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User Reviews for BambooHR

4.42 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
9 months ago, Ambernp
The domino effect of a forgotten request
We’ve all been there.. It’s 10pm Friday night, you and your friends just planned your trip together after 6 months of a group chat convo FINALLY! You say “that should work. I’ll submit my PTO” But without an app. It has to wait until Monday. Then Monday comes and goes.. you forget to submit your PTO request. Then your trip is coming up and you can’t remember if you submitted your request.. Tension ensues as you tell your boss you forgot to submit your PTO and now it’s the week prior and you need time off. You tense… Your flights and accommodations deposits have been paid…ah! Now rewind and you have the BAMBOOHR app.. instantly on that Friday night you can submit your request. Your request is approved first thing Monday. You’re good to go, no stress received, no money lost. That’s my favorite part. Plus much more. It’s so convenient. 5/5
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3 years ago, Brandon098
Some major flaws
In my opinion there are some major flaws in this app that really knock the rating down a lot. First the calendar and “out today” feature neglect to include you as a person. Imagine the anxiety you would get when you check the calendar to see who is off as you get ready to come back from a long vacation and you don’t see your name. Are you going to loose your job because you left and checked out of work but got the dates wrong on accident? No. Instead of putting my time off on the calendar, it’s buried in the “My Info” tab under the “upcoming time off” section. Even then it’s wrong - the period of time off is now, not in the future. Additionally the app “Send Feedback” section redirects you to an inaccessible google doc. It feels like a placeholder for some internal only testing document. It feels like this app wasn’t fully tested before being released.
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10 months ago, C69drizzle
The app is great!
Since we started using BambooHR, our company has become more organized with things such as putting in for PTO, document signing and ease of access for reading HR documents. Being able to set goals for yourself and your team and show as they complete the tasks along the way is a great addition to the App. The only thing that I think could be better on the App is having more control over being able to see the people you’re in charge of and completing raise requests and everything the web-based version give access to. I would highly recommend any company looking for a great HR based software to go with BambooHR, I have used other types of HR software and this is by far the best!
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4 years ago, Atesh6574
Drives me crazy
Unfortunately my company forces me to use this "app". I don’t see any advantage of it , but everyone has to request vacations or any other days off through this piece of crap. The second time I tried to log, in the program warned me about the wrong password. I was surprised because I don’t usually forget passwords. Anyway, I set up the password again. At the next login the same thing happened, I had to request a password reset again. And it repeats every time I have to log in. If you watched Groundhog Day you know how I feel. The most annoying thing is, that I cannot even set up the old password because the "smart app" knows that it was my password before so I have to pick a new one. Smart enough to know it is an old password, but not smart enough to let me log in with it. Useless app, and unusable.
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3 years ago, H Larkin
New to BambooHR. So far NOT in love.
We have a HUGE company with experience in HRMS systems. With Bamboo, the sales person made MANY promises that have not been true. We were rushed through implementation, told by the implementation person, that “she shouldn’t be doing this” when she was helping us figure out issues. Shouldn’t implementation be finished when the client feels they have been provided all the tools for success?!! The other ‘support heros’ have also been a let down. Not having a dedicated representative to help when we get stuck is not a model that breeds client confidence. Not to mention, every suggestion was always met with a quick no. Things had better improve quick or we are going elsewhere.
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1 year ago, AnneGoddard
Recent feedback 2023
Seems like some of the reviews here don’t match up with recent updates. Love this app so much. The redesign they updated it with a few months ago was nice. It’s always been a good app, but now it shows so much more. I have access to everything I need as a manager and as an employee and it’s easy enough to use that my employees never ask me how to use it. Just download and go, all intuitive.
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11 months ago, dowNINit999
5 stars
The Bamboo app is a great app when it involves anything to do with my job. I can request time off when needed, see who has time off on certain days, keep track of things on the calendar, and keep track of vacation hours. I would recommend it for any company and it’s employees.
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1 year ago, kevinkhoin
A few months later, same flaws but cripplingly slow.
Let's be honest here - the original redesign with the Clock In button in the middle was perfect as it was before. Moving it around was a software engineer's excuse to justify their job, a solution in search of a nonexistent problem. Now about the performance, it's terrible. I used to have no performance issues clocking in and out as normal. Every time I clock in and leave the app running in the background, I open it back up and refresh rate like 10 FPS (basically stutters". It's that bad. It's not my device, which is fairly recent either. Get it together.
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2 years ago, uneekzworld
Hate, love, hate
When our company started using this app I didn’t like it very much but then there was an update that allowed us to upload docs directly to employee files and add notes. Since then all of those features have disappeared and I’m only able to see my own information from the app. My job has me on the go a lot as a manager so being able to do these things on the go was simply amazing. Hoping they return soon so I can give a 5 star review
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5 years ago, Lexi9784
Can not access as much on app
There’s more access to forms & other important info on the website rather than through the app. Even though I have the app on my phone, I still end up going to the regular site to use. Very disappointing because it could be extremely convenient. I would like to access the professional development/trainings to submit those through the app. Seeing the company announcements on the app would be beneficial. Access to the professional goals, & all of the tabs related to that underneath professional development & trainings. What my company requires me to use most is what I cannot access on the app.
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2 years ago, bcdady
Please open app from email links
Overall this app is great! 1 request please: When I click a link in an email from Bamboo, such as a Request for Time Off or Feedback, I would prefer to open that content in my app (where I can more quickly, conveniently log in with iOS biometrics) instead of being taken to a mobile web page where I’m asked to login via email and password.
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11 months ago, bluv1985
Works great and fairly easy to operate thru the options.
Works great and fairly easy to operate thru the options in the BambooHR App for work. The issues I do run across on the app so far is it that it will not function at ALL without internet or cell service. I happen to work & live in a very small area & some of the towns I work in the app will not load unless I’m on the interstate due to the lack of cell service in rural areas.
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4 weeks ago, JoshFortin88888
Would give it 5 stars, but sometimes I get a notification that simply won’t clear. No messages that are unread, no announcements missed, no time off requests, nothing - and the notification won’t go away. Now I have 2 that won’t go away - possibly because I approved a time off request through email and not through the app? Not sure, but still annoying.
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2 years ago, Domerparalegal
Great app, but could use a few more features
I have yet to find a way to actually cancel a request from within the app or the online. Time I requested off is no longer needed and now I’m gonna have to jump through my hoops to get that time off canceled. There should be a button or something that I can cancel the request on both the app and the desktop
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2 years ago, Hiofecjirdnkudcb
To be fair it’s where I work I don’t know if it’s the app just venting here
So the app is a completely empty app I can’t see anything my boss or mangers send or ask me to complete it’s literally just three pieces of paper work, and when trying to find my company’s link just through search is nearly impossible, bamboo hr just seems to be obsessed with getting new people to use the platform all I find when trying to do stuff for work is a whole bunch of make your own for your company and what not.
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2 years ago, shedhunter7x7
Lead Dispatcher
This isn’t human friendly! I have to search and be self taught. It won’t give me answer for interviews to be set up. I see employee names still on our employee list who have left several months ago. My staff job title hasn’t been updated and changed. I believe change is good. Although being. Tribal business I feel we need to work with our people face to face. Interviews by computer isn’t letting us have the personal connection to see and watch what kind of employee we are interviewing! My vote is to try the next bedt thing and drop bamboo!
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3 years ago, pswen12
Love the BambooHR App
I recently had a child, and with the BambooHR app, I didn’t have to worry about logging onto my computer to access my managers contact information or request time off. The app made it so easy to be able to do that on the go.
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3 years ago, Lizabeth333
I love love this company. You’re app isn’t anything like the desk top though. I also think for sure you should offer text in your Recruiting services. It would be a serious game changer. Why outsource when the point is to go straight to the source. Bamboo is an amazing company. They truly care about the relationships they build. I think they’re making serious moves... here’s hopen text and an all access app is on its way.
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2 years ago, MattMcAdams
Website is better
I honestly really like Bamboo HR. It’s far and above better than any HR tool I’ve ever had to use before. I really wanted this app to be great too, but it doesn’t support landscape mode. This is super inconvenient and makes more sense to just go to the website, which clogs up my web browser with another tab. I’d love for this to be a native app that can handle both portrait and landscape modes
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1 month ago, ClemsonBlake
When you check your notifications in the app it doesn’t clear the number that shows up beside the icon on the home screen and that drives me nuts. Plus sometimes it doesn’t wanna clock you out when it’s time to go home and you have to stand around and wait for it to actually clock you out before you leave the building. And then at times when you open the app it takes forever for it to actually open.
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6 months ago, Likes to gamble
Too hard to set up!
Be aware they charge you a lot of onboarding and start up fees and your the one who has to do all the paperwork and input everything in. If your new to business, this is not the company for you! They are hard to get a hold of and no one knows how to set up employees earning 1 hour of sick time for ever 40 hours worked. I spent way too much to start up with them and I’m already leaving! Do business with company that has been around a lot longer!
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5 years ago, nunyobizzz
Hard to navigate for new hire
Just started using this app a couple days ago my inbox is incongruent with the desktop version. In some instances I have a full inbox of onboarding activities but in other times I click my inbox is empty. Showed me my team members when I first signed up also but can’t figure out how to get back to that page. Make the UX more parallel please!! Excited to use this app for my job
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5 years ago, Hope Russell
Really love the app, it’s not confusing and a quick way to get connected with coworkers and most important you get to keep updated with your working days/payroll payments/ sick days off and more! I would really recommend the app for any one who’s considering to download it. 👍🏻
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3 years ago, Grinder block
Horrible Product!
This is a horrible company! They force you to download apps to your phone. I know I didn't enter the wrong password on desktop and they make you download information to your phone in order to login. How is an older generation or someone who doesn’t want a smart phone supposed to request time off. All I want to do is change my password and they make you download an app! This is not your traditional 2 factor authentication! Companies looking to get Bamboo HR should look elsewhere for a better product!
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11 months ago, BlingTheGreat1
Reminder to clock out after shift would be so nice
w if you remembered to clock out. That’ll be niiiice w if you remembered to clock out. That’ll be niii I wish it reminded you around a minute after your shift is done to let you know if you remember to clock out
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7 years ago, Wildwood Artistry
Alerts- need to show up on your phone for the app
When my boss sends me an update- something to review- something to share- nothing shows up in the app. I have to check the desktop site or go to my email for a notification. It would help if when something was sent out the app put out an alert!
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11 months ago, GaSmit7$$$
Bamboo phone app-not perfect
Phone app doesn’t always work perfectly. Have had challenges logging in and out, where it appears to clock me in/out but then when reviewing later it goes away. Since last update it does seem to work better!
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6 months ago, Cedilha
Could be better
If you don’t have a “big computer” or if you’re trying to use the regular website to get your stuff done, better try again. It’s not mobile friendly if you need a laptop. Do better, we don’t actually choose what app our employers use. If we could, we’d use something else.
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9 months ago, True Bloom
Easy to use!
Manages everything from tracking daily hours, time off, special announcements and everything work related including benefit management.
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2 years ago, RJHV123
Clocking hours.
I use this app to clock into work for the past few weeks I’ve clocked out on time okay my place of work and when I get back after a day off it sti states I’m clocked in. I’ve been dealing with this for weeks on end and sometimes it gets annoying having to ask my manger constantly to change my hours again and again.
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6 years ago, NickinHR
Please add announcements to the app!
Many of our employees use a smart phone only and use the app more consistently than logging into bamboo on a computer. Can you please add announcements to the app? This would be extremely helpful for getting messages out to our employees who work in different locations. Thank you
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3 weeks ago, Bontowastaken
Broken badges
I love having so much information available easily, but the badge notification is broken on mine. I have seen all alerts and clicked on all the clickable things in the entire app, but it still has a red dot with a 4 in it. Nothing makes it go away except for turning off badges. 🤷‍♂️
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5 years ago, ZForman
Cannot clock in and out through this app (Solved!)
MUCH MORE USEFUL NOW THAT I CAN CLOCK IN AND OUT FROM THIS APP! Original 2-star Review: I downloaded this app so I could clock in and out from my phone, but have found that I have to go to my phone’s browser to do what I should be able to do here.
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6 years ago, Ashensugar1138
Ok but limited
Nice look and feel. I can request PTO and look at all people off in the company. What I can’t do is fill out my time card. If the function is there it is so well hidden that effectively it is not there. That is a far more important function to me than seeing If a guy from sales (that I never interact with) took the day off! Bad functional prioritization!
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1 year ago, Coldbolt7
Makes on-the-go work stuff easier
I mainly use the app to request PTO and look up coworkers. Makes it a lot easier than having to log in on my computer.
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7 months ago, Miss Kenya123
Great App
Having all your information at your fingertips makes navigating life much easier. No need to email HR or long hold times. Everything you need is available. I love this app
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11 months ago, crbikebike
Convenient way to get work done
I use this to request PTO and complete my performance assessments. It’s easy to do without having to jump on a computer.
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9 months ago, Beep boop boop beep
This is the most easy to use app I’ve ever used for work. Tracking my time and making requests has never been easier.
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10 months ago, Alex the urban farmer
Easy to use and highly organized
Love using bamboohr to request pto, update my information for payroll and my company, and access all my paperwork for work
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5 months ago, Ant jake
A great resource
My company relays on this app and I see why from personal info to being able to contact anyone in our company 5 out of 5
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2 years ago, Kalei B.
Great when it works.
The app worked great for about a month and then it kicked me out and refuses to work. I’ve used two different 2-factor Authenticator apps and neither will communicate with bamboo. My admin has tried everything and it seems to be a problem with the app.
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2 years ago, bit o fit
Employee 13
It's so much more than I expected I also love the sense of humor it has Great way to time keep along with getting paid
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1 year ago, nipperlawrance
Major issues
When i go to calendar circle is showing wrong day, not today’s date. Filters are not working, when i choose different scope of people or groups that i want to see it is just loading for a long time, drops me back to home screen and without filtering done.
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5 years ago, Kris B5
Contacts don’t work
I have always used and need access to staff contacts in the field. This activity on the app h no longer works. When I select a staff member the app closes down and I cannot access there contact information. The app is updated and I have tried to delete and put it back on my phone and continues to not work. This is a needed feature and makes the app useless to me for work.
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11 months ago, tfrancisl88
Great but lacking full functionality
Everything is great. However, the training tab would be nice to have on the app. If it was, then this would be 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Tnjeditor
Not as useful as the website
I like the app but it doesn’t have the features I tend to use the most as a manager. I can’t see my direct reports, comp or job history. Also, and this part is infuriating - on the iPad you really need to support landscape mode.
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4 months ago, csgraves
Not everyone uses mobile! How about a real design for all users?
Why, oh why, must we always make these apps exclusive to phone screens? I work on an ipad Pro, and this app simply doesn't have a contingency for users who would prefer to not orient their ipad pro to a vertical position in the middle of a work day, just to please the short-sightedness of developers. Please, please, please modernize the design of this! It's bad enough that I'm required to use software to clock in, but software that doesn't work correctly on all devices? Come on. Please make this happen. I beg of you.
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3 years ago, Bmancine1
App is good when it works
This app would be great if it worked. Upon signing up I could see everything and now when I log in it keeps telling me I need to see HR. I go to HR let them know they send me a link to reset it and it works again. Then when I log back in it goes right back telling me I need to see HR. So now I give up and just don’t use it. Super disappointed in this app.
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4 weeks ago, Grandpa2016
I don’t mind the app but it keeps telling me that I have a notification and I have gone through the app and looked at every possible thing and I do not see anything that is new. It’s rather annoying.
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5 years ago, Lina2cats
I can only guess that it was the latest update that broke my ability to log in. For instance when I try to log in using Google I get set on a perpetual redirect to safari and then to open the app (even though I just had it open) and then back to the sign on screen over and over. I just want to be able to use the app again using my google sign on. Please fix this!
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