AirPort Utility

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User Reviews for AirPort Utility

3.04 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
8 years ago, itsasunnydayinsandiego
Workable but Ripe for a Redesign
This app allows interfacing with the AirPort, which is helpful. However, the interface is not especially intuitive and this really shows up in the design/setup for limiting wifi access. I want to program in when my kid can't get wifi on their phone and laptop. This is possible but awkward, requiring many clicks. Once one gets to the point of programming the access restriction, it is actually a bit confusing whether one is delineating times wifi is allowed or not allowed. Also, it is set on a 24 hour day, so there is not one easy way to say no wifi all night, starting at 10pm on one day and going till 7am the next. One must program 10p-11:59 then 12am to 7am on a separate "restriction." Some better, more visually intuitive examples of setting up access restrictions and permissions exist in other areas -- this piece needs work. I also would like to be able to have a quick way to force wifi off for my kid's tech quickly and easily, like "stop access now and for the next x hours, just this one time" or similar. This app does not provide anything even close that sort of immediacy. Finally, when we are using access restrictions for one or two devices, it somehow seems to gum up the works for every other device in the house as well.
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4 years ago, Mr. Faderlever
OH NO, I didn’t mean to update!
I’ve been using this app to manage my AirPort Extreme for years. It’s not the most in-depth router management tool but, it’s the only router management tool available to manage an Apple Airport product. I had no intentions on upgrading/updating this app. on my iPad, which is what I use for pretty much everything apple based on the terrible reviews this update 1.3.6 was getting. Unfortunately I accidentally did update the app while I was updating other apps. Once I realized what I’d done, with great hesitation I launched the app and held my breath... it seemed to launch normally, in fact it was fine! After testing several features I could not find any issues or even any changes. The WiFi scanner is still present and works fine, (I’d seen a few comments saying the upgrade broke or removed the WiFi scanner). I went through several areas in the app, NAT setting, port forwarding, etc. everything works fine. if I didn’t know I updated the app I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two versions. Apple has stopped supporting all things Apple Airport but as of this review are still selling airport products. Apple’s not exercising Best Practices in my humble opinion but everyone knows the Apple knows what’s best for us, the Apple is here to help us, the Apple will keep you safe, the Apple is good, trust the Apple... but seriously, the update works just fine for me.
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4 years ago, MagnusVonMagnum
Not compatible despite claims
At some point a few versions ago, this app started telling me it no longer works with my iPod Touch 5th generation, presumably because iOS won't update. There's nothing this app does that should need an OS update IMO and I'm not going to just toss it on the trash when it still works, but at the very least Apple could do a version check BEFORE telling me there's an update available!!! There is no way to clear this off the update list! It keeps telling me there's a newer version available, but gives then says it doesn't work on this iPod Touch. I tried to report this to Apple, but it wanted to install a support app instead first, which is ridiculous just to send a text message to support and probably won't work on this iPod Touch anyway. Apple makes it too difficult to report problems these days, probably because they don't want to hear about them. I can't see myself buying an iPod Touch ever again given how long they last, but get dumped for software support so quickly, more from Apple apps than 3rd party even. How new an OS do you need to check WiFi routers they no longer even make??? It's ridiculous!
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4 years ago, Outerference
Device selection unavailable for left area of the app
The app is essential for managing Apple Airport devices, and I use it to handle many. Configuring access management is limited, and NAT and port mapping seems restricted as well. To add to it, I’ve recently added more devices to my network and find sometimes the visual layout of them all (I’m managing 10) ends up spreading them out wider than the iPhone screen, which creates two problems. The first is that I cannot scroll to see the far left devices without the screen snapping back to center. The second is that often the left-most device is completely unselectable, almost as if the tapping detection area of the app is cut off to 75% of the screen from the right. This is true in either portrait or landscape orientation. I would love to see the app updated, but it looks like it’s not getting much attention as Apple discontinued the Airport device line a few years ago now.
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7 years ago, JeremyCaney
Good way to keep in touch with your Airport Expresses
My household has a couple of ancient Airport Expresses, which have a tendency to fade into the background until they get lonely, and cry out for help. When this happens, they usually just need to be introduced to a new router on the block, or perhaps have their firmware upgraded. Since this only happens every couple of years, however, there's always upfront overhead to digging up and installing the software for Windows. The app makes this dramatically easier, and is a lot easier to use on top of it. For various reasons, it's much simpler to ensure the app gets installed on each of my iDevices and is kept up-to-date via the App Store than it is via the PC. So, from my Airport Expresses, a big thank you: They feel far more cared for as a result. Indeed, they're even get proactive firmware updates now, instead of having to wait until they start refusing to take requests.
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5 years ago, OMSUSA
AirPort Extreme is a very reliable and stable router/access point. It’s sad that Apple discontinued it in 2016 and then we start seeing the flourish of Smart Home devices, along with mesh Wi-Fi that AirPort Extreme seems to be a precursor to these home networking devices with ease to configure multiple access points. Apple’s loss of this opportunity is most unfortunate. While in the meantime, I believe many of the AirPort Extreme users are still enjoying the convenience it brings, as well as its ability to achieve ~350 Mbps in download throughout and >400 Mbps in upload, in a 1Gbps broadband service. Airport Utility is an essential and concise app to help manage AirPort Extreme but it doesn’t seem to work with iOS 13. I hope Apple can continue maintain this app, or even better, kick off another endeavor in creating home networking devices that our MacBook Pro, iPhone or iMac can work with less seamlessly.
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9 years ago, Jon French
Excellent information, but you have to dig a little
This utility has a no-nonsense interface. The only graphics are the startup screen that show icons of all the nodes on the network and their connections. Clicking on any node brings up basic, but important info for that node. Touching Wireless Clients brings up the MAC address of any connected machine. Touching any address brings up the helpful info you need to dig for: Connection data. This app shows the Connection quality, Data Rate, S/N and Mode for each device. That is priceless This info isn't even available on the desktop version. The only options you can't change are DHCP Reservations and Port Settings. Access Control is included and is very helpful because you can go to a machine and check its MAC address then set Access Control from the iPhone.
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10 years ago, FrankyTheKid
Convenient app but iOS8 update freaked me out for a bit.
Ever since I purchased my first AirPort Extreme a couple of years ago, this app has made it quick and easy to set up and alter the settings on my base stations. A recent update to iOS 8.0.2 freaked me out for a bit since my iPad couldn't locate any base station on my network. The thought of having to work solely from my computer when wanting to change settings on my base stations was annoying since the convenience factor would be completely eliminated. I didn't want to assume the app was a lost cause so I went to the apple support page and their suggestion was to simply power off my iPad and turn it back on. Sounded way too easy but it worked and the app is once again convenient.
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7 years ago, sgurnani
Excellent coverage but needs improvement in other areas
Been using Apple Routers for over 5 years now and not had any problems with them as such. Could expect the ability to turn off internet Access for specific devices or at night at specified times so to avoid misuse. Also would like better control on who’s using how much data with MAC address and device names with the WiFi networks. Lastly being an Apple product please release app support for iPhone X ‼️ Firmware updates are overdue ‼️ Also a big downside with fiber connectivity is that the speed drops greatly on WiFi on the wired extended airport express. Unsure why but my Main Aiport Extreme gives me D:100/U:100 Mbps but my wired extension of Airport Express gives me D:40/U:40⁉️
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10 years ago, agm1980
It's just ok...
It does what you need to configure and manage your Apple Airport device, but it suffers from the same lack of Apple love as other Apple utility apps, and here is why: this update provides a new Wi-Fi scan feature that lets you list networks around you, their signal strength, and what channel they're on, so you can make a more educated decision on how to configure yours, however, as useful as this feature can be, the presentation of the info is just awfully simple: a list. No charts, no sorting, no nothing. Come on Apple, you guys are known to design the most beautiful looking devices and apps, why is that you show no interest on giving this type of utilities a better looking and more helpful UI? Same with OS X wireless diagnostics. Just drop me a line if you need some help ;-)
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8 years ago, Veterans Affairs
Decent App, Nice Display, Some Bugs
Displays a nice net map of your Apple Airports. With the AirPort Extreme, it transmits past my neighbor's homes so I really don't need more than one so I don't get the cool display anymore. Shows your public IP, nice. You can run your own server and point it's DNS back to your server. Nice. What you can't do is have separate DHCP controls and specifically separate DNS for the guest network. This is a major fault as suppose your DNS is a Mac Mini in your home... Guest network cannot access your Mac Mini on the non-guest, DNS points to Mac Mini, game over. -2 Offers to save your Airport Admin password and used to do that... But now just offers and doesn't not save. That is very bothersome -1 Over all, an decent utility with a very nice design with some silly problems that should be be fixed years ago. Apple is exceedingly slow at responding to customer bug reports so don't hold your breath. If you can't deal with what I have mentioned, don't by Apple Airports.
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5 years ago, seany sharko
App Crashes on iOS 13
I’ve been using my 3rd Gen AirPort Extreme for 10+ years as well as the AirPort Utility app for as long as it’s been available and understand that Apple has long since discontinued their router sales and support. That said, I can’t 1 star review due to how well it has worked and how useful it’s been in the past, however I/we can only hope Apple addresses this issue. With the last app update being more than a year ago, we can only cross our fingers. My AirPort Extreme has been the best router I’ve ever used and have even considered purchasing a used one as a backup in case mine ever kicks the bucket. Help, Apple! 😬
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7 years ago, Chess Boxing
Horrible control
This thing proves to be nothing more than a storage hog on your iOS device. Limited control, I end up having to do everything off of my laptop regardless. The best you can do is reboot a network otherwise a complete waste of time. And why is the PC interface better and more robust than the Mac version? Hot trash. UPDATE: This utility is so freaking horrible I had to return to add to my review of this app and a general opinion all of my devices that run off its network. Every day as my Apple devices continue to find new ways to disappoint me, I'm constantly reminded of Job's passing and just how horrible and unimaginative the new powers that be are. These last few years Apple products are proving to me more and more disposable and not worth the price they have. After all of this I think a return to a windows environment is in order.
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3 years ago, Lovely truth
Faster than claimed by manufacturer
Have two of them as I love that o can use for music without having to use tye tv screen as is done with Apple TV. One I have doubled as a WiFi extender and to wirelessly pump music into my stereo using the laser link into my boutique stand alone fav for greater music reproduction. This air device is like a one in all and very versatile even though it’s kind of old and obsolete I never want to be without it in life as nothing like it exists anywhere. Never should be taken out of production in my view. Nice and compact with pretty darn good rage still today. Both mine are the last version.
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4 years ago, Twitchly93
Simple and informative
I’m no super user. I just want to plug in my ancient Apple Time Capsule and connect to the internet at a reasonable speed. This app helps me do that admirably. This morning I finally unplugged my fast but unreliable new TP-Link router to return it (piece of junk), then dug out my trusty Time Capsule and hooked it up. Got the flashing amber light and no internet connection. Hm. Opened this app, which showed me in a few words and some handy pictures what the problem was. Fixed it and was immediately up and running. Thanks, Apple. Boy, I wish you still made routers.
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8 years ago, BA9R
Won't work...
This app used to work very well - the functions and information it provided were great. But something seems to have changed as I am no longer able to even see the wireless network that I am connected to. It recognizes that there is an internet connection, but that is it. I have tried to use this app on 2 different iPads as well as my iPhone - same thing on all of them. I've tried reinstalling several times and even doing a factory reset on my phone and nothing... I have no idea what would cause this problem. As a side note, I am able to view all router information on my desktop with no issues, so I'm doubting its the router (which also happens to be an Apple airport). Would be nice if they fixed this sometime soon...
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8 years ago, frdmfghtr
Tends to lose routers
The app works OK, but tends to "lose" routers occasionally. For example, I have an AirPort Extreme connected directly to the DSL modem upstairs, and another in the basement extending my wireless network to some NAS drives. Everything on the network works, but this morning the app couldn't find either router (even though my iPhone was connected directly to the upstairs AE). If I forgot the router in the app and let them be re-discovered, the app only found the basement AE. It didn't recognize the AE sitting between the basement AE and the Internet.
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9 years ago, Shigoroku
No remote config and doesn't access all settings :(
I can't remotely-configure my home router when I'm away. There's simply no option to connect to an IP or host name of an AirPort router on the Internet. This app will only configure the AirPort if you are in range and connected through local WiFi. There's no way to view DHCP clients (including wired devices). It's a HUGE hassle to get my DHCP reservations set up when I can't look at a list of DHCP clients to get the MAC IDs of my network drives and printers. Due to this oversight, this app can't practically be used to reserve specific LAN IPs for devices on my local area network. I should be able to configure all settings from my Apple iDevices, but I cannot.
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10 years ago, Kevins6n
Works great, before and after iOS 8
Airport Time Capsule with iOS 8 works great, no loss or degradation of function. This app has saved me loads of time, allowing me to make changes to my Airport Time Capsule without dragging out my MacBook or sitting down at my iMac just to look up the MAC address of all the devices using my wireless network, for example. If you're having problems using the app, try a hard reset on you iOS device, force quitting the app before restarting.
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5 years ago, Jmh363905
Finally fixed in iOS 13
I was worried we wouldn’t see an update since Apple walked away from AirPort devices but glad to see a newly released update for iOS 13. Had to reinstall because it wasn’t asking to save passwords (remembered the choice from the crashy version but wouldn’t save still) and that fixed that. Hopefully they’ll work harder to make their own apps ready on day one when iOS 14 comes out—or even better don’t break it next time?
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5 years ago, Tomzer1
Compatible with iOS 9, but not iOS 9 Devices?
Dear Apple App gang, Please bring back support for the app working on the iPad 2. The app was working perfectly before the update, but now it is not. And now it's saying it's not supported by the device. Despite the fact that it's running iOS 9. At least please offer a way to install the previous version. If Apple is no longer making the excellent line of AirPort routers, at least don't ruin the maintenance software for those of us still running them. The software wasn't so sophisticated or planned for future features that it required an update to new hardware, etc., to use. Thanks.
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1 year ago, .: LoveFire :.
Needs update! Only RSSI app around!
This is about the only app on the apple app store that has a true wifi spectrum analyzer and tells you the RSSI of your wifi connection which is very important information. It really needs an update since some buttons in the corners can be used on newer iPhones since they are mostly off screen. The app crashes occasionally The wifi scan information is really limited, it could really use displaying the same image as macOS does: (channel, rssi, noise, SDR Rating, phy mode, ect) Lastly, it would be nice if there was options to group search results by same channel so it’s easier to see how many ppl around you are using the same channel and also sums up which channels are being used instead of this very long unorganized list of results.
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8 years ago, PupNibbler
Did Apple write this app?
To be fair, this app gets the job done, but just barely. It is not intuitive at all (it's the opposite of intuitive), the design is extremely basic and unappealing, and it can be a little difficult to find what you are looking for. I'm amazed that this app was written by Apple. They put so much care and attention to the design and aesthetics of so many of their products, yet this app looks like it was written by an entry-level developer. Considering I depend on this to manage my router, I'm a bit disappointed. So far, I have been able to get things done, but I hate having to use this app.
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10 years ago, JohnPoltrock
Easy setup! I see room to make it easier
Router was very easy to setup with this app. Much easier than any other I have ever had. It seemed to know what it's problem was and why it couldn't connect to the internet. Only reason I didn't give it 5 because it seems Apple would give it an "Autoset" option that would automatically use certain checks and set it up for you with the most common settings. Great router with much better signal than my last Belkin!
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3 years ago, Whennecke
Solid productivity tool
Since 2012, I have used the Apple AirPort utility for two different networks, each using an AirPort Time Capsule as my main wireless base stations along with AirPort Express base stations to extend my network connectivity. When I have moved to a new office location, this utility has made connecting to a new network easy, backing up to AirPort Time Capsule is very important since I use a variety of Macs, and iOS devices.
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9 years ago, newcombrs
The best app Apple has made
Unlike most apps by Apple (which come preloaded and can't be deleted, eg podcasts, newsstand) this app must be downloaded and can be removed. Up front, that's 3 stars. I love how to app is also baked into the Settings>Wifi>manage this network, too. Functionally, this app is amazing. Took 2 seconds to turn on my new AirPort Extreme and set it up as a wireless bridge to my existing FIOS router. Keychain and remote restart is handy, and too. Great work!
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9 years ago, Bill Somethingorother
About as much control as the older Mac/Windows Airpot Utility
I have a 3rd gen Time Capsule, and the fact this app does everything but hard drive management is great. I can configure port forwarding to my Mac and PC, I can manage what's on my network (and filter what shouldn't be there), and I can reset my router from across the house when I absolutely need to ( a rare occurrence indeed). Add drive management for Time Capsule and attached storage, and this will be perfect.
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6 years ago, Messerrrrr
Update it!
I am unimpressed with the fact that a company like Apple seems to have abandoned one of its own apps. The fact that it hasn’t been updated in 3 years and the update brought support for iOS 8 is unacceptable. There have be 3 (going on 4) new iOS versions since then. As well, this Apple app is not optimized for my Apple iPhone X. It’s not like Apple to just abandon one of its projects like this. I understand the airport line is being discontinued but people are still using them!
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5 years ago, Charg5
Crashes with iOS 13
Used to work great but now with the new iOS 13 it crashes every time you try to enter your password to log in. Hoping for an update soon, Apple. Ok several weeks after the initial post it worked for a while, but guess what it’s not working again. This time though, when you enter your password it doesn’t crash, the password box just disappears but nothing happens. Apple, I know you are better than this!!!! It’s your own app for heavens sake, running on your OS, and it doesn’t matter on which of your OS’s it doesn’t work on any of them. What is up with you?
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9 years ago, JeffDBoston
Apple should be ashamed
For everything else, Apple products are easy to use. This app is insane, I want to add an access restriction for various devices easily. First you need to actually know the mac address for the device even though the client list shows it in a different part of the app. Then what you are actually entering is the time you want the internet available rather than when you want it restricted. Then you need to do this one by one and restart the whole access point just to enable the restriction. Never again usability is embarrassing for this device and app.
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5 years ago, VenusianSky
Issue after iOS 13 but can be fixed
The app crashes when you try to sign into your router after updating to iOS 13, but if you delete the app from your device and reinstall from the App Store it will work. Apple could probably fix this with an update to the app. Other than that, Airport Utility is fine. Too bad Apple has discontinued their routers which likely means support is being deprecated.
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7 years ago, JB Bryant
Not working for me on iOS 11
I hadn’t used this in quite a while but I tried tonight and it no longer works. When I click on my AirPort Extreme it takes me where I need to enter my password then just stays on the same screen and doesn’t let me in. It also needs iPhone X screen support. 3 years and no update? What has happened to Apple?? They used to provide complete support with updates until they completely ended support for a product. They still sell airport devices at Apple stores so they should still be providing regular updates. Apple is not what it used to be.
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6 years ago, aparra0807
Last software update 3 yrs ago!
Last I heard Apple is longer producing/manufacturing the routers. That being said, they still have a responsibility in updating and upgrading the last models of these routers. Last update was 3 yrs ago! They have been in the internet/WiFi business for over 10 yrs! Now these newer routers you can limit internet time on your kids, block certain websites and etc. I have a 4.5 yr old son which I need to limit his time. I like my routers, never had a problem with them, the app works well on my iPhone X. Please Apple do something about it!
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2 years ago, realmikehardy
Wi-Fi signal strength works.
Found a review that said this works well and gave setup directions. (Step 1)go into app settings and change the slider for “Wi-Fi scanner” to on. (Step 2) Done with setup. Went into the app and clicked “scan” and am seeing dBm values for all networks around me, refreshing every couple seconds. I don’t have any airport devices, so no idea what’s up with that angle.
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8 years ago, Immotrich
Not compatible with iOS 9
Pretends to scan but does not find the apple airport extreme in the same room when I use my iPhone 6. Installed exact same app on ipad running iOS 8 and it works. However, there are many configuration options not available to the user. Apple routers are light years (bad tech pun) ahead of the competition but I would like to see more configurability a la DD-wrt. Give the user more options please.
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5 years ago, Shep88
Airplay 2 support fixed?
Since Apple rolled out AirPlay 2 I had been having issues getting my iPhone to play over my stereo that is connected to the audio jack on my Airport Express. Today they released an update to the Airport Utility and I was Apple to successfully connect for now. Let’s hope it wasn’t just by coincidence and they really did fix the issue.
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10 years ago, Sandman619
Good App
This is a handy app for checking on your network or setting up new Apple base stations. Simple & elegant too. Note, if a base station does not appear or views the settings only, then Apple no longer supports that device. The device will continue to provide service as-is, but cannot be reprogrammed.
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4 months ago, W3nD3l-86
Bring back AirPort!!!
Honestly this is one of my most used apps on my phones since I still use like 4 AirPort Extremes around my hose it would be cool if Apple would bring back the Router line since they are so focused on the privacy side of things but I guess they prefer iCloud
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5 years ago, CHADWICKmania
iOS 13 support
I understand Apple is done with these router but they still have a large base who use them. Can we get some iOS 13 support for this app? It no longer works on my devices running iOS 13. I had to downgrade to iOS 12 just to adjust my settings. I love these devices and their ease of use. I’d prefer to not have to drop a ton of money to replace this almost flawless system.
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1 year ago, Rockin' Kat
Gonna miss it when I have to replace my 6th gens
Apple Airport wifi was by far the easiest to set up with multiple base stations. Still enough to saturate my internet connection so I keep using them until they stop getting firmware updates.
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10 years ago, Clarityman
Does not provide access to icloud ID/password
Message was displayed when Time Capsule had yellow light requiring update of iCloud ID & Password (for Back-to-my-Mac?) but iPhone App does not provide access to update (had to be done from Mac). If message is displayed in the App the App should provide a way to fix it in the App (or at least instructions on how to fix it from Mac)
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4 years ago, Dr BigJim
The best example of Network Configuration
Most other network devices require you to use a stupid web interface. This has been once of the best ways to configure a Network that I have seen. Completely intuitive.
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4 years ago, Zep Dowg
Long time user
Have had this app since the extreme launched. Totally agree with what people are saying about lack of features and intuitivity. This is Apple and yet their router app seems more outdated than other manufacturers. Come one Apple get it together! Since last iOS update however my phone can’t seem to detect my extreme or express can’t connect or configure. Great!
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10 years ago, Andy1904
Update left behind my older AirPort Extreme
Junk. Apple has released some serious junk since Jobs' passing. Apple, more R & D, less thinking of the bottom line. This app does not find any of my apple products, air port extreme, air port ap's, Nothing. Not to mention there is no support from Apple at all, only paid tech support. I am really starting to regret the switch to all Apple products when all Apple does is publish junk that has not been bench tested with all their products only the last eat and greatest. Shame on Apple.
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1 year ago, LiquideFeline
The only wifi scanner allowed on the App Store
Since apple removed all wifi scanners from the App Store except their own, this is the only one available to use. Minimal interface, but it does the job perfectly!
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8 years ago, Val-Inglesby
Two dimensional/difficult to use....
This app stands in stark contrast to Apples reputation for delivering intuitive, user friendly technology. The app has very limited functionality, which is fine as long as there isn't a problem. Should you encounter an issue trouble shooting is unnecessarily difficult and the lack of functionality of this app will require you to seek external sources to find the resolution to any issue. It's really an easy fix and it's hard to understand why it hasn't already been done.
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5 years ago, linniek1
Crashes in iOS 13.1.
i've had an airport extreme for 12 years and never had any problems with that or futility. The mobile app has always worked well for me until I updated one of my iPads to iOS 13.1 yesterday. Although I am able to open the app, and I do see my modem and the airport, if I click on the airport icon to get info about my network, as soon as I enter my password and hit go it crashes…and crashes...and crashes. I rebooted 23 times and gave up.!
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5 years ago, Sal Contes
FINALLY! I got it to work!
I think after the update, I am now able to extend my optimum WiFi with my 3rd generation time capsule! I’ve been trying on and off for years. It wouldn’t play nice with a Verizon router but plays nice with Altice! Thank you Apple! Love my Apple products, all 13 of them!!!!!
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7 years ago, Dyllon919
I love the concept of this application. It has very great potential and many useful features. I use it frequently and it’s effective. It also is very difficult to understand as the menus should be revised and set up differently. Very outdated and has a few bugs. Sometimes no matter what it’s unresponsive. Please update!!!!
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7 years ago, Euro Dior
7.7.8 Update
Until about a week or so ago when I pushed the latest update, my BaseStation and the AirPort Utility app worked flawlessly together. Now, none of my devices automatically join the network. It's slowed down. I can't log into the Base to change the password or do anything because it doesn't show up in the app which this was supposed to fix. I had to hard restart the base and now it's just stuck open to the world to log into. Free wifi for all
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