4.5 (664)
64.6 MB
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Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ARMOURY CRATE

4.52 out of 5
664 Ratings
5 years ago, Whrack
Works but so much more it could be
Easy to see stats like temp on phone and what computer is doing. Can adjusted things in app but seems a little choppy. I have to use QR code link each time to connect before using/gaming. The ROG ID will not let me connect. Very cool idea but needs to be smoothed out some. Either way fun app if your computer has the ability to use.
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3 years ago, Soichiro Aki
It’s good when it stays connected.
So to connect you obviously use the ARMOURY crate software and in the top right corner there is a phone icon. You click on that bad boy and follow the steps. Thing is I got my phone all setup but as soon as I turned my asus rog zephyrus g15 off and on again I had to reconnect. So in other words it’s great software and simple to use, but would like to not have to connect every time the laptop (in my case) Is booted backed up.
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4 years ago, Agent Merq
Great Innovation
Loving the app idea and everything you’re doing to make it work. Maybe make it permanently sync to avoid logging in each time. Have the software on the computer search for the phone upon startup or something. Otherwise, keep the cool ideas and apps coming. Just bought a Mothership laptop and I’m having fun with it.
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4 weeks ago, Psychobilly Style
Great app for controlling the headphones
Great app except it crashes as soon as it opens. I just tried opening it several times but I click the app it starts up and crashes, click the app it starts up and crashes, click the app it starts up and crashes just over and over and over. It’s so weird last night (the first 5 times) it worked ok I could get in and make a change then it would crash but at least I could do something on it.
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3 months ago, Zhayes0887
Does not stay connected to the laptop if the app loses focus on my phone!
The app will not stay connected to the laptop if you switch apps and it is running in the background on your phone. When am using the app, it is because I want to change a setting without having to back out of the game/app I am full screen on. It really defeats its only purpose sadly. When it is connected it functions quite well.
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2 years ago, Joel94
Absolute trash
Whoever coded this garbage should be ashamed of themselves. The latest update to force W11 PCs to attempt to sync to phone was a massive failure. I only had the option of delaying 4 hours on my laptop multiple times, before giving in to this insanity. I will never again buy ASUS hardware, as this is the worst piece of trash I have ever had the misfortune of being forced to use.
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4 years ago, syrycy
How do I connect my device to aura sync (I need help )
I have been trying to connect my device to the fricking aura sync for a while now and I have no found out how to do it I connect my device to to this app but still it dose not work so I’m asking for help if have any idea’s can you tell me.
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1 year ago, meacher1111111
Works great for monitoring system stats
I use this for looking at my cpu temp during games and making sure it doesn’t get too high. Works great.
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1 year ago, AntaF4ever
Doesn’t connect properly
This app is great when it works which is about 10% of the time. The rest of the time it stays clocking and doesn’t load anything and the other times it doesn’t connect to the PC even though both the phone and the PC are connected via Bluetooth.
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2 years ago, Rafael Nunez Jr.
Test updates before launching
I’ve been a user on both desktop and laptop of this software… is really good but when updates drop it breaks the app…. I use it on a desktop and on a ROG Zephyrus duo se15 which is quite weird to have a gaming laptop with no way to manage its resources… please tell your dev team to test it on all systems
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3 weeks ago, Reddragonballz
Not sure what happened but worked fine for a bit, the past few days the app just keeps crashing upon opening making it useless and usable
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3 weeks ago, iKoniK Modz
Stopped working
I got my ROG Cetra Speednova earbuds almost 2 months ago. When I first got them the app worked great! However now the armory crate app crashes/force closes immediately no matter if it’s on my phone or my iPad! I can’t make any adjustments at all
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5 years ago, Covfefe of new mexico
Needs some real designers
A bit inconvenient to use Gamers don’t seem to understand utility design Less flash and better functionality Most annoying? You need to login every time you use it With many unique identifiers available why am I forced to do anything but click a connect button? Handy to change fan speeds, profiles and observe system parameters while in the midst of a COD firefight Needs lots of work but will likey be superseded by the next gen laptops and not updated Wasted resources if you ask me
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3 weeks ago, L00KatTHAT
App constantly crashing unusable
App has not worked in over a week on iPhone. continuously crashing even after uninstall and reinstall I would really appreciate these issues to be fixed asap. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Bluedevilsms14
Works but basic
I pretty much just use this app to monitor usage percentages while in a full screen game. Works fine for that purpose. They misspelled “Energy Saving” and every time I see it, it bothers me. Massive company puts out an app with typos.
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4 weeks ago, Joh127858
Virtual surround missing, poor sound
Virtual surround option removed missing, headphones sound tinny like ten dollar earbuds, app poor design, advise not to buy these headphones, I have ten dollar earbuds, sound better then these, app has limited features then older versions.
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2 years ago, justanotherlowlife
Really bad
Horrible app. Wont stay connected linger than 5 minutes and if u leave the app temporarily it terminated connection entirely. It wont let me log in either. My wxperince with asus has been great! But this app is dogwater
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3 years ago, MARINE-1994
Awful don’t download it
I would give zero stars if I could the app doesn’t work don’t bother if you actually get it to work I’m happy for you
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4 months ago, Deejaylao
Laptop remote control doesn’t work
Never worked once. You need to learn how google remote desktop works. This app here is useless
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12 months ago, KayEsSee
Won’t open
Every time I open the app it immediately crashes when I try to do anything.
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3 years ago, Xaith
Doesn’t Save Connection
You have to set it up all over again every time you use it. Stupid.
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7 months ago, wafflebowl2007
The apps crashes immediately when opened
I can go into the app for 5 secs before it crashes
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2 months ago, cornpuzza
App crashes on m2 iPad Pro
Every time I trying and interact with a drop down, it crashes.
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5 years ago, GuitarheroWWEduh
It works but... No AURA SYNC option... 😓
I got this thinking, “hey they got an app for this to connect my mobile device to” but seems like it’s kinda worthless. There not aura sync option to play around the colors of my keyboard for my ROG Strix SCAR II... sigh. Please add Aura Sync soon!
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4 weeks ago, Cooper_m22
This app used to be good now all it does is crash and will not connect to laptop. Junk
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2 years ago, Josh shekels
No easy way to actually connect this to your computer
I have a 4k system and I can’t connect this iPhone app to it lol.
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2 years ago, Scholastic Philosopher
Update please
This app would be great but it does not support landscape mode on the iPad. Please update it so that it can support landscape mode.
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6 days ago, Rev. Paul
ROG Azoth keyboard not found
This is an iPad app running on an Apple Silicon Mac. With multiple reports in the Mac App Store that the app cannot configure or locate devices, perhaps the developer mistakenly enabled the app for Mac installation?
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4 years ago, cwhiten
Like most all software and websites in Asus name. Top notch hardware but awful supporting software. Most of the time it is IMPOSSIBLE and frustrating just trying to log into my account!
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3 years ago, Asero_erenea
Cant connect my phone at all
Worked on the first day, idk if update messed up everything
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1 year ago, Hosin chamani
This app can not support the surround sound and bass boost on iPad. This is very bad and Frustrating
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3 weeks ago, Rogsucks
Can’t even open the app it just closes
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3 years ago, P85DL
Only works for laptops
It should be clearly stated.
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4 months ago, Joe0387
Won't find ASUS Harpe Ace or ASUS ROG SSII 96
The app cannot locate either the keyboard or mouse.
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4 years ago, SENTIENT BEING \-_-/
Cannot connect
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1 year ago, GigaD.
Cant configure Asus Rog Cetra 2
Cant register wired headphones.
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1 month ago, a13 bionic
Don’t working ROG Cetra TWS
В русском языке текст раздела «подключение к ноутбуку» вылезает за макет интерфейса. Мои ROG Cetra TWS перестали работать с приложением после обновления iOS 17.4, показывается бесконечная загрузка функций.
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2 months ago, Law ooh
iPhone Version Problems
I have an iPhone 14. I keep getting a connection 201-105 error when trying to connect to them in the app. Works fine outside of that. Also, not being able to change to noise cancelling in app is a miss (unless I missed it, sorry).
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2 years ago, mb71391
Needs a lot of work
Don’t stay connected, disconnects need to re-login or scan the code
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2 years ago, john__420
Nice app when it works
I love that I don’t need to alt tab to change settings, but it doesn’t stay connected to my laptop. If I close out of the app or switch apps, it disconnects requiring me to scan the QR code again.
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3 years ago, bbchmllffqq
As easy as point the camera at QR code.
To connect with iPhone to windows 10 was as easy as to scan the QR code with ur camera and accept the pairing mode. The rest was done automatically. I couldn’t b any happier took me about 15seconds to connect the phone to laptop. Now I can control it such as switching performance mode between “silent all the way to turbo” remotely with my phone. Not sure what I will use it for but it’s here and it works. A+ to creators and the simplicity of the use. Thanks.
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3 years ago, EthenMeyers
5 star idea 1 star delivery
Amazing how you can take something so cool and promising and provide an absolute piece of junk. If I get a text I need to rescan the QR just to reply. Want to check another app? Yep. Rescan the code again. So pointless to even have this app.
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3 years ago, Arclone
Global account login doesn’t work
The only way I can make this work is to use the QR code to link the app to my pc... the problem is that it doesn’t stay linked. So, I try to use the global account login... account doesn’t match is the only error I get. What does that even mean... I’m using the same account I logged into armoury crate on my pc... this app is a great idea, but my god do these guys even have a quality assurance team... or I dunno... performance standards?
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4 years ago, Fred Behrend
Can’t connect
Can’t connect via QR code nor Login. (Even with the Windows 10 mobile hotspot method).
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4 years ago, Thekayak
Literally useless
Whats the point of remote control if every time I restart my computer or phone i need to rescan the QR code on my computer screen.
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4 years ago, EveryNicknameisrakenexceptthis
Can’t connect
I cannot express how badly I feel when trying to connect my ROG laptop to this app. I’ve used this app on both iOS and Android and, while trying extensively to simply connect via QR code or login, the app fails to achieve connection. It’s either a failure to read the QR code, the same in which both the Google and Apple camera read perfectly every time, or its an app lock up at the login page. It is absolutely unacceptable to push this app in the current state. Unacceptable!
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4 years ago, ItzMeSnowy
Asus can do better.
The app is ok. All of the functions work. But it’s really annoying how you have to sign in everytime you use it. Also, whenever I try to login with my ROG ID, the app gets stuck on a loading screen , so I’m forced to close the app and use the QR code option instead
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