4.9 (29.3K)
117.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
ADP, Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ADP Run

4.92 out of 5
29.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Jenn8420
Easy and accurate
It is easier for me to run payroll on the app, than their website! So far the app has worked great. I’ve run 2 payrolls and it’s easy. I can do it from home or wherever I am. It doesn’t do all functions (some things you have to go to the website) but it runs payroll quick and easy. I can also see past payrolls easily.
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2 years ago, Luke hates Gameloft
Totally useless
Unfortunately it completely does not work for my case. I have 3 companies that I need to switch between, and when I sign in it asks me to choose one of the 3 companies, then when I do it asks me to sign in again, but once I sign in again I'm right back to choosing one of the companies. It's an endless loop. So I try to go into a browser to log in, and alas, as soon as you try to sign in on a mobile browser, it automatically transports you to the App Store and wants you to download their app that doesn't work! Wow. Completely useless to me until this issue is fixed. I'm sure it will be a 5 star app when this issue is resolved, but unfortunately due to the circumstances I am going with 1 star since I literally can't to anything until I'm sitting at a PC.
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10 months ago, K Junek
Huge flaws that make management hard
ADP run is smooth and seamless when on a desktop but the app is lacking. Our main issue is we cannot see who is clocked in at any given time which makes managing and communicating with employees impossible. On the browser you can view this info from the “who’s in today” which is great. PLEASE make this a mobile feature. It’s also nearly impossible to view schedules by day so if I wanted to see who is working any given day of the week I’d have to sift through each employee to see when they are working. It feel like we are completely lacking control when not able to easily accessing basic timekeeping info.
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2 years ago, Pickle fun
Horrible update, harder to process payroll
In the app I used to be able to go through employees quickly by entering their hour in, then it would go right to the next employee where I could enter their hours. Now I have to click on an employee, enter their amount click done, back out to the employee list, click on the new employee. When we have over 50 employees that’s a lot of clicking and not a smooth transition. I can’t imagine the large companies entering theirs in the app. I feel like the app transitions backwards unless I am missing how to go directly to next employee without having to go back to the employee list when entering in payroll. At least I can now add an employee in the app… that is a step forward!!
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2 years ago, Dgrbt
Convenient, little tweaks would make app perfect
Convenient to run payroll from my phone but ADP please have your info systems person fix these bugs: PLEASE Simplify the scrolling from employee to employee when entering in hours! It’s inconvenient to have to toggle back and forth from the data input screen to the main page where employees are listed. Other than that, this app has made my very hectic life more convenient. Thank you!
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2 months ago, hopetogetthem
Love this app it is so easy to use for both business owner and employees. They can upload their own information and see all their paystubs, W2s etc and can also run a number of reports when needed. LOVE THIS APP! my accountant recommended it because they can easily use it at the end of the year as well. It makes my life a whole lot easier.
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1 year ago, whatwrinkle
Mostly good
My only issue is that when i have a question and i “text” ADP, their response is often slow and I’ll be in the middle of working and they responses are slow so it can be hours of waiting, getting disconnected and sending another text to be reconnected before I get my issue resolved. No Never Be in a hurry.
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8 months ago, Btracy72
Makes running payroll on the go easier
Using this app, I can run payroll from anywhere. We have a small business and just a few users so it makes it easier for me to just click and run payroll and be done and get back to my other job as this is my volunteer position for church.
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2 years ago, genemaggio
Hoping for multi-company support!
This is the update we have been dreaming of, finally it is here and would improve our workflows so much…. Except for that it doesn’t support users with multi company access! Will this support come eventually? Please let me know as we are dying to use this new app! Thanks!
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2 years ago, tjgould
Today’s update fixes lots of bugs
After today’s update, I can finally run payroll reports, View/edit Employes info, and other payroll reals without crashes. The app is finally useful and much better than using the website now. Thanks for fixing the bugs!
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2 years ago, Nic Carr
Lacks Key Features
The main thing I get asked to do off hours is resend employees their ADP access link and this app does not allow administrators to do that. You can’t use the app to grant employee access, which is a shame. I’d love to be able to just pull up the app whenever I get these requests and deal with it on the spot, but I can’t. Hopefully this feature gets added soon as I have no real need for the app otherwise.
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1 year ago, JoshieWashi617
Run payroll on the bus!
I can do just about everything I have had to do through the website on the app. In addition I can run payroll whenever that thought crosses my mind: at home, between classes, during a meeting, or on the bus during my commute.
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8 months ago, HMommaH
Every time I try to open the website on my phone it makes me use the app. I don’t want to use the app. The app does not allow me to deduct vacation time etc … you put in “8” for hours and it adds time instead of deducts and there is no way on the keypad to use a minus or negative sign. This is very frustrating as a business owner trying to do payroll on a mobile device. Let me use the website!! Stop forcing me to use mobile that does not have the same use!!!!!
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2 years ago, Dora I. Thomas
I am always on the go and always working late. When I can’t make it home on time to process payroll it makes it hard for me because then I have to call ADP the next day to ask them to please process payroll for me. I love this app because since I have been using the app I no longer feel like I have to missed a payroll since with the app it is literally in the palm of my hand and I can process payroll from anywhere! I even process payroll while vacationing in Jamaica! Love the app! Thank you so much Dora Thomas Owner Ebenezer Home and Office Cleaning Services
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2 years ago, Lisa Dogwood
So helpful
Wow, this app is fantastic! I'm literally on my feet all day and don't have time for office work until evening or weekends. So being able to knock some office tasks during the day via a mobile app gives me back some much-needed time. Huge, huge help!
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2 years ago, JimG/AMP'D
Payroll from my phone
What an easy APP. This makes my life so much easier on payday. I’m a working boss so I’m always on the go, but sometimes payroll sneaks up and I have to cover it quickly for my employees. This APP is so easy and makes payroll effortless from wherever you happen to be. JimG/AMP’D Electrical
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2 years ago, Stacundee
RUN performs well
The RUN payroll system by ADP is a remarkably easy to use digital system which takes a minimum of time and is written with a clarity others should mimic. I am delighted that I am able to complete my payroll in a mere few minutes and ensure that all deductions are taken and all payments to taxing authorities and Social Security are made timely and with accurate recordkeeping digitally available to me and anyone else that needs to see it. The RUN system is efficient, effective, and reasonable in cost. I recommend it highly. Lon B. Isaacson President Lon B Isaacson Realty, LTD Standard Retrofit, LTD LON B. ISAACSON ASSOCIATES
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2 years ago, My Nickname Is Blah
Way better than before
Love this new app so far. Way easier and better than old app (which was a piece of junk). Now I can do so much more, it looks like I may not need my computer as much to do my payroll each week.
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12 months ago, mwalterscheid
Easy & Convenient
This app has made running payroll for my small business a breeze! It’s extremely easy to navigate and very helpful to have “on the go”. Now I don’t have to have my laptop handy to get payroll done!
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5 months ago, Unluchador
My payroll service
Love the app for running payroll it gives me so much flexibility to run my employees hours and make additional adjustments as I need to , this is what I have been looking for to run my payroll, great job guys on building a nice payroll app
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2 years ago, Happybunnylover
Editing information!
Would be easier if we are able to edit our employees information on the app without having to log into the full site, like direct deposit info, address and such
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7 months ago, SD2000000000
Good but could be better
On the web, I can access all our employees time cards when logged into Run. It would be nice to have the same functionality available in the mobile app as that would greatly assist in processing payroll.
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2 years ago, bke12345678
It’s better than previous ver
I will have to spend some more time on it but it seems better than the previous versions. It’s seems easier to use and can do more? Still not sure if it’s a replacement for the desktop ver but is helpful.
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2 years ago, zsansom
Has All the Features of Website - But Crashes when Trying to Use Them
Try to add an employee via mobile? Crashes. Try to edit employee info? Crashes. Basically anything related the People menu option crashes the mobile app. Everything else I have used seems to work though. Still, can’t give it a good rating unless it does everything it claims to do. And, in this case, it doesn’t.
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1 year ago, JrCRNA86
Dr Rosebert Perissien, Jr.
I switched over from Quickbooks to ADP, and couldn’t be happier. I wish the product was cheaper, but it’s still worth it. The app is very seamless. It’s literally a breeze to run payroll. I would definitely recommend this product.
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1 year ago, Super Sub Zerooo
Ravendale Landscaping LLC
Thank you Angela for guiding me through ADP. It helps me in more ways than you can imagine all my life I wanted to be corporate ready and you guys got me in order once again thank you. Happy customer here Oneil Colley.
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1 year ago, teemondeesay
Unable to view job postings
I really like the app, but the lack of being able to manage my zip recruiter candidate pool is a major gap. As a small business owner, I spend most of my time in the field with clients, and absolutely need to be able to responded to applicants in a timely manner. Waiting until I can get on the ADP desktop version hamstrings my recruiting process. Please add this feature to your mobile app product roadmap.
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2 months ago, ElPapiShamp00
So easy it’s scary 👻
Can’t believe I can run my company’s payroll from the palm of my hand. Insane! Thank you to all the product designers, developers and PMs involved in bringing this to life and making it so easy. Yall are the real MVPs 🥲👏🏾
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10 months ago, BBB Owner
This app has saved our staff hours by simplifying the payroll process, onboarding process and much more NOW on your phone! It’s been a lifesaver for our small business!
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2 years ago, goldsmithandy
Run payroll from anywhere
This app allows me to approve payroll from anywhere. I was in Europe with no cell coverage, stepped into a cafe with WiFi, and approved payroll without causing any disruption to my business. I love this app!
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8 months ago, Sarah M James
Deposit Info Isn’t Available
I would give this app 5 stars once you make available the deposit information for employees. Everything is is really simple.
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2 years ago, M.Most
I really like this company and the app. My payroll is done in minutes rather than hours. I can sleep at nights knowing that my taxes are done right. Definitely recommend ADP.
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7 months ago, Manny12244
The app makes it easy for me to access my account on the go. Because sometimes I’m not in the office in time to run payroll. This application saves me a headache and time.
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8 months ago, BekkaL.
Easy to use
In this techno age, you can do almost all your business with your smartphone. ADP is no exception. I can run payroll from my fingertips. Even if I’m on a beach sipping little umbrella drinks!
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1 year ago, Lopez8976
Payroll in the palm of your hand
Easy to use app with everything you need in order to run your payroll. I’ve had it for over a year and it works awesome!
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2 years ago, Evelyk
Payroll on the go
I love that I can run payroll via my phone and view reports. Very convenient. I think I like this more than using desktop version.
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4 months ago, Lackalotofskills
Work just like the website
1st time I proceeded through the app and it worked. Last time I tried it through the app I struggled. Must have improved the app to work simply and efficiently.
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10 months ago, Dr Will Maggs
Glitchy app, terrible customer service
If I could give this app negative stars it would get negative four thousand stars. Some features like “View direct deposit information” are not available on the app, only on a computer. Customer service is mediocre at best, if you can figure out how to navigate to them through the phone menu.
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2 years ago, Mr Bsbs
Small business automation
As small business we’re being asked to deliver more value. ADP is a part of of the puzzle to do that.
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5 months ago, SentaDoc
ADP payroll app
Was able to do my payroll from my iPhone today – pretty amazing. Could still be improved if ADP didn’t put from its end users i.e. prompting with hours from previous pay periods, etc.. Unfortunately AP support does not match up to their IT capability.
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2 years ago, Bugaev05
Great easy app
ADP’s Run app makes payroll quick and easy. You can do the whole thing from your phone in a minute or less!
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1 year ago, Schmidt family trucking
Great product
Makes pay supper easy and shows exactly what money is going where as far as taxes
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2 years ago, esack1
Doesn’t work on IPhone 14 Pro
I just upgraded my iPhone to the 14 Pro and the ADP Run app no longer works for me. After contacting ADP support, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted my phone, updated my software and it still isn’t working. I can log in, but then it crashes/quits when using any of the functions. Very frustrating and ADP chat support wasn’t helpful at all.
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2 years ago, KatielovesBob
Run ap has saved me so many times, I can’t even tell you the value of this tool in these tough times
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3 weeks ago, TylerVivi
ADP Over all use Review
This app is very user friendly. The notifications with all updates are great to help businesses learn and grow within ADP.
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1 year ago, CB Jeff
Simple to use
Easier than using my computer.
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2 months ago, procesdor
Easy and efficient
Very simple and convenient to run payroll on the go , especially if your traveling or working remotely !
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10 months ago, ontimeadvice
ADP app helps maintain my daily business management while still being able to supervise the many jobs I have going on simultaneously. Marshall Tubbs,CEO Spotless Vision Janitorial Services LLC
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2 months ago, Lowcountry Crawl
We tried this payroll company, and it only lasted a week. several employees were not getting paid. Some employees were receiving other individuals paychecks. As soon as we signed up with these guys, there, responsive communication when completely out the window. I would highly recommend you shop elsewhere.
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2 years ago, ajamina
Excellent Service always there to help out. Thank you so much. Have been using ADP past 20 years
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