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User Reviews for Aiwit

4.59 out of 5
41.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Cameranne
Solar panel cameras
I’ve had my solar power cameras for about a month. They were extremely easy to install on corners of my somewhat shady house, even though the cameras come with a rechargeable battery pack thst holds 3 AA batteries, and can recharge with a cord for an old phone or blue tooth speaker. Meaning you probably have the size cord it takes laying around your home. My cameras stay at at least 90% power at all times even on rainy day and I haven’t charged batteries not one time since I opened the package. The cord from the camera to the solar panel is actually quiet long about 5-6 ft if not a little longer, so you have more options on putting the panel in as much sunlight as you can pick up. The vision on cameras are great in day time . But at night if a vehicle rides by or pulls up , you’d really need flood lights to get a color and actual detailed model of vehicle. As far as picking up an actual person, it’s just the shape of the person unless you have lights . So , overall worth the money and a nice security system.
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1 year ago, JessycaSan
Worse customer service
The camera is not bad at all. Good quality and works fine. I wasn’t very lucky with my camera though. I bought it in January/2023. The wifi suddenly stopped working and I couldn’t have access to my camera anymore. As I paid for the store for the year, I bought a new one exactly the same. The new one connected to the wifi and works perfectly, but I am not being able to use my subscription. I don’t understand why, if I am using the same login and password as I was using with the old camera, and the subscription is valid until February/2024. I tried to contact the customer service to get some help. They take hours to answer, sometimes even a day, and when day answer, they keep saying that I have to give them the ID of the old camera, and I am trying to explain that there’s no way for me to get the ID of the old camera because it’s broken. Since that suddenly disconnected from the WIFI, I have no access at all. And then after hours and hours, they answer with the same argument “we need the ID of your old camera”. I am very frustrated and furious, because I paid for the year, the camera stopped working by itself, and even buying the exact same camera, I cannot use my storage cloud, and the customer support doesn’t seem to care to help.
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10 months ago, BrookeM80
Solid purchase especially at entry level pricing
I bought my camera almost 2 yrs ago and it was missing the instructions but even so it was very self explanatory. The image quality is not high definition but is more than enough to see everything clearly. It save and plays back up to 72hrs with no subscription. I charge it periodically but it’s honestly not often. My inside chime works great. The only complaint I really have is that the voice response when someone is out is pretty rough. I can hear the person outside but they have a hard time under my response, but honestly I don’t often need to to use that feature: all In All I think it was totally worth ever penny to have a sense of security when I’m home and away.
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2 years ago, revuewingthingsent
Charges for iCloud storage
When I first purchased the device it didn’t come with an SD card slot to have other record and replay options, I wish I had read the fine print, the app was updated and know unless you pay for i cloud subscription even if you already have it basically it just works for the moment and chime, but it was affordable when I bought it, decent graphics, a little slow to connect when going live, I’ve had charging issues, it was an ok device purchase at your own discretion, I will be looking into other devices as mines is useless at the point but I enjoyed it for a little while, I’d suggest adding a SIM card slot as everyone already has to pay a subscription for almost any and everything these day peoples pockets are tight and most of us bought the device in the first place because it was advertised respectfully that there was no subscriptions or monthly plans however we were offered subscriptions but know there’s no choice and no option for SD on my device that is as it’s a year old
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11 months ago, Wolverine_76
Worth the price
It does what it says it does. Start with the one bad before I tell the good. It could use a light to light up the faces better, if the light is on their back the face is very dark but still visible. And the good, Was a pretty simple set up, the video quality is better than I was really expecting, I was surprised. The settings lack a little direction, but easy, just play around with it and you’ll figure it out fairly quick. I like the mute notification timer that allows me to do yard work and not have the motion notifications buzzing me every 2 minutes. I love that you can live chat two way, and you can open the camera live anytime you want just to look if you want to. The range on it is pretty good in my opinion, I have the router in the middle of my house, front door 15’ outside garage door 50’ through 3 walls and get 2 out of three bars. I just got it so we will see how it holds up. So far so good and happy with it.
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9 months ago, Toofly322
I have had this product for about 6 months and it’s been awesome, the battery life is amazing I love picture quality, I charge it whenever it indicates battery is low but that’s about every 2 1/2 weeks. I have recommended this product to my friends and family. I am very pleased with this product and I will be purchasing another one soon. Whenever I thought I was having issues with the product, it was easy to reach out to customer support and they were able to help me with my issue because the product was fine, I just didn’t know what I was doing 🤣 I think this product is very, very good. Definitely a great investment. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Teufelhunden NCO
4 stars because it works, but not good for my use. This is my second bulb camera and second type of application . Aiwit app. is on the verge of being user friendly. It works well but has a delay in all of the features. ie … motion sensor, talking and listening. It’s approximately 3-5 seconds delay. Also after about 3-4 minutes it freezes and logs out if no movement, which is a big concern. My other camera uses the V380 app. stays logged in and running 24/7. I don’t worry about missing anything. I use in on my front door as a monitor day and night. We have thieves in our neighborhood and a delay of having to login and wait to see what’s happening outside is unacceptable. This one will end up as a backup system for temporary use only and I’ll have to get something else.
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1 year ago, AllYourMacsAreBelongToUs
Avoid at all costs
No Alexa(Amazon), Apple, or Google hub integration. Ok no biggie I thought. Nope, cameras can’t even connect to a real 2.4ghz network. I needed to broadcast both 2.4 and 5ghz bands under the same SSID just for it to connect the camera. Once connected, the camera would send 1 frame on live view after a minute or two and then time out saying network was too slow. That’s with -54dB and I turned on my old cameras just to double check there’s no connection or bandwidth issues with any of my other wireless devices. The concept is great as a camera that can swivel, and move 360 degrees, housed in a light bulb socket. But the execution is poor. Avoid this brand at all costs, this is my 2nd camera. I switched to blink instead, which allows for an external hard drive so no subscription fees and WAY better app and functionality.. just wish they had a light bulb swivel camera haha oh well 0/5 run away as fast as you can
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10 months ago, Maaaryyyyy88
Good election ☝🏻
It was a good choice to buy this camera, I am more in control of what happens outside my door, many people walk down the street and look in to see what is happening, it is funny because it seems that they are looking for someone, but I can be I sure am recording your faces, I like my security camera, thanks It was a good choice to buy this camera, I am more in control of what happens outside my door, many people walk down the street and look in to see what is happening, it is funny because it seems that they are looking for someone, but I can be I sure am recording your faces, I like my security camera, thank you
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7 months ago, Trubador 69
The basic cloud with your system works for each day. Awit is trying to force people to use and buy their products through force using deception to get your business. I contacted Apple and ring on their options and if they referred Aiwit to service people through their reference to Awit. Ring and Apple said they DID NOT and have not referred Awit to service their customers. Awit says they do it better and you should download them to service your ring doorbell. All actuality they are worse at serving you forcing you to use their higher cost system which doesn’t work any better. Don’t let their deception lead you astray as they did me. I removed their app and continue with the original ring system. Happy trails. Awit has 2.5 stars If you don’t stop trying to block me from my Live home app by trying to FORCE ME to take your company I am going to report this to the FCC. My last warning!!
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3 years ago, TexWC
For someone on a budget this isn’t bad
The camera quality isn’t horrible I have seen much worse. Night vision works pretty well, day time is great, audio is clear, Wyze cam has the better picture quality but blink has the better audio quality. The biggest perk of this is the cloud storage you get a week for free for life… a week is enough for what you need and you can save the clips to your phone. The worst part of this is the detection, set at max sensitivity and it still doesn’t get half the people who come up other and it is super delayed probably 15 second delay and doesn’t start recording till they are on the porch. Detection service is very spotty at best. It works it does what it should but buy a second set of batteries and a charger and then you don’t have to worry about hard wiring to a doorbell or having an ugly cord running from it.
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4 years ago, BigDaddySexy
Not one person reviewed the “App” itself?
It’s not the apps fault MOST of YOU. Didn’t read up on your purchase or research/review installation. To the one guy. Yes it has NO PIR motion sensor-WHY-Because you ordered a unit without motion sensors. Batteries are not needed although can help if loss of power. One other reviewer YES you purchased a unit/package that didn’t include a chime.....after carefully reading product info & descriptions I was sure to get a motion sensor...light sensor...infrared sensors AND CHIME(also had option to buy batteries if looked). #4 Directions tell how to wire camera using existing low voltage Bell wiring. Also has a plug/port which lets you use a “cell phone” still plug. Next buyer Yes it’s dark and cloudy/grainy at nite, it’s nighttime, add a light near lens and/or to area even solor lights to brighten the foreground. If it’s slow/lagging tweak settings and “update” unit. So, besides those who didn’t read, directions, order discription or settings.... Can someone review the app itself please.. So....aside from those purchased poorly How is the app interfaces, controls, alerts, video, playback...ect...etc...Annnnn-TheN, & Then!! ......No and Den!!! I’ll come back and add a second review after I install my v5 video doorbell and see how this app and my camera work.
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1 year ago, Slav89
Video storage
I want to start with the camera itself works fine my issue is with the app. I bought this is 2020 when I got it you could watch your videos for the past 7 days for free. In December they changed it so you could not watch any of your videos without a paid subscription. Then they changed it and I would sporadically have access to view some of my videos. Now they have changed it again. My camera has been triggered several times today and yet it tells me it has taken no videos. I can still sporadically view certain videos but not all. I feel like if they were going to require a subscription that should have been clarified when I bought the camera not change it almost 3 years later without warning. I have tried to reach out to the company however have never gotten a response from anyone.
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5 months ago, Just M. E.
Works well, but…
I’ve had the video doorbell about a year and it works well …when it works. It’s very inconsistent regardless of weather or battery status. As a result, it often does not detect a person or record activity, then will randomly start functioning again. I have downloaded the update, but the problem continues. It would be a great value if it could be relied on, but if reliability is important to you, I recommend spending a little more on a better product; the person this one doesn’t detect or the video it doesn’t capture could make a significant difference.
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2 years ago, hhfkdbdj shsjajskdbd
Do not get this camera
Let me be clear. When I first purchased this doorbell I loved it. Camera quality is amazing it has motion sensor ranging from close up to far off. My camera usually last a week or more once fully charged. The only downside for me besides the slow start up is them asking us to pay when we were told we wouldn’t have to. I got this app because it offered a subscription but you didn’t have to have it and could still see old videos up to a week prior. Now all of a sudden you can’t watch any of the videos unless you pay $30 a year again which isn’t bad but if they were going to charge they should’ve stayed that before I brought it which would’ve had me choosing another option. I’m currently looking for another doorbell. I don’t have $30 to pay when I was told it was free.
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7 months ago, Happy Customer *44
Aiwit Security Camera
I’ve been using my security camera for about a month and a half. I love it. It was easy to install and connected to my Wi-Fi easily. It works just like a ring camera, but costs less. It picks up sound very good and the picture images are great during the day and night. I will be purchasing another one soon! The only thing is that you will have to remove it to charge it up, but that’s something I’m willing to do to continue using it and so far I only had to charge it once when I first received it.
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4 months ago, romerojay
No preview on notifications
I thought this app and camera were good enough for the price when I first bought it. It takes a while to load the live camera which is why I only even looked at the notifications that showed a picture of the movement. I don’t know if it’s a new update but they stopped showing the preview on the notifications and if there’s any movement I now have to press the notification then it’ll take me to the live view which takes anywhere from 5-15 seconds to load. This makes it not worth it, I don’t want to have to open the live view every single time there’s motion, please bring the preview pictures back! I wanted to keep using the camera but with this “update” I’m thinking of just buying any other brand.
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2 years ago, oesauerr
It does the job
I paid attention when I purchased the wireless doorbell, and realized I needed a door chime so I bought both. My wish with the app is, I wish that we could make the record time longer than the standard 20 seconds, especially at night, at the ungodly hours when I’m asleep. I wish we could select a coverage area that we want to see like a grid, and we can specify a particular area of focus. It’s a 24 hour clock, I would like the option of a 12 hour clock .. i.e. 16:00 vs 4:00pm. Video color is clear, placement is everything with this doorbell so, find the right spot. Other than those small upgrades, it’s a great app.
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2 years ago, IssaTimTam
Great Product
I love that the not wired ring doorbell can be easily installed anywhere. I prefer that option since I can use it elsewhere for example: back patio, side door entrance, garage, etc. The camera itself has great video quality in the daylight. Quick connection to the actual device once notification is received of the ongoing activity at the moment. Even if you log on and it says Live View it will still record that moment. You don’t want to miss anything important. (I also use other brands of security cameras which I really like, but they can be delayed to connect to, and notify you moments after the activity has begun.)
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1 year ago, guu.wmm
Product stops working after a month
the product worked perfectly at first as soon as j paid the annual fee for my account it stops working . it keeps saying it’s not connected to the network but the icon is visible . it doesn’t even tell when someone knocks or walks by anymore . it went from making me feel safe to making me feel like i can’t trust the system . the product needs good working to it’s networks . i can’t even view old footage on my account . got it for almost $50 good deal compared to most but $50 is still alot of money to be waisting . it doesn’t even catch the person on camera just the shadow of whoever walks by . the live chat doesn’t even work it’s like it’s just there for app decorations . PLEASE FIX THE ISSUES ASAP !
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1 year ago, Sandi Moyes
Offline or batteries need charging
I ordered 2 of these wireless doorbell cameras December 2022. I sent one back and replaced it after 2 weeks. The device said Device offline and couldn’t be fixed. The new one occasionally will say the same thing but if I take the batteries out and put them back in that goes away. The first charge of the batteries lasted about a month. Now I have to recharge the batteries once a week. The cameras where are the batteries filming leaves moving on the trees but sometimes will not film the garbageman driving up collecting the garbage. These are both subpar devices and really not worth the $35 apiece that I paid for them.
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2 years ago, jessiiiica0727
Well, you pay for what you get
Motion detection 10 seconds too late, so defeats the entire purpose. Doesn't even ever catch delivery guys dropping off packages, just when they're walking away or gone already. Very wide shot, doesn't show the floor. Every time there's a motion detection and you click on it, it doesn't go to the event it goes to the live video and you have to click back to the events. I knew what I was getting into, I just needed something quick. App isn't like, "good" on the eyes lol? Kind of ugly. Pros: I have my camera on high sensitivity, and even still battery life is great. My hallway is well lit, so video quality isn't TERRIBLE. Does the job of recording potential thieves. Wyze best of the best for me personally, just no wireless version yet.
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3 years ago, Marsh.m.
Motion detection needs improvement
Motion detection records but about 10 seconds too late which makes it almost pointless. The motion recordings also are too short to see anything. It misses the person or object on the field of view and then misses the person leaving the field of view. App hangs up with switching modes and sometimes needs a restart to work. Live view has great picture quality and that’s the reason for two stars instead of no stars. If motion detection could be tweaked to actually record immediately and keep recording the target instead of stopping at 10 seconds that would make it much better. It used to record 15 seconds which sometimes caught a person walking away in the distance.
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12 months ago, The Continental
A hiccup or two, but works well
So close to five stars. At max sensitivity, the camera app takes five full seconds to notify me after it sees a person at the door. We live in a condo, and the elevator opens eight feet from our door. People have already rung the doorbell before the app tells us they're standing there. As with some other users, the app locked us out and didn't accept our password after 29 days of use. Fortunately, we were able to cancel the trial and pay nothing. A few days later, we restored the app and tried again with a new password, and all was well. We then paid for service. After 39 days, the camera's battery is still showing a 64% charge, which is amazing, and its connection to our wi-fi has been flawless the whole time. Even though it's a bit slow, it has never failed to detect a person. The doorbell is loud and clear (you can control its volume). Recommended. Make the response faster, and you get five stars!
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2 years ago, Travelsomuch
Love it!
I installed one on my front door. It has worked great. I love that I can answer my door from anywhere via WiFi. I live in the USA and was recently in Israel, I would click my app and view my porch and front yard from there with no problem. I have had people ring my door bell and I have conversed with them and they thought I was at home when I was actually miles away. I like it so much I pitched one for my back door! Works great, and the iCloud storage is reasonable. Plus if someone did steal your doorbell you still have all your videos in the cloud. 😊👍🏼
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4 months ago, Benqqw
Okay camera but need to pay for video playback
I bought both a Eken doorbell and a camera online and have been using them for 2 weeks. Despite some issues with Wifi connection once in a while, both items work fine. The Aiwit app itself is okay, but do NOT buy their products if you don’t want to pay $30 a year for cloud storage. What is worse, it’s $30 subscription fee for each product, so it means I must pay $60 for two items to use the cloud service. It is a complete ripoff. There are other brands offering SD card slot option (without forcing you to sign up for cloud), which will save you tons of money. Avoid Eken/Aiwit unless you are fine with the annual subscription costs.
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2 months ago, Satusme
Great product
I have had my doorbell camera for a few weeks now. The installation was easy. It did take me two days to get it working right because I did not remove the black plastic, which threw me off in the beginning should be a brighter color, around the batteries, but once I did after reading the instructions again and taking the batteries out completely, it worked good. A tip keep your human motion set on low because the video will record more and not stop abruptly. Overall, I am satisfied with my product.
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1 year ago, wendalea925
Exceptional video doorbell.
I ordered this video doorbell for my house because I work a lot and wanted to be able to monitor my house at all times. I was skeptical at first because the price was reasonable but that disappeared rather quickly. This is a phenomenal video doorbell for the price. There is a free trial for the video play back and the price is great compared to other services. I am beyond pleased with this purchase. I purchased two more for my daughters so that they could monitor their houses as well. You will not be disappointed.
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12 months ago, Polerand
Scam at Best
This app is terrible because they take days or weeks to respond to support requests, with unclear responses that all come down to “Pay us more money and maybe we’ll do the thing we said we’d do initially” but they keep moving the goal posts. My videos randomly refuse to playback and when support responds weeks later they’re gone for good so it doesn’t matter what they respond anyhow. The one positive is decent integration available for multiple devices but that is just multiple opportunities to be disappointed by substandard service. Do yourself a favor - if your device uses this app, just return it. Spend a little more and get a REAL device that has something solid behind it instead of this offshore vaporware.
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2 years ago, UBeSeven
Happy with Aiwit app
I love this doorbell! I can clearly see and hear who and what are outside my door. It records well, with a clear picture, until I decide to delete the file, for every instance. I'm very glad I purchased the night vision, battery, and bell (with so many choices for the ringtone). I added the memory card and was up and running! Oh, and I am really grateful that the app notifies me when the battery needs charging... Even on the fastest setting the battery lasts much longer than I expected.
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2 years ago, FIWEHA
Changed the rules in the middle of the game
I never bought this product. I bought another product and then this company took over. It was fine for a while but now they charge you to look at your videos. I see many people have inquired about this online and the company ignores the requests and complaints. The old company never did charge and then in the beginning, this company never did. So, I now have bought a new brand I will drop this company as soon as I install it. The new company does not charge me to look at my videos. What a disservice and disappointment to add that in with no warning. They will lose much business over this.
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3 years ago, Simplest Resume maker
Works as it should for the price paid
Noticed with the app updates it seems to not be as quick to catch motion as before with the earlier app versions. Tried changing in settings but no difference made. Still trying to get my free plug in chime for when the doorbell is rang to be heard in the house and not just the cell phone. Some promotion the seller was offering but has yet to reply on. Other than that I rely on this daily and it is as good as it gets for $54 spent. Now bad for a wireless unit.
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2 years ago, $UGARFLAKES
This is the worst camara doorbell system to buy on market. I purchased one and it wouldn’t even charge! Sent it back for a replacement. That one worked a good mth in a half before it starting giving me trouble. I started getting notifications 3/5 minutes late! I would go to the door and no one would be there, because they’d already left by the time I got the notification. I thought it was ppl playing at first, until my Family and Friends would tell me they came over. I trashed it and bought the Ring doorbell, and although it’s a bit more expensive, I’ve had not one problem with it!! This doorbell is complete trash and the money ppl have spent on this mess, including me, should be refunded!!!
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2 years ago, _Franks Mom_
Forced subscription 👎🏼
I purchased this video doorbell for myself & my daughter almost a year ago. We both loved it. It worked great & video was very clear. The main reason I purchased this was the non-subscription features which included several days of free video storage/viewing. Now, it's basically worthless. We're now forced to pay for a subscription for everything even the most basic features. If I'd have known that the company was going to pull a bait & switch, I'd have purchased something else instead of wasting my money on this. I've deleted the app & tossed the entire unit in the trash. If your goal was to anger your customers & lose business, it's working if the reviews are any indication.
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1 year ago, Yolima!
Just stops working
I bought this device a month. Picture quality was awesome in day and night time! So yesterday it just stops working. It’s still picks up people at my door and I get alerts but I blacktop see who as it lol just logged me out of my account and won’t let me back in! Keeps telling me my log in info is wrong and no on file! Funny it happened right when the free trial was ending. I did have it set up to renew but I’ve now cancelled that. Why renew when you can’t work when it’s free! No one to contact whatsoever! They have a chat on the app that no one answers so that’s a great resource! Waste of my money! I guess you get what you pay for!
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3 years ago, Jing Johnson
Works so far so good. The motion detection is pretty accurate. Every time when my husband goes out to smoke, it gives me five notifications on my phone. The camera is 720p, not the best but worth every penny. It uses batteries and charge a low annual fee if you want to the video stores longer. Easy to install besides we had to buy the batteries separately. The only downside is when I talk on my phone, I can’t hear the mic on the other side. So two people can talk simultaneously. But overall, I get what I paid.
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2 years ago, broken watch dude
Poor quality
I purchased this device with great expectations. The unit has failed to hold a charge even when manually charged over 2 days. It still reads as having a low battery. I charged again for 3 days and it shows 14% battery life. I have done all the recommended steps that their customer service has suggested and the issue is still present. Missing lots of things going on at front door because of it. They asked me for my purchase information which I provided and they have repeatedly ignored any of my attempts to communicate with them since. I would not recommend this product as a reliable source of security for what goes on at the front door.
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3 years ago, Ladybug95000
Eh. It’s okay.
It’s just okay. The video starts recording too late to catch whatever triggered it, then it only records for 20 seconds at a time. So on a windy day my phone chimes every 20 seconds with a notification that says “motion detected”. This really needs to be fixed. If someone is on my porch I want it continuously recording without interruption! I also don’t like that we can’t set it to low sensitivity during one time frame and high during another without having to manually go in and change it every time. I do like that it’s battery operated so I didn’t have to run any wires. Easy to install.
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2 years ago, Tt22!!
Please Read
This is TRASH! When I brought these cameras you didn’t have to purchase iCloud storage by force it was up to you, now all of a sudden we have to buy the subscription in order to view and watch the videos that were captured. It lags and slow when you try to catch a live moment. The only thing we can do now is watch the motion at the moment NO PLAYBACK unless you buy the subscription. It doesn’t let you rewind back to whatever time you want to check your area out, you can only go back and see videos that were captured for motion. I think it’s false advertising now that we are forced to have to buy the subscription to use the cameras.
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11 months ago, Babygurl19833
I mean, honestly I could not expect better for the price I paid for this item. This camera doorbell is working great for me. I have no complaints so far the picture is great. The sound is great. You know I was able to connect it successfully and I didn’t have to subscribe to anything. It’s just very awesome for someone in my position that needed it for safety issues so thank you very much. Thank you aiwit for your wonderful product!!!
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1 week ago, JimboAZ
Getting annoying
It does what it is supposed to do. The only complaints I have is the ability to maybe fast-forward 10 seconds or reverse 10 seconds. Also when you’re in the playback screen watching videos, if one is playing you can’t delete any of them. Even if you try to delete one that’s not playing it says you can’t do it and you have to go back out and back in. But what is really frustrating me is the constant chat messages trying to get you to leave a positive review for a free camera. It’s their own little marketing ploy. Enough is enough. Stop it.
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1 year ago, yellowkeef
Door bell camera 👌🏾
Aiwit doorbell camera works perfect!! Easy to use app and fast live notifications makes it way easier to answer my door or tell my delivery person to leave the packages and the recordings are there for me to check anytime. The battery life is amazing I only charge my doorbell once a month and I use the highest power depleted settings..all in all I give this product a 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️… it’s perfect!!
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10 months ago, LamboLeek
Light Bulb Security Camera
I love the camera for what it do from the audio, recording, clarity, even some of the functions are good but there’s a few things I don’t like and should be fixed. I think all security systems or cameras should allow multiple people to sign in at all time if there’s more then one person that lives at the residence, One user shouldn’t get logged off because another resident signed in besides that the camera is great but I’ll give it a 4 stars just for that!
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3 years ago, ladyttw7
Great video doorbell!!
Iv been using the doorbell for about a week or two. Not one problem! Works great at night, video is clear, it auto updates. I like that you can charge the battery. The app is working great with my iOS and I share the video with my husband so we can both see. I have no complaints. I did however read the reviews and was surprised that so many was /were/are having so many different issues.
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2 years ago, Enchantress247
Options Have Disappeared
My device has the option to select sensitivity. The app used to show the option now it seems to have disappeared. It also keeps detecting motion that doesn’t exist every few seconds. If I watch the app I don’t get detection messages. This happens only in the morning so I guess it’s detecting the motion of the sun’s rays. Now it won’t show the detected motions page. It starts to download and then just goes to the current view screen. Tried to delete it and reinstall it but that doesn’t help either. The app not only doesn’t work satisfactorily but it also deteriorates over time.
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12 months ago, lilyana1963
Pretty pleased
I didn’t really expect much because it wasn’t very expensive. But I love it. I’ve had it almost 3 weeks. I’ve charged it twice. It’s a clear picture. I keep an eye on my dogs mostly and to see if anybody bothers my home while I’m at work I can talk to my dogs through it. It’s a very clear picture and easy to hear any noise going on around your home when you’re not there I’m actually very pleased with it.
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11 months ago, Casbo4718
We love this camera.
Have had this over 5 months. I literally only have to charge it maybe once a month. Very comparable to my daughters ring doorbell. My only complaint is, when someone is at the door it takes a min to load live video. Usually the person is walking away by the time I can see who it is. Maybe they will make a fix for that. We still love it.
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1 year ago, Chef Bleu 23
Doorbell Camera
Since receiving the doorbell cameras, they have been very effective. However, they continuously, go off, although there’s nothing there and that’s a bug that certainly needs to be fixed. But, The cameras are so crystal clear, you can hear everything within theVicinity, I really love the cameras and I’ve had no problem with them staying charged they’ve been outside of the house for the last two weeks and they’re still at 94%.
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3 months ago, Angelindskiez
Bring back the preview option
I would usually be able to just long press a notification banner and it shows an image and everything of the motion that was detected. I don’t like how the new update hides it and makes it so that now I have to open up my app all the way and then wait for the video to load and see what’s going on!. I also had missed a a package it was stolen however the motion sensor is on the most sensitive as well as the wide view I really would like you all to upgrade
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4 months ago, madmom88
Logs you out constantly and has notification delay
It keeps logging me out non stop! Literally every single day I have to log back in! It happens to my husband on his phone too! It’s mostly when u don’t open the app for more than 24hours. It also has a delay in notifications. When I get the alert that someone or something is at my front door, by the time I open the app and it loads, the person or thing is already gone. And yes, I open it right away right when I get the notification. I really hope they fix these issues soon!
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