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3 years ago
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User Reviews for ADWEEK

4.28 out of 5
679 Ratings
3 years ago, HehYahnah
Love the app, but...
It seems like I’m logging in every time I click an article. Is there a way to fix this so I’m always logged in?
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1 year ago, rh fgjiitecbji
I can’t believe this is real
Either Adweek hasn’t released a new issue in 2 months or the app isn’t updated. It shows you articles on the website instead of an article in the app. But the kicker is that it asks you to log in to the website even when you’re already logged into the app. And the cherry on top is that the website (which you’re viewing in the app) suggests that you open the article in the app. You can’t make this up.
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3 years ago, Pchagoya
Subscribed and canceled within about 5 minutes. Despite signing up for a subscription with my iTunes account, there is content I can’t access without paying. Also, so many articles require your login to access it—IN THE APP THAT YOUVE ALREADY LOGGED INTO. And then, it doesn’t even recognize your login—there needs to be basic integration with your Apple ID on the Adweek side. This is basic stuff any competent development agency or team would do, but seems like the publisher opted for the bargain bin price.
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2 years ago, Gordo865
Absolutely awful
This app needs to be removed from the App Store. It’s terribly designed and ineffectual at best and flat out fraud at worst. You can pay for a subscription but it still locks you out of content. You click on an article and it takes you to the safari version of the article where it asks you to login again. And then it says you don’t have access again anyway.
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5 years ago, SVP@Ogilvy
App Broken - do NOT buy a membership through the app
I paid for a year subscription through the app and was not given a login or any way to access the content. Even worse when calling AdWeek they could not help and I had to go through an ordeal with Apple to process the refund and unsubscribe to something I paid for but never was granted access to.
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4 years ago, ElectricStove
Great magazine terrible app
I have never been able to read an entire article without the app crashing. I’ve also only been able to open an issue once or twice without the app crashing. It’s terrible. You would think a publication giving people advice on things like mobile would be able to figure this out...
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2 years ago, ChristinaMarie82
It’s hard to access and hard to share
I’m logged in and a subscriber… the easiest way to actually read it on the go is in TINY PDF format which still has share buttons - that only share links to the app… I expect more from a digital magazine trying to reach marketers.
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5 years ago, Tannerstrohl
Figure it out
This app is essentially useless unless you pay for the content or subscribe. Even the free articles end of taking you to some event sign up or trying to sell you something else. To be honest for being an ad magazine you do a relatively poor job at making the app user-friendly and the content engaging.
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3 years ago, Unhappy Reader Feb 2021
Should be considered fraud and removed
Subscribing through the App Store isn’t recognized by the app. App tries to force you to subscribe again and pay more. The app is a browser within a browser and not a real app. It is absolutely awful and a complete farce. I called their help line, they said to cancel the subscription and subscribe directly with Adweek.
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1 year ago, GAS0223
IPad Issue
The CX lags on the digital edition. Very difficult to get current issues. Customer service does not respond to address this problem.
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8 months ago, joshienicknametakenfail
I noticed that you guys were planning the same!
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2 years ago, yourphoto
Terrible first experience
I’ve been going in circles trying to read content after paying a subscription fee. Apparently 9.99 a month doesn’t get you access to everything. Wouldn’t recommend this app experience.
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6 years ago, JustForreal
Paid and still ads
I paid for a subscription but on the web and app they show ads - doesn’t help this app looks almost like a web view port. Either choose ads or support from subscribers, canceling until this is fixed.
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7 years ago, Clark NY
Nice format
Easier t read on my mobile device. Nice.
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5 years ago, Cortinon
Try Again...
Subscription doesn’t matter; you’re asked to sign in every click of a new article. It’s like browser within browser within browser...
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2 years ago, techguy1
Desperately needs an overhaul
Need a new Dev team. This app is a hodge podge between a dated magazine-style version that does not properly accept logins, and a browser view into their website. Very poor experience that desperately needs to be updated to current app standards.
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5 years ago, Another guy with an iPhone.
Not User Friendly
1. I have a subscription but still get ads? Not cool. 2. Again, I have a subscription but have to log in EVERY time I want to read a full article. Have me log in ONCE, that should open all content. NOT cool. 3. Clicking the big ADWEEK logo at the top of the app takes me out of the app and into a browser web page? NOT COOL. 4. When in an article in the app, clicking the menu then choosing a topic in that menu takes me out of the app and into a browser web page? NOT COO...forget it.
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2 years ago, brymiguel
This app is broken
The App doesn’t recognize my Adweek subscription. Continues to claim that it’s not valid. Customer Service only tells me the steps on how to log in. And when they don’t have a solution, they tell me that to talk to “iTunes.”
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12 years ago, Instaagar
Well done
Very intuitive design reflects thoughtful development and art and photo elements really pop off the screen. Interactive elements not overdone and video is nice differentiator.
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5 years ago, #dissatisfied
Multiple logins creates frustrating experience
App requires multiple signings when trying to read an article. Once logged in I should be able to read the article, not have to login yet again
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4 years ago, Whi5tLeBl0wEr
Terrible UX
I would have to say this is the worst experience I have ever had with an application in my life. I paid for a subscription and still could not access the content on the app. Makes me fell like my money isn’t enough for you... pathetic.
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3 years ago, BalsamicReds
Content still locked even after expensive subscription
Waste of $150 - content still locked
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4 months ago, Evan Wiebe
On Adweek’s website there’s a pop-up to download the app. What a major disappointment, this app is horrible compared to the web version. I’ll stick with Safari, thanks.
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6 years ago, Pt887-n
Articles don’t open in app
When you try to open articles, it drives you to the web and keeps asking you to login even if you are already logged in. Quite annoying.
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2 years ago, Mia.10s
Wow quite possibly the worst app experience ever. 🥵
Horrible. Just horrible. Just paid for a license. Says I am logged in the app. Trying to read an article and it says needs subscription. What is going on?
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5 years ago, r*e*h
Don’t buy subscription!
This subscription only gives you access to a few articles and only in the app. Completely useless.
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3 years ago, Mgcboxing
The payment and account linking is way off
The payment and account linking is way off. I paid for the app but it wouldn’t recognize my account. Seems glitchy.
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3 years ago, NastyLauder
I have purchased a subscription but the app is ineffectual, it’s not allowing me in.
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3 years ago, JoeA91
App needs work
Love Adweek and its articles but the app is seriously lacking. I don’t enjoy having to log in each time I want to read an article. The app needs an upgrade
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5 years ago, GoBlueGal
Paid and STILL have ads
Ridiculous you guys have to fix this! I have to sign in each and every time I want to read something
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5 years ago, Beemur23
Bought the digital membership and canceled after a serious UX headache. Why is this app this horrible? You’d figure they’d put some effort into the experience. Very upset so far, a waste of my money!🤬
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2 months ago, Meghan521
Fraud. Stole Money.
App makes you pay then doesn’t allow you to use the app. Called Adweek and they said they don’t know of an app. Useless
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6 years ago, Toomanybarts
How to save articles?
I’m a subscriber, I logged in, but when I try to star articles its prompts me to log in again?
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6 years ago, megu mega
Need some fix
Can’t read articles even when I’m subscribed....
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5 years ago, kittymooner
Photos won’t load
I’m on fiber optic internet, so I know it’s not me.
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3 years ago, R-Bradley
Why can’t I read any featured issues?
Just paid $10 for what?
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5 years ago, badgerwdc
Can’t login!
Painful interface! Can’t login! I’m sure I’ve paid you twice!
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4 years ago, jake_rose
Terrible UX
Love reading the articles on my laptop, but the app is terrible.
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5 years ago, Gorian Dray
Just ok
More research, more actionable content.
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11 years ago, guitarsavant876
Good Magazine, decent app, minor complaints
The app can't even rotate this point in the game what is keeping them from basic features?! Content is always superb but i wish when I had my iPad in it's keyboard position like it is most of the time (in class, in-between classes) that the images / content would flip to its horizontal position. Hopefully it's an easy fix we'll see soon!
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11 years ago, JarrodBull
App only works on wifi
I loved this app at first, great content & features but now I can only access the content if I'm connected to wifi, which is ridiculous for a digital magazine I've tried opening the app before I leave a wifi zone but as soon as I'm outside the range then it crashes I've paid good money for content that I can only access a percentage of the time
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11 years ago, ChefBoyRG
A great read!
Great visuals combined with a clean and simple design make for an entertaining and informative experience.
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11 years ago, rainyeswindno
I paid for a subscription and have the emailed receipt but cannot download or restore even after deleting and reinstalling. I called AdWeek and they disavowed any connection with this app. The woman who answered the phone at the number given in the app FAQ said it isn't AdWeek's app and there isn't anyone else to talk to, no developer email address no support.
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11 years ago, crabby75
Does Not Work
This is an Adobe Digital Publishing App. Should pay for it then begin downloading the current edition. Not the case with this one. Called Adweek and they point the finger at Apple. And of course the is no one at Apple you can talk to, but they can ding your credit card right away. DON'T buy this app until they fix it.
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12 years ago, Mr Nick's iPad
So excited that I can read Adweek on my iPad now. Love the ads of the Week videos.
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12 years ago, zzzabhi
Nice magazine.
Easy to read and browse.
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12 years ago, Production maven
Love this new app
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9 years ago, cjumpc
Logan I's impossible
Rarely if ever able to login and download the mag. Even when using link in emails received. Aaaarrrgg.
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5 years ago, Hooblieboo
Had to pay twice!!!!
The app API doesn’t actually interface with AdWeek’s servers! You pay Apple $99.99 and get nothing. You are constantly asked to subscribe and log in. Who developed this app, scammers? You call AdWeek and they tell you that you have to subscribe through their site. So, I decided to register directly with AdWeek to access the content. I paid a second time. However, the AdWeek website isn’t much better if accessing content via the iPhone. It continually asks you to subscribe for content. I AM SUBSCRIBED! Wow, they must have the worst Dev/IT team on the planet. Their tech team must be the rejects from everyone else. Contact them directly and they will try to throw a bunch of BS tech jargon at you, and tell you to sign up again. I have been doing IT for 30 years, you cannot bullsh** me! The App never has the most recent content. What is up with that? AdWeek, the keyword is WEEK here folks, not biweekly or monthly. Love their content when I can see it. You would think that they would have a great tech division in this day and age. Nope. The app is terrible!!!
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