BBM Enterprise

3.1 (562)
43.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
BlackBerry Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BBM Enterprise

3.11 out of 5
562 Ratings
3 years ago, ali alwadee711
We thank you for bringing the program back, but there are some missing features that we aspire to, which is to return the emoji in the keyboard and the ability to send a broadcast message to everyone as before. We hope to return these two features and we thank you for your cooperation
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6 months ago, "NOT" your mom.
Love it!
Use to love Blackberry when it first came out decades ago. I use BBM for my family and friends. I personally feel the video calls and phone conversations through BlackBerry sound better than regular phone. The nostalgic feel of “way back” is great. Ofcourse don’t forget it’s the most secure way to message.
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4 years ago, Normally happy. :)))
I need help. I’m on bbm (iPhone), with my friend that has a Blackberry. All of a sudden after 2 updates, I don’t get any alerts or sounds or notifications when he messages me. Can someone help with this inconvenience? I’d appreciate it. Oh yes, in my settings, everything is set to sounds and notifications. Thank you in advance.
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3 years ago, Fatema Alsarraf
My opinion
Hello , im glad that blackberry messenger is back but i have a very special review .. and i wish that youll have it as a point for the company 1- bbm must be only for blackberry phone users 2- increase blackberry phone capabilities as the iphone and samsong 3- increase the cameras in blackberry phones and the features 4-bring something special to the market . I wish blackberry can come back on its feet again I really miss the old time Broadcasting msgs Adding friends who use only black berry Im loyal to this company and i wish you good luck
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5 years ago, Newfangled1
Pure, secure messaging without the bloat and ads!
Thank you, BlackBerry, for opening BBMe up to individual subscriptions! I don’t want ads, social media features, games, etc. in an IM app. I just want a simple UI and 100% private and secure communication, both of which BBMe provides.
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4 years ago, 碧海丹心
I hate this App!
This app is too disappointing after upgrading! Because I can no longer access my account! I lost all previous chat history! That's all the chat history when I was with my fiance! He died two years ago, and I am very sad. I have kept our chat records because those are good memories of our past. But now, after the BBM upgrade, I lost everything! I hate this App, I will never use it again! I want the old App!!!
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3 years ago, Mahdi Ahmed
No security when sharing.
The app does not ask for passcode when you are sharing media directly from photos. Please fix
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4 years ago, Tita 011
Excellent app that differentiates from other apps of same sort with more features and much higher security!!!
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12 months ago, Bbmnow
Notifications are not working
Notifications stopped working. Can’t tell when there are incoming messages without opening app.
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1 year ago, اللعبة خورفيهة
‏We want the feature to broadcast ‏group messages
‏We want the feature to broadcast ‏group messages
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4 years ago, Huge_dinero
HELP!!!! It won’t launch since I updated it 2 days ago
I saw the updated version 2 days ago, I did the update and I have not been able to launch the application anymore, I have a lot of businesses to attend to on the app and that’s why I always pay for the subscription. My messages are coming in, it keeps showing me the notifications but the application refuses to launch.
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5 years ago, Dayprit
I’m happy that BBM is back but can you please put your little cute emojis back on! I can only see the big ones and why can’t I have two devices on at the same time! Otherwise, thank you!
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4 years ago, SoIL_Listener
Ok guys. Gif’s are a part of everyday life in 2020. Let’s add some support for them. Like the app otherwise. Using it for personal. Loved BBM back in the day. Having to pay for it is not ideal, let’s do something about that.
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3 years ago, Hamodz7
Custom pin
‏We, BBM app users, are asking for several fixes and the addition of ‏group messaging Also please bring back the custom pin I used to subscribe on it.
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4 years ago, majikshop
Solid app, needs better Apple Watch support
App works well, secure and solid. Could really use better Apple Watch integration so inbound messages can be read (and perhaps also use canned responses, a la Messages app).
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5 years ago, Fmfmfmmmm
A fix for next update
Great app but yea i agree that most of the time messages hang with a tick until the other person opens and uses the app. Please fix this issue.
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3 years ago, 5rabee6
Bring back bbm
‏We, BBM app users, are asking for several fixes and the addition of ‏group messaging
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1 year ago, emadotaibi
Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Hello.. The application has started circulating in our region. We hope to add the podcast feature to all of our hosts. Thank you
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1 year ago, gkc.a
We want to send podcasts
We want to send the podcast to everyone just like before, and the best thing about BBM was to send the podcast. If this thing is not available, then there is no benefit from BBM. The basis of BBM is the podcast, and we hope to return it. Thank you.
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2 years ago, تومً و جيري
No way
It was the best social networking program, but unfortunately I don't know what would happen if you could make a free service and make an in-app purchase for stickers and return an old look and an old service
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3 years ago, centralpark03
iOS push notification broken
Unfortunately, unless the app is open I constantly fail to receive push notifications from other users.
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5 years ago, 2S2A2S2
Please bring back BBM family stickers they are one of their kind
The BBM family stickers are one of a kind, humane and bring in millions of meanings and in-depth emotion to every message exchange. Please bring them back to BBM Enterprise.
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5 years ago, jmje7700
We want the option to broadcast and updates the program
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5 years ago, mamdoh abdullah
update please
Why is there no sending broadcasts please update
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3 years ago, بٓـــــدر♪
We want you to return the BlackBerry
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5 years ago, amber2277
For privacy seekers
This your app if you want secure chatting app.. it’s worth every cent ... thanks bbm keep up the good work
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4 years ago, noaim
Notification preview is blocked
Can’t read the notification text even when the feature is turned on this is a terrible messenger and you have to have a subscription
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3 years ago, Eram11101
We, BBM app users, are asking for several fixes and the addition of ‏group messaging
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5 years ago, Great duo
Are we not able to select our own pin?
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4 years ago, I hope that
late in messeges
Hello After the latest updates , the messeges take time to arrive !
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5 years ago, ebaydan777
Terrible app, doesn’t notify, no Apple Watch
Why did BBM get rid of consumer version. Enterprise is garbage. The app never delivers messages, hangs on the green check mark until the other user opens the chat thread. Also no Apple Watch support???
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2 years ago, knbhffxswruojczdfgh
Dear developer. In iOS 15.6, native stickers disappeared, correct.
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5 years ago, muhaijri
Nice Old School BBM
please add broadcast we need share bc with each other .
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5 years ago, YOUSSEF1918
please add broadcast we need share bc with each other
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1 year ago, Maryambader
Please bring broadcast
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4 years ago, fffaahhd
The application has problems when I update it and I want to sign in again aske me about password even I don't put password
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3 years ago, Avaliciousz
Sad this is dwindling
Why is this being charged now?
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5 years ago, melech79
Dark mode
The app is pretty nice. I like the design but would love for it to support dark mode.
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4 years ago, Ali- ali-ali
I hope u developers put broadcast list it’s gone bring more ppl to download it
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11 months ago, XIIML
I miss you bbm
Blackberry should come back out with new phones because I truly miss my physical keyboard and my bbm! Please come back!!
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5 years ago, Brody J
what is wrong with bbm?
You roll out a "new" product and don't tell people how to switch platforms or anything?
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5 years ago, capnsmak
Solid replacement for BBM
I’ll subscribe and up my rating if they can add the emojis that gave BBM personality.
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5 years ago, R21rrrrr
It's great! But it is missing feeds/broadcasts! Please bring them back to us PLEASE BRING BACK FEEDS PLEASE I BEG YOU
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3 years ago, ha19998
Old bbm
Please bring back the old BBM then everyone will download it !!!
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3 years ago, Hamdan Alsenani
My suggestion
We need to add Broadcast🙏🥺
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5 years ago, ممدوح بن فهد
Excellent and Beautiful
Wonderful and amazing and distinctive
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5 years ago, feedzzzzzz
How can I unsubscribe
How do I unsubscribe in order to avoid automatic renewal on my account if I choose not to subscribe on a certain month
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4 years ago, Marmery
Previews stopped
Previews stopped with this newest update.
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2 years ago, real user blackberry
Need updates
Please bring broadcast
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5 years ago, Hanoo sa
Why i should buy to have it i like the old bbm more it was free for every one
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