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User Reviews for Amazon Relay

4.72 out of 5
71K Ratings
4 years ago, cheema31
I just hate their navigation
50% of the time when i go to any new route it mostly took me to wrong route and then it starts saying rerouting and then it says make a U-turn 😳there is no hell a way you can make a U-turn on this ... and 93% of the time it will take you to the longest route as possible I know it will gonna take me to the truck route but there are the routes that I know I can tell it took me to a way longer route .. With relay app I am 100% satisfied but their navigation I am 100% dissatisfied ... I don’t know how and why one time it took me to the no truck route and all sudden it start saying make a U-turn make a U-turn then why the hell you took me to that route anyway.. Their is so much things i can say but .....
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2 years ago, Wayne Campbell $$
Route function
The route function has several glaring inadequacies. It is not possible to select an avoid tolls option and it is going to route you to every toll it can find. Most of the time it won’t say it’s a toll rd coming up. It is also not possible to see the steps of the route to check for tolls or to see the next turns coming up which makes you wait till the last seconds for its directions and you are out of position for its secondary direction because it frequently leaves out directions like north and south or east and west when both are available from the same exit. Banner’s which stay across the upper map all day such as air stagnation warning or gate ahead are a real nuisance as well. It does a great job of directing you to the truck gate most of the time. It just does not have the functionality of Google maps that would give it the true quality that is needed.
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10 months ago, DIEGOZMEXICAN08
ROC support is a failure
I’ve been reaching out to ROC support over a trip I did during the week , but the app malfunctioned on me during one of my runs . Now the app won’t register my check in and check out times at the yard and for that reason my tour will not close even after I fully completed my tour . For that reason I won’t be able to get paid until it’s closed . It’s been 3 days and ROC support has not been able to fix this issue due to their new policy change , but it’s actually causing a lot more trouble because it’s something that’s easily fixed on their end . I’ve been given the run around and I am not happy because as a driver I would like to get paid for my service. But it’s very frustrating trying to get paid for my work that I’ve already completed. It’s not my fault the app glitches out . Anyway someone should change back the policy , it’s ruining the whole driving experience.
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4 years ago, Asteele01
They have a near perfect check in and out process. Its very rare if I am not checked in, dropped the trailer, and checked out within 15 minutes. It’s the exact same picking one up. They scan the load id barcode on your phone and you’ll immediately see what slip you’re dropping in/picking up. I’ve never seen anywhere have it set up so perfectly. Where they do have room to improve is on the majority of the loads mileage pay. But if you are watching good ones pop up on the fresh and you have to be quick lol
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4 years ago, Samuel3201
New update is bad
This app used to be goo, but they changed the entirety of how to update loads in it. Now my drivers get to gate and it still says “APPROACHING GATE” and won’t let them check-in. The swipe option at least worked, now they sometimes have to wait till they’re past the gate and gate employees are getting annoyed. This new app update is actually causing delays on its own. The guard shacks had to have driver go forward and then come backward multiple times just to get the app to go into saying the driver was there. CHANGE BACK TO SWIPE, AT LEAST IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! UPDATE: It’s even worse than I thought. It tends to update the departure time before it adds trailer info so it spawns an email to dispatch each time saying trailer left without trailer ID. Literally EVERY time. Also on LTL runs (single VRID with multiple stops) it fails to update the departure time entirely. Our dispatch had to update the times manually and it messed up their performance. FIX THESE PROBLEMS!!!
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2 years ago, lkans123
Update is horrible
Before the latest update the Relay app was everything it should be. However, now it has been updated with bubble letters and complete sentences to relay information such as an empty trailer. For example, previously it said “Empty” for an empty trailer, now it saids “Your picking up an empty trailer and picking up a loaded trailer”, which is totally overkill and ridiculous to a professional driver. The previous version showed all information on one screen that driver and guard shack needed, now you must navigate 3 screens that each have foldout or drop down menus to see the same information. Many drivers are trying to review this information to plan a stop while driving, and it is completely unsafe the way they must navigate the app now. The update is confusing, inefficient and was needless as the old version was very sufficient and practical for a professional driver.
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5 years ago, Luka90ks
I do not write a reviews often. But this is what need to be beter. I picked up a load two hours before app time, i stop to sleep 3 hours you guys call me and told me that I can’t stop. I got two hours before delivery time. Respect my time! If i picked up a load in 1:00am and i have to be by 13:00 at delivery location, a have 7hours to drive I dont know why I need to drive straight to location. Porta potty is not alowed to be used by the drivers, why? You putt my pick time in ap 3:30 am i showed up 3:10. The security guy told me ap is 4:00. I dont know why this is not sincronised with the app. I don’t know why i need to turn off my bobtail if security does not came out off the office. Also i do not understand why cant we wait inside if we show up few hours before.
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1 month ago, Stay oh
Good app bad navigation
I understand it uses longer routes for trucks but it doesn't work half the time and when it does I'll compare route to other navigation apps for trucks. It adds miles for no reason. Considering they don't like us to be late that really doesn't make sense. Also when I'm on a new route and it doesn't work at all it's stressful because I'll have to use other apps in background and it kills battery fast. Last problem is latest update makes scanning packages a painful process. It's a good app that does it all but what's the point if it does some things good and others not work properly. I'd rather have three different apps that all work well.
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4 years ago, sdsr kjhgbj
Dumbest company
Let me start by saying this has to be one of the worst companies to drive for!! They offer owners of their own company bottom feeder load prices!! barely a dollar per mile going 700 miles in some cases!! They’ll have a load going 5 thousand miles with 15 different stops all over the USA and want to pay you 4500!! Laughable!!! How are you to pay for fuel?! They play with the pay per miles constantly posting a load with a garbage price only to take the load off, bring it back at an even lower price!! Everything is done by an app you can’t reach anyone who know what’s going on if there is any kind of problem!! They want you to drive straight no matter how many miles the load is and they will degrade your rating for stoping to sleep, eat or get fuel!! This is beyond a garbage company!!! Don’t waste your time!!
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4 months ago, Cotixaitoo
Now the app is great some glitches here and there but hey nothing is perfect im fine with that! Now can someone tell me this! Why do i have to wait 2 hrs when i arrived at the location and was supposed to pickup an empty there was no empty trailers available so im assuming i can just go to the next stop ROC wants me to wait 2 hrs just to tell me i can bobtail out because there is no empty trailers 😒 OFC!!! There is no empty trailers im here talking to the employees!!!!! Why waste my time waiting for an empty that’s never going to show up? 😒
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4 months ago, anescard
Not up to date and giving accurate location
I tried to look for load at my locations many times the app always shows the pick up addresses are close by when it 100 of miles away, this app caused my performance went down because of inaccurate informations, I booked loads and they don’t sent them to trips to dispatched drivers, and worst part customer services are even helping
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3 years ago, mdltmdlt
Great when it works
The app is great and really helpful when it works, it definitely streamlines the check in and check out process and keeps you moving, but for the last several days it just hasn't been working. I'm still able to access the ELD, but I can't check in and out, access the GPS, or see when my loads are ready. I've tried emailing and calling for support, but I've gotten no answers so far. There's no way to get technical support or to submit a ticket if something is wrong. I really like this job, but it's very frustrating to have to depend on an app that's not working correctly to do your job.
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2 years ago, conditional programming
Land Navigation and Education
Please do a with instructions for the event of a detour, where the data apps are not effect at finding the pick up and drop off location by substituting it with strip mapping technology. This will allow the operators a chance to accurately and effectively arrive at the desired location without further or waste or the carriers resources. This are has ben under construction for quite some time without effective leadership accepting responsibility in optimizing the time of logistics through surveillance and technology combined. There are some things the machines or machine learning cannot comprehend without the engineers direct involvement. Also when all pick up and drop off are complete it is no necessary for the driver to bobtail to their original location to check out. In this case a phone call or a control in the application will suffice.
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2 years ago, BossDon1980
App review
When a load is cancelled the status should always appear on the app. I assigned my driver and used the app to navigate all the way to the sight just to be told that the load was cancelled without any notification on the app. This has happened only a handful of times but one time is too many because errors such as that really affect bottom of fuel/toll costs not to mention labor time.
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5 years ago, Bassett Transport
From a drivers point of view
The App is nice however the rates need to go up. For the the tolls we pay are expensive not to mention all the time we spend waiting that we are not born compensated for. Our time is just as valuable as Amazons and we should be paid for us having to wait because loads aren’t ready or something’s goes wrong on the trip that isn’t our fault. Also we should be compensated when y’all cancel our trips are we have Commuted to pick up your freight diesel fuel isn’t cheap nor is it free . Thank you
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4 years ago, jayblacksims
Load board and app
So I started driving loads for u guys and having issues with the app called Roc like 5 times today they don’t know anything they gave me emails for me to get the issue worked out they don’t know anything at all waste of time nobody knows anything how can u have a company so big but u hire people that don’t know anything about the app r can’t even get u to the right people to help u out I’m renting a truck losing money because haven’t really did any loads I just don’t get how so many people that work for company can’t tell me anything about y my app isn’t working it just doesn’t make any sense nobody knows nothing I think I’m find me another carrier company this is a waste of time
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4 years ago, stan2005
Laggy at the worst times
After the most recent update for iOS, the scanner for barcodes (DDU Deliveries) will freeze after each scan. RESOLVE THIS CONCERN IMMEDIATELY. We are in peak season with more freight than ever before and this small technical issue causes huge delays when we are trying to deliver to Post Offices. This, of course, after being asked for the third time in a shift if we have “taken our temperature today?” Yes! The answer to this question is the same now as it was three hours ago: please do not design your software to interrupt my attempts to do the job you have assigned me.
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4 years ago, Pro Ag Boss
Pro Ag
My only critiques would be when you’re on the app and you go from the regular load board to post a truck that it give you the same option as the regular load board. The option for one-way or round-trip would be nice in the post truck and. Also on the post to truck it would be nice to have an alarm instead of a notification when you’re selected for a load since it’s an audiobook if you happen to fall asleep which I did you could possibly miss your load.
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3 years ago, skj742000
OTR Driver
Locations need to be updated too many last minute turns and the app requires too many refresh attempts. There needs better notifications of when the loads are ready. The time period to see available loads could be extended or maybe it be listed to show the destination city. Call me if needed for explanation. Thanks
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2 years ago, black lantern trucking
Customer service is awful
The relay app is fine, but Amazons customer relations is terrible. Whenever there is an issue as a driver using the app, relay support is only available through email and if they decide to respond, they respond with, review our FAQ’s. I’m owed over $2000 in TONU and am told I need to train my team. Then they run a ridiculous performance system that takes work away from hard working drivers. I had to cancel 2 loads due to an illness and was told that was my fault and due to canceling those 2 loads it tanked my performance score to a C and now they won’t allow me to book work. Ridiculous how it works
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4 months ago, Ornum LLC
Essential but frustrating
You need this app in order to run relay freight and everything was working fine up until two days ago and the navigation portion of it stopped working and trying to get a hold of a person to talk to to find out what is going on is impossible, and since your performance can be tied to your tracking and using the app, you have to wonder and be concerned if everything is going to be OK as far as your performance is concerned
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3 years ago, Juice2Skinny
Great app bad customer service
The app and the process are great. Every trucking company should do something similar as it makes the most sense in the world for ease and efficiency. ROC, however, is HORRIBLE! They can’t hardly speak English which one can work around, they don’t let you talk and straight hang up on you which makes you have to wait another 20 minutes for a call back all to repeat the process again. It’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever had to deal with.
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2 years ago, justin1727
Their improvements are not improvements
Every update makes the app worse and worse. Bring back swipe to check in and manual check in on the report arrival issue button. Gps is bad and now you can’t even use the freight not ready, wrong equipment, shipper refuse ect buttons UNTIL your arrival time which 99.9% of the time, you are going to be hours ahead of your times. So now you have to sit and call ROC to have them change your route if you have an issue and sometimes they will make you wait until departure time which is beyond pointless
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5 years ago, mothertrucker20
So So
The app could be very useful, but with so many facilities beginning to not use it makes me rethink having it. What really is the point? Most of them rather scan the bills instead. The GPS feature needs a lot of work. So many times it leads me to a dead end street! However, it is great for getting the tour information to you.
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3 years ago, Jb who Jb!
Overall the app is Good. The main issue I have with the app is that having a local cell phone service going to different states and cities, my phone doesn’t always check me in on time, due to my cell phone provider not having towers in a lot of these states and cities we travel in. So if I’m cutting it close I get a late load. Also sometimes I have to drive miles before I get on a recognizable tower. App should allow drivers to have a way to communicate while off-line. This is my only issue.
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4 years ago, Nexxus12
Issues after connecting to trailer
When alerted that a load is ready for pick up and after confirming the last four digits of the trailer number and loading of the bill of lading should occur the app crashes and says something went wrong. I must exit the app and restart it and click resume work when I do that the bill of lading does not come up it loads up automatically the next stop location and the only options there is start later or navigate
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8 months ago, amjegedy
Please fix/update app
The app is acting up especially when I use the gps, the speed limit on gps jumps to 80 mpg even though I’m going 55 mpg. Also at the end of every shift I go off duty and sign out but for some reason it doesn’t and it says you have exceeded your shift hours. lastly, I’m using the latest iPhone and the app still so slow going from one page to another.
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1 year ago, dont send money here
Loads getting cancelled all the time
This week alone I got 4 loads cancelled 3 straight days in a row for not reason not my fault and the only answer it was sorry it’s a machine that does it but I obviously didn’t get paid (was booked and cancelled same day) and I can’t get a simple notification on this app ?? So maybe I can go back and get another load or allocate my time I lost 3 days of work and now when I get a load I have be checking every hour or every 2 because it gets cancelled like nothing and you can even get ONE notification or email
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5 months ago, RW100US
ORD9 Poor Packing Habits
Picking up at ORD-9 has turned into the drivers also becoming the packers for this location; this most recent load had 39 scans; nine were pallets, and the rest were individual boxes, sitting on the floor, waiting for the driver to load them either into a box or on the truck without any secure way of transporting them. The load assistance response was if you don’t like it, don’t pick it up from this location.
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4 years ago, Dragons322
It’s ok
Needs improvement a lot, somehow empty trailer status needs to be in the app for every location. It’s annoying to call all the time and be on hold for 20-60 minutes to update your trip and be told go somewhere else for empty, then you arrive at the new location and no empty’s also. The app needs to have a place to put no empty’s at a certain location then generate your next closest location with available empty’s. Also the gps location has to have a way to manually input without having to trouble shoot.
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1 month ago, Assends
Horrible support for the app
The app works great until you have a problem. There is no support for the app. You have to submit a work order that takes days for them to respond. The only callback feature is when you are on a load. Even then the help is spotty. Rude customer support. They hang up on you all the time. Cut you off when you are trying to explain the situation. I know it’s a language barrier but they are not nice people and very condescending.
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3 years ago, Apoowillie
Better than same time last year
I have noticed much improvement in the past one year. Last year it took me to someone’s front yard because the facility I was going to was behind the landlords fence. It was very difficult coming out and was eventually stuck in mud and had to be towed. I have seen much improvement this year.
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2 years ago, SwtSekCdiva
New update and safety summary report
Whats up with this. I mean come on u getting flagged for speeding and speed limits on app and on the road don't match. For example! I had issue with the app saying speed limit is 25mph but is not is 55mph . The speed limit 25mph is only during 15:30h-16:00h on school days while any other time is 55mph .
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2 years ago, What is the point of this?!?!
Stop trying to reinvent the wheel
I don’t have time to go into all the issues, especially with the ELD. Whoever is making decisions obviously has no clue what it is to drive a truck or what trucking is about, at all. They have no business making some of the decisions they’ve made.
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2 years ago, Mr.concern
Was told my driver ID was suspended but have never received any kind of notification. When arrived no one can give me any details about the suspended ID was told to return at 8 am to speak with the right person for additional information. When I arrived back at 8 am again no information was given and there was no one to speak with A billion dollar company but no one can give me any information or direct me to speak with the proper person And my books trips are showing rejected because we can’t go in
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1 year ago, Yungrome84
Pretty Decent App
My only issue is it auto brightens my phone to the max. It's the only app that does this and I hate it. Please take this feature away. If we're looking at the load board... We don't need max brightness in bed. GPS is ok but could use some tweaks. Especially with the notifications of turns and better on and off ramp indications.
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2 years ago, Stang360
GPS navigation was absolutely fine until they made an update on the app. Now the route you’re taking is the same color as highways and streets. What line are we following if we can’t tell the color of the route direction? Also rerouting isn’t working properly. The navigation goes blank when it’s “rerouting” and the only way to fix it is to exit the navigation and go back in. This is distracting for a driver if we have to keep fiddling back and forth with our phones navigation.
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2 years ago, Bat dad too.
Dev app support
The new features are all right except a few bugs the app turns my music down and you have to turn app off to get volume back. The other thing is trying to scroll for up coming off ramps it fogs out and you can’t see what’s coming like older version. Volume on app is loud but turns music down to sleepy mode NOT COOL🥵🥵🤦‍♂️
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7 months ago, Relay Okayyy
Put me in coach!!
I’m ready to play!! This has to be the simplest app to navigate through! Without guidance, almost anyone would be able to set up, toggle thru, and completely understand everything they’d be looking at. Amazon’s got it goin on…all the way around the globe!!
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5 years ago, chris12Z
Always on gps!
Why is the location service needed to be set to always on? It doesn’t shut off when the app is off either the app is still regardless tracking you outside of work. That’s a bit of invasion of privacy, regardless the app isn’t that much of help when on the location regardless takes up to an hour to get your load ready. The time it gives you for pick up should be the actual time not an hour later. It’s pathetic that a company this huge can’t get that right and continues to waste driver time.
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5 years ago, Siretzkii
App and Costumer Service
The app is great, very easy to use..sometimes is very slow. The only issue with this is the Costumer Service..the people there are rude and very not helpful. Amazon..if you read that, please try and fix the problem cause it’s making work very difficult and you have to act on your own in situations you when there are people there who have to answer questions and help..(that’s what I personally understand what Costumers Service means) but they would not help at ALL and will be rude, like you were disturbing them.
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2 months ago, Tn driver
This new version isn’t working properly on IOS. The driver has stated that their app isn’t allowing them to start work or check in because there isn’t a home tab. This has caused the company score to decrease because of app usage.
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5 years ago, south land trucking
South land trucking .
King It’s GPS is not good. It is white at night so it does not see anything on the road. It should be automatically black at night GPS is not good. It is white at night so it does not see anything on the road. It should be automatically black at night. on the road. It should be automatically black at night.
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4 months ago, gilmoureye
Please add the sound notifications
Hello! I’m begging, add the sound notifications when “the trailer is ready” it’s not a big deal for you, but it would be so comfortably for drivers who are waiting the trailer at the yard. We should always stare at the screen and wait for this little notification above the app or always refresh app to see when it’s ready. PLS!
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3 years ago, dgs214
GPS navigation
GPS navigation needs some improvement. Needs to give directions more in advance of highway interchanges and audibly tell which lane to be in as well as visually. Often times there are multiple interchanges in one area and it tells you where to go after you have arrived at the interchange and it’s too late to make the change.
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4 years ago, Nick is a rice farmer
There are voices in my head!
When I started using this app, I’ve noticed that voices started speaking to me in my head. At first I was having some metal breakdowns about it and visiting my local priest to do some exorcisms on me, but nowadays the voices are pretty chill. One of them, Joe, has some serious killer jokes that he tells me. 10/10 app.
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6 years ago, Air Force Logistics
Insert Live option
Ok app so far but they need to keep listening to client reviews like ours. - App needs to label when a load is Live so it doesn’t have us thinking we are dropping the trailer and go or actually picking up a trailer or actually live. I just had a situation like that. Complete bummer bc customer stated I had to stay with trailer or take the trailer With me and come back in morning. No good bc I needed to bobtail in order to find a safe park etc. - Also needs to be easier to read. Needs some color and bold options to separate each load from the next. It all looks like a thesis paper trying to find what I’ve completed and what’s next. - Please make these user friendly changes. Thank you.
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5 years ago, myfastgn
Editing needed
Has virtual fakes stops added to the route, and have issue with not being able to select a stop to deliver to that’s not in the set order programmed to the route. Makes it unable to make changes to suit the needs of the post office on there time of arrival. Which then will delay the route with the other post office stops. Need the ability to have the option to select a stop on the route for any uncontrollable future needs.
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1 year ago, Frozen Freddy
GPS problems
A few places the GPS is off in phoenix metro area. I also noticed that the speed limit on some roads are wrong in app. The biggest gps error I see is in Goodyear going to GYR1 WHY,, does it take everyone to Yuma road ? Speed limit on 143 ave is 35 but app says 25 just one of the few things I see wrong with it.
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10 months ago, akobirusmonov
Truck driver reporting full of bugs
Last updated was horrible freezing up for no reason I might have got a report for parking at no parking area but it’s not a good reason to freeze the whole app for that, every time it’s says “No parking or idling near JFK8” relay app becomes useless so i have to delete and download it again so pls fix that instead of punishing drivers like that just tell me ones I won’t bother to do that again and im saying this behalf of every drivers near Staten Island NY.
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