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User Reviews for Axonify Mobile

4.59 out of 5
13.3K Ratings
1 year ago, HeavyPaws9551
Better for dedicated GM Clerks
Saves me a lot of time on the job since my Zebra is always occupied doing other things. I can keep doing my rotations , counts, orders and keep my Zebra feee to answer customer questions, removing inventory and doing my woohoo mark downs while I get points for my training by doing modules on my cell. During a full work day, having the app to install on your personal device can help improve your performance and stay connected with the rest of your store significantly. Highly recommended if you work for Kroger or Ralphs and cant find the time to complete your modules on the sales floor. This is a great multitasking and communication tool for kroger (and subsidiary) associates.
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2 years ago, sr0540
Check your spelling & language. Keep your questions short & not elaborate. We sometimes get the feeling someone is trying to let us how much they know or have someone impressed with their knowledge & creativity with the style of questions rather than making sure we learn. Not all answers are correct or conducive to our companies guidelines & expectations. The contradictive & ‘trick’ questions/ answers don’t leave us with new knowledge. Can someone check peoples work before it is rolled out to us to make sure it makes sense. Our company’s points are matched up against the #’s to the right of the screen & aren’t anything that we could obtain or maintain even if we do Xonify everyday & get all answers correct so they bring down morale. They shouldn’t be there unless we have the same opportunity. Lastly, suggest we get a warning if our next session will include a video so we can be prepared, Ex. We may need a computer with sound, may need head phones, may not be able to Xonify that day if we need more than 2 minutes or may need a quiet place etc. Thanks for asking our opinion. Helps with the frustration.
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5 months ago, LosThaGhost1
Great Application
I love this app, it helps me learn about shoes and most importantly about how to handle customers, we are all different people from different stretches of the world so treating others how you want to be treated is definitely a key in selling anything. No bugs and it rarely crashes
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2 months ago, LuisWolfe
Forsed “Volantery” Training
The app is a total flop. The games hold my attention for about as long as it would for a goldfish and the questions that are shoved in don’t feel related to anything I do in my work department and often feel pointless. And if I wanted to be forse watched videos to train me, I could use other applications. Why would I watch random training videos about things unrelated to the work I do when I already do more targeted videos elsewhere with other related programs? Whats worse is this VOLANTARY survive, thats abvertised as a optional, is being deemed MANDATORY by our store, which most likely stemmed from the fact they spent so much money into advertising the service to people that they needed to validate there investment by shoving it down everyones throat. People in my company were signed up for the service agenst there choice and its left alot of people upset. How is this allowed?!
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3 weeks ago, Upset and frustrated anxious
Store employee
Way to many questions, takes too much time, not any time to do in store because we have so many other tasks to do. Many topic’s don’t apply to our area. Too many details on too many products. Many questions not given correct answer’s available. Poor educational system, games not necessary, I never attempted to play, this is real world not a game. No end in sight, keeps going on and on. You would have to be a chemist to understand paint questions, GPS questions have way too many details. Only way a person could learn and succeed would to have a lot more time to study and the ability to organize and make notes. Our employers don’t give us that type of time and we are already being pressured to do to many things, we are in danger of losing business and profits. Thank you.
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2 months ago, 524chucky
Employee rewards
What is the purpose of the points on the upper left hand screen? Why isn’t there any videos prior to taking a 5 question quiz? Upon reviewing of top performers why can’t we see overall as a whole store or district? The app does need some updates or upgrades, like many the question still remains why not convert the points to reward associates for all that they achieve and conquer with the app.
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1 year ago, Master Will Roads
The questions are terrible
At least 15% of them are factually incorrect. And I swear there are a couple where the question is the same and the answers are different every time. Also, the amount of questions are different daily. A coworker might have the chance to get 75 points while I can have a chance of getting only 45 total with three questions total and when there are competitions for who has the most points it’s really just a roll of the dice for who gets given the most questions
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2 years ago, MissChris6375
The font is WAY TOO SMALL
I have to use this app daily for work & I despise the incredibly small font. It is unable to be increased. It’s very shortsighted for a company not to allow for flexibility to adapt in the population it serves. I hope my employer changes companies to something that I can actually see so that maybe this training is actually useful. Right now it’s mostly an annoying waste of time since I can’t read the material.
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1 year ago, Dismondz
As a tenure employee I truly appreciate the time given for training , I’ve learned so much in theses training courses it’s so refreshing and much needed as a refresher course to understand the different techniques, so I can continue to give unsurpassed services to our members and be professional.
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1 year ago, The Coffee Maker
I love using this to reinforce my knowledge. Something’s you think you know just by experience but this helps you validate and confirm what is what when thinking about internet (fiber) win our company!
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2 years ago, nick3nm7
What’s up?
No one will answer why our points are being subtracted or rather unfairly taken away ….. example 75 points taken away after taking quiz .. was over 1000 and went down to 680 … then when trying to make it up was not getting points then it finally started … so got 1000 again finally and next day it showed 990 after taking quiz for the next day ?!?! Why? No one will answer?
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1 year ago, Doveforlife
Fix point calculation
If we are going to be forced to answer these questions everyday we’re at work, then at least ensure the points are calculated correctly. I have gone weeks and not missed a correct answer, but you wouldn’t know it by the points I have accumulated. What’s the incentive of earning points, if we’re not going to see our numbers go up? Fix the problem concerning the points, or take the point factor away.
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4 months ago, Useless@once
While Axonify is interesting. I find it boring and time consuming, which is why I stopped doing it before. I’m only doing it now because it’s mandatory. There’s no extra pay for Axonify. Frankly, I’m looking around for employment where I don’t have to take daily quizzes. I was number one several times, and no one ever said I was doing a good job,, and complimented me in any manner. So who cares. You only seem to notice if one doesn’t do the daily quizzes.
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10 months ago, imo8989
Forced and condescending training tool
That a training tool has games and is intended for adults feels very condescending and immature. The forced nature of this daily “training” is a distraction to daily business, and accomplishes neither training nor improving business as most employees click to get through and go back to clear the task just to get the annoying task out of the way for the day. Give me a classroom and a lecture with Q&A for deep training any day over this baby food.
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1 year ago, loyal customer for 49 years
Great training tool
This is a great training tool! Reaches all the associates without having to have someone utilize a check off list of names to make sure everyone is getting the message.
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1 year ago, Tired of being a one man team
Waste of time
No new information is given. Same things I learned 20 years ago. Understaffed and playing on an app to say the same things over and over again. Once again a waste of money that could be spent on getting and retaining employees. Try spending money on allowing enough time and people to get the job done correctly with out rushing to hit ridiculous goals and unachievable standards.
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2 years ago, Joebarragan
Sometimes I don’t get my points added on my daily questions… is there something wrong with the system or just not going thru the app ?
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1 year ago, Emmalouwho21
Love it
This helps a lot outside of work when you have access to the store computer! Try downloading the app form the app and try it for yourself!
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9 months ago, Ron Wilber
Great to refresh learnings; great to have fun competing against team; great that it is short and gives you correct answers when incorrect
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2 years ago, Will5634
Who thought this was a good idea?
This app is a poorly made one. From cutting off text, to telling me my correct answers were wrong then proceed to tell me the same thing. Kroger is just getting worse and worse. People are fed up. The questions are just a waste of time and they made it mandatory to complete. 🙄 Literally no one likes doing this and the five star reviews are clearly fake.
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10 months ago, PapaJoeOnBass
Unable to give feedback on question/answer quality
The user interface is fine, but there is no mechanism for flagging questions that have perceived defects either in the question wording or the offered answers. Nor a mechanism for if a given question has applicability value.
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1 year ago, 03224455
Not all question are not in line what our division uses for terms knowledge. Some question very veg on what your asking with the answers. You get flushed and some times quite using fresh start. Asking for a name you spend five minutes every name taken.
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1 year ago, MatCynZac
Bldg specific
I think it would be beneficial for Old and new employees to have bldg specific questions. Like definitions … example: what is DTC? DTC is doesn’t to consumer. What is residual? Etc. Also explain areas within the bldg and what they do. Create a flow chart with how products flow through the bldg with explanation of why it is done this way and what happens when the “chain” is broken. Things of this nature.
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2 years ago, BD Unknown
Shouldn’t be available…
First of all. The company i work for doesn’t pay us that well, nor do we get tip compensation. The fact that the company i work for wants us to complete these quizzes (for points and not being paid to do them because we are doing them off the clock) is truly asinine. I mean download the app, but i don’t think this aligns with labor laws.
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2 years ago, ItsD!
If you have to use this app I’m sorry
This app is ridiculous unless you like answering basic common sense questions and playing children games. My company started using this and I think this is the absolute worst way to “train” people. There is nothing entertaining or beneficial about this app. Other than burning basic bland questions in your head.
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1 year ago, N1cky V
Game Changer
This system has changed the way I work. From day to day operations to training, Axonify has made life so much easier!
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5 months ago, DamionPzzl
Thank goodness I have this Axonify app on my phone. This definitely comes in handy when there’s 4 computers to 200 employees.
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1 year ago, MandyB1991
Great App
I love gaining knowledge that I can use to better connect with others not just at work, but in my day to day life.
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4 months ago, 0252K
It is fun, entertaining and interesting. reviewing your mindset while comparing them with the questions and answers. Great learning and self analysis.
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2 years ago, rDh 02
I have to use the app for work, and there's rewards for the most points per month. I want my points and it's stopped me from getting 200 points today and yesterday
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8 months ago, Snowowl1962
This is work related yet I find the only time I have enough free time for it, is when I’m off the clock and I have to use my personal property that work doesn’t help pay for,
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2 years ago, d.a.m.w
It helps
It may help you, but it keep you alert.
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1 year ago, gruesy#1
Too Many Repeat Questions/Modules
I feel like after I’ve already passed a module that a day or two later I have to repeat the same module.
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3 months ago, weezy318
I do think spark is an exceptional tool used to keep employees safe and aware of potential risks
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2 years ago, Lil AyKay
Competitive player
Such a fun way to learn! I’m really driven to train to beat my teammates and win rewards!
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1 year ago, West #1
Axonify is Awesome!
Axonify helps to increase the quality of my discussions with health care professionals.
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1 year ago, *102434*
hard to use
just took a test and the app didn’t record my tap, so i got the question wrong. Also, the time card function is way too convoluted.
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1 year ago, Laceup King
Calculations are not valid
Points are not calculated right. I have answered many questions right and lost points. Also, someone needs to look into the question streak. Seems fishy
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1 year ago, jelm86
Doesn’t work properly
Would be awesome if videos actually played.
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1 year ago, 💰MoeMoney💰
My points
My points every time I’m up , the next day my points go back down
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2 years ago, Fotobet
Fantastic platform for training!
Axonify is awesome! App is great. Really well designed.
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2 years ago, Josiah Hendrix
I like it
Great time killer and beneficial while Being fun
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2 years ago, lindy96
they dont record the right points that u earn i have one number and they tell me another
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2 years ago, Joylovepain
There is nowhere to change the name on log in
The system does not allow me to change my login name. It’s incorrect. Who do I go to?
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1 year ago, iSerJoo
My points are just going
Every single day I play and get the questions right but still im not getting points or when I am, next day its going away im just stuck at 2k…. Nonsense app
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1 year ago, Caleb New.
Usefully useless
While the app has good training our management won’t give us time to do our job correctly and ask for shortcuts
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7 months ago, 👏 khan
Training platform
Best training plateform
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4 months ago, Center for Disease Control
Questions without text require the user to know the answers to the questions The questions are confusing. Teaching employees through Jerry’s You excludes the text. Why? If the text or summary for the topic were included it could be understood with learning it as the objective. The CDC guidelines for precautions are similar and I’ll review them in case Jerry’s You testing is incorrect.
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1 year ago, Sonyaplus
Ambiguous questions
Some questions are ambiguous or the alternatives are not following the company training.
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2 years ago, thekyledude
To whom it may concern
Why do I lose my points when I take my quiz even when I get all the answers right??? This needs to get fixed ASAP
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