ApowerMirror- Screen Mirroring

2.9 (1.9K)
110.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apowersoft Limited
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ApowerMirror- Screen Mirroring

2.9 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
3 years ago, HollyDolly1010
Needs better controls
I got this app because I just wanted to play the Sims 4 in my bed on my iPad lol. However, the controls are awful. I wish the mouse would hover where my Apple pen is at rather than having to drag across my iPad to get the mouse where I want. It gets annoying really quick. Also a way to add custom quick commands would be helpful, like Ctr + “+” or the arrow keys. At max I played for 15 minutes until I couldn’t move my camera anymore. Also, there’s a bit of a lag which can be jarring. Other than that cool idea, needs better controls and less lag. I know this app isn’t ideal for games per say, but if it’s a casual game like the Sims or Civ then it’s great for someone lazy like me. :P
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2 years ago, little monkey child
i got this app because i really wanted to screen mirror. i have wanted to do it for a super long time, The first time I looked up a video how to do it was super confusing. so my bonus sad had just got in the fire stick and I wanted to put it in because I had saw a video to screen mirror you have to use the fire stick. so of course I installed the fire stick into my TV and got to work. I instantly looked up a video how to screen mirror and download the app! this app is wonderful because it allows you to screen mirror your phone PC and other things like videos, it’s wonderful because I finally got to do what I’ve always wanted to do and it makes my day. I started screaming when I finally did it that I decided to make a video of my own on how to screen mirror! so to the point, this app is the best and I really really suggest you get this app and start getting to work!!:))
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6 years ago, Wild0x
Exceeded my expectations
It is very strange to see an app that has either one star ratings or five star ratings. This makes me think that some do not understand how to set this up. Apower mirror worked for me first try. No issues. I set it up for using scriptures and notes in my message for live streaming our church service. I had it up and running in less than ten minutes, which includes finding it in OBS and setting the parameters. That would be my only complaint. When using third party software it has multiple log entries that are labeled the same. You just have to guess until you find the correct one. 99% of people will most likely not have this issue as they are not using it during live steams. Negligable latency which was great!
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5 months ago, aaaaaa_newepicger
Best app ever
ApowerMirror is a versatile screen mirroring application that enables seamless connectivity between your devices. The user-friendly interface allows easy navigation, making it accessible for users of all levels. Its stable performance ensures smooth mirroring of your phone or tablet to your PC or TV, providing a convenient way to share content or play mobile games on a larger screen. The added bonus of screen recording and screenshot capabilities enhances its utility. However, occasional lag or latency issues may arise, depending on the internet connection. Overall, ApowerMirror is a reliable tool for those seeking efficient device mirroring with additional features for enhanced usability.
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5 years ago, plznoice
Thumbs Up
It is very strange to see an app that has either one star ratings or five star ratings. This makes me think that some do not understand how to set this up. Apower mirror worked for me first try. No issues. I set it up for using scriptures and notes in my message for live streaming our church service. I had it up and running in less than ten minutes, which includes finding it in OBS and setting the parameters. That would be my only complaint. When using third party software it has multiple log entries that are labeled the same. You just have to guess until you find the correct one. 99% of people will most likely not have this issue as they are not using it during live steams. Negligable latency which was great!
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4 years ago, Peter Magee
perfect tool for a not so perfect idea
so it’s been years since I started my foray into finding a tool or software to easily allow the choice of mirroring my iPhone to my laptop or another device. after countless free trials, bug filled coding, laggy ui, terrible connections I stumbled across ApowerMirror. from the get go this software has been absolutely straightforward and critical for mirroring my iPhone to several of my other devices. hands down the ONLY solution if you are looking to do the same. please, take it from me, you’re just going to wind up here in the end and glad you had. so don’t hesitate. tap that ‘Get’ button and start using the last piece of iPhone mirroring software you’ll ever have to look for again!!!
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9 months ago, Bellalanae09
please update this app
Hi. I wanted to tell u that I’m having bad anxiety because this mirroring app keeps kicking my picture out when I leave it for a while. It does this in night while I’m asleep, and it scares me and that would wake me up startled and I wouldn’t sleep well for school. I really want you guys to update this app to when I leave my iPad mirroring on the tv with my firestick in a while, I don't want the apowermirror app to kick the mirroring out from my ipad from the apowermirror app while I spend time with my imaginary boyfriend. It makes me have bad anxiety, it keeps letting me think about bad stuff that is gonna happen in the future. I was crying a lot. Pretty please update this app. I’m asking nicely. Please update that the apowermirror app from my iPad won't kick my picture on my firestick tv anymore. I would really appreciate that! Please reply to my review! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Transmitted Fleas
Security Risk!!
Yikes went to download to test the mirroring between iPhone and I-Pad Pro, and seen that Apowermirror hasn’t been updated to run with newer devices. After a match in COD to test the apps all around latency and lag, I decided that this app hasn’t progressed so I’m deleting it. Upon deleting I didn’t see anything odd on my iPhone however, what was odd is this box I see when trying to delete on my I-Pad! After the first long press to delete, the box appears with your app and PERSONAL music files from my Garage Band. Upon further inspection I seen that the compromised files came from iCloud storage. So my question is - of course, why does this app have interest in my cloud storage? And furthermore is this app linked to all the spam calls I was receiving at the time this app was installed? I will be sending this concern of ours to the Apple Security Team!
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4 years ago, ViGi Law
I just downloaded the app and followed all instructions. I was so happy until I selected the play option and absolutely nothing happened. It says it’s playing but it’s just a blank screen on the tv and the whirling gear on the iPad. When I had my google tv and HBO Now I couldn’t access it on the tv. Now I have a fire tv and HBO Max and I still can’t watch without mirroring but none of the mirror apps work. I prefer fire tv to apple or google but what I really want is a TV I can watch all my content on without a different special app for each one. This is ridiculous. I want a seamless integrated system that will allow me to watch ALL of my content without having to pay again and again over and over all while struggling to keep it straight. But when no one cares about the customers this is what happens. Everyone has their hand out for money
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7 months ago, Jonic 20
A review on the A Power Mirror
This is a very good App but unfortunately because it needs internet according to the developer just for the reason thats their Protocol? I wanted to be able to use my cell for Skyping and use just wifi for the mirror function, but if if needs internet then the skype will default to the internet. It also for some reason activates my screen recording, saying its AirPlay. Normal Air Play doesn’t activate screen recording nor require internet so that raises a flag regarding privacy. But if anyone doesn’t have those concerns, its seems to be a good app and easy to use for the short 10 minute long trial period.
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2 years ago, An Actual "Reader"
Must by VIP immediately or waste of time!
Before you EVEN have a chance to figure out what this program can do, you get a message that your 10 MINUTES is up andif you want to continue using the app, you must buy the VIP version! When I finally got this running and figured out how to navigate the NOT user-friendly interface, that stupid message pops up. I understand the reasoning behind a “trial subscription,” but the operative word in that is TRIAL! Ten minutes is NOT a trial. It’s an infomercial! And not a very good one. Once I figured out a few things, I THINK it was working fine. But there was LITERALLY no time to even try enough out to say for sure! Even if the app does work, I will NEVER purchase a subscription and support such developer greed!!!
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3 years ago, botdy
I just recently updated the application and I'm surprised to see that there is a new feature included on the app this doesn't have any extra payment. This way you can mirror your phone to your pc or computer even you're far away from each other. This doesn't require A connection under the same wi-fi server. The future is called cloud mirroring. Amazingly all i have to do is get connected to the internet and give the pin to the person or to the pc where am i going to mirror my phone with and I think it is awesome. It is a Great charm of ApowerMirror.
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4 months ago, bumpkisss
needs updates
this is the only good mirror app but man does it make me wish there were alternatives to choose from. I just paid to upgrade so i can mirror longer than 10 min but now it glitches every couple minutes and boots me out of the mirror saying the "broadcast was interrupted by another attempted broadcast?" When the broadcast activates it acts like it hasnt happened so mid recording it will try and re broadcast and over step on itself which causes it all to reset. FIX THIS ASAP
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1 year ago, FnWGw
you can stream for 10 minutes before they cut you off to beg for your money. the devs are out of their minds if they think anyone is gonna pay $20 a month for something you can get for FREE in other places, or $70 for a lifetime pass. use TeamViewer and don’t waste your time here. all of the good reviews are bots- ignore this app and find something else. this app is an actual scam. **update after dev response** I’ve found that LonelyScreen works better than TeamViewer, which I suggested before- it has unlimited time, and is actually free. No lag, good quality, and super easy to use. This app here is literally a joke, don’t be the punchline- use something else.
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4 years ago, jonny.lumbley
“Apower”ful cam streaming client!
This is an awesome app that gives you the ability cast your video feed from a mobile device to your computer in an untethered manner. A brilliant solution that gives you the freedom to expand your video capture capabilities by eliminating the constraints you would e confined to if you were stuck sending the signal the old fashioned way, with a cable connecting the 2 devices. Once you free yourself from these confines you’ll find your new recording capabilities to be practically limitless!
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5 years ago, Pete's Aah!
Complete Solution
This version is the top mirroring program available. Simple review: IT WORKS! More info - The download and set up are very straightforward and easy, does not take up a big ram footprint, and allows for extensive flexibility of projecting. One note I discovered is a potential complication during set up (which is probably in the documentation that I missed). Make sure that your iPhone and PC are not just on the same network, but the same exact SDID. This allows for a rock solid connection every time. -Pete (Ohio, USA)
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8 months ago, Read this double jump
Best screen recording app
I recently started using this app for personal uses to control my iOS/android device from my computer and it had worked great. It has been the only app I’ve found to actually control my phone from my computer which actually works. My only real problem with it is the time limit for free users but other than that it works great with no other problems.
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3 years ago, Matt Valdezzzzz
So I tried this out being cautious of a few reviews and what am I met with as soon as I boot up the app? AN OPTION TO BUY A VIP ACCOUNT! It’s unnecessary! It gives you a 10 minute screen time limit and you have to buy VIP to break the limit. I had to download this on my pc as well for it to actually work! The audio is delayed from what is being shown and is really annoying. The only time I can see this being used is if you’re listening to music and even then you don’t need to use this app for that! This is just so unbelievably bad it’s hard to put into words. No one should download this unless their brain is delayed as bad as this stupid app.
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4 years ago, DanielLeroyAnderson
Couldn’t even get it to work
I have an iPhone 11 and an iPad 2 I think and every time I get it to work it will keep me from mirroring it says “Live broadcasting ApowerMirror has stopped due to: Attempted to start an invalid broadcast session” I gotta assume this was a great app but telling me that this already mirrored to another idevice is really REALLY farfetched As soon as this happens to get fixed I will add more than 2 stars. Even journalists couldn’t even be bothered by this new improvement the update clearly stated that this glitch was somehow fixed though what I really saw behind those binary codes was no bug fixes at all too long didn’t read plz repair this.
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6 years ago, mad dog47
Now when ever i want to play fortnite mobile my friends at school can watch me play on my ipad mini2. And in general when ever i play on my phone anyone can see me play . plus it’s free . all of the other apps for mirroring are like 8$ a week ,or 30$ a month ,or 200$ a year. I just love this app so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much . I really want you to give this a good review. Sincerely , J123n
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3 years ago, Gameboy Nuniq
I’ve been trying to find an app for free that mirrors a computer screen to my iPhone and this is what I found! I downloaded it and I mirrored my Computer screen onto my iPhone! And it works great! But one day I tried playing my Nintendo Switch on my iPhone by connecting my Capture Card to my Laptop and using apowermirror to share my screen and and it was laggy then. All I need to do is see how to change the frame rate and I’ll be set! Other than that, I LOVE IT!!!
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1 month ago, Thelgord
iPhone 15 Pro & iPod touch
First, this app is amazing as it still runs on iOS 12, which means I can use my 6th gen iPod touch as a monitor when taking selfie videos. It doesn’t work when the iPod is connected to the phone as a hotspot however. Update maybe? But this app is amazing as I can see what my framing looks like as I record vlogs for you tube. Sweet app that in wish I would have found sooner.
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4 years ago, Aracaelestis
VIP service is the biggest ripoff of the century
I would like to start off by saying that customer support is literal garbage. When in need of tech support, they literally do not get back to you until days have passed. This is true even for users that have PAID for the service. Also don't bother buying because asking for a refund shall the program prove to be buggy and useless to you, because they will literally send you through hoops of "customer support to resolve your technical problem" when you have already gone through technical support and just want your money back at that point. Id actually almost call it a scam at this point.
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5 years ago, Ron G1000
Couldn’t get it to work
I tried to mirror an iPad Air 2 to an iPad Pro. Both were on the same network. I could get the mirror but then it would loose the mirror connection and say "mirror stopped (null)". Not sure what that means but it quite mirroring. I then tried the iPad Air 2 to my laptop. It was easier to connect for mirroring but the mirror was so laggy it was not useful. I am trying to mirror my iPad so other people can watch my iPad as I fly my drone. Laggy was so prevalent that neither app was useable. I am using ios 12.1.4 by the way. I gave up and mirrored to a Apple TV>hdmi to VGA adapter>to a computer monitor. Not ideal but it works easily and with no lag. Wish this app would have worked!
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3 years ago, ty_m28
App doesn’t work properly nor is it easy to use
I downloaded it expecting a simple process to mirror my pc to my phone but it was far from simple. The screen went black every time I tried to mirror my pc to my phone. When I did connect, my pc would mirror my phone and it wouldn’t let me disconnect. Wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out how to close the program so I just uninstalled. User interface is easy when you want to connect but won’t let you disconnect and it doesn’t even work properly. Why would you charge for something that doesn’t even work properly? 1 star
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4 years ago, AlonaLeoine
iPhone works but iPad lags by 25 seconds
I need you guys to fix this especially since I’m a VIP member. I’m a bit disappointed in this issue because I like using my iPad to mirror more than my phone because I may have to answer a call or something. Kinda makes this app useless for me at this point. I almost thought maybe it was my computer until I tried it with my phone again and then I also seen another customer with the same feedback. Once this is fixed, I’ll upgrade to 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Ruthless&Sick
Needs improvement or it’s a bug...
I tried on 2 different devices, I’m trying to screen mirror to another iPhone in order to use it as a viewfinder it works beautifully up until I start recording... the iPhone that I’m using as the viewfinder starts bugging out kind of like a scratched CD but in video form if that makes sense. This is the whole reason I downloaded this app. Please help me someone I will improve my rating if it’s user error.
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4 years ago, Gacoogan
I have been searching for this solution forever. I don’t want to do email or other work exclusively on my iPhone. I also don’t want to carry my laptop with me when I am on vacation or basically ever. This app and my Bluetooth keyboard finallly let me leave my laptop at home. I am delighted. I am using my keyboard, iPad and phone to write this review. This really works! Huzzah!
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1 month ago, Daniel7te
Don’t bother with the subscription, it’s another ripoff Apple is allowing to continue on there platform. I got 1 unlimited connection of initially paying the subscription, the next day nothing!!! From there on out it continued to tell me that I needed to upgrade even though the app confirmed my subscription was until April of 2025. Don’t worry, the crooks in support will feed you several prepackaged messages when you ask for help, only to inevitably leave you with a non working subscription based piece of garbage app. Don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, Natonet
Screen mirror wirelessly
Now you can use the native QuickTime app with the USB wire to mirror your iPad to your Mac, but after a while I got tired of the tangling wire and I had to look for some wireless way. This is a great tool that allows me to mirror the iPad onto my MacBook wirelessly. At first it was not that responsive, but after I've updated my iPad to the current version, the timing of screen mirroring became really fast.
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4 years ago, Morgan 33511
Works for iPhone8 & Sony Bravia TV
It works for my IPhone 8 to mirror my screen or videos to my Sony Bravia TV. I had an issue getting videos to work and customer support quickly helped me figure out how to get it to work. Thank you so much for your help!! This has been great for putting homeschool videos on the tv that the school sends to us.
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1 year ago, MikeInNewYork
Lifetime purchase switched between machines
Great product. Great support. Works better than expected. Yeah some lag but as expected. And yes security concerns because of nature of product but it's really a wonderful product. Support also helped me switch my lifetime purchase between machines. Solid on Windows 10 and 11.
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4 years ago, rtyghhf
Can’t get it to work! Their directions make it look easy, but it is not! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! NO PHONE NUMBER! Their “chat” service redirects you to unhelpful BS! I’m sure if I could speak with someone for a whole minute my problem could be resolved, but no, they are cowards like most modern businesses and hide behind the illusion of electronic customer support that does not actually help anyone. I’ve already jacked around with this for an hour of my life. They OWE me!!! I’m giving up now, which is what they ultimately want, so I guess their plan worked!!!!
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4 years ago, skylariez
Doesn’t Work, Only Wants Your Money
When I first installed it, it worked fine but I deleted it in less than 2 minutes because there was a huge watermark in the middle of the screen that pretty much covers everything, and I couldn’t make the screen bigger unless I paid for it. I decided to give it another chance so I reinstalled it, but it wouldn’t connect my iPhone to my laptop, so I deleted it again then reinstalled it 2 more times, but it still wouldn’t let me use the free trial and kept trying to make me buy the premium one.
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3 years ago, Juliejuliejuliejulie
I don’t know what this is but it’s making it so I can’t use my stuff
I don’t know when I got this app or why I got it… But all I know is that I’m trying to open documents or spreadsheets on my phone and it just goes to a power mirror and refuses to let me see them or open them in a power mirror. They drive me crazy. And now I can’t delete it because Apple does this weird thing where it will let you see where a nap is and it doesn’t show up on any of my screens. But it’s still there stealing all my stuff
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3 years ago, AJent2020
Users beware
I tried the app for 5 min- it seemed to be working for what I intended- to read a book from my iPhone on my iPad- but soon noticed 2 things that made me weary. When you first start mirroring there is a warning that your ‘casting’ is being recorded; the warning states that you might want to turn off notifications for this reason. I might have the wrong impression on that. But, the second issue is a red flag for me: I noticed that hovering over the app’s icon showed my personal iCould files. I immediately deleted the app when I saw this. Users beware.
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4 years ago, millemarques
The app doesn’t work. Don’t buy VIP
I week ago I downloaded the app because I really wanted to watch videos in my computer. I had to pay the VIP because it has the company logo in the middle of the image, and I paid for 1 year, because it seemed to be a nice app. Huge mistake. After buying the app stopped working and the videos were in slow motion. In the other day I contacted the support team and I am trying for 1 week to have my money back. I checked the reviews here and the company didn’t answer anyone. I am so mad and I fell that I was stolen buy the company.
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4 years ago, Juan15Car
Works but has a problem
I was able to screen mirror to my tv. I was happy since I couldn’t find any apps that was easy. But their was that one problem. I wanted to play video game on my phone so that it appears in the screen. Every time I opened an app or a video game app it just freezes to the home screen or to the first picture of the app and freezes until you exit back the app. Plz fix
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5 years ago, Blacklvrose
Love this App!!
This app is great. I’ve been using it for a few days now. I moved into a home that did not have the WiFi set up and needed a way to play movies on my tv through my phone. I used my phone to connect to my laptop and was able to plug my laptop into my tv. Would definitely recommend this app to anyone!!
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4 weeks ago, Henrywilson3258
It don’t last long
Ok so I got this app and I was happy but until o saw the timer why the timer like come on I want it to last a long time I don’t want to do it all over and again plz fix it I want it last all day every with it haveing a timer it’s a good app I love it but I don’t like it because of the timer thank you got the app
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2 years ago, hezirino
Great screen sharing app
I needed a good enough screen sharing app that was able to share my iPhone screen to my windows pc, and the app works great. This app was very beneficial to me because I needed to connect my phone to my screen without Wi-Fi, which this app can do my connecting via USB/C.
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1 year ago, RobinBird1968
I absolutely love this app, it does exactly what I need to do when I’m giving directions on how to do something on my phone!! even though the app, sometimes can’t detect the receiver, it’s still better than what I had before. I hope they can fix that.
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3 years ago, Vidgame doksha
No functionality to stream pc to iPhone and very pushy on buying their vip package
The reason I downloaded this software was because I wanted to stream my pc to my iPhone over WiFi, this was advertised as both having capabilities for both directions, but is not able to deliver. Additionally the constant begging for you to buy their vip package every time you start the application on pc is really annoying if it doesn’t have the advertised functionality. It is also obvious that this app is filled with fake reviews
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5 years ago, justin918273
Apowersoft review
Very professional app! Very interested in trying out the VIP features in hopes I can stream videos from my phone to my computer! Will likely get full version after trying out VIP version and seeing that it works for watching videos on a bigger screen from my phone. Great app so far!
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5 years ago, BobbyQuinnFromOldsmar
Great for Demos
I’m a startup founder and I often present my company’s software during live demos. I’ve tested many screen sharing applications, and decided to stay with APowerMirror. Other applications quit mid demo, and were unreliable. ApowerMirror hasn’t crashed on me, and the iPhone frame really gives a great, professional look.
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2 years ago, Shawne Triars
Great product! 10/10
Apowermirror is a great tool for whenever you want to stream your phone’s screen onto your PC with little to no latency, making it great for playing games or even recording on your mobile device.
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4 years ago, ShayShay018
Good app💖
I’ve been using the app for a whole and i have to say its a great app. The watermark can be a bit annoy if you can afford the vip price but all in all it really truly is a great app. Ps. Please make the water mark small like it use to be 💖 Download this app today ! Its worth it ! You will fall in love with it and never let go😇!
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4 years ago, Voiidpriince
I’m only using this app to make sure my phone is set up in the right spot and in focus for recording videos. I’m not using the app for recording or presenting to anyone but my iPad. There is some half second lag on the iPad but for what I needed it for it has worked just fine
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5 years ago, PiggyBlubber
This app works great. I like using screen mirroring for many things, and this works awesome. I don’t understand the bad reviews because I’ve had no issues with it. It’s so easy to use. I can quickly mirror my phone to my iPad. I have no suggestions. I am completely satisfied with this app. Thank you!
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5 years ago, maluxian
Works great!
I’ve been trying to find a good mirroring app to stream my gacha games and this has been the only one to keep a consistent frame rate. Compared to other mirroring apps, the audio is a lot clearer and doesn’t require any extra work. The UI is super friendly too. Highly reccommended.
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