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User Reviews for Backstage - Casting Calls

4.72 out of 5
14.9K Ratings
11 months ago, LJB33MVP
Backstage scammers review
I have discovered multiple scammers on Backstage in the past few months and reported them all to Backstage. Backstage emailed me back very quickly confirming those cases were indeed scammers. I was then searching Backstage for information about scammers, and it was there discussing what scenarios could be potential scammers and they were extremely similar to what I just experienced. Because of Backstage’s detailed information about possible scammers, I can spot the scammers now and report them without hesitation. Each time Backstage has responded quickly that the reported entity was a scammer, and that they have been removed from the Backstage platform. It’s great to be part of an organization that takes this type of thing seriously, has the information to help you spot scammers, and then removes them immediately so they can’t scam anymore. Great platform, great customer service.
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3 years ago, sooo much better than clash
Good starting point- somewhat
The app has a good interface, a decent amount of users that make it simple to find auditions in your area. BUT you HAVE to subscribe for a fee to be able to apply to ANYTHING, even unpaid roles. Unfortunately, being an actor means paying a lot already out of pocket for things like headshots, travel, etc. I'd gladly pay like $5/month for the convenience of the app but $20/month just to apply to ANYTHING is kind of ridiculous, especially for unpaid roles which means you won't make back what you spent on the app to find an audition, let alone be cast. I'll keep this app in my back pocket for a future when I can afford it, but for now there are other resources available for the same purpose and a cheaper price. Additionally, maybe it's just me, but it didn't seem clear initially that you needed a subscription to be able to apply for ANYTHING. It wasn't until after I filled out my profile, scrolled through the listings, and found something of interest that I found out you cannot apply to anything without a subscription. At this point I just don't see the cost equalling the value of the app unless MAYBE you're in an area with a high concentration of jobs. Sorry to the developers, I know you need to make money too and it really seems like a good app, I just simply can't afford it.
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4 years ago, Roddy W
I got this app bout’3 months ago in hopes somethin.. anything would become of it, and let me tell you.. this app & backdate NO JOKE. You’re in the big league here. I’m a painter by trade almost 40 yes. And always wanted to act”... I was ... and STILL am amazed at the attention I got / get.. I’ve had 3 paying gigs so far and gaining more and more auditions almost everyday. I even had a director-write a part just for me and use MY name ( another paying gig).. Backstage is FOR REAL! I just reached out to them asking about getting an agent ( yes it’s like that).. and they not only sent me a list of agents but reading on what I should be looking for... in an agent. I love backstage.... and when I do make it big ? And I will. I will always say Backstage was MY start into acting Thanks Roddy Williams The Bronx
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6 years ago,
Works just enough to work
Maybe it’s an issue with having an [old?] iPhone 6, or the Yahoo! mail app (I know, “Who still uses Yahoo?! How do you not use gmail?!” I don’t know, its hard to change man.) But anyway, every time I click on a listing from a Backstage email to open separately from the Yahoo mail app in Safari, which would then automatically direct me to the Backstage app, almost half the time the app will NOT open on the listing. It opens on the castings page of the app instead and I have to do the tedious task of putting the title in the search bar. Also, I’ve updated the app and turned on notifications in Settings and the Backstage app to get my saved filter searches to send me listings I’m right for. But I never get notifications from the app. That’s why I have to still resort to counting on those emails which is frustrating because the Yahoo mail app and/or Safari is not always even compatible with the app. It’s super frustrating. Although sure, I could finally enter 2018 and get a Gmail account.
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1 year ago, KraziTreeHugger
So, I’ve heard about backstage casting calls and it said it was a really good website to post your casting calls on, I’m 18 and a jr film director and I was looking for actors for 0$ anyways I absolutely loved the website I think it’s very professional and it’s easy to navigate and the layout is great anyways so my problem is and I’m kinda frustrated about it is the price, 25$ I can handle for a month but another 35$ to just post a job???? That’s insane, like I said I love it but it’s way too expensive, especially for independent filmmakers like myself and actors who are just getting started… I would definitely recommend the app but my suggestion is that if you don’t have a lot of money don’t bother to even get the app, I really hope they improve this in the future and make it more affordable! Thanks for making this app backstage, but I don’t like the pricing
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4 years ago, Xytara😊
Need to pay
I downloaded the app as an easier way of get an acting job at 13 instead of having to spend money and go to la but when I downloaded the app on my phone I found out I have to pay. My parents don’t have the money to pay for subscriptions like do you guys even care, not everyone is rich, some people do acting to help pay bills for their parents so having to pay money just to find a JOB is just crazy and masked absolutely NO sense. Now I have to go looking for another app because I can’t trust Facebook with those predators but I just thought people these days could be more considerate. If I created and app like this I would at least give info and when they subscribe then they will get unlimited casting but they don’t have to subscribe because then again not everyone is rich. People who are rich can just hire and agent, morphed to la, and get and acting job in just 2 mins. I’m so disappointed in you guys very disappointed 🙁
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3 years ago, EagleRising
Almost Perfect
I love this app for a lot of reasons other people have already mentioned, but I have got to talk about the notifications/log in problem. The main reason I downloaded this app as opposed to sticking with the desktop site is that you can get push notifications for new auditions that meet your search criteria. However, every time I tap a notification on my phone to see the full posting, it takes me to the login page. Then I login and the app takes me to my dashboard, not to the specific audition I tapped on. This is incredibly inconvenient, especially since some of my saved searches are very broad. Everything else is wonderful, it's just this one problem of the app not keeping you logged in that makes the app kind of useless to me.
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1 year ago, Magnolea
LOVE w/ minor inconveniences
I enjoy the app. Mostly intuitive and mostly aesthetically pleasing. Few suggestions: - Being able to rearrange media order in app like on desktop. - Skills rearrange out of desired order whenever I save on app, then edit on desktop. Quite tedious and frustrating. - The dropdown for searching skills should have ALL skill options appear and only decrease as you’re typing. When a skill has subtypes (e.g. „Voice Style“ vs „Voice Style: Confident“), I would like for all subtypes to appear when I type „Voice Style“ to know my options. Unless this is intentional. - Character limit for „About me“ inconsistent between app (500) and desktop. -Keyword search functionality would be user-friendly instead of just the parameters and having to scroll endlessly. - A „Featured“ Filter would be nice, unless I’ve overlooked it. Perhaps, this is intentional to give smaller productions a chance. - Would help to have separate lists for „wishlist“/„watchlist“ and Saved Drafts. Having everything in the saved drafts can make it cluttered and not user friendly. :)
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2 years ago, JezabelTokio
As an actor, skip this.
I know almost every YouTuber actor tells you to start here but in my opinion it’s useless. You barely get sufficient amount of auditions to really pay you well. You have to pay like $20 each month to even be able to use this app at all, and when you finally get to see the auditions it’s very disappointing. Most of them are not even going to pay you as a trained actor. You pay $1000+ headshots, 500+ classes, just to apply to roles that don’t pay you at all. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!! They will not give me a refund even though they charged me unknowingly for 4 months STRAIGHT! Supposedly it’s in their terms, that they cannot issue you a refund whatsoever. Never heard a business doing that, or treating their customers so poorly. Go to Casting Networks or Actors Access instead- that will give you results. This app will not.
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11 months ago, McRell_Sandwich
Search Filtering
Hello, I seem to always run into an issue. I filter my searches, but some leakage is happening. Whenever I choose “do not include nationwide” I still get the nationwide castings. I applied all of the necessary filters. Yet I am getting castings I was hoping to exclude. I selected paid, yet still getting unpaid gigs. I get there are few roles where I’m from. Consequently, I am also seeing roles from a far. Which doesn’t help me when my radius is set to two hundred and fifty miles. I believe if you take off the Nationwide option on their end, then I will not experience this issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering your options.
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2 years ago, kylecold
Encompassing app that needs rework
This app is definitely great at connecting folks for jobs, though the application process/navigation needs a rework. Pertinent audition instructions (additional instructions) are posted at the bottom of the job’s “production details” page while the roles page doesn’t include this. This results in missing instructions or flipping back and forth while reviewing roles for fitness. The upload/media pick process is difficult to maneuver, its a bit confusing whether I’m picking an existing media for submission or uploading new media. Is there a way to add a magnifying glass icon on the “casting calls” tab for easier searches? I hope this helps and wish you the best going forward!
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2 years ago, Erik Hatcher
Good interface, somewhat pricy
There are plenty of free casting options out there for actors starting out, but if you are focusing all your time and energy on acting, this does add a nice interface and some options that you won’t have other places. It is pricy, but if you are trying to act full time that might be worth it. Do watch yourself on renewals though - if you buy a years subscription, you will get billed for another full year automatically when it expires unless you set it to auto cancel. Overall though the good interface and ability to save auditions and reels can make this quite helpful.
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2 years ago, EdquadoeatsTacos
Random Closing Out
I have been enjoying the app version over using the computer or even getting the magazine to keep up with the entertainment industry of improving ones’ career goals; however, I have become so frustrated with how I try to update my profile and rearrange my media items and then out of nowhere the app closes itself. I then repeat the process and it keeps doing it. I even try restarting my phone to deleting app and reloading it and still the same thing. So someone please fix this issues, as this is an app that is paid for and when it keeps doing this it really makes one wonder if it’s worth it.
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2 years ago, foxfamily238
Don’t use them. Use Actors Access instead.
David L and Stephanie and others we have recently TRIED to work with, simply do not care about customers. They did NOTHING to help a very simple situation and instead remained inactive on pursuing any simple resolve. I'm taken back by the un-professionalism from this supposed "huge" entertainment industry standard casting. Trust me, go to Casting Frontier or Actors Access for ALL your casting needs. Until they actually take the time to care and hold a regular conversation and admit anything, they are 1 star pure and simple. We do not and will not recommend them to any of actor, cast or crew, both current or future, and will begin to express how unprofessional they have been with us to our connections of producers, directors and ET professionals and creatives. Shame on them.
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2 years ago, Lillyqualls
Just a few things
I love using backstage, but the UI is so annoying sometimes! I’ve updated the app and had clear signal, but it is always so painfully slow, the searches repeat themselves until you scroll all the way to the bottom (??) to refresh and get to the ‘next page’ of search results. The search function is super glitchy, on mobile and on my laptop. That being said, It’s still usable and I’ve been able to use all the functions, but it could be much smoother. Otherwise it’s great. Of course it would be nice to be able to apply to stuff without paying, but what are ya gonna do. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, ThatOneWasMe
The app recently became incredibly frustrating to use
So I really enjoy this app and have been subscribed for several months and already landed several gigs! But recently as I scroll through the listings, I tend to get stuck in a cycle in which the same 10-15 listings will just repeat, and repeat and repeat. Because of this there’s been between 30 seconds to a full minute of scrolling just to find the next batch of 10-15 jobs before they fall into the same loop. I’m really hoping this can be fixed in the next update. Regardless, the app is still amazing and I’d recommend it to any aspiring actors or performers!
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5 years ago, riggity roach
App Breaking Notification Bug
Be careful with this app. I have the subscription and have been happy with the options for auditions and casting, but have TWICE now been screwed out of a job by a lack of notifications from the in-app messenger. I have push notifications enabled in both the app and on my phone settings, and have checked Backstage to see if I have any messages to find that I had been offerred positions days ago but the app did not notify me or even put a notification badge on the icon, so I missed out on work. Terrible, horrible bug that is destroying a great app. I feel absolutely betrayed as both a fan of backstage and someone who has paid for a subscription to their service.
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1 year ago, brianajanelll
I wouldn’t recommend
I’ve had way too many issues with not being paid after doing a gig on here, and backstage doesn’t have anything where you can report them or basically do anything if the person/people you’re working w/ delay your payment or just completely lie about when you’ll be paid all together. There’s also a constant glitch where it’ll repeat the casting calls while you’re scrolling so you have to keep scrolling to the bottom for it to show anything new. & you’ll need a reel to apply to like 95% of the work on here so if you don’t have one this will basically be like using a craigslist you have to pay for.
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1 year ago, quarantining
You gotta pay lol-annoying
I downloaded the app. Put in all of my information. It then told me about the app before letting me know I had to pay 200$ to use it. A year!! It's not a single purchase. Then I go to the reviews I see the app responding to people saying they need to charge that much. However... I've gotten several emails these past few days after not using the app. Saying I get a 100$ discount, making the subscription 70$ a year until it renews. So do they need the money or what? You've also raised the price too??? Its free on the website. Cant say I'm surprised. The spam emails. The subscriptions based Content. The price increases on the app. I’m not a fan of being lied to.
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4 years ago, bombraid
Love it but would like to see a new feature!
I love this app, unlike AA it actually works ha. I love that you can message and see your applications and invites on the app. One huge important thing that the app should provide is the skills required in the castings! On the web version you can see the required skills like languages, etc but the app does not show that so you can apply for a role and not be aware that your character needs to be able to speak a certain language or be good at tennis. Please update with that! Otherwise, love it. Thanks!
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1 year ago, JKKJ12
It’s alright
The app is ok but in my opinion online is still better. First of all y’all just updated the app and now In messages with casting directors you can’t copy and paste. “Copy and paste this link” can’t even do it. So please fix that. There is also a weird load time with opening submission links. You try and click one and this star pops up saying the page is loading sometimes for almost 2 minutes. That’s ridiculous and it happens over and over. Online this issue is not present. These are my main concerns.
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2 years ago, wezianne333
One of the worst apps I *HAVE to use
It’s like using html in 2022, it’s just very outdated and backstage needs to hire a coder and app developer for a measly $800 - $4,000 to make it run properly. ISSUES: 1) the listings refresh back to the top as you’re scrolling on avg every 10-15sec or every 7-10 posts. Makes it nearly impossible to scroll to see every listing when you have to try to beat the app before it refreshes again 2) can’t apply for crew or voice over jobs with the app even if you have an account with both. It takes you to the mobile site 3) can’t completely remove uploaded pics from your library. Even after they’re unselected, they remain in your library of pictures cluttering the rest 4) can’t sort drafts by save date, post date, or expiration date All of these problems are very easy for most coders to fix. Why backstage refuses to? I have no idea and it’s very unfortunate because this app has SO much potential.
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2 years ago, babsjdjjdbdidkdhs
Needs work
The app is ok for the most part. I really don’t like how there’s no way to resume where you left off in the search results after applying for something. You literally have to scroll past the same 100 you just went past before you found that one and then continue . Also, after you press back so many times, the results start to glitch and the same listings repeat over and over. you have to completely refresh and start again from page 1
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4 years ago, sjsny
Trouble with last update
Hi, I have always been very happy with this app, but since updating to the latest version, I am no longer able to directly view projects from my email. When I open a casting call on my email, usually I click on the project title and I'm taken directly to the project so I can easily apply to it. Right now, when I click on the project title, I'm simply taken to the list of all casting calls on Backstage. This is a problem only with the mobile app. If I use my computer it's not a problem. However, since I am often away from home and rely heavily on the mobile app to apply for jobs, this is an extreme hindrance. I hope this can be corrected soon.
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4 years ago, Jacqveline
Great app/intentions but having submission problems
I’m glad Backstage made an app to make navigating easier on the daily, BUT the point of making submitting easier has been non-existent. What I mean by this is, when I’m on the page to submit for a role, the app doesn’t upload my media. I try clicking the “+” arrow and “starring” my photos, videos, etc., but when I press “save”, no media is uploaded -thus, not letting me submit due to an empty application page. So technically, this app is useless for submitting, which is the main point of the app. -to find projects and apply to work. I would love for this issue to be fixed and I’d easily rate this 5 stars, but until then I will have to save the jobs I find on the app, and then go on my computer to actually submit.
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1 year ago, sumakis12
App is funky, repetitive showings
Not sure if it is the update since I keep this app updated but when scrolling it only shows so many and as I scroll it shows ones that I already scrolled through. So for example I have it set to list them by “Newest”. It’ll show the newest postings, and once it gets to a certain time like 22hr or 1d it restarts the same results even though I’m scrolling past/down further. So it’s just the same constant ones showing as I continue to scroll.
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4 years ago, JADAwwcoco
Love this app recommend it to everyone
This app has really helped me build my resume and I really recommend it to other actors and actresses I have made many connections and I have done many auditions the castings that are posted are legit and give you actual work if casted, thank you so much back stage!! I have told many of my friends about Backstage and have got them to use the app as well.
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3 years ago, Bella Harter
Hi! I’m a 13 year old (trying to be) actress! The app says that it is for people 12+. It says, when I put in my birthday, that I need a passport or driver’s license. Is that for everyone or am I just to young? It doesn’t matter now but still, I haven’t told my mom that I found this app and I want it to be a surprise if and whenever I get a call back BUT I need her credit card or something in order to actually get one sooooooo. Idk if this is a problem or anything. Also, great app, great interface, great EVERYTHING!
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5 years ago, OddBri
Invest in yourself
It’s honestly a small price to pay for access to SAFE and PAID productions. You can get all the free sketchy information from Craigslist or Instagram but at least here you can research the company & director further. I haven't felt the need to be escorted to these things, and the talent is always well taken care of. Although I wish there were more productions in Miami, Backstage is providing me the type of work I deserve.
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3 years ago, abydff
As a young to be actress this app is the best and most reliable actors app besides (actors access). But beyond that this is a great app but its VERY expensive but is it worth it? Low-key, yes there are so many things that you can do with a membership. As make your own profile to get noticed and so many other things. I would love to have a membership and just to get noticed by agents would be a blessing! So if you can afford it I would go for it.
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5 years ago, anon123456778999999999999
App has issues
This app regularly won’t open to the correct listing when clicked from an email via mobile device. It almost always opens to the previous viewed call and I either need to go back through the email again or close the app and start again. More annoying is it occasionally doesnt fit an entire submission page so a role I’m trying to submit for may show part of the “submit” button but won’t allow me to click because it’s not fully visible on my mobile device the app regularly freezes. Needs work.
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5 years ago, Jagduejxfshwksmx
You need to subscribe for extra details
This app is super helpful and all! But. To get additional details you need to be a subscriber?! Like I know you need money but, seriously?! If I applied to something I wouldn’t even know were to go. If I’m being honest... that how you make people leave your app instead of staying. You guys need to make it were all the important stuff you don’t have to pay to get and the less important stuff we’re you do have to pay with. I’m so mad rn
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7 months ago, Cinful19
Don’t sell your soul
“ addition, you grant to Backstage, without any credit or compensation to you, a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, unrestricted, irrevocable, and fully transferable, assignable and sub-licensable license to host, use, modify, display, copy, reproduce, disclose, sell, translate, create derivative works of, distribute, and export any User Provided Content, in whole or in part, or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, software or technology of any kind now known or hereafter developed or discovered for any purposes whatsoever. You agree that Backstage may publish or otherwise disclose your name in connection with your User Provided Content.”,
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5 years ago, TJfromMO
Best casting website
Backstage has the easiest to navigate site of all the ones I use. More important—I book a lot of work through it. Only complaint is too many emails, and I wish the casting notices that come to my email inbox would delete the entire first sentence; it’s the same thing every time and it forces you to have to open the email to see what is actually about.
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3 years ago, habmna
I have used backstage for a year now. I am not going to speak on the credibility of the castings, as I have not experienced any issues in that aspect. It’s a good platform with potential. The subscription to apply to castings is where the scamming happened to me 2x!!! I am a college student I don’t have money to be scammed out of lol. So I would just highly recommend that you use a different website to find castings. I still haven’t gotten either of my refunds back. I will no lonely be using it. Luckily I live 30 minutes away from the NYC office so I will be visiting to speak to a customer rep hopefully they can help.
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5 years ago, elliemei
Overall great
Id suggest this app for starting up actor/actresses who live in or are able to travel to a MAJOR CITY Maybe this is obvious to some but others might not think that far before getting a subscription. As for those complaining about subscriptions themselves good luck getting without subscribing to AT LEAST one casting site. Ive gotten multiple auditions through backstage and its a really safe, easy to use app. CONS: Like others have mentioned I wish there was a way to swipe away casting calls that you arent interested in so your feed isnt clogged by all these posts you arent even going to audition for. I also REALLY REALLY REAAAAALLY wish this app wouldn't keep logging me out every couple days. Or at least remember my log in for me so I don’t have to type it all out again and again.
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3 months ago, Jipsee
Much better than before, but still lots of room for improvement
Still waiting for the day that when I put in my search parameters, and click ‘see role’, the listing defaults on the role intended for me specifically, as in gender, age bracket, etc. As it is right now, I have to scroll through, ie: five 18-year-old male roles & others that don’t apply to me. Otherwise the app looks way way better, much more modern & current compared to a year ago. Thank you for that!
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5 years ago, ❤️ mimi&joy
Backstage review
Backstage is super helpful for kids who have a huge dream to one day become an actor. Backstage helped me a lot. I was hospitalised for 1 year because of my kidney, there were moments in which I thought to myself “I will never be an actor” but as soon as i was out of the hospital i found this amazing app and downloaded it, thinking it could be just for fun. Turned out i fell even more in love with acting thz to backstage.
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3 years ago, AddisonDowdy
Not for me
It’s an amazing app especially for people who have extra time and a some money but unfortunately I’m not able to access this app much from the lack of being able to pay for the subscription I’m only 13 and a voice actor I would ask my parents for the money but they’re the type to help me be successful by supporting then loaning me money if they see progress so many sometime later I can use it but for now it will sit there
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5 years ago, Pokestar500
Paid for subscription, says I haven’t
I paid for a one month subscription to see what the app to the fullest is like. I tried to apply for a role and the app claims that I need a membership to apply, even though. I’ve paid for one already, and when I attempt to purchase the subscription “I don’t have” I’m faced with “you own this subscription already” by apple. I’ve tried creating a new account with the same email as my Apple ID, to no resolve. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app to no resolve. I’m out of ideas. Help?
Show more
7 years ago, DanielJHersh
Incorporate the calendar download option
This app is a great idea and is very simple to use, but one major thing it is missing is the option to download the calendar file for open calls, ecc’s and epa’s. Once that has been put into this app, I’ll have no reason to check backstage any other way. EDIT: They have updated the app and put this feature in! Perfection.
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3 years ago, @RockNRoll__Pirate_Jedi
Callback Lost!
II’ve been a subscriber for several years and have been enjoying the app for quite a while! Up until recently it was working great. I just found a call back on my laptop that was nowhere to be found on my iOS app. And now a week later I’m sitting here with egg on my face with a Director and a producer who think I am a flake now. I realize it’s technology and I am going to call customer support. But please fix this!
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5 years ago, Joe Sax
Love Backstage.
I started 2 1/2 years ago and said to myself if this pays for itself I’ll keep subscribing. In the first two weeks landed a commercial which more than paid for the years subscription. Since then I’ve done 67 projects. Short films, voice overs, commercials and just this week signed the deal memo for my first feature. Backstage rocks!!! Do it!!! Take that first step!!!
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2 years ago, two lives two worlds
This is app is a dream come true. Easy to use and and yep great for ON THE GO. But, also not so great. As you scroll down and keep scrolling, suddenly a start appears as of loading search results. GOOD, BUT. It takes you back up to the top. BOOO. Having to scroll back down again to continue where you got interrupted can make this great app unenjoyable.
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6 years ago, shelibeli
Not sure...
The app is pretty well designed. What has become disappointing is the casting calls that are actually on there. I put my daughter’s profile up back in April. At first things were great, She got a music video and a few other things. But lately almost every single job that comes up is a student film… Non-paying and ridiculous shooting times and dates. Legit jobs, even small, at least for her age group/ethnicity are almost non-existent the last few months.
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4 years ago, mauryqueens
“Backstage the best ever “
Hello , I’m so thankful to backstage for understand the situation of this Pandemic .. since my subscription was almost expiring ( October/2020) I ask them for some break since I was unable to use for over 5 months because wasn’t no job out there .. they replay me back in no time with the good news of 2 free months ❤️ Again thank you I really appreciate!
Show more
4 years ago, Ly tia
Keeps logging me out.
More often the not whenever I try to review a job from my push notification notices...the application has me automatically logged out. And when I do log in it doesn’t take me directly to the job I was notified about, and there is no option to search for a specific job so I’ll lost what was recommended to me. Would your team be able to work this issue out to make the app work more efficiently? Thank you.
Show more
6 years ago, Guey guey
I can’t live without Backstage.
Ive multiplied my investment on Backstage many times now, it’s really a service that works for you and with you. Always making sure each posting is legit. Backstage gives access to everyone in the industry. If you need to find a job in entertainment, whether you’re behind or in front of camera, THIS IS THE PLATFORM.
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7 years ago, MathematicDancer
So close
This app is SO CLOSE to being my go to as opposed to logging on via Google, but I just wish there was a spot for the location of the audition city when scrolling just like online. I travel a bit so I don’t necessarily want to just put in only one location for my audition searches and I love that online you can quickly see where the audition is. Seriously so excited about this app, it’s about time!!!
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4 years ago, JackonBoy
There must be a glitch
I’m a young actor trying to get my career started so I found Backstage and looked at the platform and general environment of the site and I enjoyed it, so I decided to subscribe and that’s where the problems started, for some reason each time I tried to apply for a role, it would tell me “you have to be subscribed” but when I went back to check my subscription, it would say I’m subscribed. I’m not saying this is a scam.....yet. But I’m just greatly confused.
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