Avalanche Forecasts

4.7 (401)
40.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sierra Avalanche Center
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Avalanche Forecasts

4.68 out of 5
401 Ratings
9 years ago, Powdaddy
The intent of this app is to educate and to hopefully save lives of those who venture out into our beautiful backcountry here in Utah. I use this app before heading out as step 1 towards safety and my friends do as well.&
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5 years ago, Bearheine
Fix the app please!
It’s so hard to maneuver this app. While I do like what they tried to do with the update, there are just too many bugs and layout issues. Why do I have to turn my phone sideways to view the app now? When I try to view event map photos, it doesn’t show you, and when you fiddle with it enough to get the photo to show up it’s incredibly small. Please update the app and debug! Thank you for all you do!
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5 years ago, jimmy mack1
Kinda works
Everything works well until you click on a zone and then it gives you options to look at. You try clicking on an option nothing happens. Use online versions all the time but doesn’t work on smartphone
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5 years ago, peacefulskier
My mBC APP Map!!
Love having a general idea of how the different areas are loading, releasing etc. The app helps to inform others when putting a tour together. Thanks
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2 years ago, secretlettuce
Great app, WA map stopped indicating color
I love this app but something broke in 2021 winter. Map for WA no longer shows forecast colors, but when you tap on sub-region it still gives correct forecast. Web version still works as expected.
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4 years ago, samueleller
Was a great app until they removed CBAC forecast
I loved using this app, super user friendly and simple to get the info you needed. Then they updated and removed the Crested Butte area forecast for some reason. Now I basically don’t use it at all because it serves no purpose for me. What a bummer
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8 years ago, spencbrins
Great app that gives everything you need for all your ski trips in one app. No need to download multiple apps, this one does it all
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9 years ago, Supernovadankski
Great app!
I live in colorado and love using this app more than the CAIC app itself. Would highly recommend downloading this app if avalanches are something you like to follow.
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2 years ago, Doberdick Nail
Love this app!!!
Demystifies avalanche conditions, whether you’re going to the back country or just dreaming about it.
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9 years ago, Krausee3
Good app
Puts the caic in an easy to access and use format. Definitely worth having and looking at daily in the winter.
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4 years ago, OneLoveOneTribe
Not functioning for CO
It’s Nov 2020 and it’s snowing in CO. I use the CAIC mobile app as my go to and decided to try this app out. Unfortunately it’s not functioning for CO yet :(. It also separates the S and N San Juan zones where the CAIC has then together on their app. This is probably why there’s and error “404” showing when you click on these zones. Admin should fix this.
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4 years ago, Freddy Fred Pants
Hard to find WA reports
I want to like this app. I look at WA state avy conditions. This app makes it hard to find that information. I can find it, but it’s inconvenient, like it doesn’t like NWAC data or the data’s not formatted correctly. BC zones work, why not WA?? Despondent. Fix my problems. Please. I will love you. I’m using iOS 14.2, latest version of avy forecast as of today.
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9 years ago, evenmore
Great app
Nice UI, far easier to navigate than the non-optimized web version. Exactly what I was looking for. Bring on winter!
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8 years ago, Reddog2011
Know before you go starts here!!
Use this app! Use this app daily! Stay in the know before you go!!
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3 years ago, khiattjr
What happened to this app?
The entire Cascade Range is shown on the map as a grey “No Rating”. When you click on a specific region, it takes you not to that specific region, but to a list of all of the regions, and when you find the one you’re looking for, the avy risk is orange/considerable or red/severe, not grey. This app is dangerous to use for a novice!
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8 years ago, walrusmcd
Great app, simple and at your fingertips
Great app, simple and at your fingertips. I live in Seattle and it has great access to nwac data and reports.
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9 years ago, Gslcut
Simple and easy to use. Open it every time I head out
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2 years ago, christopherChi76
Multiple issues
Offline cache feature not working for NWAC zones and Mt Hood zone doesn’t populate even when connected to internet. Would love to give this app 5 stars for what they’re trying to accomplish, but the execution is significantly poor for the NWAC regions at least.
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4 years ago, thundersnowcrestedbutte
Awesome application
I can look at current and future avy hazards in North America. I used it in BC last year!
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3 years ago, Fudgie in Issaquah
No color coding in Washington state
I've used this app for years, and love it. But this year there is no color coding for "at a glance" forecast -- it is all gray. And when I tap on a region, I get all the forecasts for the entire state starting with the Olympics. Canada looks and works, but who is in charge of Washington? You're not doing your job !!!
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8 years ago, Guyggg
Great app
All the data you need with an easy interface. I love it!
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3 years ago, squintzp
Sick app
Great resource that gives you exactly what you sign up for
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8 years ago, Fussy user
Great app
Easy to use and critical information.
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8 years ago, Jrhseattle
Great tool for backcountry travel
Gives a general map of conditions as well as in depth descriptions when clicked on.
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5 years ago, Woodave
Needs updating
Hasn’t been updated in years so doesn’t support the newer phones. I now use backcountry beta app which has the same avalanche forecasts and more features.
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9 years ago, sn0wman5280
Get the forecast in the palm of your hand!
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2 years ago, emtwillt
Good App
Please update for iPad Pro screen size ?
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5 years ago, DrewMarc
Works as advertised.
See above.
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9 years ago, Mtngt89
Great app!
Easy access to a great resource!
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9 years ago, Bakuuto
excellent app...
quick access to the daily avy bulletin for CO regions as well as observations for tour planning. great app!
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9 years ago, disgruntled123
App crashes at startup
Crashes so fast I can't even give it approval to use my location.
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8 years ago, Alpental_Andy
Best app ever
It the best Avalanche forecast app out right now but it has been crashing a lot on when I need it the most
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6 years ago, MIxr650R
Thank you
Awesome app. Thank you for making it available for free. You are truly committed to backcountry safety. Keep up the strong work!
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9 years ago, Mtnslider
Great app
On the go Avy reporting. How can you go wrong.
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9 years ago, foobarboo!
just what you need
scrapped from the avi forecast site perfectly!
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4 years ago, Nickolicious
Not Updating This Season
This used to be my go to app but it appears it is no longer pulling in updates from NWAC for the PNW.
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7 years ago, rwager42
Great App!
Perfect app for winter hikes in Colorado.
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8 years ago, Hajaiakaka
Love it
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7 years ago, An iOS developer
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11 years ago, Janice Heil
So great
At first I was looking for a CAIC app for Colorado's snow pack but had to pay for that. But this app is so much better. It shows a map of the area your phone is closest to and gives an avi forecast for the range with colored avi ratings. If you click on a range it pulls up the forecast for that region. For Colorado obviously it's CAIC but they gave compiled all the forecasting websites in to the map so when you click on a area that shows up. It's great for stuff you ski every day and also great for traveling to ski stuff you have never seen before.
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12 years ago, Crustydirtbag
Great app for folks planning trips!
This is a great app that gives a quick summary of conditions across a large area. Well done! My only minor issue is the hard and fast difference in conditions displayed at national borders. I LOL when i see for example that Danger is Considerable in Southern BC and Moderate 2 miles away in Northern WA? But that's not something you can fix - the regional forecasters need to work that out Again, well done!
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12 years ago, Outdoor Instructor
Simple and Informative
This app makes access to important avi information so simple!. Its the next step in avi awareness... consolidating the work of professional forecasters into one interactive map. As an outdoor instructor and backcountry skier, the importance of this app is clear. Simple access to critical information makes everyone more aware. Thanks.
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12 years ago, Tele1037
Sweet App
Just downloaded it and give it 5 stars just for the idea. It appears that as long as you view the detailed Avy reports for the zone or zones of interest that they are also cached! I can't wait to test it further. I would pay for this app, nice work Seth!
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11 years ago, mirv
Wished I would have found this earlier! Getting emails from forecast centers is nice to read while sipping coffee but this is a great tool that allows you to check multiple areas quickly. Nice to have the big picture right at your fingertips.
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11 years ago, Themountainbiker
Good, relevant info
This is a great way to keep track of the trending snow patterns. All at your your fingertips, the access allows you to easily check out conditions over the course of the year. I highly recommend this app for anyone heading into the backcountry.
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12 years ago, Mickdady
Just what I needed!
This app works perfectly. I have verified the info with nwac to make sure it is keeping up to date and i see no lag! Why is this app free? I would pay .99 for an app that could save my life!
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11 years ago, Paxenon
Super simple, super useful. Use it daily.
It's a very simple app but much easier to use than plunking onto the web and waiting. I use it daily before heading out and it takes only seconds to get a quick view
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11 years ago, WTLancaster
Great App!!
This app actually gives you the CAIC's website information, and it is very useful. If you are going to be spending any time in the back country, or you are trying to stay caught up on BC conditions, I highly recommend picking this app up.
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12 years ago, SandyWe
Required for every back country adventure
If you are heading out into the mountains this app makes it easy to know what the conditions are in the area you are heading.
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12 years ago, SOGGY SLOPES
Well done, an invaluable tool to obtain an instant update on the regional picture of avalanche danger levels. One still needs to make site specific evaluations and reassess continually. avalanche dangers. I will spread the word!
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