Amerigo File Manager

4.7 (37.9K)
129.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
IdeaSolutions S.r.l.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amerigo File Manager

4.66 out of 5
37.9K Ratings
6 years ago, JackHyde
A little instructions might have helped your reviews
I’m so glad this app was resurrected. But there is a lot to take in and a tutorial would have helped. I finally figured out how to download a video. Unlike the old version that popped up the option when you tried to watch a video, there is no pop up. Instead you have to tap and hold on the video that you want before you even try to play it. Then a box will pop up with download as one of the options. So I did find a major bug. Just like before you can lock up and pass word protect some files. But and it’s a big but if you search with the “advance search” you will get files that are suppose to be protected. And you can play them from the search results box. Not exactly what I had in mind when I wanted to hide some files.
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6 years ago, cubanguy94
The best app in this kind
I was using TDownloader to download my videos but I find this one better created and give you more details on the download like the speed or the file size. Also the plus is in the other one to export the videos to the gallery we need to pay the pro version, in this app they do it for free. I’m 😍
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4 years ago, Introspect21
They killed a formerly great app
The latest upgrade of June 2020 killed this formerly unique app. Well I understand ads are part of a free app the ads are now 24 seven and never stop. But the worst part of that is it actually destroys the functionality of the app. Because now all the downloads stop & when you open them they completed, but partially. And guess what? The completed download of your movie - INCLUDES THE AD! The ad that just interrupted your download actually becomes part of the downloaded movie! which is incomplete but still opens as a shortened version. So if you we’re downloading a two hour movie, your download will complete as a 5 minute movie, and that 5 minute movie contains the 1 minute of the malicious ad + 4 minutes of the 2 hour movie. Usually uncompleted downloads turn into errors but here, it allows a partial download & that download contains a movie of the malicious ad! Terrible - there are other free apps that don’t do this.
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6 months ago, UMASS Yankees
Lack of Subscription Clarity
While the design could be better, this app is far more useful than Apple’s poorly thought out Files app and more reasonably priced than most comparable apps. While the app appears to offer a promotional first year subscription with a requirement to subscribe within seven days (and an actual countdown of the days), it appears it is not valid if you downloaded and used the free app more than once (no response from developer). If you can take the time to add a promotional countdown, you should take the time to explain when the promotion is or is not valid.
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7 months ago, LeftyStrings
Good file manager but identical to “Total Files” app
This is a good file manager app but I quickly realized that it looked very familiar - now I know why: it is •identical• to “Total Files” by “App Ideas.” Take a look and you will see - it’s the same app. If there are any differences, I couldn’t find them. So it’s kind of weird that two supposedly different developers are selling Amerigo and Total Files (and for very different prices) when they are actually the same app.
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3 months ago, Goj_0
Why can’t I download any videos/music?
I used Amerigo to download music, while being able to turn of my phone and not stop the music. I had un-download Amerigo but then downloaded again. And this time it doesn’t let me download anything, I’ve tried something to tap the video before playing it, choose download. I tried to download a song but it didn’t do? It would be nice if the box of wanting to download would be back, for no more problems for people who don’t know.
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2 years ago, Joel_Goodsen
Browser is bug makes you delete app and reload
There is a severe bug in both Amerigo apps in the browser that eventually begins with a “restore local session” url that tries to load the url that was there and then after a few of those the app browser is throughly unresponsive. You can not do anything from accessing history to opening a new browser. You have to delete the app and reload it from the App Store to get less than a week of good use before it begins the nonsense again. Perfectly good app ruined by a bug that the developers are mute about.
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4 years ago, justnicckk
what’s going on?
i don’t know why but, i can’t download anything. it says: “download blocked. The download from this website has been disabled to maintain compliance with website’s Term of use”. how can i fix this? thank you!
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6 years ago, Iron Sapper6
Step backwards
App updated without asking permission, While the new version looks cleaner, it is not as intuitive to use as previously. Basic functions like downloading a video clip are nowhere to be found. New functionality, is not not, since it is not clear what they do or how they function. Finally, my previously purchased copy of this app is no longer valid and I’m being asked to purchase it again—no thanks
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1 month ago, Kaamyemmi
Useless App
Amerigo used to be a reliable app for downloading videos and files, as well as transferring content between devices. However, its recent changes have rendered it useless. Unfortunately, you can no longer download videos from any website, and sharing files with other devices is no longer possible. I’m extremely disappointed, and if I could, I’d give it zero stars
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1 month ago, Whatthefffflip
Needs more stable Files app integration
Ive been an Amerigo paid user for around 4 years and the app has been great EXCEPT for the occasional (and random) times when it just freezes the iOS Files app. This breaks the “Save File” view for ALL OTHER APPS until I restart the phone. If that ever gets fixed it’d be a five star app.
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4 years ago, vicksaaan
Little details
This is an amazing app, but i have a problem with it. A few months ago, i could put the songs in the place I wanted, i mean, in the playlists. And now i can’t, it’s uncomfortable because i used to have a better organization of my playlists.
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5 months ago, villaveiran
Problem with this app after update
I have a iPhone 6 with 12.5.7 iOS and after update the app close after trying to open ir
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6 years ago, Ernesto Tabío
Better impossible. Maybe just.... I don’t know. When you are going to download a video, would be nice if the app give you the chance of choice the format of the video downloaded, mp3, mp4 etc
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4 years ago, l am hajar
Beautiful Shock 😍
I was shocked when I realized how much this app is smart and very precious ! ♥️ I hope you put an update for the possibility to download more than one thing the time
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2 years ago, asreerama
All bark no bite
Definitely advertises great features but utterly fails at execution. The app wasn’t even able to make a simple WebDAV connection that could be done on Readdle Documents within seconds. Moreover the app is basically unusable since it crashes repeatedly. Looks like a lot of work had to go in before they can ask me to buy their premium version LOL.
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1 year ago, ñoño50
Don’t let me download noting
Goodnight why do everytime I try too download its says it’s blocked?
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6 years ago, c_haz
I’m so glad the app is working again, I like having my music and videos at any time ❤️.
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3 years ago, Klea Collaku
I love this app
I just started homework and I wanted to listen to music and then I wen to this app and I just can’t get out of this app 😁😁🤪
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11 months ago, celine ewi
I so much love this app so easy to use and not expensive
I so in love with it
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6 years ago, jksyzzz
Can’t download files
After the lastest update i can’t download files... seems that the option was removed
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4 years ago, Hv1806
Amazing app and beautiful UI // coloring scheme
Please don’t ever change this app in the slightest. It’s amazing! And I really like the coloring scheme and UI of this app.
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2 years ago, nuuuusss
It would be perfect with less adds
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3 years ago, chipo 21
Title 5/10
Ok tanks for all the things for this app we really like it
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10 months ago, rgghjx
Do not recommend
The app is not working . I can’t download anything and there’s no option for your playlist to be from newest to oldest. I do not recommend
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4 years ago, Xavicubero
This app is not working good
It’s impossible to download a video, I’m so frustrated. For the last 5 years I’ve been used a lot at was working perfectly. With the last update it’s no way to download anything!
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3 months ago, hadiei
Im not able to download music
It’s been a long time I’m using Amerigo In this last 3 weeks I’m not able to download music from the app it given me an error that’s really nerver me
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4 years ago, #@lo
Best app ever used for many things
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4 years ago, cfegll
It’s amazing, what I was looking for, the best app ti download videos👍
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5 months ago, Alexaela
Browser no longer works.
Title. I need to download some things using the browsers but its no longer giving me the option to do so.
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6 years ago, Kiaranj
Not good
The old version was so much better. It was easier to download and easier to save files to my PC which I can’t do now. Worst update. You should try to make it like the old one.
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1 year ago, zoegaet
It’s the best app
The best app for listen to music
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6 years ago, Israel beisert
I guess the app isn’t really useless
Thanks to Jackhyde on how to download a video. Should be more obvious of how to download videos.
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4 years ago, Cunha800
To make this app better, make some widgets ❤️
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2 years ago, gjfhjttffghu
Very good
This is great but the ads is the problem tho but apart from that it a great app
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11 months ago, Kaoutar JN
This app won’t work anymore
Its not working anymore in my phone !!!!
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5 years ago, TaBriscoe96
But where r the back and forward arrows
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4 years ago, Deadpool73
Files won’t play
Since the last update all my files won’t play. Please fix. App was good before latest update
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1 year ago, ashashefy
Good and reliable
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5 years ago, ugufyc
Yes but...
It’s a good app but its not letting me download
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3 years ago, Ndiayepa
Issues downloading
I can’t download any songs because he is telling it’s blocked
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4 years ago, Super utza
you cannot archive your music when changing devices
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4 years ago, conakry2020
Top application
Merci pour ceete application est top
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6 years ago, Electronicsguy
Worthless now - no download
The whole point of this app was to download videos. It’s worthless now
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4 months ago, aryaivan14
Best app ever
Fantastic 👌🏾
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2 months ago, B👀M🔊
It’s not Working for me yet
Help me understand how to use it
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3 years ago, Sawanz1
Can’t download
I can’t download, it says download blocked
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5 months ago, Ben hanibal
5 star to Amerigo
Amerigo best
Show more
3 years ago, sarrisco
Superbe application
Trop content fiable et rapide
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4 years ago, herodotus2
Crap app
Horrible user interface, Can’t copy files from local iPad to google drive. No sync capability. Basically useless product. Apple files app is better
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