Akuvox SmartPlus

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User Reviews for Akuvox SmartPlus

3 out of 5
145 Ratings
3 years ago, sol11205
Works 80 percent of the time
I had this installed about a year ago. It’s the greatest invention since sliced bread but only when it works. I found that every once in a while, the app would freeze up not letting me see who’s by my door or not letting me open for them while the app is “loading” which by the time it did, the person most likely left or I had to go to the door myself. Hopefully in the future they’ll have this fixed with the proper upgrades.
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1 year ago, huyhvsjiwkna
User-friendly interface
I recently have this app to manage my smart home devices, and I have to say, I was impressed. As someone who is not very tech-savvy, I found the app to be incredibly easy to use. One of the things I really want to mention was the user-friendly interface. Everything was clearly labeled and easy to find, which made navigating the app a breeze. The app also offered a range of useful features, including real-time video streaming and motion detection alerts. I liked that I could easily view my camera footage from anywhere, and that I would receive notifications on my phone whenever motion was detected outside my door. This gave me peace of mind knowing that I could monitoring my house, even when I wasn't there. Another great feature of the app was the clear audio communication. This allowed me to not only see what was happening in my home, but also to communicate with anyone on the other end. I found this to be particularly helpful when I needed to speak with a delivery person or a house sitter.
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2 years ago, s.matt.92
Worst app. Do not use.
First of all, the app does not notify you if your phone is on vibrate. You have to have your phone on ring 100% of the time if you want to be notified of someone at the door. There’s a function to bypass the app and have the door call your phone, but that doesn’t work. The “monitor” function doesn’t work, it’s just a black square. The deliver temp function doesn’t work. And worst of all, it’s the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life. You tell Fausto about your problems and he just tells you “it’s a very sophisticated piece of equipment, no one else has problems” and does literally nothing. Like an insane version of customer gaslighting. There is absolutely zero reason to use this product, especially since there are so many other products that actually work and have just standards customer service.
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1 year ago, Sweet. Lee.
The absolute WORST APP!!!
When I tell you this app is one of the things that makes my job miserable, I am NOT exaggerating. First, the app will randomly log out for no reason. Which of course means, no notifications, which means there are visitors waiting to get into the building that I have no idea about. They end up calling after being annoyed and that isn’t a great first impression. Second, customer service is NON EXISTENT. When you call you get a random message in Chinese and then it hangs up!! The extensions are just for show. Email is a joke. Classic “Did you log out and back in? Did you uninstall and reinstall? Did you have your account password correct?” Absolutely ridiculous. I have no idea how they stay in business and if I had any other option I would take it, but it’s not my decision.
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2 years ago, Nazokat S
Stopped working
Our building management installed this system and it was great at first. Having access to the door even when you’re not home, saves a few trips to the PO for missed packages. But after a few months it occasionally started saying offline, at first at nights. Then it was some days. Then it was possible to still unlock the door if someone rang the bell even if you couldn’t monitor or open whenever you wanted. Now it’s impossible to do anything. It’s offline 100% of the time and even when the app says “door successfully unlocked” the door doesn’t open. I have tried logging out and back in, deleting and reinstalling the app, clearing the cache but still no change.
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1 year ago, Amy A Shields
Convenient and Easy to Use!
I'm living in an APT building in NYC. I have been using the Akuvox SmartPlus app for the past few months and I must say, it has made my daily routine a lot more convenient! The app allows me to manage access control for my apartment with ease, from granting access to my families to monitoring visitors. This app is simple and intuitive. I especially like the real-time video feed feature. It also enables me to communicate with visitors remotely, which is very convenient. It's a must-have tool that simplifies the process and enhances security.
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9 months ago, jess 💁
My building installed this system a few months ago. Unfortunately trying to contact a Property Manager is near impossible, so the fact that the app suddenly stopped working leaves me with no options. Last night it said my account had expired. Now this morning it’s working again, but my account information doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tried numerous times and it will not send me a reset email. Every time I try to login it locks me out for 5 minutes. I think at the very least it should send the email to reset your password, considering I get a pop up saying “Email Sent Succesful”. BROKEN. Literally makes it difficult to access my HOME. Horrible.
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1 year ago, Lunacali
Doesn’t obey Do Not Disturb Settings
We use this at a space I work at. If I have Do Not Disturb enabled or even a custom focus mode specific to this app to block notifications, the phone still vibrates when someone rings the door. The only way to disable it is to turn off all notifications for the app which is annoying to do every time I’m off the clock. Plus sometimes it just stops working and you can no longer monitor the door as the camera goes black. The only way to fix it it’s to physically go to the location and power cycle the unit. It’s a piece of junk, both the app and the physical keypad/camera.
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1 year ago, 188aka990
An Essential Tool for Pet Owners
I keep 2 dogs and 1 cat in my house, so leaving my furry friends at home can be stressful. The Akuvox SmartPlus app has helped to keep an eye on my pets wherever I am. I can see what they're doing through 3-rd party cameras on SmartPlus. And I'll receive aleart notifications when something dangerous is occuring in my home and detected by the sensors. This app has made it easier for me to care for my pets and feel less anxious when I'm away from home.
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1 year ago, kok james
Just like it
I've been using their intercom products for a good while now, and I gotta say, I'm really diggin' the look and feel of their gear. Had a few hiccups at first, but their team was quick on the draw to help me tackle those issues and make things right. All in all, they're definitely focused on improving the user experience and making sure their customers are happy, which is super impressive if you ask me.
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1 year ago, orraaoo
Reliable and responsive
I can't tell you how reliable this app is. I've never had any issues with the app crashing or failing to connect to my devices. The app also provides real-time updates and alerts, so I always know who's walking by my house and if there's any security threats. Moreover, this app provides photos of the door release events with date and time stamped, making my house more secure.
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1 year ago, Theresa W Chavez
Making my home safer
I've always been concerned about home security, but the Akuvox SmartPlus app has taken my peace of mind to the next level. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, this app has become an indispensable part of my home security system. One of the features that I appreciats the most is the video streaming. Whether I'm at home or away, I can quickly check in on my security cameras and make sure that everything is okay. The motion detection alerts are another great feature. Whenever motion is detected, I receive an instant notification on my phone. This has come in handy on multiple occasions. I'm really impressed with this app, as it has made a huge difference in the way I approach home security.
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1 year ago, Nellie S Norton
Good for travel
I usually travel around and this apphelps a lot. Last month I went to Las Vegas and this app allowed me to ensure that everything was okay and that my home was secure through indoor cameras. What's more, I could see the visitors on the app and unlock the door for my families remotely. SmartPlus has made it easier for me to travel with peace of mind knowing that I can check on my home at any time. Very good application.
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1 year ago, H.T Lewis
Great video quality, easy to use
The Akuvox SmartPlus app makes monitoring what's happening in front of my home a breeze. The video quality is excellent, and I can easily access it from my phone. I also appreciate the app's intuitive interface, which makes it easy to navigate and use. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my experience using the Akuvox SmartPlus app
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1 year ago, 1799239114
Love it for enhanced security
This app has made it incredibly convenient for me to manage access control of my apartment. I no longer have to worry about keys or manually opening and closing gates. The app allows me to remotely control my smart doorphone and receive notifications whenever someone enters my home. It's an essential tool that every smart homeowner should have.
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5 years ago, photow
Works only with incoming calls
Empty screen since last update when app is turned on
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1 year ago, cady.chen
Child-friendly features
As a mother, I appreciate the child-friendly features of SmartPlus. I usually work late at the office, and the security mode ensures that when something dangeraous is detected by sensors, I'll receive alert notifications on the app. And if someone visits, I can see him through the door phone's camera clearly even at night.
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7 months ago, petekaz
Drains Battery Constantly
Every morning I wake up, my iPhone battery is much lower than expected. I do not charge my phone at night. For example, last night I went to bed, the phone was as at 100%, but seven hours later I wake to 75% charge. After checking Settings -> Battery, it clearly shows that every hour SmartPlus used 1h of the battery doing Background Activities using 95% of the battery each hour. I even killed the app and restarted my phone before I went to bed last night—all to no avail. I cannot recommend this app due this issue.
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1 year ago, Gerry Lin和打火机大姐大姐版本
Convenient access control
The Akuvox SmartPlus app‘s access control feature has made managing access to my property incredibly convenient. I can great access to visitors or delivery personnel from anywhere with just a few taps on my phone. The app also allows me to view access logs, so I can keep track of who has entered my property and when.
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1 year ago, Anniyiiiiii
Simplifying My Daily Routine
The Akuvox SmartPlus app has made my daily routine so much simpler. I no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring my keys or IC card because I can release the door on my phone. Additionally, I can speak to the food deliveries on the app when they're talking through the door phone, so I don't have to walk to the door when I'm busy.
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1 year ago, May3706
App for easy communication
The intercom feature of the Akuvox SmartPlus app has made communication with my family incredibly easy. Whether I'm upstairs or downstairs, I can speak to my family through the app and they can pick up the call on an inddor monitor or the app, making it easy to stay connected and keep my family safe.👍
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1 year ago, c.tap
Please fix notifications
I’ve checked my settings multiple times - I have notifications turned on. And there are no settings like “Do Not Distrub” turned on that would block a notification from reaching me. Multiple times this week I have not received notification of a delivery person trying to gain access to the building. It has caused multiple inconveniences. What is the point of a smart system if it isn’t smart or convenient? Please fix your system!
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1 year ago, chen.fj
Incredibly reliable
As someone who is always on the go, I appreciate the convenience of the Akuvox SmartPlus app. It allows me to easily monitor visitors and control my door phone from anywhere, using my smartphone. With features like real-time video streaming and motion detection alerts, I feel confident that my home is secure, even when I'm away.
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1 year ago, Triplepig
Excellent application
The app is intuitive and easy to use. I particularly like the dashboard, which provides a quick overview of all my cameras and devices. The app also allows me to activate the security mode via one tap when I'm leaving home. I would recommend Akuvox to anyone looking for a user-friendly home monitoring solution.
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11 months ago, adwayalt
Meh To Unusable Overnight
The app has never been great, but it was at least functional. However, in the past day or two it has become completely unusable. It constantly tells me the it cannot connect to the server. I have come to realize this is an issue caused by using a VPN, but I’ve been using it with the VPN for months and there were never issues with opening/monitoring the door. I have also tried to submit a ticket via the app support link and the webpage never loads.
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1 year ago, Aaa952
Handy features for remote access
With this app, I can unlock my door for visitors from anywhere. This is a particularly useful feature, as I often have guests arriving when I'm not at home. I also love the app's ability to integrate with other cameras. My life is much easier and more convenient with Akuvox SmartPlus!
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1 year ago, NikolausF
An excellent access control app
I recently installed the Akuvox X915 on my house and I have been amazed at how much convenience it has brought to me. The app's access control system is a game-changer, it allows me to manage the access control easily. Besides, the design of the device adds the sense of modernity to my house.
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1 year ago, 小苏33333
Excellent customer support
I had a question about the Akuvox SmartPlus app, so I reached out to customer support, and I was impressed with the level of service I received. The representative was knowledgeable and friendly, and they quickly resolved my issue. It's great to know that there is a reliable support team behind this app.
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1 year ago, Oh66666666
100% recommend
I can't remember the days without Akuvox SmartPlus. Everything is easy now. I can check what's happening outside my door on my mobile through the cameras of the Akuvox door phone and let the dog-walker in by pressing on the virtual door-unlocking button. I wish everyone knows how great it is!
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6 months ago, Keel555
Garbage spyware
Stingy property managers install this system which is subsidized by a large and hostile foreign government. It requires full access to the phone camera to show a one-way video feed from the call box, which of course makes no sense. Repeatedly bugs the user for full access to camera, contacts, photo library, etc. It often fails to send notifications when the door is rung, so be prepared to miss deliveries. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app a few times. Besides all that, works pretty well. 1/5 stars.
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1 year ago, Hector T Lewis
Easy setup process
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up the Akuvox SmartPlus app. The app provides step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, and I was able to get everything up and running in just a few minutes. The setup process was straightforward and hassle-free.
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1 year ago, handsomeboy-shui
Great app for home security
The Akuvox SmartPlus app is a great product for keeping my home secure. With features like motion detection and alert notifications, I feel more in control of my security than ever before. Usually, I activate the security mode thorugh the app when I'm hanging out to ensure everything is ok in my house.
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1 year ago, Gerry Fredericksen
Love the video communication
Very clear video communication on this app! I can see the visitors on my smartphone without the need to walk to the door. And when someone is asking for entry, I can grant them access through one simple tap on the app. It's time-saving and hassle-free.
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11 months ago, WolvishVisage
Terrible app
The monitor no longer works in this app and when you try to see who is trying to enter your building, like crackheads in NYC for example, you press on the “monitor” button and the screen is black. You cannot see who is trying to enter your building therefore the app is unusable if you have to walk to the front door and see who’s there with your own eyes every time someone tries to come in the building. Awful.
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2 years ago, CITYXCOWGIRL
Horrible App
The app is unreliable. My husband and I both have on our IPhones. His usually works, mine doesn’t. The app was set up by our security company installer and, initially not worked fine. We’ll stand side by side and mine won’t work. Get a Ring camera system- at least they work. Mine won’t bite through the camera or take a screenshot. Useless. The developers need to create an app that works seamlessly. This isn’t it.
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1 year ago, Blake zero
No more surprises
I can't tell you how many times the Akuvox SmartPlus app has saved me from unpleasant surprises at home. Its reliable notifications let me know whenever there's motion or any other significant event.
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3 years ago, sambo miz
So Happy
I was always missing my packages coming to the building. The building just installed this. I am so happy because I had so many packages I wasn’t receiving. This feels like I have a virtual assistant
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3 years ago, bibhgt
Makes life so simple
I have this at my home. Whenever I get a delivery it is now so easy to communicate with the courier. I can open my gate and instruct them where to leave the packages.
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12 months ago, Mike Soualae
App is fast and good
Remote access is super convenience for my family. Use App almost everyday for my kids when they off school.
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2 years ago, javiermp40
Great App
The simplicity of this app is amazing! It is the perfect solution for multi family buildings. The video quality is great and all security features work as expected.
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3 years ago, gripJohnny12
Easy to navigate.
the monitors at home are great. It is amazing to be able to open the door and gate from anywhere in the world.
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4 months ago, Jay Trump1
Missing features.
when calling to either my front door or any other camera, the sound can only be heard via the phones speaker even while phone is connected to AirPods. You gotta remove your AirPods and communicate via speaker even when you are in a room full of ppl… terrible.
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1 month ago, deepredsky
Can’t monitor video without sending video
This app is completely ignorant of the user’s privacy. It is impossible to see who is at the door without enabling sending video from my phone to the caller as well. What if I’m in the bathroom? Have the developers of this app ever actually used it?
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3 years ago, rytrewbh
My office installed this
Allows all our employees to be able to remotely allow packages to be accepted.
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1 week ago, spac92
Watch app
The app on the watch is unusable. The app freezes every time I try to unlock the door. Please fix. Also, I noticed that the unless I have my iPhone on me, the watch app doesn’t work at all.
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3 years ago, Zivi1234
Just what I needed
Works exactly as expected & is overall a great app for smart intercom
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2 weeks ago, Annoyed w/WWF
Down once again
This app keeps malfunctioning. I can’t access the camera. I’m missing deliveries, because the bell is not ringing on my phone. It’s difficult to contact the “service provider” for help with these issues.
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8 months ago, bourdainncozy
Loading takes forever!
It takes so much time to open the app and take the actions needed such as opening the door…
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4 years ago, AngryDashedCustomer
Stuck outside my gate because your app has a blank screen on the open door view UI
Blank screen and can’t open gate ? Stuck sitting there ... you guys want some app dev help ? I do IOS app dev.. I would be glad to help you make it work better. So that I’m not stuck outside my own gate.
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4 years ago, ArtTang
Impossible to get support
The app worked fine for a month or two on our respective iPhones. Then the app stopped working and we could no longer access the system at all. Zero customer support. No phone contact. No reply to our emails.
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