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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Basic Calculator+

4.85 out of 5
212.4K Ratings
2 years ago, oryx slayer
Best Calculator app for iPad!
It’s so stupid that apple’s calculator app isn’t compatible for iPad, but thankfully I have this app to use instead. People say that there are adds, but after a couple hours of use I still haven’t encountered one. And there are NO IN APP PURCHASES!! It even has a square root button which some other calculator apps don’t have. Also, a lot of calculator apps are designed for an iPhone, and can’t be used in landscape, but this one can! All in all I would highly suggest getting this FREE app as it is simply the best out there (other than the official apple calculator.) Easy 5 stars!
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3 years ago, JudyQFU
Thank you for something simple!
This is perfect to just do a quick calculation and move on to what you were doing before. I finally got rid of the calculator I had because of the pop up ads that would appear right in the middle of just adding a few numbers blocking everything until it was satisfied it had annoyed you enough. There are ads here, but at the bottom, and they don’t interfere with what you’re doing. I’m more likely to respond to an ad that isn’t shoved in my face as more of an annoyance than anything. Thank you!
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5 months ago, Amateur of human kindness
Appreciate very much your special kindness
Very discreet sound and simple with no minimum complications revealing only good kind humans in the midst of this so complicated world. Yourkibdness restores human dignity and respect! Thank you for believing in kindness the best solution in helping all of us to heal , after so many latest sufferings , it is so nice to see still human values in this crazy digital world! Hopefully this your goodness will contagious the entire world to say goodbye conflicts and to welcome kindness and it is goodness that will speed our recoveries to a even much human world soon! Thank you for caring to know our feedback.
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4 years ago, Beatrice :3
Simple but perfect :)
At first, I needed a calculator and I end up finding this app. I tried it and it has no problems except for the ads at the bottom which don’t mind. As long as you don’t press the ad, it won’t pop up. I recommend this calculator because it’s perfect even if it looks simple and plain. Btw, this calculator is perfect! 5 ⭐️ for this amazing app! I don’t have to pay money and that’s great! It’s great to have a calculator so I don’t have to search on google when I’m really stuck on something. Thanks for reading! 👍🏼🍁🍂☺️ This app is perfect for anyone who don’t wan to pay money! :>
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1 year ago, I love Boomie
Wonderful and accurate
I have always appreciated a good calculator. Especially one like this one. It is my iPad calculator. Easy to use, more importantly easy to read, and the app tucks away nicely into my iPad Pro max. I don’t have to do many complex functions, so the simple adding, subtraction, and percentage problems are a breeze. In fact, I like this one better than my iPhone calculator.. its more forgiving when I make a simple mistake!
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6 years ago, Goldbrik
WOW‼️ just a plain calculator.
WOW‼️ Imagine, a CalculatorApp that just calculates. No sine, cosine, thirty year mortgage payments, or anything, just add, subtract, multiply and divide. What a truly wonderful thing this is. Sure, I’m a General contractor in California, and I do design and engineer my own homes I build, but I also just wanted a plain, simple add, subtract, multiply and divide calculator. I had to add it to all my family’s devices so I could leave my home with mine, but a small extra price for this app.
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3 years ago, phstern
Perfect calculator
Excellent app with big clear buttons and just the functions that 90% of the users really need and want. And I especially like the fact that the ads are small and at the bottom, not like those that make you watch some stupid children’s game for several seconds before you can use the app. This is the best calculator. Thanks.
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4 months ago, --- possible ---
Install of Calculator
Who knew your iPad doesn’t come with a calculator installed? After installing “This” calculator it’s all good because this calculator presents itself predictably and works same as an actual calculator. If it had the option for an adding machine tape that choice would make sense under certain use characteristics. Overall this calculator is A+
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3 years ago, johnathan 999
Have to modify my review
I gave this five stars when it was new, but I have to change that to one star. At first there were only mildly irritating ads at the bottom, not too bad for a good app. Now, before the calculator opens, there is a full screen animated ad with music! You have to press home to get rid of it, and start the app again, it takes longer than doing the calculation. Every time! I’m going to pay for something without ads, or use my old hand calculator. Talk about ruining an app. Totally irritating. As soon as this review posts, it’s gone. Avoid this ad machine.
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1 year ago, KattyRoot
Fantastic Calculator!
I just today, downloaded this app & used at the grocery store. It really helped me keep up with what I was spending. It is simple to use, with big clear,easy to read numbers. I live on Social Security so I have to be ever mindful of my spending. If you are a senior & need a good basic calculator..I highly recommend this one.
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3 years ago, Mr. Goobinski
Perfect app!
The is the perfect basic calculator. It does everything a person would want a calculator to do. It has big buttons with a large readout. If your are a scientist, this isn’t for you, but if your a scientist you wouldn’t be looking for a basic calculator. For me, this is just the best. Super easy to use, fast (of course)and it is ready when ever you need it.
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4 years ago, Raquel6636
To many adds that completely cover screen making it very difficult and frustrating to use.
Too many ads that completely cover the screen making it very difficult and frustrating to use
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4 years ago, #pachecograndma
This is the best calculator! I needed to do
I have enjoyed this app for about four years. I always need to calculate percentages and the buttons are formatted far enough apart for my fat thumbs lol! I use this to calculator when I bargain hunt deals at the store, figure out square footage of room, and monthly budgeting. Highly recommend and the ads for the free version are not often.
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2 years ago, 2artsy4u
Just got this app and a FULL PAGE AD for “calculator air” keeps popping up. “Free” is not free of ads. We need another word when it comes to apps that clames “free”. it’s so misleading! Con artist is what they are! it’s one thing to have a little ad on the bottom quietly sitting while I calculate but to disrupt me and have its FULL PAGE AD is truly laughing at peoples faces! all this app is doing is trying to promote its paying apps. It’s a trap, don’t do it! We the consumers have the power, let’s do something about it! i’ll make sure not to buy this seller’s other apps.
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4 years ago, LIL ole ladyJ
ALMOST exactly what I need
Great help for this 85 yo Math-challenged person. Been using app on my iPad for about 6 years. May never master the store and reuse system, or the two middle keys on left side. Wish I knew how to split the screen to see calculator alongside another screen. My bad, not yours. Summary: My calculations are far simpler with app than they would be if I had to stop what I’m doing and find pen/paper, then ope I got the correct answer.
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12 months ago, Tweety cat
Excellent and easy to use
This calculator is easy to use. It’s easy for a very busy person like myself that’s on the go and needs accuracy when it comes to finances and this calculator does just that. Having said this look no further for a excellent calculator, because this is it.
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6 years ago, q t q
Elderly, but Can See Like A Kid!!!
I am so grateful for finally having a calculator that I don’t need a magnifying glass (in my other hand) to be able to read and type numbers and needed mathematical elements (I.e., Addition sign; Subtraction sign; Multiplication sign; Division sign) to operate. I truly appreciate the simplicity of this calculator. Oh! Don’t let me forget to talk about the “gravy” in regard to this marvelous calculator: IT’S FREE!!!
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2 years ago, left coast trader
Good calculator
I changed to this calculator because I didn’t like ads popping up when I was trying to use my old one. This one doesn’t have as many features as my old one. I would like to be able to delete errors but you can only clear this want to start over. Other than that no complaints.
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4 years ago, mysugarmouse
No Pop ups
The Calculator app I was using before became super obnoxious with pop-up ads that would last 20 to 30 seconds when I just need to do a fast calculation. This app has ads at the bottom that I’ll actually pay more attention to than the obnoxious loud, flashy pop-up ads.
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3 years ago, HerculesMulligan
Simple and Easy
Sometimes you just need a basic calculator. No extra stuff, no bells & whistles, and no interruptions by ads. This is that app — simple, easy, ads only at the bottom of the screen, not interrupting your work. Thanks to the developers for making an easy app!
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9 months ago, atisa01
Love the app, but…
I use this app all the time, but it is so distracting with the rolling casino game advertisements. Wish there were a way to pay to get rid of ads. A one time payment would be great. Otherwise I’m gonna have to keep searching because the moving ads on the bottom keep making me make mistakes in my calculations.
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1 year ago, Grammy Bert
I’ve used this app for a long long time and never had an ad pop up. Now all of a sudden I can’t even get in the calculator without an ad popping up before I can use it. So done….will find a new calculator app. It’s a shame because before, I would have rated it a 5 star!
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2 years ago, Peiwords
Simple to use!
No fancy calculations….just the 4 I use- add, subtract, divide and multiply! Yes, there are times I need more and I have another app for them. But most often I want the basic and a quick way to use it. This works very well for this. I recommend this app for its simplicity.
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2 years ago, Joey2829
I wish I had downloaded this sooner
I’m just discovering this. Nice, straight-forward calculator, helpful for quick calculations when walking around the hospital (I work as a clinical dietitian) and helpful to have during rounds. No need to have extra calculator to carry around :)
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1 year ago, Jeslep
The calculator I had been using kept giving me a different total every time I added a list of numbers. I finally realized it wasn’t me making mistakes & installed this app after seeing it’s great rating. It’s very accurate & so appreciated.
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1 year ago, Eeepea
Elegant Calculator
The simple, uncomplicated design of this calculator is what attracted me immediately. Easy to use and decipher. Much more compatible aesthetically with my iPad than the built in calculator that came with it, especially now that it is filled with absurd advertising. This one suits someone who wants an uncomplicated life. 🙏🏻 Eeepea
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10 months ago, SkyRose2
Easy and functional
I have been using this app for 2+ years and love how easy it is to use and it’s functionality. Meets my needs, therefore highly recommend it if you are looking for a well designed calculator.
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1 year ago, “MALTA”
I. Am always misplacing or losing my calculators. Sometimes I can’t even see the numbers because they are printed too small. This one is very convenient and I won’t lose it because I sewed a holder for the cell phone and tie it around my neck Thank you Carmen
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10 months ago, Aceman64
Ok but...
Do you like it when ads pop up before you can even use the calculator? You're trying to do some quick math on the run and you pop into the app to figure something out and here comes an ad before you can even use it that won't let you X out of it for 10 seconds before you can do your work. If you like that kind of stuff that this app is for you
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2 years ago, nicknames i wanted were taken
It’s great, simple and free.
Unless your job requires heavy computation you’ll most often simply want to quickly get a value for a simple problem. This is the calculator for you. All the basic math functions plus percentages and square roots at your fingertips. Love it.
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3 years ago, Colleen H Bijeau
Great free calculator
This is a fabulous free calculator for basic and advanced math. Not sure it’s perfect for everyone and can’t find the update for it even though it’s already on my iPad and can’t afford to pay for anything else. Need to know if it still exists and is free
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3 years ago, rjsling
Great Basic Calculator
This is a great calculator for doing those quick math questions that pop up from time to time. Opens fast and always works smoothly without all kinds of pop ups getting in the way.
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3 years ago, mjreii2
Small calculator
This is the best calculator I have used because you can take it anywhere. I use it for both personal and business needs. It’s very accurate and reliable. I would recommend it’s use to anyone.
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3 years ago, Arabarb
I like this one. It does not interrupt you in the middle of valuations with ads. At least the adds or on the bottom. The other app interrupted you while in the middle of a math problem. You can’t do that to some one who is math dislexcive
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3 years ago, Tech Codger
Large numbers, simple to use, free
I don’t mind the occasional ad that appears when using this free calculator app, ads have saturated the world webs, life goes on. I’ve tried several calculators, I like this one best, it’s somewhat rudimentary but it exceeds my needs.
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2 years ago, political popup ads
Ads and ads and political crap!
This is a HUGE calculator that occupies the whole screen. I’m 76, but this is waaaay too much. And when a campaign ad popped up, with no way to tell it to go away and stop distracting me, i decided to ditch it and find another. Isn’t everybody sick of pop up ads already? I just wanna add up and subtract and balance my #&@$ check book, NOT join a civil war! Free calculators aren’t really “free” if they get your blood pressure up 20 points just by looking at it!
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1 year ago, 805cycle
Only the basics
A simple calculator. It is what we need. I’m a high school math teacher. 80% of math is adding. Multiplication is a faster way to add. People don’t need the fancy buttons. I question why the app has square root😐🫤 . How many of us use Pagthagorium on a daily basis?
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1 year ago, Ed abcdefghijkl
Pop up Ads Too Annoying
I’m going to delete this app and find something without pop up ads. Ads use to be at the bottom. They’ve changed it and now they pop up interrupting your work until you let them play out. Plus it’s not a once a day pop up but practically every time you use it even if you used it 2 minutes ago.
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2 years ago, Bec a roo
I like the easiness of this calculator. It is simple and it fits my needs. Nothing complicated just plain old simple mathematics. The color combination is easy on my eyes. The size of the print is perfect! I would absolutely recommend this calculator app to anyone! Thank you, L R Stanley
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3 years ago, Mr. FTS
Simple calculator
For the average person, particularly seniors, all that is needed for every day calculations is basic adding, subtractions and multiplications. This calculator is perfect for these functions. Non of the complicated math that students may need is complicating the use of this calculator.
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4 months ago, johnhafromwa
Less is more and just about perfect
All I need is a simple calculator and hate watching advertisements just to do simple math, calculate MPG, etc. Everything should me made as simple as possible but no simpler. Thanks for a great no frills but more importantly free app.
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4 years ago, H.L.Jim
Calculator app
Please keep it this way. No advertisements that constantly interrupt while using this. In this case, this app works well. The only change I would like to see is the cumulative carry forward while compiling lists of numbers.
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1 year ago, JoanCarol
Simple perfect
I deleted the original one that came with my iPhone because every time I turned around it was giving me another ad. This one is basic and perfect. Just what I needed.
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3 years ago, Mint Hill Customer
Review Calculator App:
The app is extremely user friendly. All basic mathematical processes are included. In addition the size and color combinations of the numbers and background make it very easy to read.
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3 years ago, Little Preacher
I have just downloaded this Basic Calculator on my I Pad.I give it five star for the simplicity, large numbers and easy to use. I am not interrupted with advertising! Perfect Calculator for quick and easy use!
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3 years ago, 🤪wow
Big help!
I use this app for everything from calculating tips at restaurants to things at home or out shopping. I love the large print it has. It’s exactly right for a person like me who wants a straight forward, easy-to-use calculator.
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6 months ago, kasahmed
Best FREE Calc App for iPad - Highly Recommended
I had been looking for a basic calculator app with no ads and no inapp purchase. This is it. Highly recommended to download and use it and give is 5 star and review to support the developer. Thank you
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1 year ago, Howardg23
Perfectly fine basic calculator
It won’t do anything fancy, it’s not a scientific calculator, but for most people, it will do basic calculations like figure out a tip for the wait person
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2 years ago, wirthiness
Love this app
After trying many calculator apps this one is the best! It’s easy without annoying adds that take over the screen and won’t go away.
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4 years ago, Fuji Girl
I searched for a simple calculator and when I found yours I could not believe it. Simple but with everything I needed! I love the big key board on my iPad. Would not change to another app because why should I, this one is perfect for me. Thank you!!
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