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User Reviews for Apple Support

3.77 out of 5
18.5K Ratings
2 years ago, microChasm
Get Started buttons. 4 stars for usability!
I don’t know about anyone else, but when I see a button that says Get Started, I am going to be seeing questions that have to be answered. So, I skip those. Incidentally, Apple dances around in this app by not naming a button for what it does. In my experience, the Get Started button actually means…Check Purchases. I didn’t realize until I went back and read text around the button (who does that?). Get to the point! Name buttons for what the do, don’t confuse with a button that infers you will be asked questions to “get started” when in fact it takes you straight to where you need to go…I will just move on.
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3 months ago, Tontine Tiger 2169
I never get any answers.
Yesterday I called because after a recent Apple upgrade I had several things change and had to fix them. One I was having trouble with was on Facebook and Messenger the Avatar was missing. Facebook said since it involved an Apple upgrade I needed to have Apple support help me. The first thing they said was that it was a Facebook issue I needed to have them help me. I explained this was due to their upgrade I had already had to fix two other things. The technician asked to step away and left me hanging on the phone which always happens. Then came back on and said someone else would call me. No one ever called me. I got an email stating I missed the call but my phone displays all missed calls and there were none. This has happened every time I ask for help. I don’t have anything that will automatically block anyone. When I manually block someone it still shows that they attempted to call. This is the most worthless service. I fixed it myself today when I decided to delete my existing avatar and redo a new one. It fixed it on both my IPhone and IPad. Just in case anyone else is having that problem.
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2 months ago, Mikejb31
Apple getting worse with “progress”
I’ve had every iPhone since the iPhone 3. Now I’m on the iPhone 15 pro max, which is marketed as the best one ever. The battery is at 100% efficiency yet the phone has to be fully recharged twice a day with minimum usage or kept plugged in for constant usage. The action button is the worst idea ever. I loved just being able to switch sound on or off. Now I have to go into my settings for everything. And the only one that works is the flashlight, which is pointless because it’s also on my Home Screen. Oh and the health sleep settings made me late for work. My alarm did not go off when I set it because my sleep settings ended after my alarm time. I never even set it by the way. The phone decided all that for me. I tried using the Apple support app but the bot couldn’t understand the problems, no human called me, and I gave up. I begged Apple to swap me back to my previous model and it wasn’t an option so now I’m stuck with this intolerable thing.
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8 months ago, Hankjnsn
Condescending and hung up on me
I requested an express repair. FedEx screwed up and said they couldn’t find my house so they sent it back to apple. I called apple and was on hold for 30 minutes then they hung op on me and no call back. So I called again and waited another 20 minutes to get a supervisor to find out that not only did fedex screw up but Apple screwed up and deactivated the serial number on my broken device. Two screwups and the supervisor tells me I need to send the broken device back so they can deactivate and then start a new repair. I said no I have a special needs child that needs the device right away and they already have a $592 hold on my credit card for the device I never received. I said go ahead and charge me another $600 just send out my replacement please. Then he got condescending and said he explained it as simple as he could. I said no I explained it to you as simple as I could. Then he hung up on me. A company like Apple and they treat the customer like a piece of crap.
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12 months ago, Oli Jon
Apple Support is the inner most circle in H*ll
I need to change my country of residence for my Apple ID which is the mosr futile task ever. I cannot change because I have $0.46 in my account and it must be $0.00 for that to be possible. I am currently in the ‘Check your balance / Request Apple Support / Check your balance’ loop of immense aggrivation. There are thousands upon thousands of people in the same situation and Apple hasn’t been able to address this. Apple Support is incapable of fixing this thing that has aggravated users for many years which means there is very little support to be had at Apple Support. If by chance this is read by an Apple person, please transfer the $0.46 to Apple as my contribution to the development of Apple Support division which seems to be lacking in resources all over. I just want to change my country of residence which should be a simple thing to do, but Apple has managed to thwart my efforts at every turn. Shiny products, very little substance.
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7 months ago, Amasagou
I use to be Apple’s biggest fan
Now I’m just ready to switch products. I downloaded this app to try to get support- perhaps just an email so I can explain my problem- you know, like apple use to do in a good way. This app wasn’t helpful at all. I’m about to cancel my Apple Card because of issues with Apple not honoring their own card in Tokyo when I went to buy an iPhone 15pro. That’s right. You can’t buy an apple IPhone with their own card. They insist that you order online to buy the phone here and you can’t just come to the store to get it and pay for it. The catch- they only accept Japan issued credit cards for online purchases at Apple only. Every single business in Tokyo accepts my cards except Apple online. So I can’t buy one before I leave. I want to buy one while I’m here instead of NYC because the phones here still have SIM card slots. The US versions done away with SIM card slots. Apple you are losing customers like me. Do better.
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3 years ago, Jong ponytail
I am truly impressed with this app. Yes it starts for giving all kinds of articles you can read for help and then it asks you what the problem is and gives you the opportunity to “chat“. When the virtual assistant couldn’t help they sought another specialist. It was like talking to a person. Like I was in the Apple Store talking to one of them and they always seem to care about what your concerns. That’s what it was like and when it was done I thanked them and they responded with a beautiful text one that not only thanked me for being a member of the Apple family but gave me encouragement in my endeavors. They really made me feel like I was a member of the Apple family . The experience really made my day! Thank you Apple!
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8 months ago, John Goodin
They need to semi annually do a system audit on the information that they provide
They need to do a audit of the information they provide every time a new iOS version comes out. The information they give us is sometimes invalidated when a new iOS version is released. In one case they say to force close an app (Shove it out of memory) on a IPad we should swipe up from the very bottom of the home page. Only now this action does totally nothing at all. The tried and true method of getting to this page has been for years now to simply double click on the home button. That’s what this action does and nothing else. It shows you your history of recently ran programs. You simply swipe up on the previews off the top of your screen to “Force Close” (literally shove them out) of memory.
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3 months ago, real sandy
Agent making fun of me
I told the agent that every time I do the update, my volume goes slower, not only on my cell but my iPod and she keeps asking me. What’s the problem? Can I explain? What’s the problem again? I think I speak English when I say every time I do the update, the volume goes lower my mom’s having the same problem my brothers my dad, my friends I had spoken before to one of the agents and that agent help me to raise the volume. I just checked the volume. It’s all the way up, but I can’t barely hear it and this happened as soon as the update happen you can’t tell me that so many people between my family and the people I know together 30 people have the same problem and the agent from Apple keep asking me to explain to her. What’s the problem so I say the same thing again every time I do the day the volume goes lower and lower and again she asked me what’s the problem maybe she’s slow.
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2 years ago, lugmylipgloss
Lemme be real for a min k?
Ok so my mom is worried about her child yk watching “inappropriate stuff” which is completely normal! But don’t have a screen time down time thing! I’m going to a new school this year and the only way to contact my friends is by FaceTiming, messaging, and all that stuff and I can’t do it between 9pm and 8am! Well I’m awake before 8am and up after9pm! Why should there even be a screen time thing? Our electronics are our personal property! We shouldn’t have a bunch of restrictions! Honestly if you let the over protective people get a hold of that, it’s not even fun to have these things anymore. So why don’t you guys just quit the crap and let me learn from my own mistakes instead of having my parents prevent and restrict my learning! Ok? Oh wow there’s even a screen time thing on apple service! How nice.
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11 months ago, fishking23
Very disappointed
I literally had the worst support call ever I’m just stunned. I came to Apple because I wanted safety, security and my privacy respected. Today was shown differently. I literally took screenshots of what was happening since it can be hard to explain. The advisor just didn’t care and it didn’t matter. Instead of figuring out the cause and fixing that so my iPhone works properly like every other model I needed to just switch some settings which are optional. That’s great until I would ever have to reset my device and it goes back to the factory settings and the issues resume again. Then I was literally told after showing a serious issue with my account to just delete the document it’s probably just a coincidence. So basically I bought the most expensive paper weight ever and my security hinges off coincidence.. This is not what I expected my experience would be like.
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2 years ago, FatBoyMG
Just One thing
Everyone who I have connected with if kind and extremely helpful with my problems. I don’t know if it is standard protocol but they(Costumer Support) ask way to many questions. They need to ask questions like your serial number and other I.D. questions . When you ask Costumer Support why they need that much information they say statements like “We need you to tell me what device you have and what IOS it is running”. If that is the main reason then they can just ask us that. If a person does not know that information then they should ask for things like device serial number but beside that everyone is 100% GREAT!!!!
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3 weeks ago, Pissdoffplayer
The stars are for the customer service
Apple really has been letting me down and pushing me to stop my Apple journey. I’ve had apple devices for many years under many accounts lol but recently the changes are a little too difficult but at least the customer service is great. They get back to me pretty fast and make sure that I am worry free by the end of the chat, also my issues are always fixed. I’ve just completed a chat with someone today around 240am and whoever you are thank you. Hopefully Apple will resolve my issue but great customer service. Apple gets 3 stars but the CS is a 5 for me until further notice.
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9 months ago, BarbeeAnn
Outstanding Support
I’ve owned quite a number of Apple devices and loved them all. I’ve had to rely on Apple Support many times. I’ve found them to be extremely helpful and take all the time necessary to answer any questions and provide invaluable assistance. This is true online, by message, email, or at the local Apple Store I go to. In particular their phone support and local store are out of this world. They’ve stayed on the phone with me for hours at a time. All the people I’ve talked with are so kind and pleasant to talk with by phone or in person. I highly recommend Apple if you want a fabulous support team.
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3 weeks ago, RichardBredon
Worst product on the market
It’s May 30,2024. I never needed an iPad but was actually in the T-Mobile store trying to find out what the problem is with my iPhone and iPad that I had just purchased (at my age, I don’t need anything more than a smartphone. Everything has been destroyed on the phone and I am finding emails that were sent in 2021 but just showing up is a bit ridiculous. My iPhone is brand new, maybe a week and it is already dying. Apple Care is the Geek Squad so don’t duplicate your costs because they give you 15 minutes period and you have to make another appointment. I absolutely detest this device and it’s a bad experience when you have to pay for extra insurance and get destructive Trojan’s within the first week! And Apple doesn’t return calls as they say. This was a reputable company but they screwed up my trust
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2 years ago, Kkcb32
Complete failure
I started off with the chat feature to get help and the person did not understand my request of getting support around my watch no longer receiving notifications. After sitting and waiting for the person to respond, I decided to call the support number instead. That person asked me two questions and then said she couldn’t help so she would transfer me to a watch specialist. After 10 mins on hold, the person the picked up only spoke Spanish. No English whatsoever so that was another dead end. I then immediately tried to call back, and they’re closed now. So 50 mins of completely wasted time. I don’t understand how Apple has this crappy of service for a products that cost as much as they do. Every computer product I own is Apple. I now feel like a fool.
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2 years ago, DarealEboni
Lack of Service Excellence
I’ve been a customer for over 12 years. I have almost every Apple product except an Apple TV. I called in regarding another replacement for a leather case. Directed into the store. Turn away from the Apple store because didn’t have receipt or case that show that it was replace in that store. Called back in & the rep provided the original receipt & the repair ID number & directed me back in to the store just to be told that they couldn’t replace it because it’s a year from the original purchase date not the replacement date. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME- SENT ON A WILD GOOSE CHASE! Can you believe all I ask for Apple to consider a 25% off a new case for the inconvenience & supposedly the Apple Advisor, Apple Tech Support, & Apple Sales team (not sure who I was talking to because the reps and chat team kept transferring to different people). Sooo disappointed in the service.
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3 years ago, jacefacetheflyingace
Utterly unhelpful
Dear Apple, I hate you so much. You make it impossible to connect with someone and get real help. I looked online for about 20 minutes trying to find someway I could chat with someone online about my issue, but to no avail. The website leads you in circles, which wouldn’t be an issue if it had information that could ACTUALLY SOLVE MY PROBLEM but it doesn’t, and it gives you zero options for extra help if you need it. I’m trying so hard to contact you and you have made it a nightmare. THE ONLY REASON I DOWNLOADED THE STUPID APP WAS BECAUSE THE WEBSITE TOLD ME IT COULD HOOK ME UP WITH AN EXPERT BUT IT LIED AND I STILL!!!!!! CANT FIND A WAY TO CONNECT TO ANYONE IN APPLE SUPPORT WHO CAN SOLVE MY PROBLEM!!! So yeah, Apple is the worst, and this app does nothing. It’s the exact same as the website and doesn’t offer anything new or helpful. I’ve never written a review before but I was mad enough to write this one. I wish you the worst.
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9 months ago, blaakpilot
Please update repair location database
I live in a rural area and needed to fix the back of my iPhone 13 Pro, so I used this app to schedule an appointment at the nearest repair facility which unfortunately was a 1 1/2 hour drive away. I elected to do the drive because it was still cheaper than paying $99 for the express mail repair, but when I got to the location they said they only did repairs on the weekend (the app scheduled me for a Monday appointment) and they don’t have parts for any phones newer than the iPhone 11 anyways so they couldn’t help me. The app should not have let me schedule an appointment if it wasn’t actually available, and there should’ve been a note that the location has limited repair capability. Not everyone has the luxury of living 5 minutes from the nearest Genius Bar.
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2 years ago, made a believer put of me
Can you help me get a new phone right now at the t mobile store with a wallet pass
This is the stuff right here folks. I’ve been using this app for many years and it has never failed me yet and I recommend it if you need support this is the hottest thing in town. I have done a lot of things to help get my job done and man I don’t know what I would’ve have done with out these people. I thank you apple support for everything that you do. They even listen if you just want to talk. Everyone can have a bad day and sometimes the best place to go to is someone who is in the support business. Love you guys. Five star rating.
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3 years ago, DocSeven7
THIS APP IS WORTHLESS!!! I’ve always raved about how superior Apple is to anything else available and while I still believe this to a large extent, their customer service is ABSURD for a multi-billion dollar company! Apple does NOT stand behind their products OR their clients. They have no problem charging your HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars for their equipment, but when it malfunctions, you get ghosted! Even if you have paid for extra warranties, even if it’s a well known issue, etc… TOO BAD! This app is a JOKE! It’s a bot responder. And we all know what a hassle and JOKE it is to go to any Apple store and deal with the “geniuses.” HA! So fed up with the consistently terrible customer service by Apple. Any other retailer wouldn’t get away with treating customers so poorly after a sale. I guess when you make billions, who cares about the customers lining your pockets. SHAME ON YOU APPLE!!
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3 months ago, natali grace martin
I can have a car car in the room if I don’t want you can buy it and I
Natalie can have my stuff for my family tomorrow for the weekend so I’m sure it will be easier for you guys in my house for me too if not can have it in the morning I love the stuff that is on you guys I have it for my family stuff in the room I don’t know where to go in it and have it all done I love the house I don’t know how much it will cost you guys for you and you guys to buy it in my seat I can have a lot to have you guys and have it so I’m just going in my stuff so you in a little while and you love it I don’t have it in the
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3 years ago, j -ax
Impossible to contact
Apple it would be nice to know how we can ACTUALLY contact you ! This app is brilliant for anyone who doesn’t live in Africa ! As there is no option for South Africa or even Zambia ! We have your stores we buy your products but that is as far as it goes ! We have no apple support we buy your products with restricted usage and again have NO APPLE SUPPORT ! Seriously sort this out ! Your support system is worse than a phone operator . For queries push 1 for iPhone , Mac or iPod push 2 for wasting your time and needing to repeat push 1 . If you still don’t get this push 3 . It’s ridiculous for a first world phone ! In a nut shell ?….. WE NEED TO ABLE TO GET HELP and especially since your last update clearly had massive Bug issues !!! And our expensive phones are bugging out !!!! Love apple but hate the lack of support !
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2 months ago, Mindy151980
Compromised Apple ID
My Apple ID has been compromised for over a year. I have gotten zero help from anyone at Apple. I’ve changed my passwords, hide my email address. I was told by a senior engineer to call the police and file harassment and stocking charges with the Lowell Massachusetts police department. I did what I was told. My ex logged into my account with a watch, changed my cell phone password with my Apple ID email address password and put my phone in sos mode. I’m begging for help at this point. Just one person to read this and please help me. I filled a restraining order today, finally! I’m scared to death of him. And I don’t want to end up murdered by this man. I’ve called Apple support, I’ve called the police, I’ve changed my passwords, I’ve gone to the court house. Please I’m literally begging anyone to please help me before it’s to late.
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7 months ago, Sabetha77
I just love Apple in general! Such high-quality service! I had a really complicated issue with my daughters phone because I gave it to her without deleting my information first and things got really confusing. I first chatted with someone who walked me through getting her password fixed, then I he handed me off to someone on the phone. That person was so patient and knowledgeable and helpful. he walked me all the way through getting her phone reestablished as just her phone. I’ve always known that I can trust Apple to give really good support and service service. I’m so grateful.
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3 years ago, GeorgiaDee31
***** ALL STARS For Apple Support *****
My horrible mistake was I didn’t write down my tech name’s (SHE was amazing)!!! My tech listened and remotely went into my iPhone SE and instructed me what to do and “WE” fixed 1 of 2 problems. The one that couldn’t be fixed was an Apple hardware problem and that may result in getting a new phone. Thank you Apple Support for getting me as far as we could go over the phone. She sent me an email to take to the Verizon store which backs up the problem I’m having. Great service and She went beyond being helpful and professional. I feel Apple only hires the best of the best techs.
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3 years ago, notchristopher
Apple Support has really gone downhill
I have never gotten good support from this app. Most of the time the only solution has been wipe everything off the phone and reinstall. The only time I fell for that trick I lost years of my health data because the support tech never checked if it was being backed up. It wasn’t despite being checked in iCloud settings. I haven’t had GPS data in the workout app on watch for years, or my photos haven’t synced to my Macbook since Big Sur upgrade. The only suggestion they give me is wipe everything and reinstall. Never real help or even comprehension of the actual issue. The issue is the trick Apple plays. They make this stuff appear to work so well for a while you become reliant on it. Then when it stops working (and it always does) it’s such big let down.
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4 years ago, Kariel SG
Great Service
I had some problems with my AirPods Pro. I can believe that it hasn’t even been a year and I had to take them back two times already. This time I decided to call and get support via phone call. This young man named Ladell, did an amazing job helping me find a solution to my problem. Everything was quick and clear, with employees like that, I don’t mind calling and going through all the hustle to get my product fixed. I don’t know where else to post my feedback on the service. I am thankful for the amazing job he did. Hopefully someone in corporate reads this and realize the amazing employee Apple has.
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3 years ago, Semtyou
Apple iPhone 12
I have an Apple iPhone 12 that is 2 months old. I stayed on the phone with Apple Support yesterday (July 1) for over an hour because the speaker does not work. This phone has had problems from day of purchase. I have been on the phone several times with support with no problem solved. Yesterday Apple support told me to go to an Apple store and turn my new phone in and Apple would give me another new phone. An appointment was made today (July 2) for 10:30 am. I drove 2 1/2 hours to an Apple store. They checked my phone. Still no speaker working. The girl said I needed to send my phone back to “see if it could be repaired”. I even called corporate with NO HELP. I have 5 Apple products. At this point APPLE GETS A BIG FAT ZERO. The only reason they got one star is because it made me choose a star. FRUSTRATED IN SC..
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3 years ago, Evelyn Moffett
Thank you so much for apple support and I feel silly because I’ve had an iPhone for years and just learned there’s an app for this.... while being out and about today I received calls saying my Apple ID was compromised and some suspicious activity with my account and I kept declining the calls but they called back for three hours so contacted Apple support and they made me feel so much better and even gave me info as to how I can stop the calls and what to look out for.... so I’m giving you 6 stars for being my rock star today... thank you so much Apple support
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9 months ago, Cool1234567896322
Customer service
This isn’t a review on the app but customer service. Customer service gives you the same story “out of warranty” sorry we can’t help you, you need to buy a new product. Even after troubleshooting the device and clearly understanding its the fault of the product and not the customer. I complained about my Apple AirTag no longer working. Customer service will be nice and compassionate but this is an issue with the higher ups and corporate because they don’t care to fix your issue even if their product is faulty and completely their fault. They charge you to “inspect” and fix their product instead of inspect it. I think customers need to be treated fairly and not just spoken to like we have tons of money to fix and replace. It’s an AirTag, they should replace it.
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8 months ago, Panusunan Lubis
Airdrop Problem
Hai, After I upgrade my iPhone to iOS 17.0.3, my Airdrop just auto canceled when I share a bigger size of file that needs more than 10 minutes to be finished of sharing. I’m a content creator, I think it’s not enough if you make a limit of sharing file in just 10 minutes. Because I usually have big size files, sometimes more than 7GB and it takes more than 10 minutes to share between my macbook air and my iPhone 12. Could you fix it, please, because I can’t do my job anymore. Thank you for your attention.
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8 months ago, 1tjsepe1
Apple techs always have a solution for managing my devices
Apple techs always have a solution for managing my devices! I think we're sometimes the problem comes from is knowing how to ask the proper questions for some of the harder, technical issues. I don't work for Apple and I'm not that techy. Sometimes, I have to research to know how to ask for the solution, I'm looking for. Nevertheless, there are times I still cannot figure it out but with a little digging, I'm able to articulate what I need to the Apple tech and they always come through! :-)
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3 years ago, tpromix
Great for ordering support but stinks for follow up
Have a computer repair and nearly impossible to find out the status, been over a week in apple store and they send u a link to web support which is blank page or “error message” saying cant update. Then if u open this app there is no update either just the drop off appointment. You would think with all the money and skills apple has they could implement a simple WORKING system to notify the customer of whats going on. My only way to get update is call support have them call store, trick the sales department to ask one of the 2 genius people that work on mac there for an update and 30 minutes later be told 5 more days. Sad. Bad apple. Get it together. The overpriced devices should not be a struggle to repair, when the device doesnt “just work” maybe the support could?
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5 months ago, tvfanatic100
Share location feature
The update of the iphone software version is terrible. It says it was to fix bugs ect. But why on sharing location feature (my daughter keeps her location on with me for safety) why did it take away 3D as in actual satellite view of where she is at. This was changed without consent. We do have to update or the iphone won’t work properly but changing the whole view of location was not wanted. It does say 2D 3D but looks the same and no longer says Satellite view. Please fix it to the way it was it was a great feature with more to it than just what it looks like right now. We were able to see the mountains, parking lots, ect. It makes no sense now, technology was better why make it to where it seems ancient and cheap. HELP!!!!!!
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2 years ago, MidwestDad
Watch ‘tell us what’s happening’ doesn’t allow selection of watch as device
When I select my watch under devices, I am given a list of options and tell us what’s happening. None of the options matched my issue so I selected ’tell us whats happening.’ After describing the issue, the following screen lists all devices EXCEPT watch, and a device or option has to be selected to move to the next step. Had to select drop off repair for damage even though device is not apparently damaged and works otherwise (probably software on swim exercise) to get an appointment, hopefully can meet with Genius staff instead of just dropping off
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2 years ago, COMMUNIST CHINA
For starters I am NOT a tech savvy person. I like my iphone but often struggle with the more “technical/settings” side of things. I was gifted airpods for Christmas & right off the bat had issues with muted sound/connection. I wish I had reached out to this app/service sooner. A very helpful tech named Rinky walked me though step by step in easy to understand language and was so patient despite my naivety in navigating iphones. The assistance they offered was not only helpful but HUMAN- tailored to what I needed help with. So grateful not only for the help, but for the real human assistance- I dread robots/automated responses. They were kind, polite & really went the extra mile to make sure I understood what I needed to do to remedy this problem. I never would have figured this out on my own. Saved me the hour trip to the apple store! Thank you again & would 100% recommend using this service if you have issues with apple devices.
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10 months ago, Catspaw10
I asked a simple question then was led through multiple problem solving tasks. Then offered articles that did not address my question. Then my only option was text or phone support. Why was there no answer to my simple question? The very simple answer, which could have been and was not addressed. I could not connect with the App Store. Not because of a poor internet connection. But rather because my VPN was running. They could have put that in their debugging checklist. But they did not. Wonder why? And why do they require my location for me to even enter the App Store in the first place? If I’m traveling then I’m not allowed to look for apps? Such nonsense. Utter waste of time. Thanks much Apple, glad to know you’re watching out for us.
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2 weeks ago, Chesapeake Child
Great Help Received
Your Rep, Demetria solved my problem!! She was patient and wouldn’t give up. She was reassuring that she would get it done. Very professional in every way. I had tried for hours over several days without success. Because I have serious health problems it is urgent that my wife be able to locate me in a health emergency, like a heart attack. Thank you for providing the support I needed. My wife and I appreciate her efforts to connect with each other whenever a crisis occurs. Thank you for providing such competent support. We love your app. Joe Sties.
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3 years ago, ircam2112
First use. Awesome!
Quick access and response. Helped me figure out my issue fast: I recently lost all of my emergency contact info and medical data and thought, the emergency contacts at least, were managed through the Contacts app, which is in iCloud account. Was worried about security and/or software. Both are (now?) apparently managed through the Health app even though I previously added emergency contacts in the Contacts app. As I restored devices recently, that data was lost as the Health app is not included in iCloud.
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2 months ago, Alexis ghhio
This is a scam. No one answers chat. Report fraud
I’ve download the app and try to reach customer support. No one has answered me in 6 HOURS. None of my messages will send. I know it’s not on my end because I just messaged 4 other people. It says 24 7 support. No one’s there on the line I work government contracts. Next time I see Apple, I will respond to each of your questions with an AI monitored 400 page FAQ that doesn’t come close to addressing your question. I will insulate all my employees from any complaints - you will never be able to reach a human. To even reach the FAQ you have to enter government serial number that was given to you 18 years ago and solve an AI puzzle that is illegible Do you think I’m laughing? I’m gonna cost you millions of dollars. I’m sick of this.
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3 weeks ago, juhsztn
Promising but not there yet
The app needs more options to book an in-store appointment. At the Apple store when making Genius Bar appointments, there is a comprehensive list of possible issues that necessitate an appointment. That same list is not available in the Support app. Data migration, for example, is not something you can easily book in the app (had to text an Apple Support representative to make the appointment). Also, Apple Care subscriptions default to the card on file in the settings app respective to the current Apple ID user. This overrides the card “put on file” when you purchase an Apple Care subscription in store.
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2 years ago, grizzly bur
Really disappointing
Thought this web 3 and all these safety features where here to make us safer. No all I’m finding out is it makes it easier for Apple to not help at all. I’ve been calling and writing and all I’ve found out is Apple dosnt care one bit about its customers all it cares about is selling you a phone. Every conversation ends with we’re sorry sir there is nothing we can do for you or that’s a third party app we are not responsible or my favorite we can’t do anything because of privacy laws. So the people that steel from you have more rights then the people getting robbed. Makes perfect since Apple I’ve literally lost everything and everyone in my life in the last year. wish I would have never left my 50 dollar flip phone.
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2 years ago, B@by A
Streamlined process, Impressed!
I had to file a claim for my iPhone and my AirPods in the same day. I have the receipt for my AirPods, but when I went to add them as a device covered by Apple care, they were already saved in my phone since they connected through Bluetooth. They made that process extremely smooth and easy. And I didn’t have to pull out the warranty info on my email or anything. It’s all just saved in my phone automatically - even gives me the date that my Apple care+ expires for my AirPods!
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2 years ago, tfoster3800
Best tool yet!
I love the innovative minds that can work and function as a team at Apple! This app is ssooooo great for helping you troubleshoot your iPhone. I love the feature in it that gives instructions on using all the iPhone apps, and have found it very useful, and if you’re having problems with another area on your iPhone, just type your question in the search bar and it brings up possibilities! I can’t speak for how it works with their computers as I don’t own one (yet), but I have a feeling they got this…
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5 years ago, Godson Gregor
I can’t sign in my Apple ID on my MacBook.
Usually I don’t write reviews but rather give ratings, I’ve been using the Apple support and they’ve been doing great so far (no lies). Today, I updated my MacBook to macOS Catalina and boom everything changed, it won’t let me sign in my Apple ID... I contacted the support as usual and these great women attended to me but couldn’t get the problem fixed... after hours of trying I was told that I’ll be redirected to the engineering department that’ll help with that after safe booting and all... do you know what the department did when I was redirected? Keep ending my conversation before it even started 😂😂 I guess they couldn’t help me out but instead of stressing they kept on putting me off.. I don’t get it, why would I be using a MacBook but can’t use my Apple ID (including AppStore).
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3 years ago, Soleilmom
Amazing Help!
I got to text someone and send screen shots of what I was looking at. They literally spent hours going back and forth with me and were super polite. At one point I took a break from it because I was getting frustrated. Then my husband said he actually was getting the verification codes sent to him. So I went back to the same conversation in my messages and after making some progress they helped me the rest of the way! Thank god! I will be using this more it’s so easy!
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5 years ago, Cedrik Z
Worthless piece of junk
Apple should immediately take it’s name off of this monumental waste of time. Every developer who had any decision-making responsibility for this worthless app must be fired immediately and laughed out of the business, so they can start new careers anywhere but in tech. Staffers who worked on this travesty for more than a year should be banished to entry level call center jobs in Bangalore. This app is so obscenely worthless at first I thought I’d been pranked by the Apple employee who recommended it to me. Not once, not one time, never has this app answered any of my questions with anything even remotely close to the subject. I’m gobsmacked that Apple released this as anything other than a cruel joke. I implore Apple to immediately pull this app from the App Store and start from scratch.
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6 months ago, TamTam77777
Downgraded the moment you took away how we could delete texts!!!
So annoying!!!! We use too be able to just hold down a text from someone’s msgs with ya back and fourth or group whatever just inside someone’s mags with you and click the more button and check mark your selected messages you wanted to delete and it was so convenient when we were able to just hold one msg down quickly and just slide your finger up to check all the other msgs to delete and just save the ones you want too keep and save like photos or special texts or don’t matter because it shouldn’t be a problem!!! Stop downgrading please! Put that back because customer satisfaction is suppose to be your duty!
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1 year ago, zek2Mobile
Review system is inflated and scam
To make this short thumbing thru some of the apps reviews mainly the one I use and or have done businesses with all seem to have this 4.5 or 5 star rating but if I briefly thumb down thru it I see more 1 to 3 negative stars giving out by individual but some how. The bigger companies rating always seems to be 5 stars . I like Apple and I use Apple products and I think they make a great product but I think their whole review system has got a glitch. How much are the companies paying Apple to keep a five star rating ?big money tops, which is a shame because they not really know what company or product you’re doing with
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