Amazon WorkSpaces

1.3 (18)
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Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amazon WorkSpaces

1.28 out of 5
18 Ratings
2 months ago, Ty Panitz
definitely going downhill
I used to be able to utilize this app to give me portability to be able to do my job now. I can’t even use it with sound. I don’t have no sound coming through on my devices iPad or anything it makes no sense but yeah I can go on my MacBook like it’s nothing run that software and get sound coming through from the remote machine, you guys need to really get your priority and make a better so we can utilize it if I can give this app stars I would
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2 years ago, Stitchopoulis
Mouse and keyboard support is great, but still some issues.
In 1600x1200 display mode, when you minimize windows, a strip of the right side of the window remains. In 1600x1200 or 1024x768 the very right side of the screen will not let anything show up on it. If you click the date to bring up the calendar, the popover calendar appears, but the right edge of it is truncated off, so the week ends at Thursday, there is no Friday or Saturday. When you drag windows, often the right edge of them will disappear. Edit: it took an awfully long time, but it’s fixed! The whole screen is usable now. It’s gone from “I can make do in a pinch” to “yeah, it works. I can just do my work without any fuss”
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5 months ago, Rman1
Does not connect most of the time and arrow keys do not work
Using 12.9 ipad pro with a magic keyboard. This does not connect half the time (or very slow to connect) compared to my PC. When it connects, the arrow keys do not work, nor does Ctrl+Alt+Delete and there is no way to map keys to the magic keyboard for convenience. It is not useful to have this app because it does not meet basic needs.
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2 weeks ago, jkl2012
Does not work at all
I use this app on a Mac and Windows, where it (barely) works. On the iPad, it does not even connect, at all, ever. Broken! Remove!
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2 years ago, coatsnmore
Almost useful.
This is so close to a useful application. There seems to be an issue with the Magic Keyboard and the app understanding arrow keys input. Without this, it's pretty hard to do anything that this app is designed for... development and administration work. If the arrow keys worked, I could do 90% of my day job. Without that support, I can do 0%.
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9 months ago, BingersDuhde
Navigational Keys DO NOT WORK
THE ARROW KEYS DO NOT WORK !!! You are 99% the way there, finish the last 1% so we can actually use the client. People NEED arrow keys. Period. You can clearly see comments with the SAME complaint. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
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2 days ago, Shakti dance
Doesn’t work
Cannot connect to server. Desktop version works fine. App doesn’t work at all
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1 year ago, ashad0509
Magic Keyboard Support
Cannot use arrow keys, cannot map windows key. Unusable app that could make working from iPad so much easier. Take some pointers from Microsoft RD app.
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9 months ago, Hawsepipe!
No WSP support
WSP has been out for months but I can't use my workspace on my iPad since there is no support. Is there even a timeline?
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5 months ago, trackvaulter01
No microphone/video/sound
Makes this app essentially useless
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2 weeks ago, TimmyZ
Doesn’t work with WSP Workspaces
As the title says, this app does not support connecting to Workspaces configured with the WSP protocol.
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1 year ago, Ev1123456
Arrow keys do not work
Please fix this!!
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1 year ago, Why bother with AWS
Worst App EVER
NOT able to log in. NO UPDATES.
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4 years ago, RedRocker777
Display issues
Ugh!!!! STILL broken. Please fix the display issues on iPad 11” Pro. If I select 1600 x 1200 on an iPad Pro 11, there’s a 1-2” strip on the right side of the screen that doesn’t display anything but the wallpaper. If you drag something over there or maximize a window, anything that is in that strip is missing. Still there, because you can click on where you ‘think’ things are and they are there, you just can’t see them. Also, the double tap and drag would be useful as well. Lastly, it would be nice if the sound only paused other sounds already playing and then resumed them. In other words, if you have music playin the background, it stops totally when using your desktop. Stinks. But the display issue prevents me from using this. Click on “App Support” and a web page says Access Denied.
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4 years ago, RipenedFruit
Lacking modern features of the recent OS. Keyboards, mice, external displays, etc.
This app has the capacity to be a really great application, but is lagging on support of various features of the OS making it more or less impossible to use for any meaningful developer work. For example, when using Workspace from macOS, it properly redirects the cmd key to be the control key on the Windows 10 workspace. Mouse support came in iPadOS 13.4 which I think should be implemented. This would be the perfect application where these new API features could be implemented. Things like right clicking on my Bluetooth mouse does not right click in the Workspace app. Apple also has support for external displays. This app could make use of the app as a secondary display which would be fine for someone that had a Bluetooth mouse paired to the device.
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4 years ago, mebpenguin
Desperately needs better keyboard support
I use this app a lot on the iPad, for both personal and business use. Connections are very solid, and the interface is responsive. I find mouse support to be very good with my propoint. What is terrible is keyboard support. Control and Alt are not recognized on iPad keyboards with the exception of ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+x. Even better would be support for the command key to remap to the ctrl key as on the Mac client. Either way, the current solution is so limiting for power users, no app-switching, no easy access to app shortcuts, etc. I find myself logging into my Mac remotely and then using the Mac client just to use keyboard shortcuts, but that slows things down significantly. Please improve keyboard support.
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6 years ago, whereisaaron
Saved credentials bugged, copy/paste doesn’t work
Generally an ok client with good streaming, but not nearly as good as Jump and other RDP clients. Two biggest current annoyances are: Saved credentials just does not work, you can enable the option, and it even prompt to save credentials, but you go to another app and come back, it has disconnected you and just prompts for credentials all over. Hopefully a bug that can be fixed. Copy/paste doesn’t work. I can’t manage to copy any text into a workspaces session. Once I thought I managed to copy text out to the ipad. Again, just too buggy for production use. The relative/touchpad mouse mode scaling makes the mouse fly around at a uselessly fast speed. That mode should be for fine control, but the opposite is true. Again see Jump for how to do mouse control well. The connection status display just says ‘calculating’ forever, how long does it take to calculate a ping time? About 54ms I figure :-) The radial dial has not option to disconnect _and_ hibernate/stop the instance.
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2 years ago, tedsmagicbus
Very Useful however…
I can’t get the arrow keys to function and this is causing me to not use it more. I do a lot of Excel work on my iPad connected to a client with AWS Workspaces. The Magic Keyboard creates a very satisfactory experience EXC EPT the arrow keys won’t map/work. This causes me to go back to my MacBook if I am going to need arrow keys. So strange that an otherwise very intuitive piece of engineering would bomb out on arrow keys. Like hitting a home run and forgetting to tag all the bases.
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6 years ago, radwansk
One key feature away from perfect
While ios does not offer mouse support, it does allow apps to implement mouse support. For example, Citrix app allows the use of the Citrix X1 mouse. So streamed desktops to the Citrix app enjoy mouse support. The same is true of JumpDesktop and the a partner mouse offering. While the virtual mouse implemented here is good, it isn’t so easy to do things like launch powershell with administrative privs. Please investigate enabling this support.
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7 years ago, Stevie Stets
Solid Showing
Little inconsistencies stop this from being a 5 Star review. Bluetooth keyboard works seamlessly, as expected. Typical iOS pinch to zoom work as expected as well. Obviously there is no mouse support, perhaps Apple Pencil support is on the way? For some reason, when I have video overlay playing the Bluetooth audio cuts out when I switch to the WorkSpaces client, weird!
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3 years ago, jhayashi
Could be so much better
The iPad version could be so much better - look at Jump Desktop - but no one seems to be paying attention. Others have reported the broken display at 1600x1200. I really want to like this app, but the developer doesn’t seem to care, which is a bummer because a solid iPad client could go great with the iPad Pros….
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6 years ago, Cataclyst
Need some improvements to offset mouse mode
With Microsoft RDP, you can double tap and then drag to simulate dragging. As it is, offset mouse mode seems to have zero support for dragging which makes it almost a none starter for me. Every time I have to drag, I find myself having to switch to direct mode, and even then direct mode is too chunky to accurately drag what I want.
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4 years ago, Lem0nDropz
Almost Perfect
By far the smoothest way to connect to an AWS workspace via iPad, with just a few quirks. As is, this allows my iPad to replace my laptop for work. Mouse support is pretty remarkably good! Scrolling etc works now w/the Magic Keyboard case. Most keyboard commands work, though some are a little wonky. A killer feature I’d love to see is proper management of second displays. Currently you /can/ connect a USB-C display and mirror the iPad for a bigger screen while working, but it would be even better if it could run full resolution on both screens as separate displays!
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10 years ago, mitchellmom
Yeah! Bluetooth keyboards working now!
The latest update does allow me to use my bluetooth keyboard which dramatically increases the effectiveness of the app on my iPad. The next defect to resolve is support "tab" to move from field to field in a form.
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8 years ago, Alexp507
enable split view iPad Pro
Love this app. It allows me to work from any where. I use it to run Quickbooks and it allows me to be mobile with my business. I would love to see split view enable for easy multitasking. It would be nice to be able to look at emails or PDFs doc when trying to type out estimates for customer.
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3 years ago, Money Badger
Instant crash, leisurely fix
When iOS 14.5 was publicly released, this app wasn’t ready. It would crash immediately after launching. It took a week for a fix to come. We still had to pay our subscription fees even though we were dead in the water. Also, when it does work, it constantly listens to my microphone.
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5 years ago, Michael Tarleton
Repeating key presses
When I use Firefox, I start typing into the url bar and my last key keeps repeating indefinitely making workspaces on the iPad virtually useless for me. I cannot type in usernames/passwords or anything useful. Just clicking around copy and pasting. Same thing happens when I type in the command line.
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3 years ago, alxoqlxntbeicnamwlfi
Doesn’t work with iOS 14.5
Since upgrading to iOS 14.5 the app quits as soon as it is launched. Uninstalling and reinstalling makes no difference. Clicking the “App Support” link from the App Store here takes to a page that says “Not Authorized”, which is no help…
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5 years ago, cornbread220
Needs iPad Pro support
Pretty reliable app and workspaces itself is a solid service. However it’s disappointing to have the app letterboxed on the iPad Pro, even though the device has been out for several months now. Hoping an update will fix this soon.
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8 years ago, Mr Lovell
Great App, poor integration with external keyboards, no mouse
This iPad app clearly is on its way somewhere, but in its current state cannot be used for developers without better integration with external iPad keyboards. Without any form of mouse support it is hard also to do basic tasks.
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4 years ago, pyseo
Needs Mouse/Trackpad and Keyboard Support
I got this app for use with the iPad Magic Keyboard, hoping to fully replace my laptop for general usage, but the complete lack of mouse/trackpad support, as well as poor keyboard support, render this app far less useful than it really should be. Please add support for these features and make AWS for iPad all it could be!
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3 years ago, BowlerCluke
Not working with iPadOS 14.5
I am unable to open a workspace since upgrading to 14.5. Every time I try to launch app, it immediately crashes. Have tried deleting/reinstalling. No change. Problem has existed (and been reported) since 14.5 release date, not hearing ANYTHING on this from developers.
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3 years ago, Kennethyan86
It crashes on IOS version 14.5.1
It’s nice to use this software on iPad. But after I upgraded the system to the latest version 14.5.1, it always crash. Could you please fix it?
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10 years ago, Win7Fan
Excellent App
Excellent app; very easy to use and works great on my iPadAir. Finally, good way to access a Windows 7 desktop from an iPad!
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6 years ago, rvvwr
Needs to be optimized for iPad Pro larger screens
App display is not using full screen size on iPad Pro 11” Disappointing to have the bigger screen but give up an inch and a half because app is not optimized...
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2 years ago, LaWims
Why No Up/Down/Sideways Movement?
This version of AWS fails to allow the iPad’s external keyboard to work with the up/down/left/right arrows. So, when you’re inside your AWS workspace, there’s very limited ability to maneuver, e.g., within a Word document, effectively rendering the keyboard largely useless.
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8 years ago, thesuepahfly
Needs Bluetooth Mouse Support to be a true replacement for laptop
Both Citrix Receiver and Jump Desktop have Bluetooth mouse support (X1 mouse or Jump's own mouse). Without it, this limits the iPad's ability to be a true laptop replacement.
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3 years ago, Sarastoga
Battery Life Issues for iPad Pro 5th Gen
This app drops my brand new 5th Gen 12.9 inch iPad Pro battery 1% every 45-45 seconds. That is horrible. It works fine on an older iPad. It needs to be updated to be compatible with newer generation models.
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3 years ago, lucascantor
Works well again!
Thanks for fixing the crash on iPadOS 14.5
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3 years ago, MShannon
IOS 14.5.1 - HELP
The latest version of IOS on my Ipad no longer allows me to open the app. The app acts like it is going to open and then goes black and sends me back to the IOS home screen.
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3 years ago, cmartinez1459
Does not work with iPad new update
The app will no longer open after updating my iPad to the latest version even after deleting it and redos loading the application to the iPad.
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3 years ago, FtbllTK001
Black Screen Crash
This app has given me so much trouble. Doesn’t open and crashes after one second of flashing a black screen. Putting me in the dumps with work!
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6 years ago, bhwilkoff
So Close!
With just a couple of extra features, this app could be perfect! Please include split-screen and support for the x1 mouse. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Arougthopher
App no longer launches after latest iPadOS update
The app no longer launches. I tried clicking on the “App Support” link in the App Store, and it produces an “access denied” page in Safari. This is horrible.
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3 years ago, Greenbeard67
The app opens on start up on my iPad Air. I have tried to connect with App Support, but the link in the App Store takes me to a page that says “access denied”. This is embarrassing for you.
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3 years ago, Shafiqnasery
On ipad mini 4 after ios update of 14.5 workspace app wont open 🤦🏻‍♂️
On ipad mini 4 after ios update of 14.5 workspace app wont open 🤦🏻‍♂️ seems no one cares we need this fixed ASAP.
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4 years ago, elarkin09
Display Artifact
For some reason on the right side of my iPad the workspace will not display parts of a window. It’s like an invisible artifact that allow any part of a window to show
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9 years ago, Billsjeep
Plz fix keyboard
I love this app on my iPad with iOS 9, but every time I tap the hide keyboard, it crashes and exits. It's very frustrating, please fix this.
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7 years ago, TimbaKing
Unable to connect last 2 days- while trying to connect goes into either a windows gray screen saying login or password invalid or a black screen
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5 years ago, きらく⌘
No sound to Bluetooth headphones
Sound only comes out from speakers, not from Bluetooth headsets like AirPods. Please update the app.
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