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User Reviews for Apple Configurator

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4 years ago, warrend98
Let's make this difficult on purpose
It's as if this were the design mantra of this app. How can we make this as frustrating, confusing and aggravating as possible so people use DEP instead? Except, when DEP fails, or iOS crashes, or you have to forcibly reset a buch of iPads; you HAVE to use Configurator. For years Apple has continued this drumbeat of forsaking the old for the new. The ever moving "promised land" of new has left an neverending trail of half-baked tools and broken promises. Moreover, their fidelity of keeping up with their own "new" is getting worse and worse. We all get to suffer as a result. Two stars because when all goes to pot, this is the best (only?) tool for getting past the one-at-a-time experience that is iTunes/Finder.
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2 months ago, iKnowMyABGs
I love it
So at first it took a min to figure out what i can do as opposed to what it says it will/can do. Two greatly dif aspects if you can believe that. And this was a few years ago. Since then ive had seamnless enjoyment and zero headaches or mishaps. Im not able to compeletely erase and product back to its original state, even do away with those pesky icloud locked alerts. Lots of people fail to delete thier icloud actually upon resell i've been noticing when i might see an icloud locked device on ebay/offer up etc. Since people rather try and sell it off (even legit ones since i only will pick it up after seeing ownership is seller, the latter would just be outright stupid) at huge discount to then just go back to apple with cash and finance rest. Most will do it for sheer fact they "wanted to upgrade anyways!" This app has helped me maintain and configure my 6 apple devices seemingly. So thank you for this product, now lets talk what is used to debug/diag the apple watch from 7 and up as you did away with the only port to make it more waterproof?
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3 years ago, Chuckshealinghands
It worked for me...not great but better than on your phone
I have tons of apps on my iphone and they have become very disorrganized and hard to find some. I so miss the abilty to easliy rearrange your phone apps in itunes on your desktop or laptop I was hesitant to try this app and deided to give it a go. I feel its quirky and a litte hard to make it work. I had so many screens of apps that configurator 2 did not show all the screens and I could not figure out how to change that. I did find work arounds by piling the apps on the last few screens that werent showing up onto other screens that did show up then I was able to reconfigure and move pretty easly all the apps I wanted to move or rearragne. Was WAY WAY easier that using wiggle mode on my phone. Seems like it should be easy to fix the issues I had or put it back in iTunes. I have been an apple convert for a long time now and sometimes they do some REALLY REALLY stupid stuff and taking the ability to move apps easily in iTunes was stupid. At least Configurator 2 is better than nothing.
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4 years ago, Darryl5
iPhone Screen Organizer
I tried the iOS 14 screen organization tools and decided I would prefer to orgainize my screen myself again, but iOS 14's auto reorganizing had already done its damage and I found that the defunct iTunes' functionality was not replaced by the Finder. So I had to go on a Google search (the irony) to figure out how to reorganize my iPhone homescreens (if you have ever tried to do it on the phone itself you know it is a lesson in futility). Configurator 2 works ok once you learn its quirks. To move an app from one folder to another you need to double click the folder, click on the app you want to move, and drag it near the x in the upper left corner of the box for a couple of seconds, at which point the app will be released from the folder and you can relocate it. Also, you should click the x to close modified folders, not the apply button, and the folder will save its modified state. Clicking apply will take you out of the homescreen editor completely which is useful only if you are completely done editing. It took a lot of fidgeting to learn those issues.
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4 years ago, Paul, just Paul ...
Just doesn't work
I downloaded this app for the same reason a lot of people download it; because Apple has given us no reasonable solution for managing the layout of app screens on iOS. For me it just flat-out doesn't work. It says it worked, but it doesn't make any changes to my device. And if I ask it what the configuration on the device is now, it reports the original unmodified configuration. I assume all this is because I'm running Mojave. I spent 45 minutes trying to get my iPhone to rearrange the apps, but it's hopeless if you have very many folders, and also hopeless if you don't and have them on screens instead. iOS randomly deletes empty pages you laboriously create. And you are stressed the whole time because you know if you fail to do anything for a moment it will time out and delete all the empty space you manually created. For a premium company, this is a subpar experience. I realize this app is intended for people who are doing mobile device management. But irrespective it should work.
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5 months ago, BrandoBalls
People obviously don't understand what this app is for
All of the reviews regarding managing the iPhone's home screen should be deleted as irrelevant. Those people obviously don't understnad what this app is for. This software is for managing Apple devices from the firmware level out to fleets of hundreds or thousands of devices. You can perform the lowest level revives, managing individual backups, restore Apple Silicon Macs as well as T2 Intel Macs, all the way to fully managed MDM/DEP solutions. The fact that this even allows you to manage your iPhone home screen is completely beside the point. Apple should remove the functionality entirely so these people will go complain somewhere else. Maybe they will eventually learn to swipe down on the home screen and search for the app they want. Or just do it on your iPhone, it takes like 5 minutes. This app is incredible, powerful, and super reliable. It's frankly embarassing that so many people can't figure out how to move icons around, to be honest. I don't see how it could be easier. But they shouldn't take their frustration out on this poor app. You guys are doing excellent work, keep it up!
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3 years ago, Steve Kassebaum
Horrible App - Can't Believe this comes from Apple!
Downloaded it today so I could reorganize my home screens since it's so incredibly hard to do ON your phone (that's another horrible attribute from Apple that makes you scratch your head and wonder if they even use their own devices). This app doesn't work on my Mac very well at all; the screens don't size correctly, and you can't see all the sub-folder home screens, and you can't move apps from one sub-folder home screen to another if that screen is full (it doesn't move bump them over like it does on your iPhone)... THEN, once I spend about 20 minutes reoganizing them, and I go to "apply" the changes, the App crashes. I'm using the app on my iMac to manage my iPhone, and you'd think these things would work together beautifully -- nope -- trash. Glad I didn't pay for it, but you do get what you pay for, soo... my advice is to not bother with this garbage app.
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6 years ago, macwhizNY
Perhaps Apple’s worst application
This may be the poster child for how bad things have gotten with Apple’s software quality. Try using this software for the most simple possible thing: Moving icons around on your fully-updated iPhone’s home screen. That’s a function that used to be in iTunes, but got removed because Reasons. Selecting the option to modify the home screen will, after a pause, bring up a sort-of, kind-of view of your apps in a dialog sheet. But the icons will be small; small enough to be hard to see—on a 27” Retina iMac. And the bottom row will be cut off. The font will be odd. You won’t see your iPhone wallpaper, either. There will be four app icons floating at the bottom of the sheet; after a moment, you’ll realize those are the Dock icons. The UI doesn’t make this clear. Now try resizing the sheet. (After all, you want to see if you can make those tiny icons bigger.) All but the first row of app icons will disappear, the Spinning Wheel of Death starts, and the application locks up until you force-quit it. Because you resized a dialog sheet. (Should this even BE a modal interaction?) This application is more mid-‘90s Microsoft than Apple. It’s an embarrasment. That it’s at version 2.6.1 and still this rough and buggy speaks volumes about how Apple’s software engineers are spread too thin and vital projects are not receiving badly-needed attention.
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3 years ago, Ronbo13
resurrected my dead M1 MacBook Air
During the macOS Monterey beta, I foolishly erased the hard drive trying to do a clean install (in my meager defense, the drive utility gave me no warning how bad a mistake this would be). This utterly bricked my MBA. Absolutely nothing worked to resurrect it. Then I found a couple of videos that said Configurator 2 could do it. And it worked. I'd give it 5 stars except it's so finicky. I had to follow along with a video and hold the keys down exactly like the guy in the video, letting go the instant he did. Also I went through several USB-C cables to find one that works (because Apple doesn't mark them very well so we can differentiate them). Otherwise though, I'm delighted with the one single function I used )))
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5 years ago, elgrego1939
Apple has outdone itself
The interface in iTunes for editing the iOS home screen pages was pretty bad and mysteriously processor-intensive, but now that we've inexplicably lost that ability in iTunes without having a consumer-level replacement ready to go, Apple has somehow managed to make an interface that is worse. The iTunes interface at least actually worked. This one requires making the window much bigger than your screen so that you can get to the later pages of apps. Scrollbars are passé. Pro tip: you would think that clicking and dragging on a home screen page would allow you to drag-and-drop it somewhere within the lineup of pages, but it doesn't. To move a page, click and hold. That will then allow you to drag the page. If you're thinking that that isn't how drag-and-drop works in the Finder or anywhere else on the Mac, you're right! You get a frustration cookie.
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4 years ago, Old_School_CS_guy
This was not designed for the majority of people that want to use it.
This was not designed for the majority of people that want to use it. It was only designed to manage multiple iOS devices. If you are just trying to find a way to rearange your app icons then this currently, and at least for ther past 8 months doesn't work. Apple decided long ago to prevent iPhone owners from easily rearanging their Icons on their Macs. The higher-ups probably found this app allowed people to do this and shut it down. "Actions - Modify - Home Screen Layout..." allows you to rearrange all of your icons, then when you Click on Apply you realize the functiopn DOES NOT WORK. All of your time rearanging was waisted time. Support has known about this issue and has been able to reproduce it since at least september 2019 as of June 2020 it has still not been fixed. (Version 2.12.1)
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7 years ago, SoggyKnave
Works just fine
I see a lot of negative comments here … but I honestly believe that the reason is because people just don’t understand the program and its purpose. It is NOT like Configurator 1 … so if you’re expecting a fancier version of Configurator 1 then you’re going to be confused. The logic and workflow of Configurator 2 is not the same … so take a little time to wrap your head around it. If you have a strong sense of logic you will appreciate this program. I use it all the time without issue. We have six hundred iPads at this school district, and each one is supervised and managed initially with Apple Configurator 2 and then remotely with Meraki MDM. Also, I see negative comments that just don’t make sense … I think that some people don’t understand what it means to “supervise” a device. So, in other words, the average user probably will not understand how and why to use this … but if you work in an IT Department for a school or business and manage multiple devices then this program works just fine. And it’s free….
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4 years ago, Where is Jobs
and apple continues to get worse.
I have been a loyal apple client for decades but of recent have been experiencing more and more disapointments. It appears that apple is following the rest of the industry in releasing crap. Their hardware and software has been getting worse for a few years now. This app is a perfect example. Apple removed the ability to organize ios apps from itunes and now tell us to use app configurator 2. Well like several other apple products, it doesn't work. I spent an hour moving apps around in thier app configurator and then clicked apply. It looked like it was doing something, but when it was done nothing had changed. When did things get so bad? I am looking to upgrade my computer system again and am having a hard time justifying apples current product line. Where is Steve Jobs when you need him?
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4 years ago, Run Away... Seriously
Worst App I've Ever Used In 20yrs Of IT
I'm not trying to be mean but Apple has seriously dropped the ball on this one. I fight it constantly and it takes forever to do the simplest things. You have to force quit it for almost everything. I have worked with this from several devices and different locations and the story is always the same. Useless. It even hangs on exporting device information. How much simpler can you get? We are switching to JAMF next year and I can't wait. This is down right embarrassing for Apple. I've spent hours with tech support too. They can never figure out their own stuff either. I have to go force quit it right now as it got stuck again on restoring an iPad. With all that said when it used to work (2015) it wasn't that bad but now just don't even try it. Really, don't try it.... Run away.
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4 years ago, TomRule
A handy tool, with limitations
First, a response to those who think it's the worst tool ever: It isn't. A lot of those reveiwers are using the inappropriately. This was created for use where you are setting up multiple multiple ipads where you have to MANAGE them. It is WAY overkill for to use it for one or two, and pointless if your aren't managing them [and I'm using "Manage" here is in the Apple "the organization will manage the ipad" sense]. It isn't perfect, can be aggravating, but I still find it a useful tool in my toolbox, even though we migrated to an MDM solution a few years ago. I use it several times a week as I wrangle 700 iPads on a high school campus.
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4 years ago, Curban222
Doesnt rearrange apps
I downloaded this app after seeing comments on apple discussion pages about how to rearrange your apps. Idk if a previous version of the app had this feature, but the current version does not. The current version of this app is USELESS. I have no need for this app at all. As far as i can tell, most normal people would not have any need for this app. Do not bother if you want this app only to rearrange apps. My theory is that Apple decided allowing users to easily rearrange apps and clean up their screens resulted in deleting unused apps, which means less money in their pockets. So now us lowely users are forced to go through the difficult task of manually dragging apps one at a time across screens where they ultimately fall where you dont want them and you give up. Just another way Apple is going downhill. Fast.
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4 years ago, Bubbalumpkis
Do not use for rearranging your home screen layout
I think many people are trying to use this app to configure their iPhone's home page layout since Apple gives you no way of rearranging home screen pages and the current method of rearranging apps between pages is awful and can easily mess up your carefully arranged pages (for example, just moving an app to a different page can change the arrangement of each page you pass). They advertise this app as being able to do these things - but it really can't do it, not with modern OS verions. There's an interface to do so, but that interface is broken - for example, you randomly can't drag pages where you want to - the app just flat-out won't move pages to certain positions. And then, when you think this is better than nothing and you decide to apply your changes - NONE of the page layouts you've made and NONE of the page ordering is transfered to your phone, and instead all apps are just dumped into random pages - so you LOSE all of your organization. For these purposes this app is awful. Maybe it works great for enterprise set up, but DO NOT use this app for rearranging your apps and home screen.
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11 months ago, LVFR87
Bring back "Target App" for Web Clips !!
Apple Please stop tormenting poeple and bring back "Target App" option for web clips when creating a new profile. Why do you do this to us? it was a very handy way to customize our iOS devices in a safe manner and make life on iPhone more enjoyable and in the last year you have removed it, while im not sure 100% on which update it was im asking to please bring it back! (or give us a way to change the icon of all icons on iphone without profiles and shorcuts app, a genuine built into settings option) for now its alot easier to just readd the "target app" option in web clips. Please and thank you! 🙏🏽
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6 years ago, Adriano77469
This does not replace Itunes Apps Configurator. It
If you are longing to get back the easy to use features that Itunes used to have to easily manage your IPAD or Iphone screens, this app is way too complicated. The features you need may be hidden in one of the many chapters in the documentation but I couldn't find them after spending too much time. . Yes there is documentation but it is very long and the table of contents do not feature simples feature normal users want. This program is for IT managers who manage 100s of devices, who cusomized MDM profiles and many other things that most average users do not deal with. When you insert "page", "screen" into the search window., there is no useful information to help individal IOS user to manage there pages or screens. Big sigh.........
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10 months ago, Techteachernrp
Quirky but easier than alternatve
If you have alot of phone apps and you want to get them on separate screens this works well. It is defintely quirky. But once you figure it out it is far easier than moving them around manually on the actuall iphone. Could be far more intuitive! Kind of a patheticly designed app from a company that prides itself on being intuitive and easy to use. But as I said - far better than dragging things around on the device. Now I have all my work apps on one screen, all my travel apps on another, and all my most used on the main screen.
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6 years ago, Irish_Tech_Guy
Fact: Apple Configurator Doesn't Work
I've been managing iPads for a school corporation for over 5 years. I've used Apple Configurator for 4 of the 5 years. There couldn't be more of a disconnect between a product and the software that is supposed to manage Apple products. When AC was first released, it actually worked. I could update a cart of 30 iPads in less than an hour. As time progressed, iPads progressed and AC stayed the same and eventually could not be used to manage our iPads. The last time I used AC2, it took an entire work day to update 1 (one) cart of 30 iPads. I spent hours and hours with Apple Support, I spent hours with Apple Engineers in my office, I spent hours and hours in different forums trying to find work arounds so I could update our iPads. We eventually gave up and purchased an MDM service. From time to time I have to use AC2 to pull logs or unlock a device and each time I use it, I realize how terrible this piece of software is. It's hard to believe that a company as large and respected as Apple, cannot design a simple configuration program that works. If possible, I would rate this less than one star.
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4 years ago, Young_Evans
Great and simple, surely improved app
I have read bad comments about the usage of this app, however its's either I got lucky or apple has improved this version of the app. First getting into DFU mode isnt tricky at all, as people have sataed. 1. press the power and hold for 1 sec 2.hold left control and option key while still hold power keep an eye on the host machine and youll see DFU within a short time. Again I read that some people says it doesnt tell you its complete or not, but this version of the app tells you its complete and youll see it. Thanks to apple this time for making the app a good one.
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2 years ago, FEW64
Frustrating and Buggy
Two stars is probably generous. I gave it that simply because I was eventually able to do what I wanted to do, which was arrahge my phone apps into folders. Organizing on the phone is painfull, expecially between screens. iTunes used to make it simple. This app promised the same, but does not really deliver. Often dragging and dropping does not work, holding and dropping does not work. Sometimes the only way to get it to work is to exit and start over. Ridiculous compared to how easy it used to be in iTunes
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4 years ago, Prof. T.
It Crashes
I have many apps on my iPads. Both have 1 TB of space. I want to see the genre of each app and be able to save the list. The app no longer even loads my app list. Note:Apple - when the new devices have more space, please update your apps. Also, why do you make it so I cant save a list of my apps with genre to my Mac? Back when this app worked, I had to take a move of the list (~45 screen shots), Split it with a movie editor (SnapMotion), then group the screen shots with Acrobat, then OCR the file with one of my PDF apps. Really??? This is so Microsoft of you. I have used Macs since the Mac Plus. It's nice that things are pretty, but I can't do my job. What exactly are you protecting by making your interface so hostile???????
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4 years ago, woof dog woof woof
Works fine for what it was intended for
I see a lot of negative comments here, but it works fine for me. About rearranging apps - it's very much a side feature. Just hold down on literally any app icon on your iOS device and drag it to rearrange apps. You don't need a Mac app to do it, iTunes or otherwise. This app is for supervising devices. Sure, you can do SOME configuring of personal devices, but it's not what it's for, so it makes sense that it is quite limited. I'm not an in an IT position, have never used configurator 1, but I am a massive nerd, and so I understand that this app is for supervising iOS devices and what that means. What I'm trying to say is, this app is perfectly fine, and people should do their research before they bombard it with negative reviews. I'm not saying none have a point-- some do, and that's perfectly fine and normal for any app.
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4 months ago, Wow you did it good job
fixed the iphone 15 pro max
My iphone did the most recent apple update in the middle of the night and the screen just froze and wouldn't allow me to click any of the buttons or switch the phone on or off. I searched how to restart it without erasing any data and this app popped up. It only took about 10 minutes for the iphone is restart and work just as good without removing anything from the memory.
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2 years ago, liauvbfiapy;
They keep dropping support for this app
This app gets worse and worse each year. It is clear Apple does not care about their Enterprise or Education customers. If they did, they would sell a dock of some sorts that would work with Apple Config, but instead we have to jerry-rig usb hubs to an iMac and hold down button combinations for 30 seconds PER IPAD we want to restore. That means 3.5 minutes of waiting just to get 7 iPads into Recovery Mode. NOW I can't even update this app! Steaming hot garbage, just like any app that comes from Apple. For all Enterprise and Education folks: I STRONGLY reccommend you steer your organizations towards Google and Chromebooks because the only thing Apple understands is money.
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4 years ago, MacFanSince92
Not as intuitive as it used to be but gets the job done
Just like Apple Service Toolkit 2, this is the sequel no one asked for. It does a great job of reviving devices and installing IPAs to a device. Now, if you install a beta of iOS or tvOS, Configurator 2 won't revert it back to the last stable release. You just get the famous 'device is ineligible' error and not in those words. I had to use iTunes for Windows to accomplish this since it doesn't do software level validity checks with Apple. I still love some of Apple's ingenuity but dont see it as much and I miss it!
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5 years ago, sno2sand22
Learn the App before you give it bad marks!
This app lets you do what you use to do in iTunes, rearranging apps on your devices from your Mac . Learn the app before you give it bad marks people. Everyone is complaining that you cant rearrange your apps on your iPhone or iPad. go to Actions, Modify, Home screen layout. One person wrote “PERHAPS APPLE'S worst application” NO, you just don’t know how to use it!!! How many other good apps have I missed from people giving bad reviews because THEY JUST DIDN’T UNDERSTAND OR TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN IT. BUG
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6 years ago, Jara512
Gets the job done
I see a trend of folks who rate with one star. These reviews are more whining about the app and the real reason is they don’t understand how to use it, don’t want to read the documentation, so blame it on Apple. This app is just meant to preset settings that you would normally touch and set up yourself on the device. Most of the one star ratings are due to unreasonable expectations. The app does what its supposed to and gets the job done for being a free app. If you are trying to use a “free” app for Enterprise use, I would reset expectations.
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5 years ago, Jacob Bowan
App Works Great
This app works fabulous still dont understand why it is getting so many 1 star reviews. To reiterate what another review has said this app is not meant to be used by average users, This app has a purpose for IT Departments/AASP if you are not included in those departments this app will be fairly meaningless to you. This App has done wonders for me and my team I fail to see the negative reviews as valid as this app is meant for hardware/hardware management and enrolling devices into an orgainization IE for business
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1 year ago, matay3403
Not for "home screen organizing"
This is not a program for home users to organize thier home screens. This is a program for I.T. professionals in buisnesses and schools to deploy many Apple devices at once, push out configuraton profiles, and settings. It does this well, and I find it funny that people are giving Apple a hard time because a App does not do something that it was never designed to do.
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5 years ago, Jacob Berger
works to modify iOS home screen app layout
I used this to successfully modify the layout of the app icons on my iPhone XS home screen (bottom of touch screen stopped responding so I couldn't touch access my favorite apps) I did have to uprade my Mac to the latest Mojave, but did NOT have to mess with iTunes (still running whatever version comes with default updates) It worked. That's all I needed, and there seemed to be a few other useful functions
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5 years ago, speck666
iOS 13.2 Don't work (now)!
Don't work (now)! Well, I literally got this app three days ago to specifically utilize the Actions/Modify/Home Screen Layout feature since apple refuses to have iOS App managemnet anymore except here. I tested it when I was on 13.1 and it worked fine. My iPad that can only get to 12.4.3 works fine as well. There was an update to iOS 13.2 and I did it. Now this program, an Apple specific app by Apple, won't work on iOS 13.2. Here's an idea, Apple, when you rollout any OS or iOS update, make sure your fundamental apps that are specific to a feature are up to date as well, so your useres are not stuck in the wind! (poor people who actually use this for quantitiy devices)
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4 years ago, schneidly
This is a tool. Not a replacement for MDM.
Don't be fooled. This is not Apple's version of an MDM. It's a tool to use on a few iPads to assist in some light configuration. DO NOT PLAN TO USE THIS TO MANAGE OVER 10 iOS DEVICES. You'll be asking to build a house with nothing more than a hammer. Find a good inexpensive MDM like Mosyle or the like. Use this if needed to troubleshoot or automate the use of such an MDM. One wish is that when error messages come up. It would be helpful if they were more descriptive.
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4 months ago, MagnusNothus
I was hacked, this removed the offending Profile.
Anyone with an Apple TV should use this to see if there is a profile allowing USB access on it. As soon as I removed that my computer's activity went down to ZERO. No more XPC processes running in the background. You might want to check your iPhones and iPads too. And install a profile to prevent the installation of other profiles. Good Luck.
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6 months ago, jbobrow
Just works.
This is exactle what I needed. I built an app for local distribution, needed someone to put the updated version of the app on their device. The interfaces is clear and you can literally drag and drop an app onto a device. Not sure why the rating is so low, definitely feels like a better made tool than most utilities of its kind. I hope it just works for you too.
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3 years ago, delNorteFrio
"needs work"
The old method of doing this through iTunes was SO much more intuitive. Need to put an app icon between two others? Easy. Need to take something out of a stack? no problem. Want to look at another window without having to move an icon to do it? Done. This has the complete feel of a beta that got shoved into the marketplace before any reasonable testing. The simple fix? Bring back the structure and methodology of how it was done in iTunes. Don't have to do anything complicated, don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just do what had been done before, and please release that soon. This is far more effort for the user than it has to be.
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6 years ago, Artnyoga
Pleasantly suprised with it
After seeing some negative reviews, being perturbed that this feature disappeared from iTunes, and knowing the hassle to search for this and download it I was pleasantly suprised with it. This shoudl be standard tool released with the Mac OS . As far as being too small to see icons I am fortunate I have 2 thunderbolt montitors so I was able to see 6 pages at a time . You can resize the inner drop down window to see more. I wish I could copy the arrangement between Ipad and iPhone….
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7 years ago, Soxfan42
I upgraded to 2.5 and then deleted it
I tried using Configurator 2.4 (as a substitute for iTunes for app management) from a suggestion I had read in an article online. I have not upgraded (to use the term loosely) iTunes to 12.7 due to the features that had been taken out of it; features I used. Long story short, I downloaded Configurator 2.5, only to see a popup message saying that it required iTunes 12.7 — so I deleted Configurator, as I was no longer able to use it. I didn’t see in the description of version 2.5 that iTunes 12.7 was required.
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4 years ago, MrBurrito
Fails to modify iOS Devices
Grabbed this so I could organize my home screens more easily than on the iPhone. To its credit, Configurator is at least easier to use than the old home screen management in iTunes, but that's a pretty low bar. Interface could be a LOT more user friendly All that really doesn't matter though because, after you spend an hour rearranging your home screen, you click Apply and it DOES NOT WORK! Forums suggest this has been an ongoing problem for over a year at this point, with Apple engineers able to successfully replicate the issue. Why hasn't this been fixed?!?!?
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2 years ago, michaelbrownbear
It actually fixed my computer
I am shocked following the directions to revive my 2019 macbook pro intel 16 inch actually worked. My Laptop wasn't turning on. Followed directions to revive my computer using a separate m1 macbook air. One tip, make sure the bricked computer is plugged into power before you start the revive process and keep it plugged in the whole time.
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4 months ago, CouchPotato
90% of time doesn't work to manage Apple TV
I have an app I need to run in Single App mode on Apple TVs. Configurator is the only way to do this but 9/10 times I am unable to connect/pair with my 4k Apple TV (17.3). Xcode can see and pair with the TV, but not Configurator. I've rebooted my Mac, the TV multiple times, reformated the TV many times but am still stuck. I can forgive the fact this isn't a great app from a UX perspective as it is an enterprise tool. But when there are no workarounds other than (just keep reformatting and trying again until it eventually works), that is just plain horrible.
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1 year ago, Mandy10625
For how advanced Apple claims to be, this app is complete useless and incredibly antiquated. The user experience is terrible and confusing. You can move apps around, but you cannot create different focuses with different home screens or edit/create widgets (neither exist in this app). I have six different focuses right now, and not one of them is represented on this app. I'm shocked because iCloud is usually great at syncronizing across all devices, but this app is super disappointing. If you're looking for basic rearranging capabilities, this is the app for you, otherwise, don't waste your time.
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4 years ago, Dom18pars
Rearranging apps for me was easy
Not sure about the negative reviews. I downloaded this to organize and arrange my apps and it was extremely easy. I definitely was worried based on the other reviews but it honestly was simple. Perhaps the new ios14 or Big Sur is what fixed the problems? I'm running both. Anyhow I recommend this if you hate the process of rearranging apps on yoru phone.
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6 years ago, oMaMoris
Offline manage device tool this is the best
I can lock my device + manage device. My family member can use my device without accident locked with their password or passcode. I can set what option and app they can use and which one not. force to change passcode locked? Supervised mode give me full control of reset that passcode. ofcourse i locked my apple id on device so i am not worry about activation lock. looks like this tool can not remove activation lock. But after couple month of testing confirm this tool is not suite for “Home” use. School where does not have internet or very slow internet. this is very good solution to manage their devices. recommanded for iOS 11 or higher device.
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6 months ago, YourMomforreal
awful stop taking options for support
This is literally the most useless app on here and considering there are fart machines that is saying something. The one time this was useful was the brief window you could revivie computer sonoma broke the recovery partition to. Without being able to do that now it serves no purpose at all. Stop taking boot options away these are not phone that should have a dfu mode we need to be able to alt boot without relying on Apple considering they've proven time and time again they are no longer interest in even the slightest QA
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3 years ago, altjx
Figured the reviews were spot on
Downloaded this app with no intention of it working since I had already saw reviews of people saying it didn't work. Decided to give it a shot, and turns out it's actually broken and doesn't work, just as everyone mentioned. Lol it's pretty hilarious that this product is developed by Apple. Unbelievable. For a company like them, it's hard to believe they'd put something out this bad. Very sloppy, doesn't work, clunky, slow/laggy, and I'm using the latest and greatest of both of their products (M1 Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max)
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1 year ago, lwbrown
Agree w/ Matay
This is not even a "pro-sumer" app: it's for serious pros who know what they're doing. The settings are intended for an audience entirely different from even enthusiastic amateurs—it should rarely even be linked to or clearly referenced to a mass-audience. Not at all intended to be disrespectful, or to discourage learning and producing value: just that this particular tool needs knowledge to use safely and benefit from, like a sugeon's scalpel or a nail-gun.
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3 years ago, Oliviaaaa Pope
Worked to remove configuration profiles from iPhone
I tried to delete profiles on my iPhone from a previous employer. I called IT for the company, they were no help, and stated they needed to "escalate" my request. I downloaded this app and it allowed me to delete profiles and the company email within minutes. Worked perfectly for what I needed.
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