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User Reviews for Autodesk Construction Cloud

4.69 out of 5
17.6K Ratings
1 year ago, arenuiop
Assistant Super/Quality Control Man. @ Teal Construction
I am somewhat of a beginner when it comes to PlanGrid Build. I was introduced to PB about two years ago, and I could not make it through one day without it now. Having an entire set of prints with me, right here in my tablet at all times is awesome. Not to mention being able to pull up an RFI, to discuss an issue while half a mile from the trailer is top notch. I haven’t even began to talk about the ability to take and log photos at the push of a button, “literally”…push of a button.. what’s that you say,?? Can I edit photos and markup prints?? The answer is yes. Everything you need is right here on PGBuild. And no I am not a paid spokesman for PGB, just an extremely satisfied customer.. good day to all and be safe.
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3 years ago, T Jace
Great option if team is fully committed, not for everyone
I am an HVAC contractor. I was was talked into using this by a builder I worked with in order to “play ball”. Initially, I was stoked about this. We took the training, and I thought this was the best thing I had seen! Then we started using it, and I quickly realized it’s only a timesaver if everyone on the team (builder side & fellow subs) use it, otherwise it is a management headache for the few dedicated people that are committed. I burned out after a couple projects, and now use something else that fits why I do at a lot lower cost, and is not tied into a closed ecosystem. This only works well if the entire team uses it, otherwise you are back to static PDF’s & chasing plan revisions. Some of the tools are great like the measuring tools. Others that are basic drawing tools for highlighting/markups are very outdated, limited & clunky to use. The worst part of this is the contract. If you decide you don’t want this anymore, make sure you give the required 30 day notice. When I inquired to how to cancel, I was told that I was stuck with it because I didn’t give the required notice, and was referred to the contract. Nice. Of course we are stuck with the contract, but when the response I receive is a “gotcha” it didn’t improve my outlook on their customer service
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1 year ago, iree75
Good for plans … not much for anything else
Where to start.. The positive: great markup tool for plans and reliable distribution to the field personnel … The negative: The administration of this tool is horrible if you have anymore than a handful of users and projects. We have over 100 and 70 users … need to add a new user to each project ? Go to every project and add their email … type their email in wrong ? oh too bad there are no checks to see if that email exists within your org. File uploading has no granularity of settings … no hyper links to external files sources … no way to see any cross user metrics except who is modifying project data … no way to see if client apps need to be upgraded … just to start. Some of these things could be fixed via api scripting or the workato automation … so i’m paying for an app i need to script ? Project management tools are worthless at scale. So if you buy this to distribute and collaborate plans … fine.. but it does not scale, and there are cheaper products without the worthless project management part.
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6 years ago, Plumbcr8zy
Great communications toolbox.
I find the use of this in the projects we do to be essential after the free trail period. We are a mechanical company traveling in several directions remodeling major retailers, so imagine all the blueprints I would have to carry. Maintaining the paper work is a breeze with several ways to implement. The instantaneous communication is one of the best thins about this. Documentation is simple with this cloud based system. The only problems I encountered were user error. The support staff at PlanGrid is really committed to helping me in any way possible. Took the time to make sure I knew how to successfully succeed at using this tool. Very Pleasant experience. If thinking about how to speed up the production and planning of a project, I highly recommend this application system. Good job guys.
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6 years ago, Tubyfeyh
I like it, and I’m not ashamed.
PlanGrid has moved from something I casually asked if we would be using on a project to the standard- every project I am on is now on PlanGrid. Passing information between the field and the office has never been easier; fumbling around with full size prints is a thing of the past. Is this app perfect? Not quite. Is it light years ahead of where we were even 2 years ago? Yes. Yes it is. If I could give a 4.5 star review I would, but all of my suggestions so far have at least gotten a response, many have been implemented. Thanks PlanGrid!
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3 years ago, HornetV2
Great app but need other download options
I got into using this app as it’s one used by one of our clients on many different projects. App is great when it comes to access documents and drawings for the project. My only complain is that when accessing a project, it only will allow you to download the whole set of documents related, and when you have many projects as well as using other apps, it is a problem with data download and memory storage. I also use Procore with a different client which allows me to download only the documents I need instead of a whole package worth multiple GBs of data, it’s easier when you’re not on WiFi. Just saying this in here as a suggestion of what could be improved here.
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8 months ago, Bossskrill
Keeps zooming out and plans don’t always show up
This drives me crazy! I would totally give them app 5 stars if it were not for this. We use the documents tab to store and view shop drawings, as well as other documents. Every time i try to zoom into a document or shop drawing it just zoomed right back out and i can’t hardly get anything done. If you are viewing documents on a computer they get real distorted and illegible when you zoom in as well. Also, it has been happening more and more that when i try to view plans some of them won’t show up. Instead i see grey blocks populate on the screen and no drawing. This is ridiculous and i will be contacting Plangrid about this because it is unacceptable. I have to start using Procore when this happens because our GC usesProcore and I don’t have this problem when viewing drawings on Procore.
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2 months ago, Jackies Perkins
1 star review should have been-5 buttt……….
I don’t like to leave a meh 🫤 review on any topic but this one has me feeling like I should worn others not to get scammed like Tomato Ted, or myself, and so many others have mentioned that they were scammed also. Tomato Ted is correct that AutoDesk is a good application however PlanGrid Build has not EVER BEEN A GOOD IDEA. “NeVER LET ALL YOUR HARD WORK BE ENTERED ON THE ACC OR PlanGrid App” I know I am repeating what other people say but when it is true it’s freaking true! Do Not Let this App Have All Your Hard Work 😓!! It took almost 6 months for this app developer to respond to Tomato Ted. That just first contact. I don’t know how long or if the developer ever resolved Tomato Ted’s issues with this app. I don’t think so but I wasn’t there. I can speak to how I’ve not received a response from the developer yet……
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2 years ago, foxtrotmatt
This is a less than honorable company
Warning to anyone considering purchasing this product: engage with this company carefully. In my opinion, this outfit is shady and scurrilous. At our company, we tried to amend our renewal subscription with PlanGrid, but after numerous attempts to contact them - with no success -they finally contacted US to inquire about our payment. It was only then they informed us that the customer has to give them extremely advanced notice for a subscription change or amendment. They were completely unconcerned about our needs and, apparently, our future business. So, we were stuck with a worthless subscription for which we had to pay dearly. This not the action of a decent, honorable company. We will never use this bunch of rogues again. Ever.
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5 years ago, tweeker1892
Almost Perfect
I have been using PlanGrid for a very long time now and it’s worked great until this most recent update. I usually grab the items from a previous floor and copy & paste them into a new floor. When I do that, the pictures from the item I copied are transferred also. This is new and not efficient. Now each of my team members have to delete old pictures to add new. But the thing is when you try to delete the old pictures from the stamp you copied and pasted the pictures from the original stamp are deleted also. This is not good at all. I really hope there’s a quick fix for this.
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4 years ago, seniorsehas
Not as user friendly and horrible billing
I can't stand people who write one start reviews, but, here I am. We were sold and excited on this product as everyone at plan grid told us how easy everything would become once we implement it. We signed up with the agreement that we would get some training. When the "trainer" showed up, he mostly played with his phone and answered nearly every question with "you can find out how to do that on the website." Thanks buddy. One of the biggest reasons we bought in was the promise that PlanGrid would automatically sort out documents once we we upload them. When we asked how to do it he said "it doesn't do that". We promptly cancelled after that "training meeting". I spoke to many people and emailed many people too cancel. Finally I had one of the supervisors tell me the account was cancelled. 10 months later, I have a collections notice from a law office out of Florida. I've emailed plan grid 5 times. They're completely unresponsive. This is the worst experience I've had with any product in the industry. It not only didn't work as it was sold to us, the whole company is unresponsive.
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1 year ago, SHIELDFPI
PlanGrid has been a great app. When it was originally launched prior to being purchased by Autodesk, they took field input & implemented the changes along with listened to what issues were found & corrected them. The system still works good but there is one bug that I reached out to PlanGrid to get fix but they haven’t corrected it. This issue is when writing on the pics or on the drawings with the Ipencil, it detects the palm of the hand & creates a line from hand to tip of pencil. Wish they would resolve this issue.
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2 months ago, solarsparky
This is the best. Hands down
We have been migrating to procore over the past year, and this app is so much better. As a field user of both apps, literally side by side, on my iPad, I can assure you this is the best. I have created hundreds of QA, deficiency, and punchlist inspection reports, in the past several years, and nothing comes close. The functionality of the tools, the layout of the reports, the easy user interface, customizable. Get this app, and remember, I’m jealous
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1 year ago, Mr. Gomez Sr
Poor Support and Terrible billing practices
Our crews used to love using PlanGrid and preferred it over some of the other popular Construction Collaboration applications for iOS. Since they where bought out by Autodesk the support and billing practices have made us turn away from the application. We have 2 clients that haven’t switched they’re systems over to Procore yet but plan on doing this year. The Application interface is out of date and needs a refresh. Their Customer support is only available via email. When you have billing issues they lock you out of your account and freeze your projects, making you revert back to paper plans. Stay away from PlanGrid and any Autodesk related software.
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1 year ago, Thai Eater
Autodesk Construction Cloud is not PlanGrid…
This app is not PlanGrid. It’s Autodesk Construction Cloud. The majority of these reviews are for PlanGrid and thus not relevant to the App under which these reviews now live. With that said, Procore is 10 times better in every aspect. I am an owner/developer using 3rd party CM’s. 7 of my projects are in Procore and one is Autodesk. I can’t stand the project that is in Autodesk. Drawing management and viewing, submittal interface, searching, viewing, routing, is terrible. RFI’s: bad. Daily reports: bad. Photo management: bad. Usability, seamless integration, speed: bad. This app is terrible. Use Procore or force your CM to if you’re in my boat. Unless they make a ton of progress from this point forward they will always just be the bad alternative to Procore.
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6 years ago, Martinesper
Excellent platform
I being using PlanGrid since 2013, they have updated and change for good. I feel they still have room for improvement as I always look for a continue improving excellence. This application is fast and helped me move from revisions and redlines needed to make changes transparent and save time and lots of money. I would like to have them improve on the revision part. I feel they need to adopt same tools adobe has. Rotate text and more drawing tools. Probably include the same tools they have on sheets to be able to use them for documents.
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4 years ago, thomaspentoney
Too many bugs and missing features to count.
Can’t rotate photos. Task report photos come in too small. Some features are available on the desktop app that are not available on the browser app, or vice versa. Can’t edit task reports in Word without the format being completely redone. Bug won’t allow me to sync tasks stored on iPad to desktop.
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6 years ago, Sr. Superintendent
Daily reports
For the most part it works well, but for the fact that you have to recreate it daily. This is time consuming and a waste of time for the personnel doing this. This has made me stay with the current system we use. The report is usually done by the field personnel on a daily basis and needs to have the ability to copy over and save all the information from the previous day and then edit the date and information and save it for the current day’s report. This would include all vendor and manpower reports as well as notes ,equipment, and issues.
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8 months ago, Tomaho Ted
Beware of fraudulent use of old plangrid reviews
Before being purchased by Autodesk, plangrid was a great tool, and that is the only reason for positive reviews. The old plangrid reviews are still showing here, but this is no longer plangrid. I have used and managed all versions of the Autodesk cloud products, BIM 360 Field, BIM 360, and now ACC (or whatever they call it this week). They have zero support, aggressive and deceptive sales tactics, and extremely dysfunctional cloud tools. It is a recipe for disaster. Just this week there have been 5 or 6 show-stopping problems with the product. Placing so much of your live project data into this platform us a huge mistake. Do not allow Autodesk to get their hooks into your company.
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3 years ago, americanunderground
Rip Off
I purchased the first level Pgrid to help manage our utility contracting business. We added our first few projects (usually the utility and Grading pages) and one of our GCs linked us to their project, which had hundreds of pages loaded. This one project exceeded our page limit and locked our subscription. I called PlanGrid to see how they might help. I was told our only option was to purchase the higher level subscription to be able to use Pgrid again. This happened in the first quarter of my year’s subscription. And NO, I couldn’t delete the project! Now PlanGrid’s attorney is sending me letters dunning me for another year’s subscription along with their attorney ‘s fees. What a RIP OFF!! Don’t do it!
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4 years ago, Jspawd
Proceed with caution.
I’m a sub. The project has 3 lots on first phase for a total of 11 buildings. I secured an invite to the project for 2 buildings. Those two buildings total 580 sheets. Due to billing and support not answering phones and sales lack of knowledge on monthly subscriptions I’m looking at two folders, can’t access either one even though each is under 550 pages. I just started my subscription and for a week I’ve spent $50 on nothing. Can’t access without upgrading. Why as a EC sub, do I need to pay for sheets I’ll never use? How is this a viable option to Procore? Absolutely done with plan grid after this project. Please do your research before getting this app for your project.
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4 years ago, Tnow
Less expensive option
Check out “Home Building Excel Spreadsheet” on Etsy (store name on Etsy is “Spreadsheets4Life”). It has cost/schedule (Gantt) and a step-by-step checklist. It even has an estimated draw schedule. If you’re a smaller company it may take care of your needs. PlanGrid may be overkill for what you are doing. If so, why pay so much each month. The Etsy spreadsheet is a one-time cost.
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3 years ago, offthegriddotcom
Almost perfect
Great app however there is serious flaw , especially if your devices are in MDM environment , your device will NOT download your project files unless your device is Unlocked. In other words the app doesn’t support background downloads, means you have to keep you device unlocked until the project files are fully downloaded. With max lockout time of 15 mins that means you hav to keep touching your device every 15 mins before got auto-locked in order to download all project files.
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5 years ago, Stupidintendent
Plan Grid Review
Since getting Plan Grid the ability to have a complete set of plans with any updates easily uploaded with a touch of a key has been awesome. Has made my job as general superintendent much easier and more organized than the old paper plan system. It’s all a fingers touch away. I absolutely love Plan Grid!
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2 years ago, C.J. Sandino
Autodesk Ruined It
I’ve been using PlanGrid 4 hours a day for the past 5 years. Ever since it got acquired by Autodesk the app and website have gone downhill in big ways. I’ve lost what I would equate to 30 minutes a day in productivity since the “updates” have been rolled out by Autodesk. Constant sync errors, loss of data/tasks/photos/markups, and prompts to use their other products. I will actively be transitioning all my projects from PlanGrid and advocating for anyone in my network to do the same. Great startup product ruined by a corporate takeover.
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4 years ago, Mike_813
Awful for subcontractors
I'm a subcontractor working with two GCs on two different projects and they each use PlanGrid. Total projects' sheet count is over 1,000. My scope only needs to access about 10 pages total. I have to pay for an account? I can't see revised drawings? What an awful business model. Why isn't the subscription for the GC and their team enough? You really think every subcontractor will pay for this kind of subscription to collaborate on a project? Even before my company subscribed to Procore, I could be added to a project to see documents, punch list, specs, etc.
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5 years ago, ripber63
Easy to use
This is one of the best I have ever used the developer as worked real hard on this and I will recommend this to all jobs moving forward. It’s got it all to stay up with any project all I would like to see is a two week look head form.
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2 years ago, Fred flinstone2
Could be better
The app will sync when a daily report is sent. Most of the time it goes through but if it doesn’t it never will. I’ve had days backlogged do to it not syncing. The only way to “fix” it is remove app and download again. When that is done all the daily logs that didn’t go through are lost. It gets very frustrating, and speaking of frustration, trying to use the web version on an iPad is horrible.
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3 years ago, CM Guy - PE
Great tool but has some bugs
Pros: Easy to use mostly. Serves its purpose. Cons: Small bugs. The ‘Go to sheets’ on tasks just doesn’t work mostly. Moving the plan around while making tasks is clunky (requires two figures). Unable to move marker after it’s placed. Copy task doesn’t work while photo/plan marker is attached. Small things like that.
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4 years ago, The real cosmo CA
PlanGrid improvements
I think you guys have been doing a great job for years now. I love the fact that you will really read this. And take to heart any suggestions people give you. No one in today’s corporate world could ask for more. Thank you for always willing to improve your software. No suggestions today 😎Have a great weekend! Sincerely: Art Martinez- California electrician.
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2 years ago, J08m3
Mobile App just Ok
On the right track. Just can’t figure out why Project Files aren’t available on mobile. Permissions already control access. I need a separate file system to get around this odd functionality choice by Autodesk. Also wish you could have projects sync automatically so I wouldn’t have to remember to manually do it.
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6 years ago, bmc42
Needs better GUI design
I wish it would stop telling me about the new search feature every time I open a document. I also wish the search bar would go away unless It was asked for via a magnifying glass icon. So many things take up screen real-estate that it’s become hard to use on a phone. Maybe if the full screen mode and the markup tools could be activated quickly with icons instead of digging through the view settings.
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5 years ago, F250Superintendent
I love this app!!!
I love this app. My only concern is that every time we have to write daily reports and transfer pictures from camera roll they are not sorted by date. I know the pictures have dates when they’re uploaded to the daily report but not when you’re searching for it. It would be a nice addition since I’m sure I’m not the only one with that problem. And also, it would be nice if we could edit daily reports that have been submitted since in the construction field things tend to change overnight.
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5 years ago, MarkC505
Field Reports
Love PlanGrid as a whole but field Reports seems to be so overlooked. So bad that I’m looking into Raken but still haven’t pulled the trigger there. They need to dumb it down a little and simplify it. Add a couple pics, some notes, install weather, and done. We use Exacttime for our labor costing so it would be nice if we could click and edit what we want, need, for our reports that our copied daily. Please fix! Or make better!
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4 years ago, PCMcArron
PlanGrid helps move our jobs along, getting key information to the people that need it in a timely manor, limits lost time production. Need to find away for a power collaborator/admin to start a report and have a collaborator finish report. This would allow the office to do the bulk of office side before hand and the field to close out the report.
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6 years ago, ChelseaArchitect
Can’t live without it
Really easy to learn, especially for my guys in the field. Newer updates such as notification alerts have really helped our team stay on top of it. Definitely one of our top tools on the job site.
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5 years ago, PR.STI
Best plan viewer
This is by far the best software to view construction documents. The ability to creat punch list is far greater and faster then others like pro core. It also comes with a host of other features that only help optimize and speed up the building practices.
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8 months ago, Screw you Auto Desk
B.S. Product
Don’t buy this product !!! There’s no customer support ! All they want is your money. We paid for a year and haven’t been able to use it the first 3 months. Can’t get any help. They are constantly down for maintenance and updating. We just canceled and took the loss. THIS IS A SCAM !!! As I have said before there is no available service from Auto Desk to correct any problems you may have. ALL they want is your money !!!! TOTAL SCAM from a foreign country !!!
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2 years ago, BPritchard95
Photos Saving to Device
Please give us an option to disable photos saving to the device. I understand this is a new “feature”, but there should be a setting to turn that off. I do thousand item punch lists taking pictures on all of them…I do not want all those saving to my photo library and having to go back and continually delete them.
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4 years ago, masterm444444
It’s a little hard
So what I mean by it’s a little hard is it’s really hard , when you get into the game you have to log in which is fine when you get in there’s the place where you add a project you add it and the first thing you see is sheets but there is no where to add sheets . You would think I just don’t see it but I checked about 20 times.i have one suggestion that is can there please be a plus symbol to add a sheet . And if you design your project somewhere else please tell me .
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4 years ago, Trio degradable
The best
Plangrid is the best friendly field software I have ever used. Easy to use, it has a lot of easy features. Old school superintendents that work with me are using Plangrid and they are amazed, this is a must have tool on the field !
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4 years ago, electrical subcontractor
If your a subcontractor I would go month to month on a subscription as the owners/general contractors may require use of another platform like Procore which does not cost the subcontractor. If you sign up for the yearly subscription it automatically rolls over and they will not notify you and then expect you to pay a large bill even though you may not have a project that is not using the plan grid platform. This is a very expensive app but works great.
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3 years ago, DR614228
Don’t waste your time
This product is not what it’s represented to be. Sounds easy to help organize your plans, revisions, etc. Very cumbersome to use. Definitely not worth the price. Worst of all is customer service. This sounds like a good idea, but in my opinion they failed to deliver big time. Much easier to save your plans on an iPad and use Raken or similar reporting software. Much, much cheaper too.
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1 year ago, ObrigeJ
Great App for Project Management
Great app for project management specifically in construction. Great system for managing plan-sheet revisions and other document control. Extremely useful tools such as the stamps and tasks to track changes.
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3 years ago, pipe fitter 597
Plan grid use
This app works well for daily reports and time and materials work. The prints and engineering documents are a breeze with the proper input and up to date changes .
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6 years ago, builderdawg
The number 1 requirement for any construction / plans management software is ease of use. It doesn’t get any easier than PlanGrid. I have non-tech savvy superintendents using it with no problems or kick back.
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1 month ago, utahutesrule77
For me, this has been very glitchy, and not nearly as simple and consistent to use as PlanGrid was. I do not think I could give it more than three stars until they fix some of the issues that we’ve been having.
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4 years ago, Tkral - Pepper
Syncing Issue
I have a problem syncing after adding task items from multiple team members accounts. I leave it to sync for about 10 to 20 minutes and it does not work, so I have to skip.
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8 months ago, FGIRR
Project superintendent
I have used many programs in my 30 years in construction ,this is the first time I have used your system. Frankly it stinks to high heaven. I would not recommend using this. I have internet ,I used it yesterday and everything seemed to work fine, today it has not stop recirculating or refreshing. I can make it stop , this is not user friendly.
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2 years ago, jwilliman
Can’t view RFI Attachments anymore.
After the latest update to provide more options for the review process, we are no longer able to view attachments to RFI’s. In the Files section for each RFI the error “2 files couldn’t be displayed” appears. This of course, depends on the number of attachments.
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