Autotask LiveMobile

1.6 (49)
63.7 MB
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Current version
Autotask Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for Autotask LiveMobile

1.61 out of 5
49 Ratings
3 years ago, jonnieves
How hard can it be?!
This app has been around for a good while now and I can’t understand how poorly it works for such a well known company, if I was them I would remove the app, fix the obvious issues and then release it...its not complete. - The screenshots shown on the app page is the new UI but it still spawns some of the old iOS interface when viewing company records, calendar and Time sheet. This old interface isn’t optimized for the new iPhones so the bottom off the screen gets cut off and hitting the back arrow is super difficult. - Apps has already crashed on me - Performance can be laggy when switching through the various menu items. They can turn this app around and make it great but if it’s a lack of development resources, charge $5 for the app and I am sure many will be happy to pitch in.
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2 years ago, zzamuluss
Uselessly broken
Update Apr ‘22: got an iPad Pro for work. Autotask works “okay” in browser, but the iOS app remains totally useless. Can’t open tickets, can’t log time, text and selector fields come up super wonky/unreadable, and persistent crashes on large tickets with lots of activity. At least they fixed MFA, but still 1 star for failing to achieve any primary functions. Original review: I do not generally review apps. This app is so phenomenally poorly built that I have made a rare exception. First and foremost, it is completely incompatible with 2FA (two-factor authentication). I have tried with both of the autotask accounts that I use (I am a helpdesk contractor) and it simply will not work. Always throws up errors. One of my companies turned off 2FA enforcement for my account and it finally let me log into that account. Absolutely ludicrous that they support 2FA on the full website and not in the app. Second, even if you are extremely lucky and it will log you in, the app is so slow and buggy that I have yet to even *once* successfully navigate to a new ticket. It always either crashes or just hangs forever. In short, this app is useless. Never use it. You are better off just doing it on your phone’s web browser.
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3 years ago, J. Reviewer
I just recently got full access to the app through my company, it is just broken. I cannot update/enter time entries, or modify tickets in the way that I need to. This app DRASTICALLY needs an overhaul. Possibly a complete rebuilt from the ground up. Basically all I’m able to do is search tickets, accept them and view existing notes. I’m on the newest version, using an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Update: Some of my previous issues have been resolved however, new ones are present now. I cannot hit radio buttons on checklists AT ALL. Also since the most recent update, the 2fa keeps breaking. I have to uninstall and reinstall to be able to login again…like seriously? Lowering the score, let’s make some progress.
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3 years ago, Mkxx111
Total junk!!
AutoTask as a whole is terrible! The mobile app is absolutely by far the worst, mfa on a biometric protected device... news flash the Authenticator app is on the same device! If someone compromised my biometricly protected phone your stupid mfa isn’t going to stop them!!! Stop adding “feature” and make the ones already there work. Only thing this terrible app is somewhat useful for is a calendar and it even stinks at that. 10-15 seconds just to load today’s schedule, make a native app!!! You would think after 4+ years of 90% one star review you would burn it down and start OVER!!!!
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2 weeks ago, Miguelito Necessito
Functional for daily activities
“Useless” is a strong word for an app I use on a daily basis. I have definitely pushed the team to fix the bugs; and they have for the most part. I do find myself deleting the app every six months for trying to resolve the latest glitch. Anyway, i highly recommend this app for people on the go.
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3 years ago, Stillers2000
Doesn’t work on newest update on iPhone 12 Pro Max
App doesn’t work on newest update on iPhone 12 Pro Max. Tap on a que to work on a ticket and it just highlights blue and freezes. The app also has never updated if you get a new ticket real time. You have to go back from que, and back again. Needs a refresh button. That’s from when I could actually use the app
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1 week ago, iOS 11 fix please
Absolute garbage
Have spoken with various Datto/Kaseya reps for years about this app and the numerous issues it has (approving O365 SSO constantly, issues with opening ticket links into the app, etc) with absolutely zero improvements. Seems like it would have made more sense for Kaseya to just rework Autotask to be mobile friendly, but doesn’t seem like they can be bothered to do much else than add more 3-year contracts, and buy up more small tech companies
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2 years ago, NYT_Junkie
If I could give it 0 stars I would
Constantly receiving login error, SSO authentication failed. No issues with SSO on the browser of course. I’ve tried completely deleting the app and reinstalling without luck. Support is beyond useless since before the Kaseys acquisition. Even when it did work, the app experience was wholly unsatisfying and missing basic functionality. Just and embarrassing effort all around.
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3 years ago, ebuhrendorf
Can’t view Open Tickets, Really?
I took a shot today and tried using the app after a year or more and I am unable to view the Open Tickets for an Account? Seriously disappointing.
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2 years ago, LukesLove
Use a different PSA and thank me later.
I don’t even know how this passes anyone’s QA team. 1. App is so slow it is barely usable. 2. Clinking on ticket links in emails do not launch mobile app. No clue why. Instead it suggests you need to download the app. 3. Two different interfaces. What a hack job. 4. Everyone has been complaining about these issues for YEARS. For a company as large as Autotask who SELLS to IT people, did they really think we would have ZERO expectations. Autotask (now Kaseya) is a company without the right development resources and they exist for one purpose: to serve shareholders so investors can squeeze out maximum value. I’m sad to say it, but you should look at other PSA tools.
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8 months ago, CrosbyL
The lack of development with this app has become embarrassing, yet again. Datto finally started to gain some momentum, but as soon as Kaseya acquired them, all development has again ceased. Numerous bugs, lack of basic functionality, lack of a modern UI… the list goes on and on. Just trying to edit fields in any given ticket will return “failed to save due to conflict” nearly 50% of the time, but the wizard to resolve the conflict fails 100% of the time. And that’s just one tiny example amidst a haystack of problems. Put some freaking Dev resources on this and get it done, Kaseya. You guys are embarrassing yourselves.
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9 months ago, Matthewpierre
Surprisingly Terrible
It seems every company makes an app just to have one. That was when IT owners goto purchase a ticketing system Autotask can say, “and look!! we have an application as well.” but if you barely scrape beneath the surface you’ll realize exactly what this app was intended for. getting sales. the app is a meme because it’s complete garbage lol.
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3 years ago, mjholl2006
Push notifications for Tickets
Are you working on some sort of push notifications for Ticket updates other than Zapier? This is a feature that some of us owners who have SLAs find seriously lacking here.
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8 years ago, Wes1781
I just started a new job that I have been assigned a login to look at the customers we service and on the web page it works fine but the app needs a lot of improvement. Such as it needs to act and look similar to the website so it's easier to navigate. I am not pleased and I am uninstalling this app and just using the web site on my iPhone through safari or on a clients computer when I need to quickly look at notes and such. I hope that a new update will come out soon that fixes these issues or they redesign the whole app. Either way I'm only giving it a two star for the GUI!
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3 years ago, jhdhhdjnd
Worst software Ever
Since 4.x came out it has not worked on iPhone X crashes even before you can log in. Have spent almost 3 months and over 65 emails with support including videos of it crashing. And they have no solution.
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3 years ago, Autotask user
App not working
This application hasn’t worked on the iPhone since the last update (about a week ago). The app crashes immediately when opened. Is this being worked?
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3 years ago, cdburgess75
Basically it runs for around 1 second and crashes. Tried multiple deletes and re downloads. Useless.
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1 year ago, ItsKigga
This app is garbage. They make thousands off their accounts but can manage a simple app on an iPhone. Horrendous.
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3 years ago, kev1897
SSO sign in redirection not working
This has stopped working for a while. I get promoted to sign in to okta then does not redirect to login directly in the app.
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10 months ago, cmackg
Trash. Don’t bother
First - click a link to open a ticket, go tot the App Store EVERYTIME to reload. 2nd edit ticket, try to assign get caught in a loop to “resolve conflict.” You cannot get out. Close app Hope it’s better in a few months, go back to step one Repeat. What absolute trash.
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3 years ago, Kornona
You can't get your work done using this app. Unacceptable. The entire app is broken
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3 years ago, Antoniobob101
Absolutely garbage
The app is very bad user interface is bad all around bad app I like auto task on my laptop but is very bad on apple
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2 years ago, mauriciovalle
Total cr@p!! any other Datto related product. Stay away from this company
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3 years ago, theapc
More bugs than a Florida motel.
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4 years ago, Man vs App
Peace of...
Guys at Datto, do your company a favor and hire rockstar programmers to completely rewrite this cruddy app. You can’t fix a house with a bad foundation so stop trying. This app feels like 10 year old broken tech and your competitors are way ahead already. Your users are trying to stay loyal to the PSA/RMM Autotask brand but I bet I speak for most in saying their patience is wearing thin. They are already looking to jump ship and hoping for a miracle that seems to never come. You have one more chance to save yourselves so bet the company and invest in Live Mobile Pro, “the big do over”! First priority: Abolish your dev team. Second priority: do tons of MSP market research and product comparisons. Third priority: real world test your new app constantly with expert techies who will use it daily, as they are the ones feeling the pain right now. Hey I’ve got an idea.. You can use all that money you saved this year from not having to do a DattoCon to rebuild this app. Good luck.
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13 years ago, pat2man
It Works But I Am Disappointed
I was really hoping for a real, native iPhone app for Autotask. An app that let me take care of any on site tasks without opening my laptop. While this app is a big improvement over the previous mobile website it leaves me highly disappointed for the following reasons. 1. Non native interface widgets. While this may seem trivial from a feature perspective, the whole app ends up feeling sluggish as each view takes a second to load. Scrolling feels slow. Transitions are slow. 2. Trying to do too much, missing some core features. As a technician the iPhone app should primarily help me with three things; planning my day, looking up contacts and completing service calls/tickets. The calendar feature is great but I don't have a service call button and I don't have a contact list. 3. Doesn't take advantage of the iOS at all. A great feature would be the ability to have a client sign off on a service call, either via the iPhone or iPad, and get an email confirmation. These issues mean that the current iPhone app will probably be limited to looking up a technician's schedule.
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7 years ago, sandyp4ever
Handy but needs several updates
This is a nice and handy tool but needs to be updates very badly. Looking at version history, there was no update for almost an year and even after that, nothing really changed. Still the same performance issues, still doesn't use the full iPhone 6 plus resolution, and as always still takes for ever to load a simple window. Please revamp this app soon. Quick updated, 2 years after my initial review: while the world is moving towards iPhone X resolution/screen layout, this app is still stuck at resolution from several years ago. Also, it’s worse that their screenshots in App Store (resolution wise) look better, but the actual app screen doesn’t look like that. Deleted and reinstalled the app to see if that makes any difference, but NO.
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13 years ago, Decimaelstrom
Almost but not quite
As a MSP, I use Autotask. The web version is great. I downloaded this because we could really use the time entry feature in the field without having to login to the web site. Since this requires me to login each time I open the app, that pretty much defeats the purpose IMO. Also $10 more per month just to use their shoddy mobile version?! Autotask, make this with buying, the provide it for a one-time payment, and maybe we'll consider it.
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7 years ago, Torque2k
5 Star?! Lies.
This app's GUI would have been laughed at in 2011. An update every year, and you can't be bothered to make it look even remotely similar to the web portal?! Terrible. Whoever is giving this app 5 star reviews for its interface must be working for Autotask. Techs in the field will scream with frustration and throw their phones when trying to do simple things like use the stopwatch feature on a ticket to track time (often crashes, or you accidentally close a ticket hitting a button which shouldn't be there). I can't even be bothered to reinstall it today to see if it's 32-bit or not (which would kill it after iOS 11). I wonder if ConnectWise's devs care more about their users...
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4 years ago, FoxFire720
Getting There
The apps is getting better, slowly, but it is. New UI is way easier to deal with and loads faster than the old one. Seems like they’re trying to kill off one section of the old app at a time, which makes sense I guess. I’ll suffer for now if it means getting more native features (and getting them right the first time) in the end. Keep going!
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9 years ago, ASmitty408
Terrible app
Developing an app is not just some check box that all companies should do. It should be well thought through and deliver a positive user experience that benefits those who elect to use the product. Autotask fails miserably across all points with this app. The Autotask product in general has gotten much better with the most recent major release (nearly able to do the things that I've felt it should do from the beginning - hopefully search is improved soon too) but this app is so far from being ready for prime time that it really should be pulled until it gets revamped.
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11 years ago, The BDS
I'm just curious, but do your developers test their changes before they even drop a new update? Landscape mode does not appear to be currently supported. If I try to launch the app in landscape mode it hangs and loads on a blank white screen. If I turn my iPad to profile view and launch it, it opens the login screen just fine. If I then turn it to landscape, it stays on profile and does not turn. This is difficult and pointless for tablets, especially when using a keyboard case, which speeds along notes/resolution for tickets. This app gets 1 star until it's fixed.
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6 years ago, msab
Unusable app. Completely ignored by AT
We badly need for our field techs to be able to update tickets on the go. This app looks like it was designed in 2008. We had to abandon it since it is unusable. Now there is no good ways for our field techs to provide timely updates. We asked AutoTask reps multiple times to get this corrected. This a very important capability of AT core product and it is getting completely ignored while they are chasing shiny new products and markets. Shame AT. ConnectWise got an IOS app rated over 4 stars. That makes me think frequently about a dreaded switch over of PSAs.
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8 years ago, Kenny wiles
Good addition
For field techs and one the go persons it's excellent to use to check service desk as well as take notes opposed to busting out a laptop. Must have for field techs. If you are unaware this app is for AutoTask subscribers and partners only. Only use this app if you have the full AT subscription. If you are in IT and don't use AT, you should
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4 years ago, Thteven
Looks way better, just wish it worked as good
Old app was clunky, pain to login, worse navigation, and looked like it was running on XP. New app looks great, better login, faster response. But get errors when trying to perform actions. 1 constant - change approvals - fails 100% of the time. Get all the way to approve button and - click - we’re sorry an error has occurred - and have to go back 2 pages.
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13 years ago, Tcb123321
Great updates
Prior to the recent update, it was virtually useless to outside sales. Now with the ability to look up accounts/contacts, it offers everything I need. No more pulling out my pc to find an email address or phone number.
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12 years ago, 12345678910111213141
Just updated, don't see notifications
I'm a big user of AutoTask, and I love using the iPad app with my keyboard. Makes for quick entries on the go, even at my desk. I've been missing the notification capabilities, so I was excited to see this update, but I don't see any difference in the app, specifically I don't see where you can choose notification options.
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13 years ago, D Wolfrom
Seems like a Beta product
Since launch we have had frustrations with the app timing out, causing us to lose many time entries. With the latest update the screen locks in portrait mode after a few hours and you have to force livemobile closed and then re-open it. Many issues due to it not being a native app. It is not a reliable alternative to Autotask in a browser on a laptop.
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9 years ago, Dix69Pimp
Doesn't support IPad or logged in.
What is horrible. I have to write lots of notes. Well this app will not auto save any notes added and just deleted them if anything happens. As in a phone call .... Also. Then you are writing for a few min. Hit save ... And it says you have to log in before you can do anything (time out issue) because I was writing to much. ?!?!? Worthless app. Also there website is worthless also UNLESS you are using a Microsoft product .. What's up with that ???? App doesn't work on iPad at all. Iphone has time out issues Website only supports IE. So now I can't use chrome / Firefox / or safari / to browse the website ? Wow. I guess if I want to go back to the stone ages. I would try this company out. But for 2015. You have to be more flexible on how you can receive your information.
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13 years ago, Wii Will Rock You
Hardly feels like an iOS app
Seems like AutoTask put in extra effort to make their app worse with a custom scrolling behavior totally contrary to the iOS philosophy. Even though it's technically a universal app, the iPad version is literally identical to the iPhone, with extra whitespace and a lousy faux-marble background. Would love to see it take advantage of the extra space. It's also slow. Apparently, the app doesn't cache previous views - prepare to see the loading animation every time you hit the back button. A small, but annoying, issue is that there is no option to automatically log in.
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5 years ago, NDYNAMICS
Bad app made worse
Well the most recent update took a bad app and made it worse. It no longer displays activity on a ticket past a certain number of time and and note entries. So if a ticket has a lot of back and forth on email, you simply cannot see the entries beyond a certain number of them. If it has to have a limit on the number of activities displayed, at least start the count at the most recent ones so you can see current information.
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6 years ago, Les34578
Disappointing as usual
At least AutoTask is consistent in creating absolutely worthless and disappointing products. Downloaded this app literally just to submit a time sheet from my mobile device and I can’t. The website is useless because their JavaScript pop up (seriously, stop with those. No one cares you’re going to TLS...) tender off screen and you can’t exit out of it. What a crappy design overall. I’d never recommend AT to anyone.
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6 years ago, IamNabil
The update you’ve been waiting for!
This app has been trash for YEARS, but this update to 2.0 is the real deal. No more web wrapper app, this is actually an iOS native app, using some of the modern features the OS exposed to developers. It’s actually useful now. What a welcome development!
Show more
7 years ago, qwikmr2
Wow. Well done.
I honestly thought this app couldn't get worse but you stepped up. Now instead of a comically outdated joke of a app it throws a domain error and does nothing. It's absolutely ridiculous how little you care about the companies that spend plenty on your system. I can't do anything ticket related with this garbage. It has to wait till the desktop computer and then is a fight with poor layout and UI issues. Sad
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7 years ago, Buckshot_00
Serves its purpose, can be glitchy
Love the app for basically opening a ticket on the fly and to see tickets that are open (seeing what's next). But, today I found a glitch. I cannot open any fields when opening a ticket. V 1.11.2 I makes the app useless. Any fixes???
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7 years ago, MJ Dark Side
Update the app, almost useless on iPhone 6
Using this app on iPhone 6s Pros: can view account detail, can view logins. Can view contacts. Cons: cannot enter time entry summary. Cannot view any pages that go beyond page 1. Cannot enter ticket note summary. Cannot view configuration items past page 1. Cannot view existing ticket notes or time entries. Cannot view tickets beyond page 1. This app is buggy. Reading the other reviews makes it very clear this app is not getting the needed DEV time. We have 5 paid licenses and I'm signeded up for one of those licenses . We should be able to get all the features. If this app updated and addressed the issues that would be awesome.
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8 years ago, Selfdestruct264
Horrible App shows lack of attention to client needs
I've tried this app three different times over the last year and it always causes me to remove it from my phone. It is more difficult to use than opening the website in my browser, which is also a horrible experience. Please create an App! There is NO excuse for this. We are in the technology industry folks.
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9 years ago, Freyre
do not use! - will cost u money!!
along with all the issues everyone else is having... i had to use it for a day because i couldn't take my laptop in the customers site ... worked for several hours then was given access to a laptop... logged in and none of the entires i had made with the app were there... re did them all from memory as best i could(of course all the times were completely wrong so it cost me $$$)... later found a bunch of half entries not properly linked (just orphaned) ... complete garbage... and they actually market this as a feature... lol sad when a third party has an app that runs better than your own!!!
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13 years ago, combatsys
90% useful
Amazing and such a time saver. However, the app needs more features like the web version such as the time sheets. That would be such a big plus in the next iPad version.
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6 years ago, jthomas7893
Lite Version
Its awesome that this has finally come out. Love it so far. Only set back is that if you want to edit any tickets, you need to pay for the pro version? I couldn’t find any pro version. Any suggestions?
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