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User Reviews for Amazon A to Z

4.76 out of 5
513K Ratings
3 years ago, Spud410
Social distance
Clocking in and out from your phone/device is great. No crowding around a time clock. Missed a punch and need to correct it, well you can do that as well. Most day to day basic needs readily and easily accessible and available in one place. What’s not to like about that.....Safe to say, if you work for the company you’re going to need to use either the web services or the app directly. The app itself is easy to use, well designed, maintained well, and overall functionality of the app is something you would expect from the company. There are many great features with this app and One major problem!!! Almost every company collects data on individuals, it’s so common people rarely think about it. Much less worry about what is being collected anymore, or where that data goes, or used for. I can’t give my personal opinion on these things. I can only say that data collection or location data collection shouldn’t be a trade off for convenience. Or should say allowed by this or many other apps without a clear and understandable request on what exactly is being used for what.
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1 year ago, marykimg
Can I make a suggestion
There are times in the app where it will time punch for you. Or I want to correct your time punch because you did not leave at your scheduled time for example, your scheduled from 3 AM until 8 AM but you ended up staying till nine because you were outside doing traffic for the last couple hours of what would normally be your shift. the app wants you to have punched out at 8 AM but you punched out at 9am. Your managers know you stayed until nine because you were outside. Amazons verify your missed punch when you punched out using the time clock and your punch is correct but yet it still wants you to edit it. The only buttons on the bottom are edit punch or confirm you should give us an option to delete that edit punch if we know our punch is correct
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3 years ago, Fly On The Windscreen
Time Clock Issues
I was never trained on how to use the time clock issues or how to contact anyone if I needed to call in for a sick day or an emergency and was later advised by a co-worker (not a manager) that if I didn’t manually put down for unpaid that it would show up as a ‘no show’ … when there is virtually no number to call in to say my boyfriend is dying the hospital and I had to say my goodbyes - which is a true story … so then I had to back track to that date and I haven’t a clue if I will get a legit non no-show for correcting it after the date. Plus if I have 8 mins less than 8 hours which my manager said to go ahead and leave … shows up in red and makes my attendance record look very bad … I haven’t a clue how to fix or correct that error which reflects bad on me WHEN I WAS AUTHORIZED?? The time clock issues and not being able to contact anyone via phone in an urgent matter or to miss a day for absolutely legit reasons is frustrating beyond belief! Fix your system please and please don’t red flag my days when I’ve taken legit PTO time which later says I have in RED UNPAID TIME OFF and subject to no shows and disciplinary action. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Coco👧
IOS UPDATE hard to navigate
Working on TOM this was the best thing since sliced bread. Being able to be at an outdoor break room and clock in/out for lunch was the best and supporting at a different location without having to wait to talk to HR because your badge won’t recognize you work there not a problem clock in with your phone. Not anymore this geo fencing is set to the smallest location I can’t even be on the other side of the building and use it, let alone out outside TOM break areas, plus all these different screens makes it so hard to navigate to what I want to do. The main point of this was so AAs can have easy access to view their schedules but now i can barely even find it behind all these pages. The tab that is labeled “schedule” brings me to my time off options and trying to find the Hr support or even the ERC number is so confusing. This new update turned a simple app it to something so complicated
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4 years ago, Kuroiku
Used to work now...garbage
I don't know what happened, but this app used to work perfectly, now, I need to use my web browser because I can't even log in through the app. I can input my login, but when I select "login" it takes me to a new page (not even in the app) and has me input my password except that half my keyboard is missing. I can't rotate the screen and see it in landscape form and I can't login unless I want to change my password to characters purely on the left side of the keyboard and no characters past r, f & c. Whatever you did to "update" it, reverse it. I'm deleting the app until it actually works as intended.
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12 months ago, A to Z and employee life.
About this app
There needs to be more features more options as an employee I’ve been struggling out here trying keep myself from being homeless, as a student I can’t focus on school the way I need to because I’m working a job that refuse to pay me the correct amount of money as an experienced warehouse worker I have more experience then my managers it’s highly disrespectful to put me in a setting making the same amount of money or less then individuals I younger then me also people I worked in a warehouse longer then. I been out with the flu, also have automobile issues and don’t have a way to commute to work everyday I need help from you all and better treatment then I have been receiving. I’m not making a million excuses I do my job to the best of my abilities each day I work, cost of living has increased and the pay I am receiving isn’t nearly what I should be paid doing 10 hours of labor a day with a bunch of lifting and knowledge. This app has to have more options then provided.
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1 year ago, musical user
The new update.
The reason I gave two stars is because the old version was so easy to understand. But in the new version when I try to view my attendance, it is off by a day. So to explain, I work nights, and the old way the work day was considered the day the shift started (to my knowledge this is still the case) but now it is showing up in a to z as the next day. So if I were to clock in late on the Sunday 14th of the month, to review the exact time so I can utilize pto the time in would be on Monday the 15th. However, the 14th would be flagged— even though the only mistake in time clocked were on the 14th. Also, the upt would be shown drawn from the 14th. May we please have it back to where everything coronates with the date it happened on, please. It is very confusing to have to go back and forth between two different days and HOPE I put in the right time and date to fix the issue.
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2 years ago, kcljamison
Security Badge via Apple Watch
I really think this is one of the best made apps for employees I’ve ever used. The app on my iPhone allows me to do a lot of different things without having to go through manager. Just one note: One day I was at the time clock and for some reason I held my Apple Watch up to the time clock to clock in. I guess it’s a force of habit using my Apple Watch but I thought… Has anybody thought of allowing the Apple Watch to clock in and out or even using it to come into the building through the security gates?! I would love that instead of having to use my badge. Why not have the badge in Apple wallet?
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10 months ago, BOMB0CL4T
clueless, just the average hierarchy
For my months working here they slowly figure out if you're good at non con to see if they can keep you there, and they will keep sending you back there but you wont know because they radio it (even though they say you can go wherever you want?). The machines jam way too often during 3 hour shifts? But go smoothly during 4-5 hours? Which is more boxes? The app is laggy and the new update has caused VTO to not work but VET spams me daily, thats funny. The safety role is a joke. They are also faking 5 stars to hide REAL reviews. 3 stars because the pay is well - some people there have nice stories to tell - most staff are lenient and nice - they have good time management. If i can update this in the future i will
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3 years ago, Chris906256
No hours bar?
I’m not crazy about the new layout. You guys took away the bar at the top of the schedule showing how many hours you have scheduled and how many more you can work during that week. That makes it frustrating being a flex employee that schedules my own hours. I like to keep track of how many hours I scheduled myself for. Not only that, but not knowing how many more hours I can pick up is a little inconvenient. If you guys can squeeze that back in there I’d really appreciate it. Other than that, app works great and runs smoothly.
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3 years ago, Cruzangurl88
Picking shift locations
I loved this app until you just updated it where I have to keep changing the location on the filter because your putting all the stores and every time you exit out of it it puts all the stores again. Not the location I want. Fix it so I can give y’all a better score. It’s very frustrating because you end up missing the location or picking the wrong location because you guys decide to change it to all n now I have to keep putting what location I need to see. Even when you refresh it it’s giving you all the locations. So now you gotta do the filter 50 million times and I had it set for just one location and it stayed like that. Fix it I don’t want to see all locations especially when I already have my filter set.
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2 years ago, Poohkie136785
On line Application as well as communicating with HR
For someone hasn’t been in the work field for a few years it was very difficult to get in the Az app I was told it was your system that was your managers at the Talbort address in Wichita Kansas said that they want to help us to do the A-to-Z as well as the KNet but when it came time they refuse their help letting us know that they were not HR nor were they IT and we just had to figure it out I ended up going to the unemployment office getting help from there to help with these online apps as well as the K net training apps. I feel all the online connection and only way to talk to HR or anyone like that would eliminate a lot of seniors that are in this technology world now trying to go to work
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3 years ago, Most recent nightmare
Worst version of A to Z yet
I don’t like anything about this new look. Why would you take things (like pay, time, transfer opportunities, etc) from one page load, to two? We had a drop down menu before to go straight to that page. Now we have to go from the home screen, to the schedule page, and then to the next page. Why would would anyone make navigation WORSE? And NO ONE likes these video ads! This is an employee app. We use it to clock in and out for work, amongst other things. Why are we being advertised to like we are on social media or a shopping app? I’m already fully vaccinated, I don’t need to be hounded to death about it, thanks. I gave it some time before I decided to write a review, hoping it would grow on me. Nope. It has only frustrated me more. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
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3 years ago, A person. Yay.
How the heck am I supposed to clock into work or take the VTO offered (which btw! Love getting offered VTO when it’s not even available when I click on the notification in literal seconds) if I have to wait for an unskippable ad before I can access anything? The ads don’t even have anything to do with employees half the time! This company is ran by one of the richest people on this planet, tap into some of that money instead of exploiting your employees. The fact that this app regresses in quality with every update is sad at this point. Cant wait for the eventual “pay to use this app using the paycheck we give you” feature! Since you’re making extra money off ads I’m forced to look at I’d LOVE to get a raise! <3 Kindly remove the last update no one asked for this lousy change and the layout is trash.
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3 years ago, gatchipatchi
clumsy but works
Clumsy user interface but i can grab shifts no problem so im happy. Another one of those "apps" thats just a wrapper for webpages, so expect most tabs to have load times and wonky behavior from the back button. I dont like that you cant see previous shifts more than a few weeks back even tho you can see that part of the calendar, had to talk to HR to make sure my shifts were being counted. Im also bothered by this new trend of red notification dots that cant be disabled. With page loading and long animations, although it doesnt take forever to clear them it takes longer than it should, which is "no time at all". But im glad this app exists and that signing up for shifts is so easy. Makes the job worth.
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9 months ago, yeahhhg
Stop with the notifications
I hate that I have to have this app as it is because I don’t believe in having to use my personal phone for work. Stop giving me notifications for VET. It’s my time and I have to keep removing notifications. I have severe anxiety and have a panic attack just thinking of work. So imagine what happens every time you guys me a notication on me personal phone. At this point i night looks into y’all have to suppply a phone if you want to harass your workers so much because by law if you require acess to your workers you have to give them the tech for it
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4 years ago, 88@@Grateness
8 in on hand half doesn’t another.
App is awesome very helpful. BUT!!!!!!!!! To be owned by the wealthiest man and the worlds largest company presale. Employees associate s should be able to speak to a person not a virtual chat bot to get individual help. Especially when many say they were fired because the chat reps forget sometimes or it doesn’t get threw. I almost lost my position because I follow direction when my wife had covid. Got a message saying I abandoned my last 3 shifts and was terminated. After going to The KWBI center, taking my paper work, they found my case. But person to person seems more respectful.
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3 years ago, isabelez
My humble review
It’s just that sometimes, our times are messed up and your money will be deducted unjustly. Sometimes if you go to HRs office, (not all) some of them will mess up your time that you wanted them to fix, and most of us are not computer literate like me. I prefer doing my thing with my phone. Like today, I don’t have no shift but on my way to the office to fix my time which was deducted. I live in North Dallas, and drive 30 minutes to work on my work days. It’s too demoralizing, after efficiently delivering your job, you go extra miles to make sure your hours are not deducted, otherwise, I’m cool with the job. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Gaihevba
Was working fine until recently
The App was working fine until like a couple days ago. Not sure what the issue is but show schedule button as well as clock punch button seem to stop working. Everything else works fine though. I even deleted and re-downloaded the app the issue still persists. This is very inconvenient for me because it is how I mainly clock in and check my schedule. If not for this it would be an easy 5 star.
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3 years ago, DeddyOh
This app needs a rebuild [UPDATED]
I just can’t seem to get this app or the A to Z website on mobile to work the way it was intended. I can only view my schedule and punches (I have to refresh page and make a selection in the millisecond the page loads, otherwise I can’t select anything). And I can only view VTO and VET, but I can’t select any and I can’t clock in or out. Whenever I try to make a selection, nothing happens. It’s like the buttons don’t link to anywhere. I have the latest app update and latest iOS version on my phone. I don’t get it. EDIT: If you’re having the same problem like I described, you need to disable any adblocker you are using. Seems to have fixed the issue for me.
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9 months ago, kjbookin
Bring back clocking in from the app
Clocking in and out needs to Come back Because I work at a big facility and some times I have a hard time reaching the time puncher. When I missed my punch cause of lack of punchers, I miss my punch and then I have to spend more then 10 min on the phone just for HR to fix my punch and makes more of a hassle then to just use my phone to clock in and out. They need to bring it back, there was no problem and worked perfectly when they had it but just made it more difficult to clock in and out. Not to mention the managers complaining that I’m not at my station on time.
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3 years ago, Eric Mikaelson
Horrible update
The app was perfectly fine before this new update. It was much easier to pick up shifts and clock in on your phone. Now with this new update / change to the app. I cannot pick up any shifts when I click on schedule it takes me to transfer opportunity option and I don’t want that. Claim VTO/VET tab doesn’t work at all it always say “sorry there aren’t any available right now”. I get email and text when new shifts are posted daily but on the app I see nothing. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and still no change whats so ever. I prefer the app before this new change. Now it’s horrible and messing with my money. I don’t like it all.
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9 months ago, GurtrudeSm1th
Needs some CARE
The app needs an extreme look over when it comes to the utilizing it as an Amazonian. No where did I find a place I can write a suggestion about bug fixes! Let me help: Home page > Schedule > Attendance > Select UPT date —-> get stuck because there is no back button….. SUGGESTION: the “More” tab should have the connection to a form where I could be typing all of this. Hopefully you guys also realize I DO NOT HAVE PERFECT ATTENDANCE EVERY WEEK; so I do not understand why the app keeps giving me badges even when my attendance was NOT perfect…… ANOTHER; the FAQs should have a quick-search bar, it was a mess trying to scroll. When I see changes I will gladly delete this
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3 years ago, 伍约旦
Forced to watch corporate propaganda when trying to view pay information
Not at all loving how when I’m trying to access my pay information or punch in, the app randomly displays an internal advertisement that can’t be skipped or closed in any way for a solid fifteen seconds, and then has the temerity to ask me if it was relevant to me before ever so graciously permitting me to access the functionality I needed to use. No, it absolutely wasn’t relevant, and it never will be! Just another example of how much disrespect this soulless corporation has for the irreplaceable time of the people who work for it and provide the actual value that fuels the C-suite’s outrageous wealth. Remove this “feature” and maybe I’ll edit this review.
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2 years ago, jax9876553
Time punch inaccurate
There is a major issue with the app. It has all of a sudden stopped, showing us our punch in and out. We punch into the time clock, and it shows we are excepted. However, on the app it shows that we have missed a punch for both punching in and punching out. It also shows that the punches need to be reviewed when you correct the punch in the app but when you call ERC, it shows that they have already been corrected. Also, people are receiving attendance points for this. They are at work and they clock in, but it shows that they are not clocked in so they get a point.
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2 years ago, hehjeueheuehehej
Love it !! Can do pretty much anything
You can clock out create a case for HR you don’t have to wait in line just to clock very useful !! Nothing bad to say about it it works like a charm ❤️ the only thing I would improve is the ability to change youre entire punch card like say if you can edit you’re time you clocked out you could do that without creating a case for HR because it is a hassle for HR but other than that 5 stars ⭐️
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6 months ago, Lost_Symphonies
Please add specific notifications.
I am sick to death of the “Your UPT balance is under 10 hours” notification. I need notifications for other things, which is why I leave them on, but being told, every day, that my UPT balance is low, does not help in any way. There isn’t anything I can do about my UPT, besides working a bunch of shifts without using any of it. I can’t just ask someone to give me more UPT, so that notification is completely useless to me. I understand that some people might like it, if they’re bad at keeping track, but I’m not one of them. I would like the option to turn off that particular notification.
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12 months ago, Pinkimi403
Several issues
The app lags when making the schedule- sometimes not adding in or adding additional time. It also gives out automatic points based on rules that can not be explained to a computer… for example- town hall meeting, everyone was dismissed a few mins early and told they would be clocked out on time- point. Lunch time asked to hang back and help? Point. Three minute mark over due to the long walk and crowded entry from parking lot- point. Now here’s where it gets real sticky- go to HR or call ERC- communication amongst people and system has been almost non existent.
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3 years ago, Slm102211
VET doesn’t show up
I’ve tried updating, deleting and redos loading the app and it’s not showing me specific dates for VET even though other employees can see those days. It’s usually a day that I pick up each week, but for some reason, this week and next are not showing Thursday’s VET opportunities on my device. There’s no other way that I’m aware of that I can accept VET so this is a huge inconvenience to me and my family with not being able to see all of the VET opportunities available for upcoming weeks.
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2 years ago, Rose_Tattoo
Layout and Time Bar
Can it to go back to the previous layout, the new one isn’t user friendly and makes it difficult to find what I’m looking for. Also can you put the bar back that shows how many hours you’re scheduled or worked and how many more hours you can work? It would make being a new Flex Associate easier, so we can see all that and not be confused on how many hours we’ve scheduled ourselves. You could also put in an option to turn it on or off, so those who don’t want to see it can turn it off.
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1 year ago, Kevin Dewayne Anderson Jr
Sometimes the app takes me to the website within the app, this happen a couple times when shift were about to drop; I was taken to the website when I refreshed at 6:15pm, then it made me login back in to go back to the app. It was an strange experience this has happen on more then one occasion. There are also issues with the app getting stuck on refresh, when the shifts drop.
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1 year ago, Dwilkinm
I have tried to get a follow up on an injury over a week ago. I've been to ERC several times and nothing happens!! Every time I contact them for a follow up appointment with an approved WC doctor I get the the same thing you were injured?? Yes I was injured and I've tried to get an accommodation NOTHING I have sent ERC the initial injury report showing the limitations put on me nothing. Now I need an appointment with an approved WC doctor not happening!! Will someone get involved please
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1 year ago, kind to one anther
This need reviewed
I think that this place needs to be reviewed and unserved and watched and fixed all the not half way and I think the rating is wrong be my System has messed up since I’ve been here and has not been writing anything that I do and they have kicked me out of my position I’m going to give me a ticket to a different area in this position I didn’t even get trying to do anything else
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2 years ago, Silverfang-23
Push Notifications and Clock In/out button
Please add Push notifications to things like vacation being accepted if transferring a notification for a transfer opportunity being given just have them. Please bring the Punch in And Out button back it was incredibly useful instead of having to stand with a huge crowd of people waiting for the time clock and can get on with my day and still clock out instead of having to wait around
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2 years ago, Rhughes216
Flex associate VTO issue
I am a flex associate and get VTO offers through the app but every time I claim VTO it only covers the first shift so I have to either create a case or go to Hr and sometimes I have to do both because they will remove the points I got or sometimes they would add the VTO to the other shifts but if they just removed the point, after a day or two it would come right back. It such a headache having to create cases for every time I accept VTO. In this year they updated the Flex policy to include VTO as approved time off. So by the app not covering all of my shifts with the VTO, I wouldn’t meet my weekly requirements and would get a point.
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2 years ago, V3nus 17
School Accommodation
The Temporary Schedule Adjustment tab needs to be available for mobile use. It’s irritating and inconvenient to access it at work and even worse when you have to go through HR to ‘open a case’ or whatever you’re supposed to do. There just needs to be an easier way to apply for accommodation because I’m getting different answers from HR and ERC and it’s frustrating to the point where I’m gonna lose it because I need this sorted out ASAP. I’m already nearing two weeks from when I need it.
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10 months ago, Joaniejoy
As I get better familiarizing myself with this app, it’s becoming clearer, faster and easier to get answers to specific concerns. I like it so far. I believe it will get better as I toggle through seeking answers to each immediate concerns. I’m on my way learning and achieving, especially at hurrying moments, when waiting for a person to person conversation, is longer than anticipated. Thank you Joy.
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3 years ago, kdkiim
No VTO notifications
This app used to work just fine for me, but I don’t know if it was after the update or something, but about a month ago, I have not been getting any VTO/VET notifications at all. I asked some people around, and I know a few that has the same problems as well. They don’t receive the notifications but when they log in to the app, they see that there are offers that have been offered which were already full. Now it has gotten even worse for me, and I don’t receive VTO offers anymore, I asked people with the same shift as me, and they apparently were offered VTO for the same shift.
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1 year ago, FreeMasonJason
New UI could be much better
New UI is atrocious. Seems as there was effort to cut down on tabs one had to go through but instead of that happening it now opens a pop up - which usually has the same content and layout that was previously displayed on a readily accessible tab before the update. Font and tab sizes are almost halved in the Pay section making it incredibly difficult to read and is taken up by a useless graphic upon opening. Finally, UI isn’t optimized for all screen resolutions - especially in the now flushed out timecard tab.
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2 years ago, well pricing
New hire
Terrible support in work areas; of the four different areas transferred to work-in on first day, ALL AREAS not stocked with required supplies to do the job. IE: Insufficient Boxes 3 of 4 locations, Packing Tape machines empty 3 of 4 locations , Water for Packing Tape 1 of 4 locations, Batteries for two scanning guns 2 of 4 locations, Charging stations on wall for back up batteries empty, Boxes Size Labels Missing at 4 of the locations. Total lack of support for the New Employees as far as working in an environment that fosters, positive achievement, learning new areas or skills. Nobody can actually achieve your quota goals given a poorly stocked work environment and also missing trainers due to off doing other jobs.
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3 weeks ago, Bbeemomma2
The new update has broken the app
Every new update that comes around, takes something that was working just fine not working anymore. The pay screen never loads. I can refresh but it reloads and again is a white screen. Schedules are not updated with a refresh either. When going to find shifts and trying to accept every thing needs training or full, but still has the button like I can accept it, when before it would have been greyed out.
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3 years ago, Forest Haven
app *was* great
Love clocking in and out from my phone. what I don't love is the forced advertisements within the app. this is a company app, are you really profiting off of the people that work for you? and now, they won't even load. I don't like them. compile them in a place where people can look at them, but don't force it onto me. It used to be a 5 second wait, you used to be able to get around it, now it is a 15 second wait and they have worked out the easily skippable trick. If you find this information so pertinent, it can easily be sent in an email without making the app itself frustrating.
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4 years ago, jT415Gz
Terrible Update this app has become...
Most functions are missing at Home page such as Request Time Off, PTO and more. It won’t show me any of my schedules when I press the big blue button. HR Chat redirects me to use the A to Z app in order to request time off!! What? Management and engineers needs to know about this before lots of innocent associates begin getting reported for “not showing to work” or “not requesting time off”, only because this app will not let them to do so in any proper fashion!! Fix this app/and internal data systems!
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4 years ago, BIGNASTY one
New app.
Second time using this New app. (Should have kept the old one and added to it) the app was working fine. But this new app has to many steps to get login to it. This makes it harder to use. Not as smooth as the old one. (I have been using the old one since June 2019) and there was no real problem with it. I guess no one wanted to think of how much more difficult a new app would be. Keeping the old one just in case I need it.
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6 months ago, JiMickey
Contact our managers directly and seeing our scores!
It would be cool to be able to contact our managers directly via the app. In person they are busy of course but a lot of of info is very clear when written. Also, to be able see our own stowing scores would be really cool and motivating! I like beating my own scores when I can see daily where I stand hassle-free :)
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4 years ago, Xipec Toltec
Welcome to the New HR !!
Although I have managed to do so many things through the app. Improvements to clock in are still needed. From 401k to Life Insurance everything is done here. This app should be spread across any employer. I really like it. My only gripe is that is lacking a way to move up into training programs such as software developer being made available for fulfillment associates that want to explore higher wages and professional boundaries.
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4 years ago, Robot Not
Unable to correct punches, apply for vacation or personal time. Spent hours talking to HR and ERC to get the App to update and correct mistakes caused by the system being down or malfunctioning. Document all problems with screen shots and get case # and ticket # and ERC name. Ask for a verification email. Still waiting to receive requested email confirmations. Record everything in a special notebook.
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1 year ago, Trail Boss Ways
Improvements needed
Heard you need a better training System on operating the app. Most of the things HR do is in the app and people don’t know how to do it. Better training is a must. The homepage needs to have a search engine for whatever the person needs to look up. I can find more things on Google. I understand there’s over 300 acronyms we need to learn or will learn should be easier to look them up on the A to Z app. Thanks
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11 months ago, KevKvngOfNight
Nothing is perfect, it gets the job done and information sent out
I’ve been using the app for about 2 and a half months now and I rarely have to talk to anyone problem related while I’m there the app tells you everything you need to know and keeps you on point with questions that you should ask.
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8 months ago, Missy60274
Scrolling madness
It would be great is we could click the date on the calendar and see our schedule and not have to scroll down to see the hours we work. MET added. Click each date and scroll down to see if that’s the day time was added. Scroll up and click another date. Scroll down and check time. Scroll up and ….you get the idea. Or add a different color on the calendar for days/times outside our normal shift. Please. :-)
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