Alarm Clock for Me - Wake Up!

4.6 (123.6K)
118.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apalon Apps
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Alarm Clock for Me - Wake Up!

4.59 out of 5
123.6K Ratings
3 years ago, perlaL11
I like this😴😋
It’s one because it has my music on and I like and I do use it all the time and I’m going to use it forever because I like the music on it can you show me a dance on it next days and wakes me up for school so why are you like this if anybody like this download it now because it’s going to make it perfect for your ears well not really it could be loud I will put it really really loud because I want to wake up very early because usually my mom woke me up but I couldn’t wake up I don’t really wake up I kind of just feel like a noob noob but yeah I think so it’s pretty good for you because you know sometimes you guys don’t wake up early for your schools because you better wake up early because I’m not your moms can you get a little spank on yourself so you should be very careful well are used us for now so less like it use it now before I going to sneak in your house and then wake you up late so you better wake upwake up wake up wake up well I hope you guys have a good day so yeah bye have a great day with it hehehe😂😂😂 Lol bye bye
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2 months ago, Camfishy8
Happy at first
I downloaded this partly because it didn’t have in app purchases. Finally, something that would provide the functions I want without requiring an upgrade or monthly fee. It went fine for a week or two when I would click through the “done” and “x” buttons on an ad when I’d turn it on and then leave it for the night. It eventually started asking me more often if I wanted to upgrade to the ad free version and I noticed a couple days ago that the screen would be off when I woke up during the night. I’d unlock my phone, watch the ad, and put it down again. Last night, I woke up just in time to see one of those fake “you’ve been infected by 18 viruses” type pages. Closed it and reopened the app. This morning I checked and found that it had opened at least three spammy screens in my browser probably over the last couple nights. It’s not ok for an app without in app purchases to keep bothering me about purchasing something and definitely not ok for it to start opening browser windows in the middle of the night. Even if I wasn’t concerned about security issues, this causes the phone to lock and the alarm won’t sound since it’s on silent and the app is closed. All I wanted was a clock to show during the night and an alarm to play in the morning and this app messed both those up.
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4 years ago, GrannyGinney
Used the free version for over a year & it was GREAT! Then, ads got extremely annoying so spent the $3.99 for the upgrade. At the get-go, have to agree to allowing notifications AND app had to be left open overnight in order for the alarm to work! That should’ve been a red flag but had already paid for the upgrade so continued on. Chose a new wake up time & music. Before I could finish, at the bottom of the screen was an ad that wasn’t supposed to be there w/the upgrade! Figured it was “operator error” so turned phone off ... in hopes to reset - & started over. Saved the new time, previewed the music. Continued to have those annoying ads so, again, turned phone off & started over. Did this 3-4 times. “Appeared” new time & music was saved & being totally exasperated, left app open, put phone on the charger & went to bed. The next morning, “old” music woke me up at the “old” time!! Have an IPhone 8 - anyone else having this issue? Is it the phone, the upgraded app or me? I’m so disappointed! Btw, IF I read it correctly, not only does one have to allow notifications, have to also allow access to music (understandable), camera (why??) & a list of almost everything on your phone! Should’ve NEVER agreed to such intrusive allowance!! Ended up deleting Alarm For Me Upgraded App!! Now I’m out $3.99; have No Alarm & feel totally ripped off!!
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4 years ago, Pamonas
One of the best!
I absolutely love this alarm clock but it’s more then just an alarm clock. It let’s me know what the weather is like outside at that moment, it’s got a really cool flashlight which comes in handy at night when I don’t want to get up and turn on the lights. I also wanted to say that the best thing I like about the alarm is that, when it goes off it doesn’t immediately screech out loud but it starts off real soft and low then progressively gets louder until you can hear it and wake up. There are several sounds to choose from, I choose the tune get funky.....try it you just might like it.......thank you for coming up with an alarm clock app that works really well for my needs and the needs of others if they’ll just give it a try!
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7 months ago, callmeamys
Is this a joke?
Not sure if I’m reviewing the free version with ads (useless; not sure why that’s even an option) or the full version I paid for since they are near identical (😒) but two days in a row this alarm doesn’t go off until I unlock the phone and pull the app up. What?! I have it set for 7:05 a.m., snooze disabled, with the math option to turn it off. When I actually woke up at 7:45 a.m. on my own and opened my phone to see if the alarm is set correctly (for the second day in a row), when I unlocked my phone and look at the app to see what was going on, the alarm suddenly went off like it was 7:05 a.m. I have no idea how this is supposed to be useful if the phone is required to be unlocked and burning battery all night in order to work. I don’t even know HOW to keep my screen active for 8 hours and shouldn’t have to. No idea how this app has such great reviews when it doesn’t do the ONE THING it’s supposed to do. Thank you, NEXT!
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7 years ago, Gh0stP0tat0
Naaaaaag. Ads do not close. Ads insanely frequent.
It's one thing to have ads. That's fine. However, full screen ads that interrupt you MID ALARM CHANGE and then literally cannot be closed are beyond obnoxious. It's a good app, does what it advertises, but I haven't bought the paid version solely because of how obnoxious and insanely frequent the ads are. It's a complete turnoff. It would even be different if they could be closed, but I can bap away like mad at that little misleading 'x' and it will literally never disappear until the ad just times out. Sometimes it doesn't even show me an ad. It just opens up the app store, and right under where half a second before my finger was touching the screen for an app feature, is conveniently where the 'Get' button turns out to be. Everything all together make it feel immensely shady and again makes me not want to bother with the paid version. I keep hoping new versions will be less irritating, and maybe I'll bite the bullet and get it, but I think I'm at the point of uninstall here soon. If a company wants to trick me into clicking to purchase stuff in the store, why would I go and buy their app and just trust that it would be better? I've bought apps before where it turned out to be just 'fewer' ads, not 'zero' ads, and no real increased functionality. If there had just been a trial period with less obnoxiousness, I'd have probably bought it ages ago.
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3 years ago, cali rose albano
Trying it out
I’m impressed with the ease it is to set up Additionally, I was impressed with the options given to turn the alarm off~ you can make it so you have to actually do math in order to turn it off😃 this way you can’t trick your alarm and go back to sleep! I’m looking forward to the morning to see how it goes! I’ll check back in with a report for everyone Here’s an update on the app! I used it the first time and really liked that I had to do the simple math because I’m all honesty Having to think woke me up more than thing I own my own business so I have no one to check in with but myself so I think this is going to help me be accountable to myself!! It has a lot of other features like being able to use your own Apple Music as the alarm and much more ! I really like the options It allows for color scheme and clock style It’s pretty cool I’m going to encourage you to give it a try Plus it’s free👍🏼😃 As I use it more I’ll add my opinions I like simplicity and short directions for new things This is right up my alley~user friendly!! Highly recommend by me Thanks for reading and a thumbs up!
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7 years ago, Jorobins
Worst nagging app I’ve ever come across
When my other regular alarm app started behaving erratically after the upgrade to ios11, i was forced to go to this app. I desperately want to switch to another alarm app. This app pesters you with notifications for products and other crap pretty much all the time. And you can’t turn off notifications because that is needed for the alarm to go off. And this is the only app that exploits notifications for ads. I will jump ship as soon as possible. Two thumbs down!!!! Update: The developer responded to the above review by recommending their paid apps to avoid nagging pop ups. So their marketing strategy seems to be to drive their free app customers to pay for their app by hounding then with pop ups. I’m sorry. (a) no other free app has ever pestered me with a pop up. Non intrusive ads yes! I can understand. Notifications are for alarms and not for your crazy stupid ads. (b) this just drives me far from all your products. And I’ve just deleted this app and started using another alarm app. Adios!
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2 years ago, Heyheyhheyheyheyheyheyhey
great but annoying
this all is great. i tried using so much alarm clock apps to wake me up since it is difficult to do that. this alarm app however is wonderful. if the alarm goes off and you close your phone, it will still go off until you click on stop. there’s different option on how you want to be waken up. math problems, snooze, or shake the phone really hard. however, one annoying thing i hate really hate about this app are the ads. they are nonstop. even if you wait till it’s order, BOOM! another one comes. it’s really frustrating, but that’s because i have patience. if you don’t have patience, then i recommend buying it without the ads or find another alarm app. so far, this one is the best i’ve downloaded and used. i would recommend, besides the ads.
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3 years ago, Lil' Miller
Far too many glitches
Not sure where to start 1) I set 3 alarms with different sounds, but all 3 ended up playing the exact same song 2) the volume would randomly spike to horribly loud for no reason 3) you have to have the app open at all times on your phone at night to give yourself even a chance at the alarms going off. You cant set the alarms and close the app or even lock your phone or it will malfunction and one morning none of the alarms even went off. 4) if you turned your phone sideways while an alarm was going on, the button to turn off the alarm would completely disappear. Then you had to open and close the alarm app until it decided to come back and all the while your alarm is blaring 5) tried to turn on 10 shakes to turn off alarm. It did not work. After 5 minutes of shaking it up, down, sideways, and every combination of directions I could, it was only counting 6 total shakes. I had to uninstall the app to get the alarm to stop Also some of the default alarm sounds are very clearly a literal recording of a real alarm that they didn’t even bother to edit the length of properly This app is designed badly and works even worse. Try a different one. Its very telling that despite the high # of 5 star reviews, the most helpful reviews are nearly all 1-3 stars. Not sure who these people are that left 5 star reviews but they aren’t providing much help in their review.
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5 years ago, Sariyachandler# softball08
Alarm clock
I love this app it really helps me wake up to a different song but the only thing that you have to have is Appel music and I have Apple Music but you have to pay for it so I just have to play the music of of the app. I personally think that you should just use the one on you’re apple iphone and they have more choices of music . But over all I like this app it also tells you the weather and there’s also music that makes you fall asleep like rain music and everybody like that one it will also allow you to control how long you want the music to stay on. So I will be issuing this alarm for now on and I texted to see if it actually works and it dose it also gives you the time. And includes timers countdowns and other stuff. So I really like this app I suggest that you get it cause it’s a really nice app.
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4 years ago, Nesty FUEL
Almost perfect
This application is great I’m using for the past year, but lately, during night time, the application is trying to change my actual location giving a message during the night in the display, the message is bright white with a sound, it wake me, I answered that I do not want to change my actual location, but it keep appearing every hour. This do not happened every day but at least one a month. I’m trying check how I can disable this function during the night after the apps is running but it seems imposible. If this function to change the actual location is not operating after you go to sleep it will be a perfect apps. What bothers me is that the location function want to change my actual location to another town that I’m not located.
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6 years ago, TKK8263
Love this app, many styles of display, Was worth a few dollars for full version, I forget cost but know it was cheap. I love the versatility, have had no issues, use when traveling or at home, my own music for each alarm. The only addition I would add is a suspend one time button, sometimes I get up before alarm and start getting dressed ect. I don’t want alarm going off, wish I could just hit one button that suspends alarm for that day only, as of now I have to delete alarm and hope I reset that night, so I hope developer sees this and adds to next update, other than that best alarm I’ve ever owned.
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4 years ago, Anjelly12
Very strange ad behavior
Be careful. If you’re like me and are completely out of it when waking up you’ll end up accidentally clicking on an advertisement while trying to snooze the alarm. It’s not just 1 as window theyre back to back consistent with the amount of alarms that go off- if I had 3 alarms ring then there will be 3 ad windows. Also, they’re not just regular ads- they’re scam ads “you have been selected as our iPhone winner”. Those are scary things to accidentally click on and they always pop up the most when the alarm is going off. Almost like they want to just maximize their ad revenue by gaining clicks from people who are in a dead sleep and can’t focus on what they’re doing as they’re waking up. Very annoying. Otherwise it is an obnoxious alarm which is exactly what I need to get up. Would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t so sketchy.
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5 years ago, Robo-1701
Good design with excellent potential.
It has a clean, beautiful interface that manages to be informative and uncluttered at the same time, but I would like to recommend a few additions: 1. Add a few more prevalent marks for the five minute intervals between the quarter hours on the ultrasonic display, possibly in conjunction with an optional digital readout near the weather data in case the user is experiencing an early morning brain fog. 2. A 24-hour setting for the ultrasonic display. 3. Allow entire albums and playlists to be imported for alarms. 4. A display with a more classic analog look would not be displeasing either. Additional: I noted that a number of other reviews commented on the add aspect. I understand that ads are there to provide a form of compensation for production and that there is a paid version available which I will decide on one way or the other when I am in a position to make an app purchase. In the meantime I would recommend that a ticker approach, perhaps one matching the color setting of the display and which would be replaced by a feed of article titles/links from one or more pages of the user’s choice in the paid version. I hope that my thoughts can be of service to both the programmer and my fellow downloaders.
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3 years ago, jlsn77
Works almost sorta like I want
I’ve tried multiple alarm clocks and this one is the closest to what I’m looking for. I bought the paid version of this app because it said it would run in the background, which it does. However I have two issues. 1) the alarm does go off when in the background but it doesn’t keep some of the options I selected such as fade in. It’s very loud and 2) when the alarm goes off it doesn’t show the snooze or stop options on the screen unless the app is open. I was hoping it would come to the front even if the Lock Screen was on. I’m sure it’s just because I have a setting wrong but it’s frustrating that I can’t find a simple basic alarm clock that works how I need it to. Guidance or suggestions are welcome
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7 years ago, GeriLS
Extreme amount of pop-ups!
First, yes I know this is a free app. But the over-whelming amounts of ads, most prevalent pop-up ads that open my browser and tell me I've won a gift card, are limiting the functionality of this app! In a matter of minutes, this morning I had 6 windows opened in Safari by the same gift card ad. It is making this app not worth the hassle! I can't even leave the app open to use it as a clock. The ads take over my screen. When I open the app to check my alarms, ads pop up before I can get to the alarm screen. Yes, I could pay you $4 to remove your highly annoying tactics trying to force me to pay for the upgrade. Or I can ignore your coerced marketing, delete your app and find another of dozens of free apps to replace it. OK - I just read reviews of the paid app. It appears that the pop-ups also occur in the paid version. Definitely searching for a better alarm app!
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5 years ago, Khris10117
You have to have your phone unlocked
I like how this app looks and functions, but you have to have the app open in order for it to play your own music, which I get, but after waking up to my alarm in the morning only to burn my hand off because running programs AND charging my phone always heats up my phone, I decided I’d rather just have their sounds go off. Well, every time I’ve set an alarm, it doesn’t go off until I unlock my phone to find out why my alarm ISN’T going off! So you have to have your phone unlocked so the alarm goes off...a feature that the phone does automatically and I would have to change that feature every night and every morning. No thank you. 😩 Update: I was contacted by them informing me that if the phone was on silent mode, it wouldn’t go off. (Paraphrasing of course) And my response to their response is an, as polite as one CAN say: no dur 👍🏻
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2 years ago, GrifterWolf
A ‘Meh’ Experience
So I remember having this app a couple of years ago but I’d stopped it when the snooze button no longer appeared on the Lock Screen. I am giving it a second try. I am still trying to see if the snooze button is better on various settings because it does not appear on the Lock Screen still. And the more frustrating thing is that despite me selecting several songs from my playlist and seeing my playlist as the option it STILL pulls from the default tones list. I should not have paid a second time to have ads removed because so far it really isn’t worth that $5. And this product really should be a lot better than this, it performs the basic function of an alarm but nothing else is working as advertised. Very disappointing.
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9 months ago, Ur Glitch
Would be great but..,
So I downloaded the app because I’m a college student and need 55 alarms to not miss class. I was getting a little tired of apples alarm app so I went searching and found this app. It sounds great in theory has some adds but that doesn’t really bother me the real problem is the alarms didn’t go off. The App is telling me the “alarms won’t ring” because I have do not disturb times set for my class hours. Now these alarms are set before my classes so I don’t miss those aid classes and before the “do not disturb” times so I don’t see a problem. This is a huge bug in the system! So if you have quiet time, sad, or do not disturb on your phone automatically, do not download this app it will NOT work! Thank god I set up back up alarms on the generic alarm app the comes on iPhone.
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2 months ago, Mavigozlusukusu
Needs to be improved
Few simple things would make this app really good. First, creating a playlist for alarm. You can create a playlist for sleep function but not for alarm. It makes no sense how they miss this. So simple but it will improve the rating to 4 star. Also, I would like to see if you can select to wake up to a radio on iTunes music. So instead of selecting a song have the ability to select the entire playlist or a radio station. Last thing is ability to enlarge the numbers. Digital display should be made bigger or smaller (zoom). More color options or ability to add nature background or photos from the library. I think these improvements would bring it to a 5 stars. Seems simple to me and o hope they can add these functions soon.
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7 years ago, tennselr
Update made it worse
When I first picked this up I loved this app. I could connect with my music and use songs to wake up to instead of some blasting alarm in my ear. I rate it down to a three because since the new update I feel it no longer functions as an alarm should. As example, the song I pick for my alarm only plays once. It used to continue playing. Shouldn't an alarm keep "alarming" until I shut it off? I have slept through this twice now. Secondly, the app doesn't run in the background. It has to be the app your phone is active on for it to work, so if you get anything else going, such as a network asking to join; the alarm will not function. In my opinion not good. Fix those two things and you would have a great app again
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5 years ago, shouldntbesodifficult
What kind of alarm clock needs to be open in the middle of the night
The "alarm clock for me" app is great but has flaws. For example the adds pop up every 5 minutes! This wouldn't be much of a problem if it didn't require you to keep the app open the entire night. So when your trying to sleep the adds pop up and light up your room. But the app is also pretty great at waking you up. There are many settings to how to wake up like shaking your device, doing a math question (easy,intermidiate, or hard you choose) or just tapping a button. Also their are many different settings to customize what music you want to play, when you want to wake up, how long will your snooze be,ect. It also includes weather.
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11 months ago, 𝕓𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕚
Unbelievable!!! Get this app!!
So check it out. I have tried SO MANY freaking alarm apps including ones you have to pay a crazy amount of money for. All I wanted was something that WORKED EVERY TIME. That’s the whole point of an alarm clock! I downloaded this app and kept waiting for the catch. It has all of the features of these other apps you have to pay a subscription for. THIS APP IS FREE and I literally barely notice the ads! I never write reviews but whoever developed this deserves whatever help this review gives them because this app is RAD!!
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7 years ago, eka28
Deleting this app!
All I wanted was a clock face for my phone that I could use at night. But EVERY SINGLE TIME I open this app, I get some sort of message asking me to change my app settings, upgrade the app, or write a review. Very annoying!! I just want to be able to open the app and use it. I will find another one. UPDATE: After I posted this review, I received a response from the developer saying this was because the app was free, and suggested I pay for the upgrade. Well, I have used plenty of free apps, but never had this experience where I get a message to change my app settings EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the app. This is annoying and if I wanted to change my settings I would do so. I don't want the app asking me to do so every time I go to use it. Seems like common sense to me. The last thing I'm going to do is pay for this app, or any "upgrade."
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6 years ago, Ms. Layde
I’ve had this app for a while and all of a sudden the sound of the alarm is on silent! I have done EVERYTHING to assure the sound is on but yet it still is on silent. Is this a way in to making people purchase the advanced alarm clock? I’m going to have to find an alarm that works. UPDATE: To the developer, I have made sure sound functionality is working correctly on the phone in setting under sounds and the do not disturb is NEVER turned on my phone. I also made sure the sound is turned on in the alarm as well. Matter of fact, this will be the second time this has happened tonight (5/3/18) and I wrote my original review in March. Clearly something is wrong with the app and it needs to be fixed. I’m not sure if it’s bc of system updates on the phone or what. Maybe it’s time you update this app.
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2 years ago, thisn!cknameistaken
It works but the ads make it unbearable
I know this is the free version, so I expected ads, but this is insane. Not sure if it’s a glitch or if they intentionally wanted to make it so bad that you have to spend money to remove them. I spend more time trying to escape the onslaught of ads than I do setting the alarm. And once you exit out of one, 5 more will follow before you get the chance to set an alarm. I have to get out of the app and get back in every single time I use it because of the glitchy ads that pop up constantly. Some of them are the scammer ads that say “your phone has a virus, click here!!” too. Didn’t want to rate something this bad, but I wish the developers would fix this issue
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7 years ago, Geschei
Great app
Because of my tinnitus I need white noise to sleep in addition to an alarm clock. This app has not only those features but also has the weather! I like how I can can wake to my music. I'm able to customize the type of white noise I need and set a timer to stop when the alarm goes off. The only problem I have is with the ultrasonic clock. It's really cool but the day of the week does not update! Frustrating at times. Please look into this matter. Otherwise a great app and even better app for all the features you get for the price.
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7 years ago, DavidCrosmierIII
Just too much!
I cannot even try the app for 5 minutes without being assaulted with at least 6 pop-ups wanting me enable accesses or upgrade. Why the author didn't use an 'if' statement to skip all upgrade requests the first few uses is beyond me. This is a kitchen sink app by offering too many disjoint features. Weather? (got that by default already) and wanting location services is top much for me. So why did I download it? I was hoping that the alarm system would be more robust than the iPhone default. It isn't. I want to be by allowed to select the date. If you want an alarm more than 7 days in the future, don't look here! To be fair, the iPhone alarm works the same way.
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4 years ago, Me5468632
Does not work in background on IPhone
I downloaded the free version to test out that the alarm would in fact work through my Bluetooth headphones. It did and connected well, and it didn’t play on the phone’s speakers. However, listed in their features in clearly states that in will run in the background without the app having to be running. I checked a couple reviews that also said it would run in the background. So I felt $4 is a bit steep for an alarm app but if it does what I need it to do then it’s fine. Bought the app- left it open but switched to another music app and nothing but a notification; no vibration, nothing. Tried various other things and played with all the settings- it absolutely will not sound the alarm or vibrate unless you have the phone open to the app.
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2 years ago, Decendt
Almost perfect
This alarm clock is almost perfectly what I’m looking for. I’m using it for a lucid dreaming technique that combines WBTB and WILD. The function I need from this clock that’s hard to find is the auto snooze. However it would be much better for the technique I’m going for if I could auto snooze for up to 90minutes and also forever. As in it auto snoozes in 30seconds and the alarm does not go off again until the next day. It would also be most beneficial if I could edit the auto snooze duration. I would want it to be around 10-15 seconds rather than 30. If these two features could be added I will give 5 stars.
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5 years ago, guess my age?
Alarm clock for me
Just downloaded the app. So did my family. Seems awesome! Exactly what we needed and is useful. Not over the top, complicated or annoying. Just did a text alarm that proved that it will go off when the app is shut, (phone is off) but won’t stop until you open the app. I think that’s great because you will fully wake up by opening your phone and going to the app to deactivate it. Simple. Easy. Awesome. Also, math problem to deactivate?!? AMAZING!!! My son will get some early math in with this one!!! Also, a flashlight when you double tap? So cool!!
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4 months ago, Leroy16098
Weather server unavailable.
Been using this app as my go to alarm clock for a while. All of the sudden two days ago it started acting up. You open the app to set your alarm and go to bed. I would get a pop-up that states “weather server unavailable” and it would refresh every second and you could clear it. It makes the app completely unusable. I hope the get it fixed.
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7 years ago, Excited consumer
Use another app not this one
The free version is terrible. The pop ups are obnoxious and bothersome. The first night I used this app the alarm didn't go off because of an overnight pop up. The alarm went off once before it quit working. This was the free version. I decided to pay for the full version because of the pop ups. Once again it worked the first night and that was it. The app doesn't do the one thing it's designed to do... wake you up with an alarm. I recommend trying to find another app and not wasting your time on this one. I deleted the app and wish I could get my money back. This app is terrible. Also the fact that you have to leave it open to even work is garbage. If you accidentally close it good luck. This is very inconvenient to the user.
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7 years ago, Mavisless
Okay, but not recommended
The basic functionality of the app is decent. Nothing particularly great, but it does the job. However, the ads are hands down the worst I have ever seen with an app. They are frequently sketchy, often bordering on scams, they are incessant and lack variety, and they are usually full screen with timers so that you cannot access the app until it decides you have sufficiently enjoyed the advert. If you like the app, be prepared to pay for it because the ads are far worse than any other app I have ever used. As for me, it’s being deleted. I have other, better alarm apps, and my experience with the ad-funded version left me with no desire to see what the programmer feels appropriate in a full version.
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4 years ago, TN Riverat
Tried it and had to delete it
Tried the free version to see if I liked it enough to buy. After about two weeks it’s started getting buggy. Started with difficulties switching from landscape to profile. Then had issues with it not wanting to close fully. I could tell it was still running in the background. Last night the sleep-timer for the sleep sounds failed. Woke up 3hrs after I went to bed and the 30min wave sound was still playing. So I closed the app completely. Then this morning the alarm went off like the app was still running. Deleted it. Liked the features and the recommendations for times to go to sleep to match sleep cycles. But too buggy. Very disappointed.
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11 months ago, Shadestream
I’m not normally one to take time out of my day to write a review, but I will for this app. I initially downloaded it for my iPhone because I was hoping to have a little more customization for my alarm music than the iPhone’s native app. As I was scrolling through the app’s features, I saw a timer for a boiled egg. I decided to try to delete it and was almost immediately sent to an ad that started dinging very loudly in pairs, over and over again with no way to immediately close it. All the while it’s telling me how my iPhone’s memory is full and it will erase all of my information if I don’t download whatever garbage all they’re wanting me to download. It’s 11pm and I am now wide awake. I wish I could give this app fewer stars.
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5 years ago, falc97
Ads are extremely invasive
I very rarely write reviews but I had to for this nonsense. I was looking for a simple alarm clock to put on my nightstand. I downloaded the free version of this app. I completely understand that free versions of apps have ads. I get it and don’t mind. However, last night I woke up to my entire bedroom flashing only to look over a see some crappy ad continuously flashing. Basically, the goal of the free app is to show ads that are disruptive enough to randomly wake you up out of a dead sleep (not when I had the alarm set) and annoy the hell out of you until you buy the paid version. I was thinking of buying the paid version of this app because the app itself isn’t horrible. However, I will no longer do so just out of principle.
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1 year ago, MADMAX X ELEVEN
It has so many ads that it was not even usable and the fact that you put so many ads on here is literally annoying and I don’t even know why I have to do that anymore I just want to be able to see what I want to see and I don’t want to see what I’m doing and I don’t want to see it anymore I just want to see the results and I want to see how it goes and how it goes so I can see how it’s going to the music is great did I get a lot better I don’t want you getting hurt or something I just don’t know how it goes down the rabbit holes and all the other things I just don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do but I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what to bye bye love you bye I don’t know what to do it bye.
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2 years ago, Fletchi18
3 ads in the first minute of using the app
I’d love to see whether or not this app is good but after seeing all of those ads while trying to figure it out, they list me. Reply to developer response: I know this is the free version but I could t even evaluate the free version in order to see if I wanted to purchase it. I see a LOT of reviews here referencing the ads. You have a bad product with too many ads. Just admit that and adjust it a bit. Please stop with the bad responses. Yet another reply to the developer: just stop with the canned responses. If you are here to help instead of just making yourself look good, then help. Offer solutions. Change your program. Do something instead of just pasting canned responses.
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5 years ago, lesetoiles
Want to waste your time with an alarm that doesn’t work?
I don’t. I am very busy and I expect to be able to wake up when I want to wake up/when I have set the alarm to wake me up. I wasted over 40 minutes setting this up with several alarms setting the time and the snooze method and despite having my volume all the way up my sound turned on all of my notifications turned on not a single alarm went off not one! If there is some trick to this that I don’t know about it then I hope the developer will write me back and explain but otherwise please do not waste your time on this her Renda‘s app. The app that comes with your iPhone is significantly better and is guaranteed to at least turn on if not actually wake you up.
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4 months ago, Ose Shal
Keep getting Weather Server Down message
Worked great until I was away for the weekend and it asked me if I wanted to change my location to get the weather where I was and when I went to set the alarm I received a message that the weather server was down try again later and then it gets stuck in a loop when trying to hit OK. I had to close the app manually. Tried the developer website for help and that was useless as well as googling for help. I did all the usual fixes like checking my settings, uninstalling and reinstalling the app plus restarting my iPhone 15 Pro Max running ios17.3.1 and still couldn’t get around the same message so I uninstalled it and moved on.
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4 years ago, SharpAnikan
Horrible alarm
I’ve had this alarm app for years and have just grown to put up with its flaws but recently it’s been getting under my skin. I see a lot of comments about the ads and I agree the adds are quite excessive and ridiculous. The app takes forever to even turn on or to load on top of the fact the app takes many tries to open because it constantly crashes. Yes, this app has many functions others apps don't have, but it’s not worth the trouble. When I’m exhausted and just wanna set my alarm for bed it gets extremely annoying having to try and reopen the app twenty different times when I’m having trouble even keeping my eyes open. I do not recommend this app, download with caution.
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6 years ago, Sparkling Accordion
Ads and glitchy (can’t seem to truly delete the app)
Like everyone else, yes the ads are annoying and sketchy, and despite their annoyance I understand this is the gamble you take with free apps. However, I would not be writing this review if not for some weird glitches. Even while properly updated, the app would randomly shut down, freeze, etc. More interesting though is that even after deleting this app, it frequently pops up on my home screen (it disappears immediately after deletion but I will later notice it back after a restart to my phone). I thought I should note this because I have never had this experience with any of the countless apps I have used, and does have me a bit concerned.
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6 years ago, Goldylocks3033
Don’t bother unless you’re buying
And at $4 for something as simple as an alarm clock it’s not worth buying. I’m tired of simple aps desperately trying to be so much more to justify ripping you off. I don’t need the weather or something tto listen to me snore (???). just buzz when your supposed to. And the ads make the free version annoying. If you hit the snooze button a full page ad covers the time so now it’s not even performing it’s most basic function. And the ad stays until you close it. If you want it to alarm with music you have to leave the phone on with the ap open all night. And the “random song” feature doesn’t work???
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4 years ago, Leon 53
Music NOT shuffling
I have 5 different songs with one alarm set for each day of the week. They used to actually shuffle from one week to the next. I know what song is next as I’ve been hearing the same songs for many weeks. This is the same for each alarm set for each day. Songs are correct for that day; they simply do not change from week to week as they used to. This is one of the features I enjoyed about your app, which is otherwise very nice. Can you please help? I’ve tried closing the app entirely as well as turning the I-PAD difference.
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6 years ago, Valenslunara
Not just ads but SUPER ads
Normally ads don't bother me and I know I'm gonna get the generic "it's because it's free" but honestly, if it's a decent app that works well I usually buy the premium version. The quickest way to turn me off of an app is to bother me with not just one advertisement for the app I'm currently using but then ads for their other apps and they both have text pop ups AND the full screen ads that you have to click the little x. And let me tell you, when I'm trying to wake up and suddenly being annoyed with ads is how you get me to uninstall the app in less than a day. Your pushy tactics are having the opposite effect, I'm not going to reward a company with my money that does that.
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2 months ago, RonP1957
Song Won’t Play If App Isn’t Open
I really want to like this app because the iPhone native clock app is terrible. I want to wake to a song from my Apple music library. This app has this ability; however, the app has to be open (showing on the screen) for it to work. I have no problem with this but the iPhone does. After a period of time the iPhone will close the app screen and show the iPhone lock screen which prevents the song from playing. Very frustrating. I may look at some other apps.
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9 months ago, BluDemonSeed
Do NOT risk it!
Installed free to try it out, right off the bat it asked me to upgrade to get rid of ads. I said not yet then every time I set an alarm or moved screens it would pop up 2 ads back to back. Installed another alarm that seems okay so far came back to double check see if maybe the payed version would be worth it no sooner then I opened the app I popped up a warning you device is severally low on ninety this could harm you device functionality gave me an option to “neglect” or “except” I clicked the “x” in the top corner and it opened my Apple storm and sent me right to another app… don’t do it… I feel like my phones infected lol grrrr
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4 years ago, Cliff3f
Not loud enough on an iPad Pro
I’ve use this thing for a couple of years maybe three and it’s been fine. Three or four months ago I noticed that the alarm wasn’t as loud as it should be. I contacted the company and we emailed back-and-forth about four times. I followed the instructions I erased my old alarm and set a new one. I left the app on in the background instead of closing it. Same results, the alarm is so subtle that it doesn’t get my attention at all even when it’s sitting right next to me. If the company would fix that I would be with this app forever.
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