AHA Schools

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American Heart Association
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4 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for AHA Schools

4.75 out of 5
33.5K Ratings
4 months ago, Evggghhfxvjea
Pls say yes
This year in 2024 if you donate $50 you get a mystery pack. Three of them have golden tickets. My friend in school got that ticket. I thought he was so lucky. His name is Luke. You will see him at the kids heart challenge place. My name is Lincoln and I go to the same school as Luke who got the golden ticket. Pls let me be the winner to get the Super Bowl tickets. I always dreamed to go there. It would be the most exciting part of my life. If you say no then i would at least like to win something in 2026. I use your website and I think its good. I have donated $364. Maybe I’ll donate $500 by the end of the giveaway on March 4. And again I would love if i could get those tickets. Bye! Hope you raise a lot of money to help save kids and learn new ways to help them!
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3 years ago, MrsSkee
Many years
I’ve used this app A MILLION times. It’s great, but I have a question not about the app. WHY JUST WHY DO YOU CHANGE THE HEROES TOTALLY DIFFERENT EVERY SINGLE TIME! Please, leave it a couple of years, and then change. You give us little time. So, another chance. I can’t seem to be able to have enough time. Please upgrade this VERY differently bc I won’t be able to have time for “Finn’s mission.” I also could’ve used time to complete missions. Plus, add an“forgot your password?” Button. I’d be proud to at least get ONE thing. ONE thing. But it great. Just do the “stop changing” heroes AND BY THAT I MEAN DO ONE AND KEEP IT FOREVS. Jk. But please change every three years. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Myloseitsl
Needs a lot of work
I think this a cute app, with a lot of potential. However, there are many difficulties and challenges on it. It took me three hours to get four kids registered. I could not find their school! Also, Whenever you click on something, there is no back arrow to get back to the home page from many screens. And the home page is limited in what you can do. So, I had to go out of the app completely, then hit the app again on my phone, to restart. Then, it was hard to get to the donation button. Shouldn’t that be a really easy spot to get to since you’re trying to get people to donate? I felt my blood pressure rising while dealing with this app! Not a good thing to happen, when using a Heart Association app! So please, keep working on it, and making it easier and more fun for everyone! ❤️
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2 years ago, the real jessie
Love the idea. App needs improvement.
The app is cute and for a great cause. That being said, the development needs some work. I have two kids and had to login twice with different email addresses to create fundraising pages. As the one parent who actually checks their email and manages all of the family activities, my choices are to either sign up a second parent, who I know will never open their emails, or to create ghost email accounts that will never be used for anything else. There are so many other fundraising apps out there where the parent can manage multiple kids from the same login. I only have two kids and this was very annoying… I can’t imagine how bad this process must be for people who have more than two kids.
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2 years ago, gogoyasapetsya
Kids are felling good
My mom has the app on her iPhone and she thinks it is bad. But I used it and it is good. I donated some money because on the app you can donate money. I also completely did all of Finn’s mission. Now I love that kids are felling better! 🌈☀️😻 but that was on the computer and it didn’t work, so I downloaded the app and it didn’t find the school, MEADOW BROOK. So I don’t know if you have to Edit this. So if you can please edit!
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3 months ago, Roblox lover pup fifs
Nice thing
It’s great plus it works well but it has glitches every once in a while that I wish would get fixed. There’s some really good things especially this year in 2024 Super Bowl tickets and some golden tickets but there’s also some things for donating that are cute too now they do have pictures that if you can please fix I saw some other comments you’re working on it always improve it so you’re welcome for me typing this, so I recommend it fun for kids and very helpful. You can save lives and make kids smile recommended for me just fix the problems.
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1 year ago, CJJ83
App does not work properly
I cannot believe you have so many positive reviews. I have had nothing but problems with this app. I was able to submit a PayPal donation once and then had nothing but issues right after trying to submit another. The fact that I have to make different accounts for each child is an absolute pain and has caused confusion. Now, I’m trying to deposit checks that were given to us from grandparents for donation and I can’t deposit them because the app stalls out and freezes. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It should not be so difficult for someone to make a deposit via check or in general.
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4 years ago, #Selfie_Yay!
I love it and please read!
I really think this app is fun but the games in the arcade are not fun. One of the games will not let you even do it. This app would be more fun if you could make the games work and it could have more games. Overall I think the app is ok. Oh and the face book thing and twitter thing douse not help all I got from it is 50 f from a family member. Please get this app but be aware of all the things and Please Please PLEASE make the app better.
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5 years ago, it's broken please fix it
Echo is not getting scan or the Or the wristband
The panda works but the other doesn’t work I tried it multiple times but doesn’t work I watch the video I don’t know what happened I hope you can fix this bug I am having issues with it please help fix the app update it please. I change the rates. I five out of five good job It’s great now it’s better not read the other ones
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5 years ago, PixelHorseGirl
I use this app because my gym teacher told me that I can use it. I use it and I like it. There are games, those camera things, and I think I should get a badge on the computer. There are two things that are annoying. First of all, one of the camera Things where I think you make a play space with the heart heroes, the camera doesn’t work. It just shows a black screen and you can’t tap on it. Also, the badge doesn’t work either. But overall, it is great!
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2 years ago, avduabxwhx
I like it but....
So I really like this app but there’s one problem.... it’s that the log in won’t work and I tried to re download it but the same thing happened. I also tried to go in and back out of the app many times, but every time I press the log in button it never works!!! I also tried the website and that work but it didn’t have any of the challenges so I got confused. So yeah please work on that thank you
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6 years ago, 345567890
This app does not work! The camera feature scanned the little sticker thing my daughter colored and the bear came up - cute, but nothing else seems to scan or work. We have Finn and nothing happens no matter what we do/how we position it to the camera. Also, we click on “games” tab and it only loads a web page with an avatar customizer. Nothing else is available. Also - on the screen with the camera button - nothing else does anything when clicked. Seems like there should be more to do besides click on the camera button. No instructions though. So confusing. Seems unfinished. Daughter is very disappointed.
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1 year ago, Kitty Rae Dutchess
I love the app but..
I do this for school every year and raise a lot of money. But there are glitches that say I didn’t donate even thought I did. I resented the app multiple times and the even reset my device but it says $0 raised even if I just raised $50. I love this app a lot but pls fix this bug because it makes me really frustrated and makes me wonder if the money that I’m trying to donate is going to a different place. Pls fix this bug.
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5 years ago, Megthorn
Needs some work
My son enjoys the interaction of the characters and playing game and watching the videos. Not sure why but it says you can earn points by scanning shopping list with heart healthy foods but yet the camera in the arcade doesn’t scan the items so he can’t get his points. NONE of the games work so I don’t understand why they are there. He has enough points to play them but yet when we click on them it says to download the app, the one we already have. This is the second year he has done this and loves it but he doesn’t get to play any of the games through the app. Maybe next year you will get that fixed
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3 years ago, red and blue fan
To heart challenge
I like this game Becase you can donate money and have fun with your characters that you buy. There are many games. Also you can make your characters come to life . When you donate the money it helps people who have heart diseases in my world it is really sweet just to say iker and Sam are my favorite characters. I hope this game makes so much money by the way if you get confused I am in second grade
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5 years ago, vzjdbdmhdds
Keep it up From Stephanie in Berkeley lake em
Thank u soooooo much for making this app scoot cooper and all the rest of you guys I can’t believe yesterday I saw mr cooper in live just to tell us about the kids who had Heart problems I amolmost made me cry 😢 like Finn I hope you survive 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 ok and ima still in Berkeley lake Em and I still love ya guys for the support also I love the new characters: RUBY ocer echo firey and all the rest keep it up and I will keep up the donate!!
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1 year ago, Joey the epic gamer
Good app for donations
Kid’s heart challenge is a good school event where people can donate to people who have heart problems. There are also heart mascots like dragons and heart superheros! You can also get keychains or mystery prizes if you donate LOTS AND LOTS of cash to charity. Good app for kids under 12. I highly recommend you downloading this app on any device!
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1 year ago, Ushtmich
One student per account is frustrating ..
The whole Kids Heart Challenge is a good program, and we enjoy the challenges. My biggest gripe about the app is that I can’t have 1 account for all of my children. I have 2 elementary students this year and next year I’ll have 3. Managing all the accounts that ‘improve’ life these days, is enough. It would nice to at least have 1 account to track all 3 kids accomplishments, verses separate accounts for each child.
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4 years ago, I PLAY AND RATE ALL DAY
When I went to design the heart, even though I have 475 points, I couldn’t do any of them. It wasn’t working for my friend either. All though I am annoyed by that, I have no other problems. I think this a great way to say people and keep up the great work!
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1 year ago, smacku73
No contact information provided
I found it very frustrating that after registering my son/ his school and making a donation it did not register the donation. I waited several hours and it still did not show but my credit card reflected the charge. There appears to be no way to contact anyone on this app. So I looked up a phone # for AHA and waited on hold 10 min to be informed they cannot help me as issues related to KHC are managed on central time which just closed. I’m seriously regretting even registering my son for this fund raiser.
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2 years ago, Stoptakingmynicknames317
Not scanning
Overall it’s a good app, they updated it since I last used it (2020). I like that I can link the FB fundraisers to it. The only issue that I have, and have always had, is that the codes on the keychain characters don’t scan. This is probably an issue with the codes on the characters and not the app, but still. My son is so bummed.
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1 year ago, hi649282049474
This app is so much fun to use my parents have used this like 50 times when I do the Kids Heart Challenge in school it’s just really fun to use and I love all the prizes I love how it’s not like all the same characters from last year I love how like every year it’s a new person
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5 years ago, Demetrio74
I’m glad I went to school
I like the app and I found it out at school from my coach. I got a bear and my friends got a whale with a horn with a weird smile I kinda miss the old 2d ones from kindergarten and now they are 3D but that is fine because that is good improvement. Sorry for my bad grammar I am just a kid -a girl who dosen’t wanna share her name so bye
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6 years ago, Robradley
Slow but Sure
The app loads slowly but gets there in the end. I like being able to check on our fundraising progress on the app. Haven’t figured out where the check scanning feature is, but I look forward to using it.
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6 years ago, Teach n Preach
A Kid’s Guide To The App
Okay, first things first! I am amazed at the effort you guys put into this! THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! AR and everything! Just 2 itty bitty cons. 1. My camera is broken so I can’t get this on my phone. I think there should be a mode where he/she can just pop up not in AR. 2. Registering can be a bit jacked up and crazy. My friend had to make 2 different accounts and neither one worked. Thanks for reading😃
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1 year ago, DanaGamel
The app needs some updates
The motivation behind this app is great. But it would be better to be able to have one login and then be able to toggle between different kids in one family. Having to do separate emails, log-ins and passwords is just a lot and frustrating. It also just freezes a lot or takes a while to recognize donations and challenge checks.
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4 years ago, kali raerae
She’s thoroughly enjoyed, however to hard to figure out how to get some places to earn points. Never was able to do heart scan & do not have Facebook so couldn’t complete those 2 challenges. Over all 👍on most of it& have enjoyed participating in the Heart Hero fundraiser.
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4 years ago, jdavis467
Heart Challenge
We downloaded the app and my daughter has loved working through the missions to earn Finn’s charms, however the heart scanner will not unlock. We have unlocked all charms 9of10 accept for that one and can’t seem to figure out how it unlocks or works. Other than that great app and easy to use for parents and kids for fundraising for a great cause!
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5 years ago, Blondie1986
My son has been trying to play the memory game and it will not work. I also have ran into issues with it not allowing me to scan any of the healthy foods of the big list given. So trying to earn hearts like they are asked to do it becomes impossible. My son has also sent out idk how many emails. Way more then 10 and he never received the points for that either.
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2 years ago, Frustrated Catan lover
Disappointing app experience
This app need a lot of work! It is very glitchy, often loading blank pages and not showing content. The UI clearly needs to be tested and better instructions need to be provided. With a primary address of kids, it is not well designed for children. With a well-funded organization like AHA and a tool for a campaign to reach a huge audience and raise a large amount of money, you would expect something much well done.
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3 years ago, alnewby1
Great app, but...
I love this App but this year I am unable to play the Heart Healthy drop game . It won’t let me click play . I’ve unlocked what I can with the AR arcade , watched all videos, colored the printouts and used the AR thing on them and nothing seems to let me play. I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Love the app but dying to rack up some points on my favorite game. 🙂
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2 years ago, btyiygd
Great app😍
I got this app for a fund raiser for my daughters school and it is fun easy to sign up and your kid can help and they can have hours they whant rp reach and echevments they whant rp reach and when she was doing it that gave the time to do my backing bissnoes blossom sweets go check it out on face book
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1 year ago, CJEMOmelau1
It would be great if they can make it to where we can add more than just one child instead of making new profile for every child we have. We have 3 and to have them in one profile and able to switch from to another and not log out and log in to another.
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1 year ago, Luke Nguyen 🇻🇳🇯🇵🇺🇸
Can be better with some updates
Every single couple times, I go onto the app it logged me off it be more convenient if you could log off by yourself instead of it logging off for you, even though you don’t want to be log
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6 years ago, DaKawiiNoob
I love it. I love it. You can scan your prizes to do fun stuff in the arcade. Now that’s a cool feature. I like the feeling of donating, and I also like comparing with my friends and checking who’s in first place at my school. Is it my class? I also like waiting for my prizes. But one thing went wrong (developers your game is still great) When I scanned Ruby after coloring her, she was still white. I’m assuming this is an easy fix and all I have to do is color her while scanning, but I just wanted to put that out there Overall great game. I rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, Poisonned
Disappointing for children
The app makes donating and sending thank you letters very easy and streamlined albeit the functions that the children want do not work. Heart Hero Scanner does not work, the only thing that can be done in the Heart Arcade is to make an avatar and color. The app is not accurate for what items have been unlocked or for collecting points. I have spent hours uninstalling and reinstalling thinking it was my device. Plus there is no one to contact about the app or the actual website. Terrible
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2 years ago, Isabella/Dhuha
It’s great but it’s for my school
It’s really good like you help children you give it the money to scientist and they basically make medicine for the heart disease but you kind of have to donate to yourself which I did but they said I did it it’s amazing sometimes I can’t scan everything you do
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5 years ago, 2CAKids
Boredom 😴😴😴😴
This app is great but can you please make more games plus all me and my brother Emerson can do is take cute pictures ONLY two and scan a panda 🐼 that we colored that can ONLY do one thing this is my face 😴 can you please make me look like this 😊😁😄😃😀😆😋😜😛 (happy) I beg you to make this game good🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 this is a child who is writing this I tried everything that is SUPPOSED to scan NOTHING is scanning except the panda please fix it🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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1 year ago, what is not taken!
My first time
This is my first time using the app and I really enjoy it. BUT WHERE THE *quack* DO YOU FIND THING/LINK FOR THE HANDS-ONLY CPR! I looked everywhere and still I can’t find it I really want to learn CPR for reasons I am not going to speak of please let me know where it is!😢🥺😢🥺😢🥺😢🥺😢😢😢🥺😢😢🥺😢😭😢🥺😢🥺😢🥺😢🥺
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3 years ago, keilogram
It’s Great! But...
I really like the app because I get to play games, do some “secret missions,” and things like that. I like the feeling of that I donated to a hospital and I helped someone. What I’m saying is that it is really really great. But the thing it is super glitchy and a frustrating. So download this app but I’m warning you that it is super fun but also glitchy.
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3 years ago, technerdgirl
Download now!!!
Hi I am pupplover311 this is a great app if you want to change the world🌎 you do in need to be a student with a school laptop💻well I am and do so I LOVE ❤️ this app!!! When I reach my goal 100$ I will be happy I am changing the world 🌎 not for fam but for goodness 😌 I hope you achieve your goal to
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3 years ago, Kilee Hughes kim
It is so supportive
I love this app especially because they help this little boy named Finn he’s six years old and he has a problem with his heart and they help him so so much he gets the best care he probably wouldn’t be alive if this American Heart association wasn’t here right now thank you
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3 years ago, blue bxrry
hi, American heart association is the best you can help kids who have it so make sure you donate and Finn you are a strong boy don’t let anybody say that your ugly your not good enough that goes to everybody you are good enough and you are beautiful don’t let hate get to you!. Wish you guys a good night and a safe day bye!
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7 years ago, Beloved33
App Donate issues
I’m trying to donate through app for my son, but it doesn’t allow me to. I’ve already registered him. It keeps opening web page. I didn’t have this issue last year. Please fix so I can donate through app.
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4 years ago, TwiztedDixi3
What’s with the point drop
The app is OK.. sure it goes to a great cause but don’t rip off kids of points my sons fundraiser just went from 417 down to 378 for no reason.. putting him back down from second in lead that’s messed up..
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2 years ago, Frustratedx1000001
The app is horrible
I sign in and I have to resign in every time we switch to a different thing in the app. We send an email then we have to log in again! We also struggle to find the daily heart challenges unless that is just setting everything up which is annoying. The app could be much better and connect with phone contacts to send messages out instead of emails.
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4 years ago, R7Champion
Scan to Earn Badge not working
We can’t figure out the part to scan the heart to earn that part of the Finn mission badge. It comes up with the wristband highlighted, however we won’t get that until after the event is over, so how do we scan that to earn the badge?
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3 years ago, Must Run Dogs
The app won’t let me change Facebook accounts to advertise. I can’t find the URL to put in email or social media. There are too many steps for logging in and way to many different screens for navigating. Parents don’t have time for all of this. Just get me to the donation page as the home screen so I can move on with my life. Instead, I have been messing with this for 45 minutes.
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3 years ago, GamerGtg1523
I don’t know how to work it I thought there would be like an introduction vid or something add that PLEASE and my dad will try agian later it also made him log on or sign in agian after all that work so please we’ll make introduction thanks for sending email!
Show more
5 years ago, snake mommy
I love this app but I have one problem with it. When you go to send someone a ecard or some sort of thing asking for the money for the donation all those things are demanding like “ you can make a difference “ I mean not all of them are demanding but kind of offensive. But otherwise I love this app!😀😍
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