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User Reviews for Angi Pro Ads

4.29 out of 5
12.4K Ratings
10 months ago, Boolletz
Excellent Service and Great Deals!
I recently used the Angi Lead app to find contractors for a project, and I must say, I am extremely impressed with the service I received. The app was user-friendly and made it easy for me to connect with agents who could assist me. The agents from Angi Lead did a fantastic job contacting me promptly and ensuring that I received the best deals possible. They were professional, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to address all my concerns and requirements. I appreciated their attention to detail and their commitment to providing excellent customer service. They guided me through the process, answered all my questions, and helped me find the perfect contractors for my project. Thanks to the Angi Lead app and their dedicated agents, I was able to secure the best deals and complete my project successfully. I highly recommend this app to anyone in need of reliable and efficient contractor services. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience using the Angi Lead app. The agents' professionalism, promptness, and dedication to customer satisfaction truly exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using this app for any future projects. Thank you, Angi Lead! Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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9 months ago, COn8tiv
Glitch in Service areas.. possibly affecting leads
We pay quite a bit every month to connect with customers via service areas. For over a month now, when I click on service areas it says, “oops! Something went wrong!” And highlights the entire US. I’ve called and when support logged on to my profile in the app they saw the same problem. We went through troubleshooting and there was still nothing they could do. They said it would be resolved soon. I reached out via chat a couple weeks later (still same issue) and they said there was nothing they could do because it was a glitch in the app. Our leads have slowed EXTREMELY since this issue. Bottom line is we are paying a lot of money, the app isn’t working correctly for one of the most important aspects, and it seems to be affecting our leads. I would love to give 5 stars because of the amazing customer support and service this company provides. They do really want to set up their customers with the best providers, and they help providers get set up with profile and marketing tips, ect. They are incredibly responsive, friendly, and seem to like their job. This seems to be a higher up issue that needs to be resolved. I would be happy to adjust my review if this issue gets resolved.
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11 months ago, The_worst app
Bad reviews this is the worst app ever.
I signed up for this app . They made us pay $288 dollars for a membership of full year of leads. I signed up to do interior painting and exterior, all about remodeling. We got one or two leads that was according to our field. And then they give leads for things that we don’t even do. And the worst part is the every lead were small projects and on top of that this app charge you for every single leads that you get even if we didn’t get any leads or if we didn’t take the leads that was not our field . And for a week or two we used this app and we didn’t get any costumer . And most of them are fake because we you get the lead we’re contacting the costumers and we never heard back from them. So most of them are fake. After a week of using this app. They going to charge you for every single lead even if you didn’t take the lead even if you didn’t do any job from it. And they wanted us to pay them over $3000 dollars . For the fee of every lead . And im doing this so the people out there. Don’t use this app or prevent them to pay whatever they say. And they always promised you in the beginning to give back the money you invested on this app. But it’s a lie. They don’t return the money. This app is the worst.
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2 years ago, felix16356
Worst company ever
I’m paying $500 per month, I only got 1 lead the first month, that was only window shopping, I called them they said they couldn’t lower the payment, then I tried to cancel they want me to pay a huge amount of money that my business hasn’t even generated from them. To be honest this company is a huge scam mostly for small businesses, I was supposed to get leads and I only got one from those leads that worked after I had made appointments, some of the leads they sent canceled last minute. As a construction company this affected me big time. Now they want me to keep paying for leads that I’m not even getting. This is throwing your money to the trash, I guess this company doesn’t know what hard works mean to earn some money, they think that because you have a business it’s generating millions like them. This company is a legal thief, stealing money legally from small businesses. If you don’t pay they threaten you to send you to collection, and I hope they sue because I will have to sue them. I have all the conversations and some of the few leads they sent me that were nothing at all. This is the biggest scam don’t fall for them, I wish I would have read the reviews before signing up for this scam.
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2 years ago, EricWcislo
Poor lead quality
Description of Complaint: I am a small business owner in the construction industry. We signed up with Angie’s in hopes of receiving real leads and boosting our business. In the last 90 days we have received 61 leads from angis. Out of the 61 leads I was able to verify that 11 of them were the actual home owners. Out of the 11 9 of the phone numbers actually worked. So some of the leads were real. But I went and visited several of the houses up to about 5 now and was able to confirm that no one living in the address on the lead matched the name and information on the lead. So less than 20% of the leads coming in have home owner information matching the information on the lead. This is wasting our money, time, and resources. This is stealing by misleading. I call to cancel and they don’t get back to me and the one time I did talk to my “success manager” he told me we just had to change a few things on my page and it would fix it. It hasn’t fixed it. I have made a file of all the tax records and homeowners names matching and not and the ones I visited. So the information i am posting here is accurate.
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2 years ago, H & S Property Specialists
Read all the recent reviews they’re not wrong
So currently I have a policy through Angi and I pay a hefty $700 a month. The service side is okay. It doesn’t produce nearly as much as they promised but it still pays for itself then some. So I had nothing but ups and downs with this company. They originally took money from me when I deliberately said I wasn’t ready to sign a contract that I needed approval first. Then it took me 2 months to get my refund and the managers acted like they were doing a huge favor for giving me my refund. When I asked for some sort of retribution be made for them to make right as I have a pretty big contract they replied with no and are attempting to charge an early termination fee of 35%. I now know that I am not the only person that has this issue. They will respond to you if your account has no issues but if you actually need someone to help you good luck they over promise and under achieve. I’ve gotten quite a few fake leads which judging by the reviews recently I am going to have my attorney look into to see if Angi is pumping the app with fake leads.
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2 years ago, Company Justice
If I could rate it zero stars I would
This company is the worst when starting a company. Our representative is Kimberley Selgrad. We paid one time every month. They ASSURED we would get 28 leads a month (all conversations are recorded so they know they did). We got FIVE a month MAX. After our year was up I tried canceling their services (they technically never provided) and they said they actually automatically renewed it already and there was nothing they could besides cancel it and charge 35% of what we “owed” left. To automatically renew a contract they have to send an email or first class mail before 30 days of the renewal. They can’t forward me the email that was supposedly sent and I can’t find it. When they sent me their IT’s version of the email they sent two copies with TWO different time stamps! They do not even have their story together on their side. I will be writing reviews everywhere I can and also contacting the BBB. I now have to pay over a thousand dollars for a service I didn’t even get in the first place. DO NOT CHOOSE ANGIES LIST OR HOMEADVISOR.
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5 years ago, Rolo's
I signed up as a flooring company contractor with Angie’s List in April for $300 a month I was suppose to get 15 leads a month I received a total of 6 leads of which 3 were fake unverified leads that I could not even reach. The other 2 were just window shopping. I was only able to schedule 2 out of the 6 for an appointment. 2 were not actually ready to do anything, just wanted quotes and only 1 may potentially be a customer. I have reached out to Angie’s List with my disappointment and received 0 acknowledgement from the Angie’s List team. Once they sign you up for a year then instead of trying to help or work something out, the only communication I receive is more junk advertisement attempts to get more money from me. I called to cancel my membership but the woman named Amanda Reyes keep trying tell me keep paying for it or otherwise i have pay early termination fee of $1800 and she said if don’t pay it she will send me to collection. Be careful, I would stay clear of this company. Complete waste of time and money! ** In Seattle Washington
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3 years ago, brunoempire
I’ve been using this app since last year, on the beginning I was paying $400 and everything went good and I decided to do an update so now I’m paying $800 and getting less leads than before, and they keep sending me scammers and fraudulent leads, their costumer service is horrible, they let these people come through and never gave me a solution and any response, i just think that we are paying a lot of money to have some advertising and they most likely prefer that people who doesn’t pay nothing to have all of our information than those ones like us who pay their salary. You guys need to filter the information every single month I have leads that the phone, email doesn’t exist how this is possible?
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2 years ago, MJA Service
Worst company ever very bad customer service
I had been trying to cancel my contract early before the year ended this started in may I called several times contacted other managers and nobody could cancel my account apparently only the person that is assigned to you can do the cancellation for over 2 months they kept charging my account I was told by the other managers that I would only have to pay up to $2000 dollar for early cancellation I agreed and paid it, now in September they send me a letter threatening to put my account in collection I called the and asked them why and this was the first time that I called this company and didn’t have to wait for someone to pick up this guy Joseph Stockinger answered and was very rude I explained my situation and he just kept saying you have a binding contract and your cancellation was in June so we are charging you for the moths you still have the service, I haven’t used their services since may. I wouldn’t recommend this company ever.
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2 years ago, iamchr!s
Tried to Steal $1700 From My Account!
Using Angi Ads was the worst decision I’ve ever made for my business. They acted very nice over the phone and made all kinds of promises about how many leads and customers I would get. I told them I could afford $300 and they insisted I spend $500 to get much better results, so I did, even though I couldnt afford it. After 2 months and $1000 in ad spend I had exactly ZERO customers. The few leads I did get were either scammers or not at all interested in the services I provide. So I decided to cancel. That was a battle in itself and in the end they said they would charge me $1700 cancellation fee. I said for them to send me a bill and I would pay it, and they agreed. The same week they went into my account and tried to pull $1700 out which I did not have so they tried $1000 and got it. They then webt into my PERSONAL bank account and tried to pull the remainder but the transaction was flagged. Criminals. Do not do business with these people.
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5 years ago, XGENOX
Scam alert
If you want to throw money away. You got the right place. You sign up for Angie’s list asuming you will get leads( and you will get a few very few) but it’s a total scam. They put ads up everywhere tv,radio, and the internet to get you to Angie’s list website then they promo you ( homeowner ) to fill out your project request form. What they don’t tell you( homeowner and the contractor) is that if you don’t make a membership you will not get the directory list of contractors. You will get it all done and filled out and they send the request or if your the contractor the lead send over to HomeAdvisor, where in turn the sell the lead to 4 or more contractors and charge them upwards of $100 depending on their project. So going to Angie’s list then the project gets send to HomeAdvisor contractors then in turn they blow up your phone and will even tell you that they are home advisor contractor and that’s where they got the lead. TOTAL SCAM. house of cards with these two company who are actually owned by the same parent company. STAY AWAY
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3 years ago, bp1010101
Angi gets all 5 stars here’s why...
I started my business 2 years ago and Angies was truly a godsend. I was skeptical of online marketing since having a company who said they could “get me on the front page of Google” took my money and did absolutely nothing for me. But within 24 hours I had leads coming in. It was either 3 or 4 days before running my first lead and I ended up closing it on the first visit. I was shocked. The leads are real the leads are genuine and they are quality. Angies payment structure is far better than any pay-per-lead companies out there. My bill is the same every month which I really like. It might be great for the larger companies but in my experience it is a really good boost for the small and new tradesmen and companies.
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5 years ago, 2hot2handle?
Angie’s list is unfairly funneling fresh leads to Home Advisor
I put my cell phone number in Angie’s list website form got contacted the next day from a duct cleaning company that called me because he found out about my interest through home advisor. Complete unfair business practice! The guy who called me owns An air duct cleaning company we had a great conversation for over 30 minutes about some of our business ventures and ideas. I told him I was investigating Angie’s list because I was considering a fairly decent size ad campaign (over $2,000 per month) and I was very disturbed to find out that he got my contact information from home advisor. He actually sent me a screenshot to prove where the contact information came from. He went on to tell me how he has a basic profile with Angie’s list but doesn’t advertise with Angie’s list meanwhile he calls me the day after I put my contact information in an Angie’s list website using a link that he was sent from home advisor. Sad! This can’t be legal!
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4 years ago, Gillie's Fence Corp.
Eugena is my Account Manager and She is Awesome
Angie’s list is an amazing marketing and consumer platform. It allows those to showcase and perform their work and connects those in need of services that many have a hard time reaching due to lack of exposure. Angies list is user friendly and Business friendly. I have made a lot of money advertising through them and saved even more money using them for projects that only a specialist could complete. I recommend if your a business that is service based to use this app and specifically ask for Eugena the account manager out of Indiana!!!! Thanks Angie’s List!
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1 year ago, Midnight326
Awful for customers and service providers alike
Basically just avoid the app. I downloaded and paid for the advertising as a service provider. The representative led me to believe I’d receive 40 leads per month. Instead, I’ve gotten about .8 per day. Of those (7 so far), only 1 has ever responded to my immediate and attentive follow up. The person who recommended the app to me, a previous client and friend, intimated that they had serious difficulties getting “pros” to ever respond, presumably resulting in a culture/expectation of unreliability for clients. I’ve been trying to cancel my $800/month subscription for 3 days, but although I was made to believe that I would have a concierge-style representative attending to my concerns, instead the person I was assigned ducks my calls. I’ll be disputing any charges to my card and consulting an attorney to recover my subscription costs. I advise you to avoid them.
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5 months ago, ItsOKtoLOVEAMERICA
Fraud leads/low quality leads
Although I have received a few decent customers, the overwhelming majority of the leads are literally fraud/scammers or leads that do not even respond to calls or messages. I was enthusiastic at first about using ANGI but $300 per month for barely 15 leads does not make sense for my business. I average about $300-$900 per month from their leads which is 1/3 the cost of their services. I also only get leads that are approximately 25 miles from my location. In 4 months of service I’ve only received TWO leads that are with in 5-10 miles of my business. Many are 30-45 mins away from me! It feels like other companies have priority over my service area. So far my experience is guaranteeing that I will not renew my contract with ANgi. It seems like they are not even trying to keep my business. I have a few more complaints that would take too much time, but I think I’ve made my point.
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3 years ago, rubenardiel
Fraud, scam
I wanted to give it a try for a month that’s what I told the agent, he said it was fine. After the first month I notice they were withdrawing money from my bank account ($800) a month, that’s when I new they put me on automatic payment without my permission when I gave them my bank information. and beside that they put me on a year contract which I was never told by the agent that open my account. That’s why I told him I wanted to give it a try for a month not a 12 MONTH contract. Now they trying to charge me with a more than ($2,000) early termination. If they say that before I would never try it. People in that application are only looking for quotes, To get work, you have to give away your work they don’t want to pay. And you have to drive a lot just to give quotes and them they don’t call you back I didn’t even get back the time I invest in. MY ADVICE IS TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS PEOPLE.
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2 years ago, Asayers
The worst company I have ever dealt with. You are locked in a contract with no way out and they will ignore you when you have problems. Every month I have gotten 3-6 leads for $300. Last month , January 2022, I received 6 leads. 2 were the same person, 1 was to install a door handle, 1 was a catch plate, 1 was decent and the other was negligible. $300. They will tell you it’s because you need promos and all this other stuff but it’s really because they can’t deliver what they promise but they have good lawyers who write up contracts that favor them to prey on small contractors. Even home advisor which is still Angi is even infinitely better than this and I hate home advisor and their service people. Please please take my advice and don’t make the same mistake I did when I wanted to get more business because this is not the way. If I could give them -5 stars I would give them a -10.
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4 years ago, stirring777
It’s scam! Avoid having business with them!
I was offered advertising with Angie’s list, I asked how much it will cost and the guy on a phone told me $550 and I will get between 16 and 28 leads in 90 days, I agreed. He sent me the link on my email to make a payment, and I pressed the SUBMiT button because I believed that everything is fair. But it showed up $6600 for a year, I was confused, so I called him back right away to report this. He simply lied to me to get my money, but this guy said that if I want to cancel contract with them I have to pay in addition to $550 that I paid another $2350. What? It’s a fraud! Why nobody can do anything with that? So I canceled my credit card first and the called them to cancel my subscription, they told me if they are not available to charge the balance of $2350 right away, they sending my information to collections and will take action on my credit. What? I didn’t use their service at all! What is going on?
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4 years ago, Disgruntled by Angie
Latest update not user friendly
We are avid Angie’s List users, but totally prefer the old version for a couple reasons. 1. When I view the lead, I cannot navigate back to the main menu. I’m stuck on the lead and I have to shut the app down completely and restart. 2. Previously, when I was on the road, in the old app I could screen shot the entire customer info, including email and phone number, and then send to our office or another teammate who could enter the info into our CRM. Now, you must click buttons to see anything. I’m sure the reason was to only call through the app to log the call, but it is not always realistic that the person with the app is the one making the call. We assign the lead based on location and type of work. I just updated the app a few days ago and wish I could revert back to the previous version.
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5 years ago, Jason Thomley
Over promise and under deliver
One of my biggest marketing mistakes in business is pairing up with AL. They talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Most of their clients that I’ve come across are tire kickers and price shoppers. Not my clientele in which I asked specifically before signing up. Have not broke even with my expenses with them and work coming in. Lied about how many calls they were getting and how many calls I should receive per month. Still don’t under how they’re tracking the supposed calls. Because what they say I’m getting and what I’m actually getting are 2 different things. Spoke to my “account specialist” (which has changed a couple of times In a couple of months) changes my ads etc. still no results. You don’t need their services. Waste of money at least from a home service company stand point. Spend your money on google ads and flyer delivery.
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1 year ago, Jonathan811
Absolute rip off
I booked a plan that had 4 areas around me 50$ for each area they didn’t tell me that I had to pay by area. On top of that they also said I would get between 27and 33 referrals a month I didn’t get more then 12 over 3 months. I was paying 350 a month. I couldn’t cancel without paying out the rest of my contract so I had to pay 750 to get out of the contract they didn’t seem to be honoring . I was almost sent to collections for not wanting to pay for something I wasn’t getting. You are definitely better handing out businesses cards or going door to door even word of mouth is better. I also to this day still get calls from them trying to sign me back up I keep telling them to stop calling and they won’t. PLEASE STAY AWAY FOR YOUR SAFTY OR BE SMARTER THEN ME!!!!!!!! I’ve been much more successful without Angie’s this year.
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2 months ago, Robbing contractors
Pay Someone Else/Here to scam you
If I could do it again I would NOT sign up for this app and use the money for a different lead generating service. -Multiple times you will get sent duplicate leads that have already found a contractor but still get charged for the lead. -They don’t take enough information from their customers, I was charged $185 just for the person to only want a quote on an AC unit that they don’t want done till 6months later which the prices will no longer be good on material/equipment. And STILL DENIED credit request for lead. -Had customers not answer any phone calls or messages after being sent their info on a lead and STILL denied credit. Seems like their main goal is to scam contractors for insufficient leads and take advantage of small businesses opening up trying to find more work.
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2 years ago, Black Gold Contractors
Angi is not what it used to be
I have been with Angie’s List for over 10+ years. During the past couple years I’ve noticed the quality of the company and leads has declined significantly. It has turned into another lead generation company. I pay over $1,200 per month and barely see any return on my investment. The algorithm and strategy to bring in the correct client is just not there anymore. Big difference when you make homeowners pay for a membership and then give them a free membership. Unqualified people everywhere. Meanwhile Angi still racks up my bill. The app is still very slow to load from page to page. The leads page is very slow to process and it doesn’t update how many new leads I have. Still says I have over 200 new leads.
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3 years ago, RJSBJS78
Horrible service
I have been using this service for 6 months, do not sign up with this company. They do not communicate with you, they will not let you cancel your membership. They continue to charge me $1000 a month even though I have asked them over a dozen times to cancel via email and phone calls. I have had to file a complaint with the better business bureau, the Attorney General and hire an attorney. They lead quality is horrible and the lack of leads is even worse, however no matter how little leads you receive they still charge me $1000 a month. Angi leads, thumbtack, CraftJack I have had great success and service from. Please do not sign up with this company, I fear you will go through the same problems I have and lose thousands of dollars and still they have not canceled my membership. It’s bizarre.
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3 months ago, Shawn Bowers
Save your money use thumbtack
The person who I was told was the regional sales rep was tough to deal with Initially, I should’ve known then that it was going to be nothing but trouble. I was told they’re in a dire need of handyman and if I paid $400, he would have me in front of 10 people tomorrow. Fast forward two months and $800 later and I have yet to be in front of five people. When I called to ask him about leads and why I wasn’t getting any I told him how I was promised to be in front of 10 people the next day, Josh Harris now my new sales rep told me that salesman say anything to sell a product. I was originally told that I need to get five reviews and to start showing up for customers and I had all of my Thumbtack clients submit reviews only two of them got approved. Learn from my mistakes and save your money.
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2 years ago, Jgaughrlohan
My experience with Angi
I have started with Angi Ads last month and it has been nothing more than a pain. I tried to get ahold of my client success manger for over a week with no responses also to add that they have you pay all this money every month and still get no jobs from it. The customer service team is abysmal they can’t do anything to help you. You’re forced at the mercy of you client success manager who can choose to not not to get back to you. I’ve tried and tried to cancel but every time I tried I never got any replies, most of the reviews I have received never came through because they want to go in circles and not let a business accomplish anything. If my customer success manager ever calls me I’m going to cancel or I’ll have to cancel in different ways
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4 years ago, takeovercamp
Use to be great...
Angie’s list use to be great. This use to go by reputation. May the best contractors get the most work! Nowadays it goes buy who can pay the most money. Small business beware. These people lock you under contract for 12 months at a time. They charge you some crazy number per month wether you get customers or not. If you are a small business who is just getting started; don’t do it! Because 1 bad review can really hurt your business wether true or false. Proceed with caution
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2 years ago, HarleyGuy007
Garbage don’t waste you time and money!
The title says it all. Weather it’s Angi Leads, Ads, List or HomeAdviser, they are all the same greedy company. The leads are mostly crap. Lucky to get 1 out of 5 or less actual customers that want your business. Most don’t ever answer or they don’t even want what your company actually does. Either way you still get charged top dollar for any and all garbage leads even if you only get someone’s voicemail and never actually contact anyone. But yet still all the commission paid reps want is your money and to raise your crap volume to a higher dollar amount per month. Use thumbtack people! I close 4 out of 5 leads every week and for literally 1/3 to 1/2 the expense. Of corse most of our leads are organic leads and they are always the best ones to have.
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2 years ago, Ihos12345
Scam company do not let them steal your money
Everything was beautiful until I paid the monthly subscription. “Client success manager” never answered my call not return any call. I still trying to cancel my subscription but they keep sending me to voice Mail. I receive lead well yes but not for the service we agree. Overall super bad experience and a waste of time. (This is and update)… today I found a charge of $2600 in my card. These guy charge me $2600 for cancel the account even when I was not able to use their bad service. But I will take legal action. We have the recorded call that prove they sold us a monthly subscription not an anual contract. This Angi Ads is the worst. Our salesman was Enrique and our “success manager” that never help us at all Mellissa.
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3 years ago, Vic north
Killing the brand?
Well after being a customer for many years, I have been kind of satisfy with Angies list as advertisement platform but since last year it looks like they had some cut backs with customer service thus its almost impossible to get in contact with your account representative. This new Application upgrade a total failure, makes me think that there is something else going on in the background of this company. Its possible that the plan is to kill this brand and start a new one (someone is trying to short sale it) the question is who? but if this is just a bad decision of who they selected for hosting their new App...then someone needs to pay for this bad decision and the CEO needs to Go!
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4 years ago, home rehab
This guy Travis that work for Angie’s list lied about how the reviews would be generated and I still have zero reviews it took them a week to have my ads running live after I already paid them $300 a month. I got assigned to a lady named Carly and she has an attitude from the beginning and she was very unhelpful as far as her giving me deals and advertising my business properly. I tried calling her for a week and she did not answer the phone, I tried again the next week and she still had not reached out to me. This lady never gets back to me. Angie’s list is BOGUS, don’t use Angie’s list!! They are more worried about their money. I did a job that I did not get paid for, through Angie’s list and Angie’s list won’t help. A lot of clients that Angie’s list has that want work done are very unrealistic about pricing
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3 years ago, vyjbkouh
Eamont trucking
This is scam application, i was charged $1200 fee for first month and after 15 days i wanted to leave, no jobs, no money. After i called to make cancelation they said i have to pay detetmination fee 35% of 12 mont contract fee, which was $5500. They never said at the begining but now of course. Be careful with this people. They will tell u they request collect dept to get their money even i didnt make $1. Everything will be fine with u guys until u try to cancel your cooperation with them, u will be in trouble. U have option to request for refund, they never reply to you they never call you back. They only call to ask for fake reviews, i didnt have that. They pushed us to call customers few times a day, i won't be forcing people to get my company hired
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3 years ago, pogopidet
Not worth the money
As a Window replacement business Angi leads is pretty much a total loss. I’ve received just about every crazy type of lead except what I want i.e. window replacement leads , I get all sorts of goofy requests from bargain shopping broke people. Angi sold me a bill of goods with promises of 20 to 30 window replacement leads a month. $300 a month that is a contract for 1 year. So I can’t cancel it without a $1,000 termination fee. Home advisor is much better but I’ve got a feeling since Angi now owns it that will probably ruin their business model too. I will spend all future advertising dollars on google. Let’s face it , unless you live under a rock , when you need something you will search for it on Google.
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3 years ago, chaysers
Scam, stay away RUN while you can!
Angi and there sales team use rapey and SUPER pushy sales tactics. My original sales rep was Riley Heather, she sells you on huge false promises and used any tactic she had to try to sell the advertising contract. She told me since I was uncertain I could buy it now and cancel within 24 hours if you want to cancel. A HUGE LIE AND MISTAKE ON ME for believing her. I let her know about canceling within 12 hours she said fine you want to cancel we’ll cancel I will call you back within 1 hour with my manager. Never heard from her again. Her other “success” manager Byron then told me there’s no such thing as a 24 hour cancellation. Point taken they will deceive you and then bait and switch everything they said. Anything for them to get there commission.
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5 years ago, sorpio1975
Angie’s list scam
I have been a member for almost a month before I sign up always get the phone call trying to sell me the advertising package I starting a small new business they called promise support at any time I need assistance but they were just promises I got signed up they charge $400 to my credit card it’s this moment I have not spoke to my account manager when I call she’s always in meeting the interest thing last week finally we set up an appointment to complete my profile and the lady called 1 minute early than we have agreed over the phone I missed the call tried to call right away guess what she was on a meeting this is ridiculous I should get it refund for this scam my recommendation do not sign up even they promise moon stars and clouds do not do it 🤬😡🤬😡
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3 years ago, LinoGists
Forced Advertising, Scam Leads!!!
Be careful with Angi. If you have money to waste or gamble then you’re at the right place. For your safety, record all calls from them, read within the lines all emails and documents that they send you (the real documents or things to note of like early termination fee is buried or covered somewhere —- dead trap so you don’t see it) and be ready for inoperable leads. Promised a lot of leads, After 90 days, no quality lead or potential customer, they finally forced their early termination fee on me after threatening to hand it over to collection. The only time they may be interested in you is when they are taking your credit/debit card information. Force advertisement, zero star if I could, stay away from Angi.
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4 months ago, Unsatisfied User 94
An absolute waste
- Do not use this service. - Do not sign a contract with them for any reason. No matter how good or convincing it sounds. - After several months, keeping up with the issues regarding this service is the equivalent of running a whole other company, and the expense is significantly greater than the benefit. - The person who sold the contract lied. - We were too excited and agreed to the terms that were spoken, not written. - Admittedly this is our fault. But we would like to share this experience in hopes that others may not fall for the same false promises given by voice as apposed to those on paper. - Too much hassle and additional cost to subpoena the recorded phone calls in hopes of recouping the money wasted on this service. - If you wish to cancel the contract you will pay 1/3 the remaining contract price. But getting in contact with the correct person to do that will take too long and likely put you into your next billing cycle, ultimately costing more yet again. - Simply don’t sign up for it. You are guaranteed nothing but an expense and a headache.
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4 years ago, Zoom Drain
Doesn’t send Notifications
The app seems thoughtfully designed, however it doesn’t actually send me notifications. I have all the notifications turned on in both the app and my phone’s setting. Also, cellular data, location services, etc. are all turned on. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app, and installed my phone’s latest update. It is the same problem on my business partner’s phone. We’ve missed many leads because of this problem. It seems that the leads don’t refresh until you MANUALLY go into the app and “pull down” the screen to refresh it. So, it’s virtually worthless with the exception of checking the app or my email notifications several times a day.
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2 weeks ago, iceBlasta
Horrible customer service
For paying $2,400 you would think that they would be more kind. I have been trying to cancel my contract for almost a month now and nothing seems to be working. You can’t cancel it by yourself you need to meet with an agent and every time I talked to her some problem would come up. Waste of money, waste of time, and they don’t care, as soon as you give them money and sign a year contract (which is the least amount of time you can do) they don’t care and they go out of there way to make it as difficult as possible to part ways. I almost never leave reviews, I hope if you are on the fence about using this service this helps you out.
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1 year ago, blacksheepnation
Organizing Service was great but overcharged duped hidden Angi cost
I was desperate for a good organizer. She was really good. But extremely expensive. I watched the hours (she was 30 min. late the first day, 2nd 20 minutes. I was charged for those as counted hours) 4 hours: $385, -35$ fee for Angi’s list (which I was not told about, either). It wiped me out for the rest of the month. I budgeted for $250. It should have come to $280. I don’t care how good a service is. The fee for Angi, and company should be arranged, ahead of time, and on site. Not sprung on the client using their time-table. Either way, Angi rakes in the money, from both sides. No accountability. I’ll go to Thumbtack or NextDoor from now on.
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2 years ago, guilherme terra santos pontes
Trash app
this app is a farce, they only send you fake leads, where most customers don't answer or answer you and when they do they usually have already closed with some company, because this app claims to be more selective but that's a lie, you'll be dealing with multiple companies trying to sell their services to the same customer. I definitely do not recommend this app. in addition they oblige you to pay 35% of the remaining amount to them if you want to cancel, something they never mentioned to me when they came to offer me their services. summarizing this app is the biggest lie I've ever seen in my entire life, do not enter it because it will steal your money and will not return.
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1 year ago, Sam11112223
Contractors, do not contact this application in any way.
It is impossible to delete an account yourself, money is constantly being pulled from you, the quality of the application is disgusting. A lead comes to you, you answer the customer, but does not understand who you are and what you need. It turns out that my messages that I wrote through the application to the customer come in the form of SMS. A brilliant solution, dudes, but I'm tired of explaining to customers on this topic and I'm tired of Angie, too. I approached my manager with a request to delete my account from this site, to which they told me that you have a one-year contract. It's like you're all overheated in the sun.
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5 years ago, Drxxtryvbh
Be careful as a pro user
I should’ve done more research on this before I bought advertising with Angie’s List. First, a 12 month contract without flexibility is something you should be cautious of. The second thing is really research who the demographic is in your area that uses Angie’s List. Don’t listen to the sales rep. For me, my demo is very affluent and fits a niche. None of the leads I’ve received fit my business and I am unable to remove one of the categories that was recommended to me by the sales rep. He specifically told me my demo was a fit here. However, the leads are not a match and it has been a waste of marketing dollars so far. The on boarding process was also horrible and I had to deal with a lot of Angie’s List internal politics just to get some things through that they asked for. Overall, the experience on here has not been good. They may be a fit for some companies but not all. So know your market and do your research before investing here. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a contract with no flexibility and horrible leads that do not match your service or demographic.
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1 year ago, pqieitncx
I’ll get straight to the point. I joined Angi Leads and the first month they gave me 5 leads. All 5 leads never picked up my call nor reply back to me. I contacted Angi support and they said that they were scam calls. I wasted $500 for five leads to be scammed leads. I called my “suppose to be” my specialist agent and she never picked up phone calls nor respond to my email. Two months later she sends me a email saying I haven’t paid my monthly fees and that they were going to take me to collections. I called back and she never responded so I contacted Angie’s collection and they were threatening they were going to take me to collections. They are a huge scam and take full advantage of small businesses. DO NOT JOIN!!!
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1 year ago, Jay661214
No joke! I would like to start out by saying it’s a rat race ! I can’t tell you or even fathom how much money I have spent in the week let alone entire month into the year with this company. Two out of 10 calls are spam and 8 out of 10 calls you have to try and beat the other people to the punch cause by the time you wait one minute and IF you get ahold of the customer they already spoke with 5 other competitors and MOST the time they haven’t even finished filling out the paper work on Angi’s side and wasn’t ready to talk to anyone. Straight up a joke to do business with this outfit. I think they need some kind of standards and they need to be suited for some thing!
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3 months ago, Lucastone2
Scam alert
This company is ruthless, first red flag is how aggressive they are in getting you to sign up, if what they were selling was a good service they wouldn’t need to try so hard to convince you. They’ll lock you in for a year contract ( because otherwise no one would stay after a month) the leads are 90% fake or old leads and the remainder are for people with a low or no budget at all. NOT WORTH IT ! When my contract was finally up they refused to answer my requests to not renew, my account manager would not answer the phone, I must have tried 10 times. I left voicemails and emails and they never responded. They make it impossible to cancel! Stay away!
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2 years ago, ju99erna9ut
Worse sales reps
I tried signing up. Spoke with Ray and he wouldn’t give me straight answers and he kept talking over me so I asked to speak with a manager or another sales rep and he wouldn’t. He kept asking me if I was going to sign up today and if I wasn’t, there was no point in speaking to someone else. What a joke! Then he gave me what was supposed to be a manager’s number, but come to find out, it was direct line, then he hung up on me🤦🏽‍♂️ Like seriously, is this how you guys do business? I was seriously going to sign up after speaking with my wife about it, but after this, I will never consider these guys again. Definitely don’t recommend to anyone!
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2 years ago, BHA1289
This company is as dishonest as they come. Their leads are worth nothing. You spend a lot of time setting things up to get equipment leads etc. But no matter what you put in selections you always get calls for duct cleaning or every other thing you didn’t check off.I had a year-long contract. Ended it in writing three months before due date. They’re charging me anyway and said they renewed it for another year , so I had to cancel all my credit cards and notify the authoritiesAnd dispute the charges. I had to do all this with their officers email in my hand stating that they would not do this. Stay away stay away stay away
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