Amazon Chime

2.7 (618)
137.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Amazon Chime

2.69 out of 5
618 Ratings
2 years ago, Maddunr
Doesn’t suggest frequent contacts or favorites
When starting a new message, I typically type the name of the person/group I want to message in the “to” field. The mobile app suggests everyone in my Exchange contact list - my company has abt a million employees in contact. So, “john” gets me abt 200 results. The app already knows the “john”s I have historically messaged, the ones I regularly message, and the one(s) I have favorited. Yet, it doesn’t use any of this info to improve suggestions, which is critical for mobile apps because we tend to use the mobile app (instead of desktop app) when traveling, in a hurry, etc. It’s been like this for years and I was hoping they’d fix it. Disappointing UX.
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10 months ago, jumpyblocku
Not bad but not good
Overall, like the title says, it’s not a terrible app. However my issues are with the build quality and integration with bigger phones, such as the 14 pro max. Biggest issue I have is when I get a chime notification within the app, it obviously shows at the top. However, with the dynamic island of the pro max, it is hard to read the notification as it doesn’t drop down far enough. If that could be addressed/fixed, it would make the app a lot better.
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5 years ago, Againa
Great meeting app
You don't have to remember anymore pin or dial in... just a one button conference call, and with dial back enabled, so when the conference start you get a pop up on your pc asking to join. You can tell people you're few minutes late.. And the phone calls through data is fantastic.. switching from mobile network takes a fraction of a second... and I was able to be in the call in challenging situation like high speed train at 300km/hour! Amazing
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5 years ago, jmsnhw
Sort of okay, sort of not okay
The video conferencing stuff works decently. That’s important. The notifications don’t work right, and the app regularly shows stale/outdated/incorrect conversation and contact information. Notifications are one of those really important things for a chat app, and they’re just quite broken in the iOS app. Hope this gets prioritized. The group chat rooms are pretty functional and have a good selection of features. Not too many to be confusing/hard to navigate - and not too few to be lacking in utility.
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3 years ago, Jaggy subbu
iPad version needs to come on par with Desktop
App is functionally well and doesn’t have any major bugs. however given the iPad is now used extensively for business work, it would be great to have features similar to desktop like the ability to attach files which is very important differentiator for chime
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8 months ago, The Crew +1
Not a great video meeting platform
I’ve had four opportunities to use this video platform for a meeting, and on each occasion the video failed to function adequately. 3 times on my laptop. At the initial sign-in my video worked, as soon as the meeting moderator would sign in the laptop video dropped out. So on try 4, I used my iPhone 14+, IOS 17.1, this time again voice worked, when moderator opened the meeting he could see my video but it was very grainy and the meeting required a clear video to conduct our meeting. So four tries, four failed attempts.
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4 years ago, Galus
Not optimal and buggy
Chime has long way to go compared to offerings from Zoom, Skype, or even WhatsApp. In the past voice quality was below par, now that it is better the video side of things are below par. From features side, seeing multiple people sharing video is difficult on the phone app. When multiple people are switching videos, the app annoys by bringing up a popup “share video, or skip” every time someone else starts sharing video. If I’m on video tab and the popup cannot come, the app crashes kicking me out of conversation and I have to dial in. Then there is lack of breakout rooms in a meeting, or asking questions to presenter by raising hand. If bandwidth is low, the platform cannot adapt resulting in lags in both video and audio instead of adjusting to lower resolutions. Overall, chime is not optimal
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4 years ago, Fed up with it freezing
Very confusing to use
It kept on dropping me, I continued to click the link with the same result and not sure if I was supposed to use my audio or some other audio. Also my head was huge holding my phone, could not fit my business profile in the video unless you put it a distance from where you are sitting. I would use Zoom or the Microsoft app. Click the link and I am in the meeting. If you want to make a great first impression stay away from this app
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2 years ago, LibertyFrog
Great app! one-touch dial working again!
Thanks for fixing one-touch dial! I use this feature a lot because my internet connection isn’t the best, so I need to join meetings both on my phone and my laptop, and this app makes that easy again!
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2 years ago, aurrosal
Since the most recent update my phone has not been able to notify me of new messages. Normally the phone will notify me about any new messages but it hasn’t. I would have open the app in order to see notifications. Notifications are on and allowed.
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2 years ago, triforcetr0n
Chat during meetings is broken.
No way to see new chat messages in the active meeting's chatroom by tapping on the chat icon at the upper right when in a call, despite it showing a badge on the icon with the number of unseen messages. Tapping on it only shows the already-seen messages. The only way to see new messages is to leave the call screen, hit Rooms at the bottom, and select the room for the current call.
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12 months ago, space-night
Please turn on notifications
It would be awesome if I would get push notifications for group chats even if I don’t get tagged. I find myself constantly logging in to check for chat updates so I don’t miss anything. Thanks
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2 years ago, alexxbigzzz
Scheduled Notifications
Please add a function to the group chat notifications to be scheduled for a specific days and times. I would like to be paged only during my shift and not have to turn on and off the notifications manually. Thank you
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5 years ago, slig81303
New update broke everything...again
New update broke notifications. It keeps disconnecting when I switch apps and when I switch back over it reconnects and I see all the missed notifications. Quick reply still doesn’t work. Just remove the option to use quick reply if you’re not going to fix it and yes I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times.
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1 year ago, JeffreyPapen
Asks for phone number to call you back on FROM A CELL PHONE
Why would it not assume if I’m using a cell phone for chime and I ask you to call me on a phone number (when internet is poor) I wouldn’t want you to call me at the number on my cell?!? When using this can’t access any screen sharing. Why? Incredibly unreliable. Hangs 2 out of 3 times I start a meeting. I restart chime 2-3 times for most calls. Buggy. Unreliable. Poor QA.
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3 years ago, EdOverIp
Works for my needs but that mute button…
The app works as intended for my needs. My nitpick is the mute button UX is opposite from the desktop version — The button is unlit when muted on desktop, it’s lit when muted on the iOS version. Please consider aligning the UX between desktop and iOS.
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5 years ago, Crenim
Can’t clear notifications on latest release
Ever since the new version dropped two days ago I have had notifications that are stuck resulting in the red number displaying even though there are no notifications to acknowledge within the app. The only way for me to get rid of it is to completely hide the red number defeating the entire purpose of notifications.
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5 years ago, Trolling_Farm
Apple Watch
Can you make it have Apple Watch texting support? Currently I can only send a msg from my watch if I receive a msg. Can you make it so people can chime from their watch? While at work I do CPT’s & Dwells. So if I’m away from my computer I would like to msg people.
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1 year ago, 123abctree
Chime room management
Is it possible to integrate a folder/grouping system to help manage the number of chime rooms we are in at any given time. A bit of organization would make this app much easier to use. Also, it would be helpful on the web version too.
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3 years ago, friedbolonie
What’s the point in having favorites on the desktop app and website if I can’t have favorites on the app!?! Some of the contacts that are favorited are there for a reason!
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5 years ago, Melo's iPhone
Can you make it into an app.
I would like to be able to send messages without getting a message first. Cause right now I can only message back if I get one first. Thanks other than that this app is great.
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4 years ago, infinitenumber
Has a lot of scope for improvement
Pros- -simple and easy to use -Video audio calls work really well -Like the fact we can record a meeting Cons- -Big one, cannot set my status as Out of Office, people keep pinging unknowingly. -Every time i restart my Mac, it faces connectivity problem -Need automatic replies as well -Cannot edit messages -My phone app sometimes does not notify when a message is received, when i open it, it downloads all messages at one or need to keep killing the app to check messages
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2 years ago, Shalakoe
Make accessible to Apple Watch
Really is a necessity to be able to connect to a watch and use this when you can’t have your phone.
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4 years ago, randomnullundefined
Not user friendly enough
- No ability to edit or revoke messages - Meeting call continues to ring on phone after it has been accepted on the computer - status update is buggy - not able to message yourself - no easy way to search and locate a room/conversation - not able to pin a message inside a room - not able to show multiple conversations at the same time - not able to limit the search scope to a particular room or conversation - markdown feature is hard to use and no preview is available - nice to have: ability to mute notifications during certain hours
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5 months ago, Dxreviews
Join muted non-functional in large conferences
When I “join muted” the call should initialize without my mic enabled. In big conferences my mic is often live for several seconds as things load
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1 year ago, TwizzlerTM
Apple Watch
Would make my life so much easier if this was available on the Apple Watch! Please consider this a option
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3 years ago, dzzdv
The desktop version works better
I often don’t get notifications, doesn’t update or refresh chimes and have problems sending images, just sits there “sending….” The desktop version works a lot better.
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4 years ago, kittu1993
Recently notifications are broken. I always see stale messages as pending ones on chime icon. On reloading the app, it still doesn’t work on my iPhone. Please fix it asap.
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6 months ago, AirborneBandit
Fails to load pics
80% of the pics I try to send will not load and ends up lagging out. Even with a good signal. I end up having to send pics to my email to send and use for trouble tickets because chime won’t load the picture even when I take the photo using the app.
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5 years ago, Alex e c
Kinda buggy and hard to use. Needs work
Lots of buttons, but it’s not clear what they do. Makes me unsure if I’m about to hang up the call or switch on my speaker. When I switched out of the app to check a message, the video stopped working completely. You can make calls.
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4 years ago, Tata233
Notification problem
The notification doesn’t appear on the lock screen or anything, just the red badge sometimes
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2 years ago, moav5447
Dial-in from app feature doesn’t work
Bug in recent update will not facilitate dial-in from app. This is needed to tie-together attendee audio from phone and video from PC. Now tethered to my PC and can’t switch seamlessly to dial-in if I need to leave my desk while remaining on the call. Two weeks and waiting for this bug fix.
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4 years ago, jessicams9586
This app is terrible. It signs me out without my knowledge. And does not allow me sign back it. It says my password is incorrect so I go to change it and then I go to sign in again and still says my password is wrong. So then I go to trouble shoot the problem and it does absolutely nothing. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I give it NO STARS AT ALL. Thanks a lot.
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5 years ago, gl2825
Login issue
When I try to login, it says you are not allowed to login with this network?? I am trying on two diff network still cannot login..
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2 years ago, neretinus
What does this trash do here?
I thought that Apple Store was primarily for lay people, and the TestFlight was the venue for the apps that are being still developed or have issues. I’ve been “using” (more like hopping by trying time to time) the app since its launch, and it hasn’t improved by a bit.
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2 years ago, AmandaLydia
It works okay enough but it makes me have to verify on my computer at least once a week. It also doesn’t show all the messages and there is no way to search for them.
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4 years ago, Godigi
Terrible sound quality
It’s year 2020 now. Upgrade your audio codec to improve the sound quality. The sound is thin and dry compared to FaceTime/Skype/the list goes on.
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4 years ago, lcgarch
iPad pro screen share
Disappointingly, I’ve been unable to share my screen from my iPad Pro. Despite having all of the current versions of the app, screen share does not seem possible. Is this a bug? will this be fixed?
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3 years ago, Joshua Rohloff
Takes forever to send photos
It takes forever to send photos in a chat through the mobile app. It should either compress them or show a progress bar so you at least know the photo is uploading.
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3 years ago, Giovanni Vennardi
Different modes
Great app -would be better if it had dark mode -easier on the eyes
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12 months ago, Ilovetinydogs
A video conferencing program should allow you to share your screen in real time aka show videos and audio, but no. A multi billion dollar corporation cutting thousands of jobs can’t pay engineers enough to figure out how to do the above.
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5 years ago, Dec0nstruct
New client is unreliable for calls
I am constantly seeing my mic turn red or receiving a poor internet connections message. This started a few weeks back after the new client rolled out. Desktop version is not exhibit the same behavior. Mobile version should be as or more resilient.
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5 months ago, cipher683
Please fix the Text box!!!
I can’t see the words I am typing on my iPhone because the text box is cut off by the word suggestions from my default iPhone keyboard. I am using iPhone 14 pro.
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8 months ago, NH Shopper
Chime mobile app cuts off typing box
I am CEO of an AWS partner. I use Chime On my iPhone all day. For months now the app cuts off the typing box so a user cannot see what I am typing. AWS Please fix this. All your mobile users are fed up.
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3 years ago, alexhughes2432
Audio and notification issues
When you’re in meetings the audio is very loud so it’s hard to hear, it also cuts off at random points during the call. The notifications either pop up all oat once or they don’t pop up at all.
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4 years ago, Neo Boi Joe
Needs CarPlay and more robust watch support.
I love Chime. Use it all the time for almost all communications. I just wish it had CarPlay support and better Apple Watch support.
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4 years ago, Amazonian84
Something to consider
Making it available on smart watches
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4 years ago, naveens4
No notifications at all
From past 2-3 weeks not receiving any notifications at all. It’s really irritating sometimes. Please fix this ASAP.
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5 years ago, Euphoria_Wu
Auto-mute message during presentation
Please auto-mute messages when screen is being shared during presentation. You don’t want your conversation with one party is seen by all audience. The UX is so horribly thought. You need to hire better people for making this product.
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3 years ago, Lauren87
Needs major improvement
The app is missing lots of features that are available on the desktop app. The app is missing stability that other messaging apps like zoom or teams.
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