn’t an option to save my password either for faster login. The original ADP app has those features. Please consider.
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10 months ago, Monnie82
Horrible employer app
You guys need to fix this app. I can’t even put my availability through for weeks I need for my other job. And I have to ask my boss to fix that for me like I should not have to do that and ask them to do that. And then going into the holiday season. This is horrible and ridiculous that it only works when it wants to. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!🤨😡
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2 years ago, APSmith2700
Stopped working!
This app stopped working all together for me. I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and nothing will work it just loads when I open it no matter if I have WiFi or cellular connection. Definitely something wrong with the application. This needs to be fixed because this is my jobs app for my schedule!
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3 years ago, CelticEddieL
Worst business app ever
I am constantly having trouble with this app. Half the time it won’t even let me clock in or out. My managers are constantly having to fix my time. Now I have accidentally logged out of this app and I can’t log back in. It won’t even recognize my phone number to reset it. This is causing frustration for me and my bosses. Your app is the worst.
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2 years ago, 3D engineering Detroit
Won’t work after recent update.
Prior to the recent update, this app worked well for me. After the update, it no longer works. I have tried to remove it and reinstall it twice. It still will not work. I tried it on another Apple device and the error is the same. The app opens up and then it locks up with a continual rotating circle symbol.
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3 years ago, Ghostface2o2
Please please make this app functional
We used to use time forge, for some reason we switched to ADP. Time forge was bad, but at least it was somewhat useable. This app displays everything as text, so you accidentally highlight everything. It doesn’t tell you what any of the terrible functions even do, and it randomly refreshes/ freezes. Please hire an app developer.
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7 months ago, happygolucky2018
Does not work
This app is a joke. I used to get a blank screen when I attempted to log in, now the app just freezes on the login screen. If I try to access this app through the portal from the other ADP app, I get a white screen then an error message stating the parameters are too big to load. Do not waste your time with this app!
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3 years ago,
Spinning circle
I’ve used the website workforcenow at ADP for some time now with no issues, I recently loaded the mobile app and still no problems. Our company is is in the process of rolling timekeeping into ADP so I loaded the workforce manager app. When I try to open the app all I get is a spinning circle on a blank page, it never even try’s to open a login.
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3 years ago, East Coast Raider
Jumped through hoops just trying to create an account. Once logged in I receive either a system is down, blank screen, the never ending circle spin or unauthorized error message. There’s a reason this app is rated so low. Don’t waste your time with it and hope the desktop version works.
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2 years ago, FC1021
Worst App
I can't tell the last time I was successfully able to log into the app! The app is always down, and I can never make it to the login screen. Whenever it decides to load up, it gets stuck on a blank white screen. Either update the app or create a functional product.
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2 years ago, theteeeeeeee
I need this app for my job. The app worked great at first. Then it wouldn’t load for me. I deleted it, then downloaded it again…it worked. Now I’m having the same issue. Even after deleting it and putting it back on my phone, it will not work. The app will not load. This app is junk!
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2 years ago, Kristopher R.
So Bad!!!
Could you please improve this app! I don’t understand why this app is so horrible when it’s made by a big company that most companies use. You can’t even use Face ID it’s 2022 can we get with the items? Also it hardly every will actually open and yea I have reinstalled it multiple times
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The app never works
For some reason it lets me log in but then freezes on the loading page every time I go to log in. I have tried it for a week now I deleted the app and redownloaded it and everything but it doesn’t load for me to use the app.
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3 years ago, kevm21
glitches galore
Literally can’t clock in or out on time without this app malfunctioning. With how many people have to use this to work I feel like this app needs to be better. Please fix glitches and the layout a bit.
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2 years ago, stela76
It did work now it no longer does.
I use this for my job, and after the last iPhone update it stopped working, iPhone has another update and it’s still not working!! I loved this app because it was convenient, now it’s just irritating and stressful.
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2 years ago, just a pee-on
This app never ever loads, it’s pathetic that my workplace even uses this app, you can’t see your points, can never login the first or second time, always just a white blank screen after 15 mins trying to see my check stub or pay
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2 years ago, ELITESUSHI
Not working properly
This app used to work perfectly fine. But since I got the new 13pro in alpine green the app has not worked at all. Idk if it’s a softer ware issue but all my coworkers can use the app.
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2 years ago, Jeremiah DeLuna
Rotation on screen
I love the app I use it all the time I just recently lost ability to rotate my screen and I need it to do my schedule and other things that I have to do on the app. I already deleted the app and cleared cache and re installed the app and still nothing plz fix this…
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2 years ago, Maxedout16
Needs a new update. Not working. Just Buffering.
Needs a new update. App is not working Properly…. Since the recent update,the app is not working. I just get a buffering circling. No login page won’t come up. Even After New Update Just A Few Days Ago…. It’s still not working…..
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2 years ago, Norvell29
Perhaps the worst app I’ve ever used
More bugs and glitches that I’ve ever had in any other app. Constantly crashes, won’t remember passwords/face Id, won’t load most of the time, super intuitive to use, and the list goes on. How adp has managed to make an app this bad is beyond me
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1 year ago, Princess Raych
If I could rate it zero stars I would
I have never utilized a worse app in all my life. Every single time I log in via the app or any web browser it states that I’ve been logged out to protect my information. I have no way to access anything.
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