AnyDesk Remote Desktop

4.4 (22.5K)
41.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
AnyDesk Software GmbH
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AnyDesk Remote Desktop

4.44 out of 5
22.5K Ratings
11 months ago, Desurvivor
Gets the job done
The following applies to both this app and the computer software that is necessary to have on a respective system. If you are doing some light work it’s great. But don’t expect to to much besides the normal word, docs, chrome stuff. If you are, for example but applies to other situations, playing a video game, the mouse will not go away to give you 360 movement like fps games. You will be restricted to how far the mouse moves on screen and thus cannot look around in game. This also affects tools like Blender for 3d creation as the strange mouse system affects looking around there too. Parsec seems to be the best free Remote Desktop as it does nearly everything save for it being a little inconsistent. Because of this I like to keep anydesk and parsec running in the background so if parsec stops working, I am not completely unable to use my computer anymore.
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1 year ago, Ky|e
It’s a remote control app. Of course you’re giving them access to your device, duh. And for all those people who are leaving 1 star reviews, let me ask you even CHECK the reviews before downloading this supposed “scam” app? No, you didn’t. So don’t leave a 1 star review. You got scammed, and it’s your fault that this “microsoft”/“amazon”/“cash app” indian person who is totally not a scammer just scammed you. For the app, it works great! :D It works as intended, without any weird paywalls. Only issue is holding and dragging with the touchpad controls, and it doesn’t support custom cursors as every time you move your mouse, it would invert the mouse hue every second frame. And it’s only 60 fps for the mouse. No big deal, and this isn’t supposed to be a bug report as this is a review, but I’d figured that I’d still leave it here since I’m too lazy to go on their website. Anyway, please rate the app based on IF IT WORKED OR NOT, not “oh no i got scammed 😭😭😭”. Stop it. It’s cringe. Get some help.
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1 year ago, Dodo von Dodo
People are gullible, not this app creators fault!
I can’t believe the many low scores for this app based purely on people being not very bright, downloading this app on the behest of a scammer trying to access their devices. You do have to use your brain when you’re on the Internet. It is totally unfair to leave these bad reviews, when you’re the idiot who fell for a scam. Maybe you should not click on an email coming from a rich Nigerian prince either who wants to give you all his money because he’s terminally ill. Just a suggestion. I downloaded the app, haven’t had a lot of time playing with it. Just noticing that my iPad is not very responsive when I try to work on my connected Windows machine. But I will research that, before I leave a nasty review. Had to get this off my chest first and will give this app 5 stars just to make up for one of these unfair reviews.
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2 years ago, CherriePie123
Almost got scammed by a Scammer NOT THE APP
I almost got scammed by a scammer claiming to be calling from eBay. I had some issues regarding the payment on eBay and did a search on google for eBay customer service phone number (this was a big mistake). This search sent me directly to a scammer. I now know the only way to contact eBay is to request a call and they will call you, they don’t provide a customer service phone number. The scammer told me in order to get my payment back from eBay, I have to fill out an application using this app. It was suspicious and I ended the call. So, the app is not a scam, but scammers will use this app to get a complete control of your phone and steal your info. I don’t actually know exactly how this app works but this was my encounter and I just want to share with people to be aware!
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1 year ago, lifelover22
I think this technology is absolutely wonderful. However, it’s horrible for the older generation who is not so technology savvy. Several times I have been called and they are helping me with some fraudulent purchases. And then they transfer me to someone who is going to help get my money back and they want to download this app on my device so they can help me. I came real close to doing it but something in my gut said no no no no!! it is so sad that these people use wonderful technology for evil evil deeds. imagine what they could do in the world of technology that would be better. What a waste of brain power these people have. it would be wonderful if the companies were able to trace these people that are making a bad name for a good product. It would be nice to prosecute them. I’m
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3 years ago, erc eld
Only good for very brief sessions
I’m trying to perfect a laptop-free workflow by using my iPad and remote desktop apps instead for when I need portable access to a Mac. Unfortunately AnyDesk is not it. Even though it supports tracking of the native iPad cursor for use with your Mac, you have to perform the bizarre action of double clicking in order to single click. It would almost be forgivable if it worked consistently, but unfortunately it often didn’t register at all and when it did, it acted like a double click. this made accessing menus and ticking checkboxes an absolute act of torture. A simple task that would have taken about 30 minutes if I had been able to click like normal instead took 2 hours, with most of that time trying to click on a checkbox/menu without also clicking out of it. If you just need to scroll and click occasionally, this is the app for you. If you have any heavy-duty productivity apps you’ll need to use, do not download this app.
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1 year ago, sleepsss
Whew! Long story! A RAT
So — I remember I was being fully lazy and wanted to use my phone as a mouse for my PC. I already have a functioning Remote Desktop setup, but I got a bit greedy. Anyway, not long after downloading this app, I noticed my laptop would randomly just be shut off. It’s certainly gone to sleep before with the lid closed, but not been completely off. This happened two times. I believe that was the test of connection. Week or so later, I woke up one night with my laptop on the side of me, and I got up JUST in time to catch my mouse moving around my screen. I watched as they navigated slowly around my PC. It felt like a dream, but I stood by furiously watching. They for whatever reason searched Google voice and were in my Google voice account. They then headed towards trying to log into my crypto account (which, they would have been disappointed at the time, lol) I powered down my modem and wiped my drive after, but man…just leave this a app alone.
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4 years ago, ambassador for Jesus!!
This app was used to gain full access/control over my phone. The guy told me that he was from Cash App because I had a unauthorized charge. He took a picture of me and said it was to verify my identity, he was a scammer he got into my phone and now has full access to my address financing information and anything everything else on my phone. he I had to shut down my bank account and close my debit card and I had to get a whole new phone be careful when using this app. I’m scared for my life now also had to make a report of the sheriffs department.
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2 years ago, tk7813
Do not download or use. I had fraudulent charges on my cash app. I called a phone number and they answered weird and I asked if it was cash app and he was like yeah what can I help you with. They would put me on hold and act like they were transferring me to different departments. They asked me what kind of phone I was using the app on and if my cash app was attached to my back account. Then they asked me what my balance on my cash app was. I was thinking something was not right here. So then they told me to download this app so I could file a claim. I was about to go off because I should not have to download a app to dispute charges. Anyways when I went to this app I saw a review that said do not download and scam. When I read what the app was I hung up. They blew my phone up I had to block them. They were trying to get access to my phone. This is crazy they allow these types of app this crap needs to be take off the App Store. Stay away!!!! No
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2 years ago, Rockie26
DON’T USE!!!!!!!
While using my desktop computer something popped up saying that my computer was infected and I should call the customer service number on the screen. I did and the lady had me to download this app, saying that she had to look into my phone which was connected to my network. I did but gotten suspicious when she wanted me to login and check my bank accounts to see if the hackers had gotten into to my account. The “pop-up” had only occurred on my desktop…so I’m thinking what does the hack on my computer have to do with my phone. I acted like I was checking my account and she told me that while remotely in my phone that she couldn’t see what was going on but had known that I didn’t check my bank account but checked my network account. That’s when I knew something was not right, basically this was a scam!!!!! I contacted Microsoft and they said they had no knowledge of a call to them about my computer!!!!!!
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12 months ago, Sas101101
Great app but i have a question.
Hello, Im sure the app works fine but (by my own fault only) I for a couple of seconds gave access to a Ticketmaster scammer. I’m sure the app works great and for IT purposes its very useful but I just wanted to ask the question if once I uninstall the app all people who I gave access to still have access to my phone. It was only active for like 4 seconds and quickly i got off the phone and uninstalled it and changed my passwords. I just want to know if theres something else I need to do or if I am safe now. From what I have read online once you uninstall the app your good and no access should be granted. Again great app i just wanted a confirmation on this
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3 years ago, jdba
Outstanding remote control app
Having been a network admins for almost two decades, had a lot of experience providing remote support. Used MSTSC, Dameware, VNC and others in an enterprise environment. This app is way faster and very easy to use and setup. A friend of one of the developers told me about this app when it was in beta years ago, and even the early versions worked well. I've used it on Windows and macOS and iOS with equal success. Ignore reviews complaining of being scammed, AnyDesk is not liable for the naive who take orders from strangers. I'd also question any review questioning ease of use. If you aren't tech savvy enough to use AnyDesk, you shouldn't be using remote control apps.
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5 months ago, JoeSmall2023
Do not download SCAMMER USE THIS
I thought I was calling apple support because it was the first google number that came up and all I could see on the https: address was apple support. The individual who answered told me to download this app. He then instructed me to go to my setting “keep scrolling” multiple times. Said my cards were being used in NJ and PA for bitcoin and I needed to check all my accounts. Only when I said this is a business phone did he hang up. I then realized after the abrupt hang up that this was a scam. Called the real apple support and they helped me secure all my sites. It took resetting my entire phone and a 1/2 a day to correct. I was told that scammer are paying google to have their sites come before well known company’s so people click on that. I thought a sponsored site meant Google sponsors them not they paid for that place in the search.
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3 years ago, DLsimbs
Victim of a scam
I was the victim of a scam yesterday. I really thought I had a fraudulent charge and that this associate was here to help. Downloaded the app and gave them access to my phone. It wasn’t until 5 minutes later that I felt uncomfortable and disconnected the call. I uninstalled the app and changed my passwords, but who knows what they already accessed. I spent a day panicking and woke up today with anxiety. This app should not be available for download!!! I know I’m naive, but this is such an unfortunate situation to be in. I hope they remove this app even if it can save just one future person’s misery If you are a victim of scam, I encourage you to do a phone factory reset, change all your passwords from a different device, and put a freeze on credit reports. I’m also getting a new sim because I believe that they are cloning my phone number to make calls.
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2 years ago, wasteof time999999
Although this is said to be safe if downloaded through the Apple store it is being used by scammers. They down load it piggy back on something else modified to suit their purposes. It showed up on my phone without my knowledge. Their purpose is of course to take over your computer. This is such a big problem in India it’s even made their national TV news. This is where the scammers are operating out of. Be careful do not fall for things that might seem ok. These scammers are very good. They got to me through Apple security. Even though I did the normal checks they had thought of everything to make them look legitimate. I have now installed on my phone a security program by a company who’s been around for a long while.
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9 months ago, Neansai1
Hackers Used this to steal money from my bank account
My computer went haywire Thursday morning. I went to a link for Geek Squad (which turned out to be fraudulent) in order to get remote repairs. Instead, the hackers took total control of my computer and tried to get money from my bank accounts. They succeeded with one but were blocked by another bank. I didn’t receive alert texts or emails from either bank, as the hackers blocked me from receiving them. Because I contacted them, I assumed they were legitimate and didn’t realize what happened until that evening. I hope I succeeded in canceling the wire transfer. Now all my bank accounts, debit cards, etc. are frozen. A local repair shop wasn’t able to remove Any Desk from my computer. They can’t do any repairs. They will have to do a factory reset. DON’T use this app!
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1 year ago, outOfSquare
This app is great. It works as intended, but unfortunately, it can be used with malicious intent. I think it’s important that the UI of this app provide some messaging to try and discourage easily victimized users from giving scammers access to their phone. Warning messages that indicate caution when sharing your address would be a great initial step. Additional messaging on the app Home Screen stating something similar to the above would also be an improvement to help curb scammers using this app maliciously. Lastly, Apple itself could have some indicators in the App Store about how this app can be used maliciously.
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2 years ago, Lroach1
I recently received a scam email. It looked exactly like it was from Lifelock. The “agent “ told me that the charges were bogus. She explained that she would need access to my phone and wanted me to download this app so that they could cancel the bogus charges. This would have given her access to everything on my phone. At this point, I realized it was a scam. This app and others like it can allow scammers to access your personal information and steal everything you have. The moral of the story is that you never give anyone access to your phone or computer.
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2 years ago, Plantphan
Total scam
I was recently locked out of fb by a scammer asking all my friends for money. I called a number I thought was fb and the lady told me she could fix everything. I have to download this app. She said they’d be asking for my debit card number to assure it’s me. When I realized I was being tricked, I asked the lady if she was truly from fb and she hung up. Low score due to the fact that you guys aren’t hearing this and fixing it. I almost go taken with this product. Has your company ever called these numbers to see what’s going on for yourselves? Please. People are being scammed and the scammer are using your product. You’d think that you’d be bothered by that. Do you folks care about us getting robbed and the thieves are giving your business a bad name. Being a business owner myself, I’d be bothered by a tarnished reputation.
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2 years ago, Txgrana
Definitely popular with scammers
I had a false purchase using my PayPal acct. I was uncomfortable but logged in to PayPal on the internet and used one of their numbers. The hacker had me download this app. Then he managed to steal $1000 out of my checking. I was suspicious the entire time. Fortunately my bank caught on but while they tried to call me I was on the phone with the scammer. So the bank froze my access. He was done trying to get money. Told me to call the bank to unlock my acct but NOT to tell them about my calls with him. That definitely sent up a red flag. I told the bank and she said definite scam. Had to freeze my account. Have to go to the bank in the morning. Then to the cell phone carrier to wipe my phone and tablet. So upset I fell for this!! Now a big mess to clean up and hopefully I won’t be out $1000!!!!!
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3 years ago, Alexoejfnfjidmdmkd
Beware of SCAMMERS!
This incident just happened today. I was having problem with my phone. I then did googled for Apple Support and called them. The person on the other line introduced himself as Apple support. I then told him what’s going on with my phone. He then told me that he can check it remotely if I download this App. So I did. Then he said there’s something wrong with my phone and that he’s going to give me credit and I should check on the bank app. which I did again. So, it was too late that I realized I was being scammed! I was very upset with myself to fall to these scammers. I then went to to bank and changed passwords for my bank acct. Emails, Social media. I will go to the authorities tomorrow and report this. I’m sharing my experience so this does happen to anyone. I never thought this could happen to me.
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2 months ago, mendozrr
Can't get it to work, can't figure out how to contact developer for support
I'm trying to connect two iPhones. They see each other, but all I get is the message, "the remote user has rejected your session request." There is nothing in the support page to help figure out what is wrong, and trying to contact tech support requires a login and password, which I have no idea what that is supposed to be or how to set one up, since there are no instructions for that either. So, I'm writing this in the hope that the developer might provide some help, since I can see no other way to contact anyone to figure out how to use this app. Maybe all of this experience will give a sense of the app in general. So far, it has been a big waste of time, and I cannot recommend bothering with it.
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2 years ago, chrisk1234567890
Have a question
I have a question I had a high dollar amount say got charged from my PayPal account there was a number I said it wasn’t me so the said I was hacked and they to me to download this app I did and I gave them the 9 digit number and they said press broadcast so I did and they said go open up you checking account to see if anything says pending and I did and then they said open my cash app and said press the 100 dollars and answer the questions so they can see if it was me but it wouldn’t register as me so they said they will see what they can take car of on there end what should I do because after reading all these reviews I think I messed up and I just don’t want any problems how can I fix this if they have all my info from my phone like people are saying
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3 years ago, elinks59
Don’t listen to scam preaching, but app has a very real dificiency!
The reviewers here complaining about scams should not blame the app. This app is no more susceptible to scams than any other remote access app. If you provide your credentials to scammers to gain access to your device, regardless of the app, you will be susceptible to scams. Protect your devices and yourself! Now the biggest complaint; if you allow AnyDesk to go to background it will notify you of a pending disconnect in 5 seconds. This limitation makes the app of limited value for those who have it to help others. i.e. friends or relatives. Please address this big limitation in the IOS version of this fine app!
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1 year ago, lilmonsta62
I, too, almost got scammed by foreigners pretending to be Xfinity employees. I should have realized that I call them; they don’t call me. I was told that my modem had been hacked. I, too, was told to download this app on my phone and my computer. I realized that it was a scammer when he asked if my bank account was connected to my cashapp. But what’s so crazy is, the week before, I had got an alert that flashed across my phone saying, “your phone has been hacked. Download lighthouse to “safe” your data.” Please be advised that HACKERS/SCAMMERS HAVE THE SAME ACCESS TO THESE APPS REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY LIVE. I ended up calling Xfinity and contacted their corporate office to let them know that their number/ employee is using their number to scam people/customers. Do Not Use This App If Someone Calls You Out Of The Blue.
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3 years ago, CoolA$$
I tried to call apple support so of course I googled the number and the first one that popped is the one I called however this was a complete mistake the guy asked me to download this app eventually he kept asking me login into my bank so that he can verify that it’s me so I instantly got suspicious luckily I didn’t but all I did was kept clicking on both bank apps but never revealing any information so I guess the dude got irritated and just hung up the phone when I said I was getting anything from him I honestly think I’m ok but please be careful when you do these type of things I honestly don’t recommend this app for that specific reason I hope all of you who have been in the same situation as me don’t give out any information.
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4 months ago, Señora Biernacki
Almost got scammed
This app is so good that the Indian scammers use it to rob you of your hard earned money. I tried making a purchase on a website and my card was declined, it gave me a notification my card was deactivated and I googled my banks costumer service number and it connected me directly to the scammers line, the guy on the phone wanted me to download this app, it made no sense and I kept asking him why did he need access to my phone when all he had to do was unlock my card and he was PERSISTENT. I ended the call and he called me trying to get me to download it again. They are getting too advanced with their trifling ways. Beware.
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2 years ago, Jamie H. P.A.
Scammers use this
Be aware make sure you don’t download this on the advice of a number you called on a pop up ad.. the entire time I just knew something wasn’t right. Thank god I disconnected because once he realized I downloaded it onto a device that had 0 info he was trying to get me to download it on my phone.. I kept asking him if this was a scam or proof it wasn’t because I just knew deep down it was. But the kids ran in with our lap top blaring virus and it just seemed so legit at first. I kinda applaud them because even with everything I know the almost got me. Just be careful under what circumstances you use the app..
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1 year ago, 34carl
It works
It works like a charm. But I’m an idiot and got scammed by a supposed PayPal fraud desk. Out money and hard lesson learned. I was used to using a remote in app app from work so I never questioned the authenticity of using the app. I also called the number back and was told it was PayPal. The problem was the instructions I was given and followed. Heads-up: For the record PayPal handles things like this kind of issue online not by phone as I found out this morning. Again the app is better than what I used at work. Amazing.
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7 months ago, 19AJ93
Beware of scammers
I almost got scammed by someone claiming they were calling me back from Apple costumer support. I googled Apple costumer support and dialed the first number that appeared but got no answer so I went to the official website of apple costumer support and managed to get the proper help and after I was done with the call I got a called back for this guy claiming they were calling me from apple costumer support and everything seemed off from the beginning but he managed to get me to the point of searching for this app. BE CAREFUL for what you downloading this app for! I immediately hanged up the call after reading the reviews.
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1 year ago, tjronek
Unable to accept connections.
This would get 5 stars as sending remote control requests to my laptop works perfectly and is very easy to use but anytime I try to remote control my iPhone from my laptop I get a security warning which I got the two bubbles to accept and not show again; however it does not allow me to click the accept button. I hit it over and over again and nothing happens until I either close the app or hit either deny or deny and report. Please advise how to fix this or address it in future update. I have an iOS 16.4 iPhone 12 mini.
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3 years ago, hxhdjslakbxbxnskskakssxx
this happened to me now! never download this app, never allow them to access your phone. you will be the dust of fraud. holding them in a tough question made them realize that they were originally fraudsters. my purpose in talking to them was completely different they just wanted me to access my phone. they talked to each other as if they were helping us. the fact that my purpose was different made it impossible for them to access my phone. Alhamdulillah. I got in here as soon as I lost touch with them. I hurried to read the comments in the app and I am sure that after seeing the comments, many people from this app have been victims of fraud. Be careful, my friends
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2 years ago, Scammed by Lorie
I realize this is a remote app to assist users with desktop and IPhone issues but there should be a WARNING LABEL on the app stating to user to be sure that they are speaking with legitimate customer service representative before they allow them access into their devices especially where they have access to their checking and savings accounts. I thought I was speaking to a Venmo representative who was assisting me with a duplicate transaction and he was a scammer who got access to my checking account an scam me out of $3000. Please put an ALERT on the app letting people know to be carful when allowing external people into your personal accounts, I don’t want someone else to live through this nightmare. Thank you
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3 years ago, pixie5050
Scammers galore
Have been spam called for the past several hours and finally answered and was told it was about someone trying to hack my Apple ID. They told me to get on my computer and when I told them I don’t have an Apple computer they said they meant iPhone. Was already a suspicious going in but it kept going up. Then they asked me to download this app which was very odd to me and were very insistent even when I was asking why. Then some address numbers came up that they asked me to read to them and I immediately hung up and contacted actual Apple to confirm if this was a scam. Even though at that point I knew. Not sure what they can do with those numbers but I do not trust it in the slightest
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2 years ago, J koe
I just had a fake PayPal try to use this app on me
I had recently received a PayPal email saying I had purchased a phone from a different state l, I called the number on the email and the apparent pay pal guy said I needed to download this app in order for me to cancel the order. As soon as I said I don’t feel comfortable using the app he hung up the phone I knew it was a scam people please beware there are ton of scammers out there pretending to be real companies trying to screw you over
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8 months ago, !!!$!!/$
I do believe I was scammed
Trying to access my fb called a number he had me to install this app pretty sure that was my first mistake then he had me to set up a cash app my second mistake luckily I used a card that only has a couple bucks in so hopefully they don’t screw me on anything else btw the reason he wanted me to set up a cash app because whoever hacked me was and still is sending out wanting money through my messenger with cash app fb has absolutely been no help at all the number I called was supposed to be fb number oh back to square one and done with social media just hope installing this app didn’t hack all my personal stuff, yes I’m a dummy for doing this should of non better.
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2 years ago, Cado24
I see the company tries to come back and say they aren’t associated with the other scammers using their app but I don’t believe it AT ALL. I received a very realistic email from PayPal saying I was going to be charged $800 and to call a number if it’s fraud. The phone number was NOT associated with PayPal, but AnyDesk. AnyDesk begs you to download their app, runs you around in circles to not answer questions, and asks you to insert your payment information to the app (for protection and security LOL). Now, tell me why a scammer would want you to send money directly to the app… It’s because either the app is a scam or people working for them are. Total lies. My PayPal was 100% fine and no tried to charge anything.
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2 years ago, minikyraa
To Customer Service
I received a call, with someone indicating that they were from Etsy support. And we’re calling me back about my inquiry. However the original number I dialed was no longer in service for Etsy and the gentleman who I spoke with on the phone asked me to download your application to send a partial Refund to my client. From what I have read online your team is not affiliated with Etsy. And I just wanted to let you guys know thank you
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2 years ago, thaliaalmaraz
I almost go scammed today. I called what I thought was the PayPal service number, a man picked up, told me to download this app; which would’ve given him access to my phone. Right when I was about to give him the access I decided to quickly search up the PayPal service number and it did not match. The man then started rushing me to give him the access and started cussing at me. If I wouldn’t have questioned him last minute, I would’ve been scammed and given some stranger full access to my phone. Lesson of the day: Do NOT download this app if PayPal or any other service tells you to - no service should require you to download this app if they are legit. Be careful!
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4 years ago, HatRight
The Very Best Remote App
Believe me, I’ve tried them all, with a view to achieving simple two-way remote control between Macs, PCs, and tablets of all kinds. I can’t speak for Androids and the like, but for iOS AnyDesk is perfect and amazingly easy to use. If I had a professional need, I’d subscribe immediately. For my personal environment of four Macs, two PCs, and an equal number of iPads and iPhones, this app is perfect to monitor and control one computer while doing something different somewhere else on a different device.
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5 months ago, lilnikki5.0
If you are in a situation that requires you to download this app, RUN!!! I downloaded this app and was scammed out of my money that I needed for a personal emergency. I was lucky and grateful for the lady that helped me to get a dispute and to get my funds returned to me. But I recommend highly to delete this app and restarting/shutting down your devices to fully be sure that the scammers are NOT in control of your devices. I also recommend writing a review on the BBB website as well. I learned the hard way and not only have I deleted this app, but within the next few days, I will also be deactivating the app that my needed funds are in once it has been used for its true purpose.
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1 year ago, Strmy246
Almost scammed…
I needed help with my Facebook. When I was googling Facebook help with my account, I clicked on what I thought was a service through Facebook. It looked legit. The guy on the other end of the line had me download this app, and when the thing popped up showing that it was going to give access to even my banking information, etc.. I started asking questions he got mad at me because I wasn’t going to allow them to have access. Eventually, he hung up. Just a little note to warn others. All this app may be used by some legit people. Unfortunately, the world isn’t always that way.
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2 years ago, Pinkydoe247
Was almost scammed
I was recently scammed for over 400$ through chase and when chase didn’t do anything i went to Zelle. I thought I called the Zelle support team but when they asked me to go into chase Face ID helped me out with not giving away the password, and cash app I only showed them the transactions. Then they asked to see my capital one and Face ID did the same thing thank god for apple technology do NOT download this to show someone else your info, he hung up once he saw chase was negative, cash app was 0.00 and cap one was also 0.00. I called back and it was his personal phone and when I told him who I was he said wait for a call back and I never received one.
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2 years ago, 孙熙朋
I am victim
I had scammed by a scammer via any desk app these days and my bank account money had been stolen. It is made me very sadness from now on and I was so foolish to think their words immediately! I really need to be careful in the future and do not happened on me next time! More than I want to thin, I really want to get my stolen money back as soon as possible because these money is very important and necessary to myself and my personal life!
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1 year ago, lancef22
This app randomly closes the connection for no reason sometimes with the error “result_quit”. Even when I’m literally clicking something with the app open. And then for some reason if you tab out it closes the connection after 5 seconds of inactivity. 5 whole seconds. It makes multitasking, ie checking information on your phone versus that on your PC, an absolute nightmare. And I have found nowhere to stop this from happening. I also don’t like that there’s no quick copy and paste buttons.
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2 years ago, Vanilah Extract
This app is 100% a scam. It’s sole use is for a hacker to trick you to allow them to remotely take over control of your phone and steal your financial information. If a telemarketer or someone claiming to be customer service asks you to download this, they are trying to steal from you. No trustworthy company will EVER ask you to do something like this. They are pretending to be from PayPal, Etsy, Netflix, HBO Max, etc. Please hang up the phone and block them. The featured review of this app is LYING. There are ZERO legitimate uses for this app that you couldn’t do with a trustworthy app like iCloud or Google Drive. Every 5-star review comes from new accounts with no other reviews.
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3 years ago, Blackmagic919
Scams aren’t the app’s fault
This app is genuinely not a scam. Reading through the comments, most of the negative comments seem to be from victims of scams. If you are one of them, it is not the developers nor the companies liability to reimburse what another unaffiliated company took. Personally, this app makes connections very convenient for me so I just felt it was unjustified how many of the negative comments weren’t actually the companies fault
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3 years ago, Ylangest
This is an app for scammers!!! I called a number that said Apple support. It wasn’t and I should have known because Apple isn’t so easy to reach. You have to go through the website and schedule a call from THEM! Still, I believed they were the real deal and maybe Apple had made it easier. The first thing they had me do is download this dangerous app. As the conversation went on, I was getting more and more uncomfortable with all the things they were asking me to do and then I finally realized these were scammers!! I got in touch with the REAL Apple support, and the first thing they had me do was delete this dangerous app! Then they had me change my phone unlock passcode and Apple ID password.. I’ve been changing passwords for the past 5 hours! Will go to bank first thing in AM as there are two pending transactions that say ‘wyre’ but with no amounts. This has been an absolute nightmare and this app should NOT be made available to just anyone!! Shame on you!
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3 years ago, Kelektra75
My review is not for the app per se because I am not a computer or technology savvy but I hope my experience can help somebody out there. This app can be used to scam people who like me are naive enough to fall for this type of things. I have made a purchase which resulted to be fraudulent so I contacted the number for PayPal I found on line. The bastard who tried to “help” me made me download this app through which he had full access to my bank accounts and now has scammed me for a lot of money. BE AWARE!!! Before downloading the app to my cel I only saw the 5 stars and that was it. I am hoping that if someone reads this message might be cautious in case they come across the same situation as me. If I had only seen a comment or something that could’ve warned me maybe the story could be different. Yea people, I went from one fraudulent purchase to a full scam. It is so hard to trust people nowadays. Now I’ll have to deal with a fraud claim that who knows if I will recover my money.
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3 years ago, theuserwhouses
Gets the job done
A few disconnects but gets the job done. All of you people that whine about being scammed, you don't blame a hammer company because the burglar used a hammer to break into your house furthermore with your consent. Have some common sense, if a company contacts you, you can always verify it by contacting them personally through their respective websites and not just cooporate with everyone that sends you a sketchy message. You either have a brain up there or just a wire keeping your ears in place.
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