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AVG eCommerce CY Limited
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for AVG Mobile Security

4.74 out of 5
55.7K Ratings
3 years ago, RLNfirst
Unique outstanding design app!
Sometimes it’s not easy to find the words you want to say about something that you find unique. This app I find is one of those times today the Technology changes so fast that it’s hard for software to keep up with the Technology changes that transpires in seconds minutes and every moment of the day! I thank the Developer for keeping up with those changes that keep you myself and our family safe. It’s easy for me to say this perhaps being I don’t have to program the software! It takes a great deal of time hard work and a lot of Headaches! The Developer of this app does this for you myself and our family! How do you know? Look at the number of updates that are being made! Then look at the aspect that this app really does protect all of us! Yes Technically as you read this things are changing the people who invented the words Scam Fraud and Hackers are out there trying to get to us! I thank the Developer for all His Hard work in stopping that from happening! I hope if you took the time to read this you will Download and truly try this app! What do you have to loose if you don’t? Maybe a lot more than the price of this app!!!! Thanks again to the Developer for His,or Her hard work I truly tip my Hat to you. Thanks
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4 months ago, Dickdiddily
AVG = Actually Very Good
AVG has been something I chose over any other antivirus. Whether I pay or not there's still something valuable to use to protect my phone and computer or any other device. If you're looking for a reliable app, AVG is the way to go. A lot of the others are very annoying to deal with with all the notifications and forced scans and sometimes crashing apps due to other apps. But AVG delivers everything I expect in a security app and helps give me peace of mind without any annoying hassle.
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2 months ago, ashley~chan 💕
It’s good, it scans the websites you have visited and more but it doesn’t provide a lot of information about the websites, malware, and how the antivirus is working. I have not seen a virus nor a malware pop up for AVG. (This is maybe because I have not went to many sketchy websites or advertisements recently or it’s because of the quality of the antivirus) I have seen thousands of my browsing history and websites I have visited. It probably does not catch strong viruses/malware or a lot of them. I have heard this is a decent antivirus app. My phone was really slow once I kept it on for a whole day. I thought this was a good VPN and antivirus app. After, I just Immediately deleted the app and the VPN. I would say this is a decent app but it doesn’t provide much security and protection towards viruses or malware. It’s considered a bit of a weak and decent antivirus app. If you’re looking for free, decent ones like these, you should use this app then. It’s not my type of app, here is a disclaimer that this antivirus app also provides a VPN for users who use the app. If you have another VPN like me, this is not for you so keep the VPN you already have.
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1 year ago, Orange Beach
Lots sales
I have used AVG since they came out off and on. I’ve probably sent them hundreds of customers. It seams now when you purchase something your still missing that certain something. Pay up again and its a feeling of why did they just not include that? They are not even in the top ten anti virus companies anymore. Thinking of changing which means I’ll probably be getting non USA service. But since my writing of this review they have been nice enough to get back to me very quickly and explain things which make total sense. Putting everything or even close to it would make a huge App and consume a lot of precious time and space. Lots of us don’t need even close to what all they offer. I’ll pay better attention when I order again. Thanks again guys at AVG.
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1 year ago, JimN WV
I have used and trusted AVG for many years for protection on my computers. But I ran into a real problem with the mobile version. I installed the add-on vpn as I installed the antivirus and it really messed up my iPad. It began to cycle off and on. It was not regularly timed and would blink off and reboot without warning. I went through all the recommended steps to fix the problem until the only thing left was hardware malfunction. Knowing a repair shop would charge as much as a new iPad I headed to the store. In the process of setting up the new tablet I had problems connecting to the Wi-Fi at home. I got to checking and saw the VPN indicator blinking. I deleted AVG the deleted VPN and no more problems. Now I have two relatively new iPads. I’ll never install a VPN on a mobile device again.
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11 months ago, jajaboii10
It’s pretty good
I like AVG but I don’t know if there is a antivirus or how to access it because I am still in school but I’m still trying to be protected online and I don’t really know what I’m clicking on most of the time and curiosity gets the best of me most of the time so it’s nice to have a VPN now but I can’t fine the antivirus because I got a virus because I had too much curiosity and I got a virus and I can’t find the antivirus and I can’t get a job legally and I don’t have money for a subscription so if that was free this would be a 5 star rating I know that the developers want to get everyone paid so there is a subscription but they want to help people be protected even more but it an antivirus was free that would be amazing and a guaranteed 5 stars.
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1 month ago, OnlyMe&NotYou
Detects nothing &VPN drops
With this new update, people are correct. I’ve lost access to apps and their websites. What have they done now? There’s always a problem. This app never detects anything at all, so I don’t trust it’s working. My devices are acting like they’re all infected, so it’s the software, not me. Also, the security and vpn are constantly dropping, leaving you completely vulnerable and you don’t even know it. Does not block google either, or redirects! There are better companies out there. Don’t waste your money. Nothing works on computers either. Cannot even update vpn on them, and have been trying for months! What a colossal waste of money. I want a refund for the remainder of months subscribed, so I can actually get a service that works. Customer service is terrible or non-existent. Do not respond!
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3 years ago, Dmntpnk
So, protection is a great idea. However, when the privacy browsing is on. You cannot make any app work. I deleted it and IT KEPT THE VPN. Screwed everything. Edit: I had it active while on WIFI at the house. I left and it went to LTE service. I had forgot to turn it off when I left. I tried to load an app and it didn't work, said connection issue. I realized it was still connected. Tried to disconnect and it would not allow me to. I was not able to view Facebook, safari or even send IMessages because of it. Don't know why. So I deleted the app since I was going to be gone a while. It still stayed connected...could not turn off through VPN settings on the phone or anything. Had to wait until I got home again a few hours later to disconnect it and delete. Then restart my phone to clear it.
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1 year ago, Unhappy Viewer1234
No customer service
I had been using the app for a year and renewed my subscription. I had gotten a leaked password alert about a certain website I had made a purchase at. I changed my password, problem solved. Recently, I received the same leaked password alert with the same information. I tried to dismiss the alert and then the app started being in a constant mode of “connecting”. The app said that I was “safe” but the vpn was not “ON”. I made contact with customer service and they told me to delete and reinstall the app which didn’t work. I sent them screenshots of my phone and provided the info they asked for. I haven’t heard from them and the app still doesn’t work. I canceled my subscription, no refund. Don’t waste your money!
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10 months ago, tolo$1978
I wish
Not a knock on the system. But it works very well with lockdown mode. If someone is really serious about hacking me. I have to check both apps occasionally to ensure there engaged. I wish they stayed in place with out me checking. I have to delete or remove apps then reinstall both. It’s not a hassle. If your on your phone persistently checking it’s just another check. Updates I wish these were big updates that actually moved the needle some.
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2 years ago, Jeff047
Top Notch
I’ve found that almost every program AVG makes is top of the line. They’re somewhat easy to set up and use even if you’re a tech dinosaur. The customer/ tech service is fantastic, very quick to resolve any problems. The only drawback is the price. As a senior living on a fixed income and bad economy I may not be able to renew next year, but that’s just me. You can’t go wrong with any of their products, the ones I use are spot on terrific!!!
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3 years ago, how you say dont agreE
About AVG
My only complaint about this software is having to pay additional fee for each divice on the same home network. Well there is another and that being there is no details of what the software is doing and no documentation to give details when it notifies if an attack. Or intrusion hack or virus or trojan virus or even details when it warns of a malicious site it just blocked not even why it determined the site is malicious and blocked it.
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8 months ago, MjhsSr
Ratings… Value… Bottom line…
You can review the ratings of Anti Virus and Internet Security applications all over the Net… AVG rates tied for the very best, and periodically will nose out there as the very best… The real value is in the protection of your information… not just the monetary value, but is your system protected, foremost, and is your secure, very private data protected as well? With ACG - yes. The Bottom Line? You’re using the best there is, for a fraction of the cost of many popular ones, which, by the way, are not as good, and certainly no better - than AVG… In the end, yes, there are hackers that can breach a ton of Internet Security applications… even AVG… while these are typically physical hacks, not bots, they’re also the ones where “you’re” wanted for some reason… And simply said: you will be got…
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7 months ago, Corey Pitt
Horrible app
I purchased a subscription three years ago and have been paying the yearly subscription fee every year. Tonight, I tried to open the app only to get an error message denying me ability to open it. I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it thinking this would be a fix. However, I was wrong. I tried to reinstall it only to have the app demand that I purchase another subscription and wouldn’t allow me to download it until I did. I call tech support only to find out that AVG has been taking my money for three years and never created an account for me. Where has my money gone for those three years??
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2 years ago, MeerKat_Roar
works awesome
ok works awesome but wish it did not have problems with when i try to use my vpn app on my phone so 5 stars do to how it works but just not to happy how its one or the other though and its not like that with my other Device at all though so em yeah so maybe next update fix that problem and let it work both ways though so yeah but other whys not to bad of a app and it does work though yo so yeah
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3 years ago, lls404
Really Slows Down Your Apps, No Security for Gmail
I paid for this app. A foolish decision. It slows down loading your apps on iOS for both iPad & iPhone. It does not stop spam in Gmail. There does not seem to be a US based customer service phone # where someone actually answers the phone. It’s the same with online chat - no response. I miss our IT manager where I used to work. I never had problems with spam in Gmail or Outlook. Make sure you don’t mail anything to a temp or contractor at a CPA firm. I used a small CPA firm & the result was large quantities of spam in Gmail. I have “ fired” the CPA firm & it’s taking hours to notify all my contacts & newsletters about my new email.
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8 months ago, P3-Computers
Great Product
Every product they offer is great!! If I was to complain about anything, it would be the over advertising to current customers for products that they offer but the customer may not need. Other than that everything from Anti Virus to VPN’s work fantastic and are very user friendly.
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3 years ago, hacked4life
BEWARE!! Buggy & broken
The “Web Protection” component of the app is broken. The VPN often breaks and causes IP leakage, and the online activity counter is unreliable and doesn’t actually measure the amount of websites visited, etc. I was told this would be fixed soon and was a “top priority” by AVG support/development team. Unfortunately, 5 months have passed and the issues persists. As a core component of the app, it’s unacceptable that AVG continues to let such issues go unchecked and unresolved. If/when these problems are addressed, I’ll happily provide an updated review. Until then, this is 2 out of 5 stars.
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4 years ago, stanley1225
AVG is protection!
I have AVG on my computer and my smartPhone. I trust AVG. I have hit the wrong key a number of times over the years and AVG has stopped me from going to malicious sites that could cause damage. I'm retired, disabled and I live on very little Social security and SSI. Without this great service, I do not know how I could enjoy going on the Internet, learning every day and feeling safe.
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2 years ago, Emily Vena
Cool kid
Every time I get into this app it always says I have an issue detected even if I’m not on my phone all day and every time I download it on a new device it says issue detected even if it hasn’t even been used before and it slowed down my apps so much to the point where I can’t even use them anymore I deleted it and it still kept the VPN so I had to download it again turn off the VPN and it still didn’t work so what do I do now but yeah personally I think this hat is horrible the protection is good it’s just the fact that it’s slow doesn’t actually do anything
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3 months ago, Catasyn
I gave need security on my phone. I get multiple call that when they leave a message and I attempt to call back the line is disconnected or they have a message center tha is not set up. They will send a email that my phone is compromised. I hope signing up for your service stop all this
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3 years ago, Wild_Child34
Best one yet
This app is probably the best one yet. It doesn’t make you pay when you get the app and it only does if you want the pro. The only thing I wish is that they could secure browsing because that is where most of it happens. It would mean a lot if you could change this but if not... well.. that’s ok. Anyways, I definitely recommend it.
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6 months ago, AVG customer+
Hello This App is pretty good 5-star 🥳 although for some reason I got The AVG VPN even though I never even paid it just asked me if I want it and I said yes… so I have a free VPN now for some reason 😀 And it bothers me how when I go it it says I have a issue but really it’s just tellin me to upgrade 💀 Pretty good app except it advertises to much
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12 months ago, Void88
Longtime AVG user, something has changed recently
Longtime AVG user, app used to work great up till a few months ago. Now the VPN seems to bog down my internet connection to an useable degree. App is slow to respond. Also had issues with authenticating my license for a few days. Only way to fix the issue with the VPN is to delete the app than reinstall but even in that case it only lasts for a day or 2 than the issue resurfaces. If this poor quality continues, I guess I will need to try another security provider. Pretty disappointed!!
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1 year ago, Leo the Rater!
Is this accurate?
I mean I know it’s scans through your phone but like how do you know it’s that accurate. It also doesn’t give you enough detail on like what their scanning. I just wish the app could be more clear and detailed. Please reply to this comment explaining to me if I am completely wrong or just tell me that you will fix the problem and update your protection app. Thank you and Have a great day!
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1 year ago, Cheryl E Love
Bait and switch!
Thought I’d give AVG another try. Signed up for a FREE 14 day trial to see if issues I had a couple of years ago with it had been resolved. Well…… instead of my FREE trial they charged me for a whole year!! I’ve contacted Apple and having charges reversed and cancelled subscription. Although AVG may be a good product I do not appreciate being charged for a free offer before trial period over (immediately charged!) I’ve never had a virus in my phone and use Malwarebytes but thought I’d give AVG a try since it’s cheaper. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, jakeBoiiii123
Great app, but could be better
I thought that this was an amazing app, which to me it is. I just wish the subscription price was lower. I think that the things that AVG comes with is good! I used it on my pc to help remove viruses. But I especially wish the pro subscription wasn’t as high as it is for just a web security. But out of that, I think the app is perfect and would be good for anyone that needs an anti-virus.
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5 months ago, imbigrafe
Too Expensive and Baddd
Avg is the EA of computer protection. All micro transactions across a whopping 8 applications. Predatory advertising with annoying pop ups are just a fraction of what is wrong here. Ironically, this seems to be the greatest user of resources on my PC. I know the internet security is not very good when I have to download and purchase a supplemental VPN. The lengths they make you go to cancel the subscription is ABSURD. I can’t believe backwardness like this still exists. I would say tune up is the only service to be slightly worth it.
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4 months ago, kristi oreb
I hate things that say they’re free and then every time you try to use them you get charged every time I try to run a scan or anything it brings me right to a charge you guys don’t have the right to take peoples credit cards and charge free trials in charge of whenever you want and take whatever amount you want because it happens all the time with these free trials and it’s not OK
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6 months ago, Woofie420
honestly: SO WORTH IT
So the free version is very good but I wanted it to be extra secure I only pay 5$ every month and I get full protection and can even change my ip setting to pretty much anywhere Japan the UK Brazil it’s amazing it works on all your apps and browsers it’s such a good investment and it’s so cheap definitely GO FOR ITTT💜💜💜
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7 months ago, I 🧡 Harry Potter
Idk if this works
I just got this because my phone said it had 28 viruses so I did what google said ofc because I couldn’t find any apps that were for free. I was on my phone and it randomly started to shut off and it’s at 70%. I found this app and It says that I have no viruses and viruses and it’s apparently scanned my phone 46 times in 5 min.I wanted to know what the creator of the app thought about this.
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3 years ago, sjdhfhe
This virus protector is great! I trust it and don’t think it could allow you to get a virus. But I just did a scan and when I swiped out the app it was glitching and two times it said something was detected quickly and disappeared. Could you please let me know if that’s fine?
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2 weeks ago, the pride supporter
So I just downloaded this app but…
So I recently downloaded this app but on the app it doesn’t tell you if it’s checking for a viruses is this the app that does that or is there another app because I had a security scare and I wanna make sure there are absolutely no viruses I’m on iPhone btw
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6 months ago, SgtMajA
Long time user
Have had AVG since about 2005. Initially all svc were free. But things being as they are, signed up for subscriptions ever since. Sure beats anything on market that I know of. Always protected, up to date and an I would bet the first of any to respond to any threat.
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2 years ago, denispirit
Absolutely trust worthy
I have been using AVG for over 10 years .. I started with the free app on my phones and my computer. I’ve never had any issues with any of my computers due to AVG coverage. I would highly recommend for anyone that wants excellent service.
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5 days ago, Simba2167
To much promotions
Like my primary security app, it always say need to buy but I already purchase but remains tell me to purchase . The program should know it been purchased thus it should reflect. To many different apps to purchase for security. It good program though but I run Malwarebytes along side and catches the sites that malware first
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2 years ago, Gil O.
Great value and peace of mind!
I took advantage of promo price and very satisfied ! Small price to pay for security and a peace of mind! Great product and company, I’ve had the free version on my PC for years and will probably spring for paid subscription after having this on my IOS iPad and iPhone !
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1 year ago, jock4hire
You Rock AVG
I’ve been using AVG for a couple of years I guess. They are helpful, considerate, and kind and they do a great job keeping my computers working tip top! Any complaints I may have had are too minor to mention. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed. Thank You AVG, Laura J Brooks
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3 years ago, Dopeboy jt
Did they go backwards with the new update?
This use to be a simple app that had its small problems but ever since the updates it’s gotten slower taking twice as long to reconnect to the vpn everytime you open something and it basically freezes if you try using the new web monitoring feature it will make anything you do take minutes to open and actually connect to the internet so it was a useless feature for me.
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3 years ago, Mboyd73
Problems since last update!!!
Very slow to connect to the internet if it even does at times!!! Make a patch, about to jump ship!!!, spoke to several technicians and uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times!!! Absolutely terrible!!!! Been in contact with you guys since the 25th of April, and the only thing I’ve been told is to uninstall and reinstall by multiple technicians, who fail to read all the threads in these emails, would see I’ve done this numerous times!!!, what now???
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1 month ago, Frodsnol
Great customer support. But…
I’ve used this app for several years. And their customer support is great. Unfortunately, even so, I still can’t get it to work properly anymore. It blocks EVERYTHING. Many times, I can’t get on a website (I use a private browser) without having to turn off AVG. I did follow the instructions of Customer Support, I have deleted the app and reinstalled it… But no luck. Still operates the same way. I don’t think that I will be renewing.
Show more
1 day ago, stylintn
Good job
I love AVG! Always watching out in the background! I feel so safe now. I had them once before and some hacker took you off my iPhone and I didn’t realize it until about a year later. I put you back on and now we’re all good.
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1 year ago, Di1!/4
Slowed down my phone and I pad
I was looking for extra security for my iPhone and IPad. My IPhone is an iPhone 7 and my iPad is a 2018. After I installed the software everything began acting buggy in the way some of my other apps quit opening so I am uninstalling even though I had purchased a 1 year subscription. I recommend that others just try out the monthly if you are going to give it a shot to see if you have any issues first.
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1 year ago, 2pacoe
Customer service
My online chat support representative, Allen was so helpful, showed insight, fast response and just plain spot on. I highly recommend AVG. It does all the work for you. Great product and again super customer service. Thank you.
Show more
2 months ago, Kazee1
ACG seems to be okay but it is frustrating that when I pay a good bit of money for what appears to be complete protection I continue to get notifications that I need more protection. It looks like a good company would develop a product that covers everything rather than nickel and diming us to death. I’m retired and on a fixed income and an additional $10 a month is expensive.
Show more
3 years ago, Retired4967
Good Job
When there was a problem with what was downloaded and installed technical support was readily available and resolved the issue quickly. Have used free version for several years with no issues but wanted to add VPN and tuneup features so moved to Ultimate version.
Show more
3 weeks ago, D_j.y
I recommend
If your on any website or not on your phone at all the app will notify you if any is trying to access you phone or data or anything it’s very good for iPhones
Show more
5 months ago, jmhowpat
Well this is awful.
I tried to get help with my Facebook account that had been hacked and got no help at all but was charged an outrageous amount for trying to get help. Then they keep sending me messages that I have viruses that need to be removed but they won’t remove them unless I give them more money. Have been charged for nothing and they still want more. For Shane. Very unhappy
Show more
3 years ago, Lily 🧍🏻‍♀️
Pretty helpful
I watched anime on an unknown website last night, and I have been afraid I got a virus since my battery was going down kinda fast and took ages to charge. Right when I got the app, scanned my phone, and turned on the vpn everything went normal. I hope it fixes it!
Show more
10 months ago, LouJay78
not free
came here to download this from reading about it on y’allls site bcs you advertise it as free nope 14 day free trial i have a pet peeve with companies who advertise this way when it’s just free to download but really it’s pay to play. that’s how i end up having to pay yet ANOTHER app to keep track of all these stupid subscriptions to apps i dont even use. with the glut of developement on the market— pass — unless you come up with a truly original product
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