Arkansas Storm Team

4.8 (5.3K)
65.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Arkansas Storm Team

4.77 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
3 months ago, Hotpocket6709
I changed
When Todd left Channel 7, nothing was the same. I could not depend on their forecasts. So when Todd joined Channel 4, I was so thankful and happy, I won't change again unless he does! I live in Lonsdale, right at the edge of Hot Springs Village, and we get everything going over us cause our property is at the very corner of Garland and Saline Counties and minutes from Pulaski County. Thank you for being our lifeline, and a special thank you to Todd, I know I can depend on you!👍🏻
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1 year ago, R J's 4 Hearts
Thank you!
I always look to the Storm Team to give me accurate and up to the minute coverage on the weather conditions and forecast. They’re dedicated to the safety of the people of Arkansas, which is proven by the long hours they spend live on TV to keep us informed. Their serious, professional, yet comfortable reporting, helps me trust that they will do their best to stay on top of the weather.
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1 month ago, Nskygrl&noneother
Landing page ad ruins effectiveness
Tornado warning alerts and prompts for more information should NEVER be occluded by useless auto pandering to the gullible. A person using the ap that has family in tornado warned area and who serves as a vehicle for information to people in the tornado warned (or any other type of warning) should not have to wait on shameless plug to get to information that could be life saving just so the app customer, vendor, advertisers can profit!! It’s irrelevant that the app user is not physically in the specific area being warned. Suspend ads during warnings to improve this app, otherwise it’s a deterrent to use at critical times.
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2 months ago, PemaD1
On my cellular, the volume for your weather forecasts is nonexistent. On IPad and desktop, the volume for the commercials is loud. Volume for the weather forecast is low. I’ve checked my settings. Please ask your web folks to see if that can be fixed.
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1 year ago, SusieJuliegirl
Yesterday’s storm
I watched the storm team continuously yesterday as the storms approached and until 10:00 pm. Thank you for your continuous coverage to make our state as safe as possible. I have no doubt that your coverage alerted many people of the upcoming storms and thus saved many lives.
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Dependable Information
I rely on the Weather Channel app for current conditions, and the radar is great. Also love being able to check weather conditions in several different locations/cities.
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7 months ago, SalemNurse
Thank you for fixing the radar refresh!
I am so pleased you fixed this. I wish there were an easier way to contact someone for help when we have problems with the map!
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2 months ago, Johnny in Cabot
Chief meteorologist
Todd Yakobian was the best choice to fill that roll, you have a “new, exclusive viewer” in this household! KARK is my go to for weather updates and reporting, before, during, and after weather events, I am very pleased, thus, the 5 stars awarded!
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2 months ago, Sherry Grant
Staying informed with the latest and best weather information
We have a river cabin outside Arkadelphia and we live in TN. Lived in Bryant for 40 years and I have watched Todd from his beginnings . I love the new storm team app. I also watch channel 5 in Memphis when in TN. Am always interested in what the weather is doing in AR and West TN. Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, shake it or love it
Updated Review
Works better now than before, only issue I’ve had lately was a trip out of state I had taken last week, it’s still giving me weather warnings for where I was last week, and not my current location.
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2 years ago, Memaw Biscoe
Easy to got to
We are enjoying our new weather station it’s rt there at our finger tips. Thank you for making this available to the public
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3 years ago, ARB317
Videos- ads play but weather forecast does not. Tried multiple videos with same result.
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2 years ago, DonDee500k
I got this app because I thought it’d be better for local weather. Then I got a notification of a tornado warning in my area. I tap the app only to be greeted by a car dealer ad that stayed on the screen for about 10 seconds. I closed it and used another app and then later, deleted this one.
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5 months ago, Blonde Ladi
I’m loving the accurate updates and maps. The video says I’m watching, but I’m not. Not a big deal though.
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2 months ago, 828sp
There are too many steps to get to the pertinent information. Watching a video after lengthy commercials is not helpful when you are looking to accurate weather information that affects your specific area. Please streamline to get to the important information with less confusion and wasted time. Thank you.
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2 months ago, SpadeMeister
Great idea, but poor execution
I love the idea behind this app, and it comes close to delivering, but fails in too many areas. It does not provide notifications of updates or alerts. It also is difficult to figure out which is the latest update.
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3 years ago, Critterfeeder
Best App!
This is where you need to be if you don't have any tv service. All of the meteorologists here work very hard to keep all of us informed on the weather.
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5 months ago, Ronnie fiwler
I got off direct tv and on the web 100 percent and they are my best source of info and watch all the time
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5 years ago, Arkansas buddy
Great help when you need the latest weather news-fast and accurate-5 stars!
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2 years ago, buddylcjackson
Everything You Need
Current weather, future weather, radar. Short term, long term. It’s all there. I love it!
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5 years ago, MeMeDaz
We switched to KARK news n weather ages ago because they include the southern parts of AR during weather or news in Camden.
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3 years ago, Jenny5234
Too slow
The ads are so abundant that it slows the app from loading the actual weather content and makes quickly getting your fingers on a forecast (something that you want to do in 1 minute) a 5-minute ordeal while you wait for content to load.
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4 years ago, Engteacher96
There is confusion throughout and is very complicated. The map at the top is misleading and current conditions have to be extracted deep in the app. This is apparently the best KARK can do so I’ll be dropping it.
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3 months ago, Ace Wes
Weather prepared
Thank you for everything you do!!!
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4 weeks ago, Mikie Dn
Mr Micheal D
I got app thanks very much. It keeps everybody informed of what’s going on and what is already happening in the future great job.
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3 years ago, Trohn
Connected to kindle
Why is this app connected to my kindle? Each time I try to read downloads from my kindle, this app pops up?
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2 months ago, sheila@j
Love this
Love getting the updates on the weather. Keep up the good work.
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11 months ago, billysaaby
The plot is that you can use other locations instead of Arkansas how funny!
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1 year ago, FranJDAR
More live storm coverage
I wish you would start live coverage sooner, an hour before a thunderstorm arrives, so people have time to prepare pets, kids, necessities, family members.
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2 years ago, sansyjune
Awesome app
They are always right on the money Thank you so much
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2 months ago, Weather bufff
Irritating format in advertisements
Advertising is completely disrupting ability to watch weather alert making it impossible to receive regardless of how long u wait.
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8 months ago, Jason_Ha
Love it!
Best weather app hands down. Everyone in Arkansas needs this!
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3 months ago, Dobber277
Nice App
Good app with relevant information. Can you delete that initial car ad- frustrating
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3 months ago, Kaylynsue3
Severe weather
If your so hangs up on an advertisement that won’t play and move on you can’t hear the update I waited 4 minutes and went to channel 7. Todd’s forecasts. Are great but when ads block recording what good are they
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4 years ago, none2021.
Ads are a hassle
Hardly worth it with all the ads It takes too long
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4 years ago, Leomaxs101
Arkansas Storm Team
Dependable and reliable
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3 years ago, Momnick
Storm team.
I know I can find and get the j do I need
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3 years ago, Bonclern69
Storm Team
Good weather coverage !
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1 year ago, shadowovnt
Convenient app
The app is very handy I just wish it was more accurate
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3 months ago, Blown Away-
Weather Report
Review will show right after our sponsors. Stay informed on severe weather but wait! Watch this commercial first.
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4 years ago, Ajcrusher
Every time I try to use this app, it gives the forecast for the previous year. I tried to look at it last night to verify a forecast I saw on the KTHV app and all it brought up was January & February 2019. Just deleted this.
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3 years ago, Isabella Nita Dazhan
Great job
Keep up with
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5 years ago, Mike72065
Almost decent app; however...
too many advertisements that occupy screen to be useful. Choices for weather location is limited to central AR, NWA, etc. There are many better free weather apps that can be customized to a city or postal zip.
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3 months ago, Coach-33
Life Saver
Great coverage and information. Spot on weather forecasts. Trustworthy people.
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2 years ago, brenda 1964
I love this app, love that it is kinda local
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1 year ago, Freezing479
My two year old could read the weather Better
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2 months ago, KCooley1965
I love this app! Radar and Temperatures !
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2 months ago, ASPJDP
No way will I be forced to watch commercials before watching the weather.
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4 years ago, Potus2010
Consistently locks up.
If you want an app that locks up almost every time you open it from a notification, get it.
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2 months ago, linhardball
Slow to no.
Video won't load.
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