AxisCare Mobile

4.8 (7.5K)
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Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for AxisCare Mobile

4.78 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
6 months ago, Bert’s Girls
Ms Lee RN
As provider for my disabled bedridden mother in hospice care, this app makes it extremely easy to chart her care, condition and mental status to other providers. Easy clock in and out all care questions pertinent to a clients well-being are required; including significant changes to health status. All is completed in a very short period of time and sent directly to the agency office immediately. Makes for much easier processing of payroll, and with direct deposit, excellent delivery of compensation. I have used other charting methods before which were much more complicated and required transporting paperwork via hand or email in order to complete payroll. Axis care is an excellent system! Thank you!
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1 year ago, AppNotFlexible
App not flexible
My phone either did an update that deleted the app or my granddaughter accidentally deleted it. Well upon downloading it again and signing in etc., doesn’t recognize server number. I can’t get in and required to now clock in and out on clients phone which they hate. You have to call a 1 800 number. The other issue I had before the deletion and redownload is it’s not flexible. You can’t clockout if you’re at a store and your shift is done and guardian came to pick person up etc. You have to be at the homesite to clock in and out. Well I’m my situation, that’s not always the case. The other thing is the phone that I clock in and out on when app not working or away from homesite is the clients husband. What if I dropped client off at her sisters and her husband is not around? My shift is then over, I couldn’t clock out because I’m not near the homesite and I have to use clients phone to clock out which is her husbands number. And it goes the same if I pick her up somewhere and her husband is not near, can’t clock in. Very not flexible. Then because the company can’t electronically verify, I don’t get paid. I do not suggest this app for the home health field. Not flexible enough.
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4 weeks ago, Mommaof321
Need a little more timeframe!!
I don’t care for this app as an employee that has to use it sometimes clocking in or out can be a pain. I think it should go off our hours schedule. Like if your schedule with a client from 8-12 but show up at 8:15 then you should be able to hit clock in with out calling the office all the time and if the person is able to stay the 15 minutes they was late then it should let them clock out at 12:15. It would be so much easier then calling the office all the time. So make it to where if the client gets 4 hours that day then that’s all you can clock in or out for. Or make it to where you get a 30 minute time frame. Then if your not clocked in within the 30 mins then have people contact their office. Example: you have a client on your schedule from 8-12(4hours) you show up at 8:15 then you should be able to clock in but clock out no later then 12:15. Sometimes the little 3-5 minutes give is not enough. Especially if you have a client like mine that likes to say I need to go to the bathroom as your getting ready to leave.
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3 years ago, Almkchop77
Constantly having issues!
I’ve had this app for work as a caregiver almost a year now & for about the first few months it worked w/o issue…but then periodically (every week) I have issues with this app & so much so that I am getting fed up even trying! I am on a WiFi connection but it will give me an error message saying “Device is offline” when it clearly is not! So I’ve had to keep on & on & on opening & closing the app trying to either clock in or out, record notes, etc. I REALLY hope this app is free to employers bc it’s needs A LOT OF BUG FIXES!!! Even right after I update the app it will still either tell me I’m offline or won’t open & just keeps on and on & ON trying to connect but never does! I am going to talk to my boss & see if there is another similar app we can use as caregivers that is more reliable than this one. It seriously drives me insane bc it’s a toss up daily to see if it’s going work when I go to clock in
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10 months ago, MsMissyFine
AxisCare Review
The system is all in one to support the needs of the client. We can leave notes for staff and family members. The system also provides a list of possible task that may apply to your shift work. I also like signing in and out through the system. I would like to recommend an upgrade to the system. To allow the caregivers to leave notes for each other. This will allow the caregiver the opportunity to better serve the client.
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4 months ago, JodyHall
Good for notes
Axis is an easy to learn app that allows you to keep track of your clients history. It does have a couple glitches. One issue is that the addresses aren’t always the same when it switches from the app to the mapping service. Another issue is that you can be in the house and it won’t let you clock in because it says you’re too far away from the home. The final issue that I’ve noticed is, if you do back to back shifts, other people don’t always get to see your second shift notes. The main office can, but other healthcare workers, trying to read up on the clients history, don’t get to see them. That being said, it is an easy to use app that has a lot of great functions, andis extremely easy to use.
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5 months ago, nicegalsfinishlast
Notification alerts don’t go away
Good for the most part. Everytime an alert is sent to me it is sent once and then sent again less than 30 minutes later. If I get more than 1 notification in a row the notification icon on my phone doesn’t go away. I have to wait until I receive another notification for it to finally go away once I open the new alert or message, or I have to delete the app and reinstall it JUST to make the notification icon go away and it is honestly such a hassle because I always have a little “1” icon on the app in the Home Screen. I know a lot of people hate seeing notifications and there is always a notification icon no matter what I do.
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6 months ago, Hi hinting
Great App, one thing bothers me!
I don’t know if it’s up to the company you work for but whenever you click change availability it sends you directly to chat with the office or your scheduler, while that is fine I think there should also be an option for the caregiver to choose which days they are open for the following month & to have a cut off of when to turn in the availability so that the scheduler also has time to work with your needs for that month! It takes calling or going to the office off the list of things you need to do as well!
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12 months ago, Angie the who!
Axis App.
I like Axis App. It easy to operate and it helps you see your assignment right on spot. Punching in and out is so simple. It keeps you on track to see the different assignments available. Axis is a good devise indeed. Even if you are not a technology expert you can easily get along working with Axis. I’d have loved if our hours worked and paystubs showed on the app too individually.
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9 months ago, Elphiewtgreenskn
Horrible App for the workplace
The company we worked for switch to this app in an effort to make things easier for its employees; it’s anything but. Firstly, there is no way to see a running total of hours worked for the week. You can’t even see how many hours you’ve worked on a shift, you have to count yourself. Secondly if you have your shift extended, you HAVE to clock out at your original time or else the app will automatically clock you out. Other time keeping apps will just adjust your out time, but not this one. I keep having to fill out a form with my employer to get my hours fixed because the app decided I shouldn’t be paid. Finally there is zero option for you to contact anyone through this app. My employer can send me messages, but I can’t respond or make a message to them through this app. If you are considering this app for your brand avoid at all costs. It will make life significantly worse for your employees.
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3 years ago, CandyGirl302$$<33
Bug Needs Help
I have iPhone XR running iOS 14.6. I have a huge amount of available space. AxisCare was running fine until Wednesday. What happened to AxisCare? What changed? The app will not run at all! I deleted it, downloaded it again then rebooted my phone several times and it still does not work. The ONLY way AxisCare will work is if I turn off my phone then turn it back on, then open AxisCare. If I close the AxisCare and try to reopen, all I get is a white screen with AxisCare symbol. If I need to see a schedule change or actually clock in or out, I cannot. I have to reboot my phone. Any and all help or guidance is welcomed.
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4 years ago, tiameka
Not sufficient enough
I used this app daily for work. My job tracks my hours , GPS for travel and its how we communicate daily to keep informed on the health and well being of out clients. How are we supposed to accurately chart and or communicate if this app doesn't work half the time . And for myself personally i cannot afford to miss any hours from my paycheck but this app seems to always get some hours out of me monthly, because half the time it displays the wrong clock in time or the Apps Offline for whatever reason and i cant clock in at all. Super frustrating. This is the 3rd app that we have used within my company and i think its the worse .
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3 months ago, The Dark Wave
One minor thing
I think the app is very easy to use and very straightforward. My only issue is when there is a new notification, when you view the notification and have exited out the little icon won’t go away. It keeps telling you there is a new notification even when you have gone through every screen and marked everything as seen it’s still there. Otherwise it’s great! Haha
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1 year ago, TKeyz715
Make this app available to the Admins
This app is good but if they made a versions for the Admin it would be 10x better! This would include allowing them to adjust schedules and make changes on the go. It’s hard to use this app through a browser when you just happen to be out of the office. It’s really easy to navigate but that feature would make it 10x easier on the Admin team!! Hope this feature becomes available soon!
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1 year ago, harshwardhanrakesh
Caregiver: Harsh Wardhan Rakesh
Axis care is one of the best portal that possesses the exactness of the lock in and lock out hours with an additional chance to accept the attendance. The ADLs and notes to be written for the Recipients helps the authorities records of the alterations in the recipient’s health. Moreover it has lot to teach the freshly recruited employees. I admire the zeal with which the work done in daily schedule is conducted. Thanks and regards to the axis care family.
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1 year ago, Van-sal-any
Not too sure about this app
Its a app is ok but the only thing I don’t like about it is that we have to be exactly at the address to clock in or out and other wise I have to call the office to be clocked in or out or also if in the office don have the correct address is a little of a big deal.
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2 months ago, Not understanding5
My client has a lot of appointments and I am not always able to clock out because I am away from home. Also taking him to run errands. It would be nice to be able to clock out when I have him away from his home taking care of his business. He is always with me, because it is for him. He lives in a small town, therefore we have to travel sometimes to Marietta or Atlanta.
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3 years ago, thehelpgiversinc
Please!!!! Give the option to view your schedule in the app on a monthly calendar!!!!!! Or even weekly!!!! It is so frustrating scrolling back & forth between days to review your schedule, it gets so confusing. Also, I find it very inconvenient I have to use a link in browser to view a monthly calendar, which you only have access to once admin sends to you directly- doesn’t automatically update either!
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2 weeks ago, Great for small businesses!
Great app- but please stop asking for a review
I’ve been working with a company that utilizes Axiscare for a little over half a year now & so far everything is great! My only complaint is that I get 2-3 notifications a day saying something along the lines of “Axiscare would love to hear from you!” So here I am, writing a review in hopes that I stop receiving notifications :)
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9 months ago, M.K.T23
It is very self explanatory and help keep you on target as far as the client and their needs. I can keep track of my hours I have work. I have found it easy to report any change in care as well. Overall I feel the app does exactly what it is intended for very well!
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2 years ago, wonka1062162
Recently lagging
This problem didn’t happen before, but the past 5 days my app has been slow and takes atleast 5 to 10 minutes to load which affects me by taking away traveling time or not being able to quickly see what I need to get done. Plus by the time the visits load it ends up being clocked in at a later time when reality i was just struggling and waiting for the page to load while I’m at the visit already.
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1 year ago, Rod’s Angel
My feelings on answering ADL questions:
I don’t mind having to answer questions on each of the clients asl’s, when time permits. However; some days, I find myself working right up until the end of my shift, and we’re not allowed to finish the adl’s after we’ve clocked out!
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4 years ago, Wannabemedstudent
This app now takes up 16GB of storage on my phone- literally half of my storage, basically rendering my phone useless, unless it is work related (so I’m basically paying money in order to work...). I have deleted most apps, photos- everything I could get rid of, I don’t even have contacts anymore and deleting everything I could didn’t make a dent in the storage problem. The app is slowing down because of the lack of storage it creates. The app used to be fine, I have no clue what happened but if I could give it a negative star review I would.
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8 months ago, pratik82in
Need some improvements
- caregiver should have option to get reminders or alert before 5 min of clock in or clock out. - caregiver not dependent on mobile should have option to clock in from laptop or iPad supported app. - it tracks clockin by GPS location so caregiver can only clock in/out from client home address. When cellular signal is issue or client is away with care giver. It won’t allow to clock in or clock out. This needs improvement.
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3 weeks ago, Mrs Swain
Great app!
Using AxisCare makes working so much more convenient. My most efficient feature is being able to read past notes from a previous caregiver. That information puts me abreast of my patient condition before I visit.
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1 year ago, Issues Also
App Review
When the app is running smoothly, it is fabulous! However, it is very persnickety about the area in which you’re clocking in if you’re not close enough to the source of the Internet. And that happens SO MUCH it’s very disconcerting when you’re trying to clock in and you have to call the agency to let them know.
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1 year ago, 1Hoytmess51
Kelly Blanchard
I love yawing this new app…I have more space to write out all I need to…so easy and convenient to use…the only bad thing is our trip to the office was one of our outings…so now we will have to find another outing to do…but I love this
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1 year ago, caregiver39
So stupid takes forever
It literally goes so slow. It makes it become more work to not only fill this out but then a paper copy too. Less time with the person our attention should be on. Sometimes it just sits there with the circle going around and around forever. Have to shut app down and start over making clocking in a lot later because I go ahead and start my job then forget to go back and clock in. I’d give it 0 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, kyngkrysta
Endless issues
I have issues with reception anyways but this app makes it so hard to clock in and out. I can have 5 bars LTE and it will tell me “device offline” over and over, to the point where I just don’t even try to use it anymore and will just call my agency to clock in. Only time it works is on excellent WiFi and even then it can take up to a few minutes to load up.
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10 months ago, Feurben
App is not working
I’m spending more time trying to clock in and out for my clients then I am physically working. Every time I write something or check things off, everything disappears and the screen goes white. I have to keep trying over and over again to clock in and out for my clients. This app needs to be fixed somehow. It is very frustrating. I hope I don’t have any money deducted from my paycheck because of this app not working right.
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4 months ago, acegirlsanibel
Easy and efficient
I just go here instead of email and text because it’s so convenient. Also so helpful when they are announcing something collectively
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4 months ago, alishalyons
Won’t let me save anything unless I close the app 100 times
Please fix the bugs on this app. I haven’t been having issues for a while now for the past week I’ve been trying to type in and save all my ASLs it won’t let me save anything unless I open and close this app many times! It’s frustrating for my clients and for the company I work for.
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6 months ago, Mollie-ie
As of recent update (Dec 2023) my phone now freezes up for over a minute the first time I launch Axiscare each day. I have to wait over a minute for my phone to do anything. During part of that time it displays “saving offline transactions”. It’s ridiculous to take that long to boot and to disable my phone for over a minute.
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7 months ago, Shayjanea
The connection sometimes goes weak but other than that everything is fine
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1 year ago, claudibabe
Axis making my job easy to communicate
Very accurate and easy to navigate when using it for my job making my job more easier to communicate with my company
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3 months ago, RayyMoneaa
I love this app it give you full access to the information needed for client also has a secure way of clocking and out without it being a problem .
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1 year ago, NMRKyp
This is an efficient and easy to use system. It takes the worry and error out of record keeping that allows everyone involved to be assured of its reliability.
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1 year ago, LivingWell247
Makes Life Better
It was very convenient to use easy to figure out is not had a problem since been using the app
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1 year ago, TwinkelD
Axis review
I care for one person. It’s very hard to be at the home at the specified times. Many times we do various activities before or after his check in or out time and are not near the home. This is my only concern.
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2 months ago, Caseyandcujo
I really like the app due to the ADLs lets me know what's expected of my time with client! Also it helps me remember so I don't forget to do everything that's expected of my services for the client!
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3 months ago, Brendy 1213
I have used other Home Care Apps, I find this easier to use, ai love the fact that everything is in one place, and very available!
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8 months ago, Employee111
Let us an our client update our schedule so that we don’t have to call every time, if you’re worried about people abusing that right just call client if it looks suspicious or come up with another way
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3 months ago, Rosa Shivel
This is one of the best work app’s I have worked on! It is conveniently easy to navigate and be able to get ahold of our office when questions arise. Awesome!
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11 months ago, ray&irmajean
AxisCare Application
I appreciate Axis Care application so very much. Todays technology is amazing & it is so much easier, faster & way better than having to do it on paper. Way to go Axiscare’s & Developers.. I love this app!
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7 months ago, Itsirk47
Initially, I use the app my phone broke and I used call in number then I went back to the app and oh my God so much easier and convenient !!.
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2 months ago, Jennifer1982M
One fail
Love the software and the app. We just made the switch a few months ago. It’s super easy for the caregivers but management has limited info on the app. Please add the memo feature to the visit in the app.
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5 months ago, Monet1906
Freezes my IPhone
I love the app for ease of access to my schedule and communication to my office. However the app freezes and when I try to close and reopen it, it freezes my entire phone. It take about 2 minutes to go back to normal. Please fix this issue! I know I’m not the only one.
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4 years ago, _Jackson82
I keep having problems with this app & this is the app I have to use for my job. It’s always telling me I’m offline & it’s not updating like it’s supposed to do. If it’s possible can you fix’s the problem with this app on my phone...Thanks
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3 months ago, ||Sandra||
Great App
Only thing missing is a place to log mileage on errands!! I go to work before the office opens and most times leave work when the office is closed. A memo or log area for mileage would be perfect!!!
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2 years ago, JOOOEEEEE030303
App issues
This app has so many issues. You constantly have to delete the app and re start your phone and re install the app. I feel as if this app has messed up my phone as well. It constantly says you’re not connected to the internet which I am. Or it won’t accept your clock in/out time. Everyday there will be an issue with this.
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