Avast Security & Privacy

4.7 (80.2K)
78.7 MB
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AVAST Software
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Avast Security & Privacy

4.73 out of 5
80.2K Ratings
2 months ago, Rhonda Bradley
Outstanding Antivirus & Support Team
Avast Antivirus provides top-notch protection against various online threats. Its robust and reliable scanning engine ensures that my computer is free from viruses, malware, and other malicious software. I feel confident knowing that my personal data and sensitive information are well-protected! One of the standout features of Avast Antivirus is its exceptional cybersecurity support team. They are always available to assist users and go the extra mile to ensure their safety on the web. Whether it's answering questions, troubleshooting issues, or offering proactive advice, the support team is knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt in their response. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable! I highly recommend Avast Antivirus software to anyone seeking reliable and comprehensive cybersecurity protection. Its excellent performance, coupled with an outstanding support team, makes it a standout choice in the market! Thx
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2 years ago, dylanr0818
Fantastic Customer Service!
I was traumatized from System Mechanic/iolo customer service and thankfully they gave me a refund for my entire account so I can switch. They tried to take control of my computer through remote session, would not let me move my mouse to cancel the session and tried to sell me $240 for several years of live tech. Would not listen to me when I said no several times. I was done. Found out avast had everything an antivirus software needs and decided to buy it. I had some trouble setting up a feature so I called customer service. They are fantastic. They didn’t even try to sell me another product and helped me fix my issue. I am buying everything they have on all my devices.
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11 months ago, buggy boo 2012
Internet problems after app
so I love this app it really helped my phone because I clicked on a wrong link and it said I had multiple viruses in my phone so my mom told me to get this app on my phone because I used to have it in and it confirmed that I have no viruses and it helped me secure my phone but now I have the Internet VPN on my phone and it makes my Internet so much slower and it is not good because I also have avast on my laptop, which I do my school on because I am homeschooled and it makes it both of my devices internets very slow, which won’t work. my mom also has avast on all her devices and she works from home so avast if you can, please fix this Internet problem, me and my family will be able to continue using your app to secure our devices but if we don’t start seeing change we will have to find a different app as our Internet is not working any more.
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1 year ago, talking artist of Golden River
Great app.
I think it is this is a great app, especially because of the fact that it is very accessible. I am someone who uses voiceover, which is a screen reader that Apple has built into all of their products, and this app is very accessible with this program. however, there is one thing that I think should be changed. I know that the developers make their money by developing these apps, but I think that there should be a free version of the app, where all of the features are accessible because of the fact that some people may not be able to afford the premium, but should still get all the features. otherwise, great app, and thank you to the developers for developing this app.
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1 year ago, Werdy Girl
Worthwhile and Also Important
I jumped on the offer last holiday season for the Avast One annual plan. My laptop was so vulnerable before this, for the 8 months of using it compared to after having this security. I love how user friendly they made the smart scans and all the categories they put in laymen’s terms. I would not only recommend this for anyone with a computer, but I will 100% maintain my subscription to Avast for any of my computers. Will probably also upgrade to family plan so friends and/or immediate family can stay protected and secure. It’s a jungle out there, and it’s important to have protection from the unlimited threats to our precious computer systems and our privacy.
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5 years ago, millersdad
A significant irritant that drops my rating two stars.
Yes, it is a bit annoying it says my router isn’t secure enough to thwart hackers. But I can turn that notification off. However while traveling and trying to upload photos via WiFi from my camera to my iPad I would get 3-5 photos into the transfer and everything shut down, sometimes it was before or after the first photo. When trying to transfer nearly 300 photos taken in a day having to restart the camera and the app every 1-4 times gets tiring. Finally uninstalled Avast after fiddling with setting, coming to conclusion it was pointing to Avast breaking the connection, I uninstalled it and finished loading the remaining 160+ photos non-stop from the camera. Why Avast doesn’t provide the user with some way of switching the protection off for certain unsecured connections (the camera’s WiFi literally requires the iPad to be within 6’) I am willing to take my chances of nefarious characters trying to break in my camera WiFi within that sphere of 6’ in all directions. Provide us with some ability to toggle it off on certain circumstances. Don’t make us uninstall then reinstall the app when we’ve completed dealing with an unsecured network that we control and have no ability to change its security.
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1 year ago, MAP720
Best internet security system out there!
My laptop was hacked back in 2018. They got my credit card info & ran up $18,000 in debt. Needless to say the security system I was using, Norton, wasn’t good enough for hackers. I did not use the laptop for years after that. Just my iPads since Apple has the best security out there. I’ve used them since my computer geek worked on my laptop over 2 years ago and recommended them. It is very easy to use. It covers all my devices. In 2 years no one has hacked my laptops, iPads or iPhone. U can cover up to 10 devices!!!! I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a good and very affordable security for your computers & devices.
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1 year ago, YT phoenix
Saved my phone
I had accidentally visited a website that almost took over my phone, so my brother showed me this app and the virus went away with the click of a button. This isn’t the first time Avast saved my phone. I was searching up mods for Minecraft when I visited the wrong website, and the immediate threat detection from my phone left me breathless. Heck, there was even a countdown until my phone would shut down! So I rushed back here, did a few checks and was relieved it was just scare-ware. I would recommend this app to anyone with virus trouble.
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3 weeks ago, PaulGazz
Paul Gazzara
For the most part, I like Avast. It seems to do most of what I need to do. Some good websites get blocked with the VPN activated (Old Navy and a few others) and the “Contact Customer Support” function doesn’t recognize any of my e-mail addresses. Other than those minor points,I don’t need to save or archive the “Blocked Website” list, so deleting it would be helpful. I assume those sites will continue to be blocked. But, otherwise, a great product. Oh, and since my assigned server is in New York, this changes my location in the websites that use a location. I’d prefer to keep my location as it actually is. Some websites now require a multi-step login since I appear to be out of my normal location. Thanks again, Paul.
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3 years ago, rrose.cx
Either slow or no internet connection
I’m not one to leave reviews but since I downloaded Avast I can’t seem to do anything on my phone that involves internet connection. I like the security and protection but if I knew that it would be this frustrating then I wouldn’t have gotten the app. I’m constantly having to turn off VPN because I’m unable to go on certain apps without it telling me there is no connection. Yes, VPN causes the connection to be slower but constantly being told that I’m not getting any internet connection is annoying even when I try to only use my data. My phone has never been slow or has had any issues before installing the app. I love using Avast on my computer but I wouldn’t recommend installing it on your phone. I’ve seen positive comments so I wonder why there is this issue.
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4 weeks ago, CCJ1701
I had this for a few days and was trying to figure out if I wanted to purchase it or just end it after the free trial. My ultimate deciding factor was the app somehow blocked my use of the App Store and Indeed. There may have been more, but those were the only two I found. The App Store would say it couldn’t connect and to retry later and Indeed would say I needed to sign in but when I tried it would say it timed out. For a few days I thought it was just me and that I had done something to cause this, but on a whim this morning I decided to delete this app and both the App Store and Indeed immediately started working. I like this app, but I will not be downloading it or purchasing it until this is fixed.
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6 months ago, 1skinny guy
Premium Service?
When one buys a premium service as compared to the regular service, would you not expect it to include all the bells and whistles? Regular service one would expect there to be things left out and would need to add to the service as the need arises. Avoid the PREMIUM SERVICE were to cost a little more up front, in the selection process of one service over another service the advantages of the premium service over the regular service were presented up front. The main reason I left the previous provider was the constant enticement to add missing parts of the services I was presently paying for.
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4 months ago, Retired MSP Trooper
Avast Premium Security
I was referred to AVAST some 5 years ago by an IT COMPANY OWNER and I have found that "recommendation to be worthy" AND WORTHWHILE! Thank You AVAST FOR SUCH EXCELLENT SERVICE! Recently, I was confronted with an inability to renew my subscription due to "INFLATION AND THE OVERWHELMING COST OF EVERYTHING AND WE DID NOT HAVE THE FUNDS." When I called and expressed our situation, one of your staff members extended our subscription for 30 days to allow us to continue your excellent service! This demonstration for your care for our family, obviously inspired us to renew 30 days later as some funding became available! Thank you for your excellent staff and caring! Respectfully, H Frank RAYNE
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4 months ago, Genealogylady1965
Since May of 2023 I have been hacked numerous times. Once on my laptop where I had to get a new bank account, new bank cards and I changed my phone number. Since then it has been a regular issue on Facebook. I am logged out of Facebook. Men have targeted me, at least I think they were men. Two days ago I got Avast Security! Not one single hacker person or post have I seen. That is a Hallelujah moment!! This APP is the best APPI have found to stop these hackers and undesirable people from looking at your private life. I will keep this APPas long as I am on any kind of Social Media.
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2 years ago, allthenicknamesw3retaken
i love avast
Avast every second is checking my phone my laptop for malicious software. Avast is always looking out for you avast always has your back I will be watching HBO Max a leah al website and somehow boom! scam alert boom! malicious threat avast does that for me avast blocks those threats avast is watching out for all of us and for free too, for free avast is taking care of me watching over me being my guardian angel every day I wish I had money to pay for avast because I would. Get avest please they are worth it they are the greatest thing that has happened to me in the internet security world. Avast is amazing.
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7 months ago, SH@DOW87
The virus is OK but it’s also force advertising
OK so I gotta say the app is pretty OK but I believe a one year subscription is way too much knowing this other cheaper price that can do basically the same but anyways the real reason why I am writing a review is because I was about to cancel my subscription I had to the 25th and I also had time to cancel it 24 hours before the 25th which is the 24th but no renewed my subscription today the 23rd on Thanksgiving like hello that’s false advertising. I at least had a day to cancel it and if I cancel it which is pretty difficult it’s telling me I believe I won’t get refunded but the service will still be active. Hello I’m trying to get a refund not trying to leave my serviceon is there a number I can call
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5 years ago, NAMACE2282
New user
Im giving a 2 star rating because I am new to this and am only taking a precautionary approach to a possible threat to my device and personal information and fully intend on giving a more accurate review and rating once the issue is resolved. I purchased this phone 2nd hand and recently received notifications of possible malware and also informed me of possible damage to my battery so I was advised to get this resolved ASAP to prevent my personal information from being compromised as well as further damage all around, was also a very sceptic on clicking on the 1st app I was sent to for the possibility of this warning being a scam so I browsed around and read up on the app description and services and I was convinced this one would work so I hope I made the right decision.
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6 months ago, NotSoSerious777
Misleading results from scans
Always has helped me but past few updates dating back to last year are highly misleading. It will say there are 2 issues that need to be resolved. It’s an ad trying to get you to upgrade. I’ve contacted them about this a few times and an agent agreed with me twice that it’s misleading and unnecessary. Now a new one pops up to go with the other 2 mainstays. Says phone is safe except for 2 things that II didn’t pay to upgrade for for each scan. Misleading and why I rated it 3 stars. You should be able like in the past to ignore them by clicking it once, and not every time you do a scan. Highly annoying and misleading.
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2 years ago, Nammyzi
Avast Rocks!
We have had Avast on all our computers and iPads but I hadn’t used it on my phone until my personal accounts got hacked. That was a nightmare. Once I had taken steps to secure my accounts, I added Avast to my phone for added security. And since then with the added VPN features and other security measures, there are zero IP trackers on my privacy report. With the increase of data breaches that we now sadly see all too frequently, I highly recommend Avast for anyone looking for added security on all their technological devices. Avast is awesome.
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3 years ago, ncok do fairmount ele
wifi turning off and on
so when i turn on the vpn because i tested the site and it does work, i grabbed my own IP but don’t worry i had my VPN on but for some reason i have to have 2 VPNS on for my wifi to stop turning off and on, it’s very weird because usually my wifi isn’t like that, i don’t think i can trust this site i’m just a little bit suspicious. Please give me a reason for that thank you! my original stars was 3 but i wanna be nice and give a 4 because it does work how it should be, i’m just a little bit suspicious.
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3 years ago, JCwired
Complete rip off
This is not a vpn when it does not stay connected, for the past few years I have documented the fact that this product DOES NOT WORK. And I will continue to do so here on the apple review, google reviews, yelp, better business bureau, and other locations to warn other potential customers that this product is a rip off. The reason it is a rip off is the fact that after installation and you go to sign into to reinstate your purchase is the vpn connection is made. Then it is disconnected. Therefore the breach has been made and the connection is compromised. AVAST has known this, others have documented this, and they refuse to fix it. Well if you think I am going away try again as I will continue to document this rip off until fixed.
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3 years ago, SugarLove22
Problem with Paid Version
I have this on my iPhone 11 and am not too impressed by it. I don’t typically use a VPN because I do lots of surveys for money on apps and you can’t be on a VPN for their tracking reasons. My problem though is with the web protection. I would think when you use a product like this that you should just be able to setup your preferences and forget about it but it’s not how this is going for me. I have to frequently open the app because every time I do, web protection has turned itself off and that’s the primary reason I have this app. I believe that your development team needs to look into this issue.
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2 years ago, phil8.43
Recently became a major problem
I’ve had this app for a little over a year. It worked great until recently. I had trouble using Waze and google maps etc. then I began having trouble connecting to my home wifi. When I was at work my phone basically became inoperable. I’d check to see if my vpn was on and it would toggle itself on and then off, rarely connecting. I saw a few other reviews with similar complaints. I don’t know if there’s a compatibility issue with iOS 15.5 but this started about the same time as I installed 15.5. I actually, on a hunch, decided to delete the app to use my phone and it worked like a charm. I hope they resolve the problem and I’ll reinstall then.
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4 years ago, Cincinnaticarpetbagger
Pretty good security at a fair price
Wow, best thing since sliced bread! And I have a bridge to sell, in San Francisco! Actually, I’ve used Avast for years - many years free version, but as cell phones are everywhere and my family is oblivious to all the threats it was time to invest. Avast has saved me in the past, I’ve managed to avoid re-installation of several versions of windows due to malware and key-loggers caught by Avast. Haven’t experienced an issue with the family cell phones as yet - I’m counting on Avast protecting them before we have an issue. Always been good protection, it seems they just keep improving!
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11 months ago, A ustedes que les importa
Great protection
a question for the developers, first of all thank you very much for analyzing my device browsing a website i came across a message which said that supposedly my phone had been hacked. But really this VPN saved my heart so thank you very much for the security. And I just have one question, I wonder if this VPN can protect you on social networks? As well as Facebook, Twitter, Discord, among others. It would be great if an update came out in the future which protects you on social networks by preventing data theft.
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3 years ago, 8211hcp
Avast virus protection
I was extremely dissatisfied with Avast virus protection. It slowed down my devices to the point that they were unusable. When I removed Avast, everything immediately worked fine.I filed a dispute through my credit card company to remove the annual fee, which was resolved in my favor. Now, however, Apple which apparently owns Avast refuses to accept that credit card to pay my $.99 per month iCloud subscription fee. After three phone calls and two online chats, they refuse to budge. I do not have another credit card to pay this small fee - nor should I have to open another credit card account to pay this monthly fee. So I guess I lose everything in my cloud. Shame on you, Apple. Seriously? Over 99 cents a month?
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4 months ago, hanceville funeral
Highly recommended
For me to take the time to leave a review, well that means I’m extremely pleased. By far the best app for protecting my phone. My god there are hundreds of virus protection apps on the IOS store but out of all of them I chose this app. What impressed me was it being totally free. But now I can trust them I will be purchasing the premium upgraded version. Good job! Keep it up. Don’t let the negative reviews change your mind, listen to me and download it now! You want be sorry.
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2 years ago, Stoneturk
VPN and Antivirus
I bought Avast and I think it does great as far as the antivirus part so far, the VPN on the other hand was a huge problem, it wouldn’t shutdown so I could access content that required my exact location, it actually cost me some money, I figured oh well some sort of bug. Today I fought with it most of the morning trying to reach content that required my exact geographic location, it wouldn’t shut off and I needed the content. FYI make sure Avast app is totally downloaded and the delete the vpn in settings then delete the avast app, log on and do what you need to do to verify your geographic location, download Avast then turn on your VPN and tada your protection is back in place. One Star you shouldn’t have to do all that!
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3 years ago, SurfjunkieJustin
Not worth a single penny!
Slowed my phone down (12 Pro Max). Sites and apps would literally take minutes to load. Lost functionally. Meaning I'd click on things and there would be no response, both in browsers, and in apps. I have two phones. One for my business, and another personal. After deleting this app from my personal phone, it went back to being fast, and my functions came back. That's how I know it's this app. Common sense when clicking suspicious links (from emails for example), using a VPN from many free sources out there when needed will give you the same level of protection. Wish I could rate negative five stars. Total garbage. I'm embarrassed I was foolish enough to download this app in the first place.
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3 years ago, Jhon/hot/single
My life changing story.
Before downloading Avast, I was a homeless man, and I was a bald man with a beard. After I downloaded this, 1-2 days later I had notifications that kept spamming me and kept saying “Malicious website blocked” on discord and Snapchat. And wouldn’t let me type on Snapchat. My phone transformed to a Avast hot robot babe and it grabbed me and flew me to Mars. And We designated to a life-like mansion. I am now a young, hot, and rich. I am glad I downloaded this app. It truly touched the top to the bottom depths of my heart. -Jhon the bad boy
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1 year ago, hacked out in tomball
It was easy for the hackers in my neighborhood to hack right on thru
I downloaded this app because of security issues ive looked for how to contact you keep getting forum the forum does not do with contacting you i m not browsing in private mode while app says im private . I have hackers that are getting back to me after fours hours of the download i had duck duck go set as search engine now i cannot get private browsing tab on safari . I signed in thru my apple id and now hackers have taken over my phone i cant see where to get rid of duck duck go i will not be keeping this avast because of not being able to contact you about this issue and i hate having to write a review to take care of this issue
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4 years ago, Blu43
Subscribed and paid for 14-free 1 year paid Avast Security & Privacy
Actually got this, Avast Security & Privacy AND Avast SecureLine VPN Proxy. My problem is with Security & Privacy. First: Hope I don’t get redundant overlapping coverage which degrades actual performance. On Security & privacy, I opened app to blue screen and Orsnge dot /Avast symbol center page and nothing else. Hasn’t offered sign on or account, just this dot center page. Called goggle phone number - not (or no longer)active?? I guess I need unsubscribe to try to end my pain!
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7 months ago, lebronchime
Great VPN all around
As a person who has bad anxiety, I had a meltdown when I saw a tab open allegedly telling me that I had 15 viruses, so I turned to avast because the reviews looked good and people seemed happy! I can proudly say I made the right choice, avast provides all the essentials to a vpn with extra features costing a little more than $1 a month, really great after seeing Norton doing its thing. However it would be nice if you were told directly if you have a virus or not
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4 years ago, moonlitbeach
Can’t Connect to App Store with Avast Running
After installing this app, I am not able to connect to the Apple App Store with this app running. This is true on all of my Apple devices, including my MacBook Air, my iPad and my iPhone. After spending a great deal of time troubleshooting this myself and on the phone with Apple support, the 4th Genius Bar technician discovered that the Avast product was the culprit. We turned off the Avast Mobile Security VPN, and I could then connect to the App Store. Considering that this application was purchased from the App Store, it makes no sense that it should then prevent further connections to the App Store. Please fix this bug.
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2 weeks ago, Not CAD
This is the best VPN on my phone
I might sound like a bot right now, but this is actually the best VPN you can get on your phone (At least I think it is). This app can secure your email, stop data breaches, and run smart scans that tell you if your visiting a website with a virus. The best part is that is is all for free (Unless you want the premium thing). I can’t even explain how much this app has helped me, 5 stars and a recommendation, thank you.
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2 years ago, Webcams
Breaks Internet Connection
I have had Avast on my old Mac tower for 3 or 4 years. It appears to protect it from malware, spyware, etc with no problems. I was so confident in it that I installed the Avast VPN on my 2 iPads and my iPhone. Big mistake! I have been having internet issues for months. I have replaced my router. I have reset my network connections on all my devices. I have contacted Spectrum of Central Florida for tech support. The problems continued but intermittently. Even with the VPN turned off the problems continued! I happened to read a review of the Avast VPN and the reviewer noted a similar issue. So I deleted the VPN app and my internet problems disappeared! It appears that the app was causing more problems than it was helping!
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5 years ago, Beau519
Problems with the app!
I messaged your technical support team but got no response! The app was working well prior to my transpacific trip recently. The app would not allow connection to United Airlines’s WiFi to engage in their inflight entertainment. The only way to connect was to temporarily delete the app. Once at my destination, I pulled it from the App Store cloud and reinstalled. It worked again. I had to repeat this procedure on my return trip; however after reinstalling it again, now it does not work for “safe browsing”. It keeps acting like I need to repurchase the app. At the same time it states that my account is active until September 2020. I need the safe browsing (VPN) to work. Help!!
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3 years ago, Minefan01
So far so good
I haven’t really encountered anything where the app has been needed yet, but it’s nice to have there. As far as I can tell it doesn’t slow my internet speed down at all. Though after one of the recent updates, the web protection has stopped working altogether. When I try to enable it, it simply flickers on and off rapidly in settings for a few minutes, then seemingly gives up and just leaves me disconnected from the internet. Other than this bug, this app has done me well.
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2 years ago, LoukyHiker
All I wanted to do was scan my iPad as I keep getting a pop up to install an app. Apparently Can’t do it unless I pay. The free one only offers 4 settings that are worthless to me. I NEVER connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, I already get warnings if I have a password leak, I already scan for unsafe web sites (I always contact hosting company to let them know about unsafe web sites and have them shut down) and my photos are fine, thank you. All this is worthless to me. Oh have been a network and security admin for 30 years I have free Avast on pc laptop and I can scan my hard drive with the free copy on that. Why can’t I run a scan using the free app on my IPad?
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3 years ago, Devin707
Avast! used to be near perfect...now, disappointing
I’ve had Avast! for years, and when they finally designed for iOS I was ecstatic. Sadly, the business model took a dive, followed by the software itself. Let me explain. The customer service is painful—and it will happily charge you for the same service through different packages, overlapping and renewing, with no logical thought to it. Case in point, this app includes VPN. But trying to discontinue the VPN-only subscription and app met with overcharging and extra phone calls, and this almost repeated a year later. Of greater disappointment, this app has fewer choices for VPN—can’t choose a location, can’t choose exceptions (like off while at home), and half the time nothing loads at all while it’s running. Add to that the privacy setting resetting to share my data, and it feels like the OPPOSITE of a VPN. I was a fervent advocate since 2014 for this antivirus...but I can’t recommend Avast anymore. PS: I had to disable the VPN just to launch the App Store to write this.
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4 years ago, masked23
2nd Review
I purchased the premium version of this for my iPad. I also added it to my iPhone. I deleted the apps and canceled my subscription as I was uncomfortable with an IP address being shown on app. Message from Apple said I could reinstall the app as there was time left on my original subscription. I did reinstall the app and reactivated a subscription renewal. It renews next March. The app on my iPad and iPhone will not save the vpn activation. I have to reactivate each time for both devices. I’ve called Avast support twice and since they can’t find an account for me since my purchase was through the App Store they refused to help on the issue I’m having. I am frustrated.
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9 months ago, h9k72
Avast VPN Problems
Instead of using a free version to see if I liked Avast, I purchased a year’s protection. Within 24 hours of loading and setting up Avast on my iPhone 13 Pro, my high speed connection, 382 Mbps, dropped to 50 Mbps and the culprit was the Avast’s VPN. Instead of seeing my Internet Provider name during a speed test, it was a Lease Line name I’ve never seen before nor heard of. As soon as I was able to turn off Avast’s VPN, all was normal during another speed test. I had purchased Avast to save money, now I’m in the hole for $48 plus will be paying $100 to renew my previous anti malware/anti virus subscription. For me Avast didn’t work, made things much worse, and I’ve wasted money.
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4 years ago, hlvcaine
Cheated out of money, slowed my phone
I paid for A full year of premium, They took the money, but now they Say I need to upgrade. They're unresponsive and the app is slowing my phone down dreadfully. If I hadn't already spent money on it, I would delete it. I can't believe that I spent Money for a whole year of this product Only to be told I need to upgrade again. Also, this product doesn't work on multiple devices. It only works on your phone. If you want it to work on something else, you have to buy it again, which I think is stupid. It's buggy and it causes things to lag, and sometimes it causes websites not to load at all or have to refresh over and over. Waste of time and money.
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3 years ago, Nechrinebrican
Easy to install, easy to use.
I originally purchased because I may have had a malware on my apple products. Turns out, I didn’t have the spyware but the price for multiple devices was good and I have used Avast in the past. So far I am very pleased with the level of security and have noticed very little lag in my internet speed. The VPN is an added security level and so far has stopped tons of pop-up’s that I was getting in the past.
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2 years ago, A Real Mojo
Endless dropping of my network
What a kludgey piece of crap. Makes me wish for the old SCSI voodoo days- you could always get SCSI to work one way or another even without the terminator plug. I have had this software since last August and all it seems to do now is drop my network even when it says I am protected. My Network will be visible in the status bar then I launch either web or some web based app and then nothing happens, Network is now no longer visible and if I open Avast it still says I am secure and protected but I cannot access anything. Rebooting sometimes helps but not always. Tired of dealing with this on a daily basis. I will not be renewing.
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4 years ago, Nuclearcat666
Malfunctioned App
When I downloaded the app it worked for about 2 weeks then malfunctioned today. Today it kept saying that there was malicious websites and kept blocking them. The problem was that these “malicious” websites were parts of The Apple App Store, Reddit, Etc... For Example Whenever I Open The Apple App Store it loads for a few seconds then it would report about 8 of the links involving the App Store then crash. These links are the very same links that enable the App Store to even load. Meaning that it would block Entire Apps Themselves. It’s unfortunate that I had to delete the app but it was mandatory or else my phone would be rendered essentially useless. After the deletion everything ran fine again Something strange was that whenever I deleted any other app it only took around 10 seconds. However this app took around 3 minutes which was rather suspicious. Anyways in my opinion I wouldn’t trust this app and will not download it again. Have a great day,
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12 months ago, Mixmaster Precise
I have used avast over 20 years going back to when it was completely Free, and it did the automated updates and had the scifi alert type of notification sound fx whenever something was encountered. Avast, I’m my eyes, is still a very viable app, but, alas just like others who bowed down to capitalism, stripping the free services and reintroducing them as paid services. I just installed this on my iPhone 13, and the app does a scan (very quickly…Smart Scan🤫) but, where is the option for FULL SCAN. I have gone thru all the Settings. I would rate it a 5
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2 years ago, give me a rebate
I’ve had avast off and on with every new pc or phone till they’d died
But the last update must have screwed up something awful it would disconnect even the new Wi-Fi at my house with my new phone I’ve just gone from from thinking you deserve four and a half stars to zero for chewing up my data switched to your sister company product witch is not letting me see pictures in my email so may switch again before trial is up get it together please I’d like a rebate for unused time. I tried it again it locked up my Wi-Fi saying it found something no idea what no clue just locked me up I want my refund on my brand new subscription
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3 years ago, graziajg51
You are blocking my apple app store from accessing the Internet
Many important apps on my phone cant access the internet i am paying a fortune for internet and your stupid avast is blocking me from accessing it when i need it i dont have the time to search how to unblick my apps and be able to get internet on the apps i want i am not satisfied with your program at all, i paid to protect my laptop and devices but you dont know how to design a program that will not make my life more difficult, i should have gotten a more professional antivirus program that knows not to block my own apps on my own devices i will not be renewing
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4 years ago, xMiss Anthrope
Stopped working
Doesn’t work now, for some reason it constantly turns off which is super annoying. I loved it at first but now it stops working and I have no idea why. I restarted my phone and reinstalled the app and still not working. Not happy with this. I tried to report a problem through the iTunes Store and can’t get refunded. It just keeps putting me in a circle. I wouldn’t buy this app until it’s fixed. Waste of money. Also yes the App Store won’t work and some Other apps won’t work with a vpn. That is not fault of the vpn it’s the app itself. Don’t blame avast for that. However can say I’m not happy with the fact I cant get get a refund or get a response
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