Atlantic City Electric

4.6 (3.5K)
132.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
An Exelon Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Atlantic City Electric

4.63 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Wish app would stay
The app will not continue to work on my iPhone 7. Every time that I go to use the app I have to reset the app like I’m a new person. It does have my information saved but Once I use the app I have to delete the app in order for it to work again next month. I don’t know if I’m the only person that has this problem but I’ve been just dealing with it. It’s annoying but the app works great it just doesn’t stay
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4 years ago, Rathaken
Great App
I really like the app. Currently only use it to view my bill and statements. I wished my payment account would show up on the app like it does on the website (pc) version. I can only make the payments on my pc. Don’t want to have to add my account again on the app. Other than that, the features are pretty good and user friendly. Loving the updates and added features both on app and website. Keep up the good work 👌🏽
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2 years ago, Fiery1125
Constantly calling to get my bill corrected
I have two homes. The one I don’t live in from November to April I have to call monthly to get my bill corrected. I should only have to pay a connection fee, but I get charged $200 instead of the $6. If you could just get this right (reading a meter) you would have been a 5 star
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2 years ago, Stoner&Mister
AC Electric Employees working during heat wave
I would like to thank all of the Atlantic City electric employees that have prepared for, and are working during this heat wave, thank you for your service to keep our power lines going with electricity so that we may have air conditioning… Carolyn S.
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9 months ago, CLC383
Electric bills
I have two electric accounts but this app will not let me link my second account to it even with Atlantic City electric support i don’t know what to do ! If you call it says pay another bill after paying the other one but here there’s no add a account option anywhere please fix this I personally would appreciate it thanks
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3 years ago, woody lover ; )
Easy and Convenient App
I really like how easy and convenient this app is. Makes paying my bill a breeze. Just a few clicks and done. Now if we could just get South Jersey Gas to use the same technology I wouldn’t mind paying that bill either so easily lol
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7 months ago, Kathy Hanks
This is a great help
I can control my bills better buy checking ahead I have mostly gas and 2 people household . Hang clothes on outside line and wash clothes before busy hours. Love knowing ahead what my bill is.
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2 years ago, JWM2381
Horrible company
Estimated my meter for 10 months then after finally doing their job and getting actual reading slammed me with astronomical bill.
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1 month ago, Larrylgs
The app is easy
I like utilizing the app because it makes everything easy to look up and track my usage.
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2 years ago, Dadoo for you
Sooooo much better!
The phone app is infinitely better than the previous AC electric data application. Much appreciated.
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3 months ago, KellySchill
Can’t view my payment plan
I did the payment plan because I was behind, but every time I check my balance, it says I owe zero, when I look on the actual site it says I owe 970 something… That is just an estimate. I would like to be able to go on the app and see all of my activity all of my payments, when they are due in the future, etc.
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3 years ago, chuckypete
This app is a huge improvement for viewing my electric bill!
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2 years ago, mmborabora
Bill won’t show
PLEASE fix this issue! My bill has not ever appeared in this new App. I’ve been contacted twice by a special team to try and resolve this, but nobody can figure out why my bill data won’t show. I haven’t been able to pay or view my bill through the App in months.
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3 years ago, Dokie3556555
Cannot log in
I cannot login to this app or the website. We were previous customers and evidently there’s a glitch with our email address. Several calls to customer service and the problem still isn’t fixed.
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3 years ago, njmedson
Can never login
Always get an error message. Sorry, That didn’t quite work. Try again later. Not sure of the features since it never works. Password is correct because when I purposely use the wrong password I get a different error message. No real support offered when I tried to get help.
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2 years ago, FB -pickleball
App is terrible
There are too many glitches and the app takes forever to load and then it logged you out automatically saying your session has run out and I haven’t even been on there more than a minute. You need to upgrade your app
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1 year ago, Ann560
Easy to use
Great app very easy to use , and easy to navigate
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3 years ago, laur_laur7587
Leave things the way they were
Should have never updated the app now I can’t login to my account now not only that it will not recognize my user name and password on your website now good job still won’t work still telling me I don’t exist
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11 months ago, Trhiddbhj
Cannot sign in
This app is abysmally bad. I can’t sign in, then it locks me out of my online account , and I have no access to my bill until I can a representative during business hours, and convince them to let me in without my account number.
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1 year ago, AFA 243
Extremely Frustrated
I’ve tried numerous times to register my account on the app, but each time I get an “unable to register. Please try again later.” How many times do I have to try? This app is mismanaged, poorly maintained and useless.
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2 years ago, Nunanp
AC Electric App
The App is well written and I’d give them a 5, but the usage data is not real time. I can’t pull up hourly or daily days as I can at other homes. It’s only last months total usage. For this I give them a 1. Ergo the scope of 3. Her with the program. Enable real time electrical usage monitoring!!!!!
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2 years ago, A little help over here?
Can’t login
Keep getting a “Sorry, that didn’t quite work. Please try again later” error message. Has been this way through the the last few updates for over a year now.
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1 year ago, photoboards
I made serval attempt to get information shot $75 energy rebate for my new refrigerators and nobody has v gotten back to me with the forms I need to complete.
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3 years ago, HUMAN_TSUNAMI
New update is great
Much needed update!! Great job 🙏🏽
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3 years ago, Bella Zayas
Use to love it
I loved this app until the update. Now when I try to sign on a message pops up alerting me that I have timed out and continue I must sign on. This message and I have danced this dance over and over. I should of never updated app.
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3 years ago, Jerrysnj
Outage Map not working
I usually love this app but after the latest update I can’t get the outage map to open on my iPad.
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5 months ago, 6589@
New Meter
AC Electric installed new meter on January 4th and new bill shows more than double previous year and higher usage than summer when air conditioning is running
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1 year ago, Sis McGraw
Late bill posts
Meter gets read in 8th of month & still not posted to the platform on the 11th
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3 years ago, electric19
Bad Move Updating this App
I have a older ipad that will not update this app. I’m on a fixed income and cannot afford a new ipad. You are forcing me to go to paper billing. Good move Ac Electric!
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3 years ago, Aa77D
Session timed out
Tried using Touch ID, my password, deleting app, reinstalling, signed in again and again session timed out.
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4 years ago, ToeKneeHas
This app is much improved.
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3 years ago, McBugger
Could be faster!
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11 months ago, python112862
It’s an app
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3 years ago, AndrzejZak
Don’t work
Keeps telling me that my session expired When I am trying to login. I reset my password with no prevail.
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5 months ago, Heat610
Waste my time
Can’t get through to anyone
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6 months ago, gakarch2
Power restoration
Some consideration should be given to senior housing developments as they are more sensitive to the cold! Thanks!
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3 years ago, Nzacco
New update won’t allow you to sign in
Trash company Trash app Ac electric, should be AC trash 🗑
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9 months ago, Zittit
Will overcharge you as much as possible
Prepaid to overpay
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10 years ago, 479654-evgfuk
Great, but 1 glitch
Handy in a storm to report your power outage and view the outage details. The one glitch I noticed is when viewing past bills, only the most recent bill loads. The rest give errors and don't load. However, they did a good job with the bill interface- when a bill loads, it is easy to read.
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1 year ago, aStephen
Login network error 13
iPhone IOS 16.3.1. Verizon service.
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4 years ago, JC3$
Totally frustrating, clunky, unuserfriendly App. Also unwittingly signed me up for paperless billing which I did not want or see anywhere (must have been embedded in the lengthy user agreement). I initially tried to report a power outage. When I used the telephone customer service number it told me my mobile phone number was not registered to my account and then suggested that I should add the number in “my account.” Downloaded the app and tried, unsuccessfully, to register. I spent 40 minutes twice trying to complete the process, only to get a notice like “there was an error please try again later.” I just want my phone associates my account, but there are no live humans available to help at 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Arrrrrrrgh!!!!!
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5 years ago, barb - overcharge
Over charge
Was recuperating from knee replacement and no one was using home. Sent me bills which I paid on time. Then I got a letter that said oops we made a mistake and they increased the amount I had to pay for each months bill. I received another letter that also said oops we made a mistake and they increased the amount I owed for each month. No matter how many times I talked to someone they wouldn’t or couldn’t understand that they had overcharged me. I eventually had to pay over $1,500 over what they had originally charged me each month. The only thing during the months they overcharged me was the refrigerator and garage door opened. They need to get someone in Customer Service that knows what they are doing. Barbara Burke
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4 years ago, RayElDeBar
App is constantly crashing right after re- entering information again and again. Time for the IT to fix.
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5 years ago, Badgebffr
Now broken and can’t pay
Went to pay my newest bill tonight and was forced to update the app. Now, my checking account info is GONE and when I enter the same info I’ve been using for 2 years to pay, there’s an error saying invalid payment info. Stupid to break the one thing that helps them take money from customers! App has no other means to report the problem other than calling a closed customer service department or posting on their “suggestions” forum.
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4 years ago, Juh5290
I have reset my password three times
For some reason all the people that work for Atlantic City Electric can only change my password but it’s still not working!!!!I I still can’t log into my account!!! It always says try again later!!! It is so frustrating I just want to pay you guys and maybe after I pay you, you can pay your crappy app developers to upgrade this hunk of junk!!! Maybe pay them enough to completely redo this atrocity!!!!
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4 years ago, Grimrpr9
Facial recognition PW
Update this stupid app to use facial recognition to unlock since you can’t use the finger print anymore. Everyone else uses it, why don’t you! Let’s get with it.
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12 years ago, DigmDesigner
Power outages updated quickly
During a storm, great app to see when power will be restored and where outages are. The map was updated very promptly.
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8 years ago, BigstevieP
Doesn't work
App allows you to see your past and present bills but does not allow you to pay. It's says a new version and apple update must be installed when trying to pay bill. Apple updated is 2-3 times than required. New version won't install. Tried deleting and reinstalling but no luck. Problems. They f'd it up! It worked and was very easy to pay before. You'd think they'd fix it to get my money! Very dumb!
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5 years ago, BizBringeR
Just CALL them
Their website and mobile app are flawed. They don’t put any time into it. It rarely works, if at all. You wont see your account. If you do, you wont be able to pay. You know what? Go ahead and try it, you’ll see what i’m talking about. I want the person responsible to try navigating through their own website so he can correct this monstrosity. Vent complete. Just call them.
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12 years ago, 456788865323567
Works well.. Most of the time
App is great for viewing & paying your bill. App crashes if too many people are trying to access the outage map at the same time.
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