Avigilon Alta Open

4.8 (8K)
128.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
OpenPath Security, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.2 or later
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User Reviews for Avigilon Alta Open

4.75 out of 5
8K Ratings
4 years ago, el segundo ca
Simple entry. Multiple offices. Eliminates hassle.
We replaced our card entry system with Openpath a few months ago and are very happy we did. We have multiple offices with employees traveling back and forth and site access was always very cumbersome. Since we rolled out Openpath, it’s been simple: *No need for cards. Your mobile phone is your card. It just works. (tip: make sure your employees turn on “always” in location services). So when our team travels, we aren’t handing out temp cards any more. And we’re no longer struggling to get the temp cards back! *Easy admin. Openpath syncs easily with Active Directory making user management simple. Everything is in the cloud so no servers to manage. *Remote access. The system let’s you open a door remotely. We didn’t think we’d use this feature, but we have found it very convenient when needing to let in guests. *Compliance. For our business, security and tracking entry is critical. With Openpath it’s been easy to manage and ensure compliance with access control requirements. Beyond the product, customer support was great when we were getting started. Big picture - it’s been great for us. We’re never going back to a simple card solution.
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3 years ago, DaffRugg
The god place
It is great to have a place where my 150 lbs lap dogs can go and relax, play, meet and make new friends, unfortunately they come with some people who do not care at all and are not even a little grateful for having a place like this, it’s very sad to see some pets having a nature call and the people do not pick up after them, it would be nice to have cameras and track them GIVE THEM A TICKET FOR LITTERING that would help these people either to clean or quit the park and the money help to improve the park itself
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3 years ago, vgfddhgrd
Almost but not quite
I was sold on the idea of this app. Including the idea of not having to take the phone out of my pocket. Unfortunately, that part does not work reliably, even if you have all the settings right. And because it is not reliable, it is not taken advantage of as much as it should because of the uncertainty. But when I do take my phone out of my pocket and open the app, it does work. And that means a lot. I like not having to use a fob or a card. Although I must confess that I do, again, because of the uncertainty. The solution to the problem that I have found is to "warm up" the app. I have found that if I access or open the app that the "wave" feature will work at least for a while. I put the wave in quotes because it's not really a wave. You have to pause, I have found. Still like the app. But disappointed.
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2 years ago, BrianM.
The absolute worst..
I had to download and use this app not by my own choice. I am forced to use it for the building I live in. First, when I open the app and hit unlock/open the stupid app makes me confirm! What!? That’s like pressing the shutter button on your camera and asking, “Are you sure you want to take a picture?” As if there would be any other reason I would open this stupid app. Secondly, the app always wants to know my location…why? Even when I change the settings to only while using the app, I see the app continue to use my location until I shut it down. I can only assume the app is selling location data to third parties. For being used to open a garage door, I would think the developers would want this app to absolutely easy and not have to mess around with. It’s unsafe for me to be looking at my phone while also trying to exit/enter my parking structure.
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4 weeks ago, Prof. KO
Poor Architecture, Privacy, and Usability
I am frustrated that the Alta Team declines to support Apple Homekey or equivalent. It’s very frustrating as an iPhone user that I have to give Alta always-on background location even when I’m away from the office (and Apple notifies me that Alta is getting my location even hundreds of miles from the office). Very strange and also battery intensive. They consistently blame Apple for not yielding to Alta’s architecture (which is unrealistic) instead of being accountable to their customers and supporting basic functionalities. Alta is clearly Anti-Privacy and I’m concerned that user data sales is core to their business model. TLDR; Alta / Openpath either gobbles up your battery & privacy or is very annoying to use. The Alta Team did not address any of these concerns adequately over email. In fact, they punted the questions.
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5 years ago, Shiver me tinder
Works fine if you’re willing to share your personal information with the developer
The app works fine and generally as described. Have had it for over a year as it’s installed in my building. If you’re at all aware of your personal information being stored and shared you should not use this app. For the “touch to open” function to work you need to share your location ALWAYS. Not to mention this is a major battery drain. Developer intentionally chose to disable this function “only when using the app” which is something I’m much more comfortable with. I have the app to let friends in remotely but it’s more convenient for me to use my keys at the front of my building which is insane. Simple fix that I hope the developers will take note of.
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8 months ago, usr12345678910
I have to give this app a 1 star rating to pull its overall rating down because it is far from perfect. The fact that you absolutely have to have your phone in hand or nearby in order to use the app on other devices such as a watch or a tablet is RIDICULOUS. I have an Apple Watch with cellular service which under other conditions could perfectly be used to unlock doors around my apartment but the app won’t allow it unless the phone’s Bluetooth is on and in range. It’s frustrating because I got the watch to be HANDS FREE. I’m so sick of constantly having to hold my phone or worry if it’s going to fall out of my pockets and since ALL of the doors in my apartment require openpath I literally can’t leave my unit without it. So when I take out the trash I have to use my phone. When I haul in groceries my phone has to be on me and it’s unfair to assume that everyone wants their phone on them like that. Especially when there is a hands free option like the watch. So yes I’m irritated with the openpath developers because the watch app is literally POINTLESS if I have to use it in conjunction with the phone.
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2 years ago, JRK1231
No Excuse For Demanding Continuous App Location Tracking
I do cybersecurity for a living. There is absolutely no valid reason for this app to track your location when not using this app to authenticate to grant access. Any app to authenticate access only needs to know your location for the fraction of a second it takes the NFC reader to access your credentials and authorize your access. Any and all location tracking beyond that is abusive--there is simply no other way to put it. If I had the time, I would dump the app binary and search for a reason to track beyond simple authentication. Dollars to donuts, I would be willing to bet the app is using an advertising packing to collect information about the user to sell--especially since they know EXACTLY who you are, which makes the tracking information HIGHLY valuable. ALWAYS suspect ANY app which wants to always track you. That means only one thing: YOU ARE THE PRODUCT AND YOU PRIVACY IS BEING INVADED! If this app was not required for gym access, it would have already been deleted from my iPhone!! AT A MINIMUM, when using this app, ONLY allow it to track you when using it!!
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2 years ago, soho maki
Useful but privacy concerns linger
The app can make some things useful if you live in an apartment you are an unwilling subscribers to this service, just like those mail package box centers. As of rent wasn’t high enough, these services keep piling on the cost whether you want to use it or not. Also, it forces you to carry your phone at all times when in my community to access places that a simple key fob would allow. The BIGGEST problem is that it continues to track you unless you force close the app. I have it set to use my location only ‘while using the app’ within this app + on the iOS settings yet it likes to keep tracking you. I can’t imagine it’s a bug i.e not a deliberate attempt to keep gathering data. Really makes you question the company’s ethics and what other nefarious ways they’re opening doors into your personal life in guise of opening physical doors. Other users have the same concerns and the reason they give sounds like baloney. No other app continues to track you once youre done using the app w/ the same settings.
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5 years ago, Msandfordb12
Always getting better
I was happy when my company took away my key cards ( I had 3 for work) and said we’re going to use our cell phones moving forward. This app has worked for parking, elevator and our offices. I love it! Better yet, it keeps getting faster and smarter so my experience is simpler every time.
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5 years ago, user38291
App Data Repeatedly Resetting
Twice now I've had the app data randomly clear and result in me being locked out of my apartment building. Absolutely infuriating. I'm not sure if it related to the background app management in iOS 13 but it seems like the developers should figured this out during the iOS beta period. The delay for the "magic link" takes at least 10 minutes so if you're running low on battery there's a decent chance you just might be straight up locked out. The property management company that controls the building I'm in has replaced all RFID entry points with this app. Although convenient to open doors with your phone in your pocket, I struggle to see how this is better than a key fob or key card for entry.
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9 months ago, Nsusovnenakxkd
Sketchy concept
Thanks to my apartment building opting to use keyless locks, I have no choice but to share my location data with a company I do not trust. The app constantly pings you to share your location data at all times which is flat out ridiculous for a glorified FOB key and garage remote. It makes you wonder why they need this information and ask for your fitness information as well. Thankfully we have plenty of bot accounts pumping up the app rating for their media team so the executives never need to feel guilty about a business model intended to rob consumers of their right to privacy. After all, how could an app with a 4.8 rating be malicious?
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2 months ago, Cameronb513
Needs More Features
This app gets 4/5 stars. I live in a community that is 100% Alta Open and keyless. It would be a HUGE improvement if 1) I could use my cellular Apple Watch as a key instead of having to carry around my phone. And 2) if there was support for iOS widgets. Having to fumble for my phone gets annoying and then having to open the app to open my door just adds steps.
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1 year ago, diodoto
Works OK, but a major battery drain
When location is always on this app is the major power hog. No. 1 in fact, according to the iPhone battery usage data. I think the developer team should look into this issue and fix the power management issues to make the app much more usable. As it is, I have to switch the location to “when using” and then quit the app after each use to save the battery.
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4 years ago, Longkev
Touch to open function not consistent
The major benefit of moving to an access control system like OpenPath is the ability to use your phone or Apple Watch to open the doors. However, it’s been my experience (and my fiancé’s) that the “touch to open” feature only works after “waking” the app by opening it on your phone. I have the latest iOS, have it set to using cell phone data and ALWAYS sharing location. Have no idea why it only works after opening the application on my phone
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4 years ago, davtyduck
App issues
First of all, after installing the app multiple times and then using the provided link multiple times, the app does not respond, and am not receiving access. Secondly This app does not appear under location services for me. According to our admin, I need to always share my location in order to open doors. I’m on an iPhone 8 with current iOS version. I had spent many hours attempting to get this to work, and I worked with there support team who basically had no working fix for me.. I give up.
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2 years ago, Sufvvgvfgg
Great app, but I have one suggestion for battery improvement.
I often see Openpath ping my location while I’m at home, on errands, and during the weekend. For this reason I believe a user adjustable “9-5” toggle on the gps and Bluetooth functionality of the app would be greatly beneficial to the apps overall battery usage and privacy confidence.
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3 years ago, webercoder
"While Using" still shows location usage in background mode
I've set my location sharing to "While Using", however iOS's blue location sharing bar still appears when the app is no longer in the foreground. You have to kill the app completely to stop location sharing. Otherwise the app works pretty well. I usually see my iOS wallet popup when near an OpenPath reader, but I dismiss that and it seems to work fine afterward.
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3 years ago, eirannejad
Very questionable app
The app requires permission to read your precise location AT ALL TIMES. This drains your battery since the Bluetooth and Gps chips are constantly on. To solve this, it also requires permission to read your motion and fitness data. Both of these requirements have huge privacy implications. The app store information does not say the app is tracking motion data and also lists location tracking as data that is not linked to you but this is an Entry Access app so it definitely knows who are you to allow you access
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2 years ago, CLandolt
Couldn’t be easier!
I use the app to access my favorite bar the Red Phonebooth in Atlanta! The app works amazingly well and nothing is cooler than walking up swiping the phone and hearing the magic of that door unlocking to let me in while others are waiting.
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3 years ago, aouwbsvgauansbgahqjbq
Does not work as advertised
Unfortunately the app does not work as advertised. I specifically gave the app permission to use my location even when not open so I didn’t have to open my phone to open doors, but it does not work. I still need to open my phone whenever I get to a door and it’s honestly a big let down. Also, my text in this review shows up as white text on a white background so I can’t really see what I’m typing, which feels like another oversight unfortunately
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3 years ago, ShelbyGT3
Like the Idea... Not as impressed with Results
The concept of using a phone for entry into secured areas seems great. I was told just walk up and the access will be granted. No need to remove phone from pocket. Well the truth is instead of waving a small key fob or card, you have to wave your phone within a few inches of the front of the reader. Convenient in that you don’t need to carry the card or key fob, but far from the the idea of just walk up and your in. Needs some improvements
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2 years ago, H-minus
Great app
So easy to open every door/gate/elevator by just waving your hand. You do have to have your Bluetooth on all the time which may use up your battery, but I just turn it on once I get to my apartment complex. Haven’t had any issues so far
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1 year ago, George camann
Watch app needs phone.
The iPhone app works well. But to use the watch app, you also need the phone with you and the app open this is disappointing, especially if you have the watch with cell. The whole point of the watch is to not need your phone. The cell watch has everything you need - data connection, gps and Bluetooth. It is too bad it doesn’t work without the phone, especially if you want to take a run or bike during lunch.
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3 years ago, KDBees
OpenPath makes life easier
I love the fact that I can issue guest passes and open the door remotely when I get caught unexpectedly between needing to be in the office and needing to be remote. This door access has changed my life for the better.
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3 years ago, Sure-lock Homes
Works well most of the time
App is easy to understand and works as expected mostly. Just run into occasional times where the sensor doesn’t think you have your phone. Opening the app resolves it, but that shouldn’t be necessary as I’ve set it to stay on in the background. Tesla has similar occasional trouble so not sure if iOS issue or app issue.
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2 years ago, mobi-dutch
Almost perfect
This system is pretty great, compared to traditional keyfobs that need batteries replaced, get lost, or simply break. The one aspect I find puzzling is the Apple Watch app. Why can that not function stand-alone, without having to have your phone nearby? That seems like a missed opportunity.
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4 years ago, Dil-dog
Set and Forget!!
This app gets 5 stars because of how little I actually have to use the app! I just go up to the reader and tap it with my finger and the door unlocks. My phone stays in my pocket with the OpenPath app running in the background. Once you’ve configured your system, there’s no reason to actually take out and open the app unless you want to remote unlock/lock the door for someone else! I wish the rest of our office building (garage / elevators) would get with the program and integrate OpenPath. They are compatible with all of our existing readers.
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7 months ago, MaryTorre
Cumbersome, asks for confirmation + Watch app horrible
When driving it is hard to click multiple buttons and answer multiple questions like confirming if you want to open the gate “Are you sure you want to unlock…?”. Should be simplified and quickened. Apple watch app needs our shorter list of favorites and not make us sort through dozens options. Same issue when driving as well - too cumbersome.
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9 months ago, StoneOak Hair
Extremely convenient for my business and I feel secure walking up or leaving my business when I have my hands full. The phone tap is amazing!! Great idea. Highly recommend it.
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10 months ago, GTorrico
Three Person Household with One Login & Device
There are three people in my household (including myself) but only one of us is allowed to have access, on one device, and have to use remote unlock for the rest of the family. This is inconvenient, especially when we’re in meetings etc. We’re contemplating breaking our lease just to have a better system for gate access. I’ve contacted support but they haven’t responded.
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6 years ago, Jeremytheagent
Amazing system
My company and I have been looking for something with high user control and functionality without losing all design. Open path really is the next generation of door opening systems for multi family or office buildings.
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4 years ago, John D 2020
Reliable and frictionless
My office has Openpath and I just started using the mobile credential this month. It really does work the same each time without the inconsistency or delays I’ve experienced at my last job. Well done!
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3 months ago, Sherif Abdel-Naby
No Widgets; No Shortcuts Support; really annoying.
For Apartment Doors where you can’t use touch to open I have to open the door using the app; the lack of Widgets and Shortcut Support is just Annoying. I know users of the lock aren’t your customers (apartment complex management are) but I hope you fix this
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2 years ago, Danny Dolla
User Friendly
A system that isn’t overly complicated and when you call tech support you get someone that you can understand—English.
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3 years ago, come in from the back
Great Change
Are usually don’t like change but I have to say this is a delightful change the security system is easy to use and I feel more safe.
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5 years ago, JoyousMamaOfTwinBoys
Openpath is so convenient!
We use Openpath at my synagogue and it works great all the time. It’s so easy to install and super convenient since I always have my phone with me. We feel so much safer now that Openpath is installed. Can’t recommend Openpath enough!
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4 years ago, SMoosh14
Makes life easier
Great app that gets rid of all the clunky access cards you have to carry around for work, parking, etc. This is the smart office I’m sure every modern company will have soon.
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2 years ago, MG👦
Location access
This app is functional, easy to use, and works pretty consistently. However, once it is opened it continuously uses your location until forcing the app to quit. This aspect is a privacy issue, negative impacts battery life, and is an annoyance.
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3 years ago, rbjammin
Lack of support
After numerous calls trying to get the system to operate as sold to us there has been no resolution. It works well with the fobs but you have a 20% success rate when using your app and hand waving. That means one day a work week it works. Any other business with at success rate would be out of business. We are sorry we invested in Openpath. The are alternatives. Spend your money wisely.
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5 months ago, The Closet Gamer
Slow and inconsistently effective
I do not have to option to grant Bluetooth permission to the app in iOS, so I always have to confirm after clicking g to open. The NFC functionality is spotty, so I sometimes have to swipe 3 or more times, then it takes up to 10 seconds for the door to open. If things supposed to make my life easier, it absolutely does the opposite.
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10 months ago, lvbiker
Requires precise location until forced close
We use this app to access all doors at our apartment complex. It does not work without precise location access. I set location access as “while using app” and yet it does not stop accessing location until forced close. This is an undue burden on the user to “force close” after every use. Apple Maps stops using location without a force close. Our apartment door lock uses another app and can open the door from at least 10 feet away and does not request or use any location. Openpath privacy does not allow opting out and specifically allows selling aggregated data.
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1 year ago, The Review-Maker
Unnecessary location tracking
This requires location tracking, but this seems to be necessary with NFC. Why does this app need location tracking to swipe me through doors when a credit card reader doesn’t?
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2 years ago, Jeezy6429
installed customer
It works as advertised, would highly recommend
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1 year ago, Stop Monetizing Frustration
Need a better solution for location always on
Very annoying to get Apple alerts that this app has been running in the background with location always on, asking to allow or not. This has been popping up every few days.
Show more
6 months ago, Eddy_23
Please create widgets
Easy app to use. Would be way better if they were widgets available to add to my iPhone’s lock-screen/home-screen. Instead of scrolling for the app.
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4 months ago, LadyOwls
Denies entry way more than it should
I’m having to delete and reinstall this app way more than I should to gain access to the gym where I have membership. Attempting to get support for the app- even worse. I’m now considering canceling my membership here and going somewhere that doesn’t use this inefficient app.
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12 months ago, JonathanA
Share a Guest Pass doesn’t work
I love this system and app but the share Guest Pass doesn’t work. When I put the description in or change the time everything goes blank. I’ve tried everything.
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2 years ago, Solbadboy
Location buggy
Why is the app keep running locations in the background after closed the app… it’s never does it before only after the new updates.
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2 years ago, Depositor5
Let’s turn simple access into a pain!
Will not be using community building that requires Openpath. Just too convoluted to set up multiple family members for a building we might access once a month. Not to mention going into phone settings and tweaking an uncomfortable number of always on settings. Deleting app.
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