4.6 (693)
51.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sandhills Global, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AuctionTime

4.6 out of 5
693 Ratings
12 months ago, Charles. 2453
Good stuff
great place great prices easy way to look up easy place to five thank you
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2 years ago, farmboy@6'5"
Update is Awful
Please bring back old user platforms. I thought I would get used to it but after months still is awful and can’t get used to it most of the problem is it the only app in history that when you hit the back button it takes you all the way to the beginning of the filtering through items. So when you get done looking at a model or brand and decide to look at a different model or a brand and you hit the back arrow it takes you to the beginning and you have to start all over! They want you to hit the filter button and just change it from there but no Internet or any other platform and existence operates that way, so like I said after a few mother I thought I would get the hang of it but no way. Please again fix this or bring back old platform!
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10 months ago, Redrider 4876
App freezes up
Looking through auction results it always freezes n goes back to beginning of list. TractorHouse site is very poorly layed out and gone down hill for ease of use. BigIron has become my top choice for auction use & app & website navigation. I have lots of farmers I work with on weekly basis that have switched away due to lack of listening to farmer input & design of website & research ability on your site.
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5 years ago, Rural55
The latest update logged me out and now I am unable to log back in. Can use my credentials online, but the app won’t accept them. App easy to use and extremely functional. Only downside is that audio doesn’t work when viewing product videos.
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1 year ago, pete donkersluit
Need to be able to sort by distance away.
The app works good. It would be very handy to be able to sort listings by distance from a location like you can do on the browser.
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5 years ago, ClayEllison
AwfulTime not AuctionTime
More than once I was logged out while watching an item that I was a leading bidder on to log back in and found out I had lost. The staff does not care about getting people the most money for their property at all. On a scale of 1-10 of scammers I’d put them dead even with that Nigerian Prince that needs you to send him $100 so he can access his millions and he’ll later reward you.
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11 months ago, eddy maldoon
Auction time
is very helpful. It helps me keep up with a lot of different equipment prices
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6 years ago, Levi3387
I bought a pickup header off of here for my combine and in the description it said new and when i went to get it it was used the fingers on the belts were half worn out i suggest that they need to take more pictures of things i have seen combines on here with one or two pictures and they need more so buyers know what there getting
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5 years ago, BisonRancher1
Update from last review
Working Great, Thank You for fixing!!
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2 months ago, Daniel Sohl
App viewing
I would love the app, but every time I scroll down and click on something and back out of it it goes right back to the top of the search, and I have to scroll all the way back down to where I was
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11 months ago, wes_2152
Too many liars out there misrepresenting a bunch of crap for sale , Not all of them but a lot !!! Anything that runs with the motor should require a video no exceptions and not some lousy 15 second one like your see on Purple wave. Thanks
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6 years ago, Lit'L Domo
Hidden bidders
I think this auction site is a scam because of hidden bettors I believe you played against the owner of the property or the auction company to drive the prices extremely hot there are no bargains on this auction site I’d rather go to live auctions within my state or other states
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7 months ago, Marquette 99
I would think by now that someone would have figured out how to make the sit more user friendly
I would shop a lot more if it was easier to find things I want
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4 months ago, a dumbacrat
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2 years ago, madog45
Login issues
When it logs you out you can’t log back in . Definitely has issues .
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3 years ago, pksouth
Poorly designed
Just a terribly designed app. Can’t filter results from location. Deleted after about 5 minutes. The website isn’t much better but I guess it’ll have to do.
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4 months ago, wds2013
Works fine for a minute. Then all sudden just clears everything and says no results on everything.
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2 years ago, Longhornssuck
I can’t find a way to check a specific online auction so this is worthless to me and I’ll be deleting the app.
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1 year ago, Dantheman335
Logged me out and cant long in
Since like a week ago I was logged outta my account and I can’t log back in. All it says is logging failure.
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3 years ago, wagyuspokane
Login issues
Can’t lo into site using app but works on internet.
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2 years ago, prodcat
Seller’s feedback
Why no seller feedback for customers this is big problem.
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1 year ago, JDboy8200
The old format for all of Sandhills apps were 100 times better
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8 months ago, Hunger96
Not fun to use
I find this very hard to navigate very unfriendly
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3 years ago, global warming debunker
Problems intentionally not pictured
I bought a trailer with Bent tarp supports and a patch in one hopper - all conveniently not pictured.
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9 years ago, TheRealDxcv
Works as expected
Its great! I am able to search, view, and bid on AuctionTime listings while on the road. Before I found this app, I had to try and bid on the website from my phone, which was not easy.
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11 years ago, bhayes420
Good app
Delivers what it promises. Have found a few really good buys on it. Would recommend.
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11 years ago, I do not have a nickname.
Bad app, bad company, zero stars.
The app is defective, others have noticed and signaled the error yet the company has not fixed the problem in two years. Clearly, they don't care. The category listings show up double, triple and even more times each listing, as you scroll down and "more" listings are loaded. The current bids section only shows three listings. When you click on "show all" it gives a blank list and an error message stating that the connection has been lost and you should reload, however, no amount of reloading can fix this problem that persists for years. Don't download this waste of storage on your device.
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13 years ago, Lill John
Seems to be a good app, however I'm unable to register as it seems to crash every time you try and register. Have to give it two stars as I believe the IT folks should have all the bugs worked out before providing the app to the public.
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12 years ago, Danerd100
Great app
The app works great, the one suggestion I can make is that the scrolling for "specifications" and "general comments" section is sort of awkward. You should make it scroll with the whole page, not in separate sections
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9 years ago, Jacob699
Recent problems
The app used to work well now it has problems that affect searching and browsing inventory.
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13 years ago, Big red fisherman
Good app needs update
Bid button crashes in ios 5 hope they get it fixed soon also please make an iPad app. Otherwise awesome.
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7 years ago, EricGarlock
This works great!
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12 years ago, Easy Victor
App is worthless
Like other reviews before-app completely craps out during registration and will not reload. Makes you wonder If the real application is to steal passwords. Why can't we have the option to give zero stars??
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10 years ago, Indiana Farmer
Please fix your ap
Great ap when it works. It needs work will not open up.
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9 years ago, Kss1427
Still poor
When you go to use the search, by tapping the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, the app quits. Still not working.
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10 years ago, Jet Dashyo
No longer works
Too bad. I wish it still worked. They lose out on a lot of people that can't get it to work anymore
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12 years ago, Sonomaman1
WAS excited
Worked at first. But after I put in all my info, stopped working. Won't open on my phone. Fix it so I can start bidding!
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9 years ago, Njovee
Need to fix
When you try and do a detailed search the app closes out. Please fix.
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10 years ago, TAHANKS
Not working
This app stopped working after I updated to iOS 8. Hope they get it working soon.
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9 years ago, BDolph
Gave up
Had trouble browsing for weeks. Not convenient
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10 years ago, Kinger8383 (username)
Crashing now 5-6-14 Switching from marketbook to auction time. Glicthy and crashing, please fix/update thank you.
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13 years ago, Cjmillentllc
Love to buy with your app IF IT WORKED! Good idea anyway. All your reviews say it crashed. Huh? Fix it! Fix it will try again. Deleted for now
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10 years ago, Matt4521
Doesn't work at all. Wish it would
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10 years ago, Oliver2655
Since the aug upgrade it won't load on my phone
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12 years ago, WP excavator
Crashes after registration.
Please fix!!!!
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13 years ago, Bluv$$
Nice app!!
Love the app! Need an easier way to log in. App won't recognize when your logged in and crashes when you try to move down on the bid screen everytime. Keep up the good work, won't take much more to be really nice. Thanks
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1 year ago, Jerkkelly @A.T.
Tedd’s Electric
This company is a scam … Funny how I won the item but the auction company never awarded it to me and after trying to find out what happened , the item started back up after 5 minutes??? After filing a complaint the customer service guy was a complete jerk ( Kelly )… They screwed me out of $4300.00 Don’t buy or sell anything from this company as they are scammers and will treat you like trash if you have any issues… Wow look at all the bad reviews …. Tedd
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