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11 months ago
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User Reviews for Amazon Seller

4.6 out of 5
71.4K Ratings
6 years ago, seller72
Unable to list & no support
I really want to love this app. It is amazing when I’m acquiring inventory making it so much easier to see whether something is profitable. And then I discovered that I had the ability to list right then and there. I just came into a huge estate buy of over 4000 books so any way I can make my life easier I will. So the first book no problem but everything after won’t list. So I contacted support who was not helpful, letting me know that I can list from a desktop computer. *sigh*. Anyway I guess I’ll have to keep at it till someone can really help me. Fix that part and I’ll be happy to give it 5 stars
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7 years ago, Alohamelani
Good start...More features please
A year later and some of the things I pointed out in my previous review (below) has been taken care of, like seeing all inventory and opening cases. However, we need to see seller feedback reviews. Repricing via inventory page isn’t helpful especially when you have items on sale because it only shows the lowest price and buy box price. If your item is on sale it only shows your original price against the lowest price (which could be your sale price, but you won’t know unless you log into seller central via browser). We should also be able to put items on sale from the inventory page. A lite version of Reports would be awesome...At least being able to see the comparison to last year’s numbers. I love the addition of the product photo studio and B2B Central. Previous Review: I use this app all day, but it needs more features. We need to be able to see all inventory, reprice, check seller reviews and open cases.
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7 years ago, dog65937
Great app, needs two things added
Really like the app, great easy way to check my account, especially to keep up with customer messages. The two things I would really like added would be PPC monitoring and ability to modify. Also I would like to be able to modify sale prices, currently I can only modify the regular item price, which doesn't help me when I want to run a sale or modify a sale. Otherwise it is great. The app actually has something that I can't get on the web app- I can filter messages to see all received messages. This is awesome for following up on customer messages that I may not have gotten a response on in a while or something. On the web app I cannot find those conversations back easily if I send several other messages out in the mean time. That would be nice to pull from the phone app and get in the web app functionality.
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6 years ago, ATCTiger
Very effective app for basic monitor on-the-go
I use this app regularly as a seller to find and manage my product inventory effectively. It’s a important tool of my FBA business. As a free app I would highly recommend it. The main reason not to give it a 5-Star is enhancements To provide a more robust app including many of the Seller Central features provided online would be very helpful for sellers on-the-go. For example, ability to address case log items or messages from seller support. Then we can address issues immediately then wait for computer access. Or the ability to open the listing from the Inventory menu so I can more easily check reviews by customers or troubleshoot any issues if I make changes to the listing. These are just a couple of suggestions.
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7 years ago, CA_P
Does the Basic Job Compared to Online Dashboard
This is a good app, but does have areas to improve on. I like that it alerts me when a sale order is placed, it has a nice summary chart on the main page, it allows me to view my inventory, and allows me to add new Products. Some of the things I would like to see improved: creating a new listing is limited compared to the online dashboard version, I can’t add variations, and it’s also hard for me to update my listings especially the ones with variations. Another problem I find is when building a new listing, placing them in the right category is manual and there is no search option. Overall, the app is good, but with some improvements, it has the potential of becoming excellent.
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7 years ago, Dunya Yalan
Love it
I love this app. Who ever created worth their salt software engineer(s). I don't sign in my account as often as I used to; thank you so much; every time I open this app, it puts smile on my face :) Just one, tiny thing though, can I get the "Inventory Check" Feature back? It has taken away, I am not sure why! Thank you so much! I can't put in words how appreciative I am. Just adding couple things (I wish I had your email instead of asking in my review) Manage Inventory ; I can’t manage my inventory by scanning an item. If I type the items’ barcode numbers, I can, if I could scan the items, that would’ve been time-saving.
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5 years ago, GlassgirlNK
App review
Some aspects of this app are good but there are many functions that need to be added or upgraded. I need to be able to add new product from my phone app, as well as modify existing listings and photos. Right now all I can do is change the price and quantity. The seller app for ETSY is far more functional and easy to use. It would also be helpful if I could click on pictures to make them larger and more visible on the phone. I make small jewelry that can look similar, so it’s difficult to see the fine detail for identification purposes with such a tiny picture. I take my product photos with my new phone, so the ability to work on my store within the phone would save a lot of time and be far more convenient.
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6 years ago, N8bog
Great and usable app
This app has improved over time but today the app is very functional and for sellers it makes it easy to respond to sellers, review shipped and unshipped orders. Making the portal very simple to use without going through the web interface. Managing inventory is also good. It is limited as to how much you can edit on your listed items but I think this app is a tool to use for managing your business not running everything from it. The website is details but this app is broad when it comes to features.
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1 year ago, s@oc
Would love to change the order of the links
I don’t use the app to list, don’t care about news, and most of the features offered in this app, as I use my laptop or pc for those actions/features. I use this app when I’m traveling or away from my studio. Therefore, what’s most important (for me) is knowing when I have orders, emails from customers, and returns. I’d love the option to move those three action links to the top of the the list so I can view them at a glance. Also the communications feature isn’t always accurate so I’ve missed emails when I’m away from the studio.
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4 years ago, Cadam1234
Useful but Glitchy
Being able to quickly check for customer messages and reviews or where sales are is great..... when it works. It has a tough time loading data generally. It’s slow and often just can’t load the information at all. This has caused the most issues with customer messages. pretty often the communications screen will say that there are no messages, but once you go all the way through and refresh you will find they are there. The only times I have had messages go over SLA was when I relied on this app. It is worth having even with the issues, but it shouldn’t be the only way you access your Seller Central account.
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7 years ago, Motoki013
Not very functional
Overall this app is OK. It would be better if you could see all units sold separately. I have several different items that I sell on Amazon's platform, and I am unable to differentiate which items have sold on this app. I also wish that I could adjust advertising costs, and PPC budgets. Seems silly that you can't do any of this from the app..... I am an Apple user so not sure if it's different on other phones? Also I think there should be a notification option for when an item has sold, either FBA or FBM.
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4 years ago, Udocre82
Pretty Good
I like the app. It allows us to do the basic things, I just wish it let us look at and manage feedback. That way, when we are traveling we can see feedback remarks and handle them on the road. Etsy has that feature. I also wish it had links to the days forums. Reading them in the app would enable us to read them everyday, rather than just reading them while sending out orders. There’s much to learn from reading the two “topics” of the day. Otherwise, it’s fine.
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5 months ago, ChapWife02
I want to like it but……
I have been trying to list several handmade items through the app and do not find the app user friendly at all. It won’t post pictures even though I use the photo studio option which tells me my pictures meet all the requirements. It tells me some of my listings are incomplete without telling me what is still needed for them to be considered complete. It takes several tries for me to actually get something listed. Sometimes once I have submitted a listing and want to make another listing, it tells me my previous attempt was unsuccessful. Overall it has kind of been a nightmare and huge waist of time.
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5 years ago, Flight of the Conchords10
Must Have App - Easy to Work With
This app is great! It saves time, it is easy to navigate, and you get up-to-date real-time information on your account, which in turn helps your customers. If you have some product photos downloaded on your phone, that is a big time saver as you can add products to your inventory right on your phone. That helps me if I have to wait somewhere for a while. It gives me something to do and enables me to get more done. I highly recommend it!
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5 years ago, Alexavonvagabond
Limited access
This is a quick review while I'm trying to use the app from my iPhone in October 2019. I've just spent 20 minutes trying to find a way to access Prime shipping options. Can't find them. Also, it's been a while since I tried to use the communication feature but I expect it hasn't changed recently and i recall it's hard to use and unclear whether you actually replied to a customer, which caused me to resend a message to a customer because the app looked like it just flaked out instead of confirming my message was sent. The app may be useful for some basic things like inventory updates, but you need the browser version for other tasks.
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4 months ago, Lol soho
Push notifications not working when new customer orders are placed
Great app but for some reason I am no more getting push notifications when new customer orders are being placed. This issue is same for both prime and non-prime orders. I have already turned on all notifications in my phone iOS settings and all push notifications in the app. I think the problem is that in the app push notifications settings there is no more an option of selecting new customer orders.
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6 years ago, Roshy266
A little useless apart from Scanning
This app needs some upgrades. Great that I can track my shipments to a certain point (not actually where they are at any given time), but I can also never see my customer orders, which I know are there because they appear on the website. Also, I’ll see communication notifications in-app and when I click “communications”, there’s nothing there. At just little things here and there, but it could be a great app otherwise. I find myself opening a browser on my phone to check things way too often. Defeats the purpose of having an app.
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5 years ago, #oncam
Great app but would like more features
App is great and has a lot of what you need. One thing I’m surprised it doesn’t have and surprised that more people aren’t asking for is the ability to have real-time alerts to sales. Other words a lock screen notification as sales occur so you don’t have to open the app each time. People open the app 90%+ of the time for sales so why can’t they have an option to just see them in an lock screen notification?
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1 year ago, hmd app
“Revenue Calculator” worst addition possible
Why would you go from having your revenue automatically calculated on the front page of each item you look at in your inventory, to forcing users to click several buttons to get to it, only to still not properly show up half the time? Mine often has trouble loading, especially when service isn’t great, so I can’t even access this critical information a majority of the time. To make such a shift in the way the app runs is absurd and infuriating. I use the app all throughout the day, and it went from a mostly neutral/positive experience to absolutely rage-inducing with this one idiotic change. WHY. JUST WHY.
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3 years ago, Bravo1mike
Big Help
Wouldn’t be able to make money without this app. We use it and scan everything unless we are in a store we frequent often. The only thing I dislike is that it seems slow more than not when working with it and I know I’m not the only one to make the comment about it. I did keep it 5 stars because I have not seen enough people make the claim so I can’t be certain it is the app.
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7 years ago, M&M1222
I like it but I could be really happy with it.
As a seller I will appreciate ways to edit/adjust advertising campaigns and a way to see all my listings maybe alphabetically or by category Of products. Will also love to have a sound (ding) when an FBA purchase comes in, so I will not refresh so many times a day. But it tells me what items have been purchased, in shipping or payment has been completed. Which is general helps me to keep an eye on my business.
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2 years ago, TRob1213
Immediate Deactivation of Account
I started my account as normal, activated as normal and within 15 minutes of actually looking at the app to understand how it works, I got a deactivation notice. I provided all critical documents as requested from the bot that assists you, however was still not activated. There is no phone number to call to receive further guidance on how to resolve the issue and their last message states that they will not respond to any further messages. This leaves me with a useless app. I understand that there are policies and procedures to adhere to for legal reasons, but with no live associate to assist with how to navigate said procedures, I cannot use the app for its intentions.
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5 years ago, Arvindk007
Not well thought with new improvements
Simple stuff is missing so I am forced to go to desktop site. 1) I see a sale but dont see the customer info like its displayed on Sellecentral. (Repeat customer, Business Customer, Name, etc) 2) I have to keep refreshing the app to see if sale occurred. I am a high margin slow seller. Its important for me to see notification that I sold something. 3) Navigating reviews and disputing is way beyond easy. Feels like someone is just milking this product management. 4) Sales graph limited to 30 days. That dumb. Why wont you allow atleast 365 days. This app is my livelihoods window not some fun game for amusement. THINK BIG, OBSESS OVER CUSTOMER.
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4 years ago, DylanKC@081399
I am new to this and I am so excited that this is a viable for us to have a chance to better our selves and our life’s ! But I do feel that it is a little hard for us that when we do start selling we should have a list or pamphlet of the items that we are allowed access to because there is more then we are not able toIt would be nice if we was able to get to the I Other accounts h
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3 years ago, King davone12
App has a crazy amount of glitches I was wondering has anyone else experienced this lately definitely with that payments It saying a certain amount on your Home Screen and another amount when you open up your payment tab ? And also another thing I’m not sure how much this matters but the whole fba thing advertising seller don’t have to worry about shipping because fba fulfills our orders for us so we don’t have to worry about shipping fee isn’t true paying a ( picking and packing fee on some items is the same as paying for individual shipping ) right lol
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4 years ago, NMarigoni226
Waste of Time
This app asks for way too much verification, and they’re very nitpicky about it. I had to send in an image of my passport and bank statement twice because the first submission wasn’t good enough for them! And once I finally got on the app to sell my first product (a CD), it told me I needed this “Approval for Music Selling”, asking for even MORE verification, one of which was an invoice for 10 music purchases that I’ve made. I don’t just go and buy 10 music products at any given time! I swear they are just asking for this redundant information because they’re bored. Ugh! I just wanted an app to sell some of my belongings in a SIMPLE AND QUICK MANNER, but this app clearly doesn’t know what that means.
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3 years ago, MHelms2
Your fees are so high we have to charge 10% more to cover them. It’s the price per unit cost on our smaller items. Borderline worth the effort but we are trying hard to make it work. People often give us a low review over things we have 0 control over. Like “you refunded an order I canceled at the last minute but I never received my money.” Or altogether inaccurate reviews where they say “I reviewed the wrong seller.” “You did great they’d say but I can’t change my review. It was another seller that didn’t perform”. This is frustrating for us as sellers when trying to earn 5 stars!
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6 years ago, Needs playlist
I only use the app to check status on the go...
but I have not listed any items or anything of that nature so I can't comment on those features. It's a great way to stay up-to-date on your storefront, but I prefer the desktop for any needed duties or functions. It seems to fail at loading correctly when I click on notifications quite regularly. I have a brand-new iPhone 7, so I believe the fault lies with the app.
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2 weeks ago, Dawgin swag monster
Good app, one noticeable flaw
Overall good app Biggest flaw is the product scanner. I like that you can scan items to do an image search but it seems that it prioritizes scanning the product over the barcode of the product, leading to incorrect scans most of the time. I think it would be better if you can toggle between image scans or barcode scans to prevent wasted time by incorrect searches. Typically, I end up having to type in the UPC to search the product after multiple failed attempts.
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2 years ago, Juana Portela
Your Account Is At Risk Of Deactivation
This is unfair. I am not going to send a product to a fake buyer and risk not only that the product get lost but also the fake buyer asks for a refund and keeps buying from me. If these buyers were real, I would have shipped the product. I am the first person who wants my products to sell and the first person who wants these products to be shipped, but to real buyers. Before threatening with account deactivation, you should monitor/screen what's behind the seller choosing to cancel an order. Because one thing is to do it viciously and another thing is to do it to protect the store. Help the seller, not the fake buyer.
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4 years ago, cositasfranco
I love it
But they need to have a phone number to call when we have issues !!! And answer Sian it take so long to receive answer another problem is when you upload pictures from you computer or cell they don’t verify it I don’t know why there are no screenshots they are pictures from computer or cell very bad service it
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3 years ago, Kippersgirl
Great App - could use less quirks
The app is very helpful for on-the-go updates, preliminary product research, tracking daily sales, etc but often fails to be accurate with current price, buy box price and does not show sale prices. No problem to log into dash board in browser to make changes, see changes, correct sale price, etc. if glued to my computer. Would be nice to get all features available on App. Someday.
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3 years ago, Supreme Leader Joe
Mostly Good - Needs Some Bug Fixes
I’m mostly a fan of the seller central app! I love that I can check how my products are doing from my phone rather than my desktop. The main two things that I think could be worked on are the UX and the advertising/PPC data. The UX is a little slow and doesn’t look super pretty. The PPC data is flat out incorrect. Maybe I have a setting off but the data on the ap always reports double my ACoS that is reported on the web app. Other than that well done!
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5 years ago, kvrtaric
Highly Functional and Clean
This app is highly functional, easy to use and clean considering all the features it has. The data is delayed less than expected compared to logging in to seller central from PC (understand since balancing user experience and bandwidth). Haven’t tried it for rare occurrences, like unit removal request or customer escalations. Overall, great for monitoring your account and when on the road.
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5 years ago, Paperpecan
Now works - Top bar not updating
This issue has been resolved. Thank you for sending out an update quickly. —————————- The top bar no longer updates when pulled down to refresh. Work around is to click on the menu and select inventory or orders and then go back to main page for the top bar to update. Very frustrating. Please correct problem soon.
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3 years ago, CJHart12
Very helpful for running our store.
Love being able to keep track of our store on the go. I wish we could change the preferred fields in the sold section (& any othe sections too) & it would save them. The default is shipped items. We are only doing FBA, I want to see which listings just sold not the shipped ones. If I was shipping the orders myself I would also want to see new sales & not shipped items. Over all a great tool.
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6 years ago, coin4samuel
Hasn’t worked in weeks.
Works ok at home but says there is no connection outside of that. It could be a setting on my phone that I changed and didn’t realize so I will change my rating if I can get it figured out or get help On a sidenote I have really enjoyed using this app I would like to suggest however a feature that would help users determine if a product listing has a expire date requirement and a little bit more clarification about how far out cosmetics and beauty products need to be and a good resource in deciphering the date codes. Thanks for all you do
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7 years ago, Love bingo!!
Very Functional App
I love that I can see a snapshot of my inventory and that I can view messages and orders. I also love the bar graph charts that show sales for the last 7 days!! I would like to be able to make listing picture adjustments by mobile or iPad and not have to wait until I get home and use my laptop. Would also like to see the business reports using the app as well.
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7 months ago, Kiiya7
New revenue calculator is awful!
This app was never all that user friendly but with the new update it became completely awful. It takes so much time now to enter to information, loading time of the calculator is so much longer, and you can’t copy ASIN from that screen and jump through the hoops if you need that ASIN to do additional analysis in other apps. Dear developers, work with actual users of your apps to make it better and don’t just come up with something that YOU think is better.
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1 year ago, #Thatkid
Trying to set up store
I have been trying to set up my store for three days and all the page does is go white and acts like pages flipping in a book. As soon as that stopped the first time, I can type all of my information in, but after I press continue, it does the same thing and wipes out all of the information I had just put in. I am not sure how someone is to use this unless maybe the issue is that I need to set up my store on a desktop and use the app for daily, as needed store maintenance. It’s quite irritating and I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Samoa22&
Terrible app
Extremely glitchy, couldn’t go back and forth smoothly. Tried to verify my business, submitted my business registration and certificate of incorporation as a merged pdf (per their request) OVER 10 TIMES, yet they still ask me the same thing, ‘please provide your business registration and certificate of incorporation as a merged pdf’ (which I did). I opened over 10 tickets with customer service, ALL of them closed, saying my problem has been solved. I told the customer service to call my phone multiple times, no response. OVERALL A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. NEVER AGAIN
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7 years ago, TonyCovey
Push Notifications is bugged
I've had this app for a few years now and after the new update for iOS. The push notifications stops telling you if you made a sale or any other of the specific preferences you set. All of my notification settings say they are in but never work. Please someone address this issue.
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2 years ago, bhkirasdhyf
I lost a lot of money
When I first started I had a good first payment check after that I spent so much money to get the product and loss all my money. Then you don’t have a lot of help a lot of things are self taught bottom line if you don’t have money to play with it don’t get involved because you will lose a lot of money as I did my second check was $372 and I spent over 1000 to send out products to my customers so I just gave away free items they do returns and get their money back and I’m just out of my product and my money I quit.
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5 years ago, Razzmataz IOG
Account services
This is a very confusing and aggravating App and system to use compared to EBAY. The system is not user friendly at all and the customer care teams is unable to resolve your request nor do they give you a phone access choice to resolve any issues you have. I attempted to close my account less then 2 weeks after opening because of the complex and inability to list anything for sale but they continued to charge my bank after I made it clear I wanted to close the account. I am still being billed and they have not closed my account either, very disturbing.☹️
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2 years ago, just trying to sign up!
Registration is buggy
Maybe it’s better to register on desktop first and the app runs smoothly, but just trying to set up an account on my phone through the app is impossible. The pop ups to submit documents won’t minimize and even when I use browser the buttons don’t work. So I can’t even sign up! It also takes forever to load and the screen loading bar just keeps restarting and it’ll say “we’re still working on it”.
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4 years ago, FoldupAudi
Seller Beware
Almost as bad as EBay GUI If you don’t know what your doing you will screw up orders and it will cost you money Take a look at shipping settings first time you use it or you will get screwed shipping to Canada! and that apparently is the preferred process tons of bugs and a royal pain to use I doubt the developers have ever sold using it
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6 years ago, MUFASA47
Customer support issues
I have been trying to get my account going for about 2 months now. On and off with customer support about sending pictures for verification but they never tell me what I’m missing in the photos. I have sent so many different photos of different things and I am still being denied and told to resend the proper pictures within 30 days. There is literally a list of what they want to see in the photos so there’s really no messing up here... can someone please guide me in the right direction?
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7 years ago, Tessa T L
Does it's job, let's me know what's going on when not on desktop
I use the app all the time, mostly for monitoring and responding to customer messages. I would like to see the advertising (ppc) added into the app. For me, that is the main thing that is missing. I have to go to desktop version to adjust bids and have had to access on my cellphone which was very difficult for tweaking keywords and bids on a smartphone.
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2 years ago, tywiththebraids
Difficult to navigate
I haven’t even been able to get passed the id scanning because the scan button module isn’t fit to screen and it wont allow me to scroll down. When I click back or try to view the side panel of options it’ll show just a glitching screen I have to tap it a few times for it to actually pop up. I went on my tablet and I can scan the documents but when I try to submit it keeps saying error message upload documents and no button that allows me to. App is garbage
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7 years ago, Enfiliade
Good for checking sales and a couple other things
Good: -The sales chart is very nice, better visual than anything in the full Seller Central interface. -Handy for checking orders coming in -Buyer-seller messaging tool is nice, notification integration is great -Able to check on basic inventory availability -Ability to contact Seller support Would be nice: -If sales metrics refreshed when re-focusing on app instead of showing an error message and keeping stale data -To manage Sponsored Ad Campaigns!! -To see inventory non-available counts (FC transfer, sold, etc), could be summed up -To see sales by ASIN. I currently check a 3rd party tool for this in a mobile browser. -To view and interact with seller feedback -To view product reviews -To manage promotions
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