4.8 (7.9K)
58 MB
Age rating
Current version
Amica Mutual Insurance Company
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amica

4.83 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Crazy A 442
Great app!!
This app is great. The user interface is easy to navigate and it’s very clearly laid out. You can pay bills, find your policies and insurance cards if you need to present them, contact roadside assistance, and some other features I know I’m forgetting. I really like this app, and I think Amica has a winner here. A few more tweaks here and there, and this app could soon be one of the beat insurance apps out there! Keep up the good work Amica! Oh and did I mention Amica is the best insurance out there? If you think you’re saving money, you’ll save money with Amica. And with superior coverage too. Give them a shot, you won’t regret it.
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1 year ago, Tazman512
Amica is Great, App Needs Optimization with iPad
The app has definitely improved over the years but it’s still not optimized for the iPad. It’s essentially the iPhone app so a lot of wasted space on the screen. That’s my only complaint with the app. The customer service with Amica is top notch. That goes for general questions, requesting changes to policies as well as claims service (which you hope to never need but it’s comforting knowing you’ll get great service if you do need it).
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3 years ago, AZ_Doc
Needs Apple Wallet Insurance Card
Overall good app but one huge flaw. Since it’s more secure not to keep registration and proof of insurance in the car in case it is stolen, the only way to electronically prove insurance is to access your paper ID through the app using WiFi or cellular connection, but if stranded somewhere where internet is not available this can be a major problem. Amica needs to create an electronic Apple Wallet auto insurance card that updates with the dates of coverage like credit cards, AAA member cards etc. I’m sure if Amica asked Apple or AAA etc for help, this could be created very easily.
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1 year ago, amandamkey
Excellent Service
I am updating my previous review. I originally was upset that the screen would freeze at login. The app has not done this since my last review was responded to and I cannot say I was a responsive customer. Amica has not failed to deliver, however, and their service inside and outside of the app never disappoints. I will be with Amica for a long time to come. I am continually impressed with Amica and highly recommend not only their app, but also their insurance. Thanks Amica!
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1 year ago, blueprintmrk
Amica is Wonderful insurance
Amica's outstanding insurance is an excellent choice for reliable coverage. It offers a wide range of coverage options, including auto, home, life, gap, business, and umbrella insurance. The company has a long history of providing excellent customer service and competitive rates. They also offer discounts for multiple policies and for being a loyal customer. With Amica insurance, you can rest assured that you are getting the best coverage.
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4 years ago, Troigrl
All should use AMICA
I followed my mother’s example when I signed up for AMICA. Throughout the years I’ve needed their assistance for something or other and I’ve been so happy that I’ve chose them. Other agencies that have had some means to work with AMICA, told me I’ve picked one of the best. I recently had call to use AMICA and so far everything has been seamless. Thank you AMICA
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4 years ago, MB.Cham
Great Company
Great company, rates are decent, customer service is excellent with acceptable level of transparency. I think our premium could be lower since we have never been in any “at fault “ accident, no history of any form of traffic/moving violation. No tickets. Will see what Amica has for good driving record and loyalty discount. Keep up the good work Amica!
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4 years ago, use a pc to setup
I recommend Amica to EVERYONE
The apps pretty decent it allows you to service your policy right from your phone. I also think Amica is a great insurer. I was with my last company for 12 years. I switched to Amica and saved so much. Approximately $400 a year and I have a few extra perks on my policy that my old company charged a whole lot more for.
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6 years ago, Momiji Valentine
app has been working good since the update
before I got the iPhone X I really liked the app and then they didn't update their app for a long time when I got the iPhone X . so I would have to call to make payments. eventually they completely redid it and it' is very smooth and modern feeling. face ID works so I can make secure payments.
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2 years ago, Bh13902
All Star app
This app is great! Two years ago when I got hit by a deer, yes a deer. They handled everything perfect. I was always alerted through the app for the next step about medical, and the car rental. It is so easy to either make a payment, and add or delete a car to the insurance.
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3 years ago, Johnking34567
Needs to add support for Apple Wallet
There really needs to be an option to add a digital version of your insurance card to the Apple Wallet. AAA and others allow you to do this so Amica should also be able to. This has been asked for by customers for several years so not sure why it hasn’t been implemented yet. Let’s go Amica! Update: Good response but you’ve been saying the same thing for quite a while. Let’s see it happen.
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10 months ago, I ct
A Very Fair and Reliable Company
We have relied on Amica for years. They are exactly what they are supposed to be both reliable and fair. We have no complaints and can sleep at night knowing we have a top notch company that we can depend on if need be. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Babyj75
Absolute BEST insurance on the market
Being customers for over 6 years, AMICA has been there for my family when we needed them the most. Best customer service, best coverage for the price, and just an overall wonderful company. This app is great too!
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6 years ago, zkmusa
App has significantly improved. Recommend Apple wallet support.
Editing my original review. The app has significantly improved in the last year. Would recommend adding the ability to add your auto ID cards to Apple Wallet. This would make it much easier to always have quick access to insurance cards.
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2 years ago, SmChapsticks
Easy to use!
Great app that’s user friendly! Excellent company with the best customer service in the industry, not surprised this app works just as well.
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5 years ago, Luker2020
Good app
The only thing that I would change is that the submit button is at the bottom of the screen and all the questions are at the top . If the submit button was more central it would be easier to find and navigate
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3 years ago, salaman
App works very well but…
the data takes s long to load that your patience may run out or you may get bored and try to do something else. Then you are penalized and have to start the process all over again. Better just to use a computer.
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3 years ago, Rickse
App Had Gotten Buggy
This app was never the most intuitive to use, and was missing some basic features like a page that just shows payments. With the latest release the usability is very poor. The app never saves user name, Face ID doesn’t work, and it randomly opens the apple password screen.
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5 years ago, AzLibster
Problems start immediately as I always get an error when I login using the iPhone Face ID feature, which it claims to support. I get an error over and over which just loops so I can’t login manually. I end up using the web based version on my phone. I have tried deleting and reinstalling, deleting my credentials, etc but the problem persists. I can’t even rate the usability of the app as I can’t get in.
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5 years ago, eunicekoo
Credit Card Payment Option Unavailable
Please update the app so payment options reflect credit cards. Currently it only allows for checking or savings account, but if I go through amica online it has the credit card option.........
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5 years ago, AreEGee
App won’t open with fingerprint scanner
Just tried to use my Amica app. It has been set to open using the fingerprint scanner. However, I keep getting rejected with a message saying bad token. I’ve rebooted the app and even redone loaded it but get the same message. I verified my fingerprint by opening other apps set up that way and had no problem. Only the Amica app. Please get on this and fix it. If I needed roadside assistance I’d be in big trouble!
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3 years ago, mpb34
Good app
I recently transferred several policies to Amica and so far so good. The app is fully functional but I’d say not as good as the Geico app I used to use. I’m not sure why my earthquake policy hasn’t appeared with the others. But this app is certainly good enough to get what you need done.
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5 years ago, eagle1459
Best Insurance Company On The Planet
I have been a policy holder for almost 40 years and cannot think of a single time when I have not been serviced to my complete satisfaction.
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3 years ago, P J Z
App doesn’t live up to company
Amica is a great insurer with amazing customer service. This app and their website fall far short of this. Something as simple as adding a new credit card to autopay encountered so many bugs that I had to call. As pleasant as the reps are, it’s a time waster.
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6 years ago, Traveling Ken
Access policy info?
How? Get a quote - where’s that? You’ve been the absolute best insurance company since 1969. This version of your app does not reflect your superiority as an insurance provider.
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4 years ago, FallingDown82
Awesome App
Amica makes everything so easy with their app. Very easy to navigate to every feature. They are the best insurance company I’ve ever been with, nice to have a great app to go on top of it.
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5 years ago, cimmys
We heard about Amica on Clark Howard. We checked them out and love them. Easy website. Superior service if you're ever in an accident. Plus they saved us money!
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4 years ago, achance80
Fast and friendly service
Making a claim with Amica is seamless and hassle free! I would recommend Amica to all my friends and family!
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2 years ago, Cage220202212342
Adding ins cards to wallet only show one name
Adding insurance cards to the Apple Wallet only shows one account holders name. Why not able to show both account holders names?
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3 years ago, Minimo3
Keep having to re-login
Every time the app updates it requires one to enter userid and password again even if FaceID is enabled. I’ve surrendered using it and go to the website instead
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6 years ago, 7row2media
What happened?!?
I use the app to pay my premiums and all of a sudden, the interface has changed, TouchID isn’t working, and I am wholly unable to login. I spend my entire day working on a computer, so when it’s time to pay bills, I want the simplicity of paying via TouchID via my phone and not dealing with buggy software. Major disappointment.
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6 years ago, CHUKKSTER
Amica app
Not user friendly,,,,take a tip from amazon....unable to update edit new-credit card info,,,app will not display my existing credit card info....or new credit card info.......
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5 years ago, VW 🚙
Love Amica
We have been with Amica for over 10 years and have no complaints with the service we have received.
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6 years ago, klmarsh3
Don’t pick Amica for their technology
Their technology (including this app and their website) is way behind everyone else. The app is clunky and buggy. This is one of the few companies where calling is my preferred way to deal with them. That’s both a testament to their great phone customer service and a knock on their tech.
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5 years ago, BeckyLittle
Wish it worked in landscape mode
Like the rest of it and the ease of use.
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6 years ago, barajas321
Amica is the worst insurance/app you can download, there app is outdated and there automated system is ridicoulously slow and dumb, please use progressive, geico or any other insurance company as they are up to date on there apps and the rates are quite the same, i never write reviews but i had to write one on here to save people from doing a mistake!!!!!!!!!!! Poor service as well.
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6 months ago, MichælD
System Error
This app is now useless. Login attempts only get “System error. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later.” Not good when attempting to access my new Evidence of Insurance cards that are only available online via logging in…
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5 years ago, annieandalexander
Great service.
Really great company with nice helpful staff. They provide top service. Would recommend them to anyone.
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4 years ago, Bata43
Beautiful application from excellent company !
Never fails you when needed.
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5 years ago, eurpn
Outstanding company
fantastic service center Great service
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5 years ago, Ams0620
App crashes w iPhone X
New version locked me out. It freezes and the only option is to delete the app. Fully updated iPhone X. Created a big problem when I needed my insurance card and couldn’t even get into the app. Major thumbs down.
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5 years ago, EmoryJack
This app is useless. For example, Amica alerts me of a payment but nothing else. I go on the app and after much unintuitive searching find the document only to see that there are no payment amounts. Lack of information = poor communication. Amica used to be much better.
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5 years ago, josh808boom
Great app
Love the app makes it so easy to pay and to file a claim absolutely love it
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6 years ago, TrapStar42069710
Very convenient app!
It was super easy to grab my policy number and ID cards.
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5 years ago, waleeddz
If Amica was a lady I would marry her
The ONLY insurance company that really cares about customers.
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2 years ago, Steve Mas
Glad Amica has an app, but it's very slow and always asks if I want to set up 2FA. It would be nice if your insurance card could be added to Apple Wallet.
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4 years ago, Bulla007
Love the App
Very easy to use, and I love the fact that I am able to locate whatever I need with ease.👍🏽💫
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4 years ago, thepinkanator
The app doesn’t open
After I login to the app it stays on the loading screen forever with no indication of progress. I cannot get the app to load after logging in no matter how long I wait.
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6 years ago, duke1950
What happened
Had no problems with app until last update. Trying to find a auto repair shop and search just spins and then says can’t find locations.
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4 years ago, GopherHky
Needs Apple Wallet
Decent app overall. It would be nice to have Apple Wallet integration so I have my insurance card quickly accessible.
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