Barcode Scanner,QR Code Reader

4.2 (3.6K)
35.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Odyssey Apps Ltd.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.3 or later
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User Reviews for Barcode Scanner,QR Code Reader

4.24 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
8 years ago, Pancake kkj
History and sending history functions are so cool. But wish it has a frame for scanning just one barcode cuz the camera catches other barcode when the book has two barcode
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1 year ago, George@Plante
History Log
This is a great app, the only issue I’m having right now is with the history log. When I want to delete a specific barcode from the top of list of scanned barcodes, it deletes the barcode at the bottom of the list instead of the one I wanted. This is happening on the iPhone version of the app. Hopefully there will be a fix or a suggestion to resolve the issue.
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5 months ago, Lee i m
New customer
The best customer service I’ve ever had. Everyone was so polite. Everyone knew their job so well I appreciate everyone that helped me on my appointment and made my experience so easy my best to all of them. Thank you Lina miller.
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5 years ago, @modtoast
Question for App Developer
How much does it cost for the eBay pro version?
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4 years ago, viki1368642
Rarely find any item with this app barcode search
I have tried a lot of this app to search products but very rarely find the products. It’s not helping :(
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4 years ago, MaryJane3433
This App secures live’s
It keeps me im the loop in a good way, so I’m safe and know what’s going on and what’s what.
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1 month ago, Snorer 23
Bad App
Open app, tried to scan numerous times, focused within the scan block, but will not scan a simple barcode!
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11 months ago, AbbysMommy1419
Best scanner I ever
Best experience as far as
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4 years ago, i will not let it happen to me
Waste of time
This is a waste of my time doesn’t check prices takes you to fb what a let down !
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4 years ago, KyComputerIpad1
WAAAAy too many adds and pop ups. Annoying.
Way too many adds and pop ups. Didn’t work on a single scan.
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6 years ago, SirVana85
Terrible app. Could not get it to scan but the Rate Screen keeps popping up when have not even done 1 scan
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2 years ago, dorinda 9
Horrible don’t work
No instructions and won’t work
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4 years ago, Please send my refund
Did not work.
The app didn’t work
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3 years ago, Mz.LadyChiTwn
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
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2 months ago, Ahm2090
not working
doesn’t work
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4 weeks ago, Schamiel
No idea how to use this.
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6 years ago, Demp5ster
Not happy
Not working
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5 years ago, Jimipman
Not working!!!!
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7 years ago, ScrappyC0co
Very fast
Now a days scanner app has become a must have app. This is perfect for that. I am using this app for a while and I am fully satisfied with it. This is very fast and effective. I highly recommend it. Simplicity is the thing why I liked it very much.
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8 years ago, freshtry
Nice so far
Downloaded 11 bar scanner apps, this has been the best so far. 9 of 11 already deleted. Fast, gives prices for individual items, and stores results for later purchases. Time will tell...
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8 years ago, Walkrdog
Keep up the good work.
Great product. Worked very well. Was intuitive and easy to use. I would recommend this product for others to use
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8 years ago, mjandrj1
Very good
I have tried several scanners and found this one more reliable.
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7 years ago, rseel
Best Scan program I found
When others wouldn't read this did !
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8 years ago, Lincoln309
Easy use
It enters the scan straight into Safari. You can use the data however you want. iPhone 6+
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8 years ago, Jewels7474
Barcode scanner
Hope this app works as well as it promised it would!!
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8 years ago, Virtual3dmodeling
Wonderful and functional addition to my iPhone work related apps...
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8 years ago, Morphine555
Quick barcode
Very helpful
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7 years ago, Tellecheac
The app will provide the information that is relevant. Getting the app to get one there is not simple. Needs to be more user friendly.
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8 years ago, ToeboaMonster
This app didn't work well for me. When I scanned something it wouldn't do anything and it wouldn't work. Also the adds cover the whole bottom bar.🙁
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7 years ago, Mad 200
Was of time
I tried to leave nickname the ones I tried like not happy were taken that says a lot. Your app wants me to share and I just downloaded it. It won't scan my barcode. Now it won't send
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7 years ago, Suzworld
Barcode scanner
Pretty easy to use. Just learning!
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7 years ago, Georgia Fox
Works fine.
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8 years ago, Leekoluttisha
Best app
No problem with this app you need it
Show more
8 years ago, Batesjo2
Very useful
Don't go shpping without it!
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10 years ago, olivia_lumen
Easy & very useful app. Nice features.
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8 years ago, Cheeky Blud
Nice App
Does exactly what is says it does!
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7 years ago, K8thegrate
Loaded with ads
I had this for 5 minutes and in that time saw 6 pop up ads. Deleted it immediately!
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8 years ago, laurajfiddler
Works well
Good so far
Show more
8 years ago, Ar Bee
One of many, good at what it does.
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8 years ago, Venus9876543
Should use
Show more
8 years ago, Splash one
Work a few times then stoped after repeatedly wanting me to upgrade😾
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10 years ago, Johny_Gypsy
Excellent scanner..!!..
It is a useful app. Helpful for sopping.
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8 years ago, b.alrandi
Its a good app thanks
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8 years ago, 143 tree 823
It's just ok, I've used better in the past.
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8 years ago, WeevieLS
Performs as advertised!
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8 years ago, Patchdog155
Remove force to rate app to make more qr codes
Show more
8 years ago, 162830
This app is really cool
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9 years ago, Mad54
Not happy
Does not work
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8 years ago, iRash3d
Nice App
I like this app!
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9 years ago, Zombie167
I hope it helps me
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