Advance Professional

3.5 (17)
5.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Advance Auto Parts
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Advance Professional

3.53 out of 5
17 Ratings
8 years ago, adamdrives
Won't Scan
I like the app, and use it almost everyday, but have to enter in each VIN manually. I believe the first time I used it the scanning was automatic, but now no matter how I position the red line over the barcode, nothing happens.
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3 years ago, S4carface
LM Tire Auto Repair(Worcester MA Review)
We use it everyday. We check license plates for oil change, break job and for all of our mechanic work. Recently we found out that you can find the tires size as well as how much air pressure the tire takes. This app is very resourceful, it saves a lot of time since we can add the order while working at customer car. And if customer wants job done, we can order the parts right on the app and parts get delivery very quick too. I would recommend this app for any shop that is short on staff and wants try making extra income by helping the customer selling whatever the customer needs for their car.
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2 years ago, dillon5767
This is annoying
Everything for the most part is good until I order my parts. Once I place my order regardless of it being in my store my delivery time changes every time I place an order. Whether my store has it in stock or not.
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5 days ago, Sr5_91
No account.
The app has no way for me to make a account there is no way for me to sign up all I can do is sign in and when I press forget password there is no option to create a account. This app is useless.
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3 years ago, whatnowdan
Manual entry
Vin scanning and even manual vin entry is fine, but why on earth doesn't this let you search by year make and model? Add year make model just like the pro website!!!!
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7 years ago, Vakadee
Its ok but lack a lot of info!
Ok the app is good i use it everyday , things it should include is: oil filter number How many quarts of oil the car uses Wiper sizes And also improve scanning , sinse las update scanning has been very dificult and before was fine ,other than that is a good app thats why i rated 4 stars.
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4 years ago, Kradnam
Can’t use the buy parts option
This app requires you to beg them to allow you to use it, the only good parts of it is that you can enter your vin number and learn all you need to know about the vehicle, wish it would allow you to order parts without having to sign up for a pro account.
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6 years ago, Joe Montreal
Works so far
Walked out to the garage and scanned both of my vehicles. It worked perfectly for both. Will try it on more vehicles as time goes on.
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4 years ago, bujar28659
Shop owner
Great app! Easy to use for decoding VIN and being able to order within the app!
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9 years ago, Anthonywor
Need more....
Need to add parts catalog with pictures, features and benefits and specifications. Need to add the ability to order parts from phone as well. Napa has it and it rocks!!
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5 years ago, Cange250
If only I could login to the APP....I setup my account Online. Then downloaded the APP and for some reason unable to login on the APP?!? Anyone else having this issue?!?
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5 years ago, pacolawrence
Works fine except for one little bug
The code scanner feature needs to be rotation locked or able to detect codes that are vertical (like in the 2008 explorer ). I used my phone’s built in rotation lock but it should be easy to have this baked into the app. The other features work as expected!
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5 years ago, Muddskip
Ok when it works
Ok but has problems decoding many barcodes that other apps done. Almost never works on square codes. Data is usually about 2 model years behind so you can decode any current model cars. Needs some work
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6 years ago, Cruise982001
Can't search for parts
It would be great if I could do something with this stupid app like maybe search for parts without logging in I don't wanna login I don't want to scan a barcode besides that the vehicle doesn't have one I just wanna look for parts it's worthless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, John Sava
I have no idea what this App is for. I thought this was Advance auto parts App, but this app does not allow me to enter my car information to look up parts for order. Waste a few minutes of my time for nothing.
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7 years ago, Franklee Salinas
Was working great until recently
Was working great until recently. The app does not allow me to sign in to my advance commercial account. Please fix. It bugs out and crashes when I try to log in.
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9 years ago, vigil322
App is junk
Tried to use app. Attempted to log in several times. Spoke with costumer service. Supposedly reset password. Did not work. App is junk. Glad there was no cost involved. I'll use another parts house instead.
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9 years ago, Hill1513
Very helpful app. Will help drive productivity in the shop.
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9 years ago, Greg Mattes
Easy to Use
Works exactly as expected. Great App!
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6 years ago, MakinaSann88
Now if only I could order parts straight from the app. I order A LOT online from advance but with the app I only have the option to call.
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5 years ago, doit selfer 119283746
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t recognize my username/password. Works fine on the website. What a piece of junk. Did anyone test this app.
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6 years ago, Trav308
Use a web browser
It took forever to scan my vin on my truck and wouldn’t read my wife’s car.
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4 years ago, Ky Heathen
Minus 5
Had to give it one star but a -5 is closer, IF you can get logged in , all you get is wrong year information and incorrect parts
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5 years ago, goproyoyojp
You can’t create an account?? If so someone show me how. Just ask me to sign in. And I’ve never created an account.
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5 years ago, KuznKevnPrince
Not for regular customer
This APP only works if you have a commercial account with Advance Auto.....
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5 years ago, DMKintzer
Need I say more? And yes...I can log in through a web I am sure that my login/password are correct.
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9 years ago, Z499
Doesn't work on older cars
My '76 Nova doesn't have a barcode so I entered it manually and once I got to the letter "Q" in the VIN, the app told me that "Q" isn't valid for a VIN.
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7 years ago, Juan Valdez - NYC
I rather use the AutoZone App much better and user friendly. This app frustrates the hell out of me.
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5 years ago, jetkiller007
Worst app ever
Most f’ed up app I have ever used. It’s so bad I don’t think I can even shop at a A A store again.
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5 years ago, bama elite member
Employee use only
Why do make an app for employees only
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7 years ago, Delthon
Tried to scan my 2017 Ford F-250 and it didn’t find it. Useless.
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5 years ago, Roly the Mechanic
Never work on Bmw
Scanner Never work on Bmw
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5 years ago, MudFlaps925
Not impressed
It can’t decode the vin for a 2017 Jeep Wrangler. Junk.
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5 years ago, SGT MAYHEM
This App doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Little_Kev_
Almost worthless after latest update
edit 10/13/22: the app updated & now when selecting scan vin the camera view is only 1/4 of the screen. it wasnt perfect before but i could still get it to read most vins, now its only worked on the last 2 out of 10 cars I use it only for vin scanning b/c our commercial account isn’t set up for online ordering..One thing I’d like to see added is a rotation lock. On some cars (most recently a ‘07 Explorer) the barcode sticker is vertical on the door but the barcode runs horizontal so it’s tricky to get it scanned before the app rotates. Other than that I’ve had 0 problems
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5 years ago, DefconLevel1
Horrible App
One would think Advance could have a functional app like other major parts stores. This app is worthless. Won’t pick up QR code in scan mode and fails to find my 2018 vehicle when I type the VIN in manually. Pure junk app.
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5 years ago, illbedamned
Username issues
Says incorrect username/password when I’m using the same credentials to login on the website
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7 years ago, Jim Marrs 2
App stinks. Don’t remember username or password. Useless to find parts.
Very frustrating to figure out that I can’t remember my username or password. Useless to find parts. Good place to keep VIN numbers.
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