AnyTrans: Send Files Anywhere

2.5 (233)
45.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
iMobie Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for AnyTrans: Send Files Anywhere

2.45 out of 5
233 Ratings
3 years ago, TodL
What a great idea. Too bad it’s so buggy.
I got this for one thing only: to download all of my messages and free up some space on my iCloud account. Once I had the app on my computer and my phone, though, I decided I was going to buy it… How perfect, to be able to really control everything that goes on between your phone and your computer! They even had a one time purchase option. Which is great, because I despise the whole “subscription” model. Unfortunately, it kept crashing whenever I try to download my messages. I tried everything, rebooting, and permissions, changing output directories. Nothing. Since I had to make a back up of my phone first, this whole experience was a colossal waste of time for me. No matter what I did, crash crash crash. No thanks.
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1 year ago, cakm098
Did not work and HORRIBLE Customer service
Wanted it for Whatsapp transfer. Their custom Whatsapp (necessary in the process) was outdated and therefore could not complete. Then the saga started trying to reach someone. Emails were unanswered, the chat didn't work, there's no phone support. You can't follow up with an unanswered ticket unless you cancel the previous ones. MONTHS. Got a response, clearly had not read the email explaining my problem. I explained it again. A different person who sends me a link that has nothing to do with my problem. The license I had paid for is now useless (had to change computers, was through a service, etc). They won't honor the initial license. It was awful. Such a waste of time and money. Ended up going for a different app (paid another license) that worked flawlessly and had proper customer support. DON'T GET THIS.
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4 years ago, ItsMe112233
Does not recognize my music
I have a ton of music I wanted to transfer from an older iphone to a new one. This app doesn't see any of my music so, obviously, it can't be transferred. It did transfer my photos, but that wasn't what I needed the app to do.
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5 years ago, CO OC1
Got this app for both iPhone (7plus) and my Mac as an Google-search recommendation to assist editing my playlists on my phone. It’s been an incredibly frustrating rabbit hole where the app from either end fails to recognize devices. From the computer side, it said it could not recognize the phone and said I had to reinstall the entire phone, which I did, overnight. Upon trying again the next day it gave the same response; that it couldn’t recognize the device and I’d need to reinstall the entire phone —again. Then from the phone side, the app indicates to connect phone to computer to initiate transfer of info. The phone was already connected and re-doing the connection only results in the same instructions. Awaiting tech support on these issues but there appears to be multiple levels down this rabbit hole.
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2 years ago, martjni126
Good software
This is a amazing software I have never seen before I transferred all my data and photos to another iPhone, before using the app, I had tried hundreds of other apps to transfer photos, photos were lost somehow or the connection stopped. I have never face the issue using the app. I recommend it to all my friends to use it. It is free and stable. Unbelievable. Super stable. There are photos quantities to show due transfer, accurate. You don’t worry to lose anything. Appreciate to have it.
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4 years ago, Rmoreno457
🚫 Don’t waste your time ⏱ and/or 💸money 🚫
I’ve tried the paid mobile version and the desktop version without success. The mobile version does not recognize the other phone running the app on the same WiFi network. I’ve switched WiFi networks with no success. The desktop version gives me an error message that it cannot complete the process of reading the phone to perform a backup. I placed a ticket with iMobie and they recommended trying to backup using iTunes. What??!! If I could have used iTunes on my iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 11 Pro Max to backup and transfer my data I wouldn’t need your app. Save yourself the trouble and money and find another application to transfer data. I’m sure I will get the canned response from the vendor for this review.
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5 years ago, Sfasen
Worst program
I thought this would make my life simple because I have so many photos stored I needed to be able to transfer only few files here in there to my computer because the iPhone back up takes forever with the amount of data I have and a lot of times won’t connect and won’t back up. This is been six hours of frustration trying to get this thing to work and every time that I almost get it the app closes on my phone it keeps saying the connection of computer and device are lost and to check my Wi-Fi which they’re the same and to make sure the app is running on my phone. It appears to but then it’ll shut on my phone. The app is definitely glitchy. I feel like this has potential but right now it’s horrible
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2 years ago, Kwan Haeng
Caused problems
I got this app to transfer messages from my phone to my computer and then to my drive as I understand messages are deleted after a year. So I tried Anytrans and what a headache it turned out to be. It crashed completely my computer to the point where I had to download another operating system. I got my computer back up and running but it is horribly slow. In my Messages it changed the names to the their phone numbers. Just try looking up people to send them a text by recognizing their phone numbers. It erased the phone numbers and many of names in my phone contacts. The vendors I deal with all gone. This is the worse app I’ve ever downloaded. Just a garbage app.
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1 year ago, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppp
Getting “MP3 Files” from Apple Music to Light Phone 2
I used this to help transfer my music files that I had purchased from ITunes back in the day to my Light Phone 2. I have no experience with music files at all. I was able to save them to my iCloud on my iPad as an interim step and then drag the files onto my playlist on the Light Phone 2 dashboard. For reference, I am a 43 year old woman and TERRIBLE with technology. This is the only app that worked as promised. It was very intuitive too.
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5 years ago, 2012Qwerty
Didn’t work
It transferred about 30 videos with no organization. Just lumped them into two folders labeled “photo video” and “photo video (1)”. None of my 5,000 photos transferred nor did the rest of my videos until a license is purchased. However, I kept getting an error message when I tried to purchase. If it can’t process an order, I dont have much faith in the software. There was no option to delete after importing, so that is pretty worthless anyway. Plus, for the videos it did transfer, they would not open and the error message read that “the item was encoded in a format that’s no supported.” I transferred the same items the slow way over usb, and had no problems.
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5 years ago, TOPW_QOH
Will Not Honor Money Back Gaurantee
I upgraded to a new iPhone and needed to get my pics and stuff off my old phone before resetting it and sending it to Apple for trade-in, do I purchased this price of crap. I tried using it to transfer my stuff from my old phone to my new one, but it would not do it. After several tries I clicked on the ? mark in the program and was transferred to a support page but could not find a solution. Therefore, I submitted a request for a refund, stating my reason. Six days went by and I received no acknowledgment/response regarding my issue. I paid through PayPal, to find the email to contact the company for a refund. However, I am being given the run around regarding a refund.
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5 years ago, loiadvh.aojdfacnoasa
Doesn’t work
Spent an afternoon trying to copy music from an iPad to iPod, ios 12.4 on both. Connected but “crashes” after a minute when scanning the music library (moves to background; stops scanning). Contacted support that gave me a link for log download instructions but the link was to a general FAQ page and I couldn’t find the download instructions. Tried using Windows as an intermediary but after installing the app it insisted I download their version of iTunes, then told me I need to manually remove the OEM version and install their version. I really don’t want to use iTunes because it’s terrible and the primary reason for using this app.
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2 years ago, jaimearturob
Don’t buy this junk
I purchased this tool to be able to move all pictures and movies from my iPhone 13Pro Max to my windows based computer. During the upload, I took the option to convert movies from Apple’s new format to mp4 and then to erase them from my IPhone. This buggy software did not convert some off the movies correctly, rendering unusable and I lost previous memories. When I contacted their support team, their response was “sorry for any inconvenience this caused you”. One star is a generous rating. I guess you get what you paid for; s piece of junk
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3 years ago, Hedging ft
Used to work, now crap
I was the way to get media from the phone to the computer. Now they are putting their own "cloud" in the picture. scaan QR codes, Pipeline all your data through them. I could not simply get a video from my phone, to my computer,like I used to. It told me I had to run Anytrans on the phone too. I tried it on my old mchine that uwed to simply transfer files fom macchine to machine. It's trying to do too much, and trying to m=be the middleman for your data storage. No ratings, no reviews. I quickly wiped it from all my devices.
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3 years ago, d3siluv
Doesn’t work
So after almost 12 hours trying to get my stuff transferred it waits until it’s almost don’t to state that my phone need to be reconnected. I never disconnected my phone in the first place. Then once I actually disconnect and reconnect it starts all over smh. All I want is to download text messages. I shouldn’t have to download my phones entire content I should be able to choose. But I’ll definitely be deleting this app as it won’t completely download it Keeps stopping. Don’t download it’s a waste.
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3 years ago, Joebeachbum
This app is $40 a year. Don’t think you can use it for three days and then have access to your data. You pay or the data you have saved is inaccessible. Why don’t they just tell you that in advance and save the trouble of installing and then uninstalling. If you know the price upfront snd try it and like it then everything is fine, but if you are not willing to pay $40 a year, then don’t even bother with it.
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4 years ago, noeticMuse
Does not work.
This app does not work at all. None of the functions work. Click on any of those buttons or links in either desktop or iOS app and you get marketspeak with zero functionality or an error message that says you have to install the desktop app which I already did. I suspect there are hiddenspyware in my computer now. All the desktop app does is make you log in a half dozen times before taking you to a web page where nothing works either. Wasted an hour or more.
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3 years ago, Kyosukaze411
It works. But….
When I send a song to my email when using the share option,The album art and the artist titles are not sent with it. This is the reason I give this a three star rating. If it sent the album art along with the artist titles and no space marks in the song title itself, I would give it five. Any chance you could fix that?
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4 years ago, SergieGmail
Migrating Playlist or albums on iPhone to iPhone are a nightmare
Support had asked me to upgrade which I did 8.8xxx. Have been sending log files and testing different ways to copy over my old iPhone album and playlist. It’s clearly not tested and the development team have no tested solution. It’s been three weeks of back and forth not an inch of progress. Frustrating least to say. Using AnyTrans on iMac and iPhone. Engineer Support is terrible. Help desk is pleasant. Product quality down from a couple years back. Will seek alternate software.
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3 years ago, jwbcase
Don’t understand all the negativity here. I use it often to move files back and forth from my iPad/iPhone to my pc. Was pleasantly surprised that I could delete photos from my iPad through this ap when I couldn’t through my iPad provisions.
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5 years ago, BOT HUGzIe
Does what its supposed to do
I had no icloud backup for photos. Had around 12gb pictures and videos that I needed to transfer to my iPad before moving on from an iPhone to #teampixel. This app did it flawlessly while connecting wirelessly. It took a little while but it was 12gb stuff and thats acceptable.
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5 years ago, AsciiDave
Worked for me
I needed to get some photos that were saved on iCloud to my pc and this worked perfect. Was quick, simple to use and straight forward. Plus free and didn’t ask me for any personal info. Thank you to whom ever made it. I never write reviews but this one seemed to need one.
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5 years ago, Quench I
Can’t connect or transfer Favorites album
I’ve been trying to move just my Favorites album to my desktop. I’ve tried several methods, which is to say that I know how to connect my phone to my computer. This app doesn’t know they’re connected, so I never even got off the ground. I poked around a bit to see if trying harder would be worth it. It wouldn’t be: it also doesn’t give the option to transfer the Favorites album. Other albums yes, Favorites, no. Deleting.
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2 years ago, ChuckG256
No way to cancel auto-renew subscription
No way to cancel auto-renew subscription. They advertise simple to cancel. They even provide you locations to find multiple links to cancel … however the links do not exist where they say they are located. Been trying to cancel for three hours. Even their links to contact the company give you a “404 Does not exist” warning. Based on my experience so far … this is a fraudulent scam.
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5 years ago, Atro_GKBjodf
Very convinient and easy to use
I've used AnyTrans more than one year, and do hope I can also use it on my iPhone. Now, it's amazing that I can make it. Transferring photos from iPhone to another is easier and simpler than ever before. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Mtmurat
Research this before buying
I wanted to transfer text messages and call logs from a Samsung GS9 to a new iPhone. This program says it will do it but it won’t. I will say that the Chinese developer was prompt in responding to my service request and tried to make it work. I ran out of time so they promptly issued a refund per my request.
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5 years ago, Alcachofan
Quick phone to phone Transfer
It makes the process of setting up a new phone with the music and video libraries from a previous phone a breeze
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5 years ago, 释吕道志瑾
Super easy to use! Switch from my Samsung S8 to iPhone XR in what felt like no time at all. All of my apps, contacts, and photos transferred. Even allowed you to save the list of apps so you can sync only the apps to want.
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5 years ago, 斐超太
Save me
It saved my apps and my files. I had an app on an old spare iPhone which means a lot to me. So I was able to move the app to my tablet with the AnyTrans app. I did have only used it once, with no problems with it and really intend to move some other apps to my own storage.
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3 years ago, BelayOn
Does not back up Apps
I got this got cuz I read an article on the web that says one can backup and restore apps. That was a very function feature in iTunes 12.7 and earlier. Apple in their vast widow ditch that functionality.. This tool does not backup apps
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5 years ago, scraze123
Don’t waste your time
Phones won’t stay connected long enough to transfer all files. When it stops in the middle of the transfer, there’s no way to restart it or to see exactly which files transferred without going through them individually - which I’m not doing for 1000+ pictures. Also, the pictures that did transfer and not in any order.
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5 years ago, Tj0406
Just Perfect
This app works great. This app was well worth the money. I will never lose any important data on an phone or hard drive again.
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5 years ago, Cocchini_Corp
Want to love it. But
I love the app and layout and it worked well for transferring images. But will not even show my videos at all. I have the desktop software and the mobile app installed. From desktop, vids don’t show up at all. Trying to push them from the mobile app to my MacBook Pro, the videos show up in the mobile app but the option to “send” is grayed out.
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5 years ago, mia-notel
I love this app. I have an iPad and an iPhone, but, I don't using iTunes because I've lost photos and songs by using it before. This app is a good solution to the troubles that iTunes once brought to me. Awesome!
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5 years ago, Flex666
Worked well
I downloaded the app about 5 minutes ago and I’ve already got all my contacts. 👏
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5 years ago, Yurem Torbard
Practical tool
AnyTrans is a very worthwhile file transfer tool, which perfectly solves the problem of my iPhone data transmission. A really good software worth trying and trusting.
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4 years ago, ZotDudot7
Coupd be much better
Files show up as well as end up in random order and don't transfer to the stock apps (and for music, the artwork doesn't appear at all). As for the app itself, is rather barebones and clunky. It's also unclear how to delete files and history (was able to do it once). Was hoping for something like CopyTrans or the like. Too bad.
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4 years ago, Koryna Le Fleming
So Easy and Fast!
AnyTrans content transfer was so easy and fast to use. I missed some of my pictures when I set up my new iPhone, but using this app was a breeze! A must-have app for any phone!
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4 years ago, PinkNikky99
I like this app 😃.
This app helped me get all of my photos back on my iPhone in less than 5 minutes 😇. I totally recommend this app 😊.
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5 years ago, Karian Worlock
Love this app!
I have used this app multiple times on my personal phones. Have never had an issue with it and recommend it to everyone!
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2 years ago, napnclap
Transferring photos from Microsoft computer to iPhone
Tried transferring photos from my Microsoft computer to my iPhone through this app and it’s doesn’t work at all. Not user friendly whatsoever and I like to consider myself tech savvy. Save your time and look elsewhere for similar apps.
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3 years ago, Ataronchronon
Can’t delete apps on iOS 14? Try using your mac
Apps documentation isn’t clear: the desktop version can delete apps but not the iOS version.
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5 years ago, moparbrad
The only way I could transfer my contacts to my new iPhone. Thank you!
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2 months ago, Clover337
Total scam
Bought the cheapest plan for 35$ to try and send files from one phone to another through a computer, couldn’t get anything to work, contacted support and heard nothing. Total waste of money and wouldn’t refund me when I couldn’t get it to work.
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6 years ago, Big Kohl's shopper
Not working
I got this to transfer photos to my MacBook from my iPhone 8 and to delete multiple contacts on my iPhone. When I try to download the photos, I get a message saying I lost my connection and it makes a zip file I can’t open. I can’t even access contacts to remove them.
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5 years ago, Fahm Zamboniari
I was trying to back up to the cloud so I could save my data for 2 hours and Anytrans Done in 35 stars min!!
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3 years ago, No Hostages
Does not work
This software did not transfer any of my files directly between phones. It would only allow me to save files to my computer taking up massive space then only a few files would copy to my new phone.
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4 months ago, nema11223344
Waste of time
This is not user friendly. Got it so I could print transcripts of certain text message threads. Didn't follow the date range so wound up printing 20 sheets in the tiniest size font you really cannot read. Useless for the most part.
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5 years ago, ContactsAreImportant
Successful contact transfer after 5 other apps failed
I patiently investigated all of the following until i found the only one that worked for me, which was “AnyTrans”: AT&T Mobile Transfer iMyFone Bluetooth U Bluetooth ShareCenter Immediate Contact Transfer I was transferring contacts-only from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8.
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5 years ago, Denverbarb
Sounded so easy
But it isn’t. Phone to phone — have to be on the same WiFi? If we were that close together, my sister and I wouldn’t have to share a file. I’ve used the desktop on my PC to get photos from there to my phone, but the app on iPad isn’t useful.
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