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Trend Micro, Incorporated
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10.12 or later
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User Reviews for Antivirus One - Virus Cleaner

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4 years ago, rminnz
Remote Trouble Shooting - Trend Micro
I was experience a problem where Antivirus One would find a virus, correct it, and the virus would occur again within a couple of days. We tried to remedy this problem with Trend Micro Support sending email instructions and the I the user carrying them out remotely. This was difficult, time consuming, and not very effective at best. I resisted remote trouble shooting initially but after days of trying the email method realized that remote trouble shooting was a better approach. We established a date and time remote trouble shooting would occur. After the experience I have no reservations with using remote troubleshooting through Trend Micro. It was performed in a professional manner. I was able to commute and observe the remote control of my system. I truly believe that this remote trouble shooting effort took only a fraction of the time it would have taken for a user to correct the problem using instructions through email communications. In addition to the correction, Trend Micro was able to extract files and obtain information that possibly will be incorporated in future software releases that will alleviate future problems. I would without hesitation use Trend Micro's remote trouble shooting if ever needed in the future.
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4 years ago, Lost by Design
Works Perfectly
Had a glitch on my MBP and knew it was from downloading one of those stupid Adobe Flash updates without really examining it. Led me to buy this Virus software and through a VERY EASY and CLEAN interface, it found all 6 viruses! I checked on my Timne machine backup and it found the virus on that external harddrive too. I couldn't figure out how to delete from Time Machine so I wrote tech support and they gave me easy instructions and they were very quick to respond. I was very surprised at how fast, easy and uncomplicated this process was. My only advice for the software company is to display the entire folder link that is infectedin a display so I didn’t have to take a pic of the extended link with my camera and trace it back to infected files. Also maybe add a time frame to how long it will take to scan the external hard drive which is huge, might have given me better idea of how long it will take. Backuphard drives could take a few hours. Thanks for a great product. Clean, easy and simple.
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8 months ago, Dhghf
The only thing you can do without subscribing is type in your card info.
This is another app whose services are not at the level where they can simply sell a paid version. I am not willing to support their business design, so I will never know what "serious issues" they were referring to. Since you have to pay for the "scan" feature, and no other app has raised any concerns, I assume it is something minor, like my screen not going blank for two minutes instead of one. However, it is ironic that they seem to care so much about the free version having functionality...just kidding. Most apps would at least inform you about the issue and whether there is a potentially dangerous file that could harm your computer and/or compromise your identity. I have never come across an antivirus software that does not provide at least the file's pathway. If anyone fell victim to supporting this Ponzi scheme and it turns out to be anything other than an actual serious threat, PLEASE report these deceitful individuals. I understand that this may not be the most professional review. However, it is also unprofessional to advertise a free app called "Antivirus One - Virus Cleaner" that does not deliver any of the promised features without payment.
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4 years ago, ant_honey22
Scanned once and done!
I only had to scan my laptop once and it got rid of a malware I had gotten from most likely me downloading free breats from a sketchy ad ridden website. I beleive I clicked on one of the ads that said downlaod and it tricked me into thinking it was the 808 drum beats. Anyways I purchased th $1.99 version and it got rid of the malware. The malware I had gotten was the one that redirected my search engine on safari from my frequently used websites to either search baron or search marquis. It was a real nuisance. I beleive it may have gotten rid of a virus that was telling me my laptop was short on memory which is impossible because I got a new macbook pro with 1 Terabyte of memory and I haven't even used a fraction of that. I highly reccomend. You can cancel anytime too and it carged my itunes account so you dont have to pay with your credit card and worry about releasing your information to somewhere you aren't familiar with. Thank god I had money in my Itunes account lol
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4 years ago, Augustiest
Being in a job that inevitably requires tons of reserach and opening random websites. I finally crashed my Google Chrome and it trapped itslef in a dealth loop every time I tried to open it. I treid everything, redownload, restart my computer, clean up my storage I mean literally everything. But my chrome still shows a warning sign says not enough space on computer, then flashes out, then trying to open itself while crashes again. I’m not sure if it’s becasue my browser is infected with virus or just I didn’t clear my cache, but there’s no other way out but trying this. I scanned my computer and used the privacy cleaner to clean both of my browsers, Safari and Google Chrome. It didn’t take long for it to complete scanning and my browser came to life! After I have suffered from four hours’ anxiety becasue I’m working from home. And I didn’t even get to the stage where I have to pay. Love this app. Saved my life.
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4 years ago, Jrad77
Great Support!
I downloaded Antiirus-One and paid for the subscription to clean my mac because I was having a lot of trouble with a browser hijacker. The cleaner did find a couple suspicious things and removed them, but the hijacker was still present. I had been scouring the internet trying to figure out how to fix this and was disheartened that it was still happening. So I used the Antivirus One software to send a message to their support team. I’m pretty sure it was a matter of hours, not day, that I got an email in return laying out very simply what is probably causing the problem and how to fix it. From there it took me 30 seconds and my Mac was fixed!!! All the other softwares that I could find were promising to fix my issue for way, WAY more money. Antivirus One was super low cost and the support team responded immediately with how to fix my problem. Amazing service! If I have issues ever again, I’ll definitely be reusing them.
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4 years ago, EdmundAzores
Excellent Product and Customer Support
I have been using Antivirus One for almost a year and found it excellent in finding and cleaning viruses on my Mac. About a week ago I found that the customer service was also excellent. I had a virus that was not being detected with their software (it was later found to be a new varient of the Search Pulse Browser Hijacker). As soon as this problem was reported to customer support they went into action. They provided manual troubleshooting which I undertook. After several exchanges of emails with instructions and fixes the problem was resolved. Their customer support was above and beyond my expectations. Emails were responded within hours, questions were answer with clairifcation and understanding, even software tools were provided for further analysis. If I could give their product a rating of 6 stars I would do so. Antivirus One is one of the best investments I made for my system. .
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1 year ago, pussNboots13
Good so far!
Been using this for about a month and a half now. Easy to use and no glitches. Upgraded to premium last week with cleaner app bundle. I'm assuming it is working properly due to nothing found. I like that I can scan my portable drives as well. I've used several other cleaners and antivirus programs and by far I like this setup for my Mac then any of the others. I liked it so much I now added Security and cleaner for my IOS. I would love to see them add a app tracker to see what apps are behaving and the abillity to stop them from comunicating (if necessary) over the net like there Security app does for IOS. Is there any way that can be done without taking my VPN spot? My VPN is a TOR style and I feel it is very necessary)app. I now use most of there products now and seem to work very well.
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6 years ago, Summer01GSD
Easy to download and then I had a problem...
I downloaded this softward on my Mac, after using it on my MacAir. All went well, except that I didn’t really understand each step, did I need it? Was it something extra? and what was next for me to to do. Not everyone actually gets software and knows each step autumomatically. Then, it said to restart and my screne went black, dead. I tried to restart and it would and then go black. Went to bed to get a new perspective in the morning. Now, with my Mac dead, I couldn’t get on here to ask the question or make sure of what I bought with each having names so similar. I started it and it would not load. So I started it again holding down the shift key and it loaded. All looks good, but now my photo software will not work, it’s just dead when I try to edit a picture. And, I can hear my system running alot, everything is slower when I try go from one to another. Can someone help me with this?
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3 years ago, "Tommy_the_Who"
Easy as Pie!
OK, so I’m not technical. In fact my Buddy Scott would always bug me and kept pushing me to switch from P/C to Mac. Into music in a BIG way, it finally happened during one of Microsofts overnight updates and I lost all my Great drivers that processed my music clean and Crystal Clear. Took their customer techs 4 days to find drivers that I’d be happy with. Too little, too late! By that time Scott had suggested and found a clean used 21.5 iMac. I’m using it now. Took it to my house and set it up Got that done and He took to the app store to show me around there. I asked him if I could install my Norton. He laughed and said ‘You poor P/C users! You won’t need it’ That didn’t sound right to me! So he settled on allowing me to purchase this app. I can honestly say…Not One issue with it. Yeah I’ll be renewing it.
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4 years ago, joanaustin
I purchased this product because I had a virus or malware attach itself to my Macbook Pro. It occurred while updating Chrome. After purchasing the Antivirus One, I cleaned my Mac with it but the problem persisted. I emailed Antivirus One and they made a suggestion. When that didn’t work they offered to get on my computer and troubleshoot and, if I didn’t feel comfortable with that they would offer other solutions. I didn’t feel comfortable having them remote into my system so I asked for more help. They got right on it, sent me a screen shot of what to look for and BAM! that was my problem!! I have been plagued with this issue for weeks! I AM UP AND RUNNING AND CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS APP AND COMPANY HIGHLY ENOUGH!! Thank you Antivirus One!!
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7 years ago, Mikey Lima
Works for me just fine.
I have a 2015 MBP and steer clear of shady sites and downloads. I downloaded TMAV like 3 months ago… bought my MBP late 2015… and no viruses. Never used any other type of virus software before that. So… they definitely don’t “put” anything on your device in order to force you to pay. Your activity puts malware on your device. I’m sure it’ll happen to me at one point, but I’d be glad to pay to have it removed. I’m totally happy paying that $1.99 a month right now. I absolutely recommend the app and the other Trend Micro apps. I use a couple others. They’re simple to use, and I definitely trust my device w them. Great job, guys. ✌️✌️
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4 years ago, Admin HQ
Solved an issue immediately, first run
I had something strange happen with my Macbook Pro where the cursor would move randomly when I was try to enter text. It would jump forward or backward, erase some of the text, etc. Meanwhile I would get a message that my Norton antivirus had expired and that I needed to pay to have it reinstated. Very professional looking phishing page. They just wanted a credit card number. I added this software, ran a scan and it caught 17 issues, two of which that had to be manually deleted (which they lead you through via software. Awesome work guys - my laptop has been restored to it’s former glory.
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6 years ago, Max Square
Well now, I guess a Mac can have some problems after all!
Unexpected issue arose and since I was already using Dr. Cleaner, I decided to see what the Dr. Antivirus would show. Found two issues but had to pay to remove them. As the saying goes, you only get what you pay for. Bought it, cleaned it and fixed the problem. Ransomware shows up in the darnedest places I guess. This program got rid of it and never had the threat lock up my system. Money well worth spending. Prevented having to get the HD reimaged at the local certified Apple shop. Thanks Microtrend, Thumbs Up! I’ll definately reccommend this to any fellow Mac owners for ease of use and performance.
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4 years ago, pillowzwinternight
Wow, that actually worked!
Ok I'm gonna be honest, I'm used to shady antivirus companies that don't do what's advertised and relentlessly batter their users with "new deals." When I installed this app to get rid of a browser hijacker, I honestly didn't expect much. But, after paying for the subscription (1.99/month, significantly cheaper than its alternatives) and allowing the app to do its thing, I found that my browser experience had returned to normal. Previously, "Topic Search" and "Search Marquis" had controlled my browsing experience and disallowed me from feeling safe whenever I logged onto Chrome. Thanks, Antivrus One. You guys are the real ones.
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4 years ago, Bald Wally
Who knew?
I've used Macs for years and believe they are largely immune to viral threats. Recently I've read about a few new exceptions, praticularly malware theats often spread via links, and previously had used Trend Micro protection while maintaining steady performance on PCs (without the processing drain other products produce). So I grabbed a copy of AV One, and initially it found no infections which I was happy to learn. But when I received an email that contained a virus, the program found it and eliminated it in realtime, showing the active monitoring function works well. IMO Mac archetecture remains superior in isolating any threats, but this app's protection brings added peace of mind.
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4 years ago, ironbadge
Good product
The free version does not remove virus, does not update virus signatures automatically, does not fully protect the machine in real time; therefore, its effectiveness is unclear. It did find a malware embeded in one of the junk mails even though this junk mail was put into junk yard already, which is cool. Recommendation: this product can be an exceptional product and deserve 5-star rating. For one, give users few free removals (say, first three); after that, pay for full functionality. By the way, I recently read an article that stated Trend Micro is one in five (inclduding Microsoft and Kaspersky) most effective antivirus tools. I will definitely purchase this product for full functionality.
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6 years ago, TakenIsTheBestMovieEverJK
Nice (one star reviews are crazy)
I have no reason to give it less than five stars. I’ve seen a fair amount of reviews stating that the app doesn’t warn you that the upgrade is an ongoing subscription, Dr. Antivirus slows down your computer or that it actually puts viruses/malware on your computer as it scans. Neither of these are sensible notions, nor did my experience back up any of them. The reoccurring charges are clearly mentioned and nothing turned up on my first scan. In addition, it’s weird to be so critical of an app that has passed Apple’s review process. I’ve created iOS apps for Apple, and apps aren’t approved willy-nilly.
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3 years ago, MysticWaffles
So far has done a great job
Somewhere I picked up ProudSearch in my Safari extensions, I kept removing them but they came back under different names. It wasn’t until I scanned with Antivirus One that I discovered it was a browser hijacker and had created 24 issues with my laptop! My other free antivirus program detected nothing. After the scan with Antivirus One, I upgraded to the yearly subscription and cleaned all the issues. So far so good, my browser is not crashing anymore. I installed the game Wizard 101 and am wondering if that is where it came from, I have since deleted the game.
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6 years ago, Inwowo
Great UX and app - however watch out on their charges….
Great app and UX I must say. Quick installation and quick removing of unwanted viruses etc. However, they are saying “in app-purchase” and guess what they are never prompting you at any time if you agree to get charged. No "do you agree to get charged to this” or similar. Even worse they are assuming you are signing up for a subscription without your prior consent. You’ll only find out when you get an email from Apple thast you have been charged. The only way to get rid of these charges is to go to your Itunes account and stop the subscription manually. However, this leaves you with 1 month to pay and a bitter taste. Apple support doesn’t really care about this it looks like. Too bad as the app is not bad at all….
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6 years ago, frasedee
Relatively easy use; a good defense layer
Gave this a try after ransomware attack ( “Apple Support Center” warning of virus attack, and demanding a phone call and payments to ‘clean’ the computer - claimed they worked in ‘cupertino apple hq', but could not name the suburb they live in ; were obviously a hack shop in a subcontinent in Asia ). It works well. First full scan takes time. Found 2 viruses on first run. Update requires some manual interaction. You have to scan / clean under each user account, so that’s why not 5 stars, but it does the job quite well. Lots of updates have already been streaming in, so seems very actively updated. Overall, I recommend.
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4 years ago, AlexaCal
FIxed my problems!!!
With the epidemic going on, and all my classes being moved to online conferences, the worst thing that could happen, would be my computer acting up. And it did. I couldn't attend or access any of the material or classes and no matter what I deleted and removed, I couldn't find the issue. I gave up and downloaded Antivirus One and even payed for the subscription and it worked. I was finally able to actually complete my work and my computer is no longer acting strange and redircting me to random sites! It actually works!
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7 years ago, MAyBuelna
Dr. Safety
I thought I had reviewed Dr. Safety shortly after downloading it some time ago but don’t see it. I wanted to say it has worked for me without any problem at all. 15 minutes or so after having downloaded it 2 malware and a trojan were in quarantine and were removed thanks to a deal at that time and my Mac has worked almost like new ever since. I’ve decided to upgrade to see if that will take care of it not being as fast as it used to. Don’t know if it will solve the problem or not but a small $ amount is worth a try.
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2 years ago, Kahunakamp
Art dept
I have had viruses on my MacPro late 2013. For about 2 years now. I even took it to a Mac computer store that thats all they work on. It kept coming back. The hermes and TechSignal bugs. First time I ran this it caught all the seeded areas on my harddrive and showed me where they were exactly on my files and I deleted all 27 of them. I have tried other programs before. But this one is the best and at a fanstasic price. Ive had macs for 38 years now. I used to think that Macs never got viriuses. BUT they DO.
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4 years ago, xyzzz268
Light and efficient, would recommend
I use an old MBP 2013 and it's been quite slow this year as my kids have downloaded heaps of files and the storage got quite full. Cleared out a few adware from my downloaded files and apps the first time. I use this app to scan my mac every week and use the web privacy protection to limit my kids' browsing activities. It's been very easy to use and has stopped my mac from saving suspicious files. Well worth the price for family use, would def recommend.
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4 years ago, MrsLunkTheHunk
I was searching for software and downloaded something and my computer fan starting going crazy so I was afraid I downloaded a virus. I shut down the computer and restarted - went right to apple’s website and found this app to scan my computer for viruses/malware. Took a minute to download from the app store, and took about 3 minutes to scan my computer. No viruses! Yay! Super easy and quick to use - I highly recommend. Now I can go to sleep and not stress about my computer being hacked :)
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6 years ago, Rhmachote
Effective Antivirus
Seems to work as described. Ive been using this program for several months now and it has picked up on several viruses quick;y. Alerts were quick and gave me enough time to scan and remove before too much damage happened. I run it while browsing and have run into a few problems but it effectively alerted. I’ll continue to use it and keep my system clean and running smooth. I plan on reviewing again in another month with further updates.
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3 years ago, nradavies
Fast Scanning, Small Footprint
I've been really leary of installing an antivirus on my Mac after years of watching antivirus products slow Windows computers to a crawl. With the increasing number of threats out there for Mac though, I figured it was time to give one a try. I am pleased to say that I have noticed no performance impact at all really, and that even performing a full disk scan only takes a few minutes. Really surprised and pleased with this product.
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2 years ago, zornrah
Can not tell, seems good.
It is hard to tell if this program works well or if i am just an awesome computer user. It found NO viruses and NO Mal/Adware when scanning a 500 GB OSX drive that has been iun use for 8 years without a wipe. So either this works just fine and is a great free application, or i am able to avoid all the viruses and malwear that attacked me over the last near decade. Or maybe both. I find that unlikely. That said i am not bout to spend $ to check and see if a paid application would find things this didnt. Thanks !!
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3 years ago, delphisv
Makes you install an additional freeware
Very dissapointed with this app. I've bought this app and did everything recommended to be regarded as "Protected" such as: enable Full Disk Access, update to the latest pattern, and enable Web Threat Protection. However, there was a message I could not get rid off: "Click install to protect Safari with Adblock One". Why am I obligated to install a freeware to be regarded as fully "protected"? I use a much more powerful ad blocker and I don't need this Adblock One. the worst is that when inquiring about it, this is the response from their customer service: "Unfortunately, there is no current workaround to remove the message other than installing AdBlock One"...what a dissapontment.
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3 years ago, Johns2345
Really grateful for this app!
I have been having issues with malware some of which seems to have altered Apple software. I got this app simply because Apple recommended it to me and it found viruses even after I had spent hours looking up how to find vruses. It only gives you one free clearing but at the least it gives me peace of mind knowing that there aren't any viruses on my computer. However, it also still gives you free scans and even tells you how many and what viruses it finds so you could look them up and clear them yourself.
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6 years ago, MovieNightsNY
Overall good app
Over all I like the appliction. I would prefer if they seperated the advertisement for the other apps they sell from the virus scanner. Also as a suggestion make the subscription for the virus definition transferable to member so of your iCloud account. It's ridiculous to expect a family to pay $20/yr for each family member just to get the same virus definitions or have a price plan that covers 3-5 people. - Better integration with popular mail clients like Apple Mail, Spark Mail, Airmail would be nice somethat that allows scanning while mail is being downloaded. - Taking advantage of OS X power nap for scanning would be good as well.
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7 years ago, Edwardaaa2000
No more viruses
I have a Mac and did not think my computer would have too many viruses. I did a full scan and it found 17. Paid $1.99 for a monthly subscription and they were gone. The files that were infected were still in files on my computer even after the programs were deleted. I rebooted, ran the full scan again, and nothing. Nice!!! It is really hard to find an app that will do what is says it will do anymore.
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1 year ago, nipper54
Product Support
My Macbook Pro busted, so I purchased a new Macbook Pro. Unfortunately my license for Antivirus One did not transfer. I contacted Antivirus support and got the worse technical person I have ever experienced. He did not understand my problem. My subscription is good till late April 2023. Requested another engineer and speak to supervisor, left on the phone for 30 minutes. Manager will call me, when? 2 hours later received a call from a manager and told me he would have someone contact me. Another 24 hours went by, never received a call, and now am receiving system automated emails from Trend Micro. Reported to Apple, and am now still receiving emails for their generated system. Problem not resolved, and cannot get a person on the phone for technical help. Terrible experience, and the emails do not resolve my problem. It's been over a week, and it's time to look for another product. Trend Micro is sending me emails every day, but not providing any support.
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6 years ago, TROJ_53
TROJ seems a little too obvious
I’m pretty sure that this program makes up a fake threat to encourage the purchase of the Pro program. It flagged two files who’s names both started with TROJ. That seems a little too obvious of a name for a virus. It said the files resided in an old program download from a very reputable source, so I’m just guessing that it picked a random target program that it knew I would most likely never use again. Perhaps this program works and is great when needed, but I strongly suspect that it fabricates threats when there are none just to sale you on the Pro version.
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5 months ago, alvdan56
Worked at first but not anymore
This app did save me from some adware i was having trouble getting rid of, however it did not get rid of evreything 100%. In an attempt to try to remove the deepest files I tried their full scan, their quick scan, and the targeted scan... but to no avail. The app just crashes mid scan everytime. no matter which option i pick. They get 3 stars cuz they helped me with my inital issue but now the app is useless to me with their inability to scan my computer without crashing
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6 years ago, kuumelon
Did its job.
I was a paying customer for a while but decided to stop because I felt like I didnt need it. I will resume when needed. This app was able to scan for viruses and simple to use. Only recommendation is to be able to edit subscription payment through app. I was able to cancel my subscription in the apple app store under your account and subscriptions, you click on the number and there you can edit/cancel your subscriptions. But when I used this product, it was great.
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5 years ago, SmallredFam
Works great
I have this on two computers that I am downloading applications and content reasonably regular. The plugin for my browser allows my confidence that I will not download from sketchy sites. I like the scanner for the quick scan and the deep scan. One issue I have is there are a few comments that are ambiguous when the scan is complete it will say that X number of the virus found. I believe that means "found and removed," but it is somewhat unclear.
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4 years ago, GirlMom1719
Love this App!
As a college student you are always on random websites and accidentally click things that are a bit sketchy so after my laptop got a little slow apple refered this app to me and I instantly downloaded it! Thinking I was going to have to pay outragous amount for protection I was a bit sceptical but after seeing how much it was I was floored and I provides amazing protection! Also it walks you through everything if you arent tec savy! 100% reccomend!
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9 months ago, Steve in Tuscaloosa
My second year
I have enjoyed the app and have gone back and forth with Malwarebytes. I like that I can install from Store and that it is minimalist. It seems to use fewer resources than Malwarebytes too. But this may just be my impression. Are the pattern updates supposed to be automatic? I seem to have to do them manually. My only complaint are all the reminders to buy other things. I didn't mind it a few times but it can get old.
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6 years ago, MykeS27
I had recently downloaded something without taking any precautions and I had ended up with something called “Chill-Tab.” In short, this malicious adware seeks to steal your personal information. When I found this adware on my Google Chrome application, I instantly booted up Dr. Antivirus to solve my problems. Let me tell you: It absolutely did. I did a few deep scans and adware removal processes and all traces of adware and malware had been exterminated! Thank you Dr. Antivirus!
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7 years ago, TRK02
Hard to prove a negative AND UPDATE
Before getting Dr. Safety, safety warnings would frequently pop up when I was online and tell me there was a need to download this or that upgrade to an existing application. I didn’t realize that the warnings WERE the malware. After the initial run of Dr. Safety found and eliminated said malware, regular scans have shown a clean machine. Using this in conjunction with Dr. Cleaner seems to have kept my MBPro working much more efficiently than before. Plus, I feel reassured. Update: 26 Sept 2017 RUnning the program periodically, seems to be working, but as I said before, it’s hard to prove a negative, but I’m satisfied that no viruses (virae?) show up. Since I”m not a hard-core techno-ace (maybe soft-core), I don’t know enough to hunt through the system files and eliminate bad stuff without a helper, so depending on programs such as the Trend Trio is important.
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5 years ago, little conestoga
How do I remove this nuisance app from my computer?
I had this virus cleaner app on my old iMac and upgraded to another app when I got a new one. The other day, a red message bubble appeared in the dock on the app store icon indicating a message or update was available, so I open it, clicked to open updates, hit the "update" button, it appeared to download something the update button reappears as if nothing happened! Repeated the process several times - same thing. Except, of course for the annoying red message bubble in my dock that I cannot get rid of, not to mention the this silly "Antivirus One -Virus Cleaner" that I cannot dump. I'd really like to get this crap off my computer!
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7 years ago, YogiFish
Safe & Secure
Great having this software installed, in this day and age of internet viruses. Even if you’re cautious about the things you do online, you never know when something will get through. It only takes on problem to become your biggest problem. Not a lot of money to spend for the protection. It will cost more to fix a problem, than protect yourself from one.. or several later.
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6 years ago, Askjdrtbeow
Do it yourself
I had popups for a long time, and downloaded this app to find out if I had viruses. It found 11 on my first scan, but then told me I needed to pay to clean them. You can get around this. Instead of paying, just look up the file they tell you is infected and delete it, than emty your trash. Or, you can buy it and cancel your subscription after. Whatever works. Overall it helps to find it, but don’t waste your money for 20 seconds of work.
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1 year ago, BlueBellsofTulliallen
This is exactly what I needed
My computer was constantly going 'search Marquis' when I clicked on a website address. It was interfering with my ability to work and was really frustrating Antivirus One took care of it and several other items it found very quickly and was easy to use. Can't recommend it enough!!!
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1 year ago, KevlarKevin18
Fixed in One Click
For Search Baron and/Search Marquis, I spent two days trying to fix the problem manually to no avail. If you can fix it without this software, do it. However. The scan found the virus in like 5 minutes, and once I paid for the app, i fixed it with one click. This will save you a lot of time for $2.99
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1 year ago, angelina.8054
Thank you!
I had been getting a lot of notifications alerting me that I had 6 viruses on my computer. I had been worried for days, so I decided to do a scan on this app. It gave me peace of mind knowing that I didn't have a single virus. Anyone who reads this, please be careful on the internet. As for hackers, they should be ashamed of themselves! Thank you so much to the founders of this app.
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7 years ago, 44_Footer
Improved Interface and Effective at Protecting from Bad Web Sites
I’ve used several antivirus apps in the App Store, but found Dr. Antivirus the easiest to use. It’s protected me from accessing one website because of potential malware while browsing with Safari. Sometimes I use other browsers. My wish list would include adding protection for other browsers. Otherwise, I think it is the best antivirus and malware app in the store.
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4 years ago, BeeGalindo
decided to try paid version of trendmicro antivirus
I have used free version Antivirus One virus scan for a year. in free ver I like the spot scans, auto weekly scan, and configurable clearing of browser data, able to set diff for chrome vs. safari: whether to remove cookies, db/localdata, form fill data, session data, etc. good set of protections for a free version just upgraded to paid version for virus removal and other features, I'll update my comments after I use it for awhile.
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