AT&T ActiveArmor℠

4.4 (51K)
131.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
AT&T Services, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for AT&T ActiveArmor℠

4.39 out of 5
51K Ratings
2 years ago, 99uniform
Upgrade does not on iPad
Stars minus one. Originally installed this product on my iPhone (an after-purchase freebee from AT&T) and a purchased subscription copy @ $3.99/month on my iPad which i bought same day as iPhone. All WAS well until i installed this upgrade on the iPad. The upgrade proceeded to “clean up” old version stuff but never quite finished setting up my info from previous version. Clobbered it all. Removed the app and tried reinstalling several times. No joy. Discontinued that subscription. Now i see that the same “upgrade” is available for the iPhone. YOU KIDDING? i’m keeping the old version. Thank you very much. My bad but still trying to figure out, after your explanation, how/why the app let me install it the first time. I have since installed this upgrade on my iphone. Seems to be working right. Replaced the one-star rating with 4 stars.
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4 months ago, lala_juju
New update making it worse
Sorry to post a negative review, but I feel like you should be aware. With the new update, I have to use to additional steps to make sure my connection is working. It’s already a pain to have to keep the app itself open, and in the Network section. I also have to keep the Settings app open to Cellular all the time, just to keep a connection. I now have to go back, then select “Cellular” as well as having to go to the home page of the Active Armor app and select “Network” to make sure it’s working. I was already having to do the first two things all the time. (Bad service outside of the city.) Now I have to do two more steps, so I spend a ridiculous amount of time just trying to make sure my connection is working properly. I know this is a bit long already, but I also need to let you know that tone of voice is difficult to get through text. So, please know I’m trying to be informative, not grumpy. :) After receiving feedback, I should have clarified. We live in a rural area with two options for internet (both are satellite). Even though we’ve lived here for over ten years, no other options have become available for internet. My phone works much faster with the WiFi turned off, when I’m at home. I know it’s hard to believe in this day and age, but there are still very few internet options available to many Americans who live in rural areas. I know we have wanted AT&T internet for quite some time, though. ;)
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5 months ago, Soylent Bob
Wow! I thought this App was WORTHLESS BEFORE THE UPDATE! Oh, look a security alert on my network… what could it be? Why, it’s the alert that I haven’t signed up for a paid subscription! WHY WOULD I PAY TO SUBSCRIBE TO A USELESS APP? Its partner app, the equally useless ATT Call Protect (another useless app with another useless subscription) said all its features were duplicated here in one convenient app. THEY’RE NOT unless you count the only feature ATT cares about: bilking subscribers with EMPTY PROMISES ON USELESS APPS! Maybe if ATT stopped supporting scammers though their Affiliate Programs we wouldn’t even need as much protection as this app implies it provides. UPDATE: now takes TWO MINUTES to update the call log to report any call no matter how long ago. Once it’s there you are inexplicably required to block an obviously spoofed Caller ID number (which will never be used again) to report the call. Since they won’t go after the spammer’s callback number (which doesn’t change every call) the app is useless: spam call gets through even if flagged, and nuisance voicemail is left! I don’t need an app to know to ignore random toll-free calls that end up going to voicemail. I certainly don’t need to pay a subscription for the privilege. And JUST LIKE EVERY SINGLE USELESS ATT APP, inACTIVE ARMOR DOES NOT UPDATE IN REAL TIME! Force close and restart the app if you want to view or report any recent activity.
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1 year ago, kmegamom
Great app
I used to get spam calls all day long, some day’s multiple times an hour! There were a few of them that had a robo dial that called 55 times in a row!! Since downloading and using Active Armor I don’t get ANY of those calls! You can set it up to have anything not in contacts to go directly to voicemail. The paid version includes VPN which is great! You can also set that up to start automatically every time you go to the internet. I haven’t had the issues mentioned in another review, it all depends on how you have your phone and internet setup. There’s a setting that says “block all cookies” if you have selected that, it won’t open sites because all sites use cookies and some are required in order to access the website. I tried that option once and it did block me from opening any website, as soon as I changed that setting, no problem. The VPN keeps your IP address private. I love this app! The only negative I’ve had is it doesn’t always update automatically, I have to go to the App Store and check for updates.
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1 year ago, Tish8423
Don’t do it , vpn blocks wifi connection
I downloaded the armor security app because it won’t let you check your call protect app call log without upgrading to it, since I did that I would notice the word VPN at the top of my screen by my bars , I didn’t think anything of it cause I didn’t know what it was , my phone begin working very slow on apps I would get on, then I was unable to connect to my wifi at home , everyone else could except me , I’ve called mt internet provider an had them reboot my internet an it still wouldn’t connect. Spoke with Att an they redid my cellular data an reset network an it still wouldn’t work , my phone did this for 2 weeks I was miserable, an confused not being able to use my phone, I ended up having to speak with apple an they ended up helping figure out that it was the new app call protect made me download , we tried to turn the VPN button off an it would start working but somehow it would turn itself back on , I ended up having to delete the app, an now my phone works again. Thank god but I can’t check my call log on att call protect because it’s trying to force me to download mobile security AGAIN, I’m missing calls that aren’t in my contacts an can’t go back an see them unfortunately, I do not want to download this app again
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1 year ago, I am that one girl
The block everything app
I had been receiving a lot of spam calls & text messages & one day I even got a text message from AT&T advertising it’s Active Armor App. So I checked into it & it seemed like it would be worth trying. For several months it was doing exactly as it was supposed to, blocking all the incoming spam; NICE! But suddenly, after the first several months, I was receiving text messages & voicemail messages from people on my contacts list informing me of their attempts at calling my phone & that every time it would go directly to voicemail. AT&T’s Active Armor was blocking every single call to my phone for the next several months, frequent callers from my contacts list, everyone! That was not acceptable! I finally had to go to an AT&T store because I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get incoming calls & the lady at the store was very helpful & figured it out for me. She had to delete my profile/account on the Active Armor App then removed the app from my device & everything went back to how it should be, fully functioning phone service! +Please note that during this ordeal the only thing malfunctioning was incoming calls. I was still able to make calls, send & receive text messages & I still was able to use the internet*
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2 years ago, fireleftash
It will block all of your incoming calls that aren’t in your contacts. I have missed so many important calls because of this. Customer service downs even know what you’re talking about when you mention it, just makes you reset your phone then reassures you that it worked. After 6 months I finally figured it out ON MY OWN because customer service is very much lacking in their knowledge of their products. There is also no information anywhere on the web. It will still block all calls even if you delete all security apps. If you have downloaded it and it’s happening to you, go to MyAT&T and scroll past your devices then go to where the small print says active armor, the big print will say your security is our top priority. select manage subscription, scroll down, go to spam calls, select that, then select allow, and then go to fraud calls and select allow under that and now everything will come through including all of those types of calls and all your important calls. So no our security is NOT their top priority because now all the spam and all the fraud get to come through as well as important calls. The end. Save yourself the games and hassle
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4 months ago, BIGBUELLER
Works great for a little while, and then stops completely.
I have now tried this app through two different phones due to AT&T upgrades. I’ve used it with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and now the iPhone 15 Pro Max. With both phones, the same thing happened. They worked terrific for the first couple of days. I could click around the app to see phone numbers that had been blocked, and I’d get a lot of joy seeing that there were 15 to 20 blocked scam calls per day. Then it just stops working completely. You go into the app. You try to click on the blocked phone calls, and the app freezes every time. I have the most current iOS version and the most current active armor version, and of course, the most iPhone. Plus, I have also noticed when you cannot go in and view what phone numbers have been blocked, it starts to let the scammer calls through again. So I am back to getting the annoying scammer calls in this application, and the App is no longer functional. oh, as a sidenote, because I’m sure there’s a lot of nerds on here that will tell me I need to do this, I have already deleted, and re-added the app multiple times.
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3 years ago, tlajoya
It deserves 0 stars but it Won’t allow zero
I used this app for 6 months small issues until 2 weeks ago it started blocking everyone I mean everyone in my contact list, my husband, kids, parents, siblings, job, dr.’s office, attorney’s office, the calls don’t show up on my phone as missed calls, the calls don’t ring, I do not have my ringer off, I do not have DND on. 15 minutes later they appear in my voice mail and my loved ones text me asking why their calls keep going to voicemail. It ask like a virus because I decided to delete it from my phone completely it started causing me to miss important calls. When I deleted it it was still blocking all my calls that I had manually unblocked before I deleted it. I had to download it again because I could not get any, zero calls, when I downloaded it again immediately unblocked in it’s list my contacts and not till then would my phone ring again. I am stuck with this virus I am afraid to upgrade to new phone because will this mess transfer when I spend $2000 on a new phone. I am stuck with it or my contacts cannot call me. It is working in reverse.😩😡🤬😭😤
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8 months ago, Arcanum1
Cripples phone
This app worked great until recently when I lost internet connectivity for various periods of time. If I didn’t use the internet for several minutes to as much as an hour, I could not connect for various periods ranging from several minutes to over a half hour. I tried cold booting, removing my VPN, turning off WiFi then back on, and going into airplane mode for a period of time, all with no results. It was ONLY after this app took it’s sweet old time and reported “(WiFi name) is Safe” would my phone connect. My chronic lack of connectivity disappeared IMMEDIATELY after I deleted this app. I’m a first responder and when we have a call, we post our status (responding, going to scene, etc) using an app that connects to the internet. Loss of internet has caused harm in reporting. Also, in another job, we use the internet to clock in and out. Loss of internet has caused me to appear ‘late’ since I can’t punch in until I find a working internet device. The idea for this app is valid, BUT it cripples my phone. I’m cancelling my subscription until the bugs are resolved or I find another app.
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1 year ago, maxplanar
Unbelievably slow, dumb design
I see zero improvement over AT&T’s previous spam blocker solution. If the app performed properly it might be OK, but when I open it, and click on ‘Calls’ so that I can report and block a number that just called, it can take 15-20 seconds for the list of recent calls to appear. The reporting process is terribly designed with too many menus. And it’s super annoying to see that the app does identify a call as suspicious or unknown or spam, but the call was not blocked. The section called My Identity is not remotely what you’d expect and has nothing to do with spam blocking- it’s an attempt to alert you about possible identity breaches on other websites or accounts - a function far better performed by other services like haveIbeenpwned. In this app, they try to provide a list of every possible website or institution, a completely impossible task that leaves so many sites off the list - it’s an utterly back to front approach to notifying users of security breaches in the broader world. It’s an absolutely dreadful app. But, if it actually performed faster it might be at least useful.
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2 years ago, Dolphingirl73
Good sometimes
I just received an identity alert, but I can’t access it. On the home/landing page, there’s a red exclamation point under the identity circle and says I have one ID alert. When I click the circle, it takes me to the next page and in the identity monitoring section it says 1 item detected but that’s it. It doesn’t show me what it is or anything about it. I’ve clicked all over that page and get nowhere. How am I supposed to take any action if I don’t even know what you’ve detected? Also, for the auto spam/fraud call blocking, I got 16, yes SIXTEEN notifications in a row, one right after the other of a number being auto blocked. In the call log, it shows all 16 calls from the same number. All within about 1 minute. It auto blocked it on the first call, so why did it then allow 15 more calls from that same number? I have the advanced subscription because it’s part of my cell service package, so I should be able to access every part of this app.
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2 years ago, Renee pizza
Completely worthless/ doesn’t work
I thought this app would be great and was excited to try it. But I can’t use it. When I open it up I see the stats that you get in circles but on the rare occasions it actually lets me get past that opening screen i have to push whichever button I want multiple times before it starts to open. And as the new page starts to open it freezes. If it actually fully opens to another page it won’t go further. Every time I try to go in so I can block a new spam number, which is typically at least a few times every day, if I even manage to get on the screen that allows you to do that, nothing happens when I press block or report. I end up going back to the call protect app to take care of it. I removed and re-downloaded twice. Later I thought that maybe the call protect app was conflict this since it had been combined with the other features (that I’m also unable to use). I decided to remove the call protect and then re-download active armor to see if it improved but no change. I brought back the call protect.
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9 months ago, tlkyo
This app used to work, when it was Call Log, before you forced us to install/use Active Armor. I have the upgraded/paid version & it lets ‘SPAM’ calls through, but BLOCKS Important Business calls, VA Health/Medical calls(husband is 100% disabled veteran), this app has even blocked my family, KNOWN saved contacts calls on numerous occasions. AT&T is FULLY AWARE of this ‘known issue’, you disclose it in the terms on both your site and the App Store, so WHY CANT YOU FIX IT?!? AT&T has been my service provider for over 20yrs and over the years they had become the leader in pretty much all communication tech, but in the past 3-5 years, it’s like they don’t care about their customers anymore…(they even changed my account info in March 2022 without my knowledge or permission and I couldn’t even access my bill to pay it for over 2 months & had to create a whole new profile to gain access.(after multiple calls and 2months worth of having a manager try and figure out wth happened. I’m seriously looking at severing my long term relationship due to your loyalty to us.
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3 months ago, 123456789mRio
THEY JUST UPDATED THE APP AND INCLUDED “bug fix’s” …………. Before the update and bug fix the WiFi feature BLOCKED ALL WIFI CONNECTIONS…. After update IT STILL BLOCKS ALL WIFI CONNECTIONS… my phone is set to use WiFi data over cellular when possible.. my phone automatically connects to my home network.. and as advised active armor does automatically connect the vpn. … the PROBLEM. Is that. When it automatically connects the vpn.. it BLOCKS the WiFi data. So yes your connected to WiFi weeeeee.. but can’t load any internet pages because the active armor vpn BLOCKS IT , so magically you can’t get internet. The moment I DELETE the armor vpn… ( I don’t delete the app, I just delete active armor vpn in vpn and device management setting on my phone specifically). MAGICALLY every works normally; I can connect to the internet just fine…… This gets 2 star … because the call blocking feature works ok.. and.. because despite seeing dozens of reviews saying the same thing THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE WIFI FEATURE… they never fixed it in the update.. ITS STILL BROKEN
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10 months ago, Sky Panda Amanda
Doesn’t log all incoming numbers
I get spam callers calling daily. And for some reason it doesn’t flag them. It’ll show in my regular call log, but when opening the app it doesn’t even show under the “call log” section. I completely close the app, reopen it, and still nothing. So I have to manually add the numbers to block them. Doesn’t matter because the spammers never use the same number twice. Prev review that seems to have been resolved: I have saved every caller ID number that my doctor could possibly call from into my phone contacts. Yet this app CONSTANTLY blocks every one of their calls. I pull up the call log and it shows I haven’t manually blocked that number, the app has. Even tho it shows as being saved into my phone contacts. I even tried turning off ALL the filters for call blocking in this app on a day I expected my doctor to call, yet this app still somehow blocked them (and gave me a pop up that it was doing just that). PLEASE fix this issue. Have a setting that if it’s in our phone contacts, it won’t be blocked!
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5 years ago, jmd1905
VPN closes WiFi and forces data use
I downloaded Mobile Security a couple of months ago at the recommendation of AT&T. I’m a U-Verse TV and Internet Fiber customer also. Anyway, I started getting notifications from AT&T that I was about to exceed my 5GB plan when I had never came close to using 3GB in the past. As a precaution I switched to the Unlimited Plan. Then I noticed that my phone was sporadically connecting to WiFi. After being transferred from one CSR to a technician who could actually help me, she asked if I had any software that has a battery saver. I don’t. We did a Network Reset. While rebooting I starting seeing “VPN” messages. The lightbulb in my head went on then. After multiple attempts to turn off the VPN settings in Mobile Security and restarting my phone my only solution was to delete the application and restart. Since then I have never lost my WiFi signal. My huge concern is that why does AT&T promote software that disconnects from their own routers on their own internet system and force cell phone data? Start the conspiracy theories.
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2 years ago, avonman1075
It totally drained my battery
I charge my phone in the am at my desk every morning. I cut of data while I am on Wi-Fi which is all day since I work from home. Since my settings are all off most of the time unless I leave home my battery is never under 50%in the am when I recharge my phone. Yesterday I installed this AT&T armor on my phone and set it up. I noticed last night my phone was at 20% so I cut all my settings off and placed it on my wireless charger. Came back two hours later my phone was dead. My phone has never done this until I added, installed and activated this app. I already had a vpn that I uninstalled to us this app. I reinstalled my old vpn and deleted this app. You guys are trying to ruin my battery with this app but not me. Also this app was flagging contact calls or sending them to voicemail. There are too many miss functions to keep this app on my phone. I have an galaxy s-10 and a iPhone 11 Pro. It worked ok on my iPhone but on my s-10, is where this review came from. Either way neither phone has this app any more
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1 year ago, Merrittjm1
Can’t receive calls from anyone after installing.
I installed the app and then I was unable to receive calls from anyone except the people I have in my favorites. Everyone that is on my contacts list should be able to call me with no problems. But they immediately went to my voicemail without a trace of information that they had called me. I was not notified of a voicemail. My Dr. Called and was unable to get me. He had some very important messages about a test. I couldn't figure out why no one could call me I took my phone to the AT&T store to get the geniuses to look at it they were stumped for an hour nobody could figure it out. Finally, I thought about the armor app I installed I told the that I had removed the app. So they checked my phone and I had removed it correctly. But there was something at the main office that still had me installed on the armor app once he got rid of that my phone started working correctly. So now everyone can call me, but I am back to getting 9 million spam calls a day. I can't win this battle.
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2 years ago, Adri462
ActiveArmor not working
The app is not asking me to verify my number when I use mobile data from the AT&T network. When I use mobile data from another carrier it asks to verify my AT&T number once in a while after reinstalling the app. After I verify my number ActiveArmor is not reading my AT&T network connection. I restarted the app and my iPhone to see if it would resolve the issue. When it does read my AT&T network connection it is not reading my information on my side from myAT&T and AT&T’s side. It shows the name of the person that last had the same number I currently have now. It is not syncing. It should be showing my name with my number. It’s also not reading my subscription from myAT&T. When I check the subscription settings the advanced subscription option is available through getting the subscription through my Apple ID which is wrong. It should be reading the subscription options from myAT&T which is basic free, advanced unlimited plan free, and advanced $3.99. All these app issues are on iOS 16.1 .
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10 months ago, Chico Gambino
This is app is truly amazing!!!
I’ve been looking for an app that could help block out robo callers/spam calls etc. I tried going with the robokiller app for a week since they had a free trial. Even though it worked on blocking spam/robo calls, it wasn’t successful with all the calls. So here I was hunting again for another app until I remembered that AT&T had an app that helps with spam calls. Let me just say I’ve been using this app now for 3 to 4 days and it has successfully silenced and block any incoming spam calls with no issues without a hiccup. Whatever update they did to this app to improve it, I gotta give it five stars. Please keep up the great work. I am definitely sticking with this app for the long run. 🙏🏽
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1 year ago, dfitz02
Slow Response Time
This has to be hands down one of the slowest apps I have ever used. The features are great and it’s a good concept. The execution in app development is off. When reporting a spam call it takes forever to do. Clicking report takes you to a new screen and then you wait and wait and wait for it to allow you to select the type of spam you are reporting (clicking a radio button). Then it takes you to another screen where you provide details and again you wait and wait and wait for it to allow you to type something in the text box. The app just hangs while you are typing and will not accept the input. Then you hit report and again you wait and wait for it to complete the process. The old version of this app never had these problems, which is why I continued to use it until you disabled it and forced me to switch to this slow moving app. Either fix the speed problems or bring back the old app!
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7 months ago, bfeumhuedvkytckdc
They app flags spam calls but does not block them. The calls show up in my phone as spam, and I don’t even get an option to refuse the call. It’s clearly spam, but the app does nothing. After I posted this review I got an email from developer suggesting the following:” Click on the Calls tab in the app and navigate to Call Routing Settings. From here go to Spam Risk Calls and you can set them to block, go to Voicemail or Allow ring through with the Spam Risk warning. You can also customize the different spam categories i.e Telemarketers, Account Services etc on if you want them to ring to your phone. " Just to be on the safe side I went and reviewed all the settings making all the appropriate changes. Guess what, the app still does not block the calls. Just flags them. The calls come in without caller ID, except showing the “fake” location. I once tried reporting these calls, and found out these are not even originating in US. It’s all call phishing. And these blocking apps don’t do anything.
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5 months ago, VadimZee
Great concept, valuable features and very poor implementation
Concept and feature-wise - it’s a lifesaver, although the poor design and implementation make the user experience a mixed bag. My major complaints and annoyances are: - Zero control over the notifications - why do I receive a notification that a number from the block list made/making a call? Ain’t the idea of a block list is to put something there and never hear about it?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ - Why can’t I copy a phone number from the log/list/call details screen?!!! It should be essential for the app intended for call management, right? And yet, I have to start saving it as a contact to be able to copy the phone number. And that’s half of the problem - when copied the number and close the create contact form without saving it, it still persists in the phone app, and each time I use the phone app after that, I have to close those “create contact” forms leftovers. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️
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1 year ago, JJohnJJ
Made me think my phone was broken
Last OCTOBER I started having trouble with this app. I was missing incoming calls from callers not in my address book and they were going straight to voicemail. I cleared all of the filters, at least I thought, and continued to have trouble. Out of desperation I removed the app. The problem persisted. The ATT store couldn’t ID the problem. Apple support could find an issue - twice. I did a complete reset of the phone, wiped everything and started over. No joy. Hardware and iOS diagnostics were ran and phone was A-OK. Did more research on Google and just randomly wondered what would happen if I reloaded the app. After reloading the app I found that the app was still active - somewhere. So removing the app and even resetting the phone doesn’t clear the settings. I hope someone at ATT is reading this because it’s a HUGE FAIL ON THE PART OF ATT. The app leaves residuals when uninstalled. The ATT store and support folks are apparently clueless about this bug. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP. IT IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE.
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1 year ago, KMcC2012
App needs more frequent updates
The app opens/loads slowly sometimes. Just like the AT&T call app (previous app for this service), the feature that lets you select whether you want unknown callers to ring through or send to voicemail stops working every couple of months. Usually I have it on "Send to Vmail" but because I have new business contacts I switched it temporarily to allow all calls. Now 3 days later the app won't switch it back to "send to vmail" despite tapping the option more than a dozen times. Every time there's an Apple iOS update, AT&T should update this app too because it seems to happens after every Apple update. Otherwise it's a decent app, they have reverse phone # lookup, block is easy and you can send spam texts to their 7726 security team number. It scans websites for malware and security risks too. Just do more app updates soon.
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7 months ago, ChaBooBa
Bricked app
Not sure when or how but the latest version of this app is bricked on the iPhone 14 pro. Even reinstalled it’s refusing to launch. Sounds about AT&T to me. Take a good thing and ruin it. Update November 20, 2023. This app, while working, is still struggling. ATT made a big announcement about how it blocks spam email text messages, but not only will that new feature not activate, the error message that pops up has a spelling error! QA this stuff before pushing it out geez. This is on an iPhone 14 Pro running 17.1.1 and the current version of the app. Rebooting app and phone don’t resolve the issue. And why not give us the ability to simply block calls we don’t want from unknown and private numbers? If you’re not sharing a number when you call me I don’t want your call. That should be my decision. I don’t need to listen to the spam vm’s these spammers are leaving.
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11 months ago, BubbaGump1238394
Deleted the App - Wi-Fi protection needs work
With active armor installed, my phone began to have its functionality degraded. My internet browsers would behave as though I did not have an internet connection. Some apps would work, others wouldn’t. This seemed to specifically be problematic when connected to private (not public) Wi-Fi networks, eventually I might regain functionality but it was completely unreliable. Worse is that during these episodes, if I turned Wi-Fi off, the problems persisted even with cell service for a period of time before regular function returned. I tried turning off the vpn settings for Wi-Fi and that only helped temporarily. I really liked the idea of the app and at first it seemed really well done, but I’m not a tech wizard, and don’t have time to try to problem solve these issues. Regularly losing access to the internet in these scenarios was embarrassingly enraging for me.
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2 years ago, horcrap
I changed my phone number last week and of course you charged me over $25 for the pleasure and from the day I got the number I have been getting about 10 spam calls and texts per day. I couldn’t understand half of what your customer service rep was saying but I did get the part of downloading this app, and for free. Being hopeful I downloaded this app and I just needed what was in the free version. The first page was setting up my phone and the second page where you select what version you want it was literally stuck on the paid version. I could see the free version but you wouldn’t let me select it. Why don’t you just take it out of the money you charged for this bogus number you gave me. During this review I have gotten two more spam calls. Lastly during my call to customer service you had my camera turned on. What’s up with that? Signed, Not impressed
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1 week ago, 19nana51
Broken app
Fix app as deleted call log keeps coming back. This has happened three days in a row and has happened in the past. HIGHLY ANNOYING. 1/8/24-THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED NOW. 1/11- same issue. 1/14-same issue. App continues to NOT clear call log permanently. Fix your broken app. 1/20- someone needs to fix this issue HIGHLY annoying. 1/23- when is this gonna get fixed?? Fix your app. 2/1- call log still won’t stay deleted. FIX the app so cleared call log STAYS CLEARED. HIGHLY ANNOYING. 2/8- FIX YOUR APP. 2/10- call log keeps coming back. Needs fixing. How many times must call log be deleted for it to stick????? 2/14-same issue. Needs fixing. 2/16- still an issue- needs fixing asap.3/6-7, still an issue. 4/10- call log still not staying cleared after deleting. 4-11- still not clearing call log after deleting. Annoying. 5/3- call log still not staying deleted. Pls fix. 5/9- call log will NOT stay deleted. 6/3- call log still not staying cleared 6/5- same problem
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2 years ago, Sassy Serina
Calls Reviewed Found
Recently I noticed incoming phone calls that had shown up on this Mobile Security App, that we’re NOT on my incoming phone call list nor on my AT&T App incoming call list. I called AT&T Customer Support 2 times and ended up speaking directly with the TOP Technical Support Employee - after almost 2 hours of trouble shooting, he could not figure out why I was not receiving ALL of my calls (as listed on this Mobile Security App) He told me he had only seen this happen 1 other time with an international line, and did not know why or how this could happen. I am thankful for the integrity of this particular Mobile Security App and highly recommend it to verify all incoming calls against your own cell phone call list. As for AT&T App and all the overwhelming negative reviews, I sincerely hope that one day soon, the company either purge the system and get it right for the sake of all the customers or they simply go out of business. What’s the point in having a cell phone at all if you’re not receiving all your incoming phone calls as well that they are not showing up on your phones incoming missed calls.
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8 months ago, G Murph
Love the app but have some recent gripes.
Update: Devs corrected the issue about the issue mentioned below so I adjusted my app rating accordingly. In one of the recent updates it now says “call features are only available on AT&T network” and the spam text says not active when I’m connected to WiFi and won’t let me use reverse number lookup or anything. That’s crap bc this day and age people are connected to WiFi fairly often and your app now blocks being able to access features when you’re connected to WiFi network. Like my phone is still connected to AT&T network even though I’m also connected to WiFi so what gives.
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1 year ago, MCSinATL
I am a longtime AT&T customer. Over 35 years. I often write positive reviews. Rarely will I write a bad review for any provider. This is my first poor review in over a decade. This app is useless. Don’t waste your time. I had AT&T Call Protect (CP) for a couple years. It worked great. I had little to no spam calls throughout that time. Since AT&T forced everyone from CP to AT&T Active Armor (AA) I’ve been inundated with spam calls every day all day. My last count for spam calls today was at 37. Changing the settings in AA will make no difference. The AA app is extremely slow and often refuses to open. If it does open you’ll be tapping the icons on their dashboard before you realize you’re staring at a froze screen. The developers should have taken the time before they released this app and forced everyone to transition from CP to AA. I will be deleting this app and begin my search for a better option. My advice? Don’t waste you time. Look elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Dnice2ny
One star too many
I downloaded both the security and call protect apps. Have been an AT&T customer for 20 years. The apps just caused more problems than the robô calls were. Now every call not in my contacts was being blocked. I had to constantly monitor the phone if i was expecting a call from a doctor or pharmacy that was not I’m my contacts. So if i was referred to a specialist who was supposed to contact me (so i don’t have their number yet) it would flag them as spam. My other issue is that while AT&T service is good it’s one of the most expensive so charging for the plus version for existing customers is a smack in the face. The amount you charge for a monthly bill should include mobile security and call protection. It’s funny how it’s your network that allows people to use fake caller id’s but you want me to pay to block them. This whole thing smells like a scam. Create a problem then charge for the solution. Smh. Makes you wonder who is the real scammers.
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11 months ago, B3cca007
No support
I have talked with the agents. Mainly ATT which I have my SP with and comes with Active Armor. When I am in the house. It stops. We have a nighthawk router with all the bells and whistles. I don’t own it. But I know it interferes with my Armor VPN. Nobody seems to be able to help me out. That my iphn 13 pro max and Samsung zfold3. The Wi-Fi part kicks on but not the main cellular part. It like all of a sudden quits. As much as I love this app. Because it will detect someone messing with your sims and will take a photo, also. Just doesn’t want to work anymore. It stays unhighlighted. That I cannot set it up or won’t let me set it up. The agents step by step. We went thru all the trouble shooting. Methods. It’s not letting set up. It worked beautifully a few weeks ago. Otherwise, it’s a great protection when it’s working. I sent in quite a few times my problem with the vpn setup. To no avail.
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2 years ago, ChaosRob
Pushy app
This app is less informative and less usable than the one they’re replacing. In an effort to get you to use more of their protection features, AT&T makes any feature you opt not to use look like an error warning. You need to provide an inordinate amount of personal information to use their identity protection, you need to share all your contacts with them to use spam call filtering and using their VPN provides them with an easy way to monitor your data traffic. Given that you may choose not to use 2/3 of these features, this basically means the app looks broken all the time. Meanwhile, they’ve buried the spam call management deep in the interface so that you’re more likely to stumble into all the other less desirable features first. Terrible UI design meant to engage you with privacy-robbing “features.” Way to go, AT&T.
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8 months ago, Lilbaby8678
So far so good, I am a clicker, I get frustrated on line with all the mess and say well if they want to know who I am go ahead and start to click away. I’ve got bad credit, no money in my prepaid card accounts, and a federal drug charge on my record. So if you really want to steal my identity go ahead because nobody is going to give you money for my name nor will you get anything but as few dollars out of my accounts. I am grateful for company’s like AT&T, NORTON VIRUS, AVG, and many more for dedication to trying to keep people like me safe online. I know with me it’s a 24 hour a day 365 day a year job, keep keeping up with the Jones’s. Miss Jones
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7 months ago, Nefarious007
Necessary calls not allowed through.
I’m very happy that most of the spam calls no longer get through although there are a small percentage that still are not flagged or stopped. However, I’ve noticed ever since I activated this service and put the app in my phone 50% of my calls I need with people that are in my contact list. Do not answer correctly at all and that’s a problem if I have area representatives saying every time they call me it goes to voicemail when I’m on the other end picking up, saying hello to nobody. This needs to stop and is a major problem with this app. The developer and the company AT&T needs to get together. They’re obviously is bugs on the receiving end. Please fix it. This app is not worth it if this remains an issue. Thanks
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2 years ago, Grohl4President
Still maddening to use
The app has potential, but it freezes seemingly at least few times a minute and has a delayed response each time I select an option. It is bad enough that I have largely stopped using it to limit my frustration. If the programmers would focus on making the app work efficiently and correctly, I would boost my rating from 2 stars to 4 stars. Sadly, neither AT&T nor Apple allow users to report problems with this app. AT&T does not offer a link to a page that allows users to report feedback and Apple does not allow users to report a quality problem with this app on their App store. This stance could very well be intentional and could be perceived as customer-unfriendly collusion by these two mega cap companies. Perhaps they could prove this not to be the case by resolving this issue.
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2 years ago, DesertRat72
App Won’t Get Past “Setting Up Account”
After receiving an email that AT&T’s security products had now been rolled into an app called Active Armor, I installed the app. Upon opening the app, I was presented with Advanced and Free options. I decided to try out the Advanced. I was subsequently billed $3.99 to my Apple account, which I have a receipt as proof. However, the app never gets beyond the setting up account phase. I receive a message that I’m already subscribed, and if I select the “Manage” option I receive a message the app can’t connect. If I select the “OK” option, I’m presented with a message indicating “Something went wrong. That was unexpected. Let’s give it another try.” I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it has not fixed anything. I am uninstalling the app and canceling the subscription, I don’t have the time or wherewithal to spend any more effort on this garbage.
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11 months ago, Largettron
Horrible VPN
The call protect feature works absolutely wonderful! Especially having the option of sending calls from those not in my contacts to voice mail. I hardly ever get spam calls. Also reporting and blocking spam calls and text messages is a great feature. The VPN however is horrible! It constantly blocks all internet traffic on both of my secure wifi networks and when I’m away from home, it blocks internet and app access. I have to turn it off to use my gas, grocery, and even am unable to sent text messages!! If you turn it off in settings, it just turns itself back on in a few seconds, even if I have auto enable turned off! I’m tired of fighting with it, especially when I’m in a hurry. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app but the issues remain.
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2 years ago, romeplows
Thank you for breaking the app
And also, for forcing an update from the old Mobile Security app, which I’ve had a Plus account for as long as I can remember (and it still shows active on the Call Protect app) that completely rendered this useless. There is no upgrade option and all my info from the Mobile Security app is gone. I’m also pretty sure the developer will just reply with an apology about the experience and to email that account for support but, no need. Just fix it and save the response. Thanks again! AND IT GETS BETTER! After a few hours of trying to upgrade, it finally prompted the pay option. After unsubscribing from the Mobile Security app before trying to upgrade to this, imagine my surprise to see the return of Mobile Security in my subscriptions BUT THIS APP IS NOT REFLECTING THAT and still shows as free. Seriously, fix this nonsense.
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3 years ago, no1mad57
Crashes Have Been Fixed 👍
Your mobile security app crashes every day, I have to delete it and re-install it every time to get it to open up, I have an iPhone 13 and I am running iOS 15.2, I pay 3.99 a month for an app that just doesn’t work, I have reported this problem twice to tech support and NOTHING, please fix this and give us an update ASAP. Thank you for fixing the problem, app works just fine now, support notified me by email telling it was a backend problem and it has been addressed, it has been a few days with no crashes, great job, worth five stars, again thank you.
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1 year ago, Kirk1147
Call log information displayed
This app when your contact has more than one number associated with it the number received is different from the number displayed on the call log. It displays the second number associated with your contact not the number received on an incoming call. Also I have multiple numbers with check marks indicating a verified number but the don’t display them when you goto verified phone numbers category on the call log. You can’t submit a service ticket cuz the “app support” button in the App Store takes you to a AT&T webpage that just takes you in circle. Never gives you the option to submit a ticket. All this has been this way since active armor was new I sure wish someone would fix these display problems and give us the Avenue to report issues that actually works.
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2 years ago, keylew
Good morning. I received a blocked call notification, however when I open the app. I only get the splash page asking me if I want the monthly subscription or the free subscription. When I choose the free subscription, nothing happens. It just selects the free version, but nothing happens and it remains on the same page. Can’t access anything else on the app. When I access from the ATT mobile app, it displays the number of blocked calls, but I still can’t access it. It states the app is active, but again I can’t access the information. I think some of these calls may not be spam, but I can’t access to see and adjust. I will delete the app until you figure out all the bugs.
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2 years ago, nprfan1
Why are you sunsetting Call Protect?
AT&T Call Protect was exactly what I was looking for - it only dealt with detecting and blocking robocalls. Now I'm informed that you are sunsetting Call Protect and telling us to replace it with this app, which has extra features I do not want or need, with no way to deactivate them. I tried deleting Call Protect and replacing it with this app and had all kinds of problems. I wound up deleting this piece of junk and reinstalling Call Protect. Please do not - repeat, DO NOT - sunset Call Protect. It does what it was designed to do quite well, and I do not want all these extra features. I will not be reinstalling this app unless you give me some way of using only the Call Protect features, which is currently impossible. If you insist on sunsetting Call Protect I will be forced to look for another app that does exactly what that app was designed to do.
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1 year ago, bjmantis
Can’t access free version
I downloaded this for my iPhone 13 when ATT stopped supporting Call Protect. Whenever I tried opening it to access the screens shown on the description of the app, I got an error message saying that it couldn’t authenticate my account. Several chats and calls to ATT just wasted my time, by the hours! Finally a technical expert told me I could only access the information I wanted was to pay monthly for it. ATT had written that Active Armor was the free replacement for Call Protect. This was misleading and not explained when I obtained the app. I believe the app is functioning as it was designed to, but is completely opaque to the users of the free version. Unless they allow me to access the information promised into the app presentation, I’m giving them only one star because of the hours of frustration it has caused me.
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2 years ago, LupeLu54
Too many dropped callers and call failed
Downloaded this app and set it up. Immediately started getting dropped calls right in the middle of talking to someone. Screen would display Call Failed. Reviewed all of my phone settings and could not find any conflicts. This continued constantly for a couple of weeks. Then I deleted this app. The problem stopped. Thinking maybe some other update on my phone fixed a problem I reloaded this app on my phone. Immediately the problem started again. So I am deleting this app again and will not use it. Hope the developers fix this problem whatever it is as they are suppose to be providing a way to address the spam call problem but if they build on app that doesn’t work then they are not providing the service they are required to provide.
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2 years ago, Archaeo80
Not as good as the previous att call protect
I’m guessing they’re trying to do too many things at once. Who needs att to monitor their web activity? The call protect is slow to update, and I t doesn’t block as many calls preemptively. That means you have to open the app to manually report spam and robocalls. The first issue with this is you can receive a call and open the app to report/block it, but sometimes it won’t show up in the list (maybe for a few hours). The second issue is the app itself is slow to respond when you press the buttons to select block call or report a call. Hopefully they start to update this more frequently because it has a lot of performance issues compared to their previous app!
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5 years ago, Mama kg1
At AT&T ‘s request 😣
I loaded the Security app and my iPhone started being strange - couldn’t go from Safari to Mail, just got a back signal which I couldn’t click on as it would appear only when I clicked on Mail button at top then it would disappear. Went through a Chat with agent and I was told to do a Reset. I went through General Settings, clicked on the Reset and got the warning it would put my iPhone back to Factory and I’d lose all my apps, messages, Mail, etc. During the Chat I raised my concerns, first I was told to not Reset and the very next message was told to Reset. Needless to say, I left the Chat and removed the Security App. My iPhone now works like it did and I can now go from one app to another easily, like it is SUPPOSED TO WORK!!! Very disappointed that AT&T programmers apparently did not check the app out before sending to their consumers!!! 😣☹️😐😒
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