Battery Life - check runtimes

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RBT Digital LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Battery Life - check runtimes

4.58 out of 5
32K Ratings
6 years ago, Deven98
Works great
All these people saying it's inconsistent have zero knowledge of how battery capacity is measured. Yes, the readings will fluctuate, but it doesn't take a genius to know you can just take the average of the readings, which is made easy by the chart and history features of the app. For a true capacity test, you'd have to charge the battery full and discharge until it's empty while watching the current draw over time. iPhones can't really do this very accurately, so inconsistent readings are not the fault of the app. The app is just reporting what the phone is learning about its battery. Under high draw (such as an increased brightness) the voltage sags and the phone has to guess whether it's the battery's internal resistance or it's actually used up it capacity and lowered the voltage. Apple never meant for the user to see these readings, so they fluctuate and aren't really user-friendly. This app just reveals these measurements to give an estimate on remaining capacity. It's a simple, easy to use app that does exactly what it's supposed to do to the best of its ability.
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3 years ago, tonytlabert
Working great again
This worked fine until the latest watch and ios updates (8 & 15) Now there seems to be no communication between the watch app on my series 3 and the app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max I've tried uninstalling both watch app and iPhone app and reinstalling without solving the problem. Hopefully the developer will isolate and solve the problem. 9/28 update : I had emailed the developer and have already gotten a reply saying that he knows that there are problems wit the app and ios 15 and is working on fixing them. Update 9/30: Developer fixed the problem and so seems to e working fine again.
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2 years ago, xbbeeaarr
Great app, only too many ads
This is a very accurate application, i always use it to check the battery on my airpods since sometimes when opening the case it doesn’t always display it on my screen. The only issue I have with it is after i view one different tab and go back an ad is played, like every new action, an ad is played. I dont have a problem with free aps displaying ads, considering it is a free ap and it is most likely the only way they earn some sort of profit. I just dont like how many times it is showed while using it. Other than that, it is a great tool, it updates constantly so it gives you a very accurate read on percentage, theres more to it inside that i havent exactly explored, but so far i think it is a great app and i definitely recommend.
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6 years ago, IrishCharmer11111
Not accurate!
I downloaded this app a bit ago and found out that there was discrepancies. I have a fairly recent Refurbished iPhones 6S. I was getting several different readings in the battery wear level every time I opened the app. So I started to test this. I got readings of 7% Wear level (Which matched my iPhone measurement), 13% Wear level and 18% Wear level. I left the app open to see if the reading would change back to the previous reading and sometimes it would and sometimes it would not. I tested this in a three hour window. I also tested it for several days and got the same results...Very inconsistent readings. So at that point I figured the app was pretty much worthless to me and I deleted it. I just installed it the other day again to see if maybe things had gotten better with the app. I got the same results as previously. So I’m going to delete this app again and just use the reading I get in my iPhone settings. I was sure hoping it would work better.
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6 years ago, Macdaddybill
App appears to be inconsistent.
The main reason I got this app is I wanted to check the health of my battery. It’s showing that I’ve only lost 3% and the iPhone 6 is almost 2 years old. So it proves that Apple should not be throttling my phone down with iOS 11.2, can’t wait for the 11.3 update. Now five days later I just ran it again and it said there is 0% wear on my battery I then installed it on my wife’s iPhone 6 because she’s had battery issues for the past year. It is showing that 20% of her battery life is shot and her phone is 2 1/2 years old. She was having issues yesterday and I ran it again last night and now it says the battery is 37% shot. Because of these inconsistencies a knock this down to a three star rating. Best thing to do is probably run it over to the Apple Store have both of our phones checked.
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7 years ago, Momma BeeMack
Easy and fast diagnostics! Great App!
My battery was behaving quite badly. It would lose its charge much too quickly, and, when it got to 50%, it would die completely. My battery used to be so good that I never even needed a car charger. Now, if I go out, I can't use my phone without having the car charger plugged in at all times. After checking Google, I found out about the Battery Life App and immediately downloaded it. When I first opened the App, it instantaneously displayed that my battery was "Very Bad." I didn't have to ask it any questions or put in any information. It quickly confirmed what I suspected. Great App!
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6 years ago, DMan99999
Fluctuates from Average to High
I know my iPhone 6s was having poor battery performance after iOS 12.x, but each time I connected with Apple support to check my battery they said it was fine and does not need to be replaced. However my battery would drain to 50% in 2-3 hours of limited use. I saw this app advertised on USA Today article and thought it would help prove my case. It seems to show a different number and color each time I open the app. It will range from Very High (Red) 48% to Average (Yellow) 13% on my phone. Not sure why it fluctuates each time even when app is open. Also history doesn’t seem to show these data points. I’ve been taking screen shots of different colors to show Apple for support to get new battery. Wish me luck
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7 years ago, Unforgiventalent
The best battery app in the App Store
First off I'd like to say that it is not very common for me to write a review for the application. This application for the iPhone is got to be one of the best battery applications that there is on the Apple store or in the Google play market. The best feature in my Pinyan is the where level of the battery portion of the application. Knowing The current charging status of my phone how fast the charges and the voltage of the charge best determines how I end up charging my phone on the daily basis. Thank you very much for creating the Battery Life application and giving opportunity for anyone to pick the best charger/the best charging cord.
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7 years ago, srainbow2342
By: Srainbow2342
This app is AMAZING my battery was behaving horribly and I did not know why or on what exactly I was wasting it on a while later I told a friend that I had this problem and my friend recommended me this app I knew nothing about yet in the end I totally and fully loved it cause I spend some/a lot of time on my phone and sometimes when I don't, I don't know why it's draining but this app told me everything that I needed to know about my battery and why or if I needed to change/charge it as well and if you are thinking of downloading this app do it it's amazing and it tells you everything thing you need and want to know about your battery percentage hands down amazing 😝👌
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7 years ago, AlkalineGem
Would have been tricked by carrier replacement....
Thankfully I found this app. I have a replacement plan with my phone carrier. They sent me a replacement phone for my original phone that the app verified was in “Battery Health Poor” status. The carrier sent me a replacement phone, and I immediately checked with the app and found that the replacement phone was also in “Health Poor Status”. The carrier replaced it, and sent another phone that was in “Satisfactory” status, but not in the status that a new replacement phone should be sent to a customer. Thankfully they upgraded me for all the failed attempts. Thanks to this app.
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9 months ago, zrevai
Great 👍🏻 Battery 🔋 App!!!!
Great 👍🏻 Battery 🔋 App!!!! Can Track Your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, Xbox Controller or Other Bluetooth Speakers 🔊 and Headphones Too!!! All From Your Wrist via Apple Watch Complications You See Phone/Watch on the Complication view, Then Upon Clicking The Complication You’ll See Your Headphones On The List Too!!! I’m using this App Daily for watching my Apple Watch ⌚️ Charge Up in the morning after I use it for Sleep 😴 Tracking over night with Pillow which is Awesome 😎 too!!! Best Battery Life App On The AppStore By Far!!! Worth Every Single Dollar 💵!!!!
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6 years ago, DarkshadesSr
I don’t trust the results
With the way that my daughter was describing the troubles she was having with her iPhone 6, I thought for sure it was the battery, but this app said that the battery was in perfect condition. We took her phone to the Apple store where the guy there checked the battery out with his diagnostics tool. Amazingly, every test came back “Unknown”. There was nothing wrong with his tool - he had just finished checking out my son’s and those results came back fine. So I can’t trust this app to give reliable results. By the way, the battery had been replaced by Apple just last May, so they replaced this battery with another one for free. If we had continued with the defective battery because this app said that it was fine, who knows what damage would have happened to my daughter’s phone.
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6 years ago, andiecakes
Used this app to figure out if I needed battery replacement
It said I was at 49% wear down level (very high), my battery would go from 100 to 20 in about three hours without even using any apps. Very annoying. I used this app and realized it was time for a new battery. After the replacement, I used the app again to confirm it was fixed and it said my new battery was 0% wear down (perfect condition). My new battery only goes by half after 5ish hours with constant usage. Seems the app works really well! Helped me a lot.
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5 years ago, MaybeAfterLunch
This app was simply amazing before Apple decided to revoke access to important data. I trust this app a lot more than Apple’s reporting of its own battery in its own device through its own iOS. This app returns realistic and current measurements of the battery condition. In comparing this app to the measurement given by Apple, I noticed that the Apple measurement was simply the same as the highest measurement returned by the Battery app. Not an average, not the most recent, simply the highest measurement. It seems as though Apple only measures the battery after a full charge and during optimal conditions. My six month old battery still shows 100% but I have had days where only steaming Pandora, over Bluetooth with the screen off, killed my battery in 3.5 hours. This app showed how badly my previous battery was damaged on a snowboarding trip in 2016. On the graph, it was clear as day. I could see exactly which day it was and that my battery lost 27% of its maximum capacity.
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6 years ago, Threecases
First off, this app CLEARLY has a lot of fake reviews. Most don’t make any sense and don’t really mention the app or what it’s supposed to do. What is that all about!?! As far as the app goes, I knew my battery was going bad due to how often I had to recharge but thought I’d try this free app to see if it told me anything else about my battery issues. Well it give such a wide range of diagnosis that I don’t trust it at all. In a single day on a single charge it will give capacity readings from 30% to 70% and after a week of use the history info doesn’t appear to factor in any of theses variances. The history numbers aren’t even close to why it shows when I check the app. The estimated amount of usage left based on the battery state and charge is completely useless too. It shows several hours of standby time remaining at 15% charge and 40% capacity but the phone dies in less than an hour without using it and with no apps running. So this app did absolutely nothing for me. There is a similar app with a lot less reviews that has much more consistent data.
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2 years ago, Avirex Ace
Not good
I know they say there are technical limitations on getting the battery percentage, but come on!!!!!! I have had this app for close to a year and ALWAYS have to refresh the app on my watch to get any data. I have never once looked at my watch and seen the correct battery displayed for my phone. I have to refresh every single time. What is the point of having this app if I always have to refresh? I might as well look at my phone! If you don’t mind an inaccurate reading every single time until you refresh the app yourself, then download this app. But if you, like me, are looking for an app that can tell you what your battery percentage is automatically, keep looking. Just so it is on record I did buy the app, I am not on the free version and I have updated to the latest software. I give this app 2 stars, perhaps 1 star (or 2 stars) too many, but when I refresh it is correct. If they could get the whole automatic thing down so I didn’t have to refresh every time, that would be great.
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7 years ago, cardman342
Informative and Useful
This app is very good to have, and should be one of the OEM stock apps that are pre-installed (along with a surprisingly missing flashlight app). As noted by other reviewers, the too-good-to-be-true user viewing of detailed battery usage data (lifetime charge cycle data in particular) has been removed in newer iOS versions for... whatever reason Apple could come up with. The app still is valuable to have, regardless. I still find myself using it even after the undesired iOS change.
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2 months ago, SikiHK
Really disappointing
Just testing out this best battery app since 2014 and upon using it for less than a minute, just trying to look around at the settings. Not one, not two but three different ads popped up. Now I'm fine with ads like the small one they have in the main page but whole screen ads where you can't click anything and have to wait for a timer are just annoying, unnecessary and obnoxious. I went to check the battery health section and it just told me to check apples battery health section... What's the point if you can't even do your own measurements with the app and right after is when I got the fullscreen ads. Nope, uninstalled and disappointing.
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6 years ago, pfrantz
Simple and Easy to Use
This app gives you everything you need to know, from telling you right off the bat whether you need to replace your battery (by showing it’s current “wear level”) to the individual information, like how much time select functions can continue to run on your device. Would recommend downloading before taking a trip to the Apple Store to take advantage of their “Reduced Price” Battery Replacement Program (it can potentially have a long waiting list).
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7 years ago, Hot Bermuda
Outstanding. Please NEVER change it!.!!
This work is outstanding and is the only battery app that provides raw charging data. It accurately provides temp, volts and charge/discharge mA, NO OTHER app does this. Most are fluff, reiterating the meaningless battery percentage which is already provided by iOS. All I'm can say is thank God for this one. Sadly I believe that post is 9.3 Apple have made this data unavailable to this application. We must lobby Apple for the return of all charging data. If you're still on 9,3 you're fine. Happy in Bermuda. 😀😊😬😝😝😝
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1 year ago, xaxis1875
This app is very useful
I find that most battery apps that I’ve used in the past with my device, don’t have features that I want. but don’t have as much features as I would like, or what I prefer this app actually. It has most of the features that I like. I would highly recommend it to a someone trying to learn more about their phones, or trying to keep track of all of their devices information. :)🔋⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏿
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6 years ago, Rjohnson_8ball
Capacity fluctuations
Is there a more consistent way to check capacity? The day I went to get my battery replaced at Apple, this app and the tool they used said my 2 year old constantly used battery was at 90% capacity, so they figured a factory reset would fix most of my problems. (And it did help.) But your app sometimes says the battery is at 40% capacity, and I believe that is correct because my battery can drain from 100% down to 30% charge in just a couple hours under WiFi running hardly any apps and no apps in background.
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6 years ago, Hobss
It was good. Now not needed in ios12
Was good while it had accurate info of battery levels, something that iOS 12 removed. It is not the fault of the developers, it is just a change in policy of Apple as Apple now does provide that accurate information in Settings > Battery. Why I take 2 stars? Because if you are in iOS 12 the developers use fear to show “VERY HIGH” wear level just at the start. Having a brand new iPhone XS I knew it was not correct but other users will be shocked. No need for that as it then provides useful information on how to check the battery levels as described above.
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4 weeks ago, Jared007
Great battery protection tool
I run my Apple Watch and iPhone batteries down to less than 30%. I check Battery Life over early morning coffee to verify a charge is needed. In this way I can use the watch sleep app all night and go off to work with a full charge. The app effortlessly takes the guess work out of proper battery cycling, always having use of my devices when I need them and avoiding shallow charging cycles.
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5 years ago, Doubledge
iOS updates broke this app
Each iOS update has broken or removed useful functionality of this app. In iOS 9 this app could monitor the amperage flow in or out of the battery and the max current of your charger: iOS 10 killed it. in iOS 10 and 11 you could at least view the wear capacity, voltage, and charging state. In iOS 12 this app tell me nothing more than the battery charge. I paid for the full version of this app, but now it’s completely useless. Would you please fix this app for iOS 12 and above? I would really love this because this app used to be really great.
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11 months ago, Real person not making money
Works as advertised
If you have multiple Bluetooth devices that you use with your phone it tells the “in use” and “after use” battery level for all of them. Downside- The app needs to be open on your phone AND iWatch all the time with “background app refresh ENABLED” if you want current iWatch info to be shorn on your phone. Otherwise, only turn on the app when the BT device is being used.
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3 years ago, sancarlosjeff
A terrific app
One of the most surprisingly useful features for myself is the ability to set a specific charge level in % to notify you with an alert on your watch and/or iPhone. You actually can set two % levels. One will alert you when you get below a % you specify and another will alert you when you reach a specific charged level in % of full charge.
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2 years ago, Tankbot#0001
Simple, useful, works!
I use it primarily to see from my watch what my phone battery percentage is at while my phone is not on me. I also go into the app and manually turn on notifications to see if my battery drops in percentage while charging to see if the charger wasn’t put on correctly. Removing ads and getting ‘pro features’ was $2 as a flat rate. Easier done than said.
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6 years ago, gismo549
Nice app but only missing one thing
The app shows you in real time your battery life, history and wear over time, but it needs one thing only to have that 5 star rating, please add how many charge cycles counts the battery already has, i know there are currently 2 apps that do that, but you need to have your iphone connected to either a mac or window pc, if you add that feature it would be perfect and people like me would be more careful with our iphone, thanks hope you take it into consideration.
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7 years ago, bLehhGLiTTeR
Helpful and worth the download
I'm picking on apps free or not that don't do what they say. Free apps I feel still have some wear on your phone. This is one of those free apps I don't regret getting. In fact not only do I not regret it, I recommend it. It's awesome with all the information it gives you. I notice that it's honest to goodness info. Why or how did I notice? Easy. I checked it for accuracy and sure enough good flawless info. I do recommend this it's worth your time.
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3 years ago, Zibrz
Frequently not at all current
With the developers instructions to have background updates and notifications on, and the qualification that status my be 30-60 minutes old, usually the status for either my Apple Watch or my iPhone is at least a week old. For example, now the status for my watch is current, but for my iPhone the app says it was 95% 3 weeks ago. Who cares? This is an app that, aside from this latency, would easily be a 5-star. I would love to love it!
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6 years ago, Hal & Kayne
A “battery” life saver
I just bought a refurbished IPad mini 4 and quickly discovered it was defective. The battery drained by 25% after 45 minutes of use. I downloaded Battery Life to verify and it did not disappoint. Not only did it warn me that I should replace the battery immediately, but a FAQ section pointed out that quick changes in wear life of 10% or more was a serious problem. This allowed me to contact the eBay seller for a replacement.
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2 years ago, DaveCarroway
Battery status on the fly
The best part of this app is that I can view my phone battery and air pod’s battery from my watch. I would recommend if you cannot access your phone while at work and just need a quick look. I wish it could be a watch face that shows all the devices batteries. for reference I am Using the Apple Watch se, iPhone 11 and AirPods Pro.
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9 months ago, Gary at SLT
Great App
I use the app daily, multiple times to get an accurate assessment of my battery charge. When I had a battery problem with my iPhone 6+, the app helped me decide when to replace the iPhone. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to keep track of their battery charge. Additionally, I am able to track the battery health of my Apple Watch and my AirPod Pro.
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7 years ago, IntrepidElectronics
Excellent--is "new" battery new?
This app rapidly helped me test a batch of "new, high capacity" batteries and discover that not only were they normal capacity, they were not even new. Several were so worn out the app recommended replacement! I also tested one of the batteries by putting it in a circuit with a resistor, a multimeter, and a timer, and directly measuring mAh capacity. The results matched those given by the app. Highly recommended, especially because there are so many battery scams out there. The data are also presented in very practical terms: how many minutes of talk time, browsing, video streaming etc will your battery support via 3G? WiFi? Data that can really help you decide whether or not to undertake a battery replacement.
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9 months ago, Fondofmen2
Helps complete the picture
Intuitive setup would be nice to see battery data for Oura ring. It can be viewed in their app only but hey it’s does everything promised. Couldn’t find out if you purchased the app for iPhone if you could use it on iPad as well. Or if you have to make additional purchases for each device?
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5 years ago, Joshua's mom
Useful, but it has 1 HUGE flaw
So I have been using it for a while on my iPad 2 to keep check of how my battery is doing like it’s capacity. But, when I got it on my iPad 6, the data from the iPad 2 for some reasons transfers over to the iPad 6, and it’s annoying because I can’t keep track of my capacity. I have tried installing it, then deleting it, then installing it, and it still doesn’t work. If u guys were to fix that, I would LOVE THE APP. I would give it 5 stars, but I’m not because of how it’s broken.
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9 months ago, Jim_Lewis
Very Useful For Tracking SOC of iPhone and Apple Watch When Charging.
I don’t charge my devices to 100% and Battery Life is very useful for tracking the State of Charge of my Apple devices while charging. The BT monitoring even picks up the charge level of my hearing aids! The ability to set low SOC alerts for both watch and phone is very useful, too. Very nice little utility app.
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2 years ago, Tulsa Male
Never Fails ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Got this cheap app a year ago and unlike other more expensive ones this works like a charm.I love how I can set notifications for my watch or battery at low levels and or high levels. It has really helped my battery life on both my iPhone 12 and Apple Watch. The complication on the watch face is a must have for me.
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9 months ago, Sarris Ferniwick
Great utility for iPhone/Apple Watch
Add the Complication to your watch face and casually check battery levels for both the Watch and iPhone, or charge the Watch while in another room, easily monitoring the Watch charge from the iPhone (so you can wear the Watch at night). Check on EarPod charge levels from either iPhone or Apple Watch. What’s not to like?
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6 years ago, Don1188
Battery life
I have a iPhone 5s that started giving me problems. Someone said your battery is probably going bad. The program that was supposed to come with the latest iOS was not installed on the download for whatever reason. But someone else told me to get this app. It showed me that my battery was in fact bad. I had the battery changed and it works great now.
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6 years ago, jremeeeee
Trust this app over Apple battery life tester
This app is honest. I feel like the new Apple “battery” section in settings is a lie. My battery went as low as 33% capacity according to this app. Battery wouldn’t last 2 hours without dying. I took it to Apple and they looked at battery section in settings. It claimed 92% capacity. Apple wouldn’t replace it under warranty. I had to pay for my battery. Oh well.
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6 years ago, MomzMusic
The App does what it says
The last two iOS updates cause my 6s to shut off suddenly, no low battery warning, nothing, at 50% or below. My battery isn’t new, but it didn’t blow up conveniently on the day of the update, along with thousands of others. At least with the App I can see it’s current state, and predict the imminent shut off. Apple needs to own up to their software sabotage that pushes people to buy new hardware, they don’t need.
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6 years ago, Very Good Recording!!!!!
Questionable Results in Jan 10, 2018 Release
I did enjoy this app...until yesterday’s update. My iPhone 6 Plus consistently tested at 59% battery usage. To be expected from a 40 month old phone. This reading was also consistent with Apple metrics measurements. Testing the battery again yesterday, after the upgrade yielded a 7% battery usage. This is an impossible reading from my phone, given it’s age. My advice is don’t trust the results in the upgraded app. I did email them about this issue and they have yet to respond. Not great customer support.
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1 year ago, Capt. Bill B
Helps monitor my iPhone.
I check Battery Life first thing every morning to insure my phone won’t die during the day. Simple strategy like checking the weather in the morning to what clothes I’ll need for the day. My phone hasn’t run out of charge since I downloaded Battery Life. It works great on my iPad as well. Thanks Battery Life. WPB
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1 year ago, Sharonscribe
App is not helpful
I wanted the app to truly show the charge level on my phone. Instead it just shows exactly what the battery percentage shows o the display on the upper right of my screen. I know this is inaccurate because my battery is good, but even though I charge it when I first unplug it it says 100% but then goes down to the last percentage it was before I charged the battery and stays at that same percentage after constant use for hours. Since that display is wrong I want something that tells me my real battery percentage.
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7 years ago, Brianx220
This is great!
I had extremely bad battery life and it didn't even charge all the way. Now with this app I was able to see that it actually had 85% battery wear. So I replaced it with a new one and it said it had 0% battery wear. And just to check if it's fake I re-installed the old one and it went back to 85% wear. So I know its a must have when you own an iPhone 6s or older
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6 years ago, zianggu
The app itself is perfect. I downloaded this app since I was using my last iPhone, iPhone 6s. It used to show the specific battery measurement count circle in previous version. But now I was purchased the no Ads one, it does not show up the count circle any more. It’s pretty frustrated make me feel bad at it. Also, i saw it has different language Verizon. Is any one who can tell me how to change the language set?
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3 years ago, RscMaine
Outstanding free app
I seldom endorse stuff but this free app is a must have for anyone who uses Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. I rotate 4 different pairs depending on day/night home/away and this app provides ‘at a glance’ battery life for not only the set you’re using BUT? The status of any others you recently used and their recharge status. Wicked useful - no more guesswork.
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3 years ago, achibaglady4ever
Like it so far, but...
Like that I can see my iPhone’s and iWatch’s battery life, I can even see my Aeroplex headset, but I cannot see my other Apple products on my WiFi network (my iPad and my other work iPhone). It would be helpful to see everything. I was shocked that my headset appeared, but not my other more important products.
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