Alarm Clock

4.8 (1.8K)
245.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
j labs
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Alarm Clock

4.84 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
6 years ago, single mom snooze master
I’m not easy to wake. Being a single mom I’ve learned to sleep they anything!
Haven’t used yet but it looks promising! I’ve tried many things but I keep hitting the snooze. I have one alarm in my room, the iPhone alarm, then I had another app “sleep cycle” that woke me up feeling refreshed not groggy but I still went back to bed, and I have another alarm In the kitchen right next to my coffee so I have to actually get up turn off two alarms then walk into the kitchen turn off that alarm look at my coffee, smell it, then walk back to my room and fall asleep again and repeat and repeat and repeat I wish I wasn’t so skilled at falling asleep after being woken up time and time again!! I never purchased any apps so I love that this app is free and they give you espresso shots as reward points so you can get cool stuff and still be a cheapskate like I am!
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10 months ago, AlexNepal
Awesomeness- I Won’t Get Fired for Being Late!
I’ve always had an incredibly hard time waking up! I am a night owl and mornings are like torture for me. I’ve tried many, many, many alarms and none have worked. I’ve overslept many times through so many alarms. I got so tired of waking up in a panic that I had to find the right alarm and I finally did! I finally can go to sleep not feeling that anxiety in my stomach that I might be late tomorrow. I know I will be on time because this alarm is incredible. It has these incredibly loud weird screeching,insane sounds that I just cannot help but wake up! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a great and amazing alarm. I truly appreciate whoever came up with this and you really saved me from losing my job! Muchísimas gracias 💞!!!!
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1 month ago, Sleepyhead/Fessional girl
It’s cool, but maybe turn the super loud alarms down to 10%
I like this app because it’ll help me get up whenever I feel like hey it’s time to get out of bed but I really do need a regular Alarm Clock like my grandpa’s and it’s amazing that this app can actually get you up without having to use like an actual alarm on your phone basically what I’m trying to say is this app helps you get different alarms but what I’m saying is I think the best thing to do is turn some of those super loud alarms down to 10% because if they’re way too loud like 100% they’ll hurt my ears and that’s what can make me go death if that would be possible
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5 years ago, StaceyErin
Beautiful, but broken
Beautiful screens with much customization. However, going to the screen to set an alarm is unusual (I like it but it was a little ambiguous when I first got to this screen due to minimal labels, buttons. However, once I messed with it, it made sense. The problem was there is no obvious way to save an alarm setting or even exit this screen. The only way I could get the alarm setting screen to close was to close the app - which caused it to lose the alarm I just set. No button to close or save or confirm. No “ok”. Nothing. Tried every possible swipe, drag, click, or swoosh type of gesture. Nothing obvious or in any way intuitive. I can only imagine this was working for people and an update caused something very basic to be missing or else hidden on my iPad Pro 12.9” screen. As a software developer myself I can say they put a lot of care into some of the aesthetics and design, but if users can’t actually set and save an alarm, it’s not usable as an alarm clock. End of story. Weird.
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4 years ago, Rick_E
Simple and perfect
There is nothing arbitrary in its design, and it is elegant and beautiful. I love the variety of alarm sound options - they all sound great and are not hokey like some other apps. Also, the way sound starts soft and builds loudness gently. It’s a non-jarring pleasant way to awake. For me, it wakes me up and let’s my wife sleep on, because I turn it off before it builds to the louder state. I also love the simple screen swipe down for a dim display perfect for the dark of night, and swipe up to make it brighter. Really nice design overall, simple but not lacking anything you would want in the perfect alarm clock. Highly recommended!
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5 years ago, GoldenZorn
It’s just as easy to ignore this alarm as my iPhone’s standard alarm
This seems like it could be a great alarm, with a few changes. First the app must stay open all night, which I understand is a requirement with alarm clock apps, but the screen stays lit while open, so is lighted all night long. I covered my phone with a pair of pants and it covered the light, but still, I think the waiting screen on the app should be black since it has to stay open overnight. Second, it’s very easy to turn the alarm off. All you do is lower your phone volume and it doesn’t go make a sound again, even with the next alarm. There should be a feature that overrides the external volume control until the wake up task is complete. It’s just as easy to ignore this alarm as my iPhone’s standard alarm.
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2 years ago, GWylee
App starts to fail after just a couple of days
I am now on my second download of this app. Within two days of using it it will not hold my personality or what alarm sound I have selected it goes automatically to one of the default ones I have change the several times I like the options of being able to have those sounds to wake up by that a relaxing however I have yet to be able to do this I am very disappointed for the money spent on an app that does not meet my expectations.
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2 years ago, Life in Az
I like it but…
There are a few things on this that need to be cleaned up before I would change my star rating: a slight swipe of the screen causes your preferred (or custom) saved picture to switch… even the saved time preference gets switched. Additionally, while testing the listed alarms, the alarm wouldn’t shut off when hitting the stop button! When I finally get the alarm off, the screen got stuck on the “cool huh?” Pop-up, rendering the whole alarm clock dead in the water. There are a few more issues that need to get fixed as well. Time to get your testers on this. Kind of wish I didn’t purchase the full app.
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6 years ago, Sam. Rivers
Functional & customizable... even with ads
Honestly giving five stars because they offered to take away the ads and give me all the upgrades without me having to pay for it, but even without the upgrades and with the ads the app was pretty and very functional. If you turn your phone sideways and put it on a stand it’s a veritable little digital clock. The ads are very small on the bottom of the screen and don’t detract from the overall design. There were lots of little Easter egg settings that gives you the ideal “clock experience”, lol.
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5 months ago, Britney Spears Jiu Jitsu
The perfect alarm for deep sleepers
I used to rely an an extremely loud and unpleasant alarm to wake up because I can sleep through nearly anything. When it stopped working years later, I went to buy another one but the price had gone up too much, so I tried this app with great skepticism, but it’s the real deal. It’s never failed to wake me up and one of the best features is that it rotates different sounds every morning so you can’t get used to it and ignore it. Highly recommended!
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11 months ago, music teacker
Well worth the 75expressos
An unrelenting snooze alarm that drills into the awakening cortex of your brain causing showers of dopamine into your feet reaching every fiber of your hand toward the first10 ounces from the Keurig cup followed by the strong firm British voice of the gentleman that you unquestionably recognize as YOUR butler will start your day with a morning awakening unlike any other alarm you have experienced in your past or can ever expect to experience on an other morning when you arise to your new day.
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5 years ago, Poorly rated
Woken up by loud porn and women talking. Don’t trust this APP!
Have been using for a couple month and initially liked it with a couple exceptions of me catching that it didn’t save my set times that I know I saved the alarm time. And my phone never got fully charged because I had to run the app all night for it to work. Then tonight my phone started making loud noises and then I heard music playing and a women talking about pornographic stuff. Like she was talking to someone else but had access to my phone. It immediately turned off when I closed the app and started again when I reopened it. So I quickly deleted and wrote this review. Don’t trust any app you have to leave running. Bet they can access anything I have saved to my phone including camera!
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7 months ago, fjrg
Excellent App
Another update November 05, 2023 This clock App remains my go-to home and travel favorite!!! Accurate and fully functional App. UPDATE: June 21, 2023 This App continues to be one of my go-to tools during travel and while at home. Thank You App developer UPDATE: May 2022 This App remains my primary clock selection. VERY satisfied! Have had this App for years. I’ve used it for many business trips, as well as on vacations. Very pleased and plan to use in the future for years to come.
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6 years ago, Sarinalynn411
You need this APP!!!!
I can’t believe this app is free. With all of the free feature such as having you get up and move around to wake up. I am such a hard person to wake up but this app works. And it gets louder the longer you wait. And each time an alarm goes off you get 5 of these points/“espresso”. They add up fast and they give you 120 and you can use these FREE points to get ride of adds. You can also use your points to get voices like Stewie or Obama lol. Get the app!!!
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7 months ago, Blublizzy
I love that I can finally wake up
I wish apple didn’t require the app to stay open but I don’t blame the app. I can never wake up and most alarms seem so quiet they wouldn’t wake a bird. This has alarms that change so I don’t get used to them and they require me to do something guaranteed to wake me up like solve math problems or stand up and turn in a circle before I can even snooze. It is awesome.
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1 year ago, Flashoflight
Jarvis needs to get a hearing test
I bought this app because I liked being able to have Jarvis give me the weather and time. Pretty sure he doesn’t like me because when I say “Jarvis Time” the words show up on the screen and float away as if “I heard you, but I have to sleep too. Maybe another time”. What’s up with Jarvis. The only thing he will do after being asked about three times is turn in the flashlight. Other than Jarvis, this is a good app.
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6 years ago, Marpwook98644470
Awesome alarm clock
This alarm clock is perfect. It’s easy to use and has all the features a need. It gives you several wake up options...sounds, music, voices. What I especially love is the increasing alarm volume feature, because I don’t want a sudden blaring sound waking me up. But you can turn that feature off if you do like the sudden sound. Everyone is different and they took that into account. Give it a try!
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6 months ago, A aaaverage man guy
It's a nice app
So far the only app that can get me up (switched to iphone where I can't use audio files for my alarms for some reason) it has a whole bunch of sounds I can use (just gotta keep using the app and get these expreeso's), and this one feature just blasts this sounds on full volume off you don't respond in 3 minutes Honestly worth the sacrifice of having to leave the app open every night Also yes I'm writing this review for more expresso stuffs but you don't have to write a review to get them, you just gotta tap the leave a review button and go back to the alarm app, felt kinda guilty for not at least trying to leave a review so I left this one Ok bye
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4 years ago, nyxx stone
Still the best
RECENT UPDATE: trying app again after some months have passed. Still love it from the start and I think the issues I had when last used may have been corrected. Thank you! A little bummed that my previous purchase of app doesn’t carry over. I love this app, but as of the last week, the volume for music is not loud enough anymore to wake me up. When I change the default settings, the volume is not affected. Please help fix!
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4 years ago, \/3/\//\/3|@
Oh I love this app and I use it every night it’s easy to chat time when you need it because it keeps your phone on most of the time and I use it in the morning and all day long it stays on my desk and I keep it on and every time and each of the time if I’m not using my devices I can just look over with one glance and find the time because I don’t have a clock in my room
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4 years ago, lindsey with an "E"y
Over a year waking up to this app
It works great. It does what it’s supposed to do, and I can customize the settings of the display clock. There’s “expresso” that you earn each day you wake up to an alarm and you can exchange them for perks in the app in the way of going ad free, additional sound packs, the ability to wake up to your own iTunes library etc. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Sarah OMG 123
I like this
I like this app because it gets you up on time with options that you can pick that will get you up in the morning or Night but I also like the app because you can have voice different assistance and you can buy packs and stuff with the coffee mugs so I’ll wait there’s a five star
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1 year ago, ms.pinkyy
Love this alarm!
I have been using this alarm for several years now and it’s the only one I’ve used in the App Store that actually wakes me up. I also love all the different characters you can chose from. I personally use Rick because we yells the most obnoxious things which I think is funny.
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10 months ago, Rpm132
I love it
Great App. I like the ability to change colors. I wish the temperature was a little larger, but aside from that I LOVE it. I like that I can turn off the voice, which to me is somewhat annoying. I, too, would like the temperature reading to be a little larger. Aside from that, I am very happy with the App.
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4 years ago, ellemich05
It’s so simple and easy to use. I also like the use of doing the espresso point things to buy pro features. I’m working on getting rid of the ads lol. That’s so iconic and more apps should use that. I also love that I can pick my own background for the clock display. Nothing is overpriced. Love it all. Thank you.
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5 months ago, IncredibleRhythm
Love this app!
I really enjoy this app, along with the benefits of variety of music and background settings. I would appreciate being able to select more than just one custom image. The workaround isn’t difficult though. It does as expected. So, 5 stars from me!
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2 years ago, Hernan Schmidt
Love The ever progressing loudness
Starts with a sweet little song that's faint you can't hear it Gently builds up crescendo and eventually if you don't wake up when it's loud in comes the firetruck siren . Than pretty soon the police car is added Then comes the ambulance all of them now blaring at once Hilarious and effective
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5 years ago, tire mafia
Pretty cool app.
So to my surprise my first alarm was Jim Carrey saying “ wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world ? AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHH “ LoL which is a great way to start your day. Dumb & dumber is my favorite movie soooo it’s a win for me ! The only thing I hate ( which is apples fault not the app ) is that you have to keep the app on for it to work when you go to sleep & im not the best at remembering things !
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4 years ago, jeunessemmm
Perfect but....
The first time I used this app I was amazed at how it worked because I am a really heavy sleeper and I sleep through the regular apple alarm but after a while it started to not play the alarm an no I did not leave the app at all so I got pretty annoyed and I feel like it only happens when I got to bed late so I got annoyed cause because it happens a lot I love this app but I hate how it turns off by itself and when I woke up AT 12:34 I was still on the app😡
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3 years ago, al blah blah
Amazing app, definitely recommend
I already rated this app a long time ago. It still works great and never fails to get me up in time for school! If you’re having a hard time getting up in the morning, this is definitely the app for you!!!
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3 years ago, ljones116
So many options
I love all of the customizable features, especially changing the snooze time and number of snoozes. Looking forward to actually waking up with enough time to get everything done before work that I need to!
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5 years ago, Koiya B.🐝
Too primal
I used to have this app but deleted it bc of school being out. Lemme tell you.. it didn’t work the best. Not only can you not listen to music while falling asleep on the same advice bc it won’t go off but, you can’t turn your phone off or go to the home screen and sometime it just won’t go off period. or won’t put in your alarm time and you, not thinking ab checking, get stuck with a tardy pass.
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5 years ago, MamaBJames
Large number display!!
When I take off my glasses I can still see the display so I know what time it is in the middle of the night and I can wake up to music of my choice. Snooze function is easy to use but there is also a setting to make it harder to snooze and avoid over sleeping.
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5 years ago, Paiger1995
Gets me up but sounds could be better.
I love the way you can drag the time on an alarm and making me spin to turn off the alarm actually works! Alarmy would shut off the noise when you were doing the task, I’m glad this app doesn’t do that. I like some of the sounds built in, but wish they were a bit more creative
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5 years ago, alevy1969
Great alarm app, but have one request
I love this app, but have one request. I would like the time to be visible when the alarm is going off. Currently, when the alarm is going off, all I can see is the snooze and off buttons. Please show the time on that screen as well.
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1 year ago, Betrue2YRheart
Get you out of bed
I am extremely hard sleeper and it’s very difficult to wake me up. The option where I have to turn aroundIn a circle while standing up, makes you have to get out of bed. You can’t cheat either.
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2 years ago, quinnsarkstar
Love that free expression
Gotta love the free 75 cups they give for a five star rating but I would of given em five stars anyway. I am a tough wake up and so I need the extra step of get out of my bed and spin in a circle. That’s the first line of defense in attempting to be woke up for sure 100 percent of the time
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3 years ago, lynae76
Best alarm ever!!!!
I have epilepsy and sometimes after a seizure I have a really hard time waking up. This is the first alarm I’ve found that’s loud enough. Plus the personalities are unique and unlike any other alarm, so it helps me Walker up. Highly recommend!!!!
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4 years ago, imejeffbecauseimstupid
This app is great
The thing I like about this app is that you can choose characters from different movies or shows to wake you up. And by doing different objectives you can get these things called free espresso points which you buy stuff with in the in app shop.
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6 years ago, reneek95
If your looking for a simple to use alarm with a desktop clock, then you will like this one. I’ve downloaded several and deleted them because they end up not being true to their advertisement. Good selection of backgrounds and alarms.
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3 years ago, GinaMarieMomof3
This has allowed me to find success over turning off my alarm and falling back to sleep. Even if I put the alarm across the room it didn’t help. This app has been a game changer...and it’s fun with beautiful wallpaper to top it off!
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6 years ago, Mayboz88
Perfectly simple
The functions are so easy and the choices in background, clock faces tones, etc. generous without being so numerous they overwhelm you and drive you nuts trying to decide. The really unique thing is the ability to earn points to get upgrades! Smart!
Show more
5 years ago, KalaLee25
Pretty neat
I love the different voice personalities available to choose from! And the different wallpapers. There are other upgrades that can be earned, without actually having to make a purchase. I haven’t seen any other alarm app quite like this.
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6 years ago, campcorky
Very Alarm Clocky
Why would I not give this app 5 stars? Seriously, is there a reason? It’s an alarm clock app that does all the alarm clocky things you would expect an alarm clock app to do. Things like displaying the time, and ringing at the exact moment I set it to ring the night before.
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6 years ago, twisted_blonde
This app is awesome
I’m able to wake up on time everyday. There is different settings for how loud you need your alarm, how long you want to snooze for, and how many times you can hit the snooze button, plus the bonus of having a snoozer talk at you when you hit snooze.
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2 months ago, Amyjo72036212
Love it
I love how you don’t really have to pay for anything in order to have the whole experience (though it does take some time to “earn” it). The wake up sounds are great too!
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2 years ago, hemp94
Great alarm app
If you’re looking for an app that will definitely get you up, this is the one!! Very loud, obnoxious, and or difficult math problems to make you wake up in order to turn off the alarm!
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2 years ago, golfer Johnny
Terrific app!
This alarm clock app is simple and easy to use. It always wakes me up on time and has never failed me yet. Keep up the great job, and I will continue to use this alarm app every single morning I need it.
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4 years ago, this upsets me
I love this app it actually works compared to a lot of alarm apps it has a coffe shop with special features too like voices for when you hit snooze my favorite is Lisa the librarian and honey bagger all you have to do is do stuff in the app to get Coffee beans which is your currency
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10 months ago, Ain't happenin'
Wakes me up!
I don’t sleep well but when I do sleep, I crash, making it hard for me to not sleep through a regular alarm. With the super loud mode, this alarm can just about wake you from the dead. Love it.
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