Air Finder: Device Tracker +

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Vulcan Labs Company Limited
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Air Finder: Device Tracker +

3.18 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
3 years ago, SEmmett22
This app would be a good app if it was a little more clear about what to expect. For instance, I LOST MY AIRPODS, so I downloaded and purchased the long term functionality. Then, NOTHING!! I was 99% sure my AirPods were in the building I live in. I live in the basement apartment in my family rents out the other apartments on the second and third floor. I TRIED FOR 2 hours, and nothing!! But then I noticed something, WHEN MY NEIGHBOR WALKED BY WITH AIRPODS HANGING FROM HIS MESSENGER BAG, AND NOTICED NOTHING CAME UP!!! And everything BUT THOSE CAME UP!! Not ANY AIRPODS CAME UP.🤨🧐🤔 Everything but AIRPODS CAME UP! IPHONES, iPods, iPads, iMacs, GALAXY PHONES, Ect.... YOU GET THE POINT ...!! LONG STORY SHORT (TOO LATE, I KNOW) Grabbed My brothers AirPods, and checked out the situation like any good detective. And it’s so simple it’s stupid!!! THEY WONT FIND AIRPODS IF THERE IN THERE CASE!! YES... I’m Serious! Which makes sense to people that know the AIRPODS Bluetooth don’t run constantly until there’s an AIRPOD out of the case!! This would be a five star app if it could detect AirPods in the case which I eventually found in the pocket of a HOODIE I HAD WORN QUICKLY THEN HUNG BACK UP! Its ALSO GOOD TO FIND ANYTHING ELSE WITH BLUETOOTH! IF YOU LOOSE A SPEAKER, IPHONE , iPad, or iMac and cannot log into “FIND MY” Or if you misplace a Mouse, A SMART TV.,, anything Bluetooth!!
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2 years ago, fjhitffryitdstgyujfhuuhgffhu
worst experience EVER…
I definitely do not recommend this app! So i got the app because i lost my airpods and i found them the first couple times i tried the app so i thought that it was doing really good so i paid for the lifetime subscription because it said it would help me find my airpods better. that was a huge mistake a wast of time and money. So the reasons that i gave this app such a bad rating is because the app wouldn’t find my airpods if they weren’t charged i mean i guess that makes sense because it obviously doesn’t have any life left in it. Another reason is because the app WOULDN'T FIND MY AIRPODS IF THE WERE IN THE CASE and that’s really stupid because i lost them when they were in the case so like you want me to go find them take them out of the case and then let you find them yeah NO! So i lost both of my airpods and it took me to one of them and not the other and that’s stupid because i NEED the other one too. Anyways just don’t get this app it’s awful and it’s a waste of time, money, and phone storage. And there NEEDS TO BE AN UPDATE ASAP the update needs to be where you can pin your device and when you click on it it’ll take you to it.
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4 years ago, Yangouba
Overwhelmingly Satisfied!
After looking for a single piece lost (R), I used find my iPhone and found both together in the vicinity of my adress. So that wasn’t very helpful in terms of pinpointing where the lost one was since the other one was still on me (L). I googled and downloaded this app and within minutes after taking a walk back again for the third time where I thought I lost it, I saw the lost one (R) showing on my phone. That’s when I knew I was close to find it and played the sound. Thanks to the loud noise I found it in a dust next to where I parked my car. Never been that impressed and satisfied with an App. I will consider purchasing the lifetime version of it in the future. Long stories short, definitely worth your money specially when you have kids. I’m a happy customer.
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3 years ago, BMWRIDER275
It took me 4 hours
I inadvertently took off my hoodie and my air pod pro went flying.I searched and searched and searched and couldn’t find it. It didn’t show up in find my iPhone so I downloaded this app. It was very frustrating because where I thought it was it actually wasn’t. It wasn’t till later on in the evening I tried the app again walking very slowly to the area where I originally was. The percentage grew very high as to where the item was when I was walking towards it. It was actually in another room. The bottom line this app found my air pod pro and I’m super happy.
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1 year ago, Seshanie
Life saver 🙌🏻
I lost my favorite AirPod and have been SO worried for the last hour that I threw it away or wrapped it up in a dirty diaper by accident. I googled, found this app and downloaded immediately, desperate to try anything! The “find my” app in my iCloud wouldn’t even connect to my case to sound an alarm for them, meanwhile the case is sitting right next to my phone 🙄 it also couldn’t find a location for my AirPods but knew they weren’t dead. This app not only told me I was within 8.8ft of lost AirPod but also sounded the alarm on it instantly and I was able to find it 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you for creating this magical app, I’m so grateful!
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4 years ago, Leapin Lee
Have it one star because zero is not available!
Great app for finding things that are NOT lost. It located things 2 miles away and of course everything in my home that I knew where it was. I have not been out due to COVID-19. My air pod pro case opened somewhere in my home (fully charged) and the left bud fell out. The App can find the right when I open the case. And as I mentioned my neighbors stuff like two miles away (per the app). But not the missing bud inside my home. Canceled in less than an hour because this crap does not work. Now I’m out $175 for the bud and I’m sure there is no refund on the way for this useless app! Tried to cancel!! The FAQ’s say go to the account page but there is no access to my account from inside the app. I don’t want to cancel I would like a full refund. Oh I’m sitting right next to my iPad and the app says I’m wishing 1.5 miles of it. Which I guess it true!
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2 years ago, happy stupid ugly
Don’t waste your time.
I lost my left airpod pro under a hour ago and I searched ways to track it and it came up with this app. I bought a membership and everything. I’ve been looking for a half an hour and still have not found it using this app. It doesn’t give good directions either. On the signal, I reach 100% then it drops back down to 97%. So then I click on the map and it doesn’t even show me how close I am to it. I have no idea where I am located on the map. There is no way my L air pod is 8.8 miles if I haven’t even left my house. It can detect everything placed that I know of but can’t find the one lost thing. There is so much improvement needed on this app. I am very frustrated and probably will need to spend another $175. I am deleting this app right away no questions and no hesitation.
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4 years ago, gidfet
Life savor
Oh man. I went running at 4 am and took my beanie hat off as I was getting too hot. My AirPod fell out of my ear. I looked for it for 20 mins with my head lamp and no luck. I continued on my run and went back to look for another 30 with still not luck. I then came home and googled how to find a list AirPod and found this app. I downloaded pod and gave it try. It worked. Pressed the sound button and it lead me straight to my AirPod. Please note it was a good 20 or so feet from where I swore I had lost it. Thank you developers. Love this app.
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3 years ago, if you snooze you lose
Finding ear buds
For somebody like me who constantly miss places things,I thoroughly enjoy being able to find I lost earbuds. I am forever miss placing them and I am more than satisfied being instantly able to find the things I've lost...,The only thing I would change is once an item is found i.e. one earbud perhaps when you put it in the box that charge is it it was silent the one that you found so you can perhaps fine the other one!
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4 years ago, King3T
Saved me $200!
I don’t ever leave reviews on apps but when one works as good as this one does I have to! I lost my AirPod while at work and couldn’t find it anywhere, I searched the trash and all of my surrounding work space, I downloaded the app as a last resort measure not expecting it to work. It led me down a hall and into a custodial closet where our trash is dumped I found the trash bags that belonged to our room, dug through them and voila there it was! Only downside to this app is the price but it’s totally worth it!
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3 years ago, Mushy Lobster
Super Helpful!!
This app was super helpful!✨ I found my AirPod within literal seconds! The only reason I didn’t give this app 5 stars was because you do have to subscribe (which you can easily cancel) to really do anything. But once I subscribed I found my AirPod very quickly, I might have better luck than some since I knew it was in my house but just no t where. So I knew where it was but just needed something to pinpoint where exactly. So if you need something like that too I highly recommend this app!😁
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4 years ago, AntoinetteFelice
The only app worth me writing a review
Though could go on &. on raving about this app,... All you need to know is it’s awesome! Should of & will pay for the full year subscription. I lost my earpod for weeks; was a few clicks away from buying another new pair; thought why not give this app a try... Within 5 minutes I found my earpod that was in my car in the garage, under a mat that had a workout bag on.... Worth every penny, worlds with great accuracy & way better time time/money saver
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3 years ago, Ivan Jerginoff
Pretty good
If u need something to help u in a pinch and I know the vague Idea this is it. If u don’t want to pay just walk around your room until their is 4 bars then u know your right by it this is how to use it when u don’t want to pay. Pretty cool app tho
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4 years ago, Andreacupcake12
This app is great! I thought it would not work since I lost only one of my AirPods. I was searching all over the house for it and just gave up. I found this app and thought “why not”. I downloaded it and started walking around and keeping an eye on the meters. When it got to zero, i was on a sofa. I already checked here so I thought it was broken but in a tiny little spot between two big cushions was my AirPod! I love this app so much thank you for your help! ❤️
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3 years ago, woop34now
TRASH *do not buy this app*
I lost my airpods thinking that i would find them with this but no. it wouldn’t even pick up my AirPods the only thing I pick up was my other family members iPhones and whenever I went to see if he even worked for those and clicked on the name of their phone it made me go premium in order to make it make a noise… How does that work. I am very upset because I lost my AirPods a day or so ago and really really want to find them that I can’t and I was hoping that this would work for me but unfortunately not. I would be better off to just use the find my iPhone app. So don’t do it, just don’t.
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4 years ago, Crunchy Granola 2010
I’m sorry to say this app did not work for me! I purchased lifetime, in hopes of finding my AirPods . The app picked up my daughters phone and speaker and not my AirPods at all. I checked numerous times, my Bluetooth was on, walked around the house and it could not find them. I finally found them myself. Even when the AirPods were right next to my phone, it did not find them until I opened up the AirPods. I was very disappointed, upset and very frustrated. I will not recommend this app, nor be a lifetime member unfortunately. I really wished it had worked. Best wishes to all- no hard feelings nor negative karma. May this app improve and work well for others. Thank you.
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10 months ago, The hers
Air finder detects but can it make my iPhone
Deflect the trackers including itags or Apple AirTags. There is one photo still of an AirTag hopefully not being digitized and used to track me. This is illegal to have any tracking device to find my whereabouts and possessions. I have been cyberstalked, defrauded, and robbed by the same 2 people in Houston Tx. I need to know how to get rid of the trackers and hackers. Thank you. GM
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4 years ago, LukiPuki517
I lost my AirPods about a week ago so I was so desperate that I got this app. Unfortunately, you had to buy a subscription, so i bought a weekly subscription because it said “You can cancel your subscription any time.” I was relieved because i didn’t think they were gonna charge me. I eventually found my AirPods because this app wasn’t even working and i cancelled my subscription. A week later I look at my emails and see that they are charging me until October 2nd, even though i cancelled my subscription after like 15 minutes! So don’t buy this app unless you don’t care about losing money!
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3 years ago, SawcGranny
I received my AirPods as a Christmas present from my husband. I’m so impressed with the quality of the sound and the ease of use which is important to this 70 plus year old granny! The only criticism I have is the quality of the print in the owner’s manual that came with the AirPods! It’s hard enough to read the small print but add that to the light grey font and it’s darn near impossible to read!
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1 year ago, FHazelton
Lost in Tall Grass
I was mowing the property and lost my earbud after being hit on the side of the head with a tree branch. The air button fallen out of my ear and landed somewhere in the tall grass. I searched and searched and searched, and could not find the air Bud. Then I opened up this app and tried searching with it, and lo and behold. I found the missing earbud Thank you for a great app.
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4 years ago, we6olsons
get it. period.
it’s perfect for school. if someone steals them, i can send out the alarm on my AirPods and it will sound and who ever has them is screwed. also it tells you how far away they are. and if your friends lose theirs you can scan for theirs (any Bluetooth device) and you can find theirs too!! it’s a must for us teenagers cuz we lose everything. period.
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4 years ago, xXCool DudeXx
Please don’t waste money on this
I have no way of paying for it so I didn’t see the features. But my god are those prices high for something you may use once. I also heard it didn’t work on AirPods, (which is something that gets lost a lot), unless you open the case. Lost the case with or without the AirPods in? Too bad. I took the time to look at the lowest reviews for this and thank goodness I did, because I was particularly looking for my AirPods case. I don’t care about the price but at least add a free trial, or tell on the app what it can/can’t find before you pay. Otherwise I heard the app is okay.
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3 years ago, Mom2812
Trying to refund
This was not at all what I meant to download nor purchase. No ones fault except my own, I understand. I shouldn’t have tried to download anything until I had free time to pay attention to what I was doing. I give 5 stars, because I’m sure it’s an excellent app and for anyone that needs this.
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4 years ago, StrawberrySw1ng
I’ve lost my AirPods and desperate. They weren’t showing in my “find my” app so I hastily got this app, be warned you need to PAY upfront. I got the weekly one thinking I’ll cancel ASAP. It found like a bajillion devices around me literally from my neighbor’s house, but not what I wanted to find. I couldn’t narrow it down, and when I saw this was a scam I tried looking for the cancellation on the app, nowhere to be found!!! Might I add as soon as I paid I got a window saying “oops error” and I had to shut it down to even get it working. They sure got my $ fast though. So basically I just gave 5.99 for added frustration!!
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4 years ago, julius.the.great
Some vital missing info
It woulda been great for the developers to mention that the app only searches for whatever it devices it so pleases to search for or any random device in the area. When you would think you have some sort of ability to choose what your searching for (being AirPods, headphones, iPhones, etc.) but nope you pay your subscription as soon as the app opens up and poof searching for whatever random device is in the area. If your looking for a device you already lost your better off jus finding a different app or just buying a new one
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3 years ago, joes c
Joe c
For the life of me I couldn’t find my air bud. I knew it was in my house but I was against the clock because I have a puppy who loves to chew random things. I googled how to find a lost air bud and found this app. I was skeptical but it worked perfectly! It makes the air buds play a very loud sound and I was able to find the lost air bud. Will def use again if I ever lose these bad boys again.
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2 years ago, granny player👵🏼☠️
Honestly just tell us what we’re gonna get before we waste our time and download. I misplaced my AirPods and just needed to quickly track them. As soon as I got the app, it said it knew where they were. So I clicked the icon and what do ya know, “add a subscription and waste your time and money on this app”. Might as well just make up pay for the app as a whole. Im not gonna spend money on this crap, ESPECIALLY since it couldn’t locate them right after I clicked out of the pop up. Found them anyways, thx for nothing!
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3 years ago, Whiskers831
I found them!
After having a meltdown from not being able to find the right AirPod in my garage. I searched the internet and found this app. Let me tell you that this app is the best and it took a bit to get it working but I finally found my AirPod and I’m so glad I got this app! It was definitely worth paying the $5.99! Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, Jazzmyn Boucher
Lost Apple Pencil
I had lost my Apple Pencil at the grocery store this afternoon and panicked cause I couldn’t use the find my iPhone app. Although after downloading this app and purchasing this, I drove back, and found my Apple Pencil with ease. I owe it to this app for being the reason I found my Apple Pencil. Thank you!
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4 months ago, my name. is Cat
I searched and searched to no avail. The app repeatedly said it was at 100% Still I could not find it… I have a cal king that is large wood frame. I finally looked at my iPhone where it has sound . PUSH THE SOUND and save yourself time. Thank you so much! This app I will keep always. Very satisfied customer!❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, pustual
If I were you I wouldn’t waste my money. Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. There’s no instructions. I do know this…. If you lose your earbuds and they’re still in the case this tracker won’t help you. When in the case the Bluetooth is shut off.
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1 year ago, Bowpoacher
Life saver!
I love my wireless beats and AirPods but I’m forever setting one down and and then forget where I set it down at. This saves my behind not mention $ every time! I have been using this app for over a year now and recommend it to anyone who has wireless head sets!
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3 years ago, Rockwall's Mini Rex Rabbitry
Found my AirPod!!
I lost my R AirPod while doing chores, then panicked and googled then downloaded this app. Long story short I played the sound to located your missing AirPod and it lead me straight to it!! It will only work if you loose a AirPod, if you loose the case with the AirPods it won’t work. We’ll worth it in my opinion!
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4 years ago, Blue.Lioness
thanks I hate it❤️
Look, I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna have to pay for someone to tell me where my AirPods are. It’s like if someone did you a favor and they’re asking you to pay them 30 bucks just to find something you already paid for. If you don’t pay the app, they don’t give the exact location of your device you’re trying to find, and in all honesty this is just a glorified scam. Can someone please recommend a better app to me if possible? Thanks.
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4 years ago, GhostGirl2.0
This app is amazing!!
I was looking for my left AirPod since the right one was in the box. I looked nonstop and decided to search on Google about an app that can track your AirPods and I found this one. As soon as I opened the app and clicked “Play sound”, I heard the AirPod that I was looking for! Turns out that it was inside my hoodie all along😂
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2 months ago, emy$$$6
awful app.
I downloaded several apps to try and find my AirPods, but none of them worked. This unfortunately was one of them. I obviously didn’t find them and I later found my airpods in one of my lanyard pouches from work BY MYSELF without this app. I was standing right next to my CHARGED airpods while they were in the lanyard and it did not detect them at all. Awful app do not get this, better off looking for them yourself. The design of this app is also terrible.
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2 years ago, cancel 🙃
Just a scam
Recently decided to download this app because I lost my air pods. This did not help me find them at all. The app seemed like it would work when I started to open it. Then when I went to click on my air pods in order to track them… it told me I needed to sign up monthly for a certain price, or weekly for a certain price. (Which I was not going to do). This app does nothing but connect to your Bluetooth devices, unless you sign up for “pro.” So ridiculous.
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4 years ago, lil xxxpanda
I lost my AirPod case with The Left pod in it. Most of the other apps (including find my iPhone) would locate the Right pod since it was out of the case. This app did both and I saved almost a new purchase of AirPods 🤍🤍 I recommend buying at least the $5 trial because it’s more helpful :))
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3 years ago, anna m zerb
Found within minutes
Found it within a couple minutes, happy as of now, if I lose again I’m going to have to get a lifetime membership…..
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3 years ago, XxLilnaughty96xX
I lost my AirPods yesterday and during my search to find them, I tried to use this app. When it downloaded, it started off with offering me AirFinder Pro. I thought it was just something that I didn’t have to use but whenever I pressed on something, it automatically took me to where I would have to purchase any form of AirFinder Pro whether it was weekly, monthly or yearly. I do not recommend this to anybody who wants to find their AirPods. Also, I still haven’t found my AirPods
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2 years ago, Mir3yaa-
I lost my right one
Heard the ringing under my dresser was soo scared that i left it at work or smth. only works for airpods out of the case which is good in my case u do have to pay or smth 3$ its not that bad but yeahh thank god i found them :)) ringing helped a lot
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3 years ago, ivyroseH
My little bother had gotten my left AirPod out of my case and I looked everywhere! I paid the extra to get the pro and I played the sound and o FOUND IT! It was thrown outside into my front yard but I found it best app ever I would be having a metal breakdown right now if it was for this app! AND PAY THE EXTA!
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4 years ago, kambeans
Brilliant app! Found it as soon as I opened the app👌🏾
This app is the real deal. I was not happy about to having to pay but now I don’t have to worry about losing them. You should keep this app on hand for sure if you spend money often replacing them.
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4 years ago, CaIib
Good app
They almost made me pay for this app without my permission, but the outcome was amazing, if I really did have to buy this app I would’ve, it literally shows you if your near your device in any way and I just thought that was real helpful.
Show more
7 months ago, bubba5421
This app might work for iPhones. It doesn’t work for gps luggage tags, or cat collars. At least that is my experience. It recognizes the tag is there, as long as it is 3’ away, but can’t follow it. Kind of defeats the purpose? A waste of money.
Show more
2 years ago, ambermariechestnut
From fast food worker
I am constantly losing my AirPods around the kitchen now I don’t have to search and search I just play the sound and then 2 seconds later it’s in my hand!!
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4 years ago, Emernyx
Cannot contact support
I downloaded this app to see if I could find my AirPods because I misplaced them, case and all. After seeing the prices, I decided nah, and I tried to turn off my phone. It double clicked and purchased on accident. I’m trying to reach out to someone but the “email us” option doesn’t work. And, on top of that, the app didn’t help to find my AirPods. So now I’ve just paid for something incredibly useless and I can’t reach out to anybody for help. Great.
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3 years ago, QueenpapiAlex
Works great
I was doubtful at first buying something without knowing if it’ll work for me. I was missing a single pod and I didn’t know if it was even charged luckily it was and found it in no time with the beeps
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2 years ago, Milwaukee Will
Looks Good
I just purchased this app, it appears to be working as it should but it is too soon to rate honestly but if it continues to work as it should, it will be a valuable app for me to have.
Show more
4 years ago, ashleypul
So far off
Do NOT purchase this app. In desperation I figured 5.99 would be fine if it helped me find my lost items. When I realized my itEnd weren’t popping up I decided to try items that I knew the location of. Being right next to it the app would say I was extremely near and as I go further it would say that I was getting closer. I was pinging my correct Apple product, this app was just a scam. I should have known. But desperate times call for desperate measures.
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