- Homes for Sale

4.6 (8.7K)
65.7 MB
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Current version
Ten-X, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for - Homes for Sale

4.65 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Jjohanssjj
Foreclosure and REO properties and where to get them
The app works, its simple, it shows me their latest database of properties and allows me to save properties to acquire more information via email or otherwise on their status as well as where and when auctions are held. There is online bidding for some properties but keep in mind buying REO and foreclosures at public auction is a step beyond what youll get from this app but it gives you a starting point and data to do so.
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7 years ago, Smokingmaninblonger
Good app
Ok, first thing the app itself is wonderful and works perfectly, IF YOU WIN THE AUCTION, BE PREPARED TO GET THE MONEY TO THE CLOSING COMPANY! I almost didn’t get it on time and they will only take wire trans. You’ll also need to take a pic of the receipt to prove you sent it. Also you must provide proof that you have funds available. With a screenshot of your acct bal with your name in it. I had to get a letter from my bank bc I couldn’t provide the screenshot as my online account doesn’t show my name with the bal I think they said they will take the most recent statement too. The most aggravating thing was that I had to speak to a different person each time I called them B.C. the rep they assigned refused to call me back or answer his phone. I haven’t closed yet but it should go smoothly.
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5 years ago, xxxLike A Bossxxx
This is a GAINT wast of time
This app and company are a fraud!!! They said there NO BUYERS Premium, but that is not true!!! Let me explain to you how they make money by screwing you over! They are automatically bidding against you on every auction to drive up the prices. Once the bid amount get close to the secret reserve amount ( for example $139K and this is a educated guess because I have done my research on the property) and my current bid is at $125k, they will come in at and increase bid up to $136k. This put me in a bad spot, because the bid increments are only in $10k, so if I bid again, I will have to go to $146k. They only have to collect the $139K to satisfy the bank, so they get to pocket the extra $7K for their “services” even though they claim not to charge BUYERS PREMIUM! This company is extra deceptive!!! BE AWARE!!!
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6 years ago, JMVan
Going going going
I like this app and TenX because it’s transparent. I do wish there were more online auctions over COURT HOUSE STEP auctions. I don’t usually bother doing a cost analysis on CHS auctions unless they are in my home town. I may be very interested in the property, but if it’s live,then, am usually out. Plus, the online sales come with a disclosure report. Even with the many in person live auctions on the site it’s a very good app to have for real estate investors or anyone interested in finding good value for their hard-earned money.
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9 months ago, fun and fit!
Real Time Updates and excellent customer service
This app is great at keeping you updated with immediate actions, which is especially important in the midst of bidding. When you become close to winning a big, a rep reaches out to help you through the process so it's smoother when you win. I didn't expect that but certainly appreciate it, especially with this being a new process for me. World class.
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5 years ago, Bugsy1959
Didn’t work 1st time
It was Saturday morning- decided to go ahead and take the plunge and bid on this house! I hit submit- sorry server error- Contact office. As I said- it’s Saturday morning! So I thought someone’s watching over me- just don’t bid! Office closed -call back Monday! So I talked to my husband, he said try again- same thing- then it said your bid has been accepted! So that’s a little scary to think I almost hit submit bid again and would have bid another $10,000 had I not been paying attention! The estimate of value on this house is over $100,000 off- high- I guess if you do your homework you know that, but I can research all the houses Overall it was fun and worked- I got out bid twice and reserve still has not been met - so bank will let the house sit there and rot down and I might get it even cheaper! Not sure where the banks brain comes into play on that part of this!
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1 year ago, well that what i think
Create a line of credit for approved buyers.
I wish they would give us some kind of line of credit for those that use it frequently. So we don’t put money in and take it out so much. I don’t want to leave $500,000 to $1,000,000 in someone else’s account. Waiting for a property to come to auction.
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4 years ago, Michael Slackwr
Good app
This is a good app. It’s helped me a lot in making good decisions. It takes a lot of research and communication to provide information for apps such as realestate foreclosures, with that said; the app list most foreclosure listings but misses some. Sometime it’s missing critical information such as “beginning bid”. If you want to know the time of the auctions and beginning bid, you have to call the law firm handling the foreclosure which will be one of five or more different law firms so keep a list of phone numbers. Good luck and do your research.
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5 years ago, WesR88
Needs improvement
Cons: It is nearly (if not completely) impossible to update a credit card with out calling customer service. I also don’t like that if I am registered to bid on more than one property, I have a $2,500 hold on my card for each property. I am a flipper/whole seller and this ties up a lot of my ability to work on other properties for several days after the auction is over. Pros: Easy to navigate. E-mail updates are nice and informative.
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5 years ago, Frinds & Frinds
It’s has some many things into it, but need sometime to learn the app. All the information in there it’s useful for every single investor or real estate management business. Looking forward to see more useful information in the future. Inside property picture will be helpful for viewing the property or any house.
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3 years ago, M Hayley
My experience with this app was absolutely dreadful. I registered to bid on a house which resulted in a $2500 holding fee in which I couldn’t get back until the Saturday after the auction ends. I never got it back and had to wait until the following Monday when they were open to call customer service. Customer service informed me that they sent the money and that “it was an issue with my bank”. I called my bank right after that and they told me that I never got my money back. So I’m currently filing a dispute. I’m just very stressed out, disappointed, and disgusted.
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2 years ago, 123$@85
I love this app
I enjoy seeing what’s out there. With the corona thing it would be helpful if you update the auctions as to online or actual court house. Another issue is I was told while I was at a court house that I had to sing up for a particular property a week ahead of the auction. Thanks, Jim
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1 year ago, Ironman89till
Over valued homes to increase commission
One thing I hate about this company is that they get comparables to price the home and some how the home is worth $200,000 more than comparables. How in the flying cartwheel does that happen? 1. It’s an auction home and should already be priced lower because of condition, 2. How do you get comparables of similar homes costing $200,000 less and somehow come up with such a high estimate? My theory is to push that commission, because you’re not doing anyone any favors by over estimating the homes estimated value.
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5 years ago, mdv_215
Great way into another avenue for purchase ...
I am going thru personal issues where a mortgage isn’t going to work for me. However being in a position where I’m able to buy outright was something far from my mind. I came across this app and it’s been a tremendous Hope builder for me, and the information provided gets my foot in the door to want to go further and research.
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5 years ago, Cat1653
Waste of time
There has been a house with a resale value of $225 K if repaired . This house is just sitting and getting more and more in disrepair . Nobody has won the bid because apparently knuckle heads at bank thinks it’s going to be worth more the longer it sits . House isn’t worth more than 75K and I have seen the winning bid go over 100 K . This house has been on this site for over a year . This app should require a opening bid so that people don’t waste their time with bankers that could care less how bad of shape they let these houses get that could be someone’s home .
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2 years ago, Yomamma123499
Easy to use
I like this app. If you go to Zillow or realtor to look for a house it always refers you to this app. The only thing I don’t like which probably has nothing to do with the app is once the bidding closes it still continues if that makes sense.
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4 years ago, grumpy 43
Houses for auction
So far, I like the way the website is set up. It is easy to get around and get up to date information. I have not been to an auction yet, but I am looking forward to see how they are run. My husband and I are looking for a forever home. And this might be the way to go.
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2 years ago, sticky options
A little trouble
I love the app but I do notice when picking options such as to filter on ways to bid as online, direct it will still show a considerable amount of properties that require in person bids and this was Not my selection. This causes me confusion, and a lot of time wasted searching through them when it should simply be deserting the in-person bid option
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3 years ago, Winn IV
Great App
This app is quick & easy to use. Push notifications keep you up to date on property & property auction status with push notifications. No annoying email overload. Great resource for the professional investor or the individual with a small scale investment property side gig or beginner just getting into real estate buying.
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2 years ago, HalnHI
Good app
The app works great, could use a few improvements like searching for specific criteria without being limited by each state. Other than small things like that it’s a solid platform.
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2 years ago, JuVision
This doesn’t seem like a real auction… what’s with the reserve price…? Why not just start bidding at your reserved price? It’s kinda ridiculous.. I’ve bid on the same house for 4 months. I won every time but the “reserve price” wasn’t met… If the reserves price is shown we as the consumer can decide if we want to meet that price.. it’s so deceptive to hide the real price and take our money knowing it’s a high probability that we won’t win the house under market value.. Be transparent! Show the reserve price!
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2 years ago, DW70
Mostly good
Some of the navigation is a little challenging, but the listing are information-rich. I would say that the suggested resale values look inflated. Based on comps, with emphasis on the closest one (both in proximity and time), properties look overvalued, which could entice a bidder to overbid on a foreclosure, thinking he/she could resell at an unrealistic value.
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4 years ago, Pararomancewriter
App works good!
Overall the app works great. This app makes tracking auctions a lot easier than the website and give you a real time countdown on the auctions. My only complaint is that it asks me to log in too often. But that’s a very minor issue.
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10 months ago, drax57
It shows you a lot more in one place
With out this app these houses will definitely be bought by investors and big corporations. The single family homes will always be the most desirable property. This app helps keep these homes in the ownership of hard working Americans.
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4 years ago, bezeeking
Home searching?!
It’s a great app, it helps me out with searching for homes that I may purchase in the future I would recommend many people to this app! You can get a great deal for your family or many opportunities for investments. So check it out!
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6 years ago, MKE runner
Love the app
It condenses everything down to one app and I no longer have to really do much research outside of the app as they have everything in one. Each update comes with more stuff I didn’t realize would be even more helpful. 👍🏻👍🏻
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5 years ago, Frogpond LLC
Needs undated!!
I have bought several houses through this app! Love what they bring to the app BUT it could use some updating!! To many houses that have been sold or canceled are still on the app and have not been deleted. Some are several months old! Once it sells it needs to be removed! Other than that I love it:)
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5 years ago, SacSM
Can’t access saved searches from app
Great app with useful information but it doesn’t make sense that I can create/save searchesin the app but can’t access my saved searches from the app, only via website. Also, sorting options while in list view would be great. Please address and fix.
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2 years ago, KJ5306
Love the interface and responsiveness on the app. One thing that would make the app better is a better interface for the chat and contact info while using the app.
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1 year ago, Brady Neal
Good site for home buyers, be they investors or regular home buyers! Wish they had inside pics and back of home pics! When they r corner home take front back of garage and back of home please!
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4 years ago, NABTHEPROPHET
I believe this app gives people who believe they can become a great landowner and etc, but the reason for one star ⭐️ less is for there are many things that’s under $25,000, but my research with all availability is the reason for wondering is this app for just those who already are 🤑?
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1 year ago, ZombieJim333
Once they showed me it got easier
Showed up to a live auction and they helped me out. There’s been a lot of updates, but once you figure out the tricks it’s a great tool. Watching the bidding live is fun.
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5 years ago, Kunlito
Easy to use & liking the map
I really don’t have complaints with the app. I’ve resent my started using the map & that’s made the experience better as far as being really close to locations I want.
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1 year ago, snix2051
The process was smooth and easy with our last purchase. Sometimes you can get a gem if you hold out long enough.
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5 years ago, leannanelson
Wish we had access to all the forms. Or notification reminder that the auction is nearing the end. Contact info of the broker who listed the property would be nice. I was very pleased that I actually was able to talk to a live person when I called with questions. I am new to property auctions.
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8 months ago, Patarr:-)
Property info opens in safari
What is even the point of the app? Whenever I click on a property, it opens in safari. I downloaded the app to browse properties, but I can’t even view them fully in the application. As far as I can tell there’s no setting to change this.
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1 year ago, M Gooch
Ms Gooch
I’ve purchased before. This is so convenient and worth buying from. Thank you for making the site easy to use and available to all.
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1 year ago, OcassionalUser
Easy to navigate
I find all pertinent information within seconds of searching for it.
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1 year ago, Tall Tom San Diego
Weird Malfunction makes unusable.
When I use map search (for area) it immediately pans to whole US and no longer lists enough houses in area i am looking. It’s weird because it was working fine a few minutes ago and I have several properties saved that now no longer show on list. So now I cannot see current listings in any specific area.
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4 years ago, siebertt
Good App
Does what it states and that’s a hard thing to come by now a days. Enjoy the constant updates of properties. Easy to use. Correct information. What more could you ask for?
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2 years ago, Ben Trucks
Not a true auction!
This “product” is ridiculously labeled as an auction site. Reserve prices are above market, especially when property condition is taken into account. Bank owned properties are often still occupied by former owners. This limits one’s ability to inspect or assess a true value. Once actual bidding begins, “false” system generated counter bids are placed by the site 🙄 THIS IS A HUGE WASTE OF TIME FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED (except for the site and the bank)
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5 years ago, shoib brohi
Shoib Brohi
Quick question form you guys If you win the bid what’s the process and how the payment option work ? Gotta pay everything upfront or we can do hard loan or conventional loan from bank ? Plz reply
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9 months ago, dvivid
Web site and Service as well as customer service getting better and more helpful ..
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2 years ago, Goldielocks2go
I just missed a great deal but I didn’t pay attention to the information listed in the app. Should have attended and got the great deal listed.
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2 years ago, Cabinet trim paint
Horrible app
Everytime you click on a property and then want to return to the search, it brings you back to the beginning of your search. So you are hesitant to even click a property unless you are really interested. It won’t allow you to sort by those with an opening bid amount. So if you search “low to high” it will display all the TBD.
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2 years ago, HarleyJeepMan
Used it like it
Could be easier on knowing what all I have to pay though. I don’t see why there can’t be a breakdown of what the buyer will have to pay for like back taxes, etc.
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1 year ago, rcjinfzy
Great marketplace
Been using this as my way to stay informed of various locations inventory suupper helpful and I find most of the information is listed accurately.
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5 years ago, mikkid75
Neutral rating
App isn’t always accurate. But, it’s helpful nonetheless. I could take it or leave it. There’s a bit too much inaccurate “estimation” until just a couple of days prior to foreclosure day. This app is better for a novice, rather than a true investor who knows how to conduct their own true/accurate research.
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1 year ago, Swoopes28
Doesn’t save
I like the information loaded. I wish I would stay logged in on the app. Also this site gives good info on how to access the auctions for each state, but I just wish a link for that state was included.
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5 years ago, Pragnesh Rabari
Fairly straightforward
It is easy to navigate and find properties. I'd say if they have little more documentation on how to's like how to attend auction and what to expect kind of additions that would be great. Overall still a great app.
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