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Katsura Shareware
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2 years ago
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10.9 or later
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User Reviews for AudioTest

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4 years ago, B'bba
Excellent App, Excellent Developer!
I’ve used this app for many years. It has frequently come in handy for many different kinds of audio work. It is highly configurable, and has a massive feature set. Works very well, and is very easy to understand. Such a bargain! I don’t know what I’d do without this app!
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4 years ago, Jonny Otter
Versitle, but with a significant deficiency
The one problem is that the volume slider is not scaled well for selecting low frequencies. That is that it is very difficult to adjust the low frequency with the slider. I realize you can type in a value, but if you re hunting a specific frequency (such as a low frequency resonance) the slider is pretty useless. Another feature that would be really useful would be a left-right balance control (db calibrated lik the vonulme controls). Otherwise it works well. Unfortunately, I have to seek out another app with more fine control.
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4 years ago, UDS Music
Does one thing. Does it perfect.
Everyone who uses their Mac for serious audio needs this simple, intuitve, and solid app. From generating (and exporting!) waves, noise, frequency sweeps, phase alignment and more, this is the go-to app you need to quality reference and test tones.
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4 years ago, Endymion42
Frequency sweep time doesn't work
Very disappointing. Sweep time is fixed at 10 seconds no matter what I put in the sweep time dialog box.
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3 months ago, RobertusMaximus
Great App!
Great App! I am really enjoying using it! Easy to use interface. Everything works as advertised!
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1 year ago, FizzleBinz
can't choose device output. Playback device always gets confused if audio interface is removed or added while app is running.
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10 years ago, g4mm4s
A very handy tool
I purchased this so I could quickly calibrate several sets of monitors without having to use a small clip of uncorrelated pink noise that I’ve been loading up into my DAW for years. It sets up quickly and is easy to dial in. It's got a lot of other features and can generate various waveforms which could potentially be used in analysis for room treatment or further monitor frequency response calibration. It also allows me to select the output independently of what Core Audio is set to, so I can send the noise out of a separate interface if necessary. Overall, a great purchase that now resides in my daily go-to applications.
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9 years ago, mark@danielhertz
great audio test software
Audio Test is a great program and I highly recommend it. It’s easy to use and well designed, very useful for frequency response measurements especially through wireless systems to see the response of the overall signal throughpath. I use Audio Test to show how the compact DH M10 speaker has good response to 35Hz, right off my Mac and via wireless, it blows people away. Audio Test is a "must have."
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10 years ago, vividFan1284
Well worth the money
I used to have a CD that filled this need. But, I’ve misplaced the CD over the years. This is app is probably cheaper than a replacement CD and allow much greater control. I bought it a half hour ago and have already got my monies worth out of it. Thanks Katsura.
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12 years ago, Mojamster
Delivers !
I am an engineer, musician, scientist and this app does exactly what I needed it for and more. I love the fact that I can save frequencies for recall later. Great job ! First Sound generator I ever used was the old desk top models and I was right at home with this virtual version. Thanks !
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8 years ago, Rich Rein
Bought to test Subwoofer settings
Can set frequencies easily. Wish sweep could be sweep up then down.
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